Sabu & Ichi's Arrest Note (1968–…): Season 1, Episode 9 - Kyôfu no shima okiri - full transcript

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Here we go, Ichi.


Hate the sin, but love
the sinner, for whether you
bind or slay, you do it for others...

They are the men who slash through the
darkness. Sabu and Ichi, the lawmen for hire.

Sabu-to-Ichi Torimono Hikae
(Sabu and Ichi's Arrest Warrant)

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I've been looking all over for you.
Now give it up and turn yourself in!

You are under arrest!

Sorry, but I couldn't care less
what the law demands of me!

Shut up!

You !

Give it up!

Son of a dog!

I have you!

I have you, Sadotsune!

Episode 9: Exile of Terror
First aired: 28th November 1968


Silence, I say!

This is Sabu's latest triumph among many.

The man Sabu has just arrested...

...roused up the labourers of the
Sado gold mine under the Shogunate's
command and plotted a rebellion.

His name is Tsunegoro of Aikawa, Sado.

Also known as Sadotsune.

I sentence you to exile in Sado!

It's a hundred ri from here to Sado.
[One ri = 2.44 miles.]

And who knows what'll
happen along the way?

That highway's just teeming
with my precious underlings.

Now let the procession...

...set forth!

Well, looks like they've taken off.

Sabu, you better be back soon,
so we can have ourselves a game.



It's a charm from Lady Kannon.

I stitched the bag myself.

Thanks. I'll take it.

Hey, child!

It isn't too late.

You can still turn down this job.

I'll admit, it was clever of you to
send a decoy procession on ahead...

...while you take the real prisoner later...

...but don't think you'll make
the hundred-ri journey in one piece.

This is your last chance
to turn back, thief-taker!

He's just bluffing. Don't worry about it.

You keep telling yourself that, child.

Shut up! Now...let's go!

Goodbye, Midori.

Be careful.

My father told me to remind you
not to drink any unboiled water.

I'll be back!

Oh, wait! Wait a second!

I almost forgot about this!

Have a safe journey, have a safe journey...


Yes! Take care!

And don't forget about the water...

I know!

That's just how men are, Midori.

It's only by suffering
through agonizing duties...

...that they become men.

And women like you have
to keep watching over them.

Don't worry. You'll see
him again in half a month.

Winter's really set in
here in Edo, hasn't it...

Go ahead and take a break.

If we go too fast, we'll overtake the decoy.

And we have to keep our distance.

Yes, sir!

We’ve been on the
road four and a half days...

Hey, Yone! Aren't you getting tired?

No, I'm alright!

What about you, though?

- Ah, I'm just fine!
- Alright then.

They have a family...

...with whom they can exchange warm words,
laugh together, and console each other.

Those types...

...would never
understand how wretched I am!

I've been a criminal for
as long as I can remember.

That's who I've always been!

And those happy voices annoy me!

Why don't we just get out of here?

Do you hear me?


You're not the only one without a
family. Don't be so full of yourself!

You !

You there! Travellers!

Why don't you stay the night here?

Nothing good can
come of travelling at night...

...and this is the only inn for miles!


Hey, we've come a long way.

It's been six days since we left.

But it's still not too
late to change your mind.

Shut up! Keep quiet
and stay in your palanquin!

It's really coming down! I'm sorry
for you palanquin-bearers!

This rain is cold! I think
I'm going to catch something!

Hey, Sadotsune! What's it
like in there? Any leaks?

It looks bad out there!
I'm not feeling a drop!

This cold's hard to get
through without liquor...

Thanks for your help! Sorry,
but do you mind giving this to him?

What, to him?

Surely you don't need to
pamper a convict like that!

Besides, those types
are nothing but beasts.

Nothing good shall come
from showing them sympathy!

Oh, don't be like that.

I have to keep him comfortable
till we get to our destination.

That's my duty.

Is that how they do things down in Edo?

Well, ain’t that generous!
Here, you got a gift!

It's so cold out.
Winter's really set in...

I take it you've made it
full-speed up to this point...

...but it's going to get
harder from here on out.

So be sure to take care!

Thank you. Goodbye!

Hey, thief-taker!

We're almost at the border
between Musashi and Shimotsuke!

I'll bet you're really
missing Edo. Eh, thief-taker?

Shut up, Sadotsune!

Well, you are spirited, child.

But your bravado won't last much longer...

...they're all dead!

Hey! Palanquin-bearers!


No point in that anymore. Look over there.

Didn't I tell you?

I been telling you all along!

That this was your last
chance to turn back...

You're far too earnest for your own good.

You stick out too much!

And the nail that sticks out
gets hammered down eventually...
[Japanese proverb about the futility of nonconformity.]

It doesn't matter, Sadotsune.

Whatever may become of me...


So you've finally given
up and set me free, huh?

Too bad!

What ?!

I told you! Whatever may happen, I'm
taking you where I was ordered to take you!


You think I'm just going to obey you, brat?

I'm not stupid enough to follow you!

I'm not moving! Not a single step!

I figured!

I figured a villain like you would
be too ashamed to walk in the snow!

Why you no-good brat...

Now, come on! If you'll
follow me, pick up the pace!

Come on! Why are you wasting time?

Come on, thief-taker!

I'm going to show you how cold
the world can be, for your own good!

Hold it-!

If you hit Boss Tsune by
mistake, I'll have your head.

Oh, I'm just going to
give that child a little scare.

What are they, stupid?!

Get back, thief-taker!

If you fall, you're not going to make it-!

Stop talking! You're moving too much!

Are you injured anywhere?

I said shut up! You're
making this harder for me!

H-H-Hey! You can’t save us both!

I'm not going to make it!

Just shake me off! Cut the rope!

Hey, I'm a convict!
I have nothing to live for!

Dumb fool!

Dumb fool!

They went that way! And make it quick!

Looks like there's a storm brewing!

Now, pick yourself up.

Hey, what's the matter? Walk!

I said walk!

I can't do it.

My head feels like it's going to split open.

So you've stooped to feigning
illness, Sadotsune?

I can't do it...

I just can't...

I mean it...

He really means it.

Hey, he’s burning up!

He'll die if he keeps
travelling with this fever!

Here, have some medicine.

That should stop you from shaking.

I don't know how to thank you, child.

I wouldn't usually do this, you know.

You're far too naive...

You could've left me to
die and gone back to Edo...

I'm an exiled convict.

No one would mind if I died of
illness or got killed trying to escape.

I said shut up!

We don't want anyone to overhear us.

Oh! You're awake!

What's this?

You were moaning all night.
You seemed to be in pain.

I didn't know what I could do.

So I thought that might help...

It must've helped.

I feel all better now.

Morning, boss! Thanks for all your trouble.

Just you try and take him!

No, thief-taker! You don't stand a chance!

It's not too late! Just untie me now!

Here we go...

What a shame...

You !

Don't do this, thief-taker!

I don't wanna see you dead!

Here I go! You'll find me a
tougher customer than the rest!

Take this!



I thought this was going to happen!

I'm so glad you're still alive.

I won't let this gang of trash take you, Sabu!


All the palanquins in
this town have been taken.

And we can't stay in an inn,
either. We'll have to borrow a cabin.

Sabu, the rope's already
dug tight into his skin.

If you loosen the rope, he could get away.

No. I've had him tied there long enough.

I'm going to at least
loosen the ropes for the night.

That's just like you, Sabu.

He's not all that special himself, Ichi.

I guess that at your age, you'll trust anyone.

Everything seems beautiful to you.

That is good.

If I could, I'd rather keep you from seeing
the dirty underbelly of the adult world.

Ichi, he may be a villain.

But he made it all the way
here through the blizzard.

Any ordinary man would
be long dead by now!

But he stayed strong.

I'm sure that if he stays strong,
he'll make it as an honest man.

Even he has to have a good side.

Ah! didn't escape?

It was the door!

I was so exhausted I couldn't open it!

Hey, thief-taker!

Ah! He's never
stopped calling me "thief-taker."

What is it?

It may be years till I'm free again...

...but I hope we can meet again in Edo!

And I'll give this back when we do!

I hope you'll let me have it until then!

Yes, sure!

It won’t be long! Not long at all, Tsunegoro!

So at last you call me by name...

You're such a naive brat...

Take care!

The boat was taking
Tsunegoro away to Sado.

Villain he may have been, but they
travelled a road of trials together.

"I would have set him
free if I had the choice."

The thought must
have crossed Sabu's mind... Sabu and Ichi watched the
boat until it faded into the distance.

The great poets of Edo say that
blind masseurs have no compassion...

...but this is not so with Ichi's heart.

The drama unfolds on the stage of Edo,
with the mysterious thief "Lightning Boy..."

...the faint friendship that
sprouted in Ichi's heart...

...and Sabu, as he is
troubled by that friendship.

Next week on Sabu and
Ichi's Arrest Warrant...

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Subtitles produced by The Skaro Hunting Society / Hokuto no Gun
Translated by Systematic Chaos, Edited/Timed by Nanto
English localisation by lxs602