Sabu & Ichi's Arrest Note (1968–…): Season 1, Episode 19 - Komori yakuza - full transcript

Ichi! Let's do it!

Ready, Sabu!

Hate the sin, but love
the sinner, for whether you
bind or slay, you do it for others...

They are true men
who slash through the darkness.
Sabu and Ichi, of the misty, moonlit night.

Sabu-to-Ichi Torimono Hikae
(Sabu and Ichi's Arrest Warrant)

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Today is the Second Day of the Horse.

While not as great a celebration
as the First Day of the Horse...

...the path leading to
Karasumori Inari Shrine... still bustling with people
all throughout this lovely day.

What happened?!

What's going on, Sabu?

Hey, what's going on here?

I can't see!

What's everyone
crowding around for?

Hey, I can't see! Move!

What's all this about?

Is it a child?

Episode 19: The baby-sitting gangster
First aired: 6th February 1969

What happened here?

A palanquin-bearer ran her over...

What? A palanquin-bearer?

He just ran off!


So where did he go?

That way! Straight
across the bridge!

Okay! Go seize him!

P-Please, I beg
you, help this child...

Is he a father,
an uncle, or a servant?

This anguished man is at the
scene of the accident, holding a child.

She doesn't look good. Ichi...

I'm on it.

I'll take her to Doctor Jun'an.

I'm counting on
you! Out of my way!

Ah, can somebody
call for a palanquin?



All right, here we are!

Okay, we're here now.

Now, come on.



Doctor, are you there?


What happened to her?

She’s been run over by a palanquin.
Please, let her see the doctor...

Oh, dearie me!

Take off those sandals, will you?

I'll take this patient to the doctor.

Do you think you can save her?


I can't say anything
for sure just yet.

Is it that bad?

Hmm, she’s had some
serious head trauma.

So, you know if
this child has any relatives?

Oh, uh, well...


Yes, how can I help you?

Didn't somebody come in here
after me? Her father, perhaps?

No, nobody did.

That can't be right...

What's taking him so long?

Did you find him?


Are you sure
he was with you?

I'm sure. He was carrying
that child in the palanquin.

So what's the matter with him?

At any rate,
I'll cover her bill.

Ichi! What kind of
Cheapskate do you take me for?!


When did I say
anything about money?!

Save your breath, why don't you?!

Oh, right. You're an Edoite
through and through, aren't you?

Born and raised in Kanda, I was!

Now stop laughing and
go fetch the medicine!

Ah! Yes, sir!

Here was a great and kindly
doctor, in such harsh times.

Ichi! How is she?

Ah, Sabu...

She's not looking very good.

How about on your end?

Oh...l caught him
down by Saruwaka District.

Told him he's got a lot of nerve,
running over a child, and then trying to flee...



She's muttering something...



Amidst great anxiety, the dawn broke.

But they could
not rest easy yet.

Doctor Jun'an's opinion was that
the next two days would be critical.

And yet, where were
the child's parents?

Where was that man who
was with her yesterday?

They waited and waited,
but he was nowhere to be seen.

And so, Sabu and
Ichi took to the streets.

They finally found his
palanquin-bearers from yesterday...

...who told them that he
had gotten off the palanquin...

...and that he had paid them in full,
but they knew nothing else about him.

They searched everywhere they
could think of where people might gather...

...and before long, the sun set.

Hmm, there.
Nothing to worry about.

What? Y-You mean...

Yes, she just needs two or three
days to rest, then she'll be fine.

Ah, thank you!

Well, have a
good side to you, after all.

It's all because I'm an Edoite! it's
cold all of a sudden. Sabu?

Huh? Sabu?

No wonder it's so cold,
Ichi! It's started snowing!


What I'd give to see that again.

Sabu, you should shut the door.
The cold's not good for our patient.

Worried, Sabu?

Huh, what's the matter?

Once this child's recovered,
will she have any place to go, Ichi?

Oh, Doctor. These
people are here to see you!

Ah, it really is Chii!

Dear, it's Chii!


Chii, it's your mother!


Hey! Don't wake her up!

Now, now. Calm down.

I am Mikawaya
Zenbei, her father.

You have my sincerest thanks.

Oh, is that so?

You should be thanking
these men, actually.

She's past the worst of it now.

You mean...thank you so much!

Thank you so much!

Pardon me for asking...

Oh, what?

You haven't given your
daughter up for adoption, have you?

No, of course not!

Chii is our only child!

Hmm? Then who was that
man she was with the other day?

The other day?

That man who was
with your daughter before.

Him! It was him!

Now, calm down.

I don't know what
kind of man he was...

...but he's the one
who kidnapped Chii.

What? She was kidnapped?


No wonder it
seemed so strange, Sabu...

Gan you tell me
more, Mr. Mikawaya?

I'm Sabu, a thief-taker
from Ryusen Temple in Asakusa.

Why, yes, by all means!

It happened on the eve of
the First Day of the Horse.

The first day in the month of February
is known as the First Day of the Horse.

It is customary on this day for
samurai and merchants alike... pray to Inari for abundant
harvests and thriving business.

Mummy! I want a snack!

- Please, Mummy!
- Now, now, be a good girl and wait.

But I want a snack!

There, there. I'm very busy
right now, so run along and play.

We had all paid our respects to Inari, and
gathered around for a celebratory dinner...

...when we noticed that
Chii was nowhere to be seen.

Where is Chii?

Oh, you're right. Chii?


Master, this came for you.

Oh? "We have your daughter."

"If you want her back,
bring 300 ryo to the lone pine..."

" Karasumori Inari Shrine,
at half past the eighth hour on
the Second Day of the Horse."

"Should you go to the officials,
consider your daughter's life forfeit."

So you went to the
lone pine with the money...

...instead of going to the officials?

Hmm, but no one
showed up. Is that right?

Yes. And just now,
a regular of mine...

...told me that there was a girl
here who matched her description.

I came here as quickly as
I could, and sure enough...

Ichi, I guess this means
that man was the kidnapper.

But...he must've known
that you were a thief-taker.

So why would he hand
over his hostage to us?

I want to play outside!

No, not just yet. You'll have
to wait for two or three days.

Then you can make
a snowman with me!


Oh, Ichi. You're here early.

Sorry about that.

I’m just getting
to know Chii here.

Isn’t that right, Chii?


Isn't it great, Chii? You'll
get to go back home soon.


It's all thanks to you.
Come on, it's time for bed.

But I want to talk
to him some more!

You can talk
while you lie down.

Well, look what a
good girl you are! Here.

What's that?

A man came by,
asking me to give this to you.

It's from him,
from that nice man!

sir Sanji must've
brought it for me!

Who's sir Sanji?

Oh, he's the nice man
who played with me.

Hey! Was that man just here?

No. He came here
about an hour ago.


Can you tell us a little
bit more about him, Chii?

Hmm, well...

There was a scary
man who took me away...

Quit your whining!

Sanji, you take care of her.

Huh? Me?


But I don't know how...

Just do it!


Remember, she's a valuable hostage!

Eh, good grief...


Okay....just hang tight, I'm
going to make you something nice.

Watch closely! Ready?

There, all done! See?

Do you like it?

Okay, fine!

Here, how about this?

Hey, you listening?



You little...!

Why, you...

Good grief, why me...huh?

Heave-ho! Here we go!

Ah, look out!

Pat-a-cake, pat-a-cake...

...baker's man!

Pat-a-cake, pat—a-cake...

...baker's man!

Ah, Boss...

Looks like you've
managed to tame her. are you going to
let me do the honours?

If she's with anyone else, she'll...

Don't just turn her over.
Remember to take the money.

Yes, I know.

You know what's going to
happen to you if you screw this up!


This little goddess of
luck's going to bring us 300 ryo!

You little brat!

Ah, Boss...!

You're a cheeky
little brat, all right.

Remember, Sanji! Be at the lone pine at half
past the eighth hour! Don't screw this up!

Okay, Boss...


All right, get your shoes on.

Where are we going?

You'll get to go home very soon.

Really? Do you mean it?


Hooray! You're a good guy, sir!

You promise? Pinky-swear?

Pinky-swear. ..

He had only known
her for five days...

...and he did not want to part
with her, but part they must.

So out of the desire to spend
just a little bit more time with her...

Sanji willingly took
on an unpleasant task.

sir! Hurry!

Okay, I'm coming!


Mr. Moon, how old are you?

Thirteen and seven...

What's the matter, Chii?

Oh, I get it! You want
one of those, don't you?

All right, I'll buy one for you!

Ah, hooray!

Welcome, sir!

All right, Chii.
Which one do you want?

This one!

Thanks for your business!

Hooray! I'm so happy!

Don't trip, now.

Ahh, look out!


Ah, Chii!

Oh, Ghii...

Oh, you poor thing...

So they're taking the
brat home tomorrow?

All right, men. Stand outside the doctor's
house, and grab her as soon as she leaves!

Got it, Boss!

But Boss, she's still...

Exactly! She's still injured!

Sanji, I have some
punishment in store for you.

If you don't want that,
then bring the brat back!

P-Please, anything but that...

Do you still refuse me?!

Go ahead and rough him up a bit!

Okay, Boss!

Take this!

Please, have mercy...

We're just getting started!

All right, boys.

Don't let me down.

Yes, Boss.

Got that, Sanji?

Y-Y-Yes, Boss!

Okay, Chii.
Let's go home.




All right! Let's move!

Ghii! Ghii!

No! You must run!

You moron!


Now's our chance!

Look out, Chii!

Hold it!

So you're the ones
who kidnapped her!

You vermin!

Kill them all!

You !

Take this!

You have a fine sword
for such a filthy vermin.

sir! sir!


He'll be fine now.

Thank goodness, sir!


Did you defeat those bad men?

Yes. Every last one of
them. Don't you worry.

Did you hear that,
sir? It's okay now!

So you must get better soon!

Then we can play
together again! Right, sir?

It's all right, Chii.

He'll be better soon.

Really? He's not
going to die, is he?

Of course not! Why
would such a kind man die?

You're right!

Looks like the snow's
going to pile up, Ichi.

Hmm, can mercy
melt the ice and snow?

As their whimsical musings
convey comforting thoughts...

Sabu and Ichi walk through the snowy
town, with spring just around the corner.

Today, I am forced to slay another villain
who would not stop until he was slain.

Villain though he was, this
blade has severed the chain that
tethered him to this fleeting life.

With lingering attachments to
their lives cut short too soon...

...those whom I have
slain appear in my dreams.

They appear in my
dreams to curse me.

How they curse me!

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Warrant: "The Grudge!" Don't miss it.

Subtitles produced by The Skaro Hunting Society / Hokuto no Gun
Translated by Systematic Chaos, Edited/Timed by Nanto
English localisation by lxs602