Sabu & Ichi's Arrest Note (1968–…): Season 1, Episode 1 - Sanbiki no kyôken - full transcript

Here we go, Ichi.


but love the sinner, for whether
you bind or slay, you do it for others...

who slash through the darkness.
Sabu and Ichi, of the misty, moonlit night.

who slash through the darkness.
Sabu and IchiFof the misty, moonlit night.

who slash through the_darkness.
Sabu and Ichi, of the miSty, moonlit night.

Snbu and Ichi's Detective Tales

Created by:

a massive hurricane, the likes of which had
not been seen for years, swept through Edo.

Please let me in!

Please let me in!


Please let me in!

Please let me in!

He must be caught up in
the storm. We'd best let him in.

Hey sis, top me off, okay?

Let me go!

Escaped convicts!

The trio who used the storm
to escape their isle of exile:

Katame, Mamushi, and Yota.

Criminals of the cruelest breed.

Stop it!

Please, stop it!

I'll do anything you ask!
Just spare my daughter!



With eyes as bright as the
clear blue sky after a storm...

He was a thief-taker who lived by
the truncheon at the tender age of 18...

the Chief Constable of Ryusen
Temple district in Asakusa.

Hey, Ichi!

We sure had a horrible
storm last night, didn't we?

My roof started to fly off.

Doesn't look like this tenement
house is going to last much longer.

Want some help, man?

Nahhh. I'm fine.

Ah! Sis!

I thought my heart was going to stop!

Ah, sorry.

Oh, Midori...why
are you in such a hurry?

My father wants to see you.

Huh? The Chief?

There was a murder in Kawasaki last night.

And Constable Tanabe was...

Okay, let's go!

This is awful!

These are horrific! I can hardly
believe this was done by a human being!

Such a violent modus
operandi could only mean...

Constable Tanabe! I just heard
some news from the Magistrate's office!

Some convicts escaped
in the storm last night!

What? So it must be...

This bridge is the border of Hell.

gathering in this district near the Ishikawa
island labor camp, and built a hamlet there.

People called it "Hell's Island.”

It was a den of evil.

Master Katame's back!

Master Katame!

We've waited a long time for your return.

I took command of
the island while you were gone.

I see.

Well, I'm glad to hear that.

No problem.

But now, your job... over.

Hey, scumbags!

From now on, I'm the boss of this island.

Any objections?

It was about ten years ago.

A gang of three attacked a rice broker of Kuramae.
I arrested them and they were exiled to an island.

They were Katame, Mamushi, and Yota.
And they were more beast than man.

Those three same men just
escaped their island of exile.

I knew it. You're the better
investigator between the two of us.

You'll get the hang of it eventually.

Some day, I'll be just like you.

I just have to make those
murderers pay for what they've done...

To such a small child...

I know just how you feel, Sabu.
Just keep your cool, alright?

In blustery winter nights
and sweltering summer days...

Thief-takers walk to earn their living.

Until even their backs are chapped...

They walk until they
make a name for themselves.

What? Hell's Island?
- Guardhouse

He was found in the Okawa
River, covered in stab wounds!

He must've snuck into Hell's
Island and blown his cover!

Ah! I should've
been with him! I'm sorry!

Don't poke fun at me.
Senkichi was my mentor.

one of us could become a full-fledged
thief-taker first. He was a great man!

I know.

I swear I'll avenge him.

No matter what happens,
I’ll find those wolves and arrest them!


But please don't be reckless.

If you had shared
Senkichi's fate, I would just...

Have no fear, Miss.
Sabu has me at his side.

I won’t make you
cry over him, Midori.

Ahh...How long have you
been standing there, Ichi?

I see you two are getting along well.

Well then, I suppose I'll be off...

What pretty stars...

If those three have made their way
to Hell's Island, then we have a problem.

Not even the Magistrate
has any power over that island.

If only we could lure
them off Hell's Island...

Excuse there
a man named Sabu here?

Actually, I am Ocho, the daughter of the
manager of Echigo-ya in Kawara District.

And last
father received this letter.

Wh-What's this?

What's the use in my looking?

"We've spent the past ten
years on an island because of you."

"Bring 10,000 ryo to us as reparations."

"If you rat us out to the
Shogun, your life will be ours."




Ten years ago,
my father was the head clerk...

...of Oguchi-ya,
the rice broker of Kuramae.

What's going on? Who are you?!

Everyone who worked there,
including the master, was killed off.

Luckily, my father survived
because they missed his Vitals.

three men's faces and told an
officer about it the next morning.

That's right.

I was finally able to arrest
them because of that lead.

They were suppose to hang, but they were pardoned
due to the death of the previous Shogun...

...and they were banished to an island.

Okay. The three will
be back in that district.

Sabu! Make arrangements at once!

Yes, sir!

Well, if it ain't Echigo-ya's daughter.


Move, blind man!

I ain't moving.

Not until you leave the
girl in that palanquin here.

What did you say?

You're not bad.

I'm not going to kill you.

If I just killed you now, that won't give
the people you killed their satisfaction.

Guys like you deserve to have your
heads mounted on the prison rack!

To think that recklessly switching
to the blunt edge of his sword-cane. ..

...would have irreversible repercussions.

Not even Ichi could have guessed.

Guess you lost your head, old man.

That's a famous quicksand patch.

So you fell right into our trap.

This one’s for Senkichi! I'm taking you in!

Let's grab the girl and scram!

You won't get away so easily!

Stop struggling!

Huh? Ichi!


Take it, Ichi!

Hold on tight!

Don't let them get back to Hell's Island.

Block off the entrance!

Boss, we can't make
it back to Hell's Island.

So should we just kill that girl?

Not yet. I've got a plan. Come on.

It's them!

Escaped convicts...

We have this place surrounded.

Now forget about running
and turn yourselves in!

Listen, police dogs.

The five bells are about to ring!

the time the bell stops ringing,
I'm killing this girl, painfully. Got it?

Five bells, got it?

Mr. Officer!

I am Ocho's father! '

Ah, Ocho's father?

Please, will you...will
you save my daughter?

I'm begging you!

Please...Mr. Officer!

Woah, woah, woah,
can't we run a little slower?

Got it.

Constable Tanabe!



Let’s go!

You got it, Sabu.

I found some oil.

Good. If it comes down to it,
we'll burn down the temple.

Boss, the bell stopped ringing.

Serves you right, stupid pigs.

Sorry to scare you, Sabu.

I just hate spider webs.

They've backed off.

We'd better make tracks
while we have the chance.

What should we do about the girl?

She's a bonus.

Let's get the most
use out of her that we can.

In this world,
there are gods and buddhas.

The Amida Buddha is
watching you, and he is not pleased.

That voice sounds like
the masseur from before.

Show yourself!

Just try it-! Just move one
inch from where you are!

And we'll kill the girl!

Sabu, you take the lights.


I can't see!

Don't yell!

The darkness is my world.


He's cut through the chain!

Yota, the oil!

Sabu! Get the girl!


Stay back!

You're mine!

Step right up, everyone!

Step right up, everyone!


I'm so glad you're safe!
I was so worried about you.

Eh? You were really
that worried about me?

See? My heart is still racing.


Oops, I'd forgotten about him.

You were supposed to
take me somewhere today.

I've been a good boy, see?

But you see, Santa...

Now we mustn't back out of
a promise and disappoint him.

Come, Santa, I'll buy you a taffy.

Let's all go together!

Guess you don't know what
I mean, do you? Come here.

Midori, Sabu is very tired.

He's been through tough times.

But you see, the days of autumn are short.

Don't waste them.

Don't waste them!

The sound of the falling leaf sure is quiet.

The storm has passed,
and Edo's sky shines clear.

The air above the 800 districts of Edo is
filled with the transparent glitter of the sun.

Sabu and Ichi are both in high spirits.

The End
Subtitled by The Skaro Hunting Society / Hokuto No Gun