Sanctuary (2019–…): Season 1, Episode 8 - Episode #1.8 - full transcript

Your sister, Helena...
I'm afraid she didn't make it.

Redpath: Siri fooled us.
She escaped.

You're going to keep your
mouth shut because right now,

there are only three people
that know about this.

We're going to keep it that way.

Helena: Who are you?

Tatania, queen of
the fucking fairies?

I'm Jane Taylor.
I'm a psychiatrist.

You want to find a way
out of this place?

Follow me.

She believes your
bullshit story?

Like every girl I meet.


[Water bubbling]

Jane. Martin.

You used the safe word. Why?

Because she's not Siri, Martin.

She's the bloody sister.

That's impossible.

Martin, do you think
I'd jeopardize

nearly four years undercover
if I wasn't sure?

Okay. Convince me.

Well, she's behaving
very differently.

She's displaying
normal human responses.

The whole affect is different,
the opposite of flat.

She's being empathetic.

She's behaving unselfishly.

But has it occurred to you
that her change in behavior

could be the result
of our program finally working?

Or maybe she's learning
to mimic normal relationships.

No, she's not mimicking, Martin.

How do you know?

Because of 37 years
of experience in the field.

[Muffled conversation]

Ray-Ray went too far.

It has nothing to do with me.

That's the truth.

[Scoffs] The truth.

Hand to God, kiddo.

Now, come on.

Give us a smile
and say we're friends, hmm?

I don't give a shit
about us being friends

'cause I'm getting
out of this place.

I'm not Siri. I'm her sister.

And you want to
remove that fucking hand,

or I'll break your fingers.


You're telling me
you're the sister,

and you think I'mthe one
who's fuckin' nuts?

Well, it doesn't matter.

As soon as that door opens,
I'm out, free,

and you're still in here,

And then... there's the dog.

The dog? Yes, the dog.

Block's dog hated her,
and she hated it.

It was mutual.

And now, suddenly,
they are inseparable.

Jane, she can pretend
to like the dog.

But the dog can't pretend
to like her.

Why is everyone so obsessed
with this stupid dog?

Who's everyone?

Silva? And has he noticed
the same things?

Well, that's two of us, Martin.

It's just so impossible.

I mean, Redpath checked her out
with her thumbprint.

Yes, I know, I know.

And all systems
are theoretically perfect

until you get people involved.

Jane, if we made a mistake
like this, it would be the end

of everything we're trying
to create here.

Are you scared?



Well, you should be

because if I'm right, and I am,

we have falsely imprisoned
an innocent woman

and let a violent psychopath
get out.

What do you think we should do?

Call the police.

Get them to come
and take her thumbprint.

See if matches the one
they have on file for Siri.

Come on, Martin,
one simple empirical test,

not conjecture, not emotion,

not the behavior of a dog.

Right. Um...

I'll be right back.
I'm... I'm...

I'm going to get Silva,
bring him in on this.



[Door opens]


You know how screwed
Fish will be

if one of his lab rats
got out of the maze?

That's not my problem.

No, it's his.

If Siri escaped,
I would fuckin' love that.

I like to mess with
the hippie bastard,

but if she got out, he's gone.

[Cellphone rings]

It's about time,
you slippery loaf.

H-Hang on. Hang on.
How stupid do you think I am?

I saw the papers.



[Cellphone beeps]

Are you shitting me?


No, I think we're fine.
Thank you.

We've got a problem.


First, don't start saying "we"

for a problem you created.

Second, I don't have room
for another problem

because one of
my embedded researchers knows.

What? And when she finds out

that not only did you
let Siri escape,

but that you covered it up
and now she's dead...

No, she's not dead.


She's not dead.

Yeah, the... the PI
that I sent to find her

found her.

She's alive.

That... that's a good thing,
though, right?

Yeah, that's perfect.

It's all unicorns and rainbows

because now
you don't have to worry

that the psychopath you let
escape might kill someone.

Exactly. Because she already has.

Who's body do you think
it was in the burning car?

Yeah, I...
I didn't think about that.

Yeah, you didn't think
about that.

You know, the one thing
I thought I could count on

having an ex-military guy
be the head of my security?


That he might not
piss himself under fire.


Luke wasn't in his office.

I had him paged.

Look, I know what
you're worried about,

but one escape doesn't mean
the end of all your work.

We're scientists, Martin.

We're allowed
to get things wrong.

That's why it's called
the experimental method.

We fuck up sometimes,

and we build on our mistakes.

I'm afraid the world isn't
as forgiving as you imagine.

Well, even so,
we have to pursue this.


if we did make a mistake,

and Siri isHelena, would you...


Would I what?

It doesn't matter.

I know what you'd do.

I know the right thing to do.

Well, good.


What? What's funny?

I was just mocking someone
for being a coward,

yet here I am.

I'm sorry.

[Laughs] No need to apologize.

It's only human to hesitate.

I'm not hesitating.

And I'm sorry
you have to do this.

- Martin. Aah!
- Aah!

[Alarm blaring]

[Electricity zapping]

[Groans] Aaah!

What happened?

She attacked me.

[Alarm continues]

What happened?

Hey! What happened?

Margot. Hey, back off, please.

Martin, what did you do to her?

Margot, Margot!

What the fuck
did you do to her?!

I don't know what
Margot told you,

but she's a fantasist.

No, she told me
she's an embedded psychiatrist.

An embedded psychiatrist?

- Yes.
- Fantasy.

No, she told me
the safe words as insurance.

She said only you
and Dr. Silva knew them.

- Really?
- Yes.

Well, why don't I go
get cleaned up,

and then we'll go get Dr. Silva,

and we'll have
a little chat, yeah?


So that went well.


[Birds chirping]

[Ominous music plays]


[Knock at door]


[Door buzzes]


You know who
the embedded researchers are

in our community? No.

Do you know the secret
passwords they use

to identify themselves
in case of an emergency?


Siri here says that Margot

was one of our
embedded researchers

and gave her the secret password
as insurance.

Insurance against what?

Siri says that we drugged Margot

because she knows the truth
about some nefarious business

we're involved with,
not because she tried

to rearrange the inside
of my skull with a teapot.

"Gibraltar mechanic overcoat."

"Gibraltar mechanic overcoat"?

"Gibraltar mechanic overcoat."

Those are not the safe words.


I'll leave you two
to your session.

I'm sure it'll be
a very interesting one.

[Door buzzes]



Silva: Would you like to talk
about what just happened?

Who told you the safe words?


All he had to do to keep control

was to tell you
the wrong phrase.


Are you in on it?

In on what?

Oh, fuck.

Oh, shit.

Carol's right. Carol's right.

This is all... this is all
a part of Fisher's fucking plan.

He... he can't afford
to let this happen.

I can't... Siri, Siri.

I can't breathe. Siri, what's going on?

What's happening to me?
My... my heart.

I think you're having
a panic attack.

You need to calm down.
All right?

Just take some deep breaths.

No, I don't want you
to come... come close.

Are you... are you
part of this, too?

Calm down. Focus on the breath,
all right? Fucking really can't...

Just in and out
and calm down....can't breathe.

All right? Aah! Aah!

Aah! Ah. [Groans]

If I was Siri, this is where
I really hurt you.

I would just jam
this fucking pen

right into your ear. Right?

I'm not gonna do that.

All I want is this.


[Gasps and groans]


Take these to the police.

If they tell you that these
are Siri's fingerprints,

I swear to God, I'm never gonna
mention Hel ever again.

Why should I do that after
what you've just done to me?

Because I think
you're a good person.



He's watching us.


[Door buzzes]

Were you watching us just then?

Is your paranoia
getting worse, Luke?

I was just passing by.

[Door buzzes]

Was he in there?


Listen, Siri, uh...

I don't think I can take this

to the police or... do any...

Do you know who Jane Taylor is?

Jane Taylor? Yeah.

Who is she?

She's Fisher's
old research partner,

his mentor. [Sighs]

That would be before my time.

Yeah, just please,
just find a picture of her.


You'll see.


[Sighs] Uh, I'll have
to think about that.

[Door buzzes]

I'll see you tomorrow, Siri.

[Clears throat]



[Door slams]

[Knock at door]

Martin, do you have a second?

I'm kind of busy.

What is it?


Siri just asked Silva
to go to the police.

She wants to double check
her fingerprints.

I... I thought it's important.

Why do you think it's important?

Thank you. You can go.

[Door opens and closes]



[Telephone rings]


Yes, Martin?

Sure, of course, yeah.
I'll be there in a second.



[Keyboard clacking]





Call me?

Dr. Silva may be
going to the police.

He's no fool.

I just need to speak to him.

I want you to stop him,
get him to come back here.

Oh, shit.



[Cellphone ringing]

[Door slams]

[Ringing continues]



[Indistinct shouting]




[Engine starts]


[Tires screech]

[Horn honking]

[Tires screech]

Oh, just stop!


[Tires screeching]

Oh, fuck.[Horn honking]


[Horn honking]Oh!

[Silva screams]

Oh, fuck.



No, no.

Oh, fucking hell.



[Door beeps]




[Growling and barking]

Come on, baby.

- Security found out.
- And when did it happen?

Host: It happened last night,

but we don't have enough
information on the matter.

Did he leave any message?

What... what's going on?

Siri, we are terribly sorry,

but your session
has been canceled.

Why? Where's Dr. Silva?

There has been some problem.

We're not allowed
to talk to you...

Guys, could you leave us?
I'll talk to her.

Come, have a seat. No,
I... I don't want to.

There was an accident.

He must have taken the curve
too fast.

It was terrible drop.

He was cycling, as always.

What did you tell him?

What did you ask him to do?

Stop playing your fucking games.

Yeah, I will.

[Door closes]


[Dog barks and pants]

Okay, I'm in.

The kamikaze plan... I'm in.

What happened?

All right, all right.

I'll catch you later.

[Birds chirping]

It's too late
for conscience now.

But we're in the clear, right?

I mean, Margot's safely
in the mushroom farm.

Poor Dr. Silva's had
a terrible accident,

but, thankfully, that can't be
linked back to us.

But if your Army buddy
isn't trying

to extort more money out of you,

that means that Siri Brant
is on her way back to us,

which presents a whole shitload
full of problems.

You wanted that.

I wanted what?

Well, not the problem.

You... you wanted a chance
to observe the twins.

Maybe this could be that.

You... you... you could hide one
in the mushroom farm,

and then you could use
the other one as...

As part of... Stop talking!

Yes, under normal circumstances,

with Helena Brant's consent,

I would've liked to have
studied both of them,

but we are a long way
from normal now thanks to you.

Our job now is to keep
this facility open

and both of us out of jail.

You aregoing to keep your shit
together, aren't you?

Don't have much choice, do I?

No, you don't.

You know what I've learned
after a lifetime

of studying psychopaths?

Two things.

One is that when your hands
are covered in blood,

conscience is a luxury
you can't afford.

And the other one?

That ruthless self-interest

works a lot better
than normal people think.


Okay, we'll do this
one night after dark

before the hosts
finish their rounds.

And this way,
most of them will be busy

and away from the base.

- Okay.
- Okay, stop.

This is where we stop them.

Okay, how are we gonna do that?

You see there?

They have to slow down
to take the bend.


you're going to shoot them.

With a wooden gun. Yeah.

Well, you hold the gun,

and I do the shooting.

Check this out.


[Snap, smack]

You see?

They see what looks like
a bullet hole,

they won't think
you're holding a fake gun.


And then?

And then we tie them up,

we get to the vehicle,

jam a stick into the accelerator
so when we get hit

by the dead zone,
the pedal stays down,

and then we crash through
the fucking fence.

Well, isn't it electrified?

Nah, no need.

That's what the dead zone's for.

And if all goes well,

we wake up and get running

long before the hosts
raise the alarm.


We go tonight.

What? No, no.
We... we cannot go tonight.

We need no moon at all.

We go tonight. No, it's... it's...

I haveto go tonight.

We wait, huh?

We have just one shot.

I'm not going to waste it.


I didn't know you smoked.Yeah.


I don't get it.

How could this have happened?

I suppose I can tell you now.

Luke had issues from his past,

dark issues.

You really think he did it
to himself on purpose?

Issues like this aren't
uncommon in our profession.

We're busy taking care
of other people

that we often ignore
our own inner turmoil.

I should have noticed that.

We all should have.

Sophia, I need you
to take care of yourself.

You have a bright future
here with us...

if you want it.




- Yes?
- Make yourself scarce.

I got a visitor.

Raymond, get the fuck
out of here.


I've got a question.

Why come to me?

I mean, yesterday, you were
all about getting out of here

and snapping my fingers
and shit.

Yeah, I was a bit

You were groping my knee.

Fair enough.

But it still doesn't explain
why you're here.

Well, turns out that
out of all the people in here,

you're the only one
that hasn't lied to me.

You got a strange fucking
sense of priorities, Siri.

I like that about you.

Grab a seat.

You know, watching you
come up that hill,

you got a stalker.

Corin? I can handle him.

You sure about that?

Skinned his girlfriend because
she tried to break up with him.

It's always them little guys
that get the nastiest, I think.

You said you were here before
they put up the invisible fence.

First and last out, that's me.

So how did they prevent
people from climbing

or cutting the fence?

You planning an escape, Siri?

Would you be interested
if I was?

You know the great thing
about gettin' old?

Shit calms you down,
gives you time to think.

Young me would've been
all over you tryin' to escape.

Old me knows I'll just get
caught out there eventually,

go on back into a super-max
with nothin' to look at

but concrete walls
and a steel can to shit in

for the rest of my life.

Old me knows
I got a good thing here,

real fuckin' good.

So, uh...


I don't want to escape,
but, uh...


...Fisher fuckin' with us

makes me wanna
fuck him right back.


Thank you.

Can I get one more?


Thank you.



You gotta back off.

[Laughs] What?

You've been following me around.

You were down by the fence.
You were outside my cabin.

You're here.

Yeah, and...

and what were you two doing
down at the fence?

Planning our escape.

You're not gonna deny it?

You and him.

Well, do you have a plan?

[Scoffs] No.

He has.

And you and I, we're not
gonna be able to hijack it

if you spook him by
creeping around all the time.


You and...




You and I?

Well, unless
you don't want to come.

No, I want to come.


This is the plan.

We're gonna stop the hosts.

We're gonna take their truck
and then crash the fence.


That's crazy.

No, it's not.

The dead zone will
knock you out,

and then... then the fence
is electrified, so...

Do you really believe that?

Why would they put
an electrified fence

after the dead zone?

That's bullshit.

You know that.
I know it. Enzo knows it.

And neither of us is suicidal.


we're really gonna
hijack it from Enzo.

Yes, in one week,
when there's no moon.


If you're lying, though...

Just think about it.

And if you were me,
who would you rather be with?




We're going tonight.

I told you,
we're not going tonight.

I told Carol that you've been
planning something,

and I also told him that
you're the head of the XO.

You did what?

Now you have to get out of here
just as fast as I do

before Raymond and Carol
starts asking questions.

Are you playing me?

Everyone in here
is playing everyone.

You know that.

[Growls and barks]

Luck, shh.


I only told Carol about us,
and then I told you I did it.

Yeah, why?

Because I trust you enough
to try and escape with me,

and after all the fucking shit
that I've been through in here,

I'm... I'm not gonna let
anyone control me,

so I'mdriving,

and we're going tonight.

- You know what?
- What?

You never looked more like Siri.

Yeah? Yeah, and how does
that make you feel?


Well, hold that thought.

We'll meet at my place
half an hour after lights out.

Come on.






[Glass shatters]Uh!

Get out of the car.

Where did she get a gun?

Get out of the fucking car!

Okay, okay. Stay calm.Yeah.

You put your fucking hands up.

Take off your belts.

Move it!

And jacket.

Come on!






Man: Security.
What's the emergency?

Oh, not much,

unless you want to stop
an escape in progress.

Carol Speed just hit the line
up at his place,

said there's
an escape in progress.


He said he'll only
tell you face-to-face.

Well, what are you waiting for?

Go get him.

Siri, what are you doing?

Stop this, huh?

Come on. [Grunts]


Siri, stop.

What's the point?

You'll never get away
with this, Siri.

Shut the fuck up.


Enzo: Aah, no!

Oh, shit.

What are you doing?

Are you all right?

I fell!

Oh, shit.


What happened? I can't move it.

I think
I twisted my ankle.

Okay. I can't move it.

It's... it's fine. It's fine.

I'll... I'll be your crutch.

The car is not far away.
Just go over there.

Hel, Hel, I can't run. No,
it's gonna be fine.

No, it's not gonna be fine.
I can't run. I can't do it.

I'm not gonna leave without you.

Yes. You have to go.
You have to go without me.

You have to run,
get out of here.

No, but we're supposed
to do this together.

This was not
how we planned it.

There's no way we're gonna
do it together.

Trust me, you have to go now.

It's the only chance you have.

- Okay.
- Okay?

But I will come back
for you.

- I promise.
- Okay.


[Door slams]

Ah, shit, Doc.

That is a nasty bump
on your melon.

Stop with your bullshit.

Who's escaping?

Siri Brant and Enzo.

Check their cabins
if you don't believe me.

Where? Where's the escape

You got a map?

Now, Carol.


Hey, wait!
Corin, what are you doing?

You think you're so clever,

You think you can play me? No!

Leave me behind? No, it's...

Well, who's being left
behind now, bitch?

[Engine revs]

[Glass shattering]


Sorry, Corin.

[Branches snapping]



Patrol, we have an emergency.

A vehicle just hit
the electrified fence

at the perimeter of... five.

Repeat... a vehicle has hit
the electrified fence.

Turn off power now.

We're going to have
an explosion.

Are you kidding me?

You need to do it right now.

Listen, turn around
and go back downhill,

perimeter 35, I repeat, 35.

It's fucking Carol Speed,

sent us to the wrong end
of the valley.

Of course he did.

[Electricity crackling]




Goodbye, Helena.

Fuck you, asshole!

You think I trust
a fucking psychopath?

Yeah, you just needed some idiot

to fry themselves
on the fucking fence.

A bad move, isn't it?

[Engines running]




Move, move!

Jesus Christ.
Help him put that fire out!

You, check the next perimeter
and make sure

no one's even close
to that fence.

[Indistinct shouting]

We need to get this fire out.

[Shouting continues]





Woman: Yes, we found Enzo
on the ground.

Where is he?
I need to talk to him now.

Hey, where you going?

Get this.

[ Heartbeat]




Now, you tell me what happened.

Huh? Talk to me!

The Brant girl just escaped.

You're lying.

You fucked it up, soldier,

and I guess it's not
the first time, is it?




Yeah, it's the Brant girl.
She got out.

I'm just heading down there now
to try and cut her off.





[Dog barking]


Hey! Hey, come here.

Come here.

Come here.

Come here, Luck. Come here.

[Dog barking]



[Dog barks]

Stay there. Stay there.
Stay there.



No, stop! Stop!

[Breathing heavily]

Come here. Come here.

Okay, stay here.

[Barks and whines]

Hey, hey!


- Please, do you speak English?
- Yes.

I need to get to
the nearest police station.

Are you in trouble? Yes, please, please.

Jump in. Come on, come on.
Jump in.

Come on, get up.

Okay, we have to...
We have to go.

We have to go. It's going to be okay.

Why are you are scared?

Shit. They can't see me.

Duck down. Duck down.

Oh, shit.

Who's in that car?

Bad, bad, bad people.

I'm calling the police.

Thank you.

[Dog barking]


What's that?

It's nothing.[Barks]

What is it? Just a second.

Hi. I've just picked up
a very distressed young lady

on the road around Himmelstal.

I think she needs
urgent help.[Barks]

I know. She's in quite a state.

I'd just like you to be present.

Thank you. No worries.


You're safe now.

[Growling and barking]

Helena: Luck, calm down.

Calm down.

We're gonna be okay.