Sabu & Ichi's Arrest Note (1968–…): Season 1, Episode 22 - Utsukushii emono - full transcript

Ichi! Let's do it!

Ready, Sabu!

Hate the sin, but love
the sinner, for whether you
bind or slay, you do it for others...

They are true men
who slash through the darkness.
Sabu and Ichi, of the misty, moonlit night.

Sabu-to-Ichi Torimono Hikae
(Sabu and Ichi's Arrest Warrant)

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Masseur! Over here, please!

Yes, coming.

Thank you kindly. I'm on my way.

Ah, another cold
night we're having, isn't it?

Oh, dear. Are you all right?

Well, this is embarrassing...

You'd better be more careful.

I beg your pardon.

Now, this way!


Episode 22: The beautiful prey
First aired: 27 February 1969

Ah, that was delightful. What a relief.

You spend all your
time taking care of Father.

You need to take a
rest every now and then. can you talk about
your own father that way?

But she's right. You do need to take care of
your own body. It's the least you owe the sun.

See? I told you!

Here, have some tea.

Why, thank you.

I must say, Mr. Akashiya
has a very fine house.

So says the blind man!

Oh, yes. Quite right.

I’m home!

The head of this household is back, and
you're not there to greet him? How dare you!

Welcome home. I didn't
realise you were back.

No! You need to stay in bed!

Mother's ill right now!

Ha, I'll bet she's faking it,
like she always does!

Whatever it is, she's not going to
be waiting on you, so leave her alone!

What? You dare to defy me?!

No! Please, have mercy!

I'll get up right away...

No, you really shouldn't, Ma'am.

If you tense yourself up again, then
my massage will have been for nothing.

Now, just stay still.

And what are you
doing here? Out of my sight!

Get out of here, you blind man!

All right, then.

Dear, you can't!
I haven't paid him yet!

Here, take this.

Now scram!

I'm no beggar, you see.

Mon, was it?

Take good care of your mother.

Now I must take my leave.


Wow, the clothes
really do make the man!

You almost look like a
virtuous man in that outfit!

You little rascal! Are you
trying to call me a villain?

But Father, will you really
be all right on your own?


Hmm, isn't Kawasaki quite a
long way beyond the Rokugo Ferry?

And they say that it's getting dangerous
to travel by ferry or palanquin these days.

Don't you worry about me!

I'm going on a pilgrimage
to Kawasaki Daishi Temple!

I'll have the Buddha's protection!

Hail Master Henjo Kongo,
Hail Master Henjo Kongo...
["Henjo Kongo" is the religious name of Kukai,
founder of the Shingon sect of Buddhism.]

My, you sound like an old man!

Oh! Masseur!


I’m sorry about last night.

Oh, here's your fee.

Oh, you're Akashiya's
daughter. Why, thank you.

What are you doing here?

Heh, this is an
out-of-season downpour... I'm taking shelter wherever I can.

That about sums it up.
But what about you?

Where are you going in this rain?

I'm going to the Ota
Dojo of the Shinkage style.


Now that's a surprise!

I never would've
thought you were a fencer.

But why?

There's someone I must kill.

What? It's you?

Only joking.

Would you care to join me?

I surrender!

Enough! This match is settled!

I sense some intense blood-lust.

Wh-What are you doing to me?





Master, please tell us!
Who did this to you?


Yes? You said Ura?


What? Ura and Mon?!



I swear I'll find the
fiends who did this!

Ura and Mon?


So he's finally gone...

The poor man.

No, he got what
was coming to him.

All right, clerk. I need you to
tell me everything you know.

Or I should say, you are
obligated to tell me everything.

Now, what did your master
say before he died? Well, clerk?

Yes, Officer.

I believe he said "Ura and
Mon." But it wasn't just me!

Chushichi the sales clerk heard it, too.

Yes, sir.

"Ura and Mon?"

What does that mean?

Well, you see...

Oh? Having a hard time
getting it out, are we?


Tell him, Zensuke.


You'd better tell him everything.

Ura and Mon are his wife and daughter.

They must be the
ones that murdered him!

Hey! Cut it out with
the reckless accusations!

It's not reckless!
It was them! They did it!

Oh, it wasn't the young lady!

What was that?
Are you defying me?!

So you know who
the perpetrator was?


See? You must be
one of their accomplices.

This is getting out of hand.

Can you please leave us for now?

Hmph! You're acting pretty big for
your britches, you little thief-taker!

If you won't arrest them,
I'll exact vengeance on my own!

Am I understood, greenhorn?

I swear it wasn't the young lady!

It can't have been...

Chushichi, I'm afraid
I need you to leave us, too.

Yes, sir.

Officer, I think it's best
that I tell you everything.

Ura was the heiress to Akashiya.

She was separated from her past
husband by death, and was living alone
with Mon, when Jinbei joined the household.

Thus, he learned that Jinbei and
Mon were not related by blood.

Hmm, I see. By the way, where was
Tanjiro when the murder took place?

He happened to
be out at the time.

He's a regular of a woman named Sen,
from the red-light district of Kanagawa.

K'anagawa’s pretty far from here.

That's why he
always stays out all night.

As a matter of fact, I went out
to meet him at the Rokugo Ferry.

You're under arrest!

Cease your prattle and
surrender yourself to my rope!

Ah, Father!

Oh, welcome back! I was just...

The fact that you're my
daughter makes me want to cry.

I'm exhausted!

You said you'd be home by noon.
You're rather late, aren't you?

Yes, well, the boat was late.

I'll put some water on.


So where's Sabu?

He's on a case.
And it's a murder, too.

I think he'll be busy
for a while. How dull!

Dull, eh? Heh!

Ma’am, I'm sorry I have to
bother you at such a time as this.

No, I should be
apologizing to you.

Now, was your husband a
man who had any enemies?

Well, actually...

He had plenty.

We hated him ourselves.

Because he's the man
who killed my real father!

Now, Mon...

It's all right! It's better
if we tell him everything.

Yes, please, tell me everything!

My father started out
as a mere boatman...

...and built Akashiya
up with his bare hands.

Then, Jinbei killed my father...

...and deceived us,
taking over Akashiya!

And he was a man who would drive people
to hang themselves without a second thought.

We all knew he would
come to this fate one day.

If no one else had done it,
I would've done it myself!

Mon, you mustn't say such things!

She’s right, young lady.

You shouldn't be so flippant.

By the way, what about Tanjiro?

Yes. He was his nephew.

I don't know much else...

Exactly! We don't know
where he came from!

And he wouldn't
stop propositioning me!

And Zensuke, the head clerk?

He pretended to be
loyal, but he wasn't at all.

None of them were!

No one in this entire
house is trustworthy!

This may sound like a stupid question, but
do you always pour tea with your left hand?

Yes, I do. I was born left-handed.

Go ahead.

Sabu made haste for the
Magistrate of the city's morgue.

Jinbei had been cut from left to right.

This wound couldn't be the
work of a right-handed swordsman.

The perpetrator was left-handed!

Thank you for coming.

What are you doing
here? No one called you.

No, I was told by the young lady here
to come and give madam a massage.

Oh, really? Well, thanks. Come on in.

Don't let him in.


That dog doesn't need
a masseur. Send him home.

I'm afraid I can't leave.

You weren't the
one who sent for me.

What was that, you blind man?

Tanjiro! You mustn't!

My, how violent!

Shut up!

And don't come back!

Huh? Ichi?

Hey, are you okay?

Oh, it's nothing.

How's it going on your end, Sabu?

Ah, not very well.

But I discovered that the killer
was left-handed, and so is Mon!

What? Left-handed?


You know, Ichi, I just
can't believe that girl did it.

No, neither do I.

What's this, Ichi? You agree?

Besides, there's one more
left-handed person in the picture.


It's this Tanjiro man.

Wh-What'd you say?

I know because
he just threw me out.

See? It still smarts!

A right-handed man
would've grabbed me here!

Yes! You're right! So that means...

It all comes down to whether or not
he really was in Kanagawa that night!

That's it! Okay, I'll
go and gather evidence!

Tanjiro was with Sen, in the red-light district
of Kanagawa, at the time of the murder.

What's the matter? First time?

Well, no, it's not that,
I just can't do this to my Brother...

I was sent here by my Brother.

And who's this Brother of yours?

Well, he's my Brother! You know,
the guy from Akashiya in Edo!

Oh, you mean Monji!


No, that's not quite right.
It's Tanji? Tanjiro?

Yes, yes...that's him.

Oh, him.
Well, forget about him.

Besides, you're far
more handsome than he is.

Your naiveté is just irresistible! when did
my Brother see you last?

Well, you're naive on one hand,
but I guess you're a bit dirty on the other.

Didn't he come on the
20th? Or maybe the 21st?

And just why do you need to know
the exact date? You should drop it!

Oh, I didn't mean to...

Don't think your naiveté will
let you get away with anything.

You don't care about
anything but your Brother, do you?

Or are you saying
I’m not enough for you?

Listen, Sabu.

Those kinds of women
are rather tight-Lipped.

You shouldn't be too hasty.

Don't shower her with questions.

Take your time, and spend the night
coaxing it out of her as pillow talk.

Come on, now.


Midori, you have to be able
to handle these sorts of things, if you
want to make a good thief-taker’s wife.

Even if your husband has
to sleep with another woman.

Even Sabu might?

Yes, in some cases.

What's all this racket?

Sabu's gone to a
naughty place in Kanagawa!

What of it? It's part of his duties.

Not you, too, Father!

Well, you're hopeless.

I wonder what the
weather will be like tomorrow.

I just hope Sabu's boat
isn't held up, like mine was.

When was this?

Just the other day. You know,
when I went to Kawasaki Daishi.

That was just awful!



Oh, Sabu! I've been expecting you!

Hey, this isn't the time to
be lounging around up there!

Sounds like you've
got some good evidence.

I did!

Let's go round them up!

My mother is in bed from her illness.

So this is everyone, then?

All right, listen up.

I've solved the mystery of the
master's last words, "Ura and Mon."

This was the murderer's name,
just like you thought, Clerk!

You mean it's...

You see? You should've just
arrested them, like I told you to.

Now take Ura and Mon to prison already!

No! It wasn't the young lady!

Chushichi, you just
heard him, didn't you?

No, it wasn't!

I know you want to stand up for
the young lady, but it's too late now.

No, it was me! It was me!

I killed the master!


Young lady...

It was me, Officer. Please bind me!

Calm down, Chushichi. The killer
wasn't the young lady, and it wasn't you.

But what about "Ura and Mon?"

He was saying "Monji, behind me!"

Wh-Who's this "Monji?"

Don't play dumb with me!

Tanjiro, Akashiya's nephew!

Or should I say, that nephew's
friend, Monji of Kanagawa!

No wonder you were a regular
of a prostitute in Kanagawa, Monji.


Water can leak through even
the best of hands, as they say.

You brought that woman over to your side
well enough, but she said one thing too many.

Prostitutes don't talk about
their clients very easily, of course.

But she slipped up and
blurted out your real name!

On my way back, I stopped
by the Magistrate's office...

...and found that the one person
who testified that the previous
Akashiya's death was an accident...

...was also named Monji!

So he did kill my father, after all!

Now, onto Jinbei's murder.

The evidence here is his wound!


Or should I say, Monji! You're left-handed!

What are you getting at?

I was in Kanagawa that night...

Yes, I heard you stayed in Kanagawa,
and came back first thing in the morning.

And you went to the ferry
to meet him, didn't you, Clerk?

Yes, I did.

So why don't you go ask the ferryman
at Rokugo which boats came in that day?

You fool!

The ferry was delayed due to the rain!

After Jinbei killed my
father and took over Akashiya...

You tried to repeat it with him, but
I won't let that happen! Prepare to die!

Young lady!

You mustn't, Young Lady! You mustn't!

You must be around
to rebuild Akashiya!

If you don't stay strong, then
what will become of Akashiya?

Let me go, you !


I'll send you both to Hell!

Keep an eye on Zensuke!

Get back here!

Give it up. There's no escape.


Ichi! What's going on?

No need to panic, Sabu.

The curtain...

...has already been drawn.

What's the matter, Ichi?

Oh, nothing.

I was thinking that Mon will do
just fine if Chushichi's with her.

Well, of course! If they do their
best, the sun will watch over them!

By the way, Sabu, about Midori...

...she was jealous.

Huh? Midori was?

I swear, she was growing horns!

After all, there was no telling what
you were doing down in Kanagawa.

Hey, w-wait a minute, Ichi!

Hey, Ichi!

For some time after, they took shelter
from the cold that chilled their souls.

They did not laugh this
night, as they usually did.

But tonight, the moon is out, and
the wind has stopped near the Okawa.

Spring is near for Sabu and Ichi.

A pair of parentless orphans.

Though they dared to live bold and short
lives, they would end up in prison eventually.

While they knew this, the thief
brothers could not evade this tragic fate.

A shower of coins
falls over their lives.

Shall we burn passionately with
love? Shall we live strong together?

But these two brothers are tragically destined
to die at one another's hands one day...

...for they both love the same woman.

Hate evil, but hate not love! Sabu and
Ichi, of the truncheon and compassion!

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Subtitles produced by The Skaro Hunting Society / Hokuto no Gun
Translated by Systematic Chaos, Edited/Timed by Nanto
English localisation by lxs602