Safe House (2015–…): Season 2, Episode 2 - Episode #2.2 - full transcript

The search for Julie Delaney intensifies. But Tom and Sam have to deal with a restless John Channing and an emotional Dani.

Shh, shh!

- Is everything OK?
- Yeah. Yeah, yeah.


[Oh, my God!]


- Goodbye.
- No!

'Last night a 38-year-old woman
was abducted in West Liverpool.

The abducted woman has been
identified as Julie Delaney.

The man, a local businessman, has been
admitted to hospital with superficial injuries.

Hi, it's Craig, right?

Come on.

- What are you doing?
- What? - Get off! Go.

- But I just jacked in my job.
- Tough!

- What do you want, Tom?
- This ringing any bells for you?

- Do you remember the Crow murders?
Are they talking about similarities?
- Some talk of copycat. Why?

There's every likelihood he's
gonna come after the husband.

Hello, Simon.

This bloke's following The
Crow's MO to the letter.

If he did have a partner,
do you think he's back?

I don't think he ever went away.

If you're so tough, why
didn't you stop him?

- John, it's me.
- Are you all right? Are you safe?

If you tell the police, he'll
kill me. You have to come alone.

'Police are denying any connections

between this abduction and Luke Griffin,

who is serving a life
sentence for the Crow murders.

The Crow's in prison.
You've put him in there.

- What is it you're saying?
- That Luke Griffin didn't act alone.

Ah, Liam, this is a surprise.

Did you hear about that woman in Allerton?

They're saying he was inside the house.

- Just like with Mum. - Please don't
tell me that's why you've come back.

Course not. Come back to see you, silly.

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'Assistant Commissioner Ellroy,

how are you going to keep London safe?

Well, we need help fighting
terrorism. And to earn that help, yes,

the Met has a duty to
become more transparent,

more efficient and more accountable.

And what steps have you taken
to start building those bridges?

Is that who I think it is?

I have initiated the most comprehensive...

- Yeah.
- She's come a long way.

- 'Morning.
- 'Morning.

We need to finish those boats.
What time did you tell Craig?

- He's not coming. I
told him not to. - Why?

Yesterday he got the wrong idea.

What happened?

He's just a kid who doesn't
know how to behave.

- What did he do?
- It's fine. Done and dusted.


Look, shit's hitting the fan at work,

so I need to get some
paperwork from my office.

Any chance I can get a lift?
Or I can borrow your car?

What do you need? I'll go
and pick up it up for you.

Right. Give me two secs.
I'll make you a list, yeah.

Busy man.

Sleep all right?

Like a log.

So, erm...

What's going on in there, then?
The blankets and the chairs.

Spilt some water on the
blanket. I was hanging it out.

- Tumble-dryer for that.
- Well, it was late, Dad.

I didn't want to wake you.

Look, I've... I've got a job on later.

Do you wanna help me out?

Like old times?

Can I tell you a secret?


One time when I was about...

four or five, Mum forgot to lock the gate.

I snuck out on my own.

I'd seen a boat out there the day before.

Beached. Marooned in the mud.

I made my way over, but...

.. it was further than it looked
and I kept slipping in the sand.

When I finally got there...

.. there was no-one around, so...

.. I climbed up the
ladder, got up on deck...

You're kidding me?

Found my way into the cockpit and
took the wheel in both hands.

And I was just wondering how to
start the thing when Mum rocked up.

She'd been looking everywhere.

She was crying.

Couldn't tell if she was happy or sad.

- She made me swear never to tell you.
- She thought I'd be cross.

This job...

Can I take some pictures?

Course you can.

- Hello?
- It's Vedder, Ma'am.

- I'm sorry?
- It's Ollie Vedder.

How did you get my number?

There's something going on
here that might be of interest.

- Abduction case.
- What has that got to do with me?

Tom Brook's taken it upon himself
to suggest a link to the Crow.

Who gives a shit what Tom Brook thinks?

The SIO, for one.

Brook's been sniffing around
the scene, sticking his oar in.


- He runs a safe house now.
- Well, so what?

So, guess who's looking after
the missing woman's family?


Banana. It stinks!

So nice, isn't it, though?

Me and my mum, we were out
shopping this time last week...

And we went to different shops.

It was... We ended up
getting the same dress.

We really are more like sisters.

I shouldn't have run.

I should have tried to stop him.

You did the right thing. The smart thing.

Exactly what your mum would have wanted.

Where is she?

They'll find her.

Here, a shell.

Give me a minute.

- I came to apologise.
- OK.

Look, I'd had a few beers
and I was out of order.

- Apology accepted.
- Wait.

I can't do this now.

Just come back next
week and we'll talk, OK?

- Did you tell Tom?
- No, not yet.

What about the work? I've given up my job.

Come to see DCI Burr.

Get hold of forensics.

- Extend the fingertip search
radius to a mile. - A mile?

Oh, what the fuck are you doing here?

- Just grabbing some stuff for John.
- We could have done that for you.

- Saved you the trip.
- Well, I'm here now.

- But then you couldn't have had a good
snoop around, could you? - All right.

- I'll take you through.
- They hadn't been here long.

- Who even knew they'd moved in?
- We're working through the list.

What do you think the camp's about?

A game he played when he was
a kid? Cuckoo in the nest.

"I can build a house in your house.

I can steal your wife from
right under your nose."

Making the men the real victims.

In the killer's mind. Yeah.

So how come Simon Duke survived?

I think the Crow stopped as
soon as we caught Luke Griffin.

Saw a chance to let his
accomplice take the fall.

Griffin's in for life.

What's kept him quiet all these years?

A pact of some kind?


What did you say to her outside?

- Nothing.
- What were you talking about, then?


You need to be careful, Dani.

- No, I don't.
- Look, I know you're upset,

but you've got to watch
what you say to them, OK?

Julie Delaney is a much-loved mother.

She's 38 years old, 5'4",
slim, with long, blonde hair.

She was wearing a black slip.

And we believe she was taken
from her home in a vehicle,

possibly a 4x4.

If you were out late on Friday night

and you think you might have seen Julie

or any vehicle acting suspiciously,
it is vital that you come forward

and report any information you might have.


She looks like a nice woman.

I hope you find her.

- We need your help, Luke.
- My help?

Who did you share your secrets with?

Someone inside? A copycat?

I'm sorry if someone's
copying what I did then.

I am sorry, but it's got
nothing to do with me.

Come on, they've got every detail down.

The camps, the mask,
leaving the men tied up.

I'm afraid I can't help you,
but, by the way, those details,

- they're in the public domain...
- Oh, this is bullshit!

You know who this is.

Some people said you had a partner, Luke.

Some people said that you
were just a follower,

a faithful assistant. That
we never caught the real Crow.

- That was just a theory.
- Theory, is it?

DI Brook's theory, if I'm not mistaken.

He was a nice fella...

.. until he tried to kill me.

What, him, MI5 and the CIA?

- He always had a vivid
imagination. - Have I?

I hear DI Brook left the Force.

You still in touch?

- We're not here to talk about Brook.
- Come on, Luke.

What have you got to lose?
You're in here for good.

Tell us where she is.

You know...

.. I think you're wasting
your time talking to me.

But more importantly...

.. you're wasting her time.

Have they been to see Griffin in prison?

- Have they spoken to him?
- I don't know.

- What are they waiting for?
- They don't tell me that stuff, John.

There's no news, darling. I'm sorry.

What... What, nothing?

Dani, it's all right.

Last night you asked me about the Crow,

like you didn't know anything about it.

- I don't.
- It was national news.

Wasn't up north then, was I?

You've got a book about it at your house.

So you had a good nose around,
then? Thought you might.

Anything you need to tell me, John?

It's Julie's, all right?

She loves that true-crime shit.


- Ma'am.
- Thanks.

It looks smaller.

Oh, that's cos you're bigger.

I always loved the smell
of the developing fluid.

Yeah. Caught you trying to drink it once.

- No, you didn't!
- Yes, I did.

- Can I? - Yeah, yeah, go ahead.
Do you remember? It's the same key.

I'll pop the light on, hold on.

That first photo I watched you develop...

When the face appeared I thought...

.. I thought it was magic.

I thought you were magic.

Do you remember what the photo was?

It was your mum.

I know you miss her.

I miss her, too.

Every single day.

You asked me what the camp was about.


.. I get scared.

- I think if I hide, he won't...
- He's never coming back, Liam.


Together we're stronger...

.. right?

The old team?

- The old team.
- That's it.

Right, er...

Two stands and three 80-watt
Daylights should do it.

- Spare bulb?
- Good thinking.

Did I get what you needed, mate?

Yeah. Cheers.

I'll be back in a minute.

It's a nice place.

Wondering how the hell I can afford it?

No, I know how you
afforded it. How is Sarah?

Sam. She's fine.

I'm pleased for you. Really.

Now you're gonna huff and
puff and blow it all down?

No, I know you, Tom. Why would I
waste my time threatening you?

OK. I want you to stop.

That's it.

It's him, Elizabeth.

It's not a copycat, it
is not a coincidence.

- It is really him.
- I am going up for Commissioner.

- Congratulations.
- You know what?

I know this isn't gonna make a difference,

but the last thing I
need, the very last thing

is for you to be fingering the
pin of Griffin's conviction.

That's it. That's what I came here to say.

I am falling on your mercy.

- Always the politician.
- Fuck off.

That's not fair. That's
not even close to fair.

Without me you'd have
nothing. Less than nothing.

And for that I should
be eternally grateful?

Yes. Yes, you bloody should!

Good luck with your job.


What did she want?

Wasn't too thrilled I turned up at
the scene yesterday. 'Muscling in.'

And she came all the way
from London to tell you that?


I thought she ended your
career, that you hated her?

Oh, hate's a strong word.

- So you've forgiven her?
- I wouldn't go that far.

She built her whole
career on the Crow case.

So you pull that brick out, and the
whole wall comes tumbling down.

- What does that mean?
- She's top brass, Sam.

Covering their arses is what
they do. It's what they excel at.

Do I know everything
there is to know here?

Yeah. Course.

- Very good.
- Very nice. Keep smiling, everyone.

Liam, can you just pop down
there and bring that light round

just a little bit more? That's it.

Just angle it a little bit
onto our lovely bride for me.

Yes, that's great, well done.

Right, yeah, now, Gorgonzola,
everyone, here we go.

That's it.

Right. I think that's the
end of the formal ones.

- They're all done and dusted.
- Dad? - Right, time to go mad now.

You, sir, just loosen
that top button there.

You know, why not let the
groom hold the flowers?

- You said I could...
- Just gonna take a few of these.

- That's it, lovely.
- I thought I was having a go?

Yes, in a minute.

- Yeah, right. 'In a minute'.
- Listen.

Don't knit a blanket out of it.

Why do I fucking believe a word you say?

Now, Liam.

Liam, Liam, Liam.

- Where's John?
- Oh, he said he was going for a walk.


- Who's that in the Beemer?
- That's my mate. - What's his name?

- Why?
- What's his fucking name?

- MacBride. - And now he
knows where my safe house is!

- No, he doesn't.
- As good as.

You tell me why you gave him 20 grand

- or I'll have blues and twos in here in under
an hour. - I wouldn't do that if I were you.

You threatening me?

I told you. I've got a
business deal going through.

I had to give him 20
grand. It's a sweetener.

What are you doing?

Hello, Jane, I need you to run
a reg for me. Name's MacBride.

Oh, come on.

Hm, all right, Dani?

Yeah, I'm just getting a glass of water.

Tom, can I have a quick word?

Olly! Have you checked that
reg from Tom Brook yet?

- Not yet, I haven't.
- Why not?

Look, Jane, you know I respect you.

- But... - But if you discuss
this case with Brook again,

- I'll have no choice.
- No choice but what?

But to report you for misconduct.

- You're kidding.
- No.

Do the police know your
mum's on a dating website?

Why not?

You didn't think it was important?

Was your mum in contact
with any men from the site?

- No.
- How do you know?

She didn't know she was on there.

I set up the profile.

Why... Why would you do that?

Cos she can do better.

You're not a fan of John, are you?

You don't like being around him.

I hate him.

Has he hurt your mum?


- I just don't like him, OK? - OK.
- I don't trust a thing that he says.


your mum had no idea you
put her on the dating site?

- No.
- And...

What about John? Is it possible he knew?

I don't know.

I don't think so. Please don't tell him.

Julie had no idea she
was on a dating website.

Dani posted it without telling her.

- Why?
- She doesn't like John.

- You sure about that?
- Yeah, I'm sure. She just told me.

- Just gonna pop out for a cigarette, yeah?
- All right, mate.

Let's say he found out that
she was on a dating website.

That would take him to
a pretty dark place.

We know that he owns a book on The Crow,

and he's just paid off some dodgy
bloke the day after she disappeared.

Doesn't seem like a killer, though.

He doesn't present as a
psychopath, that's true.

- But...?
- But...

.. that doesn't mean he's
not jealous and possessive,

and smart enough to use The Crow's MO

- to hide a domestic murder.
- Hm.

Yes, I'm sure. Stop asking me.

Any idea how far it is from the horizon?


Me neither.

- You on holiday?
- Yeah, kind of.

Do you live around here?

I travel around. Fixing boats and stuff.


A few of us are getting together tonight

if you fancy slumming it. Next beach over.

Invitation only.

I'll think about it.

I'll take that as a no.

Where is she?

My mate...

He'll keep his mouth
shut about this place.

You got my word on that.


I know what you must be thinking.

What kind of bloke worries about his
business when the woman he loves...?

Look, I...

I'm not good at doing nothing, all right?

I can't sit on my hands.
I just can't do it.

You and me both.

My old man, he was a print
worker. Wapping, Docklands.

One day he comes home,

he's sitting there, eating
his tea as normal...

.. when all of a sudden he says...

..'The press is closing.'

'The press is closing.' Just like that.

I mean, that was it.

He lost his job and
never found another one.

Never raised his voice to complain.

Never went on one march. Nothing.

Just took it lying down.

When my mum lost her rag he'd
just say, 'It's fate, love.'

And I remember sitting
there at eight years old...

.. thinking 'Fuck that.'

'Fuck fate.'

And do you know what?

Everyone in my life closest to me...

Everything I've tried my
hardest to hold on to...

.. has got away from me.

'Julie Delaney is a much-loved mother.

She's 38 years old, 5'4",
slim, with long, blonde hair.

She was wearing a black slip
and we believe she was taken...

She's handling herself well.

.. in a vehicle, possibly a 4x4.

If you were out late on Friday night

and you think you might have seen Julie

or any vehicle acting suspiciously,

it is vital that you come
forward and give any information

you might have to the police.

Why did you walk away? Really?

I told you, it's politics.

You thought Griffin had a
partner, but no-one would listen?

They froze me out. Everyone
from Elizabeth down.

It was just one case. Why
didn't you get a transfer?

I didn't want one.

It was my team, my guys.
After that all happened...

.. I just wanted out.



Dani? Dani!

Just saw Dani running out of John's room.

Running? What, like scared?

It was hard to say.

- Hello.
- Luke Griffin's in hospital.

- What? - He's been
beaten half to death, Tom.

- MacBride.
- What about him?

You paid him to have Griffin tortured.

- What are you on about?
- You've been asking about Griffin.

- So what? - So he's just
been beaten unconscious.

Are you gonna tell me
that's a coincidence?

OK. Yeah, I did. You
lot are getting nowhere.

- That's what you decided, is it?
- I'm not losing Julie to some psycho.

- You just made that ten times
more likely. - Bullshit.

So, did Griffin tell
you how to find Julie?

- I don't know.
- What did MacBride say?

Nothing. He's not answering his phone.


Listen to me, listen to me.

You're safe. But we have
to get you out of here.

- I'm a mate of John's, OK?
- Yeah.

It's OK. Stay with me.