Sabu & Ichi's Arrest Note (1968–…): Season 1, Episode 13 - Kuroi tera - full transcript

Ichi! Let's do it!

Ready, Sabu!

Hate the sin, but love
the sinner, for whether you
bind or slay, you do it for others...

They are true men
who slash through the darkness.
Sabu and Ichi, of the misty, moonlit night.

Sabu-to-Ichi Torimono Hikae
(Sabu and Ichi's Arrest Warrant)

Created by:

It's a drowned corpse!

Ken Hazama
Directed by:
Hideo Ko'ima

A suicide?

No. This was a murder.

If it were a suicide,
she'd have jumped on the rocks.

And she wouldn't have tied
herself up so carefully, either.


Besides, she was already dead by the
time she was tied to a rock and thrown in.

And she only surfaced
when the rope came loose.

Wait. Have you identified the corpse?

She looks well-to-do...

She must be the daughter
of a major store owner.

Do you think so?

Sabu! I think you're wrong!

A townswoman would only
wear Izutsu or Matsukane hair oil...

...but this is aloe-wood-based!

That means she's a noblewoman!

You're sharp for a
blind man! She doesn't look...

Hey, Banta!

Stop blathering and
take her to the guardhouse!

Ichi, I'm going to go report this to
Constable Tanabe! See you soon!

I'm counting on you!

Yes, I got this!

So, you leave behind the
masseur who'll slow you down...

I'm getting sick and tired
of watching this corpse!

What a waste of time!

I'd really like to go up to a
pretty woman in full makeup, and say:
"Hey, would you like to get a drink," and...

What do you want?

I'll be taking this corpse.

But the Magistrate’s officials still haven't...

Get going!

Brrr, it's cold!

A murder on tonight of all nights...
It isn't easy being a thief-taker.

Oh, palanquin-bearers working at this hour?

I guess I shouldn't be complaining.

It's gone...

Oh, Banta! Where's the body?

Sabu...a Ronin came and took the body...

That must've been him!

Hold it right there!


Yes, sir!

Stop! Hold it right there!

Wh-What do you think you're doing?

Out of my way! Are you trying to hinder me?

That's not happening!

Retreat! Retreat!


I was so close before they hindered me.

Argh, now We lost the palanquin!


Oh...the temple!

The temple...

But the temples are under the
Magistrate of Temples’ jurisdiction.

That's a remarkable place for them to vanish!

The temples were administrated
by the Magistrate of Temples...

...and the citizens by the
Magistrate of the Town.

Both of them served as the authorities...

...but one wrong move could
lead into a dispute over territory.

It's so cold...

The chill set in overnight...

That's cold!

Snow, huh? No wonder.

Sabu, I know you have a case, but there's
no need to leave this early, is there?

You have to be kidding!

Do you think I can just stay at
home and watch the snow...

...when someone's stolen
an unidentified corpse?

Being a thief-taker's all about the legwork.

Ooh, it's so cold...

What I'd do for some fire right now...

Mind lighting it up, Midori?

Oh, perfect timing!

Ichi, you mind letting me
borrow that dirty hand towel?

Dirty hand towel?

You know! The one you’re wearing now!

Do you mean this?

I just washed it two or three days ago!

Come on, Ichi! This isn't
white by any stretch of the term!

Then give it back.

Ohhh, this is a nice hand
towel! I'm looking even better now!

You little...

Well, I'll be off!

You won't get many alms
in this snow! So don't let up!


Whoa, whoa! That was close!

This place is off-limits for townsfolk!

Nichidoin was a temple...

...that not even the Magistrate
of Temples could reach at whim.

This is because the niece of
the chief priest Nikkei, the Lady Miyo...

...was a concubine to the Shogun...

...and thus it enjoyed authority above all.

It's a beggar! A beggar!

There's no food for you here! Get lost-!

Beggar! Beggar!

Get lost!

Though he was a thief-taker
who made a living off his legwork...

The temple district,
governed by the Magistrate
of Temples, would not yield him results.

And so, Sabu decided to
try identifying the woman.

No, I don't know her.
Never seen her around before.

Never heard of her.

No idea!

I don't know her.

No, I don't recognise her...

She hasn't come around to my store.

Oh, why don't you try
the next district over?

I don't recognise her at all...

Never seen her before...

Why don't you try the next district over?

Must be hard doing
thief-taking work in this snow.

With sophisticated speech,
he tucked up the hem of his garments
and walked throughout the entirety of Edo...

...but all that he gained were the
prickling and unsightly blisters on his feet.

What's the matter?
About to quit being a thief-taker?

Of course not! I wouldn't
quit even if you asked me to!

Oh, my! I'm so sorry!

Now I see why you won't quit-l

Oh, Ichi...

Pardon me!

Is Chief Sabu here?

Hey, Chief! You’ve got visitors!

Drop it!

I'm Sabu. Who might you be?

This was our daughter!

Your daughter?

This couple lived in the Sendani District
of Ueno. His name was GOTO Magobei.

Once the chief foot
soldier of a certain mansion...

He had no male heirs...

So until recently, they lived in Sendani.

Nami, the pride of the neighbourhood,
and her parents, living together in poverty.

But because of her good looks...

...their daughter was taken
to the inner palace as a servant.

She had just visited us on leave...

Well done! Well done, Nami!

Yes! From now on I shall be a lady-in-waiting!

You, Mother, shall be
the Mother of Lady Nami...

...and you, Father,
shall be known as my Father.

I won't be causing you any more trouble!

Thank you! Thank you!

Your pardon...

Lady Nami, Daughter of GOTO Magobei...

I am here to take you to the palace.

Oh, but I had just been given leave...

Well you are a lady-in-waiting now.
I am sure the Shogun is concerned for you.

Now, go! Hurry and change!

And you haven't seen her since?

She was given a harsh
rebuke from the castle...

And so soon after she had
entered the service of Lady Miyo...

What? Lady Miyo?

Lady Miyo would mean...


And the palanquin
vanished in front of Nichidoin!

So it's Nichidoin!

Of all the places she
could be, it had to be that one...

No, it cannot be done.

Just give up, Sabu.

No! I can't just go back
after how far I've come!

Please, persuade the
Magistrate to do something!

The Magistrate of Temples'
jurisdiction poses enough difficulty as it is.

And on top of that,
this is a temple the Shogun...

Constable Tanabe!

I was given this truncheon by the
Shogun! There is no one it cannot judge!

If he did not think
carefully, his head would roll.

He had to be aware of that.

But his blood coursing with just-ice...

...made the eighteen-year-old Sabu hasty.

I understand full well what you are saying.

But I just can't accept this!

I'm going to solve this case,
even if I have to do it alone!

Your pardon!


This is just like Sabu...

But I can't just let him go off on his own!


How dare you!

Do you want me to give you money now?

Who do you think it is that's
letting you idle around here?

It's all thanks to, to the Lady Miyo!

You're practically saying
"Miyo" every other word...

Quit your prattling. You're
spoiling the meagre wine I have.

Oh! Th-That's...

...all this time I was
looking, she was in a grave!

They were certainly well-prepared!

Don't try and hide things from me, Nikkei.

I already know that the money Miyo gives
you is far more than one or two thousand ryo.

Enough! Your duty is done!

I urge you to leave this temple at once!

That's not happening.

Let me speak my piece.

Which of us was it that
approached the other for a plan...

...thinking that Nami becoming a
lady-in-waiting would be harmful to Miyo?

But I never asked you to kill her!


I remember you telling me that
she would have to be killed eventually.

My only discretion was
in how soon that would be.

And you knew about Miyo and I!

So you're Nami. ..

I hold nothing against you, but I must kill you.

As you have been drawing
the Shogun 's attention lately...

The Lady Miyo's status is in danger.

And Miyo is a woman that I once loved.

And one more thing...

Killing you will bring me hundreds of ryo!

That is why you must die.

It’s all your fault!

Alright, men! Back to our drinks!

No need to hold back!
Drink as much as you desire!

Let us drink and enjoy life!


Who's there?!


You should know your place, you stray dog.

It's time for you to pay your dues.

I shall give you a warm burial.

I guess I have to draw my truncheon!

Hey, Sabu! Some friend you are,
not telling me where you're going!

And you there! I know this is
a place to bury the dead, but...

What business do you
have here, blind man?

Well, don't all temples need
bald men to serve in them?


Let me perform your last rites.

Give it up!

Die, blind man!

Ichi! Have this!

Thank you kindly!

Nami was murdered...

...all because of Nikkei...

I wish you peace in the afterlife...

Constable Tanabe!

I have done something unacceptable.

I give you back this truncheon!

And I humbly request
you have me arrested!

Being young is a good thing, is it not, Sabu?

Sabu, you know...l like
the way your temperament
is like a clean-cut stalk of bamboo.

But what can I say? Even that bamboo...

...can bounce back
once the snow falls off of it.

If you do not need it, I shall take it!

I am now the greatest
thief-taker in the nation!

Driving off the women
of the village with one hand...

I walk with a swagger,
showing my good looks for all to see!

The great city of Edo is my stage!

He truly is bound for greatness!

Oh, knock it off!

Oh, and Banta...dig that corpse
back up and take it to the guardhouse.


I, the great Banta of
Dobuita Tenement House...

...cannot be seen walking down the street
with a corpse, for it will spoil my good looks!

Look at your dead little eyes.

No wonder they call
you Banta the Unreliable.

Why don't you cool off a little?

That is cold...

Sabu, you can’t let this get you down.

There are many other things in this
world you just can't do anything about.

But it is nice to be able
to crack the case, isn't it?

But you know, Sabu...

A woman's heart is
like a stone-baked potato.

You'll never know what
it's like until you crack it open.

You're almost of age now. So be careful.

I don't need a woman!

I know. The truncheon's all you need?

Or is Midori the exception?


Oh, but more importantly,
a man alone soon goes to seed.

You should settle down soon...

Not happening! There'd be too many
maidens who'd cry if I settled down!

Well...says you!

This world is made
up of men and women...

...with their emotions
intertwined like a spinning wheel.

And as the wheel turns and tangles... will spin a string of love.

As a blizzard blows on New Year's night...

The blind Ichi kindly
tells a tragic tale of Edo.

On the blustering plains of Oshamanbe...

Two blind mortals
overcome deathly danger...

IChi and Jamaikuru. And the
friendship that buds unaware to them... but a transient rain of tears.

Is it their fate to face off
over the treasure of the Ainu?

Ichi's sword-cane shines sorrowfully. .. this cherished
story of Ichi and Jamaikuru.

Next week on Sabu
and Ichi's Arrest Warrant...

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Hound of the Wilderness!"

Subtitles produced by The Skaro Hunting Society / Hokuto no Gun
Translated by Systematic Chaos, Edited/Timed by Nanto
English localisation by lxs602