Sabu & Ichi's Arrest Note (1968–…): Season 1, Episode 21 - Makutsu no wana - full transcript

Ichi! Let's do it!

Ready, Sabu!

Hate the sin, but love
the sinner, for whether you
bind or slay, you do it for others...

They are true men
who slash through the darkness.
Sabu and Ichi, of the misty, moonlit night.

Sabu-to-Ichi Torimono Hikae
(Sabu and Ichi's Arrest Warrant)

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It's terrible!
There's a hanged man!

This was no hanging. It was a murder.

Murder? Do you think so, Sabu?

Yes, no doubt in my mind.

The first thing I noticed...there
are no rope marks around his neck.

And you'd need a step-stool to
hang yourself from such a high branch.

I see. So he was killed
first, then strung up.

Hmm, what bothers me is the body's smell.

It smells like...


Oh, Sir Tanabe!

Sabu, this was a murder,
just as you suspected.

Can you crack this case?

Yes, sir! Of course!

I'm counting on you.
You must catch him, at all costs!

The victim was one
of my subordinates!


Episode 21: Trap of the Devil's Lair
First aired: 20th February 1969

In those days, black market opium
had been pouring into the city of Edo.

It was most likely smuggled in
by illegal traders from Nagasaki.

Somewhere in Edo,
there was an opium den.

A syndicate enriching
itself by selling the devil's drug.

The Magistrate of Edo
was using every resource at
his disposal to locate this channel. Sir Tanabe must have sent one
of his men to go undercover in the syndicate.

But his cover was blown,
and he ended up dead.

So...did he leave any clues?

Not at all. The only thing
on the body was this talisman.

Oh! That's a talisman
from the Prayer Bridge.

Prayer Bridge?

They say that if you tie this talisman
to the guardrail of this ornamented
bridge, your wish will come true.

Which bridge is it, Midori?

It's Asahi Bridge, in Kuramae.

Asahi Bridge...

Sabu, shall we go
say a prayer ourselves?

It's getting pretty cold out, isn't it...

We've been staking this
bridge out for three days and nights.

Guess we were
barking up the wrong tree.

Looks like our prayers
aren't being answered.

Hold it right there!

I'm going to need
to inspect that bag.

Kill him!

Looks like our prayers
have been answered, Ichi!

So it would seem.

Ichi! Blow-darts!

It's opium, after all!

...they are fast.

I know I've seen
that face somewhere...

Stay calm.

Stay calm, and think long and hard.

Oh, look out!

Looks like he's not going to let you
live, now that you've seen his face.


Look out!



Sabu! You must get out of here!

You can't be serious! I have to...

I said run!

If you stay here, you'll be putting
both the Chief and Midori in danger!

Now, hurry!

Okay, Ichi! I'm counting on you!


Don't let him get away!

Get back here!

You don't need to worry about him.

S-Abu's a quick one.

We've finally caught one of them.

We'll get this one to talk...

Look out!


They killed our witness!

Those Tengu are going to
want Sabu’s life even more, now.

Still can't remember that face, Sabu?


I don't mean to
sound like a comedian...

...but you might need a
little kick in the buttocks.

Ah, it's no use!
I can't remember!

Well, just think it over.

The Tengu won't find you here.

Huh? Who might you be?

Come with us, masseur.

What do you need?

Just come along!

Now, I’m no child, so I won't do
things just because you tell me to...

I see. In that case,
I'll have you rub my shoulders.

Does that please you?

I'm afraid I don't take
customers of your type at any price.

I beg your pardon.

Just come with us!

Why, you...

You must be the Tengu's henchmen.

Don't kill him!
Take him alive!

All right! Go!


You can't see this, but my
sword is at this girl's throat!

If you keep on
resisting, I'll kill her!

Please, wait just a second...

That woman has no
stake in this quarrel...

Blind man, throw
down your sword-cane!



Don't you worry about me.

I haven't done anything wrong.

You little...

Father! It’s Ichi!

Hmm, his mouth was a bit more turned down.

Like this?

No, not quite...

His jaw was a bit more angular,
and his eyes were more glaring.

All right. How about this?

Yes, it's getting close!

Now, you'd better speak!

You know where
that child is, don't you?

I don't know what
you're talking about...

You're pretty stubborn for a blind man!

I-I'm not telling them anything...

Not even if I die, Sabu...

”Even should my life be forfeit, I shall not
speak, so that I may protect Sabu's life."

"If I can die in the
place of another..."

"...then I shall die with a smile,
and pass on to the other side."

Wh-What? They took Ichi away?

Ichi let himself get
captured to save me...

I see...

probably going to torture Ichi,
to force him to reveal where you are.


This is getting quite troubling...

If only we could
figure out who this is...



This face seems
familiar to me, too.

What? Do you
recognise that face, Midori?

Who is this...?

I'm sure that I've also seen his
face before, but I can't quite place it.

I know!


But, no. He would
never do such a thing.

Hey, who is it? Tell me!

But it looks just like him...

What? Just like who?

The teacher at
the temple school.

That's it!

Yes, it's him!

My Brother, Sabu!

Hey, Santa.
Where's the teacher?

He went out. He said he'd be
right back, and told us to practice
our calligraphy while he was gone.

I see. Do you
know where he went?

I do.

Pay up first.

Well, is that all?

Come on!

Teach has been sneaking
out somewhere in secret...

Where is he?

Hell's Mansion.

What? Hell's Mansion?

You mean the old
mansion of the deposed vassal?

That's the one.

I followed him the other day,
and saw him go in there.

I thought maybe he was
meeting a special someone...

Santa! Hurry and
get Chief Saheiji!

Ready, Sabu!


I don't believe him. He's
going to take his secret to the grave!

You fool!

How could you
let yourself be seen?

It was my mistake,
and I sincerely apologise.

I wouldn't be paying a dead-weight like you,
if you weren't such a good judge of opium.

Sir Echizenya!

Our original agreement was that I would
appraise your opium once, and only once!

Please...l am not
suited to this kind of job!

Haven't you heard the saying:
"We all sail in the same boat?"

I cannot allow you to run away!

You're one of us for the rest of your life!

I beg of you!
I cannot do this any longer!

You were the one who said you
wanted to pay off your two-ryo debt!

I didn't know what
this job would entail!

I just wanted to be able to
feed the children delicious food!

Whatever the case,
you're one of us now.

And I'm sure you know what
penalty we give to traitors...

What should we
do with the masseur?

I'll leave him in your hands.

Oh, Ichi! Ichi, wake up!

Ah, did
you find this place?

I'll tell you later. Are you all right?

Curse them...

I won't be satisfied until
I've given them what they deserve!

Let's do it, Ichi!

Ready, Sabu!

All right, you profiteering smugglers!

Give it up!

Give it to him!

Blunt piece of junk...

Oh, Teacher! Look out!

I heard everything, Teacher.

Sabu...where'd the boss go?

Huh? He's gone...

He can't have
left the building.

He's underground!
I’ll take you to him!

This way!


What an awful place.

It's like Hell itself!

I'll bet it's like Heaven to
the people smoking opium.

Oh, look out!

Ah! He's over there!

Give it up, contraband dealer!



Your pardon!

What are you thinking?

Please, do not stop me.

Now that you have
seen my secret shame...

Akiba, what about the children
that look up to you as their teacher?

The bird in the cage...

When, oh, when
will it come out?

In the night of dawn...

The crane and turtle slipped.

Who is standing behind you?


Yay, he got it!

It's Teach!


Teach, are you
really going to Nagasaki?

That's not fair!

Please don't go!

You see, children...

I used to study Dutch
medicine in Nagasaki...

...but I quit partway.

So I'm going to go
and study it again.

From this day forth, the priest and
Midori will teach you how to read and write.

So be good little children,
and keep on studying hard.

Take care!



I'll walk with you!

No. I want to say
my goodbyes right here.

Don't take a single step
closer to me, children!


Teach, you fool!

Please take care
of the children, Sabu.


I hope he gets off
with a light sentence.

I put in a good word
for him with Sir Tanabe.

Ichi, I still haven't thanked
you for going so far to protect me.

The truth is, I couldn't have
told them even if I wanted to.


I forgot where you were hiding!

Heh, my memory hasn't
been so good these days...


Hey, Sabu! It's biting!

Sabu is so happy, he could
die. Ichi's heart weeps, as well.

Who can truly understand the
sincerity that these two souls share?

Only the sun setting in the
west knows of their compassion.

The pouring rain.

The spouting blood.

And a cold blade held in the left hand.

A sinister left hand
rends through the darkness,
attempting to vanish into an enigma.

Shadows writhe in the
mansion of the ill-fated Akashiya.

When the daughter's eyes are clouded
by tears of vengeance, her lips pursed...

That is when Sabu's truncheon and
Ichi's sword-cane slice through
the air, burning with justice!

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Subtitles produced by The Skaro Hunting Society / Hokuto no Gun
Translated by Systematic Chaos, Edited/Timed by Nanto
English localisation by lxs602