Sanctuary (2019–…): Season 1, Episode 7 - Episode #1.7 - full transcript

Helena: Hey, puppy.


Shit! Fucking dog!

You're not so bad.

Margot: Tommy left that here.

Don't think I've ever seen young
Thomas without his bike before.

It's got nothing to do with me.

I need to convince Dr. Silva.

I need to make sure I get
the hammer, so he can take it

to the police, and start
a proper investigation.

Carol would never hand you
over the hammer.

When can I get into Carol's?

Better for you if I don't
tell you the plan.

Shit. Hey! Hey!

I don't like
my friends getting hurt.

No, I...
I didn't mean to hurt anyone.

Siri has been trying
to hide this,

and I think you can see why.

I'm confident that hammer
will prove me innocent.




Your face looks less like a
slapped ass than normal, peach.

Why's that, then?

Well, finally,
I can find a light

at the end of the tunnel.

Oh, well, that's probably
a bloody train

coming to run you over.

Always got something
nasty to say, haven't you?

Oh, excuse me.

Can't help it if I'm blessed
with a sunny disposition, can I?

You know what?

It must be so exhausting
being you.




Yes. Come in.



I have a question.

Well, as a clinical researcher,

I'd be disappointed if you
didn't have lots of questions.

I want to ask you
to lift the veil.

The veil on what?

On which of the inmates are
actually embedded researchers.

I've always kept that discreet.
Do you know why?

You said it was so as not
to skew our perception

of our patients. But...

But now, I think you like
keeping a joker in the pack.

You think I'm giving myself
an unfair advantage?

An ace up my sleeve? No.

I'm just noting it gives you
a degree of perspective

and control denied to
the rest of your staff.

And why would I want
to lift the veil

on all this wonderment you think
I have at my fingertips?

It would help my work with Siri

to get an inside angle
on the way she's been acting,

particularly since the visit
with her sister.

How would one of my embeds
help you with your research?

I don't know. You don't know?

No. It's an unknown unknown.

All I do know is it's an angle
I don't have,

which is why I'd like
their perspective.

What's yours, on Siri?

In many ways, she's the same,

but in others,
she's quite different.

How so? She hated the dog.

Now, they're inseparable.

She knows she's being watched.

She's playing a game,
and pretending to like the dog.

The dog likes her.
That's harder to fake.

Dogs like whoever feeds them.

She's not feeding Carol.

They used to avoid each other.

Now, they're being seen together
quite a lot.

And? And, well, I was wondering

if you could ask him
for his impressions.

You think Carol
is one of my embeds.

Anyone else?

Enzo. He's just
a bit too smooth.


Raymond? Because?

Well, I don't know.
He's not my patient.

But the whole Peeping Tom thing,

and the binoculars...
A bit of a stereotype.

Am I not close?

Why don't I speak to my embeds,

find out what they think?

That way,
no one gets compromised

just for one patient.


Right. Right.


- Hey.
- Hey.

- How are you?
- Good.

I was thinking of, uh,
going for a run later.

The lake is beautiful
around sunset.


I have just to finish my...

Sorry. I'm gonna
have to get this.

Alright. I'll...
I'll chat to you later.

Jack Redpath.

Ah, yeah. Thank you, Inspector.

Oh, I see.

Oh. Well, that's a real shame.

Yeah, well, thank you
for running the test.

Yeah. It would have been nice,
but, you know,

nothing's ever easy, is it?


Okay. Ciao. Grazie mille.


- No DNA at all?
- Nope. No. Nothing.

No, their exact words were
"there is no evidence to show

it had been used
to hit anything other

than a load of nails,"
with a polite request

not to waste any more
of their time, as well.

Doesn't make much sense to me
in the first place,

why she'd want the hammer
sent to the police.

None of it makes any sense,
does it?

There's got to be
a reason behind it.

I'm just being slow finding it.

Well, yeah, or they're just,
you know,

playing one of their stupid
little games, like they do.

No, it's not that.

Something is off about all this.

Don't worry. I'll plod on.

Usually get there in the end.

You do.

[Door opens, closes]



- Hi, Siri.
- Hi.

Dr. Silva would like
to see you a bit early.

Uh, did he say why?

You will have to ask him.



I'll be back soon.



- Here we go.
- Thanks.

Dr. Silva: How are you feeling?


But almost smiling.

Well, I'm putting
a good face on it.

What does that mean?

It means "don't let
the bastards grind you down."

And in this case, I suppose
I'm one of the bastards.

Well, can you
get me out of here?


"No." Then, yes.

No offense.

But I'm happy that
you seem calmer,

particularly compared to
the hijinks at the church.

Do the police have the hammer?


That's why I'm calm.

Well, actually, that's what
I wanted to talk to you about.

Um, I'm afraid the outcome there
might not be as you expected.

What do you mean?
I've heard from the police,

and they haven't found anything
on the hammer.

There are no fingerprints,
no blood, no DNA.


No, how... how's...
How's that possible?



[Door closes]

[Door opens]

Dr. Fisher wants to see you
in his office.

He's heard from the police.

So they did find something?

We should go.

Come on in.

I'm sorry to disrupt
your session with Dr. Silva.

Please, have a seat.

No, I'm... I'm fine like this.

Siri, it'd probably be
better off if you sit down.

You want me? Oh, yeah.

Thank you.

What's going on?

Siri, I'm afraid
I have some very bad news.

Your sister, Helena, there was
a problem with her car.

It was a fire...
A very catastrophic fire.

Is she okay? Can I go see her?


I'm afraid she didn't make it.


No, that can't be right.

- But it is.
- No.

I mean...
I mean, how do you even know?

This could be her
fucking mind game.

She's always fucking
with my head.

You don't know that.




Dr. Fisher: Helena is dead.

We're all sorry for your loss.


Dr. Silva: If there's anything
you need, just ask.

Siri, do not try
to hold your emotions.

Let them flow.

We're here to support you.

The bathroom.

Just tell us what you need.

I need the bathroom.

- Okay. Jack.
- Yeah, Siri.





Dr. Fisher: Siri?


Siri, are you okay?


Is there anything
that we can do for you?


Siri, are you there?


Is everything alright?








Is everything alright?

Yeah. Yeah. I'm fine.


We'll just be waiting.

Siri, I think
it'd be a good idea

if you spent the night
in the building.

- It's a lot to take in.
- No, I... I don't want to.

If you stayed here, we can
support you through this better.

You just need
a good night's sleep.

We can give you something to
help you get through the night.

Grief is a tough thing
to process.

I can't imagine what it's like
to lose somebody so close.

You and Helena had such a bond.

I am Helena.

Okay, Siri. Could you just take
Siri to the sanatorium, please?

Sure. Let's go, Siri.

Tell the staff to keep
a close eye on her

for the next couple days.

Yeah. Will do.


Siri, don't start again. No, no.

It's the dog. He's in my cabin.

I didn't leave any food
or water.

You hate the dog.

Please, can you just... can...
Can you let him out?

Sure, Siri. Dog walking,
all part of the service.



You still haven't
eaten your food.

It... it's alright.


How are you feeling? Hmm?


Is it all my fault? No. Come on.

Why are you talking like this?

But I knew what she was like.


I knew that I should never have
accepted her invitation.


If I had kept my distance,

if I'd stayed away,
we'd both be...

What are you trying to say,

Do you think you'd both
be still alive, or...?

Where we were meant to be.

And instead, I get
this fucking nightmare.


They have to let me out
to go the funeral.

No, they won't.

Of course not.

It's all my fault.

Why would she say that?


Her sister dies.

She makes it all about herself.

Classic psychopath.

Normal people do that.

What do you mean?

Guilt, seven stages of grief...

Shock, denial, bargaining,
guilt, anger,

depression and acceptance.

Absolutely normal.

Guilt. A grieving psychopath.

Now, that would be a first.

But you did see it, in
your office when you told her.

See? See what?

Her reaction, right?

Her genuine reaction.


Nurse: This night, I can
give you some diazepam.

It will help
take the edge off things.

No, thanks.

I think I want the edge.


It keeps me sharp.



Woman: There she is.


- Hey.
- Hey.


Look, I just wanted to
apologize for the other day.

Didn't want to raise my voice.


I'm just trying not to think.

It seems to hurt less.


She's dead.

Siri? Yeah. Car fire.


So, I'm stuck in here,
being her.



- Hey.
- Not now, Corin.

Corin: What's wrong?




Jack: Listen, I don't appreciate
this communicating

through voicemail bullshit.

Look, I paid you more
than enough money for you

to pick up the fucking phone.

I know you're not close,
so if...

If this is your way of trying
to keep me on the hook,

and milk me for more money,
you can fuck right off.

Now, you call me back today.

Today, right?

Dr. Fisher:
Ah, good morning, Jack.

Hey. Everything okay?

Yeah. I'm just gonna
file a report.

Where's Luck?

Margot: Raymond took him.

You let Raymond take the dog?


I saw him going off
through the trees,

feeding it biscuits,
or something.

Why would he do that? Fuck knows.

You want to look after it,
look after it.

I'm not your fucking dog nanny.

No! No!


- Hey.
- Sofia, hello.

- Come in.
- You wanted to have a word?


You know, I was thinking that,
uh, we got off on the wrong foot

at the beginning,
and we just stayed there.

And you'd like to apologize?

Not necessary. It's all good.

Rivalry between us
is not really helpful, is it?

Particularly for the patients.

I agree. Good.

Perhaps I was thinking we could
put this aside for a moment,

if not even permanently.

There's nothing to put aside.


What is your question?

Were you ever as close
to believing Siri's story

about being the other sister
as you appeared to be?


You seem to forget that
she's a psychopath...

And a very, very dangerous one.

Be careful.

She's coming after you.




Helena: Raymond!

Raymond, what are you doing?

Raymond: Taking doggy
for a paddle.

Oh, shit.


Get out the water.


Just don't hurt the dog, okay?

I don't want to hurt him.


I'm not a monster.

Good. That's good.

But you have to beg.

You want me to beg?


Like when I got you
soaking wet at the chapel.

You begged then.

I liked that.

Okay. Okay.

I'll... I'll beg. I...

please don't hurt the dog.

You remind me of my mother.

She was emotionally
unavailable, too.

That's what Dr. Fisher said.

Thought more of her cats
than she did of me.

Like she couldn't see me.

But you saw me when I was
drowning you, didn't you, Siri?

Yes. I did, Raymond.

I saw you, and...
And I see you now,

and just please
don't hurt the dog, okay?

I made her beg.

Put all her cats in a bag.

I held them out the window.

We lived on the 10th floor,

And you know what?


She became
emotionally available.

No, Raymond, please!

Please! I'm begging you!
Don't do it!

Raymond, I'm begging you!

No, you're not!
You beg on your knees!

Raymond, I'm on my knees.

I'm begging you, please.

Just don't do it! Please!

Raymond: Keep going.

Don't stop.

What are you doing?

I want you to cry.

Just stop, you sick fuck!

Stop it!








It's okay.

It's okay.

Good boy. Good boy.

It's okay.


It's okay.

Hi. Hey. Hey.



It's okay.




- Jack?
- Yeah?

I couldn't help notice
there's no mention of keeping

a close eye on Siri Brown
due to her recent bereavement.

Why? Uh, I'm not...

Sorry, that's just...
That's just me,

a complete brain fart.
I'll get on it now.

Sorry. Alright.

Hey, Jack. Take a moment.

You don't seem like yourself.

You seem preoccupied.
Would it help to talk?

No, no, no.
I don't need to talk.
No, no. I'm pissed off.

Yeah, you're right
to be disappointed.
I'm really sorry.

No, no. Like, the way
you're reacting right now.

You're making a bigger deal
of this than it is.


It's just insomnia.
I've got this back pain.

It just keeps me really edgy,
and I'm not sleeping.

You're right. You're right.

I'll, uh, I'll get on it now.

Thank you.

Enzo: What happened?

Raymond tried to drown Luck.

- And you didn't let him.
- No.

He must be pissed.

It's just another reason
to get out of this place.

Enzo: So, maybe now you're ready
for some kamikaze shit.

You know that the kamikazes
killed themselves, right?

Yeah. It's a figure of speech.

[Luck barks]


[Barking continues]


I don't know.

Maybe it's not such
a bad idea after all.


I'll have to think about it.

I need to get dry.

Luck, come on.

Why do you think
Luke is having doubts

about Siri's identity?

I don't really want
to undermine him.


Martin, he's inconsistent.

Maybe it's a sign of stress,
maybe something else.

Maybe it's even my
disruptive approach.

But the point is, the patients
must always come first.




I... I would be very happy

if I could take over
his sessions with Siri.

Take over his sessions?

Yeah. Temporarily.
If that would help.


Ambition is like
everything in life...

Good in moderation.


Yeah, of course.





[Knocking]Yeah! I'm coming!


Helena: Hi.

I brought berries
from the canteen.

I thought we could get back
to how all things were,

before all the Carol shit.

This is not a good time.



This is because Enzo
is your new friend.

No.Look, Enzo is bad for you.

Enzo is way worse than me.

Hey, move your foot. We had something,
you and I.

You know it. And I forgive you.

Hey, Siri. Come on!
I would never hurt you!

[Luck barks]

Come on, Siri! I love you!




Carol: Mr. Lover Lover.

You been getting
some of that Siri Brown.

Is that a problem for you?

Just interested, is all.

See, I can't quite figure it.

Oh, it's not complicated.
She's into me.

Everything is complicated,
pretty boy.

Siri is smart and dangerous.

Siri is.

Almost as dangerous as you.

I'm not dangerous.


She believes
your bullshit story?

She does...
Like every girl I meet.

[Door opens]

I need to talk with you.

How did you get in?

Look, I have clearly been
entirely unprofessional

and stupid not to have believed

the evidence that was right
in front of my nose.

Why are you talking like that?

I need you to be calm,
Helena, and listen to me.

Okay, now you're really
freaking me out.

And I don't expect you
to just take this on trust,

but I'm not Margot.Right.

Who are you? Titania,
Queen of the Fucking Fairies?

Oh, right. Well, fair enough.

Yeah. That was one of my
fruitier moments, wasn't it?

I'm Jane.

I'm Jane Taylor.

I'm a psychiatrist, and I'm
embedded here as an inmate.

Ah, bullshit.
Stay the fuck away from me.

I know this is hard to believe.

If you're an embedded

why the fuck would you tell me?
Why would you tell an inmate?

Well, I wouldn't.
I wouldn't tell an inmate.

And I wouldn't tell Siri.
But you're not Siri, are you?

And I don't know how she did it,
but she swapped with you,

and you got trapped in here,
just like you've been saying.

No. I don't believe you.

Well, believe this, then.

You're a fucking researcher?

I'm a fucking doctor, in fact.

Sit down.

[Cellphone rings]

[Cellphone continues ringing]

Jack: Where the fuck have you
been, you lying piece of shit?

What? No, you haven't.
You haven't got Siri...

Not unless carrying a bucket
of fucking smoking bones.

Siri is dead.

Her sister's car went up
like bonfire night.

What? Yeah. I do.

I do. In this case, I do.

I do believe what I read
in the papers.

Now, you listen to me.

Do you think I'm fucking stupid?

Do you think I'm gonna
let you just walk away?

Hey? Hello?

Have you... Hello?



Fuck it!

[Breathing heavily]


Oh, fuck.




What have you done?

This is my life's work.
What have you done to it?


Sit down.

Sit down!



Take a deep breath.

Let it out slowly.

Do it again.

Now, take a drink of water.


I mean, you've always been
a bit off, but... but this?

Well, you did say it must be
exhausting being me.

This is why.

I thought that was because
you were part of the XO.

No. The XO is just something
I made up.

It's a... It's a line of
research designed to see

if psychopaths can put
personal interests aside,

and work collaboratively.

So you believe me?

I should have started
believing you

when you saved me from the fire,
but it didn't make sense then.

It... And I am really sorry.

But you believe me now? Yes. I do.

Enough to break
3 years of cover,

and use my safe word
to speak to Martin.

Who's Martin? Dr. Fisher.

Back in the day,
we co-authored papers together.

Okay. Can...
Can we talk to him now?

Can we go to him? Yes.

I think we should go now,

before things get
any more out of control.

Tell me.


Jack: Siri fooled us.

She escaped.

She just walked out.

Right face, wrong fingerprints.

You said the system
is foolproof.

It turns out, it's only proof
against fools like us.

She was cleverer.

It's not possible.

Possible. It is possible.
The system is old as heck.

It's smart,
but it's not supersmart.

She just used art supplies

to make an impression
of her sister's thumb,

and cast a print from latex glue
that she could use,

put it on her thumb,
and just walked out.

She just walked out.

I found the print
on the cable car floor

when I came to work
the morning she left.

If I hadn't have dropped my
phone, I'd never have seen it.

You should have told me.

You don't pay me
to tell you everything.

You pay me to keep
this place secure.

And having failed to do that
very thing, what did you do?

It's damage control.

I swapped Siri's fingerprint
files for her sister's.

I called a mate from the Army
who now runs

a private security firm
to go and find her,

and bring her back,
so all this wouldn't...

And do you know
they're stringing me
along for more money?

God, I... I...

You hit me again,
I'll break your fucking ass.

No, you won't.

But I'm sorry I slapped you.

You were having a panic attack,
and we don't have that luxury.

Why didn't you tell me?

I gave you this job.

The least you owe me is loyalty.

That's why I trying to sort it
without getting you involved.

You certainly fucked that up.

Yeah, I know.


I also know that the thing
about second chances

is you only get them once.

A fuckup like this, I...
I get fired.

No one wants to hire me again.

So what do you do?

You create an even bigger fuckup
that could destroy me,

close this place,
and destroy my life's work,

so you can save your little job?

You ever been poor?

It's irrelevant.

Not if the answer is "yes."

Look, Jack.

The people that fund us...
The real people...

The corporations that pay
for everything we do,

do so with
the simple understanding

that we are secure.

What we might accomplish here
is irrelevant.

They send us patients
from all over the world

with the explicit understanding

that they never slip back
into the world.

I know that.

An escaped patient
burning to death

in a car draws attention
to itself.

I know. I'm sorry.

Your sorrow is no use to me now.

This is dark shit, Jack...
Way above your head.

And it isn't the fuckup
that gets you.

It's the cover-up.

You should have told me.


What are you gonna do?


I'm going to do
what you failed to do.

You're gonna call the police?


I'm going to think real hard
about how to handle this.

And then, I'm going
to take action

that makes rational sense.

And you... you're going
to keep your mouth shut.

'Cause right now there
are only three people

that know about this...
You, your Army buddy, and me.

And we're going to keep it
that way

until I find the sanest way
to sort this out.

What... what about the sister?

The sister knows.

Oh, you're worried
about the sister now?

The sister whose extreme
mental anguish

you thought was a reasonable
price to pay for your job?

Fuck you.