S.W.A.T. (2017–…): Season 6, Episode 2 - Thai Another Day - full transcript

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Previously on,

We all knew Thai SWAT were good.

But you didn't think
we were as good

the best of the best.

You're sure giving us
a run for our money.

My daughter's in the U.S.
right now.

Pepperdine, in Malibu.

- Any plans for the weekend?
- Gonna head north

to see an old buddy of mine.

Works for the UN's drug

and crime unit on the border.

We've been having an uptick
in L.A. of heroin packages

found in green tea wrappers
just like this one.

Word is,
they come from this region.

Speaking Burmese...

I've been shot.

Come on. Whoa, hey.

You like the Lakers?
Your shirt... the Lakers.

I promise we will help you.

I want to give you something,
and me giving this to you

means that we're friends.

We need help. Joe...

Get evac.

Hey, Hondo,

say that again.
I'm not copying.

Hondo and Joe are AWOL
somewhere in this region.

Now Deacon and Tan
are choppering north

with the Thai SWAT team
to try to locate.

Maybe the local
dealer knows something

about the green tea operation.

Where do we find this guy, Lek?


Put a bullet right here.

He's my nephew.
My blood runs

through his veins.

What are you waiting for?!

They moved everything.

- The whole operation... gone.
- Then I got to stay here

and help.
I made Thet a promise.

I'm not leaving
until I know he's safe.

We're a team.
We're not leaving here without you.

Hey. You headed back

to the hospital?

Yeah. May's had a long night.

I told her I'd bring her
a change of clothes.

She feeling a little better
now that Joe's out of the woods?

A little. It's been tough,
but she's taking it in stride.

May's a strong woman.

Well, you're a strong
woman, too, babe.

I know it means a lot to May
having you by her side.

Please give my best
to Joe, all right?

I will. All right?

I'll walk you out.Okay.

Zaw Min's quickest line out
of here is if he flees north.

Nah, he won't flee.

Zaw Min's heroin stockpile
is worth millions.

He can't get it
through these mountains.

No way he leaves it behind.

So you think
he'll stick around, then?

I think he doesn't fear a fight.

Tan, what's up?

I know kids can have it rough
anywhere, but, man, these kids?

Abducted from their villages
and parents,

then forced
to pack heroin 15 hours a day?

Yeah. When they're not working,

Zaw Min's keeping 'em
confined somewhere.

They're essentially prisoners.

That's Thet, right there.

And that's got
to be his brother Win.

Thet's the kid
that helped you?

He risked his life doing it.
That's why I got to find him.

That boy saved my life.

I'm not about to let him down.

That doesn't mean
you and Deacon got to stay.

Hey, I already told you... we
ain't leaving here without you.

We meant that.

Hey. Think we got
a lead on the kids.

Our aerial unit just spotted
some kind of bunkhouse

deep in the foothills.

Several children were reported
in the area.

They're raiding the place
as we speak.

What are we waiting
for? Let's go.

Thet and his brother
aren't here.

Well, maybe one of
the other kids saw 'em

and knows
where they went.

Somchai has his guys asking
'em right now. No luck so far.

Hey, Hondo,
this boy's name is Denpo.

I think he knows something.

Hey, little man.

- You American?
- Mm-hmm.

Thet say you come.

Do you know Thet?

Do you know
where he is?


Speaking Burmese...

He said Thet and his brother
were in their room

when Zaw Min's men came
and took them.

He doesn't know where.


Pay the lawyer
whatever she asks.

Come on!

Put it in the top.

The boys were all
kept up here.

Aw, Deac, look at this.

seen better prisons.

This is no way
for kids to live.

No. Wait a minute.

This is Thet's.

He left it.

What do you think

that symbol means?

I'm not sure.

Maybe some sort of clue.

does that mean anything to you?

The symbol, I've
never seen before.

But the letters... I think

he's trying to write
"Krung Thep" in Thai.

It's how we say "Bangkok."

You said that Zaw Min had
a stockpile of heroin.

If he wanted to unload it?

Best place for the best
price would be Bangkok.

Must be where he's headed.

And he took the boys with him.

We got to get back to the city.

*S.W.A.T *.
Season 06 Episode 2

Episode Title: "Thai Another Day"
Aired on: October 14, 2022.

This drug lord
from the mountains...

Do you have proof
that he's here in Bangkok?

Proof, no. But a villager
saw Zaw Min

load drugs onto a truck
near the river.

Now, that truck
and an SUV pulled out

into a southbound byway.

We think Zaw Min's trying
to sell his heroin supply

before he flees.

It's estimated
to be over 200 kilos, sir.

Well, he'd be a fool to bring
that much heroin to our city.

Zaw Min is no fool, but
right now, he is desperate.

He's lost a lot of his men,
and he knows

that UN forces
are flooding the border.

He wants out, but not before
he sells his drugs.

And, sir, he's not just
desperate, he's dangerous.

He'll do anything
to get what he wants.

Is this the drawing
that the boy made?

He left that
for us to find.

"Origin not identified"?

The symbol is
in no known language.

Look, I doubt that Thet ever
learned to read or write.

He only managed to write
a couple letters,

so he drew something.

How old is this boy, Sergeant?

11, 12, maybe,
but the boy is clever.

I'm telling you, this symbol
could be the key to saving him.

And finding
Zaw Min's heroin.

If you're right, then there's
$30 million worth of heroin

somewhere on my streets.


What'd he just say?

He said,
"The lead seems promising."

I may not speak Thai,
but I know you're full of it.

Let's just say

I have a friend
who works upstairs

in the narcotics bureau.

And he keeps a file on every
criminal informant in the city.

So, anyone worth talking to,
he'll know.

the hell is that?

You work for Zaw Min.

You tell us.

You still haven't
found him.

I don't know what that thing is,

but it won't lead
to anyone in Thailand.

Too bad, because if it did,
maybe the D.A. could give you

a lighter charge
than trafficking.

Detectives uncovered
your base of operation...

Apartment over on Hoover?

Found a few
of these lying around.

Heroin is a
Schedule 1 narcotic

in the U.S.
We got you

on possession, intent,
interstate transport.

I don't know anything
about an apartment on Hoover.

All you have is rumors,
which means you have nothing.


where's that sexy little thing
that cuffed me?

She around?

Put me in, sir.

Being arrested
by a woman bruised his ego.

I can use that.
I can crack him.

I don't think
that's necessary.

These two are making
good headway.

They were,
but they're stalling out.

I used to wait tables
at a dive bar.

I know my way
around guys like this.

All their macho BS?

He's dying to get back
at me. It's probably

all he's thought about
since I put him on the ground.

You'd have to walk
a fine line in there.

We need some answers.

I can do this, Commander.

Welcome back to the city.

Chintana. I can't tell you
how grateful we are.

There's no way
we'd find Hondo and Joe

if you hadn't arranged
for that chopper.

I'm only sorry
I couldn't be there.

Hondo's friend Joe...
He's okay?

Yeah, he's doing
much better. Thank you.

Doctors are optimistic.

Listen, I know it's not easy

sitting behind a desk when you'd
rather be out in the field.

But what you did?

It saved lives, and
I'm-I'm very grateful for that.

Then I hope
you appreciate this one, too.

I've been doing some digging,
and I may have a lead.

- A lead on Zaw Min?
- No. On this man.

Zaw Min's bodyguard.
His name is Yaza Than.

He's been sighted many times
at a particular go-go bar

in the red-light district.

Seems there's a girl there
he's very fond of.

And seeing her
with other men?

I guess he can't
control his temper.

So you're thinking,
if he's in town...

He won't be able to resist
paying her a visit.

Have you gone
to the commander with this?

If you want to make detective,

this is a great way
to show initiative.

Not if it leads to nothing.
I'll just be wasting his time.

I'll go to the bar,
find the girl.

You know if she's working today?

- Yeah. Her shift is at 7:00.
- Okay.

Hey. We're rolling.

Somchai and Hondo have a CI

we're gonna talk to.

All right. You go ahead.

Chintana's got another lead.
I think it's worth checking out.

- Roger that.
- - Yeah.

So, how do you know this guy?

He owns a
knockoff clothing store

that used to launder drug money.

Now he work as a bartender
and a CI for us.

People call him "Uan."

- Is he cool?
- Yeah.

My friend at the bureau says
he likes Americans.


Who you trying to find?

Looking for a drug lord...
Zaw Min.

You're too late.
Zaw Min is dead.

That's just a rumor. He's very much alive,
and he's in town

looking to offload
a large amount of heroin.

We need to know
who he might sell to.

You know why I'm happy
to be out of the drug business?

Long ago, Zaw Min's men asked me
to do his books.

When I refused...

How about you get even

by pointing us
in the right direction?

Nice shirt.
Where's it from?

No clue. My wife got it for me.

I do not know who is in
the market to buy from Zaw Min,

but I do know something
about his habits.

If I tell you, what do I get?

That depends on what you know.

Zaw Min uses the same courier
whenever he's in Bangkok.

Name is "Ducky."
Delivers messages,

drives them around,
that kind of thing.

What kind of car does he drive? Not a car.

A tuk-tuk. Number 742.

All tuk-tuk in Bangkok have GPS,

so their dispatcher
can track them.

I'll make a call.

Thank you, man.
How can we repay you?

♪ Baby, be mine...

You serious?

Tan. What's up?

Somchai's CI gave us a lead

on a tuk-tuk driver tied
to Zaw Min.

We're gonna try
to get a read on his GPS,

- see if we can hunt him down.
- All right.

Chintana and I are heading down
to the red-light district,

see if we can track down
Zaw Min's bodyguard.

- Keep in touch.
- Yeah. Roger that. Will do.

There she is. You just

couldn't get enough of me,
could you?

I got enough to know
you're not at all my type.

So you can knock off whatever
this thing is you're doing.

Why do you have to be like that?

You don't know
what you're missing.

I think I do.

You went down to the ground
awfully easy in that restaurant.

And, to be honest, I like a man
with a little more fight.

Uncuff me and, uh...

you'll get a fight.

Not blaming you, though.

Probably wasn't a lot of room
for girls, growing up as one

of Zaw Min's
boy soldiers?

Had to be rough.

She's kicking
on a hornet's nest.

Zaw Min abused you. Maybe it'll work.

Made you feel powerless.

And now you compensate with
this pathetic macho routine,

thinking that it makes you
bigger somehow.

What's it like being a bitch?

You really want
to impress me, Lek?

And we both know you do.

Show me you've got the balls
to stand up to Zaw Min.

Show me you're not still
the same little boy,

cowering at the
very thought of him.

Go to hell.

You don't know what it's like.

You have the chance here
to flip the table on him.

Be a man.

Tell me how to find him.

He likes to...

What's going on?

- Interrogation's over.
- Ellen Foley.

My client's bail
has been posted.

He's free to go. Are you kidding?

Now, if you please?
I'm late for a lunch.

Unhook him.

Female cop
among all these men.

Which one of us is desperate
to prove something?

Get your client out
of here, Ms. Foley.

Keep walking.

I had him right
on the edge.

I just needed
another minute.

You did what you could, Powell.

Hey, Street?

I just remembered

an errand I need to run?

Cover for me, will you?

Looks like we're just

around the corner
from the go-go bar

Deacon and Chintana
are headed to.

Are we sure
that's the right tuk-tuk?

742... that's the one.

There he is.
If he is working

for Zaw Min, he damn sure
ain't in a hurry.

- Maybe we go have a chat with him.
- No.

Hang back.
Let's see what he does.

What's this girl's name again?

Her name is A ran ya.

I'll ask the DJ,
and you check at the bar.

"Ya Ma Yer" by Thaitanium

Which one's A ran ya?

Want to buy me a drink?

No drinks.
Hey, I'm looking for somebody.

You in Bangkok. It's okay.

The drink not too expensive.

No, look, I'm a cop.

We're looking
for one of your regulars.

A man named Yaza Than.

Do you know this man?

Word is, he comes here
a lot just to see you.

Look, we're not
after your boyfriend.

I just want to ask him
some questions about his boss.

He's a very bad man,
a drug lord named Zaw Min?

No drug here. This not allowed.

He might bring that crap here.

I lose my job.

Stop putting on an act

and just answer the question.
Do you know this man?

I never see this man, honey.

Who you think
he's texting?

Maybe he's picking someone up.


A ran ya, I know you're lying.

I'm not trying
to get you involved.

We just need
to find Yaza Than.

The life of two boys
depends on it.

Don't move!

Chintana! Found him!

Leave him be!


You okay?

Bodyguard bailed from the
Cowboy Bar at the back alley.

I'm on him! Okay, copy, Deac. We got it.

You two, take the back alley.
I'll stay on the courier.

Go, go, go.

Tuk-tuk driver's moving.

He's headed

- for the go-go bar.
- There he is!

- Police!
- Police! Don't move!

- You don't want to do it!
- Go, go, go!

We're gonna lose him if
he gets to the main street.

Run, Ducky! Cop!

Easy. Take it easy!

Police! Stop!

Damn it!

Give it up.

You're done!

Have you seen these kids?

Look at 'em!

Have you seen
these two boys?

Commander, all due respect,

but Chintana's taking a lot
of the heat that I deserve, too.

We could have avoided
the ruckus at a bar

if she had followed protocol.

We could have
sent in a whole team.

We had no idea what
we were getting into.

And the truth be told,

Chintana got us close
to someone in Zaw Min's orbit.

She helped the case.

She was just trying to impress
you. Well, she failed to do that.

If the situation were reversed,
and we were in Los Angeles,

I would be careful
to know my place.

Sir, I know I'm a guest,

but I also know
that she deserves a break.

You're right.

You are a guest.

All good with the commander?

Uh... no. No.
He came down

pretty hard on Chintana.

She was just showing initiative,
and I'm pretty sure

if a male cop had done the same,

it'd be
a totally different story.

I remember Chris once said her
loneliest day was her first day

on the force. Never felt
like more of an outsider.

Maybe it's universal.

If that's the case, then...

a lot of good officers
are gonna be overlooked.

Not everyone is cut out
to be a trailblazer

like Chris, but she is.

How'd the interrogation go?

The tuk-tuk driver give up
anything on the boys?

He ain't talking,
but we dug into his files.

Yesterday, two vehicles
entered Bangkok

using his toll road account.

Let me guess,
a box truck and an SUV.

Zaw Min. It's got to be.

I hope his nephews
are in that convoy.

Somchai also dug up
something else.

Before we started tailing
the courier last night,

the tuk-tuk's GPS
went dark for an hour.

Picked back up just on
the other side of the river.

Probably met up with
Zaw Min during that time.

Which means Zaw Min's
somewhere near that river.

Now, if we can
figure out where,

we might be able
to find the boys.


The police know I'm in Bangkok.

They are getting too close.

I need the extra leverage
that we discussed.

Yes, sir.

I'm already on it.

I'll call you when I have her.

Here is where the tuk-tuk GPS
went dark.

And there is where
it picked up again.

Good chance that Zaw Min
is hiding out

somewhere in this area.

This part of the city, how
populated are we talking?

40,000, maybe 50,000 people.

A lot of potential
hiding places.

We got to narrow
it down somehow.

Alleys, loading docks... plenty
of places to hide a truck.

Is there a
warehouse district?

Yes, here.

Some were converted into bars
and restaurants by developers.

So gentrification
isn't just an American thing.

I might have something.

I've been digging through
property records in the area.

There's a small warehouse,
two blocks from the river,

owned by a Burmese
holding company.

Not much more
information on them.

What's the nature
of the business?

They're listed
as a tea wholesaler.

Zaw Min distributes
his heroin in tea bags.

This guy must think he's clever.

Maybe too clever
for his own good.

Where is this place exactly?


Streets look tight
in there. They are.

Wait a minute.

Can you zoom in
on that sign right there?

You guys seeing this?

That's the symbol
Thet left for us.

That's got to be
Zaw Min's hideout.

Let's roll.


That is great detective work.


How'd your errand go?

Went fine. Why?

I saw the look on your face
after that interrogation.

You had him on the hook,

close to breaking him.

You got to let it go.

And let him start
getting up to no good?

I knew you followed him.

Lek has a direct line
to Zaw Min.

We should be keeping
an eye on him.

We have had this
conversation before.

We work as a team.

Hicks is gonna have your ass

if he knows you're
going off on your own,

doing surveillance.

Look, I'm not breaking any laws.

I just wanted to see
where he was going.

You would've talked me
out of it. Right?

I just want you to do
things by the book.

Be a team player?

Lek's attorney dropped him
off at a car rental place.

Then he rolled out in a van.

I lost him after that,
but it's suspicious, right?

Eh, he could've called
a ride share,

or rented a sedan...

so, yeah, maybe. Maybe.

That's why the symbol's
not showing up in any database.

It's half faded off.

But that's what Thet
would've remembered

- if he had been here before.
- Little guy's clever.

Not sure I would've
thought of that.

No sign of Zaw Min or
the kids. You're sure?

Yeah. We cleared
the whole building.

- There's no one here.
- Maybe Thet got it wrong.

The kid left the symbol
there for a reason.

This has to be
the right spot.

Wait a minute, Deac.
Check this.

Tan, Somchai.


Heroin's gone. Kids, too.

We're in the right place,
we're just too late.

Hey, Hondo.

You said Thet
was a Lakers fan, right?

Look what's written
here in the dust.


I don't get it.

8 and 24 were the jerseys
that Kobe Bryant wore

when he played for the Lakers.

That's Thet
trying to draw our attention.


This looks like it might
be a dragon, with an arrow.

It's pointed West.

Is there any sort of temple
or dragon statue that direction?

There is a backpacker bar
that way, along the river,

called The Sleeping Dragon.

That's got to be
where the deal's going down.

That's where Zaw Min's got them.
Let's go.

Chintana ran the plates
on the SUV out front.

Same one from the tollbooth,
definitely Zaw Min.

We have to roll now.

Wait a minute.

There are too many civilians

If we move too soon,

his men
are trigger-happy.

And I saw two armed guards
hanging near a side entrance,

having a smoke.

We got to get to Thet and Win.

They could be running out
of time.

Hondo, we got to case the joint.

We got to get better eyes
on the bar.

We need to know exactly
where those kids are

before we set foot in there.

All right, all right.

It looks popular with tourists.

What if one of us
goes in as a civilian,

tries to get a visual,
see what we're dealing with?

Well, my cover's blown.

He obviously knows
what I look like.

And Zaw Min knows Hondo
on sight.

It's got to be me.

Just don't push it, Tan.

Any sign of trouble,
you let us know.

Yeah, roger that. Heading in.

Clocking 30 or more civilians.

A lot of innocent lives could
be in danger if things pop off.

Let me know when
you got eyes on our bad guy.

Haven't spotted any of them
in the main area.

Gonna try the back. Tan, be careful.

Do not get made.

Excuse me.

Hey, bathroom? Mm.

One gunman on the three side.

Eyes on Zaw Min, storage room

in the back of the bar.

Looks like the deal's
going down right now.

What about Thet?

- Are the boys in there?
- Can't see 'em.


Wait. He's here, Hondo.


I see Thet and Win.

They're both here, Hondo.

- Are you in position to get to them?
- No.

Need to get closer.

Men speaking Burmese...

Zaw Min speaks Burmese...

Move in, Hondo. Cover now.

Men speaking Burmese...

Get down on the ground!
Everyone down!

- Move, move!
- Get out of here! Get down on the ground!

Get down! Stay low!
Move, move, move! Stay down on the ground!

On the floor! Down!

- Everybody, down on the ground!
- Move, move!

Hey. You all right, buddy?

Hondo! Back here!

Come on.

Take the kid.

Zaw Min's got Thet.
He went that way.

Deacon, with me!

Get in there and keep quiet.

It's over, Zaw Min! Give it up!

Sergeant Harrelson, you just
don't know when to stop, huh?

You got that right, I don't!

Now you let the kid go!

There's no way out!

You think you hold
all the cards. But you don't!

- What does he mean by that?
- No idea.

But we got to get in there fast.

What kind of cards you think
you're holding, Zaw Min?

It's not a good time, honey.

Afraid your little
girl's unavailable right now.

Who is this?

Where's my daughter?

Drone's got to be
overhead by now.

Infrared puts Zaw Min
in the middle of the room.

Thet is tucked
in the far corner.

It's not gonna get
any better than that.

We got to move now.

It's your last chance, Zaw Min!

You come out peacefully,
nobody gets hurt!

Did you enjoy your time here
in Thailand?!

'Cause all you did was screw up
a perfectly good business!

And you got your friend shot!

Everyone set? On my count.

Three, two... Wait, wait, wait.

- Everybody stop.
- What's going on?

We've been ordered
to stand down.

- Ordered? Ordered by who?
- It's Commander Niran.

His daughter's in L.A.
She's been kidnapped,

and she will be killed
if you don't back off

- and let Zaw Min go.
- Looks like I'm in charge now!

All right, listen up.

All right, the team's here,
Hondo. Go ahead.

We have Zaw Min cornered,
but he managed

to get Commander Niran's
daughter kidnapped

out there in L.A.

Her name's Nikki.
She's a student at Pepperdine.

Okay, this drug lord has all
the leverage. What's he want?

To get out of here scot-free,
I'm guessing.

Look, if I can stall him,
can you find this girl?

Yeah, you know we'll try, Hondo,
but that's the best we can do.

Then do it.

I've got to go.

It's got to be Lek
who grabbed her.

He's Zaw Min's
right-hand man in L.A.

No wonder that son of a bitch
got bailed out so quickly.

Let's get out a BOLO.

Stevens, put his picture
in every patrol car.

I'm gonna call his attorney
and pray to God

she still has a conscience.

Actually, Commander,
there might be a better way.

After he left here,
Lek went and rented a van.

And how do you know that? I kept tabs on him, sir.

We both did.

The rental van's got a GPS.

Shouldn't take long
to track it down.

I'll want answers later.

Right now, find that van.

He's demanding a speedboat.

He wants it brought up
right to the dock.

Locals don't have
any kind of shore patrol.

If Zaw Min hits open water,
he's gone.

And then Thet's gone, too.

Look, my team back in L.A.

is doing all they can to find
the commander's daughter,

but I need you
to stall that boat.

Look, I'll do what I can,
but every minute we wait,

Commander Niran's daughter
is in danger.

Just to be clear, taking me out
won't do you any good!

If I don't call my friend
from international water

before the sundown,
the girl dies!

Okay, we hear you, Zaw Min.

We're working on the boat.

Just give us some time. You're taking too long!

Your commander will be
burying his daughter in pieces!

Do you understand me?!

Get me my boat!

Your time is running out!

Zaw Min shouting in Burmese...

He's turning on Thet.
He knows Thet helped you.



Okay, Zaw Min,
the boat's almost here.

You can come out now.

Everybody, stand down.

Now, remember, if I don't
make the call, the girl dies.

Don't do anything.

We're just gonna
stand here and watch him go?

It's the only way to
keep the commander's daughter alive.

26-David to Command.

30 seconds out
from the suspect's van.

Roger that, 26-David.

Going in on silent approach.

Look, we need to hit Lek
by surprise

so he doesn't have a chance
to hurt the girl.

Yeah, if he hasn't already.

How are things looking
on the Thai side?

Forget that. It's up to us now.

Working together as a unit.

How much longer can
you stall the boat?

I can't.
It'll be here any minute.

The boat better be coming!

Hondo. There it is.

Eyes on the van.


He must've brought her inside.
Go. Go.


Two, two, two! Two, two!

Eyes on the suspect.
Southeast corner.




Not another move, nibblenuts.

Okay, 22-David to Command.
Suspect in custody.

No sign of the girl yet.


We're hearing a rustling
coming from behind a door.

We found Nikki.
Hey, it's okay.

You're all right.
You're all right.

She's alive.
We got her.

Okay, 22-David to Command.

Female victim is safe.

Repeat. Tell Hondo that the
commander's daughter is safe.

Hondo to Bangkok Command.

Kill the boat.
I repeat. Kill the boat.

Have them bring it right here!
Don't try anything!

What's going on?
I'm warning you!

I'm warning you!

Kill the girl now!

Sorry, this is the LAPD.

We don't do that sort of thing.

Looks like you're
out of cards now, Zaw Min!

Bring the boat back here,
or the kid dies!

Take it easy!

Nobody else
needs to die!

I give all the kids a choice,
you know,

when I bring them in!

Either they work,
or they die!

My nephew never had
to make that choice!

He was my blood!

He still is!

No, he's not anymore!

He betrayed me!

So I guess he did
make a choice after all!

Come on, man,
let the kid go!

He deserves a chance!

Why do you even care?

No one give a damn
about poor Burmese stray!

You are not even from here!

- You should be long gone by now!
- You're right.

But I made a promise to that
kid, and I intend to keep it!

Thet, be brave.

Trust me.

Move in, move in!

Thet. Thet, it's okay.
It's okay.

You did good.
You're safe now.

You and your brother, okay?

No one's gonna hurt you.


Hold up.

It was good work today,

thinking Lek was
up to something,

that another shoe
might drop.

A good hunch
goes a long way.

And just so you know,

I don't hand out
compliments that easily.

Never have.

Appreciate you saying that.

Truth be told,
part of me still feels like

I've got big shoes to fill.

You do,
but the reason we chose you

is because you're unique.

No one thinks
you're anyone's replacement.

- I just want to do right by you guys...
- Yeah.

...and anyone else
who came before me.

Now, look, you just...

make sure you keep on
the right side of the line.

I'm not stupid.

I know Street covered
for you today,

and we got the W.

But you keep playing it
fast and loose,

and that winning streak's
gonna dry up...

...like that.

I think the words
you're looking for are,

"It won't happen again,

You have my word.

Ah, close enough.

I'll see you tomorrow.


Well, that looks like one
hell of a recovery.

Well, I'm ex-SAS.
I'm tough as nails.

I would be on my feet,

but May said,
I come in the wheelchair,

or I don't come at all.

Seriously, though, I wouldn't
be here if it wasn't for you.

Thank you, mate.

Nah. Come on, man.
You'd have done

the same thing for me if
the situation was reversed.

Uh, let's hope it never is.

Waiting on news of
you two was hell.

May is the only reason
I didn't lose my mind.

You did more for me
than I did for you.

Just lucky we had each
other, then, I guess.


Did Thet and Win
make it off all right?

Yes, they're with their mother,
finally headed home,

although Thet couldn't
stop talking

- about some trip to Los Angeles?
- Yeah.

I told him I'd fly him
and his family

out to Los Angeles next year,
take him to a Laker game.

Looks like he's gonna
hold me to it.

Hey, Chintana told me

that you spoke to
Commander Niran on her behalf.

She wanted me to say thank you.

Oh, tell her she's
very welcome.

I'm not sure how much weight
my recommendation will carry,

but I can tell you this.

In the brief time
I worked with her,

she deserves a shot
at making detective.

Well, she said that,
uh, the commander

had already recommended her to
the chief, so, thanks to you,

I think she'll get her chance
after all.

Wow. That's
great to hear.

And the chief
won't regret it.

She has got a lot
of potential.

Couldn't agree more.


Yes, sir.

This is definitely not
what I expected

when Commander
Hicks suggested

a training exercise
for our teams.

I appreciate everything you did
to get us all back in one piece.

- Thank you.
- It's our pleasure.

And I hope that,
regardless of what happened,

you'll still come back one day.

I hope so, too, but next time,

I'm not bringing
any business from back home.

He needs to work on staying
out of trouble when he travels.

Hey, we learned a lot
from Thai SWAT,

things that we'll bring
back with us,

that'll make us better.

Well, you may have
given us a chance

to show off a little bit,

but I learned that LAPD SWAT
is one of the best,

not because of all your gak
and training

but because you guys treat
each other like family.

And now you're part
of that family, too.

Yeah, the rest of the
team back in L.A.

can't wait to meet you.

I might even line us up
a special food tour

for when you visit. You can
try my mom's dandan noodles.

- What do you say?
- Okay, brother.

- Bring it on.
- All right, all right.

And I say, here's to another mission

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