Sabu & Ichi's Arrest Note (1968–…): Season 1, Episode 18 - Namida no enkiri enoki - full transcript

Ichi! Let's do it!

Ready, Sabu!

Hate the sin, but love
the sinner, for whether you
bind or slay, you do it for others...

They are true men
who slash through the darkness.
Sabu and Ichi, of the misty, moonlit night.

Sabu-to-Ichi Torimono Hikae
(Sabu and Ichi's Arrest Warrant)

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Two nights...

Two more nights!

Episode 18: The tearful hackberry of separation
First aired: 30th January 1969

Hey, woman.

Who are you trying to curse?

Well? Who?

I've been seen...

I only had two nights to go, but now
all my efforts have gone up in smoke!

What are you doing?”

I was hired for this. Don’t hate me for it!

Oh, excuse me!

Excuse me!

I need to get through!

Out of my way!

What are those scars?

This wasn't the scene of
the crime. I don't get it!

Ah, masseur?

Yes, who's talking?

Up here! Come up to the second floor!

Right, right. Thank you kindly.

Pardon me...

I had a rather unpleasant customer last night...

...and I didn't sleep all night.

Would you please massage me a little?

Yes, right away.

Now, undo your belt
and lay down right there.

I can never get tired of that sound!

Alright, go ahead.

Yes, ma'am!

That feels good...

I'm feeling quite good, myself.

You're quite a funny masseur.

Ma'am, what are these?

I guess you’ve found my old scars.

They feel like sandal tracks on a snowy day...

...but I'd guess it's nothing like that.

It's the chain that binds me.


Yes. This was a chain
that bound these women.

With these scars, even if they ran
away and hid in some other land...

...anyone could tell at a glance that
they belonged to Daikokuro in Itabashi.

That Kanzo
sure had some nasty ideas.

Scars shaped like two lines
on the soles of her feet?!

Now, now, don't scare me like that!

I may be blind, but my ears are still good.

The body from last night's
murder had the same scars!

Oh, so she must've been
an escaped prostitute.

Huh? Escaped?

I guess you're a bit young
to understand all this, Sabu.

Well, that's alright. You'll
learn of the floating world sooner or later.
[Ukiyo = "the floating world,"
a term for the gritty urban culture of Edo.]

The floating world...

Here you go, dear.

Oh, thanks.


What’s taking you so long?

He's not even a paying guest, so there's
no need for you to make meals for him!

But he has such a high fever...

What a spineless coward.

Now go get changed
and get to the store-front!

Yes, sir...

Shino needs to learn to earn her food.

You're telling me!

Why are they both so utterly horrible?

Hey, quit slacking off over there!

Get to the store-front already,
if you want us to lay it on you!

Whoever doesn't make
money will go without dinner!

And who does she think she is?

Pretty disgusting woman, eh?

Guess it's true that an ogre's
wife becomes an ogre herself.

I mean, take a look at her face! Right?

How're you feeling, Sataro?

Has your fever still not gone down?

I'm sorry I let you see
me in such a pathetic state.

Well, I'm sure that violent criminals
like yourself have their off days, too.

My apologies. I think last
night's wind really got to me.

Well, it's too bad you're sick,
but you did just slash someone apart.

I'm sure the investigation will be rigorous, so you
probably shouldn't stay in one place for too long.

Oh, I see! You want me to get out
of here now that you're done with me?

Wh-Wh-What are you doing?!

Alright, then. I'll put
on my sandals right away.

Well, I wouldn't want you pushing
yourself and collapsing in front of my store.

Either way, get your sandals on as
soon as you're well enough to stand.

Keep that.

Sir, are human lives
really that cheap here in Edo?

Are you saying you don't like your payment?

No. It's just that Sataro
of Suwa sure has fallen.

I thank you for the treasure.

Hey, sir! I'll give you a discount!

Come on in, sir!

Come on, sir! You know you want to!

Hey! I'll give you half off!

N-No, I've got...
I-I'm on...a-a bit of an errand...

Hey, sir...what're you looking at?

Just come on in!
I'll show you anything you want!

No, let me go! I'm not here for that!

Come on, just a little!

What do you mean you're
not here for that? Cheapskate!

Hmph! How unlucky!

Whew, that was close...

So you came back in a cold sweat, Sabu?

Argh, that was a close call! I didn't
have time to look at the women's soles!

Yes. It sounds pretty rough.

Well, more importantly,
let's have ourselves a game.

Here, have some tea.

Oh...thanks, Midori.

What's all this about women's soles?

Sabu, since when were you such a pervert?

Hey, gimme a break!

Don't get the wrong idea!
I'm talking about work!

Liar! You've at least been
out carousing, haven't you?

N-No, I haven't!


You'd better lay off him,
or he might end up doing just that.

Oh, my! You're so mean, Ichi!


How are you feeling, Sataro?'s you, Shino.

I'm sorry to cause you all this trouble.

It's no trouble at all.

More importantly, here's your medicine.

Thank you.

That has helped me feel a lot better.

But Shino, why would you go so far
for a gambler you've never met like me?

You remind me...

Eh? Of whom?

Of my husband. He was a gambler like you.

Do you have a wife and children?

I think I'd be in a better
place than this if I did.

I see. So you're all alone.

Do you have children?

I do. But...

I can't see him, and his father's a
traveller that can't stay rooted for long.

I bet our child's having a hard time.

I'm sorry for you.

I just wish he would wash his
hands of the Yakuza and come home... we could live as a family, under the sun.

That's all that's keeping me
going through this terrible life.

Is that so?

So, which group is your husband with?

He's a drifter.

He was at a festival in
Kuwano Village, in Kozuke Province...

...where he was ganged up
on and beaten up for cheating,
and was nearly thrown in the Tone River...

For cheating?

A foolish peasant girl saw him...

...and saved him by
pretending to be his wife.

She parted with him, thinking he'd
straighten up and come redeem her.

And you haven’t heard from him since?

He might've already forgotten about me.

He’s got a gentle face, so he'd
be sought after wherever he went.

How cruel of him, when he's
got such a fine wife as you...

He has a large mole above his eyebrows.

Whenever he played with it and laughed...

...that innocent peasant
girl would start blushing.

A mole above his eyebrows?

He...l mean, your husband...wouldn't
happen to be named Yoshizo, would he?

Yes, that’s his name.

Do you know Yoshizo?

Traveller, how do you know Yoshizo?!

You won't get anything out of asking him.

Don't be surprised now, Shino.

Sataro of Suwa was
the man that killed Yoshizo.


He's been convicted of
killing Yoshizo and fleeing...

...after Yoshizo cheated at
gambling at a festival in Suwa, Shinano.

See, look here. His wanted poster's been put up.

Shino, I won't make any excuses.

It was I who killed Yoshizo,
the man with the mole.

You killed Yoshizo?!

Shino, it must be fate
that you took care of me here.

Now, do with me as you please!

Now, Shino! Your husband's
murderer is right before your eyes! Eh?

Wait till I spread the news that a
prostitute carried out her revenge!

Our reputation shall spread throughout
Edo, and this brothel will prosper!

I bet you won't get too bad of a...

What's the matter? If you
can't do it yourself, I can assist you.


Ironic, isn't it? Just too ironic.

She just couldn't bring herself to hate
Sataro, even though he killed her husband.

Besides, Shino just didn't have
the spark of vengeance in her.

So what could she do?
She had no choice but to give up.

And to think we nearly had a
chance to finally promote Shino...

By the way, Master,
where is Shino's child right now?

Oh, her child?

I was hoping to raise him to be a great merchant,
so I left him at a boathouse on Tsukuda Island.

Tsukuda Island?

Clams! Fresh clams!

Clams! Fresh clams!

Wow, that's cold!

Clams! Fresh clams!

Poor guy, having to work so hard at his age.

Hi, clam vendor!

Yes, ma'am! Thanks for your business!

I'd like six mon worth, please.


Here you go!

Oh, you poor thing! Your hands are all red!

Just wait there! I'll salve them up for you!


Here, show me your hand.

There, all done!

What's the matter?

Oh, it's nothing.

Be careful, okay?

Thanks for your business!

Clams! Fresh clams!

Sabu, I'm going to make you
some delicious pickled clams... you'd better catch the killer soon!

Yes, yes. Understood.


Sabu, I'll go to Itabashi
Station with you tonight.

That way, you can go
inside without having to worry.

Nothing ventured,
nothing gained, as they say.

You're making it sound so noble.

This had better be for work!

You understand, Sabu?

Yes, yes. Understood.

First time it, sir?'s not true!
I’ve played around quite a bit...

Look at you, pushing yourself.
You're shaking quite a bit, you know.

I-I-I'm just trembling with excitement!

You're quite brave, aren't you?

But there's no reason to be stubborn here.

All the women here have been
through more than you can imagine.

You seem to be making
quite a foolishly sad face.

It's because I was a fool!

I'm such a fool, aren't I?

You'll be a regular of mine, won't you?

Uh, yeah.

Oh, that reminds me.

Have any of the women here
been redeemed or escaped lately?

Oh, I wouldn't know.

More importantly, let's drink!
Open wide!

Heh heh heh, it's hard
work being a womaniser!

Oh, that's right. I wonder how Sabu's doing.

Ow, ow, ow!

Why would you be
worrying about anyone else?


Come on...

And just where have you been all day?

Just on a little errand to Tsukuda Island.

Eh? Tsukuda Island?!

Master, don't you find it a little cruel?

What are you talking about?

Forcing such an innocent child
to sell clams from dawn till dusk.

Are you criticizing me?

No, perish the thought.
I just couldn't stand by and watch.

Silence, you fool!

Do you realise that I hid you, a stranger
with a criminal record, as one of my own?!

Master, I believe I repaid that by
killing your prostitute that escaped.

It may have been me that did the deed...

...but the one behind the murder
was the master of Daikokuro: you!


Let's keep that full well in mind.

Curse you!

Get out of my sight!

I've given you your sandals.
You can go wherever you want to go!

Just get out of here!

You don't need to tell me twice.
I intend to leave as soon as possible!

But before I do, there's
something I need to talk to you about.

What? Are you saying that's not enough?

Master, I want to use this money
to redeem one of your women.

Redeem a woman?

I want to set Shino free,
in return for her nursing me to health.

Now this is a surprise! Have you gone insane?

You expect me to let a beauty
like her go for this small change?


You mean to say that you
purchased me with small change that's
not even enough to redeem a single woman?

And what of it?

You !

Out of my way!

What are you doing?!

You made this money through cruelty
in the first place. I'll be taking it with me.

What are you doing?!

Give it back!

Here, dear!

Son of a dog!

I won’t be underestimated
by a petty thief like you!

Hold it right there!

I'm Sabu, underling to
Ghief Saheiji of Ryusen Temple.

You'd better follow my
instructions before I tie you up!

Oh, you're a lawman, are you?

I'm terribly sorry for the disturbance.

This was just a bit of liquor-fuelled discord.

Now, go on, my guests.

This is nothing to worry
about. Just go enjoy yourselves.

I wish that old man would
just get himself arrested!

Oh! Kanzo of Daikokuro...

I'm taking you to the guardhouse
on suspicion of murdering a prostitute.

There must be some mistake!

All the women here have two
straight lines branded on their soles?

No, that's not true at all!

Here, I'll prove it! Haru, show him your feet!

This is my wife, but she
used to work here, you see.

Go on, Show them, show them!

Here you go.

Hold it!!!

Thanks, Ichi!

Now should we take care
of this one while we're at it?

You can't be serious.

I have my reasons for doing
this right now, so step aside.

Otherwise, I'll put a hole through your heads!


I won’t stand for you defying the authorities!

You're under arrest!

Give yourself up!

You moron!

Let's switch out, Sabu! This is a
time when blindness can come in handy.

I can't be blinded when I'm already blind!

Wait! Please, wait!

He's a good man!

Whatever you do, please don't kill this man!

There's a reason I'm doing this.

I'll need you to let me go for today!

Oh! Get back here!

Forget it, Sabu.

Sometimes, you have to
lose the battle to win the war.

This is not a loss! I was just about to...

When I heard this woman's voice,
it even made my sword-cane stop.

The note said to meet him at the
Hackberry of Separation at the seventh hour...

I'm here, Shino.

Oh, Sataro!

It was you?

Shino, I have something to give you.

Consider it thanks for all you've done for me.

Eh? What do you have to give me?


My redemption!

Now that you have this, you can live
a normal life with your head held high.

You won't have to worry
about the brands on your soles.

Sataro...thank you.

And now I have something else
important to you. Come with me.


Ah, Mother!




Thank goodness for that.

Now you two can go back home
and live as a family under the sun.



Well, take care.

Sataro of Suwa! Surrender now!

Oh! You're the young
thief-taker from last night?

I've run into you at just the right time, Chief.

Sataro of Suwa is ready to cut
all ties with his old Yakuza life.

I like your resolve. Then accept
your judgment without resistance.

Please wait, Officer!

This man really has a clean heart...

Shino, don't forget...

I was the one who killed your husband.

But that was...

No, that's not all.

The master of Daikokuro hired me
to kill the escaped prostitute, as well.

How can a violent criminal
like me be a good man?

I am truly sorry for the trouble.


You moron! You moron!

Stop it, Shokichi!

You're a moron!
I won't stand for you picking on him!

"I've never done anything
so hard before," Sabu said.

He was starting to get
sick of holding the truncheon.

Then Ichi scolded Sabu, saying that he can
only grow by enduring the pain and sorrow.

And just like Ichi told him to,
Sabu gritted his teeth and endured it.

I'd say he was chewing on all
that pain and sorrow.

Subtitles produced by The Skaro Hunting Society / Hokuto no Gun
Translated by Systematic Chaos, Edited/Timed by Nanto
English localisation by lxs602