Safe House (2015–…): Season 2, Episode 3 - Episode #2.3 - full transcript

Tom links an estate agent to a number of locations related to the Crow abductions. The reason behind Dani's mistrust of John is finally revealed.

All good, yeah?

- Who's that in the Beemer?
- MacBride.

Need you to run a reg
for me. Name's MacBride.

Yeah, John Channing
just gave him 20 grand.

- Do the police know your mum's
on a dating website? - No.

- I set up the profile.
- Why would you do that?

- Cos she can do better.
- You're not a fan of John, are you?

I hate him.

A few of us are getting together
tonight, next beach over.

Invitation only.

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- Can I take some pictures?
- Course you can.

- I thought I was having a go.
- Don't knit a blanket out of it.

Why do I believe a word you say?

Now, Liam, Liam.


It's Vedder, ma'am. There's
something going on here.

Tom Brook's taken it upon himself
to suggest a link to the Crow.

I want you to stop.

It's not a copy-cat. It is not a
coincidence. It is really him.

Some people said you had a partner
that we never caught, the real Crow.

I think you're wasting
your time talking to me.

More importantly, you're wasting HER time.

Where is she?

You paid him to have Griffin
tortured, didn't you?

I'm not losing Julie to some psycho.

So, did Griffin tell
you how to find Julie?

I don't know.

Listen to me. I'm John's mate, MacBride.

MacBride. Shot dead.

I flagged the reg that you sent through.

Patrol spotted the car,
he was in the boot.

Give me a minute.

- What's happened? - They've just found
MacBride's body in the back of his car.

- And Julie?
- There's no sign of her.

- Shit. - Hope you
realise what you've done.

- I just wanted to get her back.
- Tell that to your friend.

I need to take a statement from you now.

Griffin gave up Julie's whereabouts.

This isn't a copy-cat.
He knows who's got Julie.

The inmate that MacBride used to
torture Griffin, I need a name.

I don't know. Why don't you ask Griffin?

Oh, we would, if he was conscious.

- Don't... Don't try and put this
all on me, yeah. - Excuse me?

If you people had been
doing your jobs properly...

MacBride is dead, Griffin
might never wake up

and we're no closer to finding Julie.

All right. Let's take a
breath. Take him in there.

He's got a nerve.

He knows he's fucked up. He
doesn't need us to tell him.

- Yeah, yeah.
- We've got nothing.

- No forensics?
- Car was wiped down.

Some chalk and oil on
MacBride, but that's about it.

Nothing to tell us where Julie is?

Unless you count the really helpful
geographic profile they sent through(!)

She's likely to be held somewhere
"remote and industrial".

- Ma'am, can I have a word?
- Yeah.

- Was MacBride killed with a shotgun?
- Can't discuss that.

- Live investigation. - You're
such a prick. - Tom. Not now!

Do your job. You should've
been watching him.

- I'm trying to help. - You shouldn't be anywhere
near this! - You heard of MacBride through me.

Any justice, you'd be
behind bars yourself.

That is enough.

I've just been sent this
from MacBride's phone.

He used the victim's
phone to send the video.

I've emailed the footage to you.

I want mast data and cell dump
on the number that sent it.

Call me back when you've got something.

What was SHE doing here?

And don't say "nothing" because
she's the head of the investigation.

She wouldn't be here for no reason.

I did something.

Just to try and get her back.

I don't think it worked.

What? What did you do?

- Remote and industrial.
- Sounds pretty vague.

Yeah, I know, but it does
fit the Crow's profile.

The places where we found
the dead men, back in '08.

The first husband was found
hanging in a disused holiday camp.

And the second one with his wrists slashed

in an abandoned factory outside Applebury.

Why did Vedder say that
you should be in prison?

Forget it. He was always a tosser.

No, I... I can't forget it.

Two days after Emma Duke went
missing, we caught Griffin.

I knew he wasn't the Crow. I
could see he was a follower,

but I could also tell he
knew where Emma Duke was.

So what did you do?

I took him for a drive...
down to the pier.

You were trying to get him to talk.

But he wouldn't.

So, I dragged him into the
water and held him under.

I was just trying to save
Emma, but he... wouldn't talk.

So, I took him further out and
I held him under for longer.

And he was thrashing about
so I pushed him further down.

And then he stopped.

And he was gone.

(Jesus Christ, Tom.)

I thought he was dead.

I was stuck in a room with
that bastard for six days.

And he always talked about the
first women in the past tense.

She did this, she did that. But not Emma.

"Emma doesn't like the blindfold.

Emma complains about my tea." You
see, complains. Present tense.

It was a taunt. It was like
he was screwing with me,

and I thought I was going mad, but
the Crow had this power over him.

It was like they were laughing at me.

Where is she?

Where is she, Griffin?

Why didn't you tell me?

I thought you'd think I was a monster.

I just knew she was still alive.

I just wanted to bring her home.

I don't think you're a monster.

Where is she? What have you done with her?

Where is she, Griffin?

- What have you done with her?
- Tom! Get off him.

- Hey.
- Hi.

I've got to take some
paperwork to Liverpool.

I'll be a couple of hours.

- Try not to worry.
- Oh.



'Hello, Jane, I've made
some kind of connection.'

Check out the employees
of New Mersey Estates.

They were selling John Channing's house

AND Salters Holiday Camp, where the
first husband's body was found.

Tom, what's given you
this... What are you doing?

I meant what I said. He
should be behind bars.

- Hang on.
- He tortured and almost killed

a suspect in custody.

What? Oh, fuck off.

Come on, think about it, Jane.
Think. Best detective on the squad.

Dead cert for DCI before he's
40. And he walks the plank. Why?

Why does he do that when he's
got the world at his feet?

Did you check the estate agents?

No persons of interest.


Hello, are you still there?

Tom, I can't discuss this
case with you any more.

- You won't regret it.
- Not another word.

Hands on the fucking wheel.

- Hi.
- 'I think I've got something.

How hard would it be to get Bill away
from his computer for two minutes?'

- What? - I need to run two
names through the database.

Look, tell me to get lost
if you're not up for it.

- Get lost. - 'I think it could
be him, Sam, I really do.'

- Then tell Jane.
- I just tried.

She shut me out. I think
Vedder's got to her.

'Look, if I'm right, we
can still save Julie.'

Jesus Christ, Tom.

I'll text you the names
and the access codes now.

'Our guests have been with us two
days. I thought I'd make it official.'

- Have a seat.
- Thanks.

- How are they doing?
- As well as can be expected.

Bit of a weird one, this.

- How do you mean? - Well, didn't
come through me, for starters.

You OK?

Any chance of a cup of tea?

Sure, might even run to a Hobnob.

- Everything OK?
- Yeah, I was just looking for a pen.

- Thanks, Bill.
- Hobnobs.

I've got to head out. Can you
keep an eye on Dani for me?

- What's going on?
- Have you got this or not, John?


Sam will be back soon.

I just want it all to be OK.

I want you to be OK.

I wanna know I can walk into
a room without upsetting you.

Tell me what to do.


I know you were just trying get Mum back.

I know that.

Come. Come here.



So, what about us?

There is no us, Dani.

No. Stop! Stop!


- Hello. Can I help you?
- Bit of a long shot, this one.

I viewed a property a few
years back with Richard Lane?

- Mm. Roger Lane.
- Yes, that's him.

Yeah, he's not in just yet.

- Oh, sorry, have you got a sec?
- No, go ahead.

- Do you want to just take a seat?
- Sure, cheers.

New Mersey Estates. Tina speaking.

It is, yes. We've had a lot
of interest on that one.

Would you like to book a viewing?

- Hello, Sam.
- Hi. What do you want?

I think you'd better follow us.

Can I help you?

You won't remember this but, um,

I viewed a place with you
-- it must have been '07.

Always regretted not
taking it off your hands.

That was years ago.

Just wondered if it ever sold.

- Why, you in development?
- Yeah, here and Manchester.

- Do you remember the name?
- Salters Holiday Camp.


We never sold it.

- You sure about that?
- They had an issue with asbestos.

Then some bloke hung himself
in one of the chalets.

- Hung himself?
- Yeah. He was a fireman.

- You got a good memory, Roger.
- Not really. I saw his body.

Let me guess. Tom put you up to this

because he thinks he's seen
something us mortals missed?

You were resistant, he twisted your arm?

How am I doing?

- Put me up to what?
- God. Bill Rudd saw you.

Accessing the HOLMES database
is a criminal offence.

Did Tom mention that?

He asked me to run a couple of names.

You make it sound so trivial.
Why those particular names?

- I don't know. - You don't know? - No.

I trusted Tom. He'll have his reasons.

Then why didn't he bring his
hunch, or whatever it is, to us?

Us? I thought you worked in London now?

What, you think that means I
don't have any pull up here?

If this was official, you'd have
me in the station under caution.

Yeah, well, that can be
arranged easily enough.

He needs to leave this case alone, Sam.

Make him see that.

Commercial properties for sale -- 2007.

Yeah. Here's another one.

That's not the holiday camp.


Here it is.

Had a lot of viewings
first couple of weeks.

I bet.

Funny, though.

- What's that?
- You weren't one of them.

Got a head for faces.

- Maybe it was your day off.
- Maybe.

He told me all about you. He
told me how ruthless you are.

He told me what you did to him.

- What are you talking about?
- He knew Griffin had a partner.

But you had it all sewn up, too
worried about your own career to care.

That is such bullshit. I had
the back of everyone on my team.

In Tom's case, that could've meant
jail, never mind my fucking career.

Go home.

Today never happened.

'This is Jane Burr. Please
leave me a message.'

You may not want to talk to
me, but at least listen to me.

New Mersey Estates were selling the
holiday camp where husband one was found,

and a cement works near where
the second man was found.

The same agent, Roger
Lane, handled both sales

and his agency are selling half
the houses on Julie's street.

It can't be a coincidence.
I'll call you back.


Hey, watch where you're going, will ya?

No signs of a body. Looks
like she's been moved.

Yeah. Let me know about Lane.

- Have you picked him up?
- Not yet. What were you doing here?

I left you a message. New Mersey Estates.

Why did you come on your own?

Thought you didn't want to know.

Fair enough.

He must have surprised MacBride
as he was getting Julie out.

- Griffin gave this place up.
- Mm.

He knew. He knew Lane
would bring her here.

Which begs the question, did they
bring all the women here in '08?

Tom, you've done it,
you've proved your case.

- And now you need me
to disappear? - Yeah.

Roger Lane? DI Olly Vedder.

I need to ask you some questions.

Not again.

- Hi.
- Hi.

- Everything OK?
- Yeah.

- Where's Dani?
- She popped out for a walk.



This is my house.

Do you want a beer?

No, thanks.

I'd have cleaned up if, uh...
if I knew I was having guests.

- His brief's arrived, then.
- About time.

I want you to trawl through every
single property on his books.

Prioritise the most remote. Here you go.

I think we've got him.

Go on. Go on.

Where is she, Roger? Where's Julie?

Come on. It was never about
the women anyway, was it?

Found dead in an isolated
property you were selling.

Found dead in an isolated
property you were selling.


Both their wives were
abducted by the Crow.


Is Julie being held in the same
place as these other women?


We could search all the properties on your
books, Roger, or you could just tell us.

- Griffin's been talking.
- I've never met Luke Griffin.

Julie's just moved into Bluebell Drive.

Your agency sold that property.

- That's residential.
- Yeah. What was it?

She come into the office? Catch
your eye, give you a smile...

I don't do residential.

Somebody's stitching me up.

Why didn't you tell us
you knew Luke Griffin?

I didn't... I don't.

He worked for New Mersey Estates

and you signed three of the
six invoices. You knew him.

He was a locksmith. He secured
some properties for us.

So why didn't you tell
us that an hour ago?

Cos I knew how it would look.

- So, he's under lock and key?
- For now, yeah.

But getting him to tell us where
Julie is is another matter.

And you can help us with that, Simon.

The bloke you saw in the
park that day, with Liam.

I... I don't know that it was him.

But your gut said that it was.

And if it's the same bloke that we've got
in custody, then we'll know for sure.

Simon Duke.

Yes, that's right.

Hello, Liam.

Where have you been?

Look, it's gonna be all right.

Is it?


Do you wanna know where I went?

I met some guy on the beach.

And I went back to his.


Do you care?

I care that you're safe.

It's all right.

It's all right.

OK, Mike, you take all the
railway huts and the factories.

Geoff, you take the abattoir. Sorry.

And all the dock yards down to Bootle.

I'll take the old function halls
and the working men's clubs.

Let's find her. Come on.

- Be back soon.
- We'll be fine.

Do you remember me?

Course I do.

- I hear you're an
electrician now. - Was.

Had an apprenticeship up in Manchester.

What happened?

I don't know.

I don't find it easy to fit in.

Dad says I shouldn't try so hard but...

- Easier said than done, eh?
- I should've stuck at it.

If you want your job back, go and
ask for it. They can only say no.

If it doesn't work out,

you could come and stay at our
place in North Wales if you want.

We've got boats and... some
work that needs doing, actually.

You played Lego with me once.

I was so happy.

Then you started asking questions.

The same questions you'd asked
me a hundred times before.

I didn't mind.

I knew you were trying to find Mum.


- John, can I have a word.
- Yeah.

I've just seen Dani. She's really upset.

She won't tell me what's wrong.

She wanted... She wanted something
that I couldn't give her.


Oh, God.

There was an incident, all right? A lapse.

A moment of fucking madness.

What happened?

I was hung over, she was walking
around half naked. Next thing...

It sounds like I'm trying
to justify it. I'm not.

When was this?

It was about six months ago.

Sam, I love Julie.

I love her.

No. No.

No. Definitely not. No.

- Wait.
- Is that the man in the park?

No. No, but... I know him.

His name's, uh...

- Roger Lane.
- How do you know Roger?

Ah... I took pictures for him.

Um, sales brochures, that kind of stuff.

I mean, I still do sometimes.

For New Mersey Estates?

I know he wore a mask, but could
this be the man who took Emma?

Could this be the Crow?

Yeah, yes, um... Yes, I
suppose it could be. Yeah.

Still checking out the
properties on Lane's books.

- This one looks deserted.
- 'Keep me posted.'

Will do.



(It's OK. It's OK.)

(Hey, I've got you. You're safe.)

< Olly!

- CPS won't charge.
- What?

Circumstantial. Too many other parties

have access to New
Mersey Estates' records.

Throw in the lawyer and off he goes.

We are putting him under
surveillance, though.

Yes, we are. I'm gonna
do it. He's my collar.

Well done, mate.

Sam, I don't know where you've got to,

but give me a call when you
get this, all right, darling?

- I'm on my way home.
- Tom. All right?

- Thought I'd give Dani
some QT with Mum. - Nice.

- Any chance of a lift?
- Sure. Come on.

I know I've been a pain about John.

No, no, no, you haven't.
You haven't, sweetie.

You haven't.

He really does love
you, you know. He does.

Hey, come on. Shh.

- You look after yourself,
all right? - Thanks.

- Take care.
- You too. Bye.

Oh, God.

- Liam?
- I wanted to apologise.

Up in Manchester you, you gave
me a chance and I messed it up,

I know I did, and there's
no reason why you...

Not now. It's a bad time, all right?

Just... I don't know, give me
a call on Monday or something.

- Just two minutes. Please.
- Not now.

- I just want my job back.
- Sorry.




Is anyone up here?


- Jane. - We've had
to release Roger Lane.

- What? Why?
- 'I can't get into that now.'

I need to notify John but
he hasn't got his phone.

Oh, shit. OK, I know where he is.

'I have just initiated the
most comprehensive drive

to recruit officers from

diverse ethnic communities
the Met has ever seen.'

'And is it true you're being tipped
as the first female commissioner?'

'I don't know about that, Peter.'

'Assistant Commissioner...'


Liam, I don't know if
you're getting my messages,

but can you just call me back?


(John, mate.)