Sacred Games (2018–…): Season 2, Episode 1 - Matsya - full transcript

After making a discovery in Gaitonde's bunker, Sartaj joins a mission to foil a deadly conspiracy. In 1994, Gaitonde resurfaces in a new location.

Extracted by Vishal

Let go!

Let go, you bastard!

I had no idea where I was.

Or who got me here.

Or why I was dragged here.

Sardarji, my life lay in ruins...

just like yours will be.


Jai Hind, sir.

Bibinka623 has been activated.


It's done, Bibinka623 has been activated.

Forty days later, after I got out of
that dungeon, my mind was bent on revenge.

Whoever did this to me,
I wanted to burn them!

Isa, Parulkar, everyone!

I realized that this game
is bigger than any of those dickheads,

bigger than you, bigger than me.

I am never wrong, Sardarji.

I said Trivedi would survive.

I swear it was the truth.

Solve this riddle
and you'll have your answers.

Sir, this flyer has been found
in the bunker.

It seems to be a recruitment poster
for a terrorist organization.

Generally when they are planning
something big, they make these.

And it says the time for war is now.

ISIS has been trying to get into India,

it maybe an extension of theirs?

No. We've been keeping a very close eye
on ISIS at the state level,

there's nothing alarming there.

Our agent, Anjali Mathur,

she was studying Hizbuddin
and she got a tip from Baluchistan.

- Mario?
- Sir.

Set up an SIT for this.

Lashkar, ISIS and Hizbuddin...

for the time being let's go after them.

Sure, Sir.


good work.

Will you join the SIT?

Yes, sir.

Sir, Inspector Majid Khan is a specialist
on terror cells.


Majid, Sartaj will take the lead
on this case.

Yes, sir.

You're the boss now.

Throw a party.

That arms consignment
has a direct link to Bhonsle's NGO.

How does Hizbuddin fit into this?

Couldn't Bhonsle be working for
someone else?

You think so?

You have never handled big cases, that's
why you don't know who Shahid Khan is.

He has his hand in everything, from '93
blasts in Mumbai to Kandahar Hijacking.

We should take a look.

You find Shahid Khan,

I'll look for Gaintonde's third father.

Just a little more.

It's okay.

What's going down in 25 days?

My father is going to kill everyone.
But I'll save Trivedi.

Which father?

The village priest?

No, sir. I have three fathers.

It's all their fault.

The first one put fear in me,
the second gave me the courage to face it.

The last one, who I loved the most,

betrayed me.

It is possible to conquer time.

Because time is radioactive.

It decays and it stays forever.

It is a circle,

and this circle of time
is divided into four eras.

Four yugas.




Let's try again?

Stop speaking rubbish.

I'm serious.



let's talk seriously then.

Why now?


I can't do this anymore.

One by one,

I'm losing everybody.

I'm all alone.

I'm scared...

you'll leave me too.

I've left already, Sartaj.

Megha, please...

Please, don't say that.

We'll just fight.


It's too late now.

You've got no idea
where you're going, right, Sardarji?

Even I couldn't understand.

Life was strange there.

Even though I tried torturing a guard,

he didn't breathe a word
about our location.

Now he's dead and of no use.

The raging fire of revenge
burned within me

while I tried swimming in freezing waters
towards Mumbai.

I swam every day.

A little more than the previous day,
every day a little closer to Mumbai.

There was nothing to do on the boat.

Swim every day, eat shitty fish,
and jerk off thinking about Gopalmath.

That was my life.

Then one day, in the distance,

I saw my salvation.

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Take this.

Okay, sir.

Your bag.

Let me speak to him first.

Anything else?

Ma'am, you're not aware of
how dangerous he is.

A man's already dead
trying to control him.

Where is he?

He was right here, sleeping.

Did anyone enter the room?


Motherfucker, I'll shove those keys
up your asshole.


Take it.

Shove 'em up whoever's ass you want.

What were you thinking, Gaitonde?

- We were coming to talk to you.
- Shut the fuck up, cunt!

I want to go back to Bombay. Gopalmath.

You can't go back yet, sweetie.

- Who are you?
- A friend.

What do you people want? Tell me.

You've had me tied up here
like fucking cattle.

There's a country in Africa called Kenya.

There's a city there called Mombasa.

It's close by.

I heard you tried swimming back to Mumbai?

Try it, it'll only take you 188 years.
I've calculated it.

You understand Marathi, right?

While I was stuck,
jerking off in her memory.

Mumbai... she was forgetting me.

Trivedi's men tore down the Babri Mosque.

Isa, with ISI's crony Shahid Khan,
set off bombs in the city.

Driving the cops crazy.

They wanted everyone out.

- Lift him.
- Sir.

Hey, you civil slaves. Show some respect!


Don't touch me, I can walk myself.

Isa and me vanished,
Mumbai's balance was disturbed.

Every gangster's operation collapsed.

Gopalmath became a wasteland.

You think I'll run away with this?

Just as the country got torn
in two in 1947,

Mumbai was minced in 1993.

Some took over the city,
while others were forced into ghettos.

My city was dying.


Kusum Devi Yadav.

What do you want?

Work for us here in Kenya.

I don't take orders from anyone.

As an equal, it'll be a partnership.

Start work here

and I'll get your guys released.

You want revenge on Isa, right?

I can help you.

Who the fuck are you?

I have friends in Mumbai.

And here?

Here as well.


Who was the person on the phone?

Which phone?

The one I spoke to in jail.


Don't fuck with me.

You broke me out, right?
You must have organized that call.

Yes, Guruji.

His sermons.

Also, press the button if you like.

He will be listening.

Vishnu's first avatar, Matsya, the fish...

is the beginning of human life
on this planet.

We humans started out as fish.

One day, the Lord enchanted by his
own creation got excited.

His semen dropped straight into the sea,

and was swallowed by a fish.

The semen's potency was so much
that the fish started suffocating.


Here. Done.

The scholars and the soldiers,
and the aimless hoarders...

I want chicken.

The serene and the keen,
the sage with snowy sheen...

The next fish you bring me will go
straight up your asshole.

And it'll keep swimming in there
until we fucking reach Mumbai.

Do not cease to exist.

The spirit is in persist.

At that time,
all of it felt like bullshit.

I realized later
that Guruji was telling me my own story.

I was the fish.

I was suffocating, too.

So I decided to use my arms and legs,

I made up my mind,
I had to get off this boat.

DAY 12

Jai Hind, sir.

Upstairs, first floor. The first room
is yours. I'll bring your things.

This package has arrived for Katekar,
from LT Street.



Did Katekar's compensation letter arrive?

No, sir. It won't come that soon.

Please call Shalini,

and tell her to sign the letter
and send it back once she receives it.

Get ready.

Here. I'll get the lunchbox.

- I'll manage.
- Hey...


I'm trying.

Your father used to do all this.

Where could this pamphlet
have been printed?

I don't know.

Majid, we need to work, right?

So do your job.

First Sulfur Road, then Neel Ghaati.

Hey, Malcolm. All right.

I'm going to leave now.
Take me with you. Let's go.

Enough of your screwing around.
I am leaving...

You need to be underground right now...

I won't tell anyone anything,
motherfucker! I have to go.

You won't be able to tell anyone.

Malcolm, I'm telling you,
don't mess with me.

Give me my phone.


You're hitting me?

Malcolm! Motherfucker!


Hey, Malcolm!

Motherfucker! I am the Home Minister.

I am Hindustan. I am ashamed.

I am threatened with rape every day.
I am not safe.


Gaitonde left some things with you.

Where have you hidden it?

What? I don't have anything.
I don't know what you want.

Please, I don't know.

I don't know what you want. Please.

I don't know what you want.

I don't have anything.

Last chance.

I don't have anything.

- Tell me!
- I don't have...

What else did he say about Trivedi?

I've told you everything already.

Did he ever mention Malcolm?

Inspector, I'm done here.

Anything about an Egyptian man?

You call me once more,
and I'll sue you for harassment.


Then the fish came crawling,
from sea to land.

But I realized I needed to be careful.

Who's this?

What's up, ass-wipe?

Gaitonde boss?

Where are you, boss?

I am 188 years away.

You got out?

Yes, boss.

They beat me like a drum.

Then they kicked me out last week.

Kanta Bai got released as well.

We don't know what they wanted from us.

I'm scared they'll kill us.

- Boss, our business is dead.
- I heard.

I'm eating beggar's biscuits!

I'll set everything right.


are you 188 years away
or 188 kilometers?

I'm on the moon,

it will take me a while to get back.

What are you doing there, boss?

The dust is settling here,
you should come back.

I'll take some time.

How much time boss?

One month.

One month?

But the moon is right above our head.

It'll take whatever time it takes,
you dickhead.

My pee will take a month
to fall on your head.

This is their Juhu beach.

Then go and drown.

Bunty, listen.

They've got me stuck here.
But I am going to get away no matter what.

You wanted to run Gopalmath? You run it.

I want the whole gang back!


- Okay, boss.
- Now hang up.

- Boss! Boss!
- Yes?

Kanta Bai is here. Please speak with her.

She really loves you.

I'll give her a kiss when I meet her.


We're playing carrom here
and Boss has reached the moon.

This is called fate.

Pick it up.

Haste is foolish, Ganesh.

Yadav Ma'am is clever.

It won't be easy to get away from her.

Who is she?

She's a RAW operative.

So why the fuck did you bring her to me?

Because I am cleverer.

Clever, my ass.

For now, pretend you are under her power,

and when the right time comes, attack.

Don't give me candy.

Yadav Ma'am friendship is not candy,
it's an energy booster.

She will take you to Isa.

I don't need her help.

She's in control.

Your life and your freedom

is a collar that she has around your neck,
which you can't remove.

Till when?

Until Guruji finds a solution for this.

Welcome to your new home.


On Trivedi's insistence, I took the job.

I realized that the same old bullshit
goes on here, like it does in India.

When old Russia invaded Afghanistan,

Pakistan and U.S.A. played an old trick.

They supported the local militants,

and told them bomb as much as they want
and grow opium for money.

Use some yourself
and sell the rest in Europe.

Old Russia ran away
but the business stayed.

Before reaching Europe,
the stuff would land in Kenya.

Where the people were poorer than ours,

the government more corrupt than ours,

And the youth bigger users than ours.

Mohammed Bobocho was Kenya's Gaitonde.

He controlled 80% of the cocaine trade.

There was a new dealer in the market,

Purushottam Baria, a born business man.

He was a smart-ass, but a child.

According to the porn selling peasants,
he couldn't get it up.

I'm tired. I'm very tired.

We need to establish Purushottam
in the market.

Bobocho will need to get out of the way.


They way the garbage king Momin did
for Gaitonde.

By dying.

How is replacing Bobocho with Purushottam
going to benefit me?

I'll tell you when the time is right.

What kind of partnership is this,

where I know barely anything
while she knows all of it?

I want to go back to Bombay.

Isa and I have a score to settle.

Isa is not coming back to Mumbai.

He changed countries, changed businesses,
and changed his destiny.

And now he holds power

he never held in Mumbai.

Today you're nothing in front of him.

And only I know where he is.

So stop yapping about Mumbai,

and prove to me
that you're worth keeping alive.

I own this house
and the guards standing outside.

You can only speak because of me.

In this partnership I am 90
and you are ten.

Work your way up to 50 first,
then talk about partnership.

You could call it whatever you want.

The truth was that Yadav Ma'am was
my only way out.

So I listened to her shit,

and became Vivian Shah,

the Indian boss man in Kenya.

And called my boys
Gaston, Pascal and Mathu, from Bombay.

To make my Kenyan gang.

The dairy business dried out.

So daddy decided to come here
to start a coffee business.

He asked me to join.


I was interested in other things.

My business is new, Purushottam.


I want to work with the right people,

people I can trust.


That's a big word, brother Vivian. Trust.

There's no one trustworthy here.

110 million shillings...

I'll pay you for your six ships.

You're not new...

You want something else.

Purushuttom, I have a big plan.


Not yet.

First, I'll make you happy,

then give you a drink,

and then,
when you're thinking through your dick,

only then will I tell you the plan.

I'll think about it.

I have some other work right now.


Purushottam was a Gujarati...

And to do business with a Gujarati,
you had to create a need.

First, I tipped Bobocho off that.

Purushottam was trying
to break in to his business.

And once Purushottam understood my value,

I played the trump card.

- Hello?
- What's up, ass-wipe.

Yeah, boss.

I want Jamila.

Jamila who, boss?

Jamila, the one you sent in prison.

Before meeting her I thought I would
never get a boner again, that Jamila.

But we had fallout with her manager.

- Manager?
- We are short of cash,

so her payment is pending.

Give me her number.


I want to speak to Jojo.

Who's this?

Vivian Sir.

Who gave you this number?

The Prime Minister,
the country belongs to my father.

Give the phone to Jojo.

Who gave you this number?

I told you.

And I'm asking again,
who gave you this number.

You're Jojo, right?

It doesn't matter.


- Hello?
- Hello, Bunty?

Yes, boss.

She hung up on me!

- Who boss?
- Jojo.

She's a hard fish to catch,

slips out of everybody's hand.


Bunty gave me the number.

What do you want?

You have a girl, Jamila.

So what?

I want her.


Did Bunty tell you I was going to yell?


Did I yell?


So keep talking.

I want her in Kenya.

Clear my old money,
and pay this in advance.


Also a deposit of 50%, check, not cash.

Yeah, all right.

And one of my guys will come as well,
and stay there.

And stay where?

He'll stay where ever Jamila stays.

He'll take her there and bring her back.

He'll bring her. He'll get her. And
what will I do? Wank off? I won't do it.

Fuck you then.

There are plenty of animals in Kenya,
Why don't you screw one of them?

Do you know who you're talking to?

Yeah, I know.

Your daddy might own the country,

but I don't give a fuck, Ganesh Gaitonde.

You want to die?


I've tried four times.

What do you mean you tried?

Put a gun to your head, first,
brain scrambled in a second.

Will you kill me?

I'll pay cash.

Why do you want to die?

I'll send you the invoice.


I thinking with my dick right now.

Tell me what needs to be done.

Fuck Bobocho.


Think big, Purushottam,

otherwise don't think at all.

Have you lost your mind?

Killing Bobocho isn't a game.

It is a game, Purushottam.

And I am the master of this game.

And it won't be me. You will kill him.


I'm the Home Minister, motherfucker!



Hey, wake up.

Stop. Stop here.

Wait here.

Wait here, I'll send the money out.

Why did you sit, if you had no...

Motherfucker, I said I'll send the money.
Wait here, cunt.

Hey, motherfucker.

Hey! I'm the Home Minister, motherfucker!

If you're from Neel Ghati,

you won't get a job anywhere in Mumbai.

This used to be a village.

After '93, it became a Muslim colony.

Why here?

Because there were no other places left.

Hey, whose shop is this?

Was this printed here?


How long has this press been here?

My father's friend got me a job,

so, here I am.

And this is all there is.

What did I ask you?

I've been here six months.

Where is this printed?

I told you I don't know.


Is this printed here?

We don't print this kind of stuff.

Who does?

It's pulp, from a small offset press.

There's a junk shop in Barqat Kalaam.
Check there.

What am I going to tell him now?

He's going to say
I'm fucking around with him.

He'll say I'm keeping a cut in the middle.

Look I need the money...

You supply the printing presses here?

Yes, sir.

We provide cartons and transportation.

What's the matter, sir?

Have you seen this before?

Sir, something like this...
I haven't seen it...

- Hey...
- Yeah, yeah. It's okay.


Hey, come here.



Don't move!

Move, motherfucker!



I need to talk to you.

Move back.


Get up.

What is this?

You're prepared for battle
but don't know the enemy?

Incredible, sir.

What are they planning?

I'm asking you, what will they do?

What else will they do!

They'll do what they know best.

Blast bombs, attack stations,
hotels that's it!

What will they do?

Will they blast a bomb
or launch a nuclear attack?

What did you say?

Exactly what you heard.


Nuclear attack.

Like Hiroshima-Nagasaki?

Like that?

You think I'm a fucking fool?

Don't just chew up Bobocho.

Cut him up into pieces
and serve him to the people.

What you just said is very deep.

I don't understand.

Bobocho doesn't share his business
with anyone.

He keeps everything for himself.

That fancy casino he just made?

One needs fucking 20,000 shillings
to enter.

But you will share.

You'll be the center
of all trades in Kenya.

They'll sell the stuff wherever they want.

You be the Prime Minister
and everyone else - your parliament.

Shoot him in the face.

People should know who you are!

Shoot, motherfucker!

You guys continue. Don't stop the game.

I'm vegetarian.


Should I cut a finger?

Cut the head, you cunt.

I want to hang his head
on the wall like a trophy.

Everyone should know

that I've killed
the biggest beast in this jungle.

Speak in their language.
They don't understand shit.

Tell me now.

Why did you get Bobocho killed?

Bobocho was handling drugs
for the biggest cartel in Dubai.

This cartel funds the ISI,

who spread terror in India.

By killing Bobocho you've served
your country for the first time.

So have I reached 15 or 20?

Isa. +971552111894.

Last year your friend joined the cartel,

with ISI's support.

Memorize this number and burn it.

From fish, we became crocodiles,
then lions, then monkeys.

But the monkey become human only when
it found religion.

This video was on one of their phones.

He's talking about Ghazwa-e-Hind.

Hizbuddin. The men of Jihad.

The prophet claimed in the Hadith,

that there will be two armies.

It's Shahid Khan's voice.

Real religion tells man what's next.

What man will become next.
Where we will go next.

This fucked up game has been going on
for millions of years.

Sartaj, you don't believe
in religion, right?

I'll tell you what will happen next.

Extracted by Vishal