Sabu & Ichi's Arrest Note (1968–…): Season 1, Episode 16 - Torimono mujô - full transcript

Ichi! Let's do it!

Ready, Sabu!

Hate the sin, but love
the sinner, for whether you
bind or slay, you do it for others...

They are true men
who slash through the darkness.
Sabu and Ichi, of the misty, moonlit night.

Sabu-to-Ichi Torimono Hikae
(Sabu and Ichi's Arrest Warrant)

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Now, bet everything up to your
priest's head! Come on, place your bets!


I'll go for even.



Is everyone ready?

Everyone ready?

Then game on!




You cheated!

Shut up!

Isn't the storm outside
bad enough? Stop this at once!

Why, you corrupt priest! Get him!

I see a light!

Eh, a light?

We've finally made it to Edo!

That's the Ohama Lighthouse!

We're finally entering Edo tomorrow!

As said by Ishikawa: "The grains
of sand on the seashore shall vanish
before thieves are gone from this world."
[From the deathbed poem of Ishikawa Goemon,
Japan's famous thief-ninja-Robin Hood figure]

And tonight, Edo resounds once
more with the alarms of the law.

Yet these two do not
appear to be ordinary thieves.

What an odd evening this is.

Oh, Ichi!

Oh, Sabu! Did something happen?

Yes, just now!

Seems that thieves just broke into
Ohama Palace and stole something important!

Get back here, you!

You're under arrest! Give it up!

You're under arrest!

Let's use that boat.

Who goes there?

You smell of blood.

Were you the ones that
broke into Ohama Palace?


The whistles of the lawmen
were heading south, towards the sea.

So I figured you were heading here, where
the boats are, and decided to wait for you.

Who are you?!

I'll have you return what
you stole, whatever it may be.

Until then, I'm not moving.

Then have this!


You're no ordinary masseur!

I always thought ninjas only existed in stories.

Enough talk!

You're quite skilled.

You're not so bad yourself.

Are you of the Iga, or perhaps the Koga?

They're here.

Ah, there's no escape for you now!

Hold the siege!
Don't let them get to the sea!

They're in there!

Mummy, I don't like this! I'm scared!

Please, spare my child!

Stop this, please!

I can't lay a hand on them if
they have hostages. Ah!

I'm scared, mummy!

Please, just spare my child!

I'm scared!

Keep it down!

Of all the places for them to run into...

There's plenty of oil in that lighthouse!

If they light it on fire, it'll all burn to ash!

That isn't all.

If they put out the
lighthouse, any passing ship...

...will be as blind as me.

Ah...if only it weren't a
lighthouse, we could just smoke them out!

Sabu, isn't Ohama Palace the Shogun's villa?

What exactly did those ninjas steal?

I don't know. Not even the
deputies and constables have been told.

But with the arresting force being this big,
it must've been something very important.

What is it taking you so long?!

The stolen documents are
irreplaceable to the Shogunate!

You must not let them escape, no matter
how many sacrifices you must make!

How irresponsible of them to
turn this into a debacle.

There's nothing we can do now!

Heh! They're as helpless as dolls!

What do we do, Genpachi?

Hey, don't you have any more booze?

That's all we have.

I'm scared!

Hey, how old are you?


What are you doing to my wife?

Shut up!

That's enough, Yajyu!

She is too good of a woman to waste!

Don't try anything weird in front of her child.

Now, come with me!

Ah, who gave you
the right to give me orders?

Let's see...

They've added to their ranks!


"For the stability of the nation,
and the peace of mind of the people..."

"...and to build the cornerstone of the
House of Tokugawa's century of rule..."

"...the treatment of each
fief shall be as follows..."

"...and has been established by
both the Shogunate and the Elders."

"Kaga: Maeda Toshinaga, one million koku."

Honda Masazumi, 155 thousand koku."

"Abolished as of August of Genna year 8..."

"Dewa Yamagata: Mogami Yoshitoshi's
fief of 570 thousand koku abolished."

The Shogunate's investigations are
far more rigorous than we imagined.

They use covert ops to
investigate the internal affairs of each fief...

...and capitalise on the
slightest excuse to abolish the lords
one by one, expanding their own power.

But with this document gone,
the Tokugawa will be out of options.

The lords that have been
selected to be abolished would
gladly pay a hundred million ryo for this.

No. I did not steal this for money.


If we use this, the Koga
Clan could become lords!

Curse the lords!

All that matters is money and pleasure!

Ever since Sekigahara, the Iga's Chieftain
Hattori Hanzo has been treated as a lord.

Yet by contrast, the Koga have
been given the cold treatment.

But now, I shall finally...

How naive of you.

Forget our comrades! It's clearly
for the better if we split the money!

They're coming...

Come at me if you wish, you worms!

I bear the key to a great
treasure! I shall not go down so easily!


Three days passed.

The Shogunate vassal's archers
and gunmen joined the siege...

...but unable to raid the lighthouse or force
them out, they had reached a stalemate.

Sabu and Ichi were at a loss as to what to do.

There can’t be any food left in the
lighthouse, so why are they still in there?

Well, ninjas ain’t ordinary humans.

But there's a child in there!

If we break in, we'll end up spilling innocent
blood. There are human lives on the line.

And if they get desperate,
they may set the oil on fire.

If that happens, everything shall be ruined.

This lighthouse is important for
the ships entering and leaving Edo!

The stolen object is important,
the people are important...that’s
why we're not getting anywhere.

It's like a threefold repetition.

Ah, I've never done an arrest like this!

it’s making me lose my patience!

There's smoke!

Hold on, Sabu. Something's fishy about this.

I see!

That's it!

You dare stand in our way again?

I suppose this is now our second encounter.

This is indeed the second time.
And there may be yet another!

Don't let them escape!



It's getting quite windy.

Ohama Lighthouse?
Ah, if only I was healthy...

Hey, Father, isn't Ohama Lighthouse
a place that has choppy waves?

Yes, it's quite choppy compared
to the rest of the Edo area.

And they're keeping an all-night vigil there?

That’s just too much,
even for their official duty.

I know! I think I'll go out for a bit!

Where would you be going at this hour?

Oh, Midori! What are you doing here this late?

Well, have a seat.

Thank you very much.

Say, you know anything about
what's happening at Ohama Lighthouse?

Well, it seems like it's a really major
case, and it's getting pretty serious.

Then again, I'm sure you only want to
know about a certain somebody?

Oh, how rude! I'm being serious!

So what do you need today?

Huh? What's the matter?

Banta, can you do me a favour?

Sure, I'd be glad to!

I'd like you to take these
rice balls to the lighthouse.

Who are they for?

Oh, please!

Thank you.

If only it weren't for
the boy and that masseur!

Ah, I swear I'll kill them!

I thank you for your trouble.

Take this as a token of my thanks.

What are these, sir?

They are ration pills,
made of ground herbs and meat.

One bite will keep you
strong for a whole day.

Here. It'll taste good.

Go on, eat it!

It's good! You’re right!

Give some to your mother and father, too.

Thank you.


Thank you kindly.


Dusk has fallen.
Go on up and light the lighthouse.


Hey, Genpachi! Enough is enough!

Why must you have the
lighthouse [it every night?

Why not let it alone?

With the lighthouse unlit,
the ships will be in danger.

It is that man's job to watch the fire.

And it is not my intent to hinder him!

You're as poetic as ever.

But surely you didn't
have to give them our food!

There's not even a
single bone to pick in here!

I know. But we have
no need for food any longer.


We cannot break this siege
using only our own power.

We must enlist our comrades for help.

You fool! How can you hope to
do that when we can't even escape?

We use this.

I thought I heard something
strange. Was it just my imagination?

It sounded like a firework going off.

There must be something to it!

Looks like we're nearing the endgame.

And so, dusk fell and dawn broke...

...but the tight guard and suffocating tension
was surrounding the lighthouse more than ever.

We shall finally be leaving as of this morning.

You have my apologies for
our violent treatment of you.

Please, forgive us.

There, it's done!

You're nice, sir!

You're a good person,
not like that other man!

How old are you?


You're only a year apart from my own son.

You have a son too, sir?


Where is he now?

Far, far away, in the mountains to the west.

Why isn’t he with you?

Because I have a job I have
pledged my life to complete.

And I must see it through!

I don't really get it!


They're here! Our comrades are here!

I see!

Hey, Tarokichi! Don't make such a fuss!

You must keep quiet.

They're coming on this side, too.

I see. They're drawing them
to the sea so we can escape.

Alright, now!


I’m glad you made it.

Now, go before you get
caught in the crossfire!

What are you waiting for?


Come on, hurry! We must go!


Oh! How pleased I am to see you!


Why, you...

As cowardly as this may be,
I must make my escape!



I suppose the man who isn't
blind cannot see where he is going!

Is this the end?


I suggest you learn when to give up.

Do you not want to know
what it is we have done? Huh?

We stole a secret message
ordering the abolishment of the lords!

We did this out of faith that we
were doing what was right for the nation!

Huh, what did you say?

That is all I wanted to tell you.

I didn’t know...

Oh, Ichi! Good news! The men
in the boats turned and ran!

You fool!

If we cannot recover the document,
then this was all for naught!

This has no merit! This is a disgrace!


Yes, sir!

So many people have lost their
lives over a single scrap of paper...




Why did you have to kill this man?

He's a good person!

Okay, where's your family?

If you have any last words for them...

We are allowed no last words nor graves.

This is our destiny.

sir, please wake up!



On the insentient
waves that come and go...

Sabu and Ichi have laid these souls to rest.

As the spirits drift on the waves,
Sabu and Ichi cry for them on the inside.

In a small corner of Edo...

...a red lantern burns through the night.

Come birdsong or autumn
drizzle, the squirrel's foot fern...

...honourably blossoms into love.

Come birdsong or autumn
drizzle, the pheasant's eye...

...has grown while
enduring the autumn drizzle.

With a knife stained in blood,
can Tomgkichi protect Kayo?

With a knife stained in blood,
can Tomgkichi protect Kayo?

With a knife stained in blood,
can Tomgkichi protect Kayo?

Caught between duty and compassion,
Sabu and Ichi's manly spirits shine forth... the tale of the
"Night of the Autumn Drizzle."

Subtitles produced by The Skaro Hunting Society / Hokuto no Gun
Translated by Systematic Chaos, Edited/Timed by Nanto
English localisation by lxs602