S.W.A.T. (2017–…): Season 6, Episode 7 - Sequel - full transcript

An intruder breaks into the home of a Hollywood actress, Hondo and the team are forced to partner with an old nemesis - former 20 Squad leader Sanchez to track down a dangerous criminal who'll stop at nothing to get what he wants....

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- Previously on S.W.A.T...
- Sanchez comes to us

With the commission's
full seal of approval.

When the bosses
heard that you were

returning to SWAT,
they came up with a plan.

They sent Sanchez
to get you to quit.

It's his one and only job there.

I know about your orders
with the commission.

All it's gonna take
is one minor screwup

to give the commission what
it wants to send you packing.

You can keep
sidelining me on missions.

I'm not going anywhere.

I'm gonna ask
Bonnie to marry me.

Mom, this is Bonnie. And
Bonnie, this is my mom Fay.

I brought an
offering for the altar.

You're very kind to
honor our traditions.

We've got a lifetime to
learn about each other's

culture and traditions.

What can you find out about me

in the bedroom that
you can't out here?

- You'll see.
- Okay.

Kelly, you start this fall.

- No way!
- Yes, way.

Luca's support means
everything to her.

I got a text from your mom
today asking me on a date.

I didn't send Luca that text.

He should be a
part of our family.

He is like family.

I promise you, I will
always be there for you.

Okay, we gonna
run these lines or what?

Otherwise, I'm
gonna be late for work

and you are gonna
be late for school.


What's up?

Don't tell me you're nervous
about the audition, man.

You're a pro at this.

No. I'm not auditioning.
There's no point.

Aw, you said the same
thing last time, you got a part.

This time, you're gonna
land one of the leads.

Okay, I'll play
Peter. You ready?

"Tinker Bell. Tink, you there?"

We're moving to San Diego.

You're what?

My mom just told me last night.

We're leaving in
a couple of weeks.

- She got a job there.
- You can't leave, it's the middle

Of the school year.
And what about the play?

- And you've got this audition coming up.
- My mom doesn't care.

I don't want to go.

Did you tell her that?

Yeah, but she says
it's not my decision.

She says that we're
gonna have a house

with a yard, and a dog,

but I don't want a dog,

and I don't want to
go to a new school.

I want to stay here.

It's not fair.

Will you talk to my mom?

Tell her it's a stupid idea.

I don't know.

I mean, I'm not sure
she'll listen to me.


Okay. Sure.

I'll talk to her.

Okay, come on, then.

Let's practice.

Okay. "Tinker Bell.

Tink, you there?"

She's been working in Atlanta.

It's her first weekend
back in two months.

It's also the anniversary
of our first date.

I want to make it special,

pull out all the stops.

She already said "I do."

Why do you need to try so hard?

Because I love
her and I miss her.

And my track record is poor.

What, forget last year?

No, I didn't, all right?

I got her front row
tickets to Hamilton.

How's that bad? Does she hate

the Founding
Fathers or something?

No, she hates musicals.

I just didn't know
that until intermission.

Turns out she would
have had more fun

listening to first graders
playing a violin concerto.

Deac, you've been
married forever.

Got any anniversary ideas?

Every year, Annie
and I go to the place

where we had our first date.

It's this little Italian
spot called Marcello's.

Nothing fancy,
but special to us.

Why don't you just take Bonnie

to the place you guys
had your first date?

Uh, it was this
annoying hipster café,

charged eight bucks
for an Americano

that was served
in what looked like

a high school chemistry set.

Vowed we'd never
go back. Come on.

You're a woman. Help a dude out.

What-what do I get her?

Even if that wasn't
a little sexist,

I would not be the
right person to ask.

I don't do romance.

Why not? What's
wrong with romance?

I, uh, married my
high school sweetheart.

He proposed to me with
a flash mob orchestra

and fireworks, cheated on me

with one of my
bridesmaids. I divorced him.

He got the TV and the dog.

You'll figure something out.

911, what's your emergency?

Help, I need help.

There's a man in my house.
He-he's trying to kill me.

Roger that.

Dispatch isn't
getting any response

from the initial 911 call.

They did get
another call, though.

- Reported gunfire.
- Where do you want us?

I want to do everything we can

to avoid a hostage or
a barricade situation.

The best you can do
is shut down this street,

set a perimeter.
We'll play it from here.

Roger that.

All right, listen
up. We got no idea

if there's wounded inside,

so we got to make
entry and find out.

Street, you and I
got the three side.

Deacon and the rest
of you got the one.

Suspect could still be on site.

Copy that. So stay liquid.

30-David. Front door's ajar.

No sign of any suspects.

Don't wait on us, Deac.

Could be people
injured inside. Go.

Roger that.

Making entry now.

Got a body.

One female victim.

Housekeeper, maybe. Deceased.

Copy that.
Any sign of the suspect?

Negative. Moving on.

20-David, checking
possible movement

on the four side.

Street, go right.


Los Angeles Police Department.

You can come out
now. You're safe.

You okay? You hurt?

No, I'm okay.

30-David. One
female found alive.

No injuries. Move.

28-David. Downstairs is clear.

No sign of the suspect.

Whoever was here,
looks like they're gone.

Stop right there!


Hondo, you enjoying
this or something?

Get off of me already.


You want to explain to me

what the hell you're
doing here before

I arrest your ass?

Arrest me for
what? Doing my job?

I was here for a meeting.

Arrived, saw a man with
a gun in the driveway.

He fired at me and
then took off running,

so I called it in
and went after him.

You should have
waited for backup.

Why? I had him
pinned down back here

until you boys in blue showed
up and he made a break for it.

Hopped the fence.
I almost had him,

but thanks to you,
he's now in the wind.

Oh, is that so? Because
from where I'm standing,

the only reason we got a killer
on the loose is because of you.

Street, let's go.

These boys in
blue got a job to do.

Hey, get a load of this.

Thought when Sanchez left SWAT,

we'd seen the last of him.

What are the chances of
running into him like this?

He used to be on SWAT?

Yeah, he was team leader

when Hondo was away in Mexico.

Then, when Hondo
got back, Sanchez tried

to run him off the
team and out of SWAT.

But obviously it didn't work out

because Sanchez is the
one who ended up leaving.

Yeah, well, we
might have given him

a little nudge out the door.

Deac set him up with a
job as head of security

for one of the big studios.

That's how come he's
here. That's Serena Mendez.

She's starring in the
studio's latest movie.

It's out next week.

She's done a couple things,
but this is her first big role.

There's even been awards buzz.

I did not take you

to be such a pop
culture nerd, Tan.

How do you know all this?

Uh, Ben what's-his-face
is in the movie

and Bonnie loves him, maybe
even more than she loves me.

Serena saves the world
from a zombie apocalypse.

I wonder why someone
wants her dead.

Give me a minute?

Yes, of course.

I know this is hard, Serena.

Anything you can give
us to help catch this guy?

Did you get a look at him?
Recognize his voice, maybe?

No, but he's got to
be one of my stalkers.


Yeah, I've been getting
death threats lately.

Would you mind giving
us a second, please?

Yeah, why don't you go inside?

- I'll come and get you in a minute.
- Okay.

Start talking.

All right, listen,
the death threats

Serena's talking about are
from an 82-year-old woman

who thinks because Serena
played an alien in her last movie,

she actually is one.

Hondo, I look into every threat

the studio or its
employees receives.

I do my job, and I do it well.

Okay, and what
about these stalkers?

Teenage fanboys
with raging hormones

and the communication
skills of a generation

raised by TikTok.

That gunman was not a teenager,

or someone's crazy-ass grandma.

He moved and shot like
someone with military training.

And he killed the
maid with a hammer.

That's not a military-style
hit. That feels personal.

Unis noticed
a suspicious vehicle

parked opposite the house.

Doesn't belong to
any of the neighbors.

Yeah, I bet you
it's the suspect's.

He was heading that
way when I rolled up

and sent him running.

Could give us a lead.

Already ran the
plate. It's a rental.

RHD's chasing it down.

- All right, keep me posted.
- Okay.

We're gonna need to see

everything you got
on those stalkers.

Hondo, I told you, I
already looked into them.

You would be wasting your time.

Yeah, well, I like to do
my job properly, Sanchez.


I'll get the file
and bring it to HQ.

Oh, God.

I need to take this.
I'll catch up with you.

So, Hicks is tied up
with Rocker's team

at a hostage situation downtown,

but he wanted to pass
along the message

the brass wants us

to stick with the Serena case.

Apparently, they're worried

that the LAPD will look bad

if we don't get
the killer in custody

before the media gets the story.

LAPD look bad?

Nah, it seems to me

that Sanchez is the one
who dropped the ball.

Serena was getting threats

and he didn't look
into it properly.

A woman is dead because of it.

He's just lucky it
wasn't two women.

Hey, look, I'm no fan
of Sanchez, either,

but he said he
looked into the threats.

Got to believe
that he did his job.

Is-is there a chance
it's not a stalker?

Maybe it was a
burglary gone wrong.

Deac, if it was a burglary,

they would've stolen
the $300,000 car

sitting in the driveway.

The keys were right
there on the hallway table.

Now, Serena said he was
searching the house for her.

Oh, RHD ran a check

on that car we found outside.

It was rented with a fake
ID, so that's a dead end.

And the gunman wore gloves,

so they weren't able
to pull any useful prints.

All right, Street and Luca are
combing through the stalker file

that Sanchez brought in.
That should give us something.

Yeah, my buddies at
SWAT are working on it.

Now, we'll find
the guy, I promise.

Serena's fine, not
a scratch on her.

I left one of the guys from my
team with her just to be safe.

Wanted to personally
oversee this police investigation.

Okay. Yes, sir.

Boss. He's anxious.

Can't let anything
happen to our lead actress.

So where we at?

Made any progress?

Don't want to
hand it to Sanchez,

but it seems like he did

his due diligence.
None of these stalkers

are checking out
as legit threats.

Yeah. Maybe we
should take another look

at Serena's social media,

see if anything got missed.

I'll run a search.

Hey, uh, you talk to
Tuana about her and Kelly

- moving to San Diego?
- No, not yet.

I'm not sure how to handle it.

Look, I don't know
why she couldn't

apply for a job in L.A.

Well, I mean, it
might be more money

or a better position.

And it's only two hours away.

I know you're gonna miss
Kelly, but you'll still see her.

Look, it's not that,
I just don't think

Tuana's thought this through.

I mean, do you
know how hard it was

to get Kelly into that school?

And she's doing great.
She's made friends,

she was gonna audition
for the school play.

Yeah. Now, I'm sure
Tuana weighed all that in.

Look, it might
be tough at first,

but Kelly's gonna be fine, dude.

It's not like she's bouncing
from foster home to foster home.

Sure, but if you ask me,

Tuana's still making
a huge mistake.

This is a big change for Kelly.

And who says change
is always for the best?

Ah, that's what this
is about. Change.

You hate change.

What are you talking
about? That's not true.

Luca, you've been eating
the same banh mi sandwich

every Sunday from
the same place,

after surfing the same
break you've been surfing

- for 20 years.
- 28 years.

Yeah, and you freaked out

when I moved the toaster oven

to make way for the blender.

You made me move it back.

You hate change,
and I'm just saying,

maybe that's what's coloring

your reaction
to-to Kelly leaving.

But the blender was better

on the other side
of the kitchen.

It makes more sense
if it's next to the fridge.

Next time you're
making a smoothie,

think about how right I am.

What's happening
with that stalker list?

- You get anything from it?
- No, nothing so far.

Told you. You're
barking up the wrong tree.

up. Think I might've

finally barked
up the right tree.

I ran searches on social media

with Serena's
name as the hashtag

to see if anyone's posted
anything threatening.

Got a hit.

Leo Smith.

He was never on my radar.

I can't police the
entire Internet.

He's been
tagging Serena in all his posts,

claiming to be a director,

begging her to star
in his next movie.

She didn't respond, so now
his opinion of her has changed.

He's calling her a
talentless fill-in-the-blank

that deserves to die.

You got eyes on
the suspect earlier.

This him?

I don't know, I only
caught a glimpse

when he took off
running. Could be.

He was in the army,

and his ex put a
restraining order on him

after he threatened
to kill her and their kid.

Lives in Reseda now.

Let's pay Leo a visit.

Street, you're with me.

- Luca, keep digging.
- Okay.

Hey, hey, Sanchez?

Where you going?

Uh, with you.

Last I checked, you ain't SWAT.

You're a civilian.

Come on, Street, let's go.

Hey, you rolling with,
uh, Hondo and Street?

Yeah, you coming with?

No, Hondo wants
me to keep looking

for other suspects in
case Leo doesn't pan out.

You still trying to think
up an anniversary gift?

Yeah. I mean, I
got plenty of ideas,

but they all seem
to start with flowers

and end with a candlelit dinner.

You got any ideas
that are more original?

Not really.

I mean, I did date
this woman once,

Dana, and on our
six-week anniversary...

Wait, wait.

Who celebrates their
six-week anniversary?

Dana. Anyways, I
come home from surfing,

there's candles on the table.

She's in this red dress,
with these high heels.

I mean, she looks like Kim
Basinger back in the day.

She's got steaks searing
in the pan, beers on ice,

and she asks me,
"Where's my gift?"

And all I had on me
was my surfboard, right?

But it was beautiful.
It was a nine-foot.

Handcrafted from
paulownia timber.

I had no choice. I had
to pretend it was for her.

Bonnie hates surfing, dude.

That's not the point.

Anyway, Dana broke up
with me three weeks later

after I forgot our
nine-week anniversary.

What am I supposed to
get from this story, Luca?

I'm just trying to help, dude.

Man, I really miss that board.

LAPD SWAT. Open up.

What the...

- Leo Smith?
- Yeah.

What's g... What's going on?

You mind if we come in?



Just keep your
hands where we can see them.

Bathroom's clear.

Where were you this morning

- between 8:00 and 9:00 a.m.?
- Here.

You got someone
who can confirm that story?

Hey, Hondo. Over here.

I got something.

Back it up a bit.

They're all of Serena.

Got a little crush, huh?

It's n-not what it looks like.

I... was just trying
to make some money

on the side, selling
shots of stars.

Oh, you're a
paparazzo, not a pervert.

But I got an alibi
for this morning.

I was chatting with
someone online.

Only just went to bed.

I'll show you.

Go ahead.

He's not our guy.


So, the suspect didn't
check out, then, huh?

He has an alibi,

but he was stalking you.

We found evidence,

as well as a couple
unlicensed guns.

He's been charged, so I doubt
he'll be bothering you again.

But whoever broke into my house

and killed Marie
is still out there.

And you haven't caught him yet?

No. No, not yet. But
that's why we're here.

We think you should
come back to HQ with us.

It'll be safer until
we catch this guy.

Uh, no need for that.

I'm in charge of her security.

I got it covered.

Maybe it's not a bad idea
for you to go with them.

And you are?

I'm Cody. Serena's boyfriend.

You live here, too?

No. Uh, but I came as soon
as I heard what happened.

I'm helping Sanchez
with the security system.

He's good at DIY.

- Yeah.
- You got any idea

Who could have
done this, or why?

No. Course not.

It's crazy. I-I
can't believe it.

So you've never seen anyone
suspicious hanging around here?

All right. All right, look,
Hondo, come here.

Look, I already grilled the kid.

And before you ask, I ran
a background check, too.

He's a dumbass actor,
crazy in love with Serena,

but his only
crime is his acting.

We're still gonna
need to check him out.

Yeah, go ahead, waste more time.

Seems like all you're really
doing is chasing your own tail.

Sanchez, what we're trying
to do is chase down a killer,

not just protect Serena.

To get justice for the
victim and her family.

If it was me leading the team,

we'd already have
a suspect in custody.

Well, you're
not leading this team.

You ain't even LAPD.

You're a glorified bodyguard.

So how about
you just do your job

and let me do mine?

Serena, you should
seriously consider

coming back to HQ.
It would be a lot safer.

Oh, what if it
takes you weeks to catch him?

She just supposed to
live at HQ until then?

No, no, no, she's much
better off staying here.

All right, this guy
ain't coming back.

But if he does, there is no
way he's getting through me

or this security system.

She stays.

Okay. If you change your mind,

please call me.

Any time. Day or night.

was acting jumpy as hell.

Could be because
someone just tried

- to kill his girlfriend.
- Yeah.

Deacon, you see that Pontiac?

Could be paparazzi.

Maybe they finally have

caught wind of what happened.

Passenger matches
the description

Sanchez gave us of the suspect.

Well, that's a big move,
showing up to a crime scene

only a few hours
after you kill someone.

And with company?

Call it in.

30-David to Dispatch.

- Need you to run a plate for me.
- Hey, LAPD!

Hold up, stop your engine.

I said stop your engine!

Get to cover!

Passenger's gone.

Out of the car. On the ground.

On the ground. Hands
behind your back.

- Going hands-on.
- 20-David,

All units be on the
lookout for a suspect.

40s, white, dark hair,
wearing a black T-shirt,

in the vicinity of Laurel
Canyon and Mulholland.

Consider him armed
and dangerous.

Any progress IDing
the driver we brought in?

Name's Aviv Goldstein.
He's Israeli mafia.

Just going through a
list of his associates now.

What would Israeli
Mafia want with Serena?

Wait. Hold up. Go back.

That's him. I recognize
him from the car.

Okay, Ari Peretz.

Did a decade in
the Israeli army.

Sanchez was right
about the military angle.

He just got out of
Victorville penitentiary

after doing five
years for tax evasion.

Justice Department
tried to get him

on a string of other crimes,
even a couple of murders,

but couldn't get
any of it to stick.

They took a page out of
the Al Capone playbook.

Charging him with tax evasion's

the only way to get
him off the streets.

That still doesn't explain
why he tried to kill Serena.

Wait a minute, whoa, whoa.

Check out Ari's address
on the trial paperwork.

That's Serena's address.

He used to live in that house.

Okay, the government
must've seized his property

to cover the taxes he owed.

They did, and then Serena

bought the house last year

after the Justice
Department auctioned it off.

So, this isn't
about Serena at all.

He's after something
inside the house.

He must've not
found it the first time,

that's why he came
back, to look for it.

Whatever it is, must
be pretty important

if he'd take such a big risk.

Okay, we should put
surveillance on the house.

If it's that important, he'll
probably try a third time.

- Yeah, go.
- Let's go.

What's up,
Deac? Let me guess.

You don't have
anyone in custody yet.

We're working on it.

You're starting to sound
like a broken record.

Listen, we've ID'd a suspect.

Ari Peretz. Israeli mafia.

He used to own the
house that Serena lives in.

We think he's after

something hidden inside.

So not a stalker, then?
He's not after Serena?

No, seems not.

Hmm. How'd Hondo take that news?

The point is, we don't
think he's gonna quit

until he gets whatever it is
he's after inside the house,

so you need to bring her in now.

Look, you should see

the security measures
I've put in place.

This house is like Fort Knox.

Yeah, still not as safe as HQ.

All right? Now is not the time

- for your pride to get in the way.
- Pride?

What are you talking about?

Yours. You're trying to prove

to Hondo that you've got this,

that you don't need
SWAT, but a woman's life

is on the line, and
yours could be, too,

so for God's sake,
Sanchez, try working with us.

Fine. I'll bring her in.

Catching up on a
little light stalking?

Ha, ha. No, uh, I had a thought.

We got a name
for our suspect now:

Ari Peretz.

But no current address since
he was released from prison.

How are creepy long-lens shots

of Serena gonna help find him?

I figured there might be
a clue in one of the photos

taken by our stalker buddy, Leo.

I'll give you a hand.

If Ari was staking
out the house,

maybe we spot him
in a different vehicle

or with someone we can ID.

Sometimes you are more
than a pretty face, Street.

Who's this guy with her?

Serena's boyfriend, Cody.

Hondo had me dig into him,

but there's not even

a speeding ticket
to the guy's name.

You ever load a
heavy-looking duffel

into the trunk of
your car at 3:00 am?

Only when I've got a
body to get rid of. Why?

Check this out.

Here's Cody loading
a bag into his car

in the middle of the night.

And here he is next day.

20-year-old Taurus is gone;

in its place, a brand new Lambo.

I don't think
that's a body in that bag.

Working theory is that Ari
left something in the house.

What's the bet it was money?

And what's the bet
he now wants it back?

Hey, Deac, we got something.

Cody's bank
account? It's in the red.

He hasn't booked an
acting gig in months,

but suddenly he's buying
Serena a Lamborghini?

Which he paid
cash for, by the way.

Ari must've stashed
money in the house,

most likely drug money.

The master bathroom
was being remodeled.

If the cash was
hidden in the walls...

Cody's into DIY, he probably
stumbled upon the money

when he was doing
the remodel himself.

Explains why Ari had
a hammer with him.

Was gonna use it to
smash through the wall.

The poor maid got in the way.

Ari would've seen the remodel.

He has to know the money's gone.

He probably
suspects Serena has it.

Must want it bad.
Couldn't wait till

no one was home
to go looking for it.

Well, I think I know why.

I spoke to the official in
the Justice Department

that handled Ari's murder case.

A new witness came forward.

They're about to
issue an arrest warrant.

Ari wants the money so
he can get out of Dodge.

Yeah. I already
called, finally convinced Sanchez

to bring Serena in,
but I'm gonna give him

a heads-up, make
sure he's on the alert.

And bring Cody
in, 'cause if he's not

on Ari's radar already,
he will be soon.

Cody said he was
just running to the hardware store,

and now I can't
get through to him.

We can't leave without him.

Just text him.

Tell him to meet us at SWAT HQ.

We got to go.

Deac, no need to nag.

We're on our way.
We're just leaving now.

No, I
understand, but there's been

a new development.
The suspect...

Was that gunfire?

Sanchez, talk to us.

Officer down.

Gray cargo van. License plate

4-P something.

This is 26-David. Shots fired.

Officer down at
Mendez residence.

Drop the gun!

One of them's got a, uh,

scar on his neck. Spiderweb tat.

Drop the gun!

Hey! Let go of me!



We've got a critically
injured cop in the hospital

and Sanchez and Serena
out there somewhere,

depending on us to
find them, so talk to me.

Where we at with the BOLO
on the van that took them?

Well, Sanchez only managed
to give us a partial plate,

so I don't know
if we'll get lucky.

Their phones have
been switched off,

probably discarded, so we
can't track them that way.

Working on the ID of the
guy with the spiderweb tattoo.

Sanchez said he had
a scar on his neck, too,

but it'll be a while to run

these identifiers
through the database.

And Cody?

I called him, he didn't pick up.

I'm triangulating his phone.

All right, Street, hurry.

Sanchez and Serena need us.

God only knows
what Ari's gonna do

once he knows his
money's been spent.

Come on.

What do you people even want?

My money.

She knows what
I'm talking about.

No, I don't. What money?

You've clearly
got the wrong person.

Just let her go.

Shut up.

I had $6 million
hidden in the house.

It's gone. Where is it?

$6 million?

I have no idea,
I swear. I swear!

Whoa, whoa, whoa! Don't!

She's obviously
telling you the truth.

It was hidden in the
walls in the bathroom.

Now it's vanished.

Oh... Oh, God.

M-My boyfriend's
remodeling the bathroom.

So your boyfriend has my money.

Wait, wait, wait, wait.
No! No, no, no, no!

Leave her alone!

Stop, let her go! No!

Call your boyfriend.

Tell him to bring my
money back or you die.

Only if you agree to let us go

once you have it.


Hurry up.

Make the call.

I need to update
Hicks on the situation.

Please tell me
you've made progress

locating Serena and Sanchez.

I got nothing on the suspect

with the spiderweb
tattoo or the van.

But I got a
lock on Cody's phone.

He was at the Lamborghini
dealership in Hollywood.

Vandelli's team scooped him
up. They're bringing him in now.

All right, I'll question him.

You two stay on the hunt
for Serena and Sanchez.

You got to let me go.
Please! I got somewhere to be!

Whoa, whoa. Sit
down, sit down, sit down.

Hey, we know about the money

that you found at
Serena's house, Cody.

Has she tried to contact you?

Do you have any
idea where she is?

Look, when the officers
caught up with you,

you were at the
Lamborghini dealership.

I'm guessing you were
trying to return the car

to get your money back.

Except that wasn't your
money to begin with,

and the person that belongs
to, you do not want to steal from.

We know he's holding
Serena and Sanchez hostage.

Where did he tell
you to bring the cash?

He said he would
kill her if I told you.

Cody, look,

we're your only chance
at saving Serena.

And our guy Sanchez, too,

but we need your
help to do that.

Where did he tell you
to bring the money?

What time is it?

It's 4:30.

Then it doesn't matter.

It's already too late.

Hey, we don't know that yet.

Cody was supposed
to drop $6 million

in a bag at Westside
mall five minutes ago.

Ari will probably call
him again to find out

why he didn't show
up. We could trace it.

Deacon and Luca
are already on it.

Might have a hit on the
suspect with a spiderweb tattoo.

Isaac Klein. He and Ari were
in the same Israeli army unit.

I checked the Border
Control database

for anyone who entered the U.S.

in the last year on
an Israeli passport.

We got an address for him?

No, but looks like he
works in construction supply,

got two warehouses in L.A.

When Serena called him,

Cody heard freeway
noise in the background.

Here are the two sites.

One of them's right by the 5.

What are we
waiting for? Let's go.

Your boyfriend didn't
show up with my money.

He's probably
just stuck in traffic.

Or $6 million is worth
more to him than you.

Try him again.

Don't worry, I'll find him.

I just don't need you for that.

You don't want to do this.

I'm a cop.


That so?

Where's your badge, then?

A cop,

even one moonlighting
like a bodyguard,

never leaves home
without his badge.

If you kill us, you're never
gonna get away with it.

No matter where you go,
my buddies will track you down

and make you pay.

I have a plane waiting for me.

Once I find her boyfriend

and get my money back,

I'll vanish.

Your buddies will never find me.

And they won't find you, either.

If you're gonna do
this, why don't you, um...

come a little closer...

so you don't miss.

Serena, down!

- Suspect down.
- Drop the weapon!

On your knees, hands
behind your head.

Two suspects on the move,

headed for the northwest corner.

Exit's in the other direction.

- Street, you good?
- Good!

Stay down! Give me your hand.

Give me your other
hand. Suspect in custody.

This is 20-David to Command.

Three suspects in
custody, two suspects down.

Let's get you up. You okay?

I got you.

25-David. Serena's safe.
We're Code 4 all around.

Let's get you out of here.

Thank you.

Hey, 20-David.

Close to the wire there, huh?

Had me a little worried.

But, um...

Thanks. I owe you guys.

Yeah, well, we
couldn't have found you

if you hadn't given
us those clues.

Teamwork, huh?

Makes the dream work.



Hey, uh, Hondo.

I'm glad it was you
leading the team.

Anyway... I better move.


Once a SWAT officer,
always a SWAT officer.

Any closer to figuring out

what you're gonna do
for your anniversary?

Nope, still beating
my head against a wall.

You want my advice,

just spend the weekend
in bed together, dude.

That's easy for you to say.

You and Chris are still
in the honeymoon phase.

Wait a while, and try living
apart for three months.

Kind of kills the romance.

Bonnie's, uh,

she's not away in Atlanta
for much longer, is she?

She's stuck working
there for another month.

But, you know,
between you and me,

it's about more
than the distance.

It's like we're living two
different lives these days.

She's this top sports agent,

rolling with all these
major players now.

Guess I just feel like
we're drifting apart.

That's why I'm trying to
make this weekend special.

Well, still say a weekend
in bed's the answer.

Hey, Sanchez. How you doing?

I'm doing all right, man.

I just got back from dropping
Serena off with Cody.

Quite a reunion.

Let me tell you, I
wish my girlfriend

was that forgiving.

I still don't get how
she didn't bat an eye

at the fact that her
unemployed boyfriend

bought her a
personalized Lamborghini.

He told her he
made it big in crypto.

Was a bid to impress her.

He was worried
that she'd dump him

now that she was
hitting the big time.

Hey, did you figure out

that, uh, anniversary
present yet for Bonnie?

I heard the team
talking about it.

No. I think I'm gonna buy
her roses, take her to dinner.

Mm-hmm. How about,
instead of that tired old cliché,

you take her to
Serena's premiere?

It's this weekend.

Champagne reception,
all the stars will be there.

I can get you VIP access.

Are you serious?

Bonnie could meet
Ben what's-his-face.


She would love that.

Least I can do for a
fellow SWAT officer.

Thanks, Sanchez.
I appreciate it.

Yeah, man.

Bonnie, hey. You are
not gonna believe this.

I have something really
cool planned for this weekend.

Uh, no. Yeah,
sure, totally. I get it.

It's a big client. I understand.

Work's got to come first.

Yeah. I'll talk to you later.

Kelly, what are you doing here?

It's super late.

Your mom know where you're at?

Come on, come on inside. Come.

I'm gonna text her, let
her know where you're at.

She's probably
worried sick about you.

You said you'd talk to her

and get her to change her mind.

You didn't.

Look, I called her,

but I didn't try to
talk her out of it.

End of the day, it's your
mom's decision, okay?

And if she thinks
it's the right one,

then I got to believe
that it's the right one.

I know you're scared,
okay? Change can be difficult.

I get it. I don't like
change much, either.

But I've learned
that you can't fight it,

and something good usually
comes from it in the end.

You know, like when
Street moved the blender.


Or when Chris left the team.

I mean, I thought it would suck,

and the truth is,
it did. For a time.

But now we have new
people on the team.

New family members.

And it's good.

Look, you're gonna
be okay, Kelly.

You're gonna... You're gonna
make tons of new friends,

you're gonna be
right by the beach.

There's a super cool

surf break I've
been reading about.

I'll come down, visit,
finally teach you how to surf.


Yeah, I promise.

Okay? We'll catch
some waves, then we'll go

to a café by the
beach afterwards

and have some
breakfast, you know?

Maybe I'll even

get an acai bowl for a change.


Don't forget about that dog.

I know you really want one.

You've been begging
your mom for years

to get a puppy.

Yeah, I do really want a dog.

Dog, acai bowl, surfing.

Oh, my God, it's
gonna be awesome.


Okay, let's get you home.