Sabu & Ichi's Arrest Note (1968–…): Season 1, Episode 2 - Hangyakusha - full transcript

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Here we go, Ichi.


Hate the sin, but love the sinner, for whether
you bind or slay, you do it for others...

They are true men, who slash through the darkness.
Sabu and Ichi, of the misty, moonlit night.

Sabu-to-Ichi Torimono Hikae
(Sabu and Ichi's Arrest Warrant)

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The night in Edo-dawns
at the Bridge of Japan.

As travellers setting out at the Seventh
Hour look back over their shoulders...

...and cross the 28-ken bridge
before vanishing into the distance...

...the seventh bell stops ringing,
and a fish market opens by the bridge.

The Crab walks sideways, hey, hey, hey!

Brandishing its pincers, hey, hey, hey!


The crab walks sideways, hey...

How rude!

You little brat!

Well? That should teach you!

Hey, cut it out! He's just a boy!

A crowd of onlookers came to watch.

The Ronin had gone too far to back down,
and drew the broadsword at his waist.

If you a problem
with me, step forward!

Okay, okay. Coming through.

It was the blind masseur
Matsu-no-Ichi that stepped forth.

Ichi, for short.

But Ichi's business was not with the Ronin.

It was with the child.

And just what happened here?

Why is a samurai drawing
his sword against a mere child?

You tell it to him!

I presume that you possess incredible skill.

You blind buffoon!

How can you judge me
when you can't even see me?

I'll cut you in two along with the boy!

Shut up!


These flies are just making too much noise.

That was amazing!

Well? Still want to cut me in two?

No...all's good...

Pardon me...

Sir, you've forgotten something!

And while I'm at it...

I'll cook it up for you!

Hooray! Hooray!

Episode 2: Rebel
First aired 10th October 1968

It's almost time for the Kanda Festival, but you
can't even buy a proper kimono for our child!

What? You want me to
go back to picking pockets?

I never said that!

But there isn't any other way I can get by!

This man was exactly right.

The cost of living was rising, prices were
high, and there was no work to be found.

It was such a cruel time that it made
people want to steal, would it not be a crime.




Please don't pick on Daddy!

Stop it, Mummy!

It’s almost time for the Kanda Festival, but you
can't even buy a proper kimono for our child!

Watch yourself!

My apologies.

I've got it!

He did not steal with the intent to steal.

This was just his old habit.

Well, guess I'll keep it!

Gensuke wavers in
the darkness for his child...

...not knowing this would be
the cause of a major incident.

So, it's about time for
the Kanda Festival again...

Bad news!

Sabu? What's wrong?

Ichi! There's thieves...

Well, not like that
doesn't happen every day...

No! There's thieves getting killed!

This young man is called Sabu.

Like Ichi, he was raised as an orphan.

But he has none of the
usual gloom of an orphan.

he has staked his life on the truncheon
and rope given him by the Shogun...

...and his achievements
have become legendary.

The girls of the town are
beginning to talk about him.


So you are Choji the Thief!

And what's that to you?

This is Matazo the Thief!

This made six murders,
all with the same modus operandi.

And all six murder
victims were pickpockets.

Sabu was lost in thought.

Masseur, you've got one.

I suppose fish don't bite on demand.

Ah, you're the one from this morning...

Looks like fishing isn't going
so well. Just like the rest of the world...

You said it.

Just like the rest of the world...


But you really surprised me this morning.

Where did you learn
to quick-draw like that?

Oh, I didn't. I taught myself entirely.

Oh, really?


Is that you, Tendo?

I need to talk with you. This is no time to be
sitting back and fishing with that blind man!


Pardon him.

It's fine. I'm used to it.

Now, hurry!

I know.

I must be off now.

They seem like master and servant...

They seem like master and servant...

They seem like master and servant...

But he certainly has a bad servant.

Oh, it's you, Chief Sabu!

Tohachi, you'd best watch your back.


I'm talking about the thief-killer.
He's killed ten of the top pickpockets already.

And you're not too bad of
a pickpocket yourself?

Oh, I'll be fine.

Now if you'll excuse me...

He said something strange.

What did he mean, "I'll be fine"?

Hey, just a minute, Tohachi!

Coming in!

And who might you be?

Oh, where are my manners?

I'm looking for an artisan named Tohachi.

Would you happen to know him?

No, there’s no one by that name here.

Oh, I see.

Well, pardon my interruption. Excuse me!

If you don't mind me asking...
Who lives in that house over there?

I think that's Sir Hibiki Kyonosuke's house.

Hibiki Kyonosuke?

The thief-taker’s gone. Come on out!

Thank you kindly.

Tohachi, are you certain
this register is accurate?

Yes. All the best pickpockets
in Edo are listed in it. No doubt about it.

Only about fifteen to go...

All right!

Tendo, cease this vain slaughter!

But someone in here stole
something precious from me!

No! What good will that do now?

We must lose a fly to catch a trout!

This must be done to right this
rotten world! I'm sure you understand!

As my master,
you cannot possibly be so naive!

In the soundless, peaceful
world of the Bunka-Bunsei period...

There was a band of conspirators,
trying to accomplish something.

And their leader was Hibiki Kyonosuke.

What’s the matter? You almost scared me!

Just a dream...

You're not hiding something from me, are you?

I-I'm not hiding anything!

I hope that's true...

But this is all because
you’re holing yourself up in here!

I know!

Why don't you take Santa to the
night fair in Ryogoku tomorrow?

Are you listening, Dear?

Oh? Sure.

I’m sure Santa will be happy.

Oh, Sae. I bought you
the hairpin you wanted.

Please, stop this, Brother!

Stop what?

I know everything!

I know that you and Sir Tendo
are plotting something dreadful!

You knew?

If something were to happen to you...

...then what am I supposed to do?

Please, stop this!

Sae, I am sure you have
not forgotten our father's will.

Our father was an overseer
with a 5,000-koku stipend...

...but he tried to right the
wrongs in the government.

he was suspected by the elders,
and finally forced to commit ritual suicide!

I must fulfil Father's will
this year! Don't you understand?


Enough. Now, you
don't want to catch a cold.

Go to sleep.


Well, you're here early today, aren't you?


Your voice sounds rather quiet.
Are you feeling unwell?

Hmm, a little.

Well, that's not good.

I know! Why don't I offer you my services?

My, you're stiff!

Don't you think there's
something wrong with this world?

What do you mean by that?

I think there is. The people of the
town especially are struggling to survive.

Do you think that's right?

You can say something's
right or wrong all you like...

But there's nothing we can do about it.

And this world never gets better...

...because everybody thinks
they can't do anything about it!

I'm sure they must suffer, too.

That looks like fun! Let's go and see!

Don't bother. It doesn't look fun at all.

Oh, come on! We finally get a chance
to go out, but you're being a wet blanket!

The higher-ups are giving me nothing but
trouble cause I haven't caught the thief-killer!

Do you expect me to enjoy myself?

Then you shouldn't have come!

Yes, I never wanted
to come in the first place!

Sabu, why don't you give yourself a break?

Lashing out isn't a pretty sight.

Go on and cheer each other up!

That one!

You remember me, don't you, scum?


How dare you hurt my daddy!

Out of my way!

I said move!


That was brave of you, boy!

Take care of his injuries, madam!

I'll handle the samurai.

It's you!

I know that voice...

I don't care that you called me blind...

...but anyone who draws their blade
against a child has to answer to me!

Shut up! Time to die!

An ill omen...a star just fell.


Hang in there!

Master...please, fulfil our ambition...

Who did this to you?

The blind...

Huh? You stole this from the samurai?

I'm sorry...force of habit...

How could you do this?


Mummy! This is all because of your nagging!

Hey, Ichi! This is a serious find!

covenant to overturn the nation
by murdering all the Council of Elders...

...starting with the Shogun
when he attends the Kanda Festival!

What did you say?

is there the name Tendo on there?

Tendo? Oh, there is!
It's the second name on there!

And what's the first name?

Hibiki Kyonosuke!

IS that him?

Well, I can't just stay here!
I'm going! Take care of yourself, Gen!

You've done something terrible, Gen...


Hold it right there!

You're under arrest!

Hibiki! You're under arrest!

You're under arrest!

Give yourself up!

I hope Hibiki can escape...


I thought I would find you here.

Why did you come here?

To face you in a duel of men.

I refuse!

I don't want to do this,
either. But you slew Tendo.

But he...he was...

I know. He was an incorrigible man.

But even so, he was my comrade!

I don't understand!

That's just the way of the samurai.

So I suppose you insist...

You insist...

Have at you!

I don't want to kill you!

That's good enough...

Heave, ho! Heave, ho! Heave, ho!

Heave, ho! Heave, ho! Heave, ho!

Hey, Chief!


Hey, boy! Glad you're doing well!

Glad you’re doing well too, Chief!

I hear you got a reward from
the Magistrate! You did a good job!

Oh, you silly child...

Sae, I bought you the hairpin you wanted.

Uhh...where's Ichi?

Well, we've been looking for him ourselves...

Masseur, you've got one.

Looks like I'm losing my hearing, too.

As he grieves over
Kyonosuke, who fell too soon...

Ichi’s ears hear neither the rustling
of the forest nor the stir of people.

With the annual Kanda
Festival before them...

The entirety of Edo was in an uproar.

Subtitles produced by The Skaro Hunting Society / Hokuto no Gun
Translated by Systematic Chaos, Edited/Timed by Nanto
English localisation by lxs602