Sabu & Ichi's Arrest Note (1968–…): Season 1, Episode 3 - Hannya - full transcript

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Here we go, Ichi.

Ready, Sabu.

Hate the sin, but love the sinner, for whether
you bind or slay, you do it for others...

They are the men who slash through the
darkness. Satiu and Ichi, the lawmen for hire.

Sabu-to-Ichi Torimono Hikae
(Sabu and Ichi's Arrest Warrant)

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The autumn of Edo, where there
is not one day a bell is not sold.

At the Hour of the Boar, when the town
gates are shut, the bustling of the city...

...turns into the stillness of a graveyard.

And that is when the actors
of the night make their entrance.

Thieves, arsonists, kidnappers...

...and random Slashers.

Episode 3: Hannya
First aired: 17th October 1968

How old are you, Nono?

Thirteen and seven.

You are still young, for having borne that child.

Now that it is born,

Who will hold it?

Oman shall hold it.

Where did Oman go?

She went to buy oil and tea.

But because of the oil seller,

She slipped and fell.

Oh, so that's how you're going to move...

Sure is awful chilly today.

This cold's sure to bring
Chief Saheiji's old sickness back...

...and that'll make it
rough for Midori. Right, Sabu?


Okay! I capture your
rook with my silver general!

Oh, you capture my rook
with your silver general, eh?

I see...

So, what was that about Midori?

Oh, I was just saying that Midori's
gonna make a fine and dedicated wife.

Oh, her?


Looks like the game's over, Sabu.

Bro Sabu! There's bad news!

Oh, what is it, Santa?

My friend Senmatsu...

You've gotten into
another fight, have you?

No, I haven't!
Senmatsu's daddy was killed!



How could anyone do something so cruel?

You said it!

They just killed an innocent man...

He was really a great guy, that Hachigoro.

He wanted to buy his
son something good to wear...

...with the Seven-Five
Three festival coming up.

So he even gave up drinking to buy
this garment, only to be cut open!

How could this happen?

His wife is distraught. The poor thing.

Dear, why did this
have to happen to you?

Dear! Answer me, please!

Dammit, this is horrible!

Was it a thief?

No. His money's still on him.
It can't have been a thief.

This must've been done
by a proficient samurai!


Daddy, I'm gonna
find him and avenge you!

You know what I hate more than anything?

I just can't stand random Slashers,
who slay innocent townsfolk'!

Goddammit, if only I could move...

Not again, Father!

What the hell do they
think of the townsfolk, anyway?

Townsfolk are people, too!

According to a child who
was at the scene, Chief...

The perpetrator was dressed
as a page with a Hannya mask.

Hmm? A Hannya mask?
So how are you going to deal with him?

There is only one way to
deal with random Slashers!

You mean you'll lie in wait for him...
But it's a skilled samurai you're up against!

That's crazy! He'll rout you, at best!

Sounds like you're really underrating me!

I may not look it, but I spent two
years training at Yamaki Sensei's dojo!

Sure, you trained at Yamaki's dojo,
but only to get close to his daughter?

Hey, that's not it at all!

I don't care!

That was pathetic! Next!

I'll go next!

Too weak!

I give.

You're slacking! Next!

By your leave!

Sabu! That's the way!

You're improving fast!

Yes, sir.

You are unusually full of vigour.

Yes, sir.

Master Makabe seemed
just like the random slasher.

Random slasher?

Yes, sir. A random slasher with a Hannya
mask, who killed an innocent townsman.

I have to defeat that son of a...

I see. But at your skill level...

Oko, you take Sabu on.

Yes, Father.

You're holding back because
I'm a woman, aren't you?

Pretend that I'm the slasher!

I'm not finished yet!

Sabu, I'm impressed at
how far you've improved.

To fight as far as you did against
Oko is excellent for a townsman.

You really are strong, aren't you, Oko?

I've been training since
I was a child, after all.

I thought I'd capture the
slasher when I ran across him...

But now I'm not so sure.

Oh, is Sabu crying uncle?

But if that slasher really is that skilful,
I think you may be better off giving up.

If anything were to happen to you...

You seem lively, Sabu.

Oh, it's just you, Ichi.

What do you mean "just you", Sabu?

I know exactly how you feel.

You went through all that training,
but you were no match for a samurai.

That's how you're feeling?

Well, that's what I thought for a moment...

It’s fine, though.

Hannya has slain again!

And again!

The night of Edo became red with blood,
while the townsfolk were cut down like insects!

I've been waiting for you, Hannya!

Give it up!

Huh? It's the Twin-Mind
Style Blade Reversal!

Drop your weapon!

Sabu! Where are you?




My, my, Sabu. Are you alright?

I almost had him...

It'd be one thing if you’d captured him,
but there's no need to regret danger.

Try putting yourself in my shoes for once!

Put yourself in my shoes!

Put yourself in my shoes!

Oh...that's Hannya's sleeve!


And this hand towel...

I'm sure I've seen it somewhere before...

Let's just take it easy, Sabu.

I'm really not in the mood
for dull things like that!

Don't be like that. Just have some tea.

That's it!

That was the same hand towel!

Sir Makabe was using this hand towel!

Makabe Junai...
Yamaki Tessai's senior student...

There's no doubt about it!
I never liked that guy to begin with!

Sabu, this is a really common
hand towel. It doesn't prove anything.

But Ichi, the Hannya was a
master of the Twin-Mind Style!

Aren’t there a lot of students there?

But Yamaki Tessai and Makabe Junai
are the only ones that are that good!

The Hannya took this stance...

This stance is the
Twin-Mind Style Blade Reversal.

Is this stance unique
to the Twin-Mind Style?

Yes, I developed it myself.

What about that stance?

The random slasher last
night took that stance, Sir.


What could this mean?

I’ve never heard of anything
so absurd! You're mistaken!

No! It was definitely the Twin-Mind Style!

It can't be...

I don't believe it...

You're absolutely sure about this, Sabu?

Yes, sir!
I'd bet my head on it!

Sensei, can such a
ridiculous thing possibly be true?

This must be done by someone with a
vendetta against the Twin-Mind Style!

I shall find this random
slasher, and slay him! I swear!

Now, this has become quite the problem.

Yamaki Twin Mind-Style Dojo

Who's there?

This is for my daddy!


Wait, dammit!

Random slasher!

You silly boy! This is no place for children!

But he killed my daddy!

You mustn't be hasty, alright?

There, there.

Ah, there, there.

There, there.

After Makabe Junai vanished, it was safe
to assume that he was the random slasher.


Oh, it's you, Sabu.

Makabe Junai!

Sabu, the man you
suspected has been killed.


I don't get it...

I just don't get it!

The only greater master of the
Twin-Mind Style than Makabe...

I can't think of anyone
but Yamaki Tessai Sensei...

But the Sensei is a good man!

Medicine! Medicine!

Get your medicine here!

Boys, why are you
picking on that little dog?

Because it's fun!

Because it's fun...?

You can never tell with people, Sabu.

Such dreadful devilishness
dwells within such small children.

You can't just define people
as good people or bad people.

Now, quit it! Think of the poor dog!

Ichi, do you think the
Sensei is the perpetrator?

It's not good to go into it thinking that way.

There's only half a chance he is.

Sabu! Where are you going?


Senmatsu, you go home.

Let’s go.

You gotta listen to him.

Go home, and light some
incense for your father. Okay?


Oko, I said come here.

No! I can't take it anymore!

I said come here!


Your pardon!

My pardon?

You have bastard blood
flowing through your veins!

How could I give you my pardon?!

Your mother ran away after you were born,
leaving me with nothing but suffering!

And you're the spitting
image of your mother!

Now suffer!

Enough, Tessai!

Sir Makabe has been killed.

What? Makabe was killed?!

Don't play dumb with me!

I suspect you of being the Hannya slasher!

Hannya? Me?

You are a demon! A real-life Hannya!

You're tormenting your own daughter!

This is not my daughter!

Her mother betrayed me.
She was sired by another man!

I don't know what you mean by that,
but I can't let someone like you off the hook!

Now, give it up!

Cease this!

Cease, or I slay you!

I’ve heard enough out of you!

Come, Oko!






I came here because
I was worried about you.

And I hate to say it, but I told you so!

Ichi, Yamaki Tessai is
the Hannya! I'm sure of it!

All right! You've finally
shown your true colours!

There he is, Ichi!

Shut up!

You just keep quiet, Sabu!


I said, keep quiet!

I knew it all along.

The cut end of the sleeve smelled of a woman!

That means...that means...


So you were the random slasher?

Yes! I wanted vengeance for
all the suffering you gave me!


My father has tormented
me ever since I was a child.

He would put on a fatherly
mask in front of others...

But when we were alone,
he tormented me like a demon!

His torment was his
vengeance against my mother!

I hated my father!

Please, stop...

My father's personality changed
completely when we were alone.

Just like when I put on the Hannya mask!

Stop! Please!


Please, stop!

I don't want to kill you!




Forgive me!

They look so happy.
Just look at their proud faces!

a What is it, Sabu?

It's nothing.

Now, let's go.

All people live wearing a mask.

Behind the mask, there is
sorrow, hatred, and joy.

Behind the mask, there is
sorrow, hatred, and joy.

Behind the mask,
you shall find a true face.

The Daimyo's fireman, Genji, is killed in a
quarrel over the number-one flag bearer.

And in the red-light district, a Fukagawa geisha
named Koinaga is assaulted by a masked troupe.

Faint flames burn in the heart of
the blind Ichi who saved the geisha.

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Subtitles produced by The Skaro Hunting Society / Hokuto no Gun
Translated by Systematic Chaos, Edited/Timed by Nanto
English localisation by lxs602