Safe House (2015–…): Season 2, Episode 1 - Episode #2.1 - full transcript

When ex-police officer Tom hears news of the abduction of Julie Delaney, he leaves his partner Sam and their beautiful coastal home and heads straight to the crime scene.



Aaa-aaa-aaah! Aaa-aaah!

Dad? Where's Mum?


Your turn to clean out
the chickens tonight.

Bullshit. I did it last night.

Nice try.

I've got a better idea.

No, no, no, no. No way.

How about I...

.. open some wine...

.. light a nice big fire...

What? And I clean out the chickens?

Just how big would this fire be?

Huge. Burn all night.

No chance.


In here.


I've just got an email.

That last family cancelled.

Oh, shit.

That is, it for the summer.

They say why?

They all hate sailing and
they only just remembered.

"Unforeseen circumstances."

Are you worried?


We've kept this going six years,
we're not gonna drop the ball now.

Yeah, I guess.

- Nice, innit?
- Mm-hm.

- We... have got to get going.
- Hold on one second.

All right?

- Spray? - Yes, please. - Beautiful.

Come on, girls, the bus is leaving!


- Aw!
- Nice one that.

So, today...

tonight, is exactly a year since
me and your mum got together...

.. and for me, anyway...

.. I think that's cause for celebration.

Happy anniversary, babe.

- Happy anniversary.
- Happy anniversary.

Sure you wouldn't rather have gone
for a candle-lit dinner for two?


That's a fair question. It's all right.

See, the thing is, I feel
like I've gained a family, too,

and I wanted to celebrate that, as well.


We need something year-round.

Horses, ponies...

riding lessons.

We'd be booked through till Christmas.

And where would we keep these horses?

We'll build stables out by the chickens.

Proper, grown-up ones. What do you reckon?

I reckon, it sounds expensive.

We'd have it payed off
in less than six months.

- Neither of us can ride.
- Speak for yourself.

Oh, you have equestrian
experience, do you?

Southend pony ride. Silver rosette.


When did you have this idea?

- Just came to me.
- Bullshit.

Do you a spreadsheet if you like?

Now, that I'd like to see.

It's him.

Got home in one piece,
then, that's amazing.

- I only had a couple of pints.
- More like four.

Four? No way.

Oh, yeah, I'm sure
that'd stand up in court.

I'd take a good driver
with a few drinks in him

over a shit one on the Perrier any day.

I wanna go and take a bath.

- John.
- Uh-huh?

Thank you.

Don't be silly. It's me
that should be thanking you.


- Dani -- - Forget it.
All right? Don't worry.

No, it's just... It's
not fair on you, is it?

- If it carries on...
- Don't worry about it. Yeah?

Just let it blow over, all
right? She'll come around.

It's just a fuse, two ticks.

Oh, very funny.

Don't worry, ladies. Normal
service will resume shortly.

Shh. Shh. Shh.

Sit down. Sit down!

Come on!



Is everything OK?

Yeah. Yeah, yeah. Fine. Fine.

It's just a fuse.


Oh, my God!

Look at his face.



- Say goodbye to him.
- Aaah! - Say goodbye to him!

- Say goodbye!
- No!

Goodbye. Goodbye. Goodbye!

No! No!




Thank you.

I can't stress how sensitive this case is.

She was 5'4", blonde hair. Her
daughter also has blonde hair,

so, keep an eye on her and
keep me posted, please.

Hello, Jane. Looks like you've
got everything under control.

- What are you doing here, Olly?
- Reporting for duty.

I asked for Chris Eaves.
As you know full well.

- I appreciate your candour, Jane.
But Chris was indisposed. - How?

Didn't think to inquire. Go
and ask the boss if you want.

- No need. Good to have you on board.
- Likewise.

- Craig.
- Tom.

- How are you doing?
- I'm all right. You?

Still trucking.

Look, if you've got your
hands full, just say.

I don't. You got some work?

Need to strip some boats
and then after that

I might even build some stables.

Cool. A couple of months' work, then?

If you're up for it.

Anything that gets me out of here, mate.

- Let me finish up and I'll be over
in a couple of hours. - All right.

- Finally finished it, then.
- Yeah.

'Confirmation of the following.

Last night, a woman was
abducted from this house

here in west Liverpool.

Her 19-year-old daughter escaped,

while her partner was
left bound and gagged.

The man, a local businessman,
has been admitted to hospital

with superficial injuries.

The abducted woman has been
identified as Julie Delaney,

a dental nurse who works locally.

She's 38 years old and a mother of one.

Police say they will
reveal more details later.

Sam, I don't know if you've heard,

but there's been an abduction in Allerton.

I'm on my way there now.

There's some similarities
with The Crow case

and I just need to go and
check it out. All right?


How are you doing?

What are you doing here, Tom?

This ringing any bells for you?

What do you want?

I want to talk to your boss,
and before you say no,

you should be aware I mentored
her on her first murder case.

- You want your fucking head testing
coming here. - I could say the same.

- How did you get this
case exactly? - Sir...?

Just plain Tom, I'm afraid.

- Ma'am, can I just say --
- It's OK, Olly, I've got this.

Good to see you, mate.

- How have you been?
- Good.

Can I chat to you? Just two
minutes. It's about the case.

Two minutes? Yeah, OK.

We'll talk over here.

The husband of the
abducted woman, is he safe?

- What?
- Is he safe, Jane?

He's at the hospital. Why?

- Remember The Crow murders?
- Why are you asking if he's safe?

Are they talking about similarities?

Some talk of a copycat, enough
to glance through a file.

- Good. - Why are you
asking if he's safe?

The Crow made widowers of three men

and by Christmas two of them were dead.

Are you saying this was foul play?

There's every likelihood he's
gonna come after the husband.

- Partner, they're not married.
- Partner, whatever.

- Why are you so sure?
- Because it's all about the men.

About watching them grieve
and cry and fall apart.

There's nothing about
that in The Crow file.

- It was suppressed. - Suppressed? Look,
The Crow's in prison, you put him in there.

What is it you're saying?

That Luke Griffin didn't act alone.

We never caught The Crow.

Ma'am. You're wanted.

OK, I'm coming.

Listen, it was really
good to see you again.

Samantha Stenham you are licensed
to run a police safe house

for a calendar year commencing
Tuesday 1st September.

Any questions?

Yeah. Couldn't we renew online?

Where'd be the fun in that?

Plus, you wouldn't get
to see my handsome face.

I could live with that.

Didn't see Tom at Phil's retirement do.

He's an unsociable bugger.
Don't take it personally.

I do. I take it very personally.

How's Tom, anyway?

He's good.

- Hi. It's Craig, right?
- Yeah.


Tom said to come over.

In five minutes, I was... I was gonna go.

Sorry about that. He had to rush off.

So, we have to bring in the
big ones, as well, yeah?

John Channing?

Have they found her?

No, mate, not yet, sorry.

- Are you a copper?
- No, I work with the police. Tom Brook.

I run a safe house.

What do you want?

If you ask for protection,
the police have to oblige.

- I don't need a safe house.
- I disagree.

For one, your home is now a crime scene.

For two...

I used to be a detective
and Julie's abduction

strongly resembles a case I worked on.

What case?

Three women taken from their homes.

Their husbands left alive
with superficial injuries.

We came to believe that the
men were the real targets.

- You mean, he took Julie to hurt me?
- It's possible, yeah.

So, what, it's someone I know?
Someone I've pissed off?

The other three women.
What happened to them?

We never found them.

Sorry... No.

If I can't go home, I'll
check into the Portside.

He'll find you.

That's good.

He'll be the one needing a fucking
safe house, then, won't he?

'There is still no news

of the missing Liverpool
woman, Julie Delaney,

who was abducted from her house
in Allerton, late last night.

Police are denying any links
between her disappearance

and The Crow murders of eight years ago,

in which three women were taken from
their homes, under similar circumstances.

Crime writer Barry
Layton has always claimed

that The Crow did not act alone.

From the few details we know, it
sounds like there are similarities

to, er, The Crow abductions back in '08.

In my book, I argue that Luke
Griffin probably had an accomplice

- and, at the very least...
- Can you turn it up, please?

Sorry, Luke, that's as loud as it goes.

.. Luke Griffin is
serving a life sentence,

whilst the missing women
have never been found.

You know, I just keep thinking
that she's somewhere dark.

- She hates the dark.
- Dani.

They don't have a bloody
clue, though, do they?

Where she is, who's got her, nothing!

It's early days.

Yeah, but early days is
what matters in a kidnapping.

Everyone knows that.

I know some people who
can put feelers out.

Turn over some rocks.


What sort of "people"
would they be, then, John?

Friends of friends.

So full of shit.

If you're so tough, why
didn't you stop him?

I'm sorry.



Hello, Simon. You don't
look surprised to see me.

Perhaps you should come in, then.

This bloke's following The
Crow's MO to the letter.

In every detail.

Well, then won't he go after
the, the woman's husband?

He can't. He's in police protection.

Making you a possible consolation prize.

He might see you as unfinished business.

The one that got away.

Have you had any sense of, I
don't know, being watched?

Being followed?

Er, no, no.

- Nothing out of the ordinary?
- No, no. Nothing.

I can get you to somewhere safe.

I mean, if you need, until we catch him.

I mean, that could take...
take weeks, months.

Yeah, it could.

I'll think about it.

- You got a beer?
- You can have a beer later.

- How are you getting on?
- OK. The wood is a bit shabby.

Do we need to strip it or just re-varnish?

A re-varnish will be fine.

What time's Tom getting back?

Don't know. Later.

Everything OK, Craig?

Yeah. Sure.

Thanks, Tom.

Make sure you keep your
doors locked. All right?


When Griffin was on remand,
you got in touch with us

to say that some bloke had come up to you

and said something in the park.

Oh, look, it was probably
just a reporter or something.

Please, I mean anything?

Well, erm, I was watching
Liam on the swings

and this man came and sat down next to me.

He started talking about this and that,

and then he said he's sorry about my wife.


He'd recognised me from the TV appeal

and then he said something about
me doing a good job with Liam

and that it couldn't be easy for me.

Why do you say you think
he might be a reporter?

Well, that's what your boss said.


Yeah, after you got taken off the job,

then she came round here in person

and said that I wasn't to listen to you

about Griffin having a
partner or me being in danger.

She said that?

If he did have a partner...

.. do you think he's back?

I don't think he ever went away.


That's more like it.

- Nice job.
- Cheers.

At this rate, we'll be done in a week.

Don't tell me that.
I'll start slowing down.

What about the stables?

Oh, God.

You'll have to talk to Tom about that.

Oh, yeah?

Who wears the trousers, then? You or Tom?

We both do.

Come on.

What the fuck are you doing?

- Come on.
- What?

- Don't act all innocent.
- Get off! Go!

- What?
- Get off my property. Now.

Look, I'm... I'm sorry, OK?

- I got my wires crossed.
- Yeah, you did.

Look, you can't do this.

- I just jacked in my job.
- Tough.

Go on, give me your best shot.

You're a bitch.

- Channing.
- John, it's me.

Julie? Julie, are you...
Are you hurt? Are you OK?

If you tell the police, he'll kill me.

- You have to come alone.
- Where?

Dani, I'm gonna get some fags, all right?


- What the...?
- It's all right, mate.

What the fuck are you doing
here? He said to come alone.

He's not gonna give her back to you.

- Says who?
- He's baiting you.

- You don't know that. - Yes,
I do. Wait! Wait! - For what?

Oh, no.

- What?
- It's Dani.

He's there. He's at the hotel.

- Who is it?
- Police.

Hey, hey, it's OK.


Dad, it's me.

My case. My witness.

- You had no business staging
this stakeout. - Fair enough.

- No, I mean it.
- All right.

Let's start again, all right?

Let me take them tonight.
I have full accreditation,

so Home Office clearance is a formality.

OK. OK, you can take them.

- Let me see the old files.
- No!

Just in case something chimes.

Tom, no-one doubts that
Griffin was The Crow.

We are treating this as a copycat.


You'd better get going.

- Now.
- Thank you.

Oh, God.

Yeah, listen, I want the patrol
car to go past Simon Duke's house

a couple of times tonight.


Jesus Christ, Liam.

- Scared you! Sorry.
- That's all right.

Couldn't resist.

Well... This is a surprise.

You were right about the job.

It wasn't for me.

Yeah, yeah, sorry.

You said it was too good to be true.

Well, I had my doubts, but
you said he was a good bloke.

He is a good bloke. He wasn't the problem.

It was his team.

Thick as thieves. Very cliquey.

No way they were gonna
let me join the party.

Yeah, well, you're well
out of it now, so...


Plenty more offers of employment
out there, right, Dad?


Did you hear about that woman in Allerton?


They're saying he was inside the house.

Waiting for them.

Just like with Mum.

Please don't tell me
that's why you've come back.

Of course not.

I've come back to see you, silly.

Sam, this is John.


And that's Dani.

- Hi. Welcome.
- I'll just get your bag.

- I'll need to take your phones,
I'm afraid. - House rules.

This is my business phone. Police
took the one he called me on.

- We'll still need it.
- I've got some work issues.

There's a deal that'll go south if
I go off the radar, so I need it.

- Work issues? - Yeah, 40 lads
waiting for it to go through.

Look, if you want to take
my phone, I can't stay.

All right, you can turn off the GPS.

Just make and receive calls, that's it.

If you activate GPS,
Cloud, anything like that,

you're putting us all in danger.

- All right.
- After you.

You all right, darling?

- Everything OK?
- Yeah.

So, Dani, shall I show you to your room?

This way, come on.

- I'll grab your bag.
- Thanks, darling.

This case you worked on, The Crow,

the bloke on the TV said
there was two of 'em.

Two killers.

You care to comment?

Well, Griffin's guilt
was never in any doubt.

We found all three women's DNA
in his van and he confessed.

That's not what I asked.

They'll be talking to Griffin,
then, about this partner?

You need to get some kip, mate. Come on.

Jane, you beauty.

OK, here we are.

- Try and get some sleep. OK?
- OK.

Give me a shout if you need anything.