S.W.A.T. (2017–…): Season 6, Episode 10 - Witness - full transcript

Your mom sent us
something from D.C.

Oh, that's right.

She mentioned something on
the phone the other day.

She said it's a surprise

that'll come in handy for
the little bun in the oven.

it's another tutu

to go with the ten
others she's given us.

Baby, what can I tell you?
That woman loves her some QVC.

With our baby girl on the way,

that remote control is pretty
much glued to her hand.

Charice enjoying
her sister's house?

All those two ever do is
eat, shop and eat some more.

She's in heaven.



Doesn't look like
anything QVC sells.

Wow, that's Winnie's
old christening gown.

My granny made thisby hand.

And then after Winnie,

three more of my
cousins wore it, so...

kind of became a
family heirloom. Aw.

It's beautiful.

Just don't know what we're
supposed to do with it.

What do you mean?

You got something else in
mind for our daughter to wear?

To wear for what?

Her baptism?

Since when are we planning
to baptize our daughter?

I asked Luca to
be our godfather.

You signed off on it.Yeah...

I didn't think you meant
that in a churchgoing sense.

How else did you
think I meant it?

You know, like, Luca
giving his godchild

an extra 20 bucks
on her birthday,

or taking her to her
first Dodger game.

Okay, Nichelle, I know you're
not all that religious, but...

Well, neither are you.

Come on, when's the last time

you picked up a Bible
or went to church?

Okay, but that doesn't mean

I don't want our daughter
to have a christening.

Well, this
is news to me.

Religion was shoved
down my throat as a kid.

I'm grown now and I don't
necessarily subscribe

to what the church says

I should or shouldn't
do, especially

when it comes to
raising our child.

I know, duty calls.

Go, be safe. Baby, I'm sorry.

Can we talk more about
this later? We can...

but it took me a long
time to figure out

my own beliefs.

I'm not gonna
change my mind now.


Got a female suspect,
goes by Abby.

Armed and barricaded inside
with seven hostages, all staff.

Is she a resident
of the shelter?

She's living here with her son.

Never caused any
trouble before today.

Homeless shelter's not exactly
immune to mental health issues.

Any idea what set her off? Claims that
her child went missing last night.

Thinks the staff had
something to do with it.

Seven hostages at gunpoint.
She is desperate right now.

Let's end this.

Tan, Street, you
got the one side.

Deacon, with me
on the three side.

Roger that.

20-David, we're in.

Roger. Making entry.

LAPD! Hands where
I can see them.

Turn around, walk
backwards towards me.

All right, put your hands down.

What's your name? I-I'm
sorry. My name's Ruth.

I-I live here.

I was hiding 'cause
I was scared.

You know the woman with the gun?

Abby? Yeah. Micah's
her little boy.

She's nice.

She let me borrow her blazer
for a job interview once.

26-David, we have one
resident, physically unharmed.

The missing son's name is Micah.

Roger. Approaching east
side of the building

toward the bunk room.

Snake cam in.

The door's partially obstructed.

Look, this'll all be over

if you just tell me
what you did with Micah.

Abby, we already said, we
don't know where he is.

Stop lying and tell me!

I'm not lying.

Damn it! Where is he?

I've got visual on our
suspect and hostages.

Far left, corner of the room.

There's enough space
for a flashbang.



Come on, let's get
out of here. Stay low.

That's it. Move,
move, move. Stay down.

Come on, with me.


My name is Hondo, I'm with
the LAPD. Can you hear me?

If you can hear me,
answer me, Abby.

I already
told the other cop.

I am not moving until
you get me my son.

All right, then we're
both on the same page.

We want to help
you find your son.

Well, if that were
true, then he'd be here.

I mean, all of you...
You just, you just lie.

Like, none of you give a
damn about me or Micah!

No, that may be true about them,

but you and me, we don't
know each other, Abby.

We got ourselves a
clean slate, all right?

I'm gonna start by being
real honest with you.

You put yourself in
one hell of a situation

with all these
hostages and cops.

There's a lot of people
here on account of you

when the person this is
really about isn't here, Abby.


How old is Micah?


An eight-year-old boy out
there without his mother...

Abby, the longer
you let this go on,

Every minute is crucial,
and we need you to help us.

Abby, that's the only way

we're gonna be able to
bring Micah back to you.

Come on now, put the
gun down on the ground.

Show me your hands and
come out to me slowly.

All right. Turn around.

Walk towards my voice.

Going hands-on.

Look, I
don't, I don't care

what happens to me, okay?

Just bring me back
my baby. Please.


You guys should see this.

The business next
door pulled this

from one of their
security cameras.

It's from 2:00
a.m. this morning.

The alley behind their store.

Is that
Micah? - Yup.

The man with him works
here at the shelter.

He's the janitor.

Judging by the way they move,

that guy did not want to be
seen leaving with the kid.

I don't want to think
about what this guy wants

with an eight-year-old child.

I'm gonna go with nothing good.

We better find that
boy and find him fast,

before it's too late.

What do we have on the
creep who abducted Micah?

Looks like our
janitor was working

at the homeless shelter
under a fake ID,

calling himself Tony Cruz.

The name didn't yield
any background info,

so we pulled his
prints and found this.

His real
name is Liam Dunn.

Mr. Dunn here was just released
from prison six months ago.

- What was he in for?
- Did five years

and change up in Corcoran

for assaulting an officer
at a traffic stop.

Before that,

string of bar fights,
a couple of DUIs.

Your textbook hothead.
Yeah, but get this...

His rap sheet only spans back

a year and a half prior
to his last arrest.

Before that, no
trouble with the law,

not even a parking ticket.

So the guy goes most of his
life as a model citizen,

then suddenly spirals
out of control?

Wonder what triggered him.

Anything there hint towards
motive? Not yet, Commander.

But our kidnapper is
fresh out of prison.

Did five years for assaulting
a cop.Felon. Wonderful.

Any history of
sex crimes? None.

Yeah, but you'd think,
if this was trafficking,

- there'd be something in his rap
sheet. - Maybe, maybe not.

Either way, we got a
51-year-old ex-convict

who took an eight-year-old boy.

The shelter's housing
supervisor wasn't there earlier.

So we'll go back, try to get
more intel on the janitor.

Go get a lead on this son
of a bitch, and get it fast!

Did you hear anything
about my baby?

I mean, I've been waiting
here, and-and nothing.

You know, not a word,
from any of you.

Abby, just take a seat.
We got you some water.

No, but you're
not hearing me.

We got to find him
before it's too late.

Please! And we're doing
everything in our power

to do just that.
But in the meantime,

I'd like you to sit down
and answer some questions.

Do you understand?

I know what this looks like.

I mean, what kind of mother

leaves her child at a
homeless shelter, right?

Is that what you did?

You left Micah there
without supervision?

Well, that's the
thing. I didn't.

Honest to God.

Okay, well, then
why don't you try to

explain to us how
this all happened?

So I work at a,

I work at a gas
station up on Olympic.

And my boss is like
a real piece, right?

He-he switched the
schedule on me,

and he forced me
to work graveyard.

And, like, I need this job.

You know? And so the
people at the shelter said

they'd look after him
and I trusted them.

The people at the shelter.


What time did your shift
start last night? Uh...

I started work at like 1:00,
and then Micah's school

called me at like
9:00 in the morning

and they said that
he never showed up,

so I ran back to the
shelter and he was gone.

I mean, I thought
the staff was lying.

You know? I thought they had,
like, reported me to DCFS

for, like, neglect or something.
How long have you been sober?

13 months.

And before that?

Well, before that,
it was really bad.

I mean, Micah and I got evicted
from our apartment and...

You mean, you got
evicted. He's eight.

If you were so
strung out on drugs,

why wasn't Micah taken from you?

I got clean before all that.

I've been doing everything I
can to get us back on track.

And you consider your
life to be on track now?

Compared to where we were
a year ago, yeah, I do.

Um, Abby, this is
security footage

taken from a business
next door to the shelter.

Timestamp is 2:00 a.m.



- That's-that's Tony. That's
the janitor. - Right.

Well, you know him as Tony,
but his real name is Liam Dunn.

And he's the last person
to be seen with your boy.

His real name? Wh...
I don't understand.

Liam was recently
released from prison.


He was always so nice to us.

Why would he do
something like this? I...

It doesn't make any sense.

You ask me, there's a whole lot
of this that doesn't make sense.

Hey, Street. Not so fast.

What was your problem in there?


You're not buying that whole

"I'm turning over a new
leaf" routine, right?

I mean, she's rehearsed that
bit a hundred times before.

So, where do you think
she was last night?

You think she was
out getting a fix?

Who leaves their eight-year-old
child in a homeless shelter

to be looked after by
complete strangers?

Oh, that's right. A junkie.

The same junkie who just
held hostages at gunpoint.

I agree she's not without fault.

But ultimately, she
cooperated with us then.

She's cooperating with us now.

So, what? She just
gets a free pass?


the truth is, might be Liam

that snatched Micah,
but this is on her.

She just wants us
to find her son.

And there's a strong possibility
that that doesn't happen.

So in the meantime,
watch your tone.

What's with him? I get the sense

that this case is dredging
up some old issues.

His mother? Yeah. I'll
keep my eye on him.

All right. We got any
new intel on Liam Dunn?

His criminal history
has nothing to do with

trafficking or children.

Well, maybe he was never got
caught. Yeah, well, maybe.

But I can't shake the feeling
that we're missing something.

Well, right now, he's
our only suspect.

We find him, we find
Micah. Hey, Deacon?

Yeah? Can I ask you something?


What's up? It's me and Nichelle.

We had this weird
conversation earlier

about whether or not we
were gonna baptize our kid.

She wants to and you don't?

Actually, it's the opposite.

She had strong
feelings about it.

I mean, I knew she wasn't very
religious, but I just thought

she'd have a "go with the flow"
kind of attitude about it,

but that was definitely
not the case.


No, I'm just a little
surprised that,

that you'd want to.

I-I know. I understand.

When was the last time
you saw me in a church?

Three years ago.
Victoria's baptism.

Why do you want to
baptize your child?

I don't know, Deac.

Look, I haven't kept up
with my Christian upbringing

in a minute, but, you know,

I still consider
myself to be spiritual.

But with a baby on the way...

I guess I'm just questioning
things a lot more these days.

That's something
every new father does.

But what do I do with Nichelle?

We're on opposite
sides of this one.

I mean, I don't even know
that there's a middle ground.

Okay, first, you
need to think why

is this baptism so
important to you.

And then sit on it, you know?

If it's something you
decide you really want,

it means a lot to you,
just talk to Nichelle.

She might surprise you.

According to the kid's mother,

this Liam Dunn is a
pretty decent guy,

which is zero help to us.

You guys learn anything
new at the shelter?

Well, we talked to the
housing supervisor.

At first, she was a
total deer in headlights.

Seems Liam was liked by
everybody, never a problem.

But while we were there,
the supervisor discovered

a stack of motel vouchers
missing from her office.

And how does that trace back
to our oh-so-likable kidnapper?

Janitor's the only other person
with a key to her office.

So there's a good chance this
dude took the boy to a motel.

Yeah, that's not gross at all.

And all these motels accept
the shelter's vouchers?

Yup. All right, I want patrol
out to every one of them.

Wait. Hillwinds
Inn on Van Ness.

Patrol responded to an incident
there a couple hours ago.

There was a brief shootout
before the gunman fled.

Motel owner reported a man
and a boy at the scene.

They match the descriptions
of Liam and Micah.

All right, let's get
the motel owner in here,

find out more about
what he saw. Let's go.

Just take a seat.Thanks.

Look, I told the cops
everything I know.

Three times over.

I'm sure I've got
nothing new for you.

You said in your statement
there was a man and a boy

at your motel.

Is this them? Yeah.

They checked in about
a quarter to 3:00.

The man mention anything about
where they were coming from,

or where they might be headed?

I'm open 24 hours, I
charge 50 bucks a night.

It's not a place where
you ask many questions.

What about
their interaction?

Anything odd or
distinct you recall?

How so?

Did the little boy
have any marks on him?

Did he seem scared of the man?


It just seemed like
your basic father-son.

Yeah, except the man
isn't the boy's father.

He kidnapped him.

I never would have guessed.

That boy seemed so
comfortable with that man.

But, uh, he was
terrified as hell

when the two shooters showed
up and went after them.

Hold on. What do you
mean "went after them"?

I thought the sons of
bitches had come to rob me.

Wouldn't have been
the first time.

But no demand for
money. Nothing.

Then they saw the man and
the boy in the hallway,

and it was like
they'd come for them.

Your motel have
security cameras?

This the only
camera this place has?

I think there's another one.

All right. There's
Liam and Micah.

The shooters are targeting
them. The motel clerk was right.

This isn't about you, old man!

We just want the kid!

These guys aren't
after the kidnapper.

They're after the boy.

Liam's protecting
Micah from these guys.

Then who the hell are they?

And what could they possibly
want with an innocent child?

Can't make out any
patches or insignia,

but judging by the
bikes and their tactics,

my guess is our motel
perps are club affiliated.

Which only muddies
the water more.

Why would a biker club
be chasing a little boy?

Hey, boss, we got a
BOLO out on the car

that Liam and Micah
left the motel in.

Amber Alert's out as well.

All right, copy that.

This is Detective Ramona Quinn

from the sheriff's
department in Palmdale.

She heard about the shootings
at the Hillwinds Inn.

She thinks she can help
us fill in the blanks.

Your shooters belong to

a motorcycle club by the
name of Palmdale Pagans.

They're heavy in the meth
trade and prostitution.

I've been building a case
against them for a while,

but nothing concrete
enough to indict.

You got any idea why they would
go after an eight-year-old kid?

Your guess is as good
as mine on that one,

but maybe the why
doesn't matter right now.

The fact remains,
they want that boy.

All right, what do you suggest
is the better question?

Where? If Liam Dunn
is protecting Micah,

where would he take the boy?

That's the better question.

All right.

Liam likely wants to get
Micah someplace safe,

somewhere the Pagans
can't find him.

So let's dig into him more.

Family, close friends,
people he can trust.

People in and around L.A.On it.

Abby, we need to know if there's
someone you owe money to.

Someone who would
be very determined

to get it back. Money?

Uh, no. I-I-I don't think so.

I-I mean,

the only thing I can
think is that I-I...

My boss gave me an advance

on-on my paycheck. I've got
to pay him back for that.

That's not what we
mean and you know it.

We're talking
about drug dealers.

Are you in debt to drug dealers?

I already told you that
I am not using anymore.

And besides, what does
this have to do with Micah?

I mean, you guys are in here

asking me about
my money situation

when my baby's out there,

with some ex-con doing
God knows what to him.

I mean, what is wrong
with you people?!

Sit down!

Sit down.


Please, sit down.

We want to show
you another video,

and I need you to sit.

This isn't about you, old man!

When was this taken?
We just want the kid!

That was this morning.

Those gunmen are bikers,

most likely in
the drug business.

And the only reason
we can think that

they'd want to take
Micah is that they want

- something from
you. - Right.

So, I'm going to ask again,
and it would be really helpful

if you were honest.

Do you owe these guys money?

I have never seen these
people in my life.

Well, then what could they
possibly want with Micah?

I don't know, I swear. You know,
the more I think about this,

the more I just can't
shake the feeling

that Micah's disappearance has
to do with your drug problem.

Fine, maybe a year
ago, but not anymore.

I am doing everything I
can to take care of Micah

and to give him a better
life! Oh, come on.

All right.
Let's-let's go back.

The truth is, Abby,
Micah is missing

because of your bad choices,

and now he just might turn
up dead because of your lies.

Officer Street... take a walk.


You know, I've seen a lot
of people sit in that chair.

And over the years, I've
gotten pretty good at knowing

when they're lying to me.

I believe you're
telling me the truth.

Now, is there anything that...
that Micah talks to you about?

You know, um, something that
he might be into lately?

The last couple
weeks, he's been...

he's been begging
me for a skateboard.

I mean, he needs new shoes,

but he just...

He can't stop talking
about a skateboard.

You know, when he rides the bus,

he sees these skaters
at this old warehouse

next to the shelter.

He loves watching them.

All right.

I'm gonna give you a chance
to talk to me as your friend

and convince me that your
behavior in there was

just a momentary lack of
judgment. Last I checked,

there's only one victim
here, and it's Micah.

Abby may have you fooled,

but she sure as hell
doesn't have me fooled.

But she does have you fooled.

She's got you thinking
she's your mother.

Street, whether
you believe it or not,

that woman in thereis doing

everything she can to change
the course of her life.

For herself and her son.

We done here?


Now I'm gonna talk to
you as your sergeant.

Micah's case has brought
out a side of you

that is fogging your judgment.
I am removing you from it.


You're benching me? Deacon...

Now we're done here.

What was that about?

I'm benched from Micah's case.


Deacon thinks that my
history with my mom

is messing with my
head, but it's not.

It's actually what's
giving me clarity.

Abby's a drug addict,
drug dealers want her son.

It's not that hard
to connect the dots.

Maybe. Oh, what,
you agree with Deac?

Finding Micah is the priority.
You don't think I know that?

Let me finish. We all
want to find that kid.

But no one wants
that more than Abby.

Only a parent would
go to the extremes

that she went to
to get him back.

People can change
for the better.

It's easy to forget that
in our line of work,

but they can.

I know that wasn't
true of your mom,

but it is true of you, Street.

You're living proof of that.

Commander, we did a deep
dive on Liam Dunn's past.

You find anything that'd
shed a little more light

on what we're dealing
with here? Maybe.

Liam had a son.
Seven years ago,

the kid got caught
in the crossfire

of a convenience store
holdup. He was killed.

He was ten years
old at the time.

Seems to be what launched
the spiral of Liam's life.

Lost his job, his marriage,

started getting in
trouble with the law.

That explains why he was
so paternal with Micah.

Also explains why Liam
didn't go to the cops.

The day that his son was killed,

first officers on the scene
pegged Liam as the shooter.

They took him down,
roughed him up pretty bad.

All while his son was
bleeding out a few feet away.

Whew. Well, that'd
definitely make someone

not trust a badge after that.

Anything in Liam's backstory

about other family, someone
he might've turned to?

None. Just the wife.

Before their son's death,
they lived in Pasadena.

That's the ex-wife's
last known address.

Has there been any
contact between them?

No evidence of it.

Call logs from Corcoran indicate

no communication between
them during the five years

he was locked up. HICKS:
All right, just the same,

let's get Pasadena P.D.
to get a unit over to

the ex-wife's place,
keep an eye out in case

Liam or Micah shows up.

They got to be getting
pretty desperate by now.

Might be enough to
drive them her way.Yeah.

What are you doing?

Whose car is this?

It belongs to a friend.

A friend?

He didn't give you the keys?

Come on, Micah.

Get in. We got to go.

This isn't your
friend's car, huh?


Should we... go to
the police now or...?

No, we can't.



I've done some
things in my life.

Things that make the
police not like me

or want to help me.

And if we go to them,
then I can't help you.

Does that make sense?


You're a good guy.

Don't the police
help the good guys?


I'm gonna take you
to a police station

You promised you'd stay with me.

They can help you
better than I can.

You said a man who
breaks promises

is a man of bad character.

Don't leave me.


All right. I won't, kiddo.

I'm gonna take you to
a safe place, okay?


Get in the car. Come on.

Hey. I've been digging through
booking photos of known

Palmdale Pagans, comparing
them to the motel footage.

Think I have our two
shooters from this morning.

faces? - Yeah.

Ones that keep me up at night.

The one in charge
is Jack Willis.

Goes by "Chopper Jack."

Guy on his right is
his second-in-command.

Biker named "Chopper
Jack"? That's cute.

Just heard back from Ballistics.

It only gets weirder. The
shell casings recovered

from the Hillwinds
Inn this morning,

they match ones
recovered from a scene

of an execution-style
homicide last night.

But the victim's
a Palmdale local.

Goes by the name
of Larry Callahan.

That name mean anything to
you? No. Never heard of him.

Had a record,
all petty offenses.

Says here it was expunged.

Wonder how a dude with
his means and lifestyle

managed to pull that off. I wonder
what he did to cross the Pagans

that earned a
bullet in the head.

I'm more interested in
how a biker club murder

gets us closer to
finding that kid.

Where was Callahan's body found?

It was an
old chemical plant.

7th and Alameda.

That's only a
block from the shelter.


Abby mentioned that Micah liked

to go watch these skaters at
a nearby abandoned warehouse.

What if he snuck out last
night and that's where he went?

Callahan was killed
just before 2:00,

and it was only a
little while later

that Micah and Liam took
off from the shelter.

Micah was there last night.

He must've witnessed
Callahan's murder.

That explains why the
Pagans want him dead.

Guarantees he won't talk.

Right. So now we know
why the Pagans want him.

Doesn't get us any closer
to bringing him home safe.

Pasadena P.D.'s
reporting a shootout

at the home of Liam's ex-wife.

Officers exchanged gunfire

with four gunmen on motorcycles.

It's got to be our Pagans.

Cops on the scene
took two of them down,

one dead, one wounded.

Ex-wife's in the hospital.
I guess they worked her over

pretty bad. Were
Liam or Micah there?

No sign of them.

Then he and Micah
could still be alive.

Maybe, but there's a blood trail

from the house to the driveway.

They could be in bad shape.

Deac and I will see what we
can get from Liam's ex-wife.

The two of you, take a
crack at the wounded biker.

See if he'll give up anything
on where to find his pals.Okay.

Ms. Reese,

I'm Sergeant Harrelson,
this is Sergeant Kay.

I already spoke
with the other cops.

We know.

We're just worried
about the little boy

that's with your ex-husband.

We're afraid they're
running out of time.

Have you seen the
boy? Was he with Liam?

I thought, at first,
I was dreaming.

He looked so much like our son.

The son you lost.

What was your boy's name?


We called him Clay.

I was in the yard,
just gardening.

I saw them walking toward me.

For a moment, I... I
don't know, it just...

felt like the last
time I saw Clay.

Except this time,

he and Liam were coming home...

unhurt, safe.

Ms. Reese,
we're trying to save

another mother from going
through what you had to endure.

When you saw Liam,
what did he talk about?

He said there were

bad people who wanted
to harm the boy.

He asked if he
could stay with me.

He thought he would
be safe there.

He was wrong.

We heard motorcycles.

There were four of
them, all with guns.

They just started shooting.

I urged Liam to go,
for the child's sake.

Two of the bikers
went after them.

Two stayed behind,

wanting me to tell them
where Liam had gone.

And did you?

I couldn't, I don't
know where Liam went.

Protecting that child.

I think it's his way
of protecting Clay.

I won't fault him for that.

We understand.

Do you recall Micah saying
anything, anything at all?

Besides wanting his

He mentioned a
place she takes him,

called it "a hiding place."

Said he and Liam
should go there.

He's just a child, so...

You have any luck
with him? Hardly.

Told you he's not
much of a talker.

Too bad the bullet
that hit him wasn't

a couple inches to the
left, you know what I mean?


Come on, did you really expect
that guy to open up to us?

Nah, but there's still
something that's bugging me.

Our intel on Liam's ex-wife.

Okay, we had to dig
deep to make the link

to the house in Pasadena.

How the hell'd the
Pagans get there so fast?

They could've run a bootleg
background check on Liam.

Yeah, but he was working at
the shelter under an alias.

They didn't even
know his real name.

And there's something else.

Larry Callahan,

the murder victim from
the warehouse last night.

Yeah, what about him?
The dude was an alcoholic

with no money, and somehow

he was able to get his
criminal record expunged.

That takes connections.

Think he knew someone
in law enforcement?

Like, working as a CI?

That would explain
why the Pagans

put a bullet in his head.

I know a guy from my
sheriff's department days,

used to work patrol in Palmdale.

I'll call him, see
if he knows anything.

Any news about Micah?

He's alive, but we
haven't found him.

We need your help.


Can you tell us more about
your routine with Micah?

Any places he felt
particularly safe.

- Why? Wh-What's going on?
- Micah may have gone

somewhere he calls
his hiding place.

Does that make any sense?

The caves.

Up at Griffith Park.

- Off the Rock Canyon
Trail. - Yeah.

Sometimes when I, when I
couldn't afford a motel

or when the shelters
were too full,

I-I'd sneak him in there.

Then we'd pretend we were
on a deserted island.

You know, like,
I'd light a candle

and we'd pretend it was a fire.

Or I'd get fish
fillet sandwiches,

and pretend we caught a fish.

Yeah, he-he loved it.

Hey, look. Please find him.

We're working on it.

We need to get to Griffith
Park before the Pagans do.

The rest of 20-Squad's
still out in Pasadena.

I can get there faster.
Without your squad? Hell no.

Then send the both of us.
Benched is benched, Street.

I get that, but what
other option do we have?

Rest of the team's too far away.

I can provide backup.

Street's right.

If the Pagans show up,

I'll know exactly
what to say to them

before the bastards even think
about pulling the trigger.

What do you think, Commander?

Detective, you better have my
officers' six at all times.

Let's roll.

Are you okay?


Yeah. Let's go.

Yeah, okay. Are you okay?

I just need a minute.

No. No, no, no. It's cold.

You keep that on.
I'm not cold, okay?

I once
knew a little boy...

kind and brave like you.

I miss him...

so much.

What was his name?

Wake up, please.

Please, wake up!

All right, listen up.

I talked to Hicks. Tan
and Detective Quinn

already rolled out
to Griffith Park.

The sooner we get
there, the better.

there is no telling

how many Pagans might
show up to the party.

Okay, we should just
stick to the side streets.

Appreciate you calling me back.

I got to run. Thanks. What's up?

Problem's bigger than we think.

Hondo, I just heard back
from a friend of mine,

used to work Palmdale.

Larry Callahan, guy the
Pagans killed last night?

Good chance
Detective Quinn was in on that.

Wait a minute,
what're you saying?

Internal Affairs up
in Palmdale's been running

an investigation into
crooked cops suspected of

taking protection money
from the meth trade.

The investigation had a CI.

It was Larry Callahan.

Hondo, if Quinn is one
of those dirty cops,

that would explain why she
showed up on our doorstep

right after the
shootout at the motel.

It also explains how
the Pagans got to

the Pasadena house so fast.

I mean, I know
it's just a theory, but...

But Tan's alone
with her right now.

Deac, you guys close?

Hey, Tan, listen, we
need you to get away...

I can't hear you. Deac?

you're out of luck.

No signal up here.

Please, wake up!



I think he's dead...

He's hanging on.

We're gonna get him
some help, okay?

Okay. Okay. Okay.

That's the bad
lady! She was there!

Move, move. Move,

Get down, get down!

Stay low.

The math is simple.

There's three of us,

then there's you with a dead
ex-con and an eight-year-old.

Hand over the kid.

The warehouse last night...

You had Larry Callahan killed!

The kid has nothing
to do with this mess.

It's not my fault
he's in this position.

What mother lets
her child wander off

in the middle of the night?

Stay down. Stay down.

Toss your gun,

and turn over the kid.

We don't have to
make this messy.

We both know that's
not happening.

We got to move, Micah.

Go. Come on.


Right here.

All right, get down,
get down, get down.

This is where your mom took you?


It's our hiding

Your mom said you come here
and play desert island.

Said you have a lot
of fun doing that.

It's all my fault.

Should've never
left the shelter.

No, it's not your fault.

You're human, and humans
mess up all the time.

What counts is
that we clean it up

and try hard not to make
the same mess again.

You understand? Okay.Yeah.

Come on, Tan.

How long do you really
think you can last?

A lot longer than you think!

LAPD! Guns
on the ground.

We got a runner.
Powell, with me.

All this and for what, Ramona?

A little extra money?

Isn't it always about the money?

Drop your weapon!

Get on your knees.

Going hands-on.Go.

30-David, suspect in custody.

By the way, Chopper Jack's
a lame-ass nickname.

Don't make this
harder on yourself.


I climb that, I get a better
angle. Okay, be careful, boss.

There's no way
out of here for you!

Don't you move!

Don't you move.20-David,
suspect down.

Code 4 all
the way around.

Come on. It's all right.

You sure? Let's
go. We're safe.

Deacon, Powell, you
got eyes on Liam?


He's dead.


I'll call his ex-wife

and give her the
news myself.

Take her to the car.

Yeah. With pleasure.


You're safe now.

Let's get him home.Yeah.
Come on, Micah.

Come on.

Come with me.

Why? What's going on?

He doesn't need to
see you like this.



Mommy! Oh, my God.

Mama, Mommy, Mommy!
Oh, my God.

Oh, my God. I
missed you so much.

Let me see you.

- I'm so sorry.
- No, no, I'm sorry.

It's my fault, okay?

Can we, can we leave now?


I don't know if we
can just yet, baby.

We're, um...

we're doing everything we
can to keep you two together.

We just need a
little time, okay?

Thank you.

Hey, Micah,

you guys want to spend
some time together?

We'll get you some food.Yeah.

Yeah? ABBY: Okay, let's do it.

Come on, bud.

Come on. Let's go.

Oh, I missed you so much.

Abby's situation...

You were right.

Just took me a little
while to realize it.

We're good.



Hey, baby.

You okay?

No. I'm not.

Talk to me.

I spent the day thinking
about this morning.

And why I want to
baptize our daughter.

And I think I figured it out.


We almost lost an
eight-year-old boy today.

It's a day I've lived
a hundred times before.

But the difference now?

I'm scared, Nichelle.

Of course, I'm excited.

But I am scared to bring
a child into this world.

I have lived my life
protecting people,

protecting children...

but my own child?

I don't know this fear.

I guess a baptism is my
way of giving our kid

an extra layer of protection.

Let's do it.


Our baby girl is going to
look beautiful in this.

Baby... But...

I pick the church.

Yes, ma'am.


Thank you.