Sabu & Ichi's Arrest Note (1968–…): Season 1, Episode 11 - Urami no tenpôsen - full transcript

Ichi! Let's do it!

Ready, Sabu!

Hate the sin, but love
the sinner, for whether you
bind or slay, you do it for others...

They are true men
who slash through the darkness.
Sabu and Ichi, of the misty, moonlit night.

Sabu-to-Ichi Torimono Hikae
(Sabu and Ichi's Arrest Warrant)

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Oh! Hold it right there!

Do I hear a customer?
A few too many of you for that.

You're the one that's
been hanging around here!

This is our territory!

Who told you that you
could do your business here?

Why don't you give us an answer,
before we get rough?

Oh, but I'm a fellow masseur.
I think you're barking up the wrong tree.

Now why don’t you move aside?

I'd rather we all got along,
as men of the same trade.

Stuff it! You're trying to steal our business!

It's time you paid your respects!

Now! Get him while he's down!

Son of a...

That ought to teach you a lesson!

Next time we see you around these parts,
we’ll tie you up and throw you into the Okawa!

We'll be taking this.


Money, huh...

This really is the root of all evil...

Episode 11: The spiteful Tempo coin
First aired: 12th December 1968

Hey, Ichi! You really should stop!

Thanks for your concern,
but tonight I have a lot to drown out.

But Ichi, why didn’t you draw your cane?

I just couldn't bring myself to it.

I understood how they felt so well it hurt.

Why would a blind man
hit another blind man?

Ichi must have been sad.

But that said, drinking
won't do you any good!


But you know, Sabu, life ain’t lived by logic.

Some times, you just must get drunk.

I'll bet you'll feel that way soon enough.

I hate liquor!

Is Sabu here?

Oh, it's Midori!

Father wants to see you.

Oh, is it a case?
Then I can't stay around here!

I'll see you soon, Ichi!

Without a case to pursue,
his truncheon would rust.

The eighteen-year-old
Sabu's blood began to boil.

Do you remember Sota, the tile maker?

Yes! Wasn't he the
one that tiled this roof?

Did something happen to him?

Last night at sundown, the Seventh Hour...

Sota was helping with
Echigoya's remodelling.

So it wasn't a murder?

No, it was an accident.

He and I learned how to write in
the same class at the temple school.

So what did you want me to do?

I was hoping you could
attend his funeral for me.

His funeral?

You don't have to go if you don't want to.

No, I actually love the solemn atmosphere!

Still, you never know what may happen.

To think such an experienced
tile maker would make a misstep...

I cannot tell you how
sorry I am for your husband.

This may not be much, but the
manager of Echigoya sends his condolences.

These gifts are all very kind...

But how am I supposed to
support my child from now on?

Thief-taker! Go on, pay your respects!

It's blood!

Where's that blood from?

There was a small
wound right where Sota fell.

It was shaped like a tiny hole.

A hole?

Yes, there must've
been a nail where he fell...

It'll be a long drop if
you fall, so watch yourself!

Don't worry! I'll be fine!

So this is where he fell from...

And there's nothing he could've fallen on...


If he died from the fall,
why is there blood here?

Something else must've happened!

So what? You're saying that Sota
was killed by a projectile weapon?

No one was nearby Sota when he fell.

I'm pretty sure it was some
type of projectile weapon...

...but I haven't the slightest
clue about what it could've been.

Foreman! Did Sota do
anything that would make enemies?

Perish the thought!

He was so straight-laced, he would never
take a step off the straight and narrow!

Is that so?

I asked the chief carpenter and
plasterer that were at the site that day...

...and they said just about the same thing!

Hey, hey! What is this?!

Do you call that stitching?!

These mats have to be stitched up straight,
or the straw shall come apart at the seams!

How many times do I have to tell you?

My apologies.

Have a look at that, Sabu.

Skill is everything to an artisan.

He may have been in a different trade...

...but Sota himself had
to suffer and be shouted at... he became
a full-fledged tile maker.

Not long after, there was a
string of strange highway robberies.

How awful...stabbed straight in the heart...

He's got the exact
same kind of wound as Sota.

The only difference is
that this one was robbed.

That's five dead by the
same modus operandi...

What could the weapon have been?

It's a hit!

It wasn't an arrow wound...

Not a gunshot or a
shuriken wound, either...




Dinner's ready!

First you pester me with asking "when's
dinner," and now you're ignoring me? Oh, my!

What's wrong?

Your sleeve's torn!

Oh, you're right!

So, you mind sewing it up for me?

Why should I care? You
like your cases more than me!

Sew it yourself!

Well, that's just cruel...


I’ve got it...

A needle! A mat needle!

Oh! Gisuke, was it?

Are you going home?

Yes. I work away from home, you see.

So where do you live?

At the Dobuita
Tenement House in Shibashingami.

Oh, is that so?

By the way, Gisuke, you were working
at the Echigoya site, weren't you?

Yes, what of it?

Oh, just curious.

Well, if you'll pardon my leave...

Oh, one more thing!

Gisuke...were you, by any
chance, a former samurai?

What, me? Surely you jest!

Oh, but your sideburns look
like they've been chafed by a mask!


Looks like you're pretty observant.

You're right. I have
been employed as a samurai.

But I was removed from my post...

...and now I am but a
humble straw mat artisan.

That life is long behind me.

Now, if you'll excuse me...

But he seems too clumsy to...

That's strange...this isn't
the way to Shibashingami...

Where is he going?

Hey, you there! Stop by over here, will you?

It's a red-light district...

Does he have a woman here?

Look out!

Look out! Mad dog!

Get away!

Help me!

Nice shot!

I knew it...

It WAS him! He killed them!

Hey, Gisuke! You're coming with me!

Oh...get back here!


Looks like he eluded your grasp.

What are you doing here, Ichi? Business?


Sabu, don't give up just yet.

I'll look into it.

I think Gisuke's lover may be in there...

Yes, he does come here
often. He is my father, after all.

Eh? Did you say father?

So you're a samurai's daughter?

That's right. At least,
I was. Until last spring, that is.

Why do you look at me
with such pity, officer?

Err, huh? No...

I know. You feel sorry for the girl whose
father sold her into such a filthy profession.

That's what you think?

This is a horrible place! Don't you agree?

I saw the punishment room downstairs!

I'm already used to it.

Your sympathy won't help me.


Tsuru is my name.
["Tsuru" = crane.]

I always dream that these
paper cranes I make can fly.

You're right. No matter what kind
of pit you're in, you're still free to dream.'ll be staying the night?

Eh?! You must be kidding!

Thief-takers aren't allowed
to fool around with women!

Goodbye now! Pardon my intrusion!

Have you done something that
warrants a thief-taker questioning you?

No, Madam! Not at all!

Well, I hope you're right.

Just watch yourself.
This could affect our business.

Yes, Madam. I'm sorry.

It's getting chilly again...

Whew! This Wind's really chilly.

More important to a thief-taker
than his rope is his perseverance.

You'll catch cold out here, sir!

You've outlasted me.

I can't even see my
daughter with you sticking out here.

You won't get away this time!

I'm not going to run or hide.

But I just have one request.

Alright. But let me ask you
this first: why did you kill Sota?

Why would you kill such an honest artisan?

It was because he was so honest!


He saw something at
Echigoya he shouldn't have.

I saw a bridal robe.

In spite of myself,
I remembered my daughter.

Tsuru is at the age
where she ought to be married.

And when I thought that,
I was ashamed of my faint-heartedness.

I even cried.

It was then that I found a
one-bu coin wedged between the mats.

And I took it!

Sota saw me take it.

And Sota told me: "Return
that coin. Otherwise I'll report you."

Either way, if rumours got
out that I was a petty thief... work as a straw mat
artisan would be ruined.

So I killed him without thinking.

I may be clumsy at stitching straw mats...

...but I still had sharp knife
throwing skills from my samurai days.

Don't you find that absurd?

After all, it's not like Echigoya
would care about every bu in his store.

So what's your request?

I want you to wait to arrest me
until the Hour of the Rat tomorrow.

Huh? What do you mean?

I’m getting Tsuru out of here tomorrow.

If I'm caught, I'll be going to prison.

I at least want Tsuru to be free...

With your money you made from
highway robbery? Now isn't that filthy?

But Sabu, how long do you
think it would take to set Tsuru
free on a straw mat artisan's wages?

Fifteen years!

Fifteen years?

I only realised the value
and ugliness of money after I was
stripped of my position, but it was too late.

Gisuke, what was your name as a samurai?

I've forgotten.

The only one going to prison
is the straw mat artisan Gisuke.

Now, please! Look the
other way until tomorrow evening!

Once she is free,
I shall have nothing to live for!

I shall gladly let you capture me!

I guess I can trust him...

But I need to inform the Magistrate!

This should be enough men.

Sabu went alone, but he's up
against a master of throwing needles.

He may need backup.


Night fell on the next day...

I'm so happy, Father!

You look really good!

But this must've been expensive!

No, don't mention it!

As long as you're happy...

Here, Father.

Having my daughter pour me wine, huh...

How many years has it been since
we've had such a happy night together?

Look! Even the cranes look happy!

Father, a thief-taker named
Sabu came to see me the other night.

Did anything happen?

No, it must’ve been some mistake.

More importantly, Tsuru,
you mind showing me your dance?

It's been so long, so I don't
know how well I can do it...

That night, Gisuke's hut
was lit until late into the night.

Huh? That's...

Soon, the Hour of the Rat came...

Sweet dreams, my child.

Ah, the cranes...

Just talking in her sleep...

There he is! You're under arrest!

Do not resist!

You lied to me, thief-taker!

You're under arrest!


Hey! Wait!

Please, wait!

Hey, wait!

Wait! Wait!

Wait! Wait!

Constable! Wait!

Ah ...

He's getting away! After him!

You're under arrest!

You're under arrest! Stop resisting!

You're making me break my word to him!

Wait, please!



Hey, thief-taker!
Why didn't you come alone?!

I was going to turn myself in to you!

This wasn't supposed to happen, Gisuke!

I was a fool to trust you!

I'm making my escape!


Now! Get him!



You cowardly thief-taker!






Father! '-




Stay back! You can't go there!

- Let me go! Father...Father!
- That's not Gisuke!

Father! Father!



Father. . . Father!



Sabu was as though
something had pierced his heart.

Something even sharper than a needle.

The heinous highwayman
has been caught last night!

Now, who could he have been?

None other than Gisuke
the straw mat artisan!

Yet another meritorious
achievement from Sabu!

Sabu has done it again!

What's that? Do you mean she was
taken back to the red-light district?

No, I hear that she wasn't...

His achievement was made public...

...but for whatever reason,
Sabu's heart was empty.

Tsuru had vanished, to who knows where.

Money, money, money...

This is what forced Tsuru into that pit!

Ichi's at home, worried about you.

Sabu! The true perpetrator's still out there!

Eh? Th-Then who was it?



Yes. And I don't think your
rope's strong enough to arrest it.

Hey, Ichi! Let me have a drink, too!

I see,Sabu.

Here, go on, give it a try.

You're a grown man. You
ought to know the taste of wine.

There are times you can't
get through without drinking.

So what do you think of
your first taste of wine?

It's bitter...I'll never
forget this bitterness...

Well, that's just like you, Sabu.

Ah, how pretty!

Oh, I’m going out, Ichi!

I’m going to ask Constable Tanabe
if he can lighten Gisuke's sentence!

Be careful, Sabu!

Ahh...Sabu, you forgot your umbrella!

Sabu needed to think...

...about why he caught
criminals, and for whom.

By the time day broke, Edo was
covered in the silver of its first snowfall... the light makeup of a
bride, concealing its compassion.

As though washing away
the filth of this world...

...the Sumida River flows steadily...

...until headless corpses surface
from the river one after another...

...making the vast city of Edo tremble.

In his dying moments, a blacksmith
with a number tattooed on his forehead...

...says but one word filled with mystery.

The key to this case was a ring of
counterfeiters who preyed on the weak.

Swearing to make the
unanticipated mastermind pay...

Sabu of the truncheon
and Ichi of the sword-cane
star in another great detect-I've tale!

Witness the spirit of Sabu and Ichi!

Subtitles produced by The Skaro Hunting Society / Hokuto no Gun
Translated by Systematic Chaos, Edited/Timed by Nanto
English localisation by lxs602