S.W.A.T. (2017–…): Season 6, Episode 9 - Pariah - full transcript

When faced with a series of random shootings, one SWAT member's family connections could be the key to stopping the next attack. Hondo prepares to meet Rochelle's parents for the first time. Tan helps Luca navigate a sensitive sit...

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Hey, babe, I'm about to
start the slow cooker.

If your parents have
any food allergies,

speak now or forever
hold your peace.


Sorry. No food allergies.Cool.

Now it is

breakfast time for
two. Mmm. Okay.

Hey, if anybody should be
nervous about tonight, it's me.

I'm the one who's got to meet
your folks for the first time.

I've told you my dad
is an idealistic man,

very opinionated...

You don't become the
Dean of Social Sciences

unless you got
opinions. My mom, too.

What made her such a good
real estate agent was being...

judgy about everything.

You just described a whole bunch
of parents, including my own.

I am so excited to finally
meet your mom and dad,

even if it is a
few years overdue.

I'm just warning you that
they're gonna have some thoughts

on the color of the baby's
room, the size of the crib,

and schools and...

You get the picture,
right? Yeah.

I don't want you to be put off.

Sounds like we're
gonna have some good

family conversation tonight.

It's gonna be fun.

I'm glad one of us thinks so.

If they start
pitching baby names,

can you just smile
and nod? Can you?


Hey, you
switching up your stance

or something? No.

Just not getting great sleep,
man. It's not a big deal.

I'm fine. Hey, you can talk
to me if something's up.

No shut-eye is usually a
symptom, not the cause.

Bonnie's been traveling a
lot more for work lately.

She's hitting all these
VIP sporting events,

couldn't make it back

for our anniversary.

We've been apart a
lot. I'm not gonna lie.

It's been hard. I
just miss my wife.

Damn. I'm sorry. I wish there
was something I could help with.

Officer Luca? Yeah.

Dominique Luca? Yeah.


Sorry to interrupt.

Um, my name is Eva Durant.

Can I talk to you? Uh,
now's not really great.

Look, I can ping somebody if
you're working patrol for us.

Oh, actually, it's
a personal matter.

Is there somewhere we can talk?

Well, my SWAT teammates are
family, so you can say whatever

you needed to say. Well...

I'm your sister.

What are
you talking about?

I-I don't have a sister.

I'm afraid you do.
Look, I don't know

what you're playing at, but
there's no way. All right.

Let-let me back up.

Long story short, I
lost my mom recently.

Sorry for your loss.Yeah.


Uh, but the point is, I've
never known who my father was.

She wouldn't tell me, but
right before she died,

she changed her mind.

She confessed to me
that she had an affair

years ago when she worked

out of Hollenbeck with
a guy named Carl Luca.

You can look her up...
Detective Sofia Durant.


No way my dad would've
cheated on my mom.Okay.

I know I'm blindsiding you here.

And as far as I know,

your dad... He
doesn't know about me.

He never knew

that my mom was
carrying his baby.

Just... what exactly
do you want from me?

I just... wanted to
meet my half brother...

and talk.

You know, I got to admit,

it's pretty cool, the
both of us being LAPD,

carrying on our
parents' legacies.

Stop. Just-just stop, okay?

I don't want to call your mom

a liar, especially because

she just died, but

you got it all wrong,
you understand me?

Look, where do you work out of?

Maybe I can get him to
touch base with you later.

I'm mid-watch out
of 27th Division.

And, look, I-I get that
this isn't something

he wants to believe.

But it's the truth.


Hate to say it, but

Robbery Homicide's gonna
need SWAT's help on this one.

Copy that. What's
the story so far?

Firebombing and a shooting.

Suspect hit the phone bank here
with two Molotov cocktails.

Then, when workers were
fleeing the fire, he started

picking 'em off. Some
messed up stuff, right?

What kind of toll
are we looking at?

Three dead, 11 wounded,
including the security guard.

He shot back, and even
though he didn't end up

hitting the guy, he did
manage to force the shooter

back into his getaway car.

So it could've been even worse?

Yeah, still might be.

You think this is the
start of something?

More like a continuation.
This was the second attack.

A fulfillment center
in Toluca Lake

got hit about an hour
before this went down.

Sheriff's Department responded.

Shooter was gone by the
time they got there.

In and out, hit and run,

just like this one? Yeah.

There, uh, security
footage? Yeah.

We're canvassing it now,
as well as spent shells

for ballistics. So,
if there's an arsonist

spree shooter on the loose,
there's a good chance

he's prepping for his next hit.

That's what we're afraid of,

and that's why I called SWAT.

All right, we'll work
with RHD to figure out

who this guy is and
where he's going next,

and when he strikes...
we'll stop him.

What do you got, Street?

We compared witness statements
from both shootings.

They reported seeing the same
vehicle... blue Chevy Impala.

It was reported stolen

yesterday in North Hollywood.
I already put out a BOLO,

so we'll know if it hits traffic
cams or turns up anywhere.

Wonder if the shooter
will keep the ride

now that we got cops all
over the city on this.

Well, if he keeps
it, we'll find him.

Now, Hondo and Tan are
looking into connections

between the two
businesses that got hit,

hoping we can figure out
why they were targeted.

All right, good.

Deacon and Cabrera are
headed over to the hospital

to talk to the wounded
security guard.

Maybe he can shed
some light on this.

Hey, check on ballistics.

Maybe the shells left behind
can give us something.

Roger that, Commander.

I want this sick
bastard stopped.

Oh, thank you. Mm-hmm.

Mr. Ellis? Mm-hmm.

I'm Sergeant Kay, this
is Officer Cabrera.

Thanks for talking to us.

Uh-huh, I know how important
time is for you guys, so...

Anything you've got
on our shooter...

It'd be a big help.

Um... shooter had on a
hoodie, but I saw his face.

Kid was young, couldn't
have been more than 18,

19, tops.

Was there anyone else in
the car? Any accomplices?

I tried to see but
couldn't make anything out.

Tinted windows.

You said you got a look
at the shooter's face.

Mm-hmm. Can you describe him?

Well, Hispanic
kid, if that helps.

Oh, did he say anything
that might hint at a motive?

If he did, I didn't hear it.

Were there any threats made
at the business beforehand?

Mm, nothing. I would have heard
about something like that.

Hey, you seen Hondo?
Motor pool, I think.

All right. Hey,
man, you all right?

Just want to make
sure you're okay.

What, okay with this lady
coming out of nowhere,

saying that my dad
cheated on my mom?

That he had an affair
with some coworker?

Sofia Durant. That's what she
said her mother's name was.

If you want, I can
look up her PD file.

No, absolutely not.

I'm not gonna play into this
'cause I don't believe her.

Okay, my dad is a good guy.

He wouldn't have done
what she's saying.

Listen, I don't
think she came by

just to break up
the Luca family.

Yeah, but that's
what she's doing.

Okay, my parents are
old, they finally got

to a place where they
just seem... settled.

What's something like
this going to do to them?

I get it, man. It's-it's
a lot to process,

but what if you just sat
down and talked with her?

That's all Eva wants right now.

After all, if she
is your sister...

Hey, Hondo, I just
talked to Deac.

The wounded guard from
the phone bank didn't know

of any threats to the
company or its employees.

Yeah, I heard pretty
much the same thing

from Detective Burrows. Whatever
the connection is between

the two targets this morning,
we still haven't found it.

Which means the attacks
could be random.

Making this even more
dangerous and unpredictable

than we thought. Our
shooter could pop off

anywhere, any time.

Still waiting on the ballistics

Hopefully it tells us
something when it comes in.


What? Everything all right?

Nichelle's father is
inside asking for me.

Were you expecting him?
No. No. I was supposed

to meet him for the first
time tonight at dinner.

I wonder why he'd
come by here first.

Well, only one way to find out.


Mr. Carmichael,
this is a surprise.

Nice to finally meet you. I know
this is a little preemptive.

I was admiring the history
here. You don't see many faces

like ours until the
last few decades, hmm?

But I like to think that
things are improving.

Well, let's hope
we're moving back

to a better L.A.
than the one we left.

My wife and I really
enjoyed New York.

It took a lot to pull
me away from Cornell.

Well, I know
Nichelle is so happy

that you're back.

And I'm sure your grandchild
is worth relocating for.

Listen... Daniel,

the reason I came down here is

to cut through the theatrics
and get to brass tacks.

My wife and I are looking
forward to dinner tonight.

But, man to man,
do me the courtesy

of not mistaking our
presence as approval.

May I ask what exactly do I
need to do to win you over?

I'm afraid it's not that simple.

Well, sir, I never
thought that it would be.

I just learned from my
father to boil it down

to where everyone knows
what the real problem is.

Hondo, ballistics just
came back on our shooters.

Sorry to interrupt. Uh,

it's okay. I, uh...
I've said my piece.

I'll let you get back to work.

Well, I'll see you
tonight, Mr. Carmichael.

Mm-hmm. Nice of you to stop by.

I know.

Okay, what was that all about?

That was Nichelle's father.

He just came to fire
a shot across the bow

of Nichelle and my relationship.

Well, you ask me,

just seems like a guy
with a bug up his ass.

Nichelle warned me that he
might feel some type of way

about her coming down
from Baldwin Hills

and settling in my hood.

Does that make you
feel a certain way?

Just that it's gonna be real
interesting tonight at dinner.

Come on.

Ammo from the Toluca Lake attack

was a three and a half
inch buckshot shell.

In Van Nuys, it was a two and
three quarter shotgun slug.

Different ammo, and to
fire them, different guns.

Plus, the Toluca Lake
shooter wore green.

Witnesses from Van Nuys
reported a gray hoodie.

So there's more
than one shooter?

The BOLO on the blue Impala from
this morning just got a hit.

Turned up in a housing
project in East L.A.,

two blocks south of ELAC.

That's a rough part of town. Do
we know who controls the block?

No. I just talked to GND.

That block's in a
constant turf battle.

Main set's always changing.

So we don't know who we
might be dealing with?

But we do know the
shooter's car is there.

That's our best lead yet.

Grab the squad.
It's worth a recon.

Street, you're
with me on the car.

Luca, Tan, Cabrera,

check out the building,
watch our six.

Stay liquid.

Hey, you good?

Yeah, of course.

Okay, lookouts are
calling their friends.

Definitely the right ride.

- Where'd our shooters go?
- Well, they could be

anywhere here, or they
could be miles away by now.

Excuse me?!

Anyone know who
dumped this car here?

30-David to Command. No
sign of the suspects.

Contact Detective
Burrows at RHD.

Have them roll out
to our location

and process a vehicle.

Hey, you know who
runs this block?

Yeah. Not you guys.

Tough neighborhood.
You come from here,

you might not stand a chance.

Hey, there's tagging
all over this place.

This is Third Street
Bravos' territory.

And if you take into
account that witnesses said

the shooters were
in their teens...

I'm thinking the
attacks today could be

gang initiation killings.

Yeah, who knows how many
recruits are involved,

or how many initiations
we could be looking at.

Nothing around here happens

without the
shot-caller's approval.

We're not trying to rile
this place up, right?

No. Let's
head back to HQ.

We'll work with GND,
see if we can find out

who the shot-caller is
and where we can find him.

Sounds like a plan. I doubt
anyone here's gonna talk to us.


!¡Rata! Stop right there!

Back it up.

Vendida gringa. Huh?
Stay. Stay back.

!¡Lárgate! STREET:
Maybe she'll talk to us.

Looks like she got a lot to say.

She doesn't seem to like
female cops very much.

It's not that. She
doesn't like me.

!¡Lárgate! She's my cousin.

You know what? That's it!

Hey, back up! Back
up! Give me your hand.

Hey, we don't have the
numbers for crowd control

if this pops off. No.

We don't. Let's get out
of here. Let's move!

- Back up. Stay back!
- Let's go.

Let's go. Right now. Back
up. Stay back. Stay back!

Hey, get in. Now!

Cabrera, you all right?

I take it things aren't great
between you and your cousin.

What's the story there?

Long and short of it, ten years
ago, when Raquel was a teenager,

she was going down a bad path.

She got involved with
the wrong people.

She was about to join a gang.

Since I was just out of the
Academy, her mom came to me.

She knew Raquel had
done some stuff.

Hold-ups, theft, B&E's.

So her mom asked you
to turn Raquel in?

She went to jail for a year.

But it kept her
from joining a gang.

And I became the family
rat in the process.

Does she know her mother
asked you to do it?

No. As a cop, I felt

it was a burden I
could bear alone,

her hate focused on me,
better than on her mom.

Damn. That's a lot to
put on your shoulders.

But, for what it's worth,

I think that's huge.

Hey, if Raquel still
lives in the neighborhood,

you think she's got some info

on the Third Street Bravos?

She might.

Worth a shot.Okay.


Street said Nichelle's
dad came by earlier.

Everything good?


Ah, Deac, put it this way.

Uh, he is not my biggest fan.

I wouldn't let that get to you.

Annie's parents aren't
my biggest fan, either.

Never have been. That
right there is a surprise.

I thought they'd
be all about you.

Are you kidding? Their pride
and joy is in law school,

on her way to becoming a lawyer

or a judge or a senator.

She gets pregnant, drops out.

Who do you think
they blame? Okay.

But they still come around,
especially for the kids.

How you making that work?

You really want to know?

It sounds silly, but it works.

Whenever they come
into town, I just...

I imagine myself as a
bank hostage.

I just do what I'm told.

I do nothing to upset them
because I know I only have

to survive until they leave.

Damn, Deac. I never thought I'd
have to put myself in the shoes

of a hostage to get through
a dinner. No, it works.

And then, when they're gone,
I... I tell Annie I love her,

hug my kids, because
that's what's important.

You got to ask yourself...

What's worse? Keeping
things status quo

for Nichelle and
your future kid,

or confronting her parents
head-on, and spoiling everything

because your pride
can't take it?

Hmm. That's all I'm
thinking about right now.

Ah, do yourself a favor.

Don't overthink it.

Look, Raquel, you
know how this works.

You help us out,
there's a chance

we'll make the "assaulting
an officer" charge go away.

Help you? You mean
snitch on someone.

Hmm? Be a rat?

Was it hard giving
me up years ago?

I hope it was, seeing
as I'm family and all.

Listen, you're in some
trouble right now.

Whatever your personal
beef is, this is only

gonna make things worse for you.

We think the Third
Street Bravos are behind

the firebombings and
shootings earlier today.

We both know

word gets around in the
project, so you know what's up.

Okay. Yeah, I heard about what
popped off today. So what?

So the crimes have all the
hallmarks of gang initiations.

Do you know who's behind
them? Ain't the Bravos.

Okay, no offense, but how
about you give us the Bravos'

shot-caller, and we can, uh,
confirm that for ourselves?

You don't need to talk to him.

Like you said, word gets around.

Bravo homeboys ain't
the ones popping off.

Then why did we find the
shooters' getaway car

in Bravos territory? Because

the guy behind this wanted
you to find it there.

Had his guys dump it on our
block so LAPD would roll in,

maybe crack a few heads,
slap some cuffs on.

Mm. Like these right here.

So you do know who's
behind this? I ain't a rat.

Even if this guy is bringing
heat to your neighborhood,

trying to implicate the
Bravos? You're okay with that?

We're not asking you
to be a rat, Raquel.

We're just asking you to
stand up for your hood.

And keep who knows how
many more innocent people

from getting killed.

Look, just give us a name?

Raquel, do the right thing.

There's a banger...
Felipe Calvo.

He's real dangerous, all right?

One of the craziest
fools I ever heard of.

Got kicked out of the
Bravos last month.

Got kicked out?
Why?'Cause that fool

wanted to kill homies
that left the gang.

So this Felipe Calvo

guy's into retribution? Word.

But Bravos ain't about that.

If you can't handle
the life, you can walk.

I know, 'cause my
boyfriend was in the game.

So Felipe gets kicked
out of the Bravos.

So now, he's looking
to start his own gang.

Makes sense,

don't it?

What do we have on this jackass?

Felipe Calvo... he's got a list
of priors... drug possession,

armed robbery, assault
with a deadly weapon.

He'd be the perfect
decoy if Raquel's trying

to lead us down the wrong road.

I don't know. Cabrera thinks
that Raquel's on the level.

Despite their history,
she says we can trust her.

All right, then. Let's dig
into Calvo's known associates.

Maybe we can find out who
his gang recruits are,

see if we can ID his shooters.

Are we any closer to
identifying their next target?

Deacon and Tan have a theory,
but they're still testing it.

Well, I don't have to tell
you two that time's short.

Ticktock, boys.Yup.

I brushed the glass out
of the seat for you.

Yo, load up.

Hey, you ready to
do this? Hell yeah.

But cops are probably
all over this by now.

You know, maybe it
makes sense to wait

till tomorrow to let
the heat die down.

Nah. There's no waiting.
Only way out of this is

you do your part
and be one of us.


Hey, Commander, if
Felipe Calvo wants

to take out former
Third Street Bravos,

that could be the connection
between the two businesses

that were hit this morning.
Turns out both of them employ

reformed bangers,
including some ex Bravos.

Well, how did we miss that
connection earlier? Former gang

affiliation isn't something
employers have to produce.

We only found it because
we were looking for it.

Okay, so now we have the
link between the two targets

and how it ties to
Felipe's motive.

Exactly. Which means he'll
likely target another business

that employs former bangers.

They're trying to
straighten out their lives,

now they're being hunted
down because of it. Great.

Yeah, I found 16
businesses in the Valley

that work with social
workers to employ ex-cons

and former homeboys.

Could be any of them at
any moment. All right.

I'll have patrol units
sitting on every one of 'em

in case our shooters show
up, but in the meantime,

- we got to try to narrow
this down. - Hey.

North Hollywood Division
just got a report

of a stolen car at a
Vineland strip mall.

Caught my eye because

it's the same area where
the blue Impala got boosted.

Somehow, I feel like
they're connected.

Well, three potential
businesses they can target

right around where
the car was stolen.

Wait a second. Chucho's is
an active Lucky Boy hangout.

There's no way former
Bravos would work there.

That's right. They're rival
gangs. That's instant beef.

And Boyd's is currently closed
for a renovation, which means

Mike & Blanca's
could be employing

ex-Bravos and be
Felipe's next target.

You sold me. Roll out.

Plate matches our stolen car.

30-David to Command.

We've located the stolen vehicle

and a lone suspect.

Come on. Let's go, let's
go. Move, move, move.

LAPD! Hands where
we can see 'em!

Get out of the car! Do it now!

Turn around and walk
backwards toward us.

Lift up your shirt!


Down on your knees,

hands behind your head
and clasp your fingers.

All right, move in.

Cabrera, go.

30-David to Command, suspect
in custody. Show us Code Four.

This doesn't need to be the
end of the world, Talia.

You're only 17. You got your
whole life ahead of you.

You help us find Felipe
and the other shooters,

we can help you get
your life back on track.

I don't know anyone
named Felipe.

You might want to think harder.
Do that, and we can maybe work

with the D.A. to get
your charges reduced.

You could be looking at just
a few months in Los Padrinos,

some community
service. But first,

you need to tell us the
names of your friends

and where we can find them.

I don't know nothing.

You know, I'm guessing

Felipe coached you on what to
say in case you got scooped up?

Talia, he's not your friend.

And I know it
doesn't seem like it,

but right now, we are.

And we really want to help you,
but you got to help us, too.

Talia, look at me.

I think you want to help us,

and in doing so,
you help yourself.

I just want to be left alone.

Hey, man. What's up? Talk to me.

Hey, I looked up Eva's mom,
and things kind of line up.

She worked with my dad, and
I know my folks were going

through a long rough
patch right around then.

But there's still part of you

that feels it can't be true?

'Cause this just throws
everything upside down

between me and my dad, and
between my parents.Yeah.

This might blow up
some Luca history.

But this is a girl who just
wants to know who her family is,

who she's connected to. Can
you accept that part of it?

It's just, this changes so
much. That's the problem.

I know, but it's not her fault.

I doubt she wanted things
to shake out this way.

I'm trying to get you to
see the positives here.

Tell me what you
think those are.

Well, for one,

you got a sister now, who
you never knew before.

You're not the type of
guy to freeze anyone out.

You're too good a dude for that.

Plus, knowing the truth
is always worth it.

Even if it hurts.

Listen, man. I get where
you're coming from.

But she wants to talk.

I got no clue what I'm
supposed to say to her.

Look, she just lost her mom.

She probably feels
like an orphan.

You don't have to
say anything to her.

You just got to be
there to listen.


Just wanted to check.

Did Talia say anything?

No, she's not helping
us or herself.

Commander Hicks and Deacon
couldn't get anywhere with her.

Mind if I try?

I just want to feel her out.

I think I might be able to...

get her to open up.

Not criticizing what
they might've tried,

it's just that I think

I can connect with her.

Because you got
ties to the hood.

Guess I've tried to keep that
chapter of my life closed.

Especially when it
comes to work life.

I know how hard it is,
coming from my community,

to be a cop, but I do

believe it's possible to
keep one foot in each world.

So if you think
your past will help,

now's your time to speak up.

¿Quieres agua?

La traje para ti.

I don't speak Spanish really.

What's your family
think about that?

'Cause my mom used
to give me flack

for my pochaSpanish.

But I would think...

I grew up here.

Most of my friends only
spoke English in school.

I went to Roosevelt,
you know that?

Same as you.

I'm East Los,
through and through.

Tell you the truth,

I feel like I'm
looking in a mirror.

Man, we
ain't the same.

Maybe not, 'cause I got lucky.

My parents did

everything to keep me
away from the game.

But most of my
friends, even family,

they were in it,

just like you are now.

So now you think you know me?

What my life is like?

I looked you up.

Your aunt's been raising
you since you were three.

Your parents have been
out of the picture.

Yeah, they're both doing time.

You don't have to end
up like that too, Talia.

Don't I?

What else do I got?

You still have choices.

You can help us.

And in return, we'll
help you.

Nah. You playing me.

You're probably not even from
the same hood or nothing.

Just trying to get me to snitch.

Straight up?

I still got shame.

I know what it's like
to get the stares.

To see the way people
look at you when you say

where you grew up,
where you live.

You're just trying to
join a gang 'cause it's

the one thing that'll make you
proud of where you're from.

You rep a certain
set, you're a badass.

But what's that gonna get
you inside a prison cell?

I guess we'll find out.

I know you're probably thinking
about what Felipe told you

to say in case this happened.

And what your hood's
gonna say if you help us.

That I'm a rat.

What's worse than that?

The world

is way bigger than the hood.

You can still escape it.

Like I did.

I know what you're
feeling, but...

those are expectations of
people who ain't your friends.

They don't want
what's best for you.

I do.

I promise you.

What was supposed
to happen next?

After I shot up
the coffee place...

I was gonna text Felipe.

Then he'd send me the
location for the next meetup.

You're doing the
right thing, Talia.

Cabrera sent a
confirmation text to Felipe

from Talia's phone.
We're just waiting to see

if he responds with
the meetup location.

Did you get anything back on
the other shooters Talia ID'd?

Yeah, Hector Reynoso
and Rafael Galindo.

Both 18 and have juvie jackets.

Reynoso's been suspended from
one school for dealing drugs.

Another for
assaulting a teacher.

Then there's Galindo.

He's been expelled
twice, for fighting

and for bringing
a gun to school.

They're from the
same neighborhood?

It all comes back
to community ties.

Guys, Felipe responded
to Talia's text.

He says, "El Topo in Pacoima,
15 minutes. See you then."

It's a restaurant off
Balboa and Rayner.

That's a busy part of town,
a lot of foot traffic.

We're gonna need all available
units for a contain and callout.

Let's roll.


didn't think she'd
go through with it.

Yeah? Why not?

Just thought she'd
chicken out or something.

Took her damn time.

Probably had to
wind up the nerve.

So once she gets here,
we're done, yeah?

We're laying low?


We're just getting started.

Well, what do you mean?

We did our initiations.

You did, but that doesn't
mean our work is done.

There's a bakery on Lindall.

A former Bravo and
his jainawork there.

We're gonna hit
that place together.

Show those chavaloswhat this
life is: blood in, blood out.

That's the code.

Four hits in one day?

Isn't that a lot?

Cops are gonna be on us.

And what the hell's
taking Talia so long?

Mike & Blanca's.
How may I help you?

Well, the café... it's
still in business.

Told you she chickened out.

Or she got scooped up already,
and the cops just played us.

Let's bounce.

Let's go!

All right,
get the innocents to safety.

Keep the shooters hemmed in.

Go, go, go, go!

Ma'am, ma'am, come this way!

Get behind me.
We'll keep you safe.

Move back with me, go!

Deacon, Cabrera, take the three
side of the building. Move!

Hey, come on, let's
go! Get behind me.

Go, go, go. Follow me.

Suspect heading west on foot!

26-David, in foot pursuit!

Hey! Hey, stick together!

Give me your hands!

25-David to D-Team,
first suspect in custody.


30-David to D-Team,
second suspect

in custody.

Stay down! I said stay down! Come
on, man, I didn't do anything, man.

You're done.

20-David to Command,
three suspects in custody.

Code Four.

Felipe Calvo,
you're under arrest.

You're free to go now.

The, uh, "assaulting
an officer" charge

has been dropped. Thanks.

I guess.

For real, you ain't
even gonna say it?

Thank you for your help.

With your information,

we got the shooters.

You helped save lives today.

Nah, you ain't gonna
apologize for back then?



Raquel, I'm sorry

I'm the reason you did time.

I still believe I
did the right thing.

And if I had to do it
over again, I would.

It meant keeping you
out of the gang life.

And I still have my cousin,

even if she doesn't
see eye to eye with me.

You're a real G, you know that?

Takes one to know one, I guess.

These guys tripping or what?

No. They're your ride home.

Hey, Raquel?

One last thing.

Can you tell your mom I say hey?


Eva, hey.

Figured I'd roll over here

after your shift.

I'm sorry about earlier.

I didn't really give
you a fair shake.

You know, I guess
I kind of went into

full denial mode. You
don't have to apologize.

I know that must've been tough

coming from a total stranger.

Well, look, we're not strangers.

I looked your mom up.

She was a hard charger.

I mean
real impressive.

I'm sure she made the people
in her life really proud.

Thank you.

Losing her's been tough.

My captain wants me to
take off more time, but...

Feels better to be on the job?

With your teammates.

'Cause they're like family, too.

You want to go
somewhere and talk?


What are you thinking?

Well, I got to eat.

There's my food truck...

But, you know, that's not
really a sit-down place.

So I'm thinking... Art's Deli?

I mean, it's on me.Sure.

Art's is fine. Okay.

I'll drive. All right.

What's the name of
your food truck?


Hold up, that place is yours?

Yeah. That place is legit.

You know, I really
like 'malteco food.

You surf, also?

Where do you go?

Malibu. What about you? Redondo.


We got a lot to talk about.

Hey, Cabrera, hold up a second.

I want to say thank you.

You came up huge for us today.

It's funny, I...

turned my back on my
community to become a cop.

Felt like I had no other choice.

Never imagined growing up
where I did could be an asset.

When I first became a
cop, everybody told me

it was Black... or blue.

I had to pick.

But when we lose track
of where we come from,

the cop life just becomes us...

versus them.

Your upbringing is
nothing to be ashamed of.

Been thinking about that a
lot today, wondering just...

how to embrace where
I come from again.

Do you live around there?

Nah, I moved out
as soon as I could.

Got me a place in the Valley.

For what it's
worth, the more time

you spend there, it
could do some good.

For your community.

And for you.

Good job.

Thank you.


Everyone, help
yourselves, please.

Oh, smells delicious.

Thank you so much
for cooking, Hondo.

Oh, it was my pleasure. I'm
glad to finally get the chance

to meet you.Likewise.

So, how's it feel
to be back home?

Oh, we enjoyed the East Coast.

Called New York our sanctuary

for five years, but,
uh... we'll miss it.

What was your favorite part
about living near Ithaca?

For me, retiring.

Don't get me wrong, I loved

the market out here, but
real estate's a hustle.

I still have some
good contacts though.

A really good listing agent
for when you two start looking

after the baby's born.

We haven't talked about
leaving this neighborhood.

This is our home.

Schools here got better
while you two were away.

And they're still

You know how many
kids from South L.A.

attended Cornell? None.

Dad, I don't think the issue is

where the neighborhood
kids come from.

The issue might be Cornell.

I'm just saying,
this is a big city

with a lot of different

If something better
is out there...

Okay. Excuse me.

Is this really about
the neighborhood?

Or is it more about
who she's with?

The company she keeps.

Mr. and Mrs. Carmichael,

I'm sure you wanted
Nichelle to marry somebody

with a different... pedigree.

An unwed mother raising a
baby with a cop in South L.A.

probably wasn't your
dream. But I am happy

and fulfilled and...

I'm certainly old enough
to make my own decisions.

And this is the
decision I've made.

That we've made.

But there's a baby on the way.

And I hope you two
are not putting

your own agendas ahead of hers.

Okay, look.

My parents' goals for
me were not my own.

And your grandchild, she may
choose to do something in life

that I'm not gonna
be too high on.

But you best believe she's
gonna get all the love

and support Nichelle
and I can give.

Because bringing a child that
looks like us into the world,

she's gonna need a
village behind her.

Lord knows it took
one to raise me.

Nichelle is everything
I dreamed of.


And I am so excited about

our life ahead with our baby.

And the two of you.

If you want to be a part of it.

Doesn't sound like
you're trying too hard

to win me over.

All due respect,

why do we have to?


Okay, um...

Wesley, why don't we go
outside and cool down a little?

- Daniel needs to apologize
first. - Dad.

Your pride is a thing.

I deserve an apology.

For what exactly?

You're a real piece of work.

I know.