S.W.A.T. (2017–…): Season 6, Episode 5 - Episode #6.5 - full transcript

Previously, on

Truth be told,
part of me still feels

like I've got big shoes to fill.

You do,
but the reason we chose you

is because you're unique.

It's up to us now working
together as a unit.

I know Street
covered for you today,

but you keep playing it fast

and loose, and that winning
streak's gonna dry up like that.

This pilot program was
actually founded by a police officer.

It's really important that
civilians like yourselves

and Nichelle are at
the forefront of this program.

Would you be interested in
continuing to oversee COPE

even if it were
a part of the LAPD?

How could I? I'm a civilian.

So am I.
What do you say?

Hey, you're up early.

Let me guess.

The baby's doing karate all
up in your belly again, huh?

No, she's been good.


I was just looking over
the agenda for my OIG meeting.

Oh, that's right,
today's your big first day.

- Mm-hmm.
- Ah, I bet the inspector general's excited

to have the brains of the
COPE Program on her panel.

Keeping COPE on track is only
a tiny part of this job.

on LAPD procedure changes,

complaints against officers,
even reviewing

other community initiatives.

There's a lot
that's gonna be new for me.

You'll get the hang of it.Ah.

I hope so.
Trying to be super-prepared

for today's topics.

Oh, wow.

LAPD Good Neighbor program
up for review.

More like on the chopping block.

I was doing some reading.

I don't know that
much about it yet.

Well, it gives police
discounts on homes

in low-income areas.
The idea is

to turn cops and community
into neighbors.

You know, Luca
bought his house through

that program, you
should talk to him.

Oh, that would
save me a ton of time.

And it'd be good to hear from
someone who's actually done it.

You okay if I stop by today
and ask him a few questions?

You know you are always welcome.


Stop stressing.

You're gonna be great.

I love you.

I love you, too.

Witnesses say it felt
like a coordinated attack...

Press is calling 'em
"flash mob robberies."

Bunch of shoplifters hit
a store at the same time,

then scatter. It's clever.

On-site security gets

By the time patrol shows up,
the thieves are in the wind

with thousands of dollars
worth of merchandise.

This is the second incident
in a week.

First was a hardware
superstore in the Valley.

No this electronics store
on the west side.

Those are really
different targets.

- What do we know about the crew?
- There isn't one.

Events are organized online.

Suspects don't even know
each other

when they converge
on their target.

RHD has been coordinating
with Cybercrime.

Now they found
some social media accounts

that hype the idea
to their subscribers.

And then they drop
the details of the event

right before it's happening.

So the followers can
decide if they want

to jump in
on the action.

As if the Internet
doesn't enable

enough bad behavioral ready.

Well, the word is, there's
gonna be another flash mob

- robbery today.
- Yeah, but, Commander, these

are memes and TikToks, created
by teenagers and opportunists.

Is this what SWAT's
on high alert for?

Well, these thieves are not
major threats

but as a collective,

they're doing
real damage.

I mean,
businesses are all over

the mayor,
she's all over the chief.

Patrol's stretched thin.

They're asking
for our help.

LAPD needs to shut one
down as it's happening.

So I want 20-David dressed out
and standing ready.

Once Cybercrime gets wind
of the next target,

I want SWAT rolling.


Don't move! Drop it!

You're done.

Scoop 'em up.

Guess Cybercrime was right
about a store here being

the next flash mob target.

We're here
to crash the party.

Patrol's set a perimeter.

Let's get inside.

Shoplifters gone wild.

All right, that's
our entry point right there.

We work to the back. Deacon,
Luca, you take the south side.

Street, Powell,
you take the north.

Tan and I will clear things
up out here. Now remember,

most of these people
are non-violent threats.

Let's do it, go.

LAPD. Who wants to go to jail?

Put it down.

Hey, hey! Put it down!

Turn around.

Give me your hands.

Put it down. Make me.

Let's go.

I'm coming.

You got him? Yes, sir.


Open the cash register!
You know you can do it.

- I-I can't! I don't have keys.
- Do it!

I got two suspects
with crowbars.

LAPD! Drop the crowbar. Cops!

Powell, with me.

Got a shortcut. Powell!

Don't shoot!
I work here. Please!

Suspect's down.

You can't just take off
like that.

You don't know what could've
been behind that door.

We got the guy, didn't we?

25-David. We're circling
around to the stockroom access.


We've got gunfire.

30-David, responding.

LAPD. Drop the gun!

Whoa, check fire,
Deac, to your right!


Hondo, armed male suspect
heading your way.

Wounded, left arm.

Suspect down.


Got a body down.

She's gone.

Deacon, that's
the direction we fired from.

Do you think it's possible...?

It might've been my shot.


He's got a kid.

Back off!

This is LAPD. We got
the place surrounded.

You let that kid go.

If you're really a cop,

then we're on the same side.

This is Sergeant Harrelson,

You put that gun down,
nobody gets hurt.


I'm putting my gun down.


Tan, move in.

Keep your hands up.


It's okay, Hunter.

- They're police.
- Good.

You know this guy?

Yeah, he's my bodyguard.

She was an employee.

Only wrong choice she made
was coming into work today.

How is that fair?

We got 14 shoplifters
in custody.

Injury count's
still climbing.

Don't think there'll be any more
flash mob robberies for a while.

Talk to me about
the bodyguard.

His name's
Roger Purdue.

His protectee
is Hunter Wright.

The kid's a VIP.
His father's Gregory Wright.

Big-time real estate developer.Yeah.

Purdue was part
of the gunfight?

Claimed it was self-defense.

According to Purdue,
the guy we took down

is one of four
masked gunmen.

Tan's pulling
the security tapes to confirm.


May I have a word?


Um... I spoke to Hondo.

This fatality...

- She might've been caught in the crossfire.
- Mm-hmm.

There's a possibility...

it's my fatality.


All right.

Well, you're benched until
the ballistic report comes back,

effective immediately.
Give RHD

your statement
and your weaponry.



An unarmed Black girl

shot by a white cop.
If it's true...

I don't need to tell you
how bad this could get.

Let me worry about that.

We don't have all the facts.

Speculation is not
gonna help Deacon.

Or that young woman.

And once you guys pull the
security tapes, you can turn

over the scene.

No video.
Store's security cameras

all lost power two minutes
before the looting started.

That didn't happen at any of
the other flash mob robberies.

Yeah, it gets stranger.
Witnesses saw four gunmen,

confirmed they were
armed and aggressive.

But none of them were
carrying any merchandise.

True for the guy we saw, too.

No shopping bag, just a gun.

Why come to a flash mob robbery
and not steal anything?

Maybe they weren't here
to steal.

Now Hunter is
a high-value target.

What if the gunmen are
after him?

Hunter had an appointment with
a stylist. They could've known

exactly what time
he was gonna be here.

And used the flash mob
thing as a diversion?

It wouldn't be hard to get
a rumor going on social media,

whip up a crowd to help cover
your real crime.

Figure they could grab up Hunter and
get away before the cops came.

They just didn't realize
we were already here.

Hey, Purdue?

Has Hunter been the target
of any threats recently?


His father doesn't play around
when it comes to business.

Lots of angry letters
and phone calls.

There was an incident
last week.

Someone broke
into his dorm.

A kidnapping attempt? Couldn't rule it out.

Mr. Wright has no shortage
of motivated enemies.

We're gonna need
those letters.

All call recordings.

I recommend you and Hunter
come back to SWAT headquarters.

- Is that necessary?
- Well, if these gunmen staged

an event this bold
to get Hunter,

they're going to strike
again, faster and harder.

LAPD can't risk that.

Hunter Wright's family is
secure. Mom's coming in now.

And Dad accepted
our protective detail.

Smart move.

Some serious haters in these
threat letters, from

environmental activists
to other developers.

The gunmen could be
working for any of 'em.

We're running some partial
prints and tracing some

phone numbers, but
nothing in these messages

points directly
to today's attack.

Okay, I got an ID on the
gunman that Hondo brought down.

Simon Cong.

Immigrated from
China on a student visa.

Worked as a bouncer until
about six months ago. Yeah.

The bar owner he worked for
said Cong was kind of a loner.

He didn't know much
about him. China. Hang on.

Gregory Wright broke ground
on a luxury hotel

in Beijing last year.

Was supposed to be
low-income housing,

but Wright made
a big bid on the land.

He upset a lot of locals.

So kidnapping Hunter
could be some kind

of protest or payback.

Yeah, but we need
more concrete info.

There's three other gunmen.

We ID them,
we find them

- before they strike again.
- Okay, security cameras

were down before they arrived
in the store.

Yeah, but those weren't the only
cameras in the building.

There were dozens of shoppers
with cell phones.

RHD collected recorded videos

along with people's
witness statements.

And we have two dozen
shoplifters in custody.

Their phones are
in an evidence locker.

People are dumb enough to film
themselves committing a crime.

Anything to boost the 'Gram.

All right, get the phones,
pull the video,

and find those IDs.

Tan's working on more IDs
for the rest of the gunmen.

Collecting footage
of the robbery now.Great.

Oh, hey, uh, real quick?

Speaking of the
robbery, uh...

I kind of wanted to talk
to you about something.

Powell ignored orders,
didn't she?

Now it's not the first time
she's been dinged

for being reckless.
Come to think of it,

it's not the second time,

That's why I wanted to talk.

I corrected her in the field,
but she didn't get the issue.

But, see,
that is the issue.

Mistakes happen, but she is
not learning from them, Street.

Now my team needs
to be able to rely on her.

- But right now...
- I know, I know.

So I was thinking maybe
you can talk to her.

Drop some Hondo
wisdom. Look.

Powell is stubborn,

but I really do think that
she's worth investing in.

All right, then you do it.

I tried. You try again.

You're not in the heat
of the moment right now.

So you've got some time
to go dig into her.

If we can figure out

why Powell does what she does,
then maybe we can fix it.

And I'm starting to think
you might be

the only one
who can get her to open up.


Hey, Hondo?

Thanks. Don't thank me yet.

If Powell doesn't make changes
and follow procedure,

I will bounce her,
before somebody gets hurt.

Ballistics report came back

from the bullet pulled from
the dead employee's wound.


It didn't match any
of SWAT's rounds.


Um, her name?

Her name was La To ya Turner.

She'd worked at Coleson's
for five years.

Started as a... stylist,

worked her way
up to a buyer.

You're not responsible
for her death, Deacon.

She was, no, she was just

- in the wrong place at the wrong time.
- Yeah.

Those are the ones that
eat at me the most.

As they should.

20-Squad's tracking the IDs

of the other gunmen.

Do you need
some time, or...

you want me to clear you
back into the field?

Clear me.

All right.

I want to get these guys.

And give La To ya Turner
some justice.


Any luck identifying
the other gunmen?

No, but I need to show
you guys something.

I think we got their
motives all wrong.

I'm listening.

All right, so the gunmen
stay masked the whole time.

I was able to organize
all the videos

into a rough
chronological order.

There's Hunter Wright, but
the crew moves right past him.

There's no way
they missed seeing him.

So we were wrong.
They weren't after Hunter. These guys didn't engage

with Hunter's
security intentionally.

So if the gunmen
weren't there for the kid,

- what were they after?
- Don't know yet.

Now as the robbery goes on,

the store continues to
clear out, they disappear

from view a couple times.

But I think I see them
in the back of this clip.

I was gonna blow it up...

Right there.

They grabbed someone and that
was definitely a gunshot.

It's La To ya Turner.

That's the woman who was killed.

We assume she was hit
with a stray bullet,

but she was the target.

These guys could've
killed La To ya anywhere.

Instead they engineered

an entire flash mob robbery
to cover it up.

Which means whatever the
connection is between La To ya

and these gunmen, they
wanted it kept secret.

Wait, I found video of
La To ya during the robbery.

They found me.

Just go!
Get out of the apartment now.

The apartment.
She's talking to someone that

isn't at the store, which means,
that there's someone else.

There's another person that
these gunmen are after.

Tan, trace the number
La To ya called.

I'll let Commander Hicks
know that Hunter

and his family can leave
protective custody.

I'll look into
LaToya's background.

See if I can find out why
someone wanted her dead.

They found me. Just go!
Get out of the apartment!

Hey, I got this. All right.

- How are you?
- Hi!

We got our hands full
with that flash mob robbery,

but Hondo said you might
come by for me.

- I'll be quick.
- Mm-hmm.

I started working in the
inspector general's office.

Yeah. And we're reviewing the
Good Neighbor program.

Wanted to ask you
about your experience.

You know what,
using it might be

the best decision
I ever made as a cop.

I mean,
I'm part of a block.

Makes me think differently
about people, be more open.

What are you guys doing
with the program?

Actually, we're debating
ending it.


Look, after Street and I moved
in, our neighborhood got safer.

People don't try
as much shady stuff,

'cause they know we're
there looking out for them.

If the officers stick around,
then, yes,

the program is effective.

Problem is,
there are a lot of cops

who use the program
to get a cheap house,

stay exactly
as long as they have to,

and then sell
for a big profit.

Yeah, sure, the contract only
makes you stay for two years,

- I bet that some cops move on...
- A lot of cops.

I've been reviewing
the data all morning.

But you know there are
officers out there like me,

who believe in the
Good Neighbor program.

I can put you in touch
with some of them.

I-I'd be happy to hear
from other participants,

but I don't know, Luca.
I can't deny the stats.

Right now, the initiative is
a waste of resources.

And I owe it
to the inspector general

to make a fair recommendation.

I guess.

Just doesn't seem
like you ever let the numbers

get in the way
of a good idea before.

Okay, I got to go.

Phone number La To ya Turner

called right before she was
killed belongs to a burner

activated three days ago,
but whoever has it

switched the phone off,
so we can't ping it.

I looked further
into La To ya.

No criminal history,
no contact

with anyone even
the tiniest bit shady.

If she's spotless,
why target her?

- Drugs? Maybe gambling debts?
- Well, if she's

got a problem, it's not
showing up in her financials.

But this is.
Three days ago,

a charge to a prepaid
phone company.

That burner you mentioned,
La To ya activated it herself.

That's odd.
And she withdrew some cash, too.

She broke from her
usual routine,

and made two trips to the
grocery store this week.

Plus she used
her work discount

to purchase clothes.
And this emailed receipt

says none of them
are in her size.

Food, clothing, cash.
All basic needs.

We heard her say,
"Get out of the apartment."

What if La To ya is
sheltering someone?

Patrol didn't find anything
unusual at her place.

Well, when LAPD reached out
to notify LaToya's next of kin,

they contacted
her sister, Nicole.

She's a property manager

at an apartment building
in Santa Monica.

In that building,
there is one vacant unit.

Even if La To ya was
stashing someone there,

they're long gone.

They might've left something
behind. I'll call the sister.

If La To ya was borrowing
this unit,

it's worth a shot.Okay.

Empty unit number's 229.

You know, if my sister asked
to borrow a whole apartment,

I'd ask
some follow-up questions.

Busted window.

Looks like
the door's broken, too.

Gunmen must've figured out
LaToya's shelter spot.

Could still be inside.

Stay sharp.

Hey! Hold up!

- We got a rabbit!
- Go.

30-David, we got a solo runner

heading east
on Montana.

Hold up!

Hey! LAPD! Stop running!



You're police?

Real police?

I thought you were the guards

- coming back to get me.
- The guards?

From the factory.

You're the person
La To ya sheltered.

The one the gunmen
are looking for.

We've got you.
You're safe now.

But my brother.

We escaped the factory together.

I was out of the apartment
when La To ya called.

When I came back,

I saw them dragging
my brother to a car.


You have to save him.

The factory that you worked in,

- you say you made clothes?
- Yes.

Sewing all day.
Sunup to sundown.

No breaks allowed.
And then they'd say

we messed up
and don't deserve full wages.

Long hours, low pay.

Sounds like a sweatshop.

Hold on, let's go back.

How did you end up there?

A man said he'd help us
immigrate from China.

Promised us work,
a better life.

It was all lies.

- How many workers are there?
- Eight.

We had to share
two old mattresses to sleep on.

So you couldn't leave
at all?

The guards watch us
every minute.

One time, another girl
tried to get out.

They caught her.

Beat her up. She died.

They killed her?

I don't know.

She was all bloody,
and they took her away

and we never saw her again.

That's what they're gonna do
to my brother.

- You have to save him.
- Hey.

We've got a squad heading to the
address you gave us right now.

If your brother's at that sweatshop,
we'll find him.

The gunmen
from this morning's robbery

could be the sweatshop's guards.

Yeah, but they came to the store
specifically for La To ya.

Did La To ya Turner help you

and your brother escape?

Yes. La To ya is an angel.

She found the factory
when she was picking

new clothes for her store.

I begged her for help,
and she did.

- Is that how you found me?
- Grace?

I'm sorry to tell you this.

Um... La To ya was killed
this morning.

She was in danger
because we escaped.

And now my brother is, too.

Right now,
we got nothing.

Hey, we got a problem.

That factory that Grace pointed us to?
There's no workers,

no equipment,
not even product.

When Grace and Park
disappeared, the guards

must've got spooked,
moved the entire operation.

We have to find them.

Grace said that there are
seven other workers

out there,
including her brother.

the guards are in the wind,

and we don't know if Grace's
brother is even alive.

La To ya Turner was
murdered trying

to help these people.

So I'm sorry, but if
there's a tiny chance

that we can help save them,
we got to take it.

All right, what about
that building they vacated?

- Must've been a name on the lease.
- Shell corporation.

That warehouse was their only
property. It's a dead end.

All right, whoever's
in charge of this sweatshop

obviously covered
their tracks.

Grace was inside.

So maybe she saw something
or heard something...

Right now,
she's our only lead.

Did you save Park?

- Can I see him?
- I'm sorry.

We sent a team to the sweatshop,
but no one was there.

It's my fault.

I should have protected him.

Hey, we are still looking
for your brother.

We just need
to find another way.


I need you to think
about the guards.

Was there a leader or a boss?

I didn't like looking
at him too long.

He was scary.

Yelled at us.

Did you ever hear him talking
to the other guards?

Maybe they mentioned his name?


He only ever talk about work.

How many pieces
we make in a day.

How we need to do more. Uh...

money and clothes, that's
all he ever talk about.

Wait, the clothes.

If we can ID the clothing

the sweatshop was making,

we can go talk to the brand.

They'd know who was
running the factory.

Did you ever sew a tag?

Or-or maybe see a logo?

I didn't attach the tags.

Uh, sometimes there was

a little T
on the shirts,

but it didn't look
that special.

It's something.

And I know a guy
who might be able to help us.

All right, well,
let's run with it and find out.


Can you draw
the logo for me?

And anything else you remember
about the clothes?


Tan took Luca to meet some
old C.I. from his Vice days.

They think this guy
can ID the brand

- that's using the sweatshop.
- Cool.

We need to talk through
what happened this morning.

Not this again.

You went through a door alone,
not knowing

what was on the other side. Sure I did.

It was a stockroom, a shortcut.

There could've been suspects

hiding in there,
waiting to ambush you.

They weren't going to ambush me.
They were suburban moms

grabbing free perfume.

You always think you know
better than procedure.

But it says we stick together

for a reason.

You probably pulled my records

but before I was LAPD,

I worked
in the sheriff's department.

No, I-I never
read your file.

Well, I worked
search and rescue.

My partner, Gabe,
had been on the job 20 years.

Real... dad energy.

Loved the outdoors.

And the rules.

- What happened?
- Got called out

to an injured climber
stuck on a cliff face.

Gabe went up,
rocks were sliding around.

And I had a weird feeling.

So I told him to forget
about attaching

the extra lines,
get the guy down now.

But Gabe followed
every procedure to the letter,

so he was still up there when
the whole cliff face gave way.

Climber died.
Gabe might as well have.

Spinal cord injury.

Lives in a hospital now.

I'm sorry. That-that
must've been really hard.

If he would've listened to me,
they would've been safe.

It was the protocol,
made up in some boardroom

to cover liability
or whatever.

I'll never let nonsense
like that get

in the way of me
doing actual good again.

Powell, just hold
on a sec... hey!

Hey, just wait a second.

Look, what happened to Gabe,
that was not your fault.

But you keep
this attitude up,

you will hurt someone
or worse.

Look, you've been
lucky so far.

But I don't want me
or anyone on 20-Squad

around when that
luck runs out.

Nichelle.Theo. Thank you
for meeting me before tonight.

I just wanted to
run some thoughts

past another O.I.G. auditor.

What did you want to talk about?

The Good Neighborprogram.

I've been talking to some
officers who've used it,

and they are passionate
about how well it works.

I'm sure they are.

And they're not alone.

I know what the stats are,

but I think
we should consider

the program continue,

maybe with some more

I told the inspector general

that bringing you in was
a mistake, but even I thought

you'd wait for a bit
to start roadblocking us.

Excuse me?

- You're a cop's girlfriend.
- The inspector general

knew that
when she offered me the job.

Sure, she's fine with it.

Doesn't mean the rest of us are.

I mean,

you live with this guy, right?

You talk shop with him?

Uh, Hondo doesn't dictate
my opinions.


it makes me wonder
what you're doing

in the inspector general's

You're basically a spy
for the cops.

Not at all. I can be objective.

We're standing
in SWAT's headquarters

at your request.

Theo, I asked you here
because it's closer

to your office
than my South L.A.



But you're telling me you want
to rubber-stamp an LAPD program?

Well, not because
it's a cop thing.

Because I think
there's more to the story

than what the numbers say.

Did you decide that before

or after talking to the officers
who are so passionate about it?

And be honest,
were any of these guys

your boyfriend's buddies?

Like I said,
bringing you in was a bad idea.

A Fashion District connection
named Snazzy B?

It's almost too perfect, bro.

Know him from
my Vice days.

The merch might
all be counterfeit,

but the style's
all cutting edge.

Let's just hope
he can ID the brand

that was using the sweatshop.

Officer Tan.Hey.

Black on black?

How boring.

Yeah, function over style, man.
This is Officer Luca.

What up? What up, man?
What's up?

Yeah, I need you
to take a look at this

and tell me
if you recognize the logo

or any
of these clothing designs.

Hmm. How about
while I look this over,

you fellas look these over?


No, thanks, man.
I'm gonna spend my money,

it's gonna be on something real.

They really tell time

and shade your eyes.
It's the consumer

who decides how much
a brand name is worth.

It's worth something to you, you
took the trouble to spoof it.

He's got you there, man.


This logo, this letter T,
plus the,

uh, drapey tops...

I think this is

Tremblay's latest line.

Tremblay? That's a designer?

Vivian Tremblay would
call herself a designer,

but I say
she's just another person

shoving '70s style
in my face again.

Bell-bottoms died

for a reason. Yeah, noted.

All right,
I'll call Hondo.

Thanks for the info.

Hey, be good now.
Don't hurt nobody.

Yo, we got 'em.


Welcome to Tremblay.
Can I help you?

LAPD. We're looking
for Vivian Tremblay.

- Just want to ask her a few questions.
- Oh.

She's in the back.
I can get her for you.

Oh, that's okay.
We'll find her.

- Vivian Tremblay?
- Cops are here.

Excuse me.


Don't move!

Up against the wall.
She dropped it in the toilet.

Who was that?

Was that the sweatshop operator?

Where are the workers, Vivian?
Where are they?!

Phone company pulled the
last number that Vivian called.

Belongs to a burner.
It's switched off.

It's got to be
the sweatshop operator.

She warned him, probably
told him to move the workers

- out of L.A.
- Which means we got to find this guy

before he gets them out
of the city.

Tan and Powell are going through
Tremblay's business records

from the showroom office,
looking for anything

that can give us an ID.

Well, it seems
like Vivian was involved

in the sweatshop in a real way.

But I doubt she has his name
in her records.

Look, it's a long shot,
but we need some way

to get to these workers.

Hondo and Deacon
are talking

to Vivian now.
We're working on it.

I don't know
what workers

- you're talking about.
- Okay.

That phone call that
my colleague and I interrupted...

What was that about?

- Something else.
- Vivian,

- we raided the sweatshop.
- We live in America.

There haven't been sweatshops
here in decades.

It's funny, because
one of your seamstresses...

She told me that just yesterday,
she was in yours.

Tremblay employs
no seamstresses.

Piecework is sent
outside of the company,

and I don't know anything
about the labor conditions.

Come on. You were trying
to destroy your phone.

That tells me
that you're trying to cover up

how involved you really are.

This goes better for you
if we save those workers.

Now, if you help us,
maybe we can get some

of the charges reduced, get a
few of them taken off the table.


I don't know
where they're being held.

Then give us the name
of the sweatshop operators.

Now, before you go turning
your nose up, know this.

We are going
through your files,

and we have his building.

Now, it may take a minute,
but we are gonna find this guy.

And when we do, I wonder if he's
gonna say that you don't know

anything about what's going on
in your own clothing factory.

Or maybe he just might
have some new insight

into La To ya Turner's death.

I will give you his name.

But I want a deal
in writing first.

She is 100% involved
in this thing.

And we're offering
her a deal?

There are other ways
to get this guy's name.

But this is the fastest.

We get the sweatshop operator's ID,
we can get to these workers

before he can move 'em
out of the city.

Deacon, he skips town
with them, they get tossed

into some new bad situation.

Maybe another sweatshop,

maybe something even worse.

What if we don't find this guy?

Or what if the workers
are already dead?

Then we've let her walk
for nothing,

- La To ya Turner has died for nothing.
- You were the one

who said, if we had a chance
to save those workers,

we have to take it.

I know. I know.

All right, call the D.A.

Get the deal in writing,

and get the sweatshop operator's
name from Vivian.

Yes, sir.

I got the name of the
sweatshop operator.

William Chen. Look at this.
He makes frequent trips

to China.

He's probably the guy who
recruited Grace and her brother

in the first place.

Here are Chen's properties.

Sweatshop lease was under
a shell company name,

but Chen had
to move the workers

out of that building
with no notice.

He wouldn't have had time
to secure a new hidden spot.

They're probably at a property
he already had available.

His apartment?
Risky to try to bring in seven people

- without a neighbor seeing something.
- Yeah.

This here's a storage unit,

but that company is big
on upgraded security.

Cameras in every hallway,

he'd have been caught
on tape for sure.

Leaves this storefront.

Paint shop, Chen's a co-owner.

But it's a public place.

But what about
the rear entrance?

He sneaks them in
through the back.

No one's the wiser.

Chen only needs to stash
his workers for a few hours,

while he makes arrangements
to get 'em out of town.

Betting Vivian's call
sped up his plans.

Let's roll. All right.

30-David. We're set.

26-David in position.

We got one suspect

by a van.

Plate's registered to Chen.

Probably how he intends
to move them.

According to Grace,

there are seven other workers.

Might be looking at three
or four armed guards,

including Chen.

All right,
I got a second suspect visible.

He's loading three
workers into the van.

Could be more inside already.

I... I don't have a visual.

Still can't see

the other workers or Chen.

Van's pulling out now.

All right, let's go. Go!

22-David coming in.

Out of the van!

Get out of the van!

Get out now!
Show us your hands!

Your hands up!
Don't even think about it!


Out! You two, out! Move!


Get on the ground!

Going hands on!

Give me your hands.

Suspect one in custody!

Get out.

Suspect down.
Tan, you got him?


Third suspect's approaching.
He's rabbiting!

Two! Two! Give me two!

With you. With you.
Go. Go.

Drop the weapon!
Show us your hands!

Suspect three in custody.

Nice job, Powell.

It's okay.
We're police.

Hey, there's six workers
in here.

Come on.

there should be one more worker.

LAPD! Stop right there!
Don't move!

20-Squad, I got eyes on the
seventh worker and William Chen.

Park Lin, your sister Grace
showed us your photo.

Grace? She's okay?

We got her. She's safe.

I shoot him!

Come on now, Chen.

- Back up!
- Park needs medical attention.

- Let me leave!
- Can't do that.

You're not gonna get away
from us, Chen.

- Let's make a deal.
- Like what?

We know about the sweatshop
and La To ya Turner's murder.

We got Vivian Tremblay
in custody.

She's saying she had nothing
to do with any of it.

She's a liar and a snake!

Take it easy. Chen.
Relax, Chen.

Let's talk about this.


On your stomach!

20-David to Command.

Fourth suspect in custody.
We're Code Four.

It's over.

Pardon me.

Watch your step.

I will, Officer.

It's Sergeant.

So Vivian Tremblay
walks free, huh?

Well, not exactly.

The D.A. wasn't willing
to grant her full immunity.

I mean, she's still gotta answer
for destroying evidence

and obstruction of justice.

So she pays a fine that
she can afford ten times over,

and then goes back
to doodling overpriced pants

like nothing happened.

Making a deal got us
those workers

before Chen could
get 'em out of town.

They're what mattered most.

Now it wasn't
the perfect option,

- but it was the right one.
- That doesn't make it

any easier, watching
her waltz out of here.

I know, I know, but come on.

Something else
I want you to see.


you better get over to
the inspector general's office.

- Your meeting starts soon.
- Don't think I'm gonna make it.

Letter of resignation.

Gonna turn it in.

Okay, hold up, hold up.

Is this because of what
that Theo guy said to you?

He is not

the inspector general.
She believed in you.

But Theo was right.

I took a look at the numbers

for the Good Neighbor program,
and then

changed my mind
after I spoke to Luca.

And if you quit,
what happens to COPE?

There are other great advisors
in the IG's office.

Hey, they are not you.

Hondo, if

I can't be objective,

I'm not going to be able
to do the job.

I disagree.
Nichelle, I am not impartial.

I see a situation, and I think

about it as a cop,
I think about it as a Black man,

and a member
of the South L.A. community

and a hundred other things.

And my ultimate decision
is the better for it.

That's true,
but I've seen the line you walk.

I got a taste of it today...
The cop and the community side

pulling me
in opposite directions.

It's not easy, and I know
the toll it takes on you.

You can do everything
I can backwards and in heels.

Nichelle, trust yourself

like I trust you.

That's Nicole Turner,
LaToya's sister.

When I let her know
that we secured the people

that La To ya was helping,
Nicole asked if she could meet them.

Thank you for saving my brother
and the others.

It's the least
we can do.

I just wish...

You are like me.

Always thinking I could have
done a better job somehow.


I made some calls.
If you and Park need a place to stay, I...

Oh, no need.
Nicole offered us a place

and help to find real jobs.

She said
it's what La To ya would want.

I don't doubt that one bit.

Excuse me.

Thank you.
Thank you very much.


I'm David.
I'm so sorry for your loss.


I was hoping to catch you
before the meeting.

- Okay.
- You were right.

The IG's office shouldn't
re-up the Good Neighbor program.

But we shouldn't
cancel it, either.

I don't understand.

The reason I sided
with the officers

who love this program isn't
because I'm knee-jerk pro-cop.

It's because the program works.

And the numbers back that up.

But they also tell us
what the problem is.

Cops who abuse
the initiative for profit.

You want to reform it?

I just dropped off
some proposed changes.

Cops stay in their homes

that they purchase
for five years minimum.

And if they choose
to sell before then,

the Good Neighbor program has
a right to buy back the house

at a fair cost.

The inspector general
was intrigued.

I am, too.


it should be eight years
minimum commitment.

I'm open to discussion.

I still don't trust you.

You don't have to.

Shall we?

After you.


- Hey.
- Hey.

Oh, uh, I spoke to Powell.

It wasn't perfect, but...

I think I got through to her.

She followed procedure
at the paint shop.

- That's a start.
- Yeah.

Oh, uh, by the way,

you were right
about her opening up to me.


Powell says she's got attitude

because protocol is made up.

If you ask me,
it's 'cause she couldn't

save someone she cared about,
and she doesn't want

to feel like that again, so,

she's decided not
to trust anyone.

Well, that's
an understandable response

for a human being, Street.

But it ain't ideal
for a SWAT teammate.

There's hope.

She heard me today.

Key word is "today."

I'm still worried
about tomorrow.

What you're describing doesn't
sound like the kind of thing

that goes away
from a single heart-to-heart.

I guess I'm in it
for the long haul then.

Look, she did listen to you
today, and you damn sure know

what it takes
to be a good SWAT officer.

I know I can do this, Hondo.

- I know it.
- All right.

You get Powell squared away.

She's your responsibility now.

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