Sabu & Ichi's Arrest Note (1968–…): Season 1, Episode 12 - Kubi no nai shitai - full transcript

Ichi! Let's do it!

Ready, Sabu!

Hate the sin, but love
the sinner, for whether you
bind or slay, you do it for others...

They are true men
who slash through the darkness.
Sabu and Ichi, of the misty, moonlit night.

Sabu-to-Ichi Torimono Hikae
(Sabu and Ichi's Arrest Warrant)

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Around that time, the Sumida River
was as clear as its name suggests...

And the city of Edo was
preparing for the change of seasons.

And one bungling man on the banks...

...was trying to catch a
goby as he also caught a nap...

...making for a very pure scene.

It's a headless corpse!

Episode 12: The headless corpse
First aired: 19th December 1968

In the clear waters of the Sumida River...

...headless corpses rose to
the surface one after another.

Out of my way!

Oh! Chief Denpachi! Good to see you here!

So it's you, Sabu!

This corpse is emaciated, too...

Hey, enough is enough!

What would you know about this?

Chief...if I may, I'm here
representing Chief Saheiji.

So I'm going to investigate
this to my heart's content.

Cheeky brat!

My life is Chiyo's...

There must be at least fifty
thousand women in Edo named Chiyo!

It's Sir Yamazaki!

To what do we owe this honour?

- So it happened again?
- Yes, sir! Another corpse without a head!

This must've been the
work of the same perpetrator!

Identify him!

Yes, sir...but without the head...

We haven't got the slightest clue...

He'll have a long trip to
the afterlife without a head...

Aiba the Minamimachi Magistrate's
assistant is very concerned about this case.

You must find the
perpetrator as soon as possible!

Yes, sir!

Identify that corpse at once!

Yes, sir!

A tattoo that said "My Life is Chiyo's?"

That's not a whole lot to go on...

Did you find any other Glues?

Yes. He had three small
moxibustion scars just by his shoulder.


What did you just say?

Oh. I just said the corpse had
moxibustion scars by his shoulder.

And you said there were three?


Were they shaped in an
upwards triangle, by any chance?

Do you have any ideas?

That's the moxibustion
pattern of Enpuku Temple in Iriya.

It's the chief priest's secret
trademark, so not many know of it.

There shouldn't be too many
others with those moxibustion scars.

Alright, Ichi! Where is this Enpuku Temple?

"My Life is Chiyo's?"

A man I administered moxibustion to,
with the tattoo "My Life is Chiyo's..."

Oh, that's Matsukichi!

He's a blacksmith.

What? He ran away from home?

He just up and left!

I guess his wife just
couldn't please him anymore!

Everybody says he's
run off with some woman!

So what about his wife and children?

The poor things. They couldn't
feed themselves, so they up and left.

So he was a blacksmith...

Found him!

There he is!

After him!

You'll never catch me alive!



Stop right there!

There he is!

You're under arrest!

Who's there? Is that blood I smell?

What is the matter?

Now this is an awful wound!

I take it you're being pursued?

Don't you worry. Now where do you live?

At the apartment just up ahead...

There, there...

When a dog goes West, its tail faces East.

There are people coming from the East.

Come on, let's hurry!

Oh, they've been killed!

They're dead!

Find him! Don't leave any rocks unturned!

Hey, masseur!


Have you seen a young man around here?

Sorry, but I'm blind!

I'm asking if you ran into anyone!

Oh, come to think of it,
I came across three dogs...

I'm not asking about dogs! I mean humans!

Oh! I remember now!

I did encounter one man...

Which way did he go?!

That way!

Alright! Hurry!

Hold on a second!

What is it?

Look at this!

Oh, it's blood!

Hmm, it leads that way!

Now hold on.

Stand down!

Are you gentlemen from the guardhouse?

Enough out of you!

We shall show no quarter to anyone
who hinders us, masseur or not!

Do you want me to take off your head?

Very well then. I’d like to see you try...

Curse you!

Son of a...

Slay him!

Well, aren't you gentlemen violent?

Curse you, blind man!

Had enough yet?

Take this!

That was close!

- Tasuke...
- Brother!

Will he make it?

Hmmm...the bullet is
deeply sunk into his vital parts.

Doctor! Please save my brother!

Let me through!

Ichi! I came as soon as I heard the news!

He's not looking good.

What happened to him?

He disappeared without
a trace a month ago...


And now look how much he's changed...

So what had Tasuke
been doing up until now?

He was an apprentice to a swordsmith...

Hmm? A swordsmith?

And he was just about to start his trade...

When this happened...







Ichi! This is counterfeit!

What was Tasuke doing with it?


Swordsmith. ..

The last headless corpse was a blacksmith!

A tattoo on his
forehead. . .and this counterfeit...

I've figured it out!

Ichi! Tasuke was supposed to
become the next headless corpse!


He must have been forced to
make this counterfeit, then escaped!

So he was kidnapped...
emaciated...and a blacksmith...

But where could he have been held?

I just remembered! He said
"Echigoya" right before he breathed his last!

What kind of mansion is it?

It's a fine mansion!
Almost like a lord's mansion!

I would imagine...

It's right along the river!

No doubt about it. This was
where Tasuke was being held!

And once he had outlived
his usefulness, he would have been
beheaded and thrown into the river!

I think we're on to something here...

Alright! I'll go and check it out!

I'll wait here! Be careful!

Got it, Ichi! Just trust me!

Sabu! Not so loud!

You fools! What do you mean he got away?!

That voice...

And we're missing one of the coins!

How could you fail me?!

That's Sir Yamazaki!

Now, now, Sir Yamazaki.

There is no need for concern.

The officials are none the wiser.

Now do not be reckless, Echigoya.

The world is a dark place.

A constable, with the duty to
correct the criminals of this world...

...was the leader of a counterfeiting ring,
and the man behind the headless corpses.

How could this have happened?

This annoys me!

Can't we take him in?

I would if I could!

But he's an official!

We thief-takers don't have
the authority to bring him in!

Is that so...


Are you suggesting it was Yamazaki?!

Yes, sir!

I find it very hard to
believe...are you sure about this?

Yes, sir! I saw it with my own eyes!

If what you say is true,
then it is unacceptable.

A man in an office of justice engaging
in counterfeiting is a serious matter.

We must keep this confidential for a while.

Yes, sir!

And we must obtain undeniable proof.

Yes, sir.

And therefore, will you look
into Echigoya's mansion for me again?

Yes, sir! Understood!

Your authorization
has made me as confident
as I can be! I swear I shall find proof!

There's a guard.

I'll handle him.

Wh-Who are you?!

Just a masseur!

Ichi! It's a cell!

There's a girl inside.

Echigoya's daughter Kinu
is known for her good looks...

...but rumour has it she's
been bedridden for years.

Young lady! Are you Echigoya's daughter?

I knew it...

What happened?

And what of it?

I'm free to do with my
daughter whatever I please!

Mr. Echigoya...

You must be doing some rather wicked things,
for you to have to lock up your own daughter.

Shut up! You're not going
to make it out of here alive!

Father! No!

Blind man...



You little rat!'re the
one behind the beheadings!

You fool!

You're but a mere apprentice thief-taker...

Not so fast! I'm here with authorization
from Aiba the Magistrate's Assistant!

Give it up! You're under arrest!

Slay them!

How many are there, Sabu?

Alright! I'll take half!

Not bad, for a masseur!

But this is the end of the line!

You seem skilled yourself.

You know, I can't help but hate
an official who torments the weak!

Ah, Ichi! You can't kill him!

I know!


Oh, Sir Aiba!

Your conduct is inexcusable for an official!

I came here Out Of concern.

Yes...thank you, sir.

I was concerned about your safety.

Yes. My deepest apologies.

Abhorrent villain! Now this truly
is biting the hand that feeds you!

The case is now closed.

Search the mansion once more.

Yes, sir!

Sabu, I smell something
strange coming from over there.

Ah, this is where
the smell’s the strongest...

Ichi! It's a basement!


The smell's coming from down there.

So this is where they were
forced to counterfeit coins!

That trash!

Ah! They're still out there!

All of you, get up
here where it's higher!

Oh, Sir Aiba!

Die, you fools!

I suspected him myself.

He didn't have any reason to kill Yamazaki.

So you were behind all of this?

Now come with me!

You meant to take it
all for yourself, did you?

If nothing else, this money is mine!


Now give it up!



Come with me.




My daughter...

My daughter...please...

Now then...

Hmm, let's see what
we have under here...

Aiba Kurobei, for the charges
of counterfeiting and murder...

You are under arrest!

Stand back, you scum!

What are you talking
about?! You're the scum!

You've abused your position, you scoundrel!


Where is he, Sabu?
Where's the inhuman official?

Over here, Ichi! Huh?!

It's time I took over!

Oh, Ichi! He's got Kinu!

Hold it!

Stand back or the girl gets it!

Now, Sabu!

Give it up, Aiba Kurobei!

Oh! Ichi, please! Give
the girl something to wear!

Too tempting for you, eh, Sabu?

Echigoya reached the end of his rope
when he first fell in with Aiba and Yamazaki.

He was blinded by greed, and even
locked his own daughter Kinu away.

Echigoya was being used by Aiba.

The river was clear, as was the sky... and clear over Edo...

...where one villain can
make a thousand suffer.

There is something wrong with
the world, when men such as they go free.

In spite of being an apprentice
thief-taker with no true power...

Sabu's truncheon shines,
his spirit matched by none.

Left behind.

A corpse that surfaces is
suddenly stolen by someone.

And the corpse is taken
beyond a thief-taker's jurisdiction... the Shogun's
personal temple, Nichidoin!

Sabu is troubled by how the case
is clear to him, yet beyond his reach.

Sabu and Ichi star in another adventure.

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Subtitles produced by The Skaro Hunting Society / Hokuto no Gun
Translated by Systematic Chaos, Edited/Timed by Nanto
English localisation by lxs602