S.W.A.T. (2017–…): Season 6, Episode 4 - Maniak - full transcript

When a convicted killer makes a prison break, the team works to protect the people on his hit list. Hondo unexpectedly crosses paths with a former flame.

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Previously, on

You're a prosecutor, huh?

- Deputy D.A.
-Wow, that's a tough gig.

Says the brother in blue.

Nia Wells. Daniel Harrelson.

Maybe we should... Take a break.

But I should probably mention,
I'm seeing someone.

Look at you,
getting domestic.

Ex-girlfriend? I wouldn't go that far.

Our program,
which we're calling COPE,

911 dispatch will only forward

nonviolent calls
to the hotline.

When someone has
a mental health episode,

sometimes the last person
they want to talk to

is a uniformed officer.

Let's have a kid together.

I want to have
a family with you.

I want the same thing.

We're-we're having a girl.

Hell yeah, Hondo!

#Girl Dad!

Oh, this is crazy.
This is so crazy.

Morning, Sheriff.

How was your drive out
from Correctional?

Extra bumpy.

Hope he has
a strong stomach.

You think we'll get out of
here before the media hears

Roman's out of prison
on a field trip?

It's been a few years
since the trial.

You think they still care?

Roman's trial
was their bread and butter.

Find out he's leading us
to a body, they'll be here.

Trust me.

Alexei Roman.

Sadistic S.O.B.

What's he getting in exchange
for turning over the body?

Transfer upstate.

he's sick of the sunshine.

Who are the men in black?

Why don't you just
concentrate on leading us

to the remains, Roman?

Come here,
let me see that rifle.

Not on your life, pal.

Oh, heads up.

Got a lookie-loo.

Oh, no, that's the, uh,
wife of the deceased, Odette.

Kind of surprised
she'd want to be here.

I can't imagine there's
much left of her husband

other than bones.

She's probably just
looking for closure.

If it isn't the brother in blue.

Give me a second.


Wow, it's been
a long time.

It's good to see you, Hondo.

Yeah, it's good
to see you.

I didn't realize the D.A.'s
office was still involved.

Oh, we're not,
thank God.

The prosecution finally rests.

I'm here as, um, moral support.

The victim's wife and I
grew close

during the trial.

She had nowhere to turn,
we become good friends.

I promised
I'd sit in the car with her

while the remains are recovered.

How's everything else
with you?

Uh, job's good.

Eric and I tried
to make it work again.

Failed again.

Oh, I'm sorry to hear that.

Are you, though?
I have a confession.

I asked the warden
to include Sergeant Harrelson

in his request
for a SWAT escort.

I had dinner

at The Carlton last week.

Okay, look, Nia... I hadn't been there

since we stayed
during the heat wave.

I got to thinking,
we should, um, get together.

I'm in a committed relationship
now, Nia.

In a happy one.

My girlfriend's expecting,

Wow. I...

I'm speechless
and a little embarrassed.

Don't worry about it.

I'm happy for you, Hondo.

Thank you.
We're excited.

Settling down,
becoming a father.

Finally convinced yourself

it's something that you want.

Good for you.


Ready to go.

Excuse me.

Congrats again.

I mean, the
whole scene was chaos.

Fire truck arrives,

the gazebo lit up
like a Christmas tree.

Father-to-be's trying
to fight the flames

with a garden hose.

Aunts and uncles are
running for their lives.

I'm just saying,

you and Hondo got off easy
with a low-key gender reveal.

Ooh, crisis averted.

I got to admit, Commander,
the suspense has been killing me

since I got word
you wanted to talk.

I tried getting Hondo
to spill the beans,

but he was out the door

so early...

Hondo doesn't know about this.

LAPD got
a new inspector general.

This is a draft copy of

her recommendations
to the police commission.

Check out page 11,
I earmarked it.

This is about
the COPE program.Yeah.

"Fielding ten percent
of low-risk 911 calls,

"civilian volunteers reduced
the burden on police.

We recommend COPE be
fully funded by the city."

I can't believe it.

Full funding? Yeah, get
to the final paragraph.

They want to fold COPE
under the LAPD's umbrella?

It's a successful program.

They want to make it official.

Sir, the whole point

of the program

is to send
someone other than police

to people who are unwell

and might lash out
at authority.

I mean,
if the LAPD takes over COPE,

half my volunteers will walk.

Read the fine print.

If you turn down
the funding,

they'll cut off your access
to 911 dispatch.

So, what?
It's a hostile takeover?

But I.G. oversees
the police,

not the other way around.

I mean, you've poured
your blood, sweat and tears

into COPE, Nichelle.

I just thought
you deserved to know.

I appreciate that.

Yeah, I'm sorry.

The new inspector general,

where could I find her office?

Hey, uh, the woman
who pulled you aside earlier,

I've seen her somewhere before.

Yeah, Nia Wells.
She's an assistant D.A.

Right, right.
I thought I recognized her.

Seems like
you know each other well.

We used to.


Think that's the burial site?

Looks like it.

How did Roman manage
to drag a body

all the way up here by himself?

Adrenaline, I guess.

But, terrain like this,
I can't imagine

he was able to
bury the body very deep.

Any chance he's full of it?

It wouldn't be
the first time

a killer's taken cops
on a wild goose chase.

And it's pretty wide-open
here to hide a body.

Hey, Sheriff.

What do you got, Sergeant?

What are the odds this guy's
just messing with us,

- getting his kicks?
- Well, if that's the case,

he can kiss his transfer
to NorCal goodbye.

Damn, looks like
the news found us.

My money's on Channel 5.

I hear it, but I don't see it.

It's moving fast.

Where the hell is it?

It's trying to stay undetected.

It's not coming from above,
it's coming from below.

Sheriff, that's not
a news chopper!

Take cover!

Get down!

go! Move, move! Get down!

Sheriff needs help!

That's our window!

Move in, move in!

Go, go, go, go!

Hey! You all right? Yeah.

Son of a bitch.

Hondo and Street are
almost back. What do we got?

The chopper was found
abandoned in Sylmar.

Rancher witnessed
the prisoner and two men

speed off in a truck.

Didn't get any plates.

We're tracking
the chopper's origin.

Who escapes
with this kind of help?

Alexei Roman.

Emigrated from Russia
after being expelled

from the army
for assaulting a recruit.

He owned a seedy nightclub
in East Hollywood,

became a popular
underworld spot.

He also ran a burglary ring
on the side.

He had his own version
of the American dream,

until he killed his driver,

a man named Lee Cobb.

And then there was
Roman's trial,

which was as sensational
as they come.

Every day
some waitress or bouncer

testified to Roman's abuse

of his workers...
I mean, twisted punishments.

I mean, some he branded
like cattle

from a brand he got in the army.

How'd he end up
getting convicted of murder

without a body?

Well, his driver was working
as an informant.

He was wearing a wire

at the time
Roman strangled him to death.

After hearing the tape,
the jury took about an hour

to convict him.

I doubt
they'll find the body now.

Hey, three armed men
just ransacked

a day spa in East Hollywood.

Stole a laptop,

interrogated the owner
and beat him into a coma.

They spoke Russian.

One matched Roman's description.

We get an address? 4103 Wilton Court,

but they're long gone, man.

4103 Wilton. Wait.

That-That's building
that housed his nightclub.

The spa owner
purchased the property

two months ago at auction.


I mean,
this guy buys Roman's nightclub

after he's locked up, so
Roman beats him half to death?

Maybe, but it sounds

like Roman was looking
for someone else.

Witnesses heard
the owner getting tortured.

Roman was asking about
a guy named Andrew.

Someone who used
to work for Roman?

Well, whoever it is,
that's Roman's next target.

I want
every ex-employee we can find

brought in for their protection.

Get me an ID
on this Andrew.

Roman's out for blood.
Let's get moving.


Heard you saw some
serious action this morning.

One minute
it's a funeral procession,

next thing you know...
Apocalypse Now.

Hey, you remember Miguel Alfaro,
Long Beach SWAT.

Alfaro was just
filling me in

on some of
your LBPD war stories.

Only the good ones, Streeter.


What, uh, what are you doing
in L.A.?

I lateraled into the LAPD
last year,

hoping to transfer onto SWAT.

Finally got called up
to the show.

50-Squad's new three-plus-one.

The open slot on Rocker's team.
So, you got the job?

today's my first day.

From Long Beach SWAT to L.A.,
just like you.

Yeah, I know
the higher-ups wouldn't

have given me a second look

if you hadn't vouched for me.

I appreciate you, Streeter.

You don't like
that guy, do you?

Guessing it's more than
him calling you Streeter.

We just, um,

rubbed each other the wrong way
back then.

Well, it's been a few years.
People mature.

Maybe he's changed.

How long did you work at
Roman's nightclub, Ms. Morgan?

Uh, Amber's fine.

I worked there two years.

Started off tending bar,

Roman made me manager
after a while.

Um, I saw a few cars that
I recognized out in the lot.

How many guys from the old club
are you bringing in?

With your ex-boss on the loose,
trying to talk

to everyone we can. Well, knowing Roman,

he's probably already
halfway back to Russia.

Yeah, unfortunately,

it seems he has
unfinished business here in L.A.

In your days at the club,

did you ever run across
a guy named Andrew? No.

I don't remember
anybody with that name.

How'd you and Roman get along?

You ever have
a boss steal from you?

Threaten to choke you out?

Yeah, he almost finished the job
once, too.

One night,

I was doing the books,

and I saw that money wasn't
making it to the bank.

He was stealing from the club.

So you confronted him? Hell no.

I played dumb.

Just pretended
that I messed up the math.

But he saw right through that,

He pinned me to the wall

and, uh,
squeezed my throat

with one hand
and my mouth with the other.

Can you think of
any friends or family

Roman might've kept
in touch with on the outside?

Roman's got no family.

No friends either.

Listen, you don't know
what you're up against.

Believe me.

That man's got the devil
inside him.


It was a hell of a morning.
How you feeling?

Uh, I've been better.

It's not every day
a killer convict

escapes out
from under you.

Hey, uh,

I was surprised to hear

Miguel Alfaro got
50-Squad's open slot.

Guess I just,
I don't know,

I figured my letter might've
been taken into account.

Oh, it was,

but I had to weigh it against
everything else I was hearing.

Alfaro's commander said

he was a standout
at Long Beach SWAT.

Scores were off the charts,
I called around.

People who'd worked with him
had phenomenal things to say.

That's 'cause he knows
whose egos to stroke.

It's all in my letter.

I read your letter, Street.

It mostly just read
like bad blood.

Now, I don't approve
transfers often.

Uh, as a matter of fact,
the last one

I signed off on was yours.

Alfaro's a special case,

just like you were.

So, the beef you have with him,

you need to shake it off.

He's not a good fit,

All due respect...

I decide who's a good fit.

Is working with Alfaro

gonna be a problem
for you, Street?

Hey, listen to this.

An MH-6 Little Bird Helicopter
was reported stolen

two days ago from an airfield
in Oregon.

We get a bead
on the culprits?

Better. We got IDs.

Portland PD sent over

the airfield security tape.

Meet the lunatics
who shot us up.

Traveled over from Moscow
last week.

Expelled Russian soldiers.

They served with Roman's unit.

So, the laptop
that Roman stole from the spa

was uploaded to a drive.

Forensics found
no evidence of any Andrew.

So, why tear apart the spa?

You said the spa just renovated
a couple months back.

What happened to Roman's stuff
from the nightclub?

His possessions were seized
as state's evidence

after his arrest. Wait, hold on.

Not all of them.

Last month
the spa owner off-loaded

a bunch of Roman's old furniture
to a couple of pawnshops

in Little Moscow.

Maybe he left something behind
he needed to track Andrew down.

I'll send a couple
of our guys over there,

see if we can start
tracking down Roman's things.

Send Tan and Cabrera.
Maybe there's an employee file

Roman tucked away somewhere.

We got to find Andrew
before he does. Roger that.

Odette's making
her statement soon.

Today was a big
setback for her.

I'm gonna get
her home after.

She's got to be devastated.

Protective detail
will escort you

whenever you're ready. Appreciate that. Thanks.

Hey, Nia.


What you said earlier...

I never would've made
a pass at you

if I knew you were involved.

No, no, no, no, no.
It's not about that.

You said that
I finally convinced myself

that I was ready
to be a father.

What'd you mean by that?

I mean, that's a strange thing
to say when someone tells you

that there's a baby on the way.

I can't believe that
came out of my mouth. I...

I guess I was feeling awkward,

but I never should have
brought it up.

Brought what up?

What you said to me once.

The weekend we drove
up the coast,

when we got to talking about
our families and our childhoods.

What did I say?

Go ahead, lay it on me.
What'd I say?

That you were still
carrying a lot of baggage

from when you were a kid,

and it was a good thing
you didn't have

any of your own.
You'd never want to

mess them up in the head

like your dad did
to you and your sister.


I probably have it
so out of context.


I said what I said.

Forget I mentioned it.

Forget you ever met me
while you're at it.

Nia, Nia, Nia, Nia, Nia,
d-don't do that.

I'm the one who asked.

Don't sweat it. We're good.

You sure? Yeah.

I promise.



The next place has Roman's stuff
in different sections.

Want to split up the search?

Yeah. Good call.

How many pawnshops
do we have left?

Two down, three to go.

All units, gunfire reported

at 904 Western Place.

First unit on scene,
please advise.

That's one of the spots
on our list.

25-David, we're two minutes out.
Send backup.

They're speaking Russian.

You got eyes on Roman? I can't tell.

Two armed suspects and two
civilians caught in the middle.

Those people are
stuck in there.

Gunfire inside.
Repeat, gunfire inside.

Making entry.

LAPD! Drop your guns!

Put down your weapons!

Hands above
your head right now!

That's Roman's brand
from the army.

Get 'em up! Moving in.

My guy is running!

Give me your hands!

I've been shot.
Let me go.

Where's Roman?

Screw you.

We know he's after Andrew.
Tell us how to find him.

Who is Andrew?
Get off me.

Where was Roman headed?

She took all of it.

She took everything from him.

Who did?

His daughter.

That stupid bitch.

Roman has a daughter?

What's her name? Huh?
Where is she?

Go to hell!

I hope he kills her.

Sir, when they first
stormed into your store,

you said there were
three armed Russians?

I'm more worried about
the "armed" than the "Russian."

I'm from Russia, too, you see.

Just to be clear, two of 'em
got away, including him?

Yes, he was here.
Alexei Roman.

I see something on news
about the escape.

This man, there's
something wrong with this man.

I was in the bathroom,
he come in here shouting,

ripping things off the shelf.

You know what he was after? No, but I know he not find it.


That is what he said...
It means "It is not here."

And then Roman fled? No, no.

And then I grab my gun
and I shoot one of them.

He got trapped inside
and then Roman fled.

The suspect stopped talking
after that.

They just took him in
for surgery.

Are you sure that's what
he said after you cuffed him?

That Roman's after his daughter?

Yeah. Positive.

Roman doesn't have
any children.

We just confirmed it
with Nia.

The guy said "daughter"
clear as day.

We need to find this girl.
Roman's gonna kill her.

Okay, what about Andrew?
Who's he?

We still don't know.

Tan and I will take
another look around here.

Hey, Street.

Okay, roger that.

The transfer on 50-Squad...

Commander tells me the two of
you got some type of history,

and that you wrote a letter.

That letter was supposed
to be private.

It still is.

Hicks didn't say what you wrote,
just that you wrote one.

You want to tell me
what's going on?

I've known Alfaro
since I was 19.

We were in the Academy
together in Long Beach.

I just don't trust him.
I never have.

Can we leave it at that?

Unfortunately, I don't think
we can.

Hey, kid, you've come a long way
since 19.

Hell, you've come
a long way since 25.

Don't let this guy drag you
back into an old beef.

That ain't you anymore.

Hondo, you know you got nothing
to worry about with me. Right?

Of course I do.

But what I don't know is
what Alfaro did to you

that you're still
holding onto.

You want to tell me
what happened?


Nia's taking Odette back home.

They're gonna need
protective detail

until we catch Roman.
I spoke to Rocker...

Oh, come on.
You're gonna make me

sit outside some house all day
with Alfaro

to, what, teach me a lesson?

Why don't you think of it
as an opportunity?

A chance to start fresh.

Whatever problem you got
with this guy...

Trust issues,
personality clash, whatever...

Let's nip it in the bud.

Cabrera, I think I figured out
what they were after

before it all went sideways.

Some sort of humidor.

You think Roman
tore this place apart

over a fancy cigar box?

Came directly from
his nightclub.

Looks rare, old, Russian.

I searched the inventory
for the word "Andrew."

It's the only thing
that came up... St. Andrew.

Mm, Andrew the Apostle.

This is the patron
saint of Russia.

The brave martyr.

He was hanging on cross
for three days. Very sad.

What do you know
about this piece?

This is antique humidor,
Imperial Russian.

Holds up to 60 cigars.

Where is it?
It's not here.

Some girl came in
last week, she buy it.

That must have been
Roman's daughter.

So we need to know
this girl's name.

She's in real danger.
Can you check your receipts?

Yeah, should be on this list.

Right there.
That's her name.

What's up, Tan?

Is Amber Morgan still at HQ?

Who? The girl who managed

Roman's nightclub. We think
she's Roman's daughter.

He may be trying to kill her.

Hey, Luca, that Amber girl
you guys interviewed,

where is she? She stepped out.

Damn it, she's taking off.

Okay, well, we might be
able to stop her.

How long ago did she leave?

Not long.
She's got to be around.

There. That's her.

Hey, Amber, whoa.
Stop the car! Close the gate!

Amber, I need you to
step out of the vehicle.

We have a few questions
to ask you about your dad.

Come on.

It's true.
Roman's my father.

My mom died when I was 17,

and I found the paternity
test results after the funeral.

She never told Roman
the results, and...

now I know why.

About a week later
I went to Roman's club

and I gave him the proof,
and he hired me.

Life has been
an absolute nightmare since.

And you kept it a secret
from everyone.

That was Roman's only condition.

No one could know
I was his daughter.

We found this in your trunk.

I didn't know
what else to do with it.

I mean, that thing
cost me three grand,

and for what?

Okay, why buy it
in the first place?

For Roman's diamonds.

What diamonds?

A couple months before
his arrest, I guess I was,

I don't know, eavesdropping.

I overheard Roman say that
he ripped off some jewel thief.

I caught a glimpse of 30,
40 loose diamonds.

He said that it was
$4 million worth,

that that was his 401.

He hid them in the false bottom.

They're not there, though.

So, then, where are they? Good question.

When I bought it from
the pawnshop, they were gone.

Look, I'm telling you
the truth, I swear.

If you've known about it
for years,

why wait until now
to start looking for it? I didn't.

A week after his arrest
I went to the club.

I looked, but I couldn't
find it.

He probably hid it.
He was always so paranoid.

I mean, whoever renovated

the place probably found it
and pawned it off.

And when I saw it
on the website a week ago,

I pooled all of the cash
that I had to go get it.

But no diamonds.

And now Roman, he's escaped,
and he knows what I did.

Care if I take a look?

Nine calls from a blocked

That's why I was
trying to run.

So, if you don't have
the diamonds, who does?

Well, that's the $4 million

I have no idea.

All I know is that,
that Roman thinks that I do,

and he's...
he's gonna murder me.

He'll find a way.

Well, we're not gonna
let that happen, young lady.

But we're gonna need
your help when he calls,

and he will.

Loop the rest of the team in
and get her prepped.

When that call comes in,
I want to be ready to pounce.Okay.

Inspector General?

You must be Nichelle.

I just had
to meet the woman

who got COPE up and running
in one year.

What you accomplished is
a damn miracle.

I'd, uh, tell you to sit, but...

Well, thank you for
seeing me on short notice,

Inspector General.

Look, I'll just cut
to the chase.

Is it true you're recommending
COPE be folded

under the LAPD?

Yes, that's what
I'm recommending.

Don't you understand
that negates

the whole point of the program?


you run on
charitable contributions, right?

How's that going
in this economy?

We've raised half as much
as we did last year,

but there's still
a few months left.

COPE shouldn't rely
on goodwill.

It should be a stable part of
L.A's emergency response system.

If the city funds it,
we can double its budget,

if you agree to the terms.

And if I don't,
you'll cut off all access

to 911 dispatch.

Only because we'll be starting
our own official program.

All thanks to you.
You should be proud.

Nichelle, would you
be interested in

continuing to oversee COPE,

even if it were a part
of the LAPD?

How could I?
I'm a civilian.

So am I.
So are all five members

of the police commission
I report to.

We oversee every aspect

of the LAPD.

The commission doesn't
have to listen to my office,

but they usually do.

I'm budgeted for six police
performance auditors,

but Glenda just moved
to Miami, so I only have five.

What do you say?

So, what'd you say? No, obviously.

How can I audit cops when
I live with a SWAT sergeant?

Isn't that a conflict
of interests? Did you ask her that?

She said it wasn't a problem.

Sounds like she wants you
to accept.

If you're worried about me
taking the job, don't.

I already
turned her down.

Hey, everything okay with you?

Yeah, yeah, of course.
I'm sorry.

I think this prisoner escape
this morning

did a number on me.

Yeah, it sounds like it
threw you for a loop.

Elevator's here.

Stay safe, okay?

Baby, I will.
I'll see you later.

All right, when Roman calls,

what is the one and
only thing that matters?

Picking a place to
hand over the diamonds.

He realizes that
I don't have them

and it's a setup,
I'm as good as dead.

You just keep your eye
on the ball, Amber.

You tell Roman you have
the diamonds,

get him to pick a spot,
and then you hang up.

Oh, my God, it's him.

Hey, relax.

Just answer the phone
when you're ready.

Keep it simple.


I made it out, you know.

I thought you were gonna
be locked up forever.

Otherwise I, uh, never would
have taken your diamonds.

You can have them.
They're yours.

He's bouncing between
cell towers.

It'll settle.
Just need time.

I need to know that
you're not gonna hurt me, Roman.

Years ago, when you
quit the club

and walked out for good,
what'd you say?

You almost killed me, Roman.

That night, what'd you say?

I said that you never
trusted me.

See now? I was right
not to trust

a dirty thief like you.

I'm not a thief.

You stole my diamonds,
little girl.

That is exactly what you are. I'm sorry.

I will hunt you to
the end of the earth

if you don't pay me back. I don't have them, okay?

I-I went to the club
after you got caught,

but the humidor wasn't
where you left it.

The cops made me lie, and...

Listen to me, cops,
I want what is mine.

Then I will go back to Russia.

Just forget about me. Not on your life.

I only ever hear
that phrase twice.

First time today.

You are cop from this morning.

Sergeant Harrelson, LAPD.

You're going back
to prison, Roman.

You get to decide how hard you
want to make this on yourself.

Does this scare me?
Not on your life.

Not what I expected
my first day in the big leagues.

Yeah, it's not what I
signed up for either.

Gonna tell me why we got
sent out here like this?

How should I know?

Okay. Then tell me why

you haven't said
two words to me?

Whew! This ice will not keep
in this heat.

Thank you.

Thank you. Yeah.

Here, would you like one?

I'm good, thank you.

Oh, he's trying
to make fighting weight.


Beach Bouts.
Come on, you remember.

Long Beach PD does
a boxing tourney every summer.

First year, I beat Streeter.

Second year, vice versa.

Year three, and they add
a new weight class last minute,

but the cutoff is
smack-dab between us.

This psycho over here
loses ten pounds in one week

just so he can fight me.

Then I kicked your ass.

No, not how I remember it.

Well, thank you for being here

and being our peace of mind.

If you need anything,
we'll just be inside

packing up a few things.

I'm just gonna grab
a few more boxes.

Do you mind?
Oh, yeah.

I'll be right in.Okay.

Can I carry that for you?

Oh, that'd be great. I got you.


Finally have a reason to
get rid of that ugly thing.

Wouldn't be the worst thing
if you dropped it.

So you're packing up
as in relocating?

I've considered
selling the place for a while,

but I never had the heart
to go through Lee's things.

After today, though,
it's time to move on.

Yeah. You know, I-I saw
you out there this morning.

Explain to me how you
keep doing your job

after insanity like that.

Well, the answer
I usually give is,

we go through
a lot of training.

But the truth is,
it's tough.

You know, it stays with you.

Hey, um...

I'm sorry for what
happened to your husband.

Thanks. I, uh...

I wanted to bury Lee
out here.

You know, he really
loved this place.

Racing dirt bikes and
motorcycles with his buddies.

I swear I can still hear 'em
at night sometimes.

If you don't mind my asking,

how'd he end up
driving for Roman?

He needed the work,
and Roman was

the only one offering.

You know, he didn't know about
the criminal stuff at first,

but once Nia approached him
about being an informant,

he didn't flinch.

He always knew
the right thing to do.

What Roman put you through,
that's beyond cruel.

You deserve to have answers.


I just feel so stupid.

You know, I should have known
that he had no intention

of giving over Lee's remains.

You know that saying?

When people show you
who they are,

believe them.

When Roman called Amber,
his burner phone pinged

two different cell towers
in the Valley.

Seemed like he was
headed northwest.

So we got a direction
but not a destination.

That's better than nothing.

Maybe if we could figure out who
really stole Roman's diamonds.

Then we could, what,
use 'em as bait?

I mean, I doubt Roman's
gonna fall for that again.

Check it out.

Lee Cobb audio files.
That's Roman's driver.

These must be
the recordings he made

working as an informant. Pop it in.

My name is Lee Cobb.

I'm a driver for Alexei Roman.

Today is Saturday,
July 16, 2016.

Two days before
Roman killed him. This afternoon,

I started having second
thoughts about

ratting on a guy like Roman.

I thought it might be better

if me and Odette run off,

start fresh, so I took his ice.

It was a stupid move,
I'm gonna put 'em back.

Wanted someone to know.

Ice as in diamonds.

The D.A. didn't even know

about the diamonds at the time,

so it probably got overlooked.

Where do you think
Lee stashed them?

It's Street, leave a message.

Street's phone's going
straight to voice mail.

Go grab the team.
I'll get Hondo.

I haven't been able
to bring myself

to go through Lee's things.

It's like he's
right here with me.

Maybe you've come
a little further

than you think
the past few years.

This looks like it
could be your size.

I should get back out there.

Come on, go ahead.

Okay. I'll give it a shot.


See? Yeah, it looks good.

It's yours if you want it.

Thank you, but that is
way too generous, so...

I should get back
to my post.

Yeah, no, of course.


Are you trying to
blackball me from SWAT?

Got a text from Rocker
about a letter you wrote. That's right.

I wrote a letter to Hicks.

I said I didn't think you'd be
a good fit for the depar...

What's your deal, bro? You know my deal.

Three months before
I left Long Beach?

The anonymous complaint?
I know it was you.

I didn't think it would turn
into that big of a thing.

Our rivalry, or whatever,
had gotten pretty intense.

You accused me of being
a dirty cop.

You said I took kickbacks
from dealers.

Guess I was just letting off
some steam.

Half your childhood buddies
had been sitting

in the back of my squad car,

and then you just showed up
with a bike?

That complaint almost
cost me everything.

I never would have done it
if your deadbeat buddy

wasn't dropping your name
all across town.

What did you say?

Nick. Or Tate or whatever. Nate!

The only brother
I ever had.

A total scumbag.

What the hell?
What is that?

They fell out
of that jacket.

Roman's diamonds.

Follow me.

Odette, Nia,
you're in danger!

We need to move you out
of the house.


Let's go.
Backup's on the way.

Here, I-I found
Lee's old pistol.

His diamonds were
in Lee's jacket.

Oh, my God. Where's Nia?

I-I wasn't sure I had a gun,

and she said she has one
in her glove box.

- She went out to her car?
- Yeah, we saw the truck coming.

I-Is it Roman? We've got to get

her out of here.
Let's go. Go, go, go, go, go!

You find Nia, I'll get
Odette somewhere safe

and come back. Roger that.


Go, go, go. That rat husband of yours

took something of mine.

Get off me! Stop!

It's Nia. Move, move.

I'll make contact, you stay low.
Try to get an angle.

Roger that.

Please don't hurt me.

LAPD! Drop the gun
and let her go.

Stay calm. Nobody needs
to get hurt here.

Stay back.
I'll kill her.

I'm not ready to die.

Be ready, Tan.

What are you doing?!

Stop moving! Calm down. We can fix this.

It's okay.

It's okay, it's okay,
it's okay. It's over.

In the back.


Stay low.
No one's getting in.

I lost Roman.
He's got the diamonds.

Hey, stop! Stop!

26-David in pursuit.

Street, we're headed your way.
20 seconds out.

Come on, stay with me.

30-David. Suspect down.

Wake up. You're not
getting out that easy.

Roman, I'm afraid
you're gonna be okay.

Nice shiner you got there.

Oh. Yes, sir.

Suspect must have
got me pretty good.


Sergeant Harrelson.

Yes, sir. I know
who you are.

Officer Alfaro.

Your reputation
precedes you, too.

Commander tells me
that you're joining us

with quite the impressive
track record.

I'm lucky to be here
in L.A.

Yes, you are.

You're gonna be working with
some fine folks up here.

And one of the best of 'em is
Officer Street right there.

I'm guessing the two of you know
each other from Long Beach.

We do.

Okay. Well, you follow
his lead...

and it'll be smooth sailing.

I'll do that, sir.

Glad to hear it.

Hey, this will take
some time to process.

Important thing is,
you're okay.

I'm supposed to be dead.

I'm never gonna get
this out of my head.

Sometimes a bad day
is just a bad day.

Don't let it be more, Nia.

You don't have to
let it define you

or where you're headed
in life.

They're gonna need
your statement.

Come on, I'll walk you over.


I'm sorry about what
I said to you earlier.

If it made you feel

some type of way about anything,
I'm sorry.

Thank you.

Street, wait up.

Look, can I just get
a word in, man?

Alfaro, listen.
I never should have hit you.

It was a mistake for me
to escalate things like that.

- If you need to file on me...
- No, that's not gonna happen.

Look, I owe you an apology for
what I did to you back then.

I was young and immature.

No, look, I have no excuses.


And the things I said
about your buddy Nate,

I didn't even know the guy.

I sure as hell didn't know
he passed away.

I was just trying
to tick you off.

I'm real sorry for that.

Something you should know,
Alfaro, the way things

used to be with us...
The smack talk,

the-the, the constant combat...

It's not gonna be
like that here.

That's not even who I
am anymore. I know, man.

Look, I can see

right off the bat that you
changed for the better.

I like to think
I have as well.

One more thing.

I saved up for that bike.

That was a sweet-ass bike.

It really was, wasn't it?

See you tomorrow.

Yeah, hey,
hell of a first day.

Hey. Nichelle's waiting
for you out front.

Yeah, yeah, thanks. We, uh,

we have dinner plans.

An hour ago.

gonna be hitting
the drive-through instead.

Already living
the dad life.

Yeah, something like that.

Hey, uh, Nia sounded

pretty contrite earlier.

What was it she said
to you that's kinda

taken the wind
out of your sails?

Apparently I told her
once upon a time

that I didn't want kids.

That I had too much
childhood baggage

to be a good dad.

Well, nice to see you, too, Nia.

I mean, look,
I-I don't really think

she meant to put it
out there like that.

But if she did, who knows?

Deacon, Nichelle and I,
we are so excited

to welcome this child
into the world,

and nothing...
nothing's gonna change that.

But these,
these childhood wounds...

I mean, I do have to admit
there is a part of me

that's worried that
I'm gonna carry these scars

into my relationship
with my little girl. All right,

you're probably tired
of the unsolicited advice today,

but I got to step in
here, say something.

You're gonna be a great father.

We're gonna find out, right? No, no.

I already know it.

And I'm not just saying this
to make you feel better.

You are a born teacher.
You're a born protector.

That's what a father is.

From the moment your daughter
takes her first breath,

you're gonna help her develop
the tools she needs to thrive.

And then, as she grows,

you're gonna help her
strengthen those tools

so that then she can teach
and protect her own family.

You're gonna do those things
because that's who you are.

You don't have to worry if
you're gonna be a great father.

You're a natural.

Thank you, Deac.
That means more than you know.

Especially coming from you.

Well, I do have a mug at home
that says

"World's Greatest Dad."

Yeah, I bet you do.

Whatever Nia put in your head,
forget about it.

You and Nichelle are going to
mold this-this beautiful,

wonderful human being.

And I can't wait to meet her.

Neither can I.


Sorry for the wait.
All good.

I know you've had a long day.

Listen, I had a lot
of time to think

on the ride back,

and this job offer
from the inspector general...

Baby, if it's something
you want,

I'm behind you 100%.

I've been thinking
about it, too.

The position is part-time,

so I get to keep
looking after COPE,

but I don't have to give up
the community center.

Plus, the LAPD has
a few social programs

in their portfolio nowadays,
so it's not like

I'd only be auditing officers.

Maybe I'd be able
to do some good.

Of course you would.

The LAPD could use
someone like you

looking after us
and keeping us honest.

If it really appeals to you,
then I want you to go get it.

Take the job.

You're really
not gonna ask me

what the two of us
were talking about?

What do you mean?

Two of who?

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