Sabtu Bersama Bapak (2023–…): Season 1, Episode 1 - Episode #1.1 - full transcript


[Birds chirping]

[Birds chirping]





[Continues sobbing]


Do you want to see Dad?

[Sobbing silently]

[Putting tape in the player]

Hi, Satya. Hi, Saka.



- It's Dad, Mom.
- Hi, Dad.

Yes, right. This is Dad right here.

I've just moved to different place.

I'm not sick anymore. Praise be to Allah.

It is all because of your prayer,
Satya and Saka.

Thank you very much.

Maybe I can't sit together with you anymore.

I can no longer play with you,
Satya and Saka.

But I don't want to lose you.

I want you to grow up
with me beside you.

I want to teach many things to you,
Satya and Saka.

I'm preparing everything.

So if Satya and Saka
have a problem or question... don't have to worry about
where to find the solution.

All of Dad's videos are for you.

You must study hard.

Be virtuous. Be good.

And we will watch it every week.

One video for each week.

Every Saturday, okay?

- Do you want to?
- Yes.

[Putting tiffin carriers]

- Put it here.
- Okay.

Mom, it's Saturday. Mom!

- Saturday!
- Yes, it's Saturday.

- Look at this, Mom.
- What is this?

Wow, one hundred.


- Do you want to watch?
- Yes.

Okay, I will warm up the car first, okay?


- Be careful, don't run.
- Yes, Auntie.

- I want this one.
- No, this one.

Wait, that's for when you're
twenty years old.

- This one.
- Satya will put it on.

Satya, Saka, your lunch is in the kitchen.

I will go to the shop now.

And when you hear the call to prayer,
what should you do?


- Peace be with you.
- Peace be with you too.

I don't want death to keep us apart.

Dad is here.

With you.

I love you all.

[Opening music]

[Opening music]

[Opening music]

[Opening music]

[Crickets chirping]

Hi, Satya. Hi, Saka.

[Crickets chirping]

[Clicking sound]

[Door opened]

- Peace be with you.
- Peace be with you too.

Every time you serve at the restaurant... many girls come to eat there.

I attract good fortunes, Mom.


Ka, what are you doing?

I'm digitizing, Mom.

[Crickets chirping]


Cassette tapes can get mouldy.

I see.

So I'm transferring the files
to a USB drive, Mom.

Then we can easily take the USB

Can I watch it?

Of course, I'm making 3 copies.

[Crickets chirping]

Do you miss Dad?

Why, Mom?

We see each other every Saturday.


- Mom.
- Yes, Ka.


I won't be going to Bandung this weekend.

I want to fill my new house and finish it up.

It's okay if you can't come.

How is it? Are you happy
with the new house, Ka?

Yes, I am. It's exciting.

Let me see it.

The last time you're here,
it's still empty and not painted yet.

In which restaurant are you at, Mom?

- The one at Sulanjana.
- I see.

You all can make it next week, right?
We'll have a housewarming party here.

Of course. It's the hot topic
on the family group.

They are even asking
on what clothes to wear.

It's still empty, right, Ka?

Yes, it is.

I'll go to the furniture shop
right after this call.

We already have the dinner table here.

And I'll place a sofa in the middle
because it's spacious.

I'm still not sure where to put the TV,
maybe in the corner.

Where will you put my grandchildren
and my daughter in law?

Come on, Mom.

You're doing it again.

I'm just kidding.

- Take it easy.
- Okay.

See you next Saturday.

Yes, Mom.

Bye, Ka. Peace be with you.

Peace be with you too.

[Happy music]

The Built-To-Suit warehouse...

...or as we call it BTS, will be
up and running by 2023.

Once it's operational, we can
cater to your product's growth.

So building this BTS
is our commitment to you... long-term partner.

Wow, thank you so much Rissa,
to you and all of your team.

I mean, this is really,
really impressive.

Thanks again.

And how do you say it in Indonesian?

"Terima kasih".


- See you next time.
- You're welcome.

- Thank you, Chris.- Bye.


Thank you.

By the way, you'll still work with us
as long as it's 100 percent remote...

...because you have to be
with your husband, right?

But to be honest, Ris, we really
need you in Jakarta.

Why? I can do everything from here.

To replace me, Rissa.

I got promoted.
You got promoted too.

And your salary is doubled.

But I have to return to Jakarta.

I will think about it. Is that alright?

I hope you'll say yes this time,
but just think about it, okay?

- Alright.
- Thank you.

- Bye, see you.- Bye.


Thank you.

[Car door closed]

[Car drives away]

[Birds chirping]

[Door knocking sound]

[Door opened]

- Boys!
- Dad!

I miss you guys.

[Birds chirping]

[Laughs, kiss on the forehead]

Ryan. Miku.

How's school today?

- It's fine.
- It's fine.

[Cutleries clinking]

That's it?

Is that all?

Ryan. Miku. Come on.

Dad wants to hear about everything.


Come here.



You don't get to see them everyday, right?

You should bond with Ryan and Miku first.


Do you want to drink?

You're right.

Let's play soccer.

- Yes, right!
- Okay.



Look, your brothers are playing soccer.

Brothers, let's play soccer.

Come get the ball.


Come on, Ryan, Miku.

You can do it!


Get it.



[Shouting happily]

- Quickly.
- You're cheating, Dad.

- Cheat? How?
- You are a big adult, Dad.

Ryan, I already played easy.

I don't want to play with you again.

It's okay, boys. It's okay.

Have a drink, come on.

Have a drink.


This one's for Ryan. It's okay.

Let's play again later.

You should let them win.

Give them their chance.

Come here, dear. It's raining.

Our parenting style is different, right?

Okay, okay.

Here, let me hold the oranges.

Ryan, Miku, next time I will play slower.

But first, I want to tell you a story.

When I was about your age...

...I used to train tae kwon do
with your "Aki".

- "Aki"?
- Yes.

Your grandpa.

He died when I was your age.

You know what he said?

[Slow music, birds chirping]

That's why we have to record it.

So when we make a mistake,
we will know it.

Please try.



Get up.



I don't want to train with you anymore.

I will never win because you're a big adult.


...when you've grown up... will face an even bigger opponent.

And he will not want to lose to you.

I can't always make the challenge
easier for you.

What I can do is to make you stronger
to face the challenge.

We have to learn and work harder, smarter.


And I've never won even once against him.


Let's get up. It's raining.

Are you sure I'm still too harsh?


Next time, ask them to play
something they can do too.

Make it fair.

Won't that make their Dad look weak?

They will look at their Dad
as a normal human being, just like them.

Yes, see, she agreed.

Okay, come on.

- Let's roll it up.
- Ryan, please help.

[Crickets chirping]

Allah is The Greatest.

[Crickets chirping from distance]

Peace be with you.

Peace be with you.

Be a virtuous son, Dear.

Amen, ya Allah.

Stay healthy, Mom.



Mom, today is my payday.

What do you want?

Martabak? Your favorite.

You don't have to, save your money.

Can't I make my own mother happy, Mom?

- Up to you then.
- There you go.

Will you be going home at night?

At dusk, Mom. I'll be going to Weni's first.

You better take a bath then.




Hi, Tang.
Aren't you going to school?

I'm about to.

The Math test is tomorrow.

- Can you teach me?
- Of course.

Have you tried studying it first?

I have, but I still don't understand.

It's okay. At least you've tried.

They say, a smart guy is beaten by...

- A rich guy!
- A hard worker.

You joker!

- Later, okay?
- Okay.

- Are you coming?
- Okay.

[Gate opened, gate creaking sound]

[Machine humming]


- Excuse me.
- Go ahead.

[Machine humming]

Praise be to Allah.

The machine is working again.

- Thank you, handsome.
- You're welcome.

Miss, I have never seen you.

I'm new here.

How about you being this pretty,
how long has it been?

Here you go, Sir.

Thank you, Miss.

I want to pay the electricity bill.

And I want to withdraw Rp500 cash too.


Thank you.

You're welcome.

[Music continues]

- Thank you for the martabak.
- You're welcome.

Why don't you eat it, Wen.

Is this the only one?

I have another one. For Mom.

Kang, are you serious with me?

Of course I am serious, Weni.

How could you think I'm not?
We've been together for 3 years.

I won't be allowed to marry
if I don't get a house as dowry.

Yes, I know.

That's why I'm saving for it now.

But... takes time.

We have to be patient, okay?

What if somebody propose to me?

- I don't know.
- Why don't you know?

You should put more effort to win me.

I am putting the effort, Wen.

I'm working and saving. What else can I do?

Now if you say someone
suddenly come and propose to you...

...what could I do?

It's all up to you, Wen.

Then you're not serious with me, Kang.


Let's stop. I can't process this anymore.

Every time I come to visit, we always
ended up talking about material things.


I'll take my leave.

Peace be with you.

Peace be with you too.

[Ball thumping]

Tang, let's play soccer, alright?

- Come on.
- Go study, you fool.

I want to enroll at ITB.

You're dumb, there's no way
you'll be accepted at ITB.

- How?
- Fool.


Fish breathe with...

With its friends.

The fish can't possibly breathe alone, right?

That's true.

If it's breathing, there's no way
it will let its friends not breathe, right?


- Selfish.
- Greedy.

- Let's continue.
- Okay, continue.

Frog breeds with...

With what?


With another frog.
The fishes are busy breathing, right?

- Yes, correct.
- Correct.

And now? What?

It's math.

Kang Weos.

- Kang Wawan.
- Kang Weos.

- Okay, let's go.
- Now?

Now, come on.

[Pouring rain with thunder]

Ow. Ouch.

I'm all wet.

[Countinues raining]



Is he home?

He hasn't answered, you fool.


[Door knocking]

Tang, Tang.

- Ma'am!
- Ma'am!



[Motorcycle revving]


- What happened?
- Your mom.

I seek forgiveness from Allah.


Mom! Wake up!


[Intense music]

Good afternoon.

Good afternoon, Doc.

How's my mother's condition, Doc?

- Let me check on her first.
- Please.

Based on her examination result,
your mother had a stroke.

She is not conscious yet
and has to stay...

...for a few more days.

We will be observing her progress
in the next 7 days.

[Sad music]

Peace be with you, Kang Dedi.

- What's up, Wan?- Mom is in the hospital.

What happened to Mom?

The doctor said she had a stroke.

Can you come to Bandung?

I'll try.

Peace be with you.

Peace be with you too.

It's Wawan, Sir.

I want to tell you that
my mom has to be hospitalized.

Doctor says it's rather severe.

She has to stay for a while in the hospital.

I'd like to request for a 1 week leave.

There will be a lot of sewing machine
breakdowns in 1 week.

But I really need 1 week leave, Sir.

And you only have 2 days leave left.

- I'll have to cut your salary.
- It's alright, Sir.

Thank you, Sir.

[Sad music]

Peace be with you, Wen.

If you have time,
please visit my mom in the hospital.

If I have the time, Kang.

Please make time for her.

As Allah willed it. Mom.

Mom, can you hear me?

Mom? Praise be to Allah.


Excuse me, nurse.

My mom has woken up.
May I see the doctor?

How's my mom, doc?

How come there is no response?

Let's come to my office.

Please look after my mom, nurse.

Your mom is awake.

I also notice that she's in stable condition.

But, because of the stroke...

...your mom can not speak or move.

So we have to do further observations.

Can she be cured, Doc?

She will have to undergo therapy.

But I don't think it's possible
to return her to how she was before.

You have to talk to her frequently
so that she knows...

...that you are there with her.

So that she won't feel lonely.

[Sad music]

Wen, why haven't you visit my mom?

My mom is awake.

Yes, later, okay?

Alright, please come to the hospital
if you can.

Peace be with you.

Peace be with you too.

[Phone receiver clicks]

Sir, I can't work like this.

Me too, Sir.

Okay, I will try to find a way out.

I'll miss my deadline. What should I do?

Darn this Gunawan...

Peace be with you, Sir.

I'm sorry, Sir.

My Mom is still in the hospital.

I'm asking for additional leave.

1 more week, please.

There are a lot of sewing machines
that has broken down, Gun.

Can't you just come for a day?

Don't you have any siblings?

No, Sir. It's just me.

Ma'am, I hope you'll get well soon.

I don't know you.

But I still pray for you, Ma'am.

And since I don't have a girlfriend...

...Allah will surely answer my prayers.


My Mom gave this crackers for you.

Please have some, Ma'am.

[Calling quietly]

Who is she?

She's over there.

[Funny music]

Ma'am, I'm sorry.

- Peace be with you.
- Peace be with you too.

That person is all bandaged,
so I mistook her identity.

My mom had a stroke, not hit by a truck.

Ma'am, how are you? Feeling better?

[Bell rings]

Praise be to Allah, I hope you get well soon.

Actually my Mom gave some crackers for you,


Such passionate cracker-eating...

I'll bring you more crackers next time.

[Bell rings]

Tang, do you see Dedi's car at home?

Dedi? No.

- He isn't there?
- No, he isn't.

Dedi will come to Bandung for sure.

He will come to Bandung.

You have to eat more.

So he'll be happy when he sees you.

[Bell rings]

- Excuse me.
- Doctor.

Your mom still can't talk or walk yet.

But her condition is getting better.

- Is this everything?
- Yes.

And the lab results
has shown improvements.

So she's allowed to go home.

I will go to the bank first.

- Here you go, Sir.
- Thank you.

I want to withdraw cash, Miss.

How much?

- All of it.
- All of it?


[Crickets chirping]

We're home, Mom.


[Crickets chirping]

In the name of Allah.

[Crickets chirping]

Here's the pillow, Mom.

Here's the bell.

Ring it if you need anything.

Take a rest, Mom.
Wawan will be out for a while.

[Door opened]

[Crickets chirping]

[Crickets chirping]

[Door opened]

Where is Mom?

In the bedroom.

[Door closed]

Wan, what do you think we should do?

Honestly, I'm stumped, Kang.

Maybe we need a nurse.

A nurse?

It will be expensive.

A maid will do.

A nurse will have more knowledge.

They are expensive because they understand
how to provide proper care.

Who will pay for it?

Me, of course.

[Crickets chirping]

Let's send Mom to a nursing home.

I seek forgiveness from Allah.

How could you think like that, Kang?

Nursing home is not a disgrace, Wan.

It's the best option.

Best option, says who?


Listen, Wan.

In a nursing home,
the staff there are trained.

They give the medicine
according to the schedule.

You're not trained to do it, Wan.

If you give the wrong medicine,
Mom will die.

They're always ready 24 hours.
How about you?

You work during the day.

And at night, when you're asleep
and suddenly Mom suffer another stroke.

It will be fatal for Mom.

Send her to a nursing home,
that's the best option.

I disagree.

Kang, what's best for a child is his parents.

[Crickets chirping]

What's best for the parents
are their children.

Let's hire a nurse.

You pay for the nurse then.


[Slow music]

[Phone ringing]

[Phone ringing]


Yes, it's me.

[Dramatic music]

How do you know this number?

Yes, I'm trying to pay for it.


I will certainly pay.

I understand. I will pay.

Don't call this number again.
Thank you.


- I have to go to work.
- I see.

I've used up all my leave.

My pay has been cut.

Please look after Mom.

Yes, yes.

By the way...

Kang, if you could please help.

I've spent all my savings to pay
for Mom's hospital bill.


Could you pay half of it?

I don't have money too.

[Tongue clicking]

In that case, could you give me
some money... buy Mom's medicine and wheelchair.

- It's expensive.
- This is all I got.

Thank you, Kang.

[Machine humming]

- Gun.
- Yes, Sir?

You don't have to work here anymore.

Why, Sir?

You don't work for two weeks.

Do you know how many machines
that broke down?

Thirty two, Gun.

Do you know what's the result?

Our production is down by 20 percent.

I've found your replacement.

He's working now.

[Intense music]

Good morning. Eka Jaya?

This is your termination papers.

Go to the HR department,
return your uniform...

...and take your severance pay.

You have to be aware on
the consequences of skipping work.

[Dramatic music]

[Dramatic music]

I want to sell my house,
Cigadung Raya No. 8.

I want to sell it soon.

What time will you be here?

Ten o'clock?

[Dramatic music]

Okay, ten o'clock.
Yes, that will do.

I'm Dedi, Sir.

[Cupboard opened]

[Cupboard closed]

[Motorcycle stops]

I want to buy these medicines.
All of them.

- I will prepare them first. Please wait.
- Okay, thank you.

Mr. Gunawan.

Here's the medicine.

I need a wheelchair. How much is it?

Wait a moment.

Here's the total with the medicines, Sir.

[Dramatic music]

Do you have anything cheaper?

That's the cheapest, Sir.

[Dramatic music]

[Dramatic music continues]

Let me count it, Sir.

[Dramatic music]

The amount is correct.

Thank you, Miss.

[Sweeping lawn]

Excuse me.

[Fast footsteps]

- Mr. Dedi?
- Yes.

- Are you Mr. Dedi?
- Yes, it's me.

I'm the one who want to see this house.

Eka Jaya?


By the way, why do you
want to sell this house?

- It's inheritance. Come inside.
- Yes.

It's quite spacious.

How about the furnitures?
Already divided among the inheritors?

No, not yet.

[Door opened]

[Dramatic music]

[Dramatic music]

- Wait a moment, Sir.
- Yes.

[Glassess clinking]


How much do you think
this house is worth, Sir?

One moment.

It can go up or down around 10
to 20 percent...

...from the listed price.

It depends on the economy
and the buyer's power.

It's been difficult lately.

You know how it is, the economy
is not in a good shape.

Plus there's also the recession.

What can I do to sell this house quickly?

If you want this house to sell quickly...

Yes. have to clean this house.

Especially that room, Sir.

[Bell rings]

[Bell continues ringing]

- I'm going now, Sir.
- Yes.


All of it?

So you start all over again?

I've been patient with you, Kang.

Waiting for 3 years now.

But if it's like this,
looks like we won't be getting married.

We will.

We can, Wen.

If Allah wills it, we can.

We will find a way to save money.

I will find work with a salary
that's enough for 3 people.

3 people?

Yes, me, you and my mom.

So when we get married,
your mom will live with us?

Who else will she live with, Wen?

My mom is old and frail.

I don't want to start
a family in someone else's home.

I don't want to live in the same house
with my mother in law.

Where will we live?

You don't own a house.

[Pouring rain]

Your savings are gone.

You don't have a job.

Talking is easy, Kang.
Every guy can do that.

Weni need an assurance.

[Dramatic music, pouring rain]

[Pouring rain continues]

I think we both know how this will end.


I have my mom who I want to look after.

I don't want to waste your time
in waiting any longer.

No, I don't want that.

[Dramatic music continues]

[Dramatic music, pouring rain]

Thank you so much for waiting patiently
for 3 years.

If Allah wills it...

...I hope Weni will find someone
better than me.

[Dramatic music]


I'll be leaving now.

[Chair creaking]

[Dramatic music]

Sir, I'll take my leave.

Peace be with you.

[Dramatic music]

[Dramatic music]

[Motorcycle drives closer]

House for Sale

[Gate creaking]

[Door opened]



[Dramatic music]

[Dramatic music]

[Intense music]

[Motorcycle engine revving]

Welas Asih Nursing Home

Nurse. Excuse me.

I have a question.

Is this woman admitted here today?

- No, Sir.
- Please take a good look.

Yes, she is not here.

- May I look inside?
- You can't. The visiting hour is over.

I can assure you, that lady
is not admitted here today.

Excuse me.

Thank you.

[Intense music]

[Intense music]

[Motorcycle engine revving]

[Motorcycle engine revving]

[Dramatic music]

[Dramatic music]

[Dramatic music]

[Dramatic music continues]

[Dramatic music]


I seek forgiveness from Allah... Mom.

Ya Allah... I'm very sorry, Mom.

We're going home, Mom.

We're going home, Mom.

[Dramatic music]

[Dramatic music]

[Vegetables being cut]

[Turning on the faucet]

[People talking]

Have you cut all the vegetables, Ma'am?

I told you, please let me make the soup,

It's alright. Have you asked about it?

I have Ma'am. I have asked her.

That's the name of her father
and the hospital.

Alright, I will go.

Take care, Ma'am.

- Peace be with you.
- Peace be with you too.

- Pay attention.
- Okay.

[People talking]

I'll be going.

[People talking]

[Shouting happily]


Alright, please clean up.

- I will put these back first.
- Okay.

Wait, Dear.

Let's play zig-zag.

Come on, Miku.

[Mimicking cat]

The car. The cat drives the car.


Have you decided?

It's fallen. Where is it?

Did it fall?

Excuse me, Ma'am. Who's sick?

- Please wait.
- Alright, Ma'am.

May I help you, Ma'am?

This patient. How much is the bill?

Please wait, Ma'am, I'll check.

The patient is an inpatient.

For his medications and treatment,
the bill's total is 43 million rupiah.

I told his daughter yesterday
that she can pay in installments, tut...

There's a hadith of Prophet Muhammad
that said...

...the best kind of person is a person
who is helpful to others.

What I want to say to you is...

...take good care of your life first.

And then make yourself as helpful
as you can to others.

Help those who are helpless.

Mrs. Itje, I'll inform his daughter
that you're the one who...

No, you don't have to.

Just tell her it's paid.

Okay, I will tell her that.

And do your good deeds in secret... it will not be lost.

And from all of those people...

...the most important ones
are your parents.

Your mom.

The most important good deeds...

...are the good deeds you do
for your parents.

[Dramatic music]

[Crickets chirping]

I will find a way.

I will find a way.

So if you can, if you are capable...

...please take care of Mom.

Look after Mom.


Dad loves you all.

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