S.W.A.T. (2017–…): Season 6, Episode 1 - Episode #6.1 - full transcript

LAPD, you got to
clear out of here. Go on.

22 to 28-David. Status.

28-David. In position.

All right, on my count.

Three, two, one, initiate!


Hands on the table!

Hands on the table!
Put your hands up!

Put your hands
on the table!

Put it down!

Where's Hondo?

You really think I'm gonna
help you find your friend?

We know that your boss has him
in Thailand.

What's he done with him?

Tell us!

Even if I told you,
what are you going to do, hmm?

Your friend is 8,000 miles

from here.

His time is up.

Nothing you do
will help him now.

Where are you taking us?

Speaks Burmese...

Joe, Joe!

Hey, leave him alone!

If you had the authority
to kill me,

you'd have done it already.

My guess is your boss wants
that pleasure all to himself.

Speaking Burmese...

Joe, come on.

Wait a minute, wait a minute.

Untie me.

He won't make it up
those stairs without help.

Untie me.

Don't try anything.

Now go.

Come on, Joe.
Come on.

- No. Don't quit on me now.
- Move!

I'm sorry, mate.

I never should've got you
into this.

I'm not sure
I see a way out.

It ain't over
till it's over.


So far from home.

My people will be
looking for us.

And maybe one day
they will find

what's left of you,

- but I doubt it.
- If you kill us,

Thai and U.S. authorities
will hunt you down

to the end of the Earth.
You're a dead man walking.

Do you think that's a threat?

You haven't heard?

I am already dead.

I'm a ghost,
and a ghost cannot be killed.

But you two,
on the other hand...

Thet, come here.

Take it.

Put the bullet right here.

What are you waiting for?

Do it!

Kill him!

*S.W.A.T (2017)*.
Season 06 Episode 1

Episode Title: "Thai Hard"
Aired on: October 07, 2022.

Shouts in Burmese...

Got to give it to you,

That right there was impressive.

We all knew
Thai SWAT were good...

But you didn't think
we were as good as LAPD SWAT,

the best of the best.

You're sure giving us
a run for our money.

We've learned a lot
from you this week.

And us from you.

thank you for organizing

this trip and taking such good

care of us
while we've been here.

It's my job. My pleasure.

Love to repay the favor one day.

Have you and Thai SWAT
join us in L.A.

Careful, you might
get your wish.

My daughter's
in the U.S. right now...

At Pepperdine, in Malibu.

- Oh, she must be a smart kid.
- She is.

My wife and I will be visiting
her for her graduation this May.

- Oh, we all have to grab dinner then.
- Yes.

Hey, you guys might
have all the...

what do you call it, "gak"?

But we prefer

to improvise with what we have.

Hey, I'll admit,
it's a hell of a lot

cooler than taking
the stairs.

You want to give it a try?

We'll hold the pole
and you can go up.

Yeah, sure,
why not?

You sure about that?

I mean, doesn't it look like it takes,
I don't know, practice?

Ah, don't worry, if he falls,
he will be fine.

Looks like he has a thick skull.

Yeah, well, I can't argue
with that, but I just

don't feel like calling his wife
and explaining to her that he's

coming home in a wheelchair.
Or our boss, for that matter.

All right, then.
Maybe next time.

Huh, Tan?
When you've had time to practice.

Yeah, hold me to it.

Hey, guys.

Any plans for the weekend?

Well, I got to go out
and try to find some gifts

for my wife and kids, otherwise
I'll never hear the end of it.

They think I've been here
on a week-long vacation.

If you like, I can
show you the best shops.

And we can take you out
for some real Thai food, too.

Not that hotel tourist
crap you've been eating.

Awesome. Love Thai food.
The more authentic, the better.

Yeah? Okay.

Yeah, that sounds good.
Thank you.

Well, you're going to have
to count me out, I'm afraid.

I'm gonna pick up
my girl from the hotel.

We're gonna head north
to see an old buddy of mine.

Works for the UN's drug
and crime unit on the border.

- It's beautiful there up north.
- So I hear.

Hoping to have some fun
and relax for a few days.

Well, that's me
right there.

Guess this is goodbye,

See you in L.A.
Thanks again, Chintana.

- Pleasure.
- Somchai.

Hondo. And I'll see
you two knuckleheads

in a couple of days.
Don't call, don't write.

All right. Hey!

Stay out of trouble.

Copy that.

This is little Joe,
and this is Nan.

And this is
my beautiful wife, May.

- So lovely to meet you.
- Welcome.

- Thank you.
- Thank you so much for having us.

- What an amazing place.
- Thank you.

Why don't we show
you your room?

Uh, and then grub's up. Hondo,
I'm gonna grab you a beer.

Come on, guys,
let's go!

What is this? I keep seeing
them everywhere we go.

It's a spirit house.
Thai Buddhist tradition.

We lay offerings there,
for protection and good luck.

Mm. I hear you
work with children.

- So do I.
- Really?

Yeah, street kids.
Tell you all about it at dinner.

So, Joe, Hondo said
you guys met in Somalia,

when he was
in the Marines and you were...

In the SAS.

Like your SEALs,
but better.

No, we were on a mission and,
uh, my sergeant had promised us

a beer as a reward
when we got back.

But when
we returned to base,

there was no beer
to be found anywhere.

I don't know why,
let's just blame the SEALs.

Okay, take it easy.

And then I volunteered
to go out and find some.

Mm-hmm, and your boy done good.

He delivered enough beer
that we were drunk as skunks

by the time we had to roll out
and head home the next morning.

That's how they met.

But I want to hear
how you two met.

Oh, it was no
big deal, really.

I just saved her life,
and then what else

- was she supposed to do, but fall for me?
- Oh!

Don't buy
a word of it.

He had some work
to do, believe me.

Yes, I did,
yes, I did.

Oh, speaking of work...
Forgive me, baby...

Joe, I got this
narcotics case back home

I was hoping you might be
able to shed some light on.

Take that as a cue.

Let's get the ice cream.

Mmm, music to this
pregnant woman's ears.

Where'd you get this?

We've been having
an uptick

in L.A. of
heroin packages

found in green tea wrappers
just like this one.

Word is, they come
from this region.

It did, yeah,
but, uh, not anymore.

My unit shut that op down
a couple of months ago.

The Burmese drug lord behind it
got killed in the raid.

Really? Would you mind
sending me that file?

Could be helpful
in shutting down

the distribution
ring on our end.

Yeah, sure, no problem.
In fact,

how do you fancy
doing a ride-along

with me
tomorrow morning?

I'll show you the site
where the factory was.

Well, where it went boom.

Oh, Joe, that sounds great.

Uh, but I think I'm going
to have to pass.

That's not going to go well
with the missus.

Oh, go have fun.

May said she knows
the best spa in town.

We can meet up after
and you can buy me lunch.

Baby, are you sure?

Well, all right, then.

Count me in.


What is that?

Fried crickets.
A local delicacy.

You said you wanted authentic.

All right.

Nice. Oh, crunchy.

It's got a little kick to it.

- You should try one, Deac.
- No, no. I'm good, thank you.

I... I'm still full
from breakfast.


Make sure you leave room
for this, though.

What is that?
That's catfish roe.

Great. Love fish eggs.

Yeah, delicious.

Just like, um, caviar,
but, uh, juicier.

What else you got?

Yeah, give me that thing,
all right.

Is it good?

No. No.

That's terrible.

Quickest from here by foot.

Man, I thought L.A.
had the heat.

This is hellish hot.

You come out here a lot?


Border's over
a thousand miles long.

Drugs get smuggled in
from Myanmar.

They're packaged here,
and then they're

shipped out
across the world.

We do our best,
but it's like Whac-A-Mole.

You take out one smuggler,

another one pops up
in his place.

Sometimes I wonder
what the point is.

At least with Whac-A-Mole
you get a stuffed toy when you win.

I hear you, man.

Sometimes I feel
the exact same way,

especially these
last few years.

Too many people thinking
you're the bad guys. Mm-hmm.

You know,
about a year ago,

I seriously thought
about quitting.

- Yeah?
- Yeah.

What changed your mind?

Well, there're people out
there who need us, Joe.

And if we're not there
for them, who is?


So what about
you and Nichelle?

You're punching
above your weight there, mate.

You should put a ring on it
before she figures it out.

we talked about it, we did.

But, you know, neither one
of us really felt the need.

The baby's the bigger
commitment. Yeah.

And if I'm
being honest...

...never really held that
much stock in marriage.

Didn't stop my pops
from walking away.

Sins of the father, eh?

I know I am nothing like him.
I will never walk out.

But I ain't gonna lie,
sometimes I worry

that something might happen
to me on this job and...

my kid'll still feel the
same way I did about my pops.

That I abandoned them.

You know as well as I do...

...there's no guarantees
with this job.

We got to just make good
memories while we can.

That's a pretty good piece
of advice, my friend.

It's what I'm here for.

So, tell me about this
drug kingpin you took down.

Zaw Min, aka the Ghost Man.

He styled himself
as a Burmese Pablo Escobar.

Abducted kids
from the local villages,

used them as slave labor
in his factories.

I'll tell you,
closing him down,

that felt
like a real win.

So, then, I guess there are
prizes after all, huh?

Hey, just talked to
Detective Rios from GND.

He said to say thanks
for forwarding that file

from Hondo on the
Green Tea heroin.

Yeah, let's hope
he can put it to use.

Well, he's following
up a few leads,

but get this, he told me

they brought in a street
dealer this week, small fry.

But the guy told them
he's getting deliveries

of that Green Tea
heroin weekly.

And more shipments
were promised.

What are you saying?

Man shouts in Burmese...

Hold up.

Movement. Get down.

Men talking loudly...

I thought you shut
this place down.

We did.

We razed it half to the ground.

Pulled bodies from the ashes.

But they're back
in action.

That's a ballsy move.

Starting it up again
on the same site.

They must've thought
lightning wouldn't strike

twice in the same place.

And it wouldn't have, if you
hadn't wanted to see it.

Son of a bitch,
it can't be.

- What?
- Is that Zaw Min?

You said he was dead.
I thought he was.

He was inside when
the place imploded.

His body was burned
beyond recognition.

We had to ID him
from his tattoos.

Must've screwed up.

Well, he's alive.

And he's got a whole
new workforce, too.


We need to fall back.

I got to call this in.

Speaking Burmese..

Fall back! Fall back!

Come on!
To the rope bridge!


It's no good.
We got to turn back.

Only one way off this bridge.

Hondo, it's me. Call me back.

I got some news
on that heroin factory.

Trying to get through to Hondo,
but his phone's switched off.

Hey, my phone would be off,
too, if I was with my woman,

enjoying some
well-earned vacation time.

- Yeah.
- Well, let's just hope that's all it is.

Radio's bust.

Phone, too.

I'm out.

I got one round left.

You got any other weapons?

Just my knife.

You got any idea
where we are?

Yeah, we're close to the border.

This whole area's
Zaw Min's territory.

Nearest safe spot is
20 klicks south.

Let's get moving.

What's up?
Little problem.

I've been shot.

I wonder
how the boys are doing.

I bet they're having fun.

I can't imagine
how trekking through the jungle

in this heat counts as fun,
but to each their own.

You must worry
about Joe.

Seems like a dangerous job
he's doing.

Hondo's job's
not so different.

Buddhism teaches us
not to dwell on worries.

Because worrying
won't change the outcome?

But it's hard...

...when you love
someone whose life

is always in danger.

Sit down, right here, sit.

Let me take a look.

Oh, God.

Bullet's still inside.

I'm still breathing, so it
can't have hit anything major.

I still got the use of my legs,
let's get going.

No, no, no.
Take it easy, take it easy.

You've lost a lot of blood, Joe.

I've still got a few pints left.
I'm good.

Or, or...

I could just stay here
and put my feet up,

and you go fetch help.

No man left behind.
Marine motto.

I won't tell if you don't.

We got to hide, come on.

Grab me, grab me.
Over there, over there.

Get down.

Hey. You thinking
what I'm thinking?

If you're thinking about
stealing that Jeep and getting

the hell out of here, yeah.

Can you make it
that far?


Come on.

Come on.

Hey, how did you
guys like the Thai Green Curry?

It's good. Might
be the best I've ever had.

I told them to make yours
extra spicy, Tan.

Can you handle it?

You should try my mom's Dan Dan
noodles, then we'll talk hot.

This is nothing, it's like
drinking milk.

Is it true there are female
SWAT officer in America?

Yeah. Our friend Chris,
she was one of the first.

She paved the way for others.

Now we've got a few.

A few more than here.

Does your daughter want
to become a SWAT officer?

Let's see, last time I checked,
she wanted to be president.

Oh, she aims high.

I just tell her
if she works hard,

she can be whatever
she wants to be.

What about you?

What did you want to be
when you were younger?

I used to read a lot
of Sherlock Holmes.

I loved those books, and
that's how I learned English.

Also, watching
American movies.

- So you wanted to be a detective, huh?
- Yes.

But that was
just a dream.


It's difficult here
as a woman.

Maybe I would have made it,
but I never had a father

like you to encourage me
and now, it's too late.

Do you know
how to hot-wire?

Yeah, but no time.
Bogey headed our way.

Down, get down.

Speaking Burmese...

Quite a change
from burgers on the grill

in Luca's backyard, huh?

Hey, you guys hang out
a lot as a team?

Uh, yeah, we used
to a lot more.

The last year we've all
gotten a little busy.

What about here?

Does Thai SWAT hang out
off duty?

Not really. We have work.

And then we have family.
We don't mix the two.

- We do.
- LAPD SWAT is family.


Deacon! Do you copy?
Hondo, what's going on?

We need help.

We need immediate evac.

We're, we're near the border...

Zaw Min's heroin...

...by a river.

Hey, Hondo, say that again.
I'm not copying.


What's going on?

I'm not sure, he's definitely
in trouble, though.

He said something
about needing an evac.

His cell's going
straight to voice mail.

All right, keep trying.
I'll call Nichelle.

Oh, come on.
Battery's dead.

We got to move, Joe.
We got to move, man.

- Yeah.
- Come on.

Whoa, whoa, hey!

Whoa. Whoa, whoa, whoa!
Hey, no trouble.

We're friendly.


We don't want any trouble.

You like the Lakers?

Your shirt,
the Lakers.

You like them?

You American?

Yeah, I'm American.
I'm from Los Angeles.

Just like the Lakers.

Speaking Burmese...

What's he saying?

His younger
brother and his friends,

they're being held prisoner.

They beat them, they kill
anyone that tries to escape.

He wants us to save them.

Listen to me,

I promise we will help you.

But right now,
I need you to help us.

Can you get us keys

for one of those Jeeps?



I will
keep you posted.

Nichelle says Hondo went
with Joe to the site of some

big drug bust, but they
should've been back by now.

- Anyone out looking for them?
- No.

Rest of Joe's unit is on patrol
in the Golden Triangle,

out of range. They're
not back till tomorrow.

So the two
of them are out there

- on their own. We got to go help them.
- How?

We're hundreds of miles away.
We'd need a chopper.

Lucky for you,
you know the right people.

He's gonna tell
them we're here.

No, he's not.

The kid needs us just
as much as we need him.

Speaking Burmese...

Speaking Burmese...


We can trust him.

You good?
Yeah. Uh-huh.

Hey. Thank you.

Thank you.

- My name's Hondo.
- What's yours?


- Thet.
- Come with us, Thet.

We can get you someplace safe.

No, I can't leave.

Not without my brother
and the others.

Okay, I understand.

We will come back for you,
I promise.

No, you won't.

But that's okay.

I want to give you something.

You see this?

It's called
a challenge coin.

Giving it to somebody is
a big, big deal.

It means that that person
did something really brave.

Thet, you helping us
was brave.

And me giving this to you,

means that we're friends.

You understand?

Thet, you can trust me.

Joe, let's get to the Jeep.

How are you doing?

Not good.

I hate this.

Not knowing what's happening,
if they're even...

alive or dead.

All we can do

is stay strong

and have faith.


This has been
blessed by monks.

It brings luck
to whoever wears it.

Thank you.

Hondo and Joe are AWOL
somewhere in this region.

Now, Deacon and Tan are
choppering north

with the Thai SWAT team
to try to locate them.

Okay, what can we do?
We got to do something.

- There's not a lot we can do from here.
- Well, maybe there is.

Hondo was visiting the site
of the Green Tea heroin factory.

Now, from intel on this end,

sounds like
it's back up and running.

Now, Deacon didn't get much on
the call, but he did get a name.

Zaw Min.
He's a Burmese drug lord

running the operation,
He's thought to be dead.

But if his factory is
up and running...

Exactly. Maybe Zaw Min is, too.

Okay, the local dealer
that Rios busted,

he seemed to know something
about the Green Tea operation.

Maybe enough
to help us find Hondo.

It's a really long shot.

Well, right now,
it's our only shot.

Okay, let's go. Come on.

I'm so glad you guys came.

I just don't know
what to think.

He's gonna be okay.
We're here now.

Thai SWAT's gonna lead
the search and rescue.

They want to find Hondo
and Joe as much as we do.

Have you had
any contact with them?

No. We haven't heard anything.

When I spoke to Hondo,
he mentioned something about ruins.

Does that mean anything to
you? There are old temple ruins.

Close to the border
with Myanmar.

- We'll start there.
- Please.

I need you to find them.

I know, but Nichelle,

Tan and I don't have
jurisdiction here.

You do now.

I'm deputizing you two.

You're now members
of the Thai SWAT team.

What is it that you say?
Let's roll.

Where'd you get the heroin from?

Come on, man,
you know I can't tell you that.

You told Detective Rios
more shipments were coming.

We need the name
of your connection now.

You're looking at five years
for possession with intent.

How's that gonna go,
you think, if word gets out

you're a snitch?

Wait, what snitch?

I haven't told you guys

Yo, you can't do that.
You can't lie.

That'd be
a death sentence.

We're trying
to save the life

of a friend we care
a whole lot about.

So what happens to you
isn't really our concern.

Now you give us a name.

Give us a name!

- Lek.
- Lek?

It might be a nickname.
I don't know.

Oh, come on, that's not enough.
What else you got?

He's Asian.

All right?
Scar on his face.

Told me it was from a machete
when he was a child soldier.

First I thought,
"Yeah, sure,

like you didn't grow up
in Alhambra."

But then he starts telling me
about this man

who took him off the streets,
put him to work

in a heroin factory
in the jungle.

That's got to be Zaw Min.

- Yeah.
- Where do we find this guy Lek?

I don't know.

What time is it?

Why, you got somewhere
else to be besides prison?


Lek. He always gripes
about the food in L.A.

Said the only place
he eats is one restaurant.

I don't know,
I can't remember the name.

Begins with an M.

Something about it
being a taste of home.

That's probably
a Burmese restaurant.

All right, get on it.

It's not safe, mate.

Zaw Min's got eyes everywhere.

We should keep going.

Well, tell that to the Jeep.
It's in worse shape

than you are, Joe.
You need a doctor.

Aw, great.

That is what you call
Sod's law.

Sir, sir! Can I borrow
your phone? Telephone?

They're not gonna help.
They're too scared.

Zaw Min finds out,
they're dead in a ditch.

Sir, can I borrow your phone?

Your phone?
Can I use it?

My watch,
you like my watch?

Here, for you.

For you.

Thank you.

Deacon, it's me. Do you copy?

We're airborne,
we're looking for you.

Any chance you know
your coordinates?

No, I don't.
We're in some village

about eight miles due north
of the ruins by the river.

All right, you hang in there.
We're on our way.

Copy that.

Hang on.

20 years from now,
you're gonna be drinking a cold beer

bragging about how your friend
Hondo saved your life.

I don't think you get to be

the hero this time, I'm sorry.

No, no, no, no, no.
Come on, stay awake, stay awake.

You ain't dying on me today, Joe.
You got a wife and kids.

Hey, hey! You hear that?
You hear that? They're coming.

You're gonna make it.

I think you spoke
too soon, mate.

Someone got to them
just before us.

That blood must be Joe's.
Hondo wasn't lying about him

being in bad shape.

- Speaks Burmese...
- Somchai?

Hey, they obviously know
something, but they won't talk.

Someone has to have
seen something.

The men that were here,
which way did they go?

Speaks Burmese...


That's Hondo's watch.

Tan, that's Hondo's watch!



Hey! Stop! Hey!

Somchai, tell him that
he's not in trouble.

I just need to know, the
man whose watch that is,

- where did he go?
- Speaks Burmese...

The Ghost Man took them.

The Ghost Man?

LAPD, you got
to clear out of here. Go.

22 to 28-David. Status?

28-David. In position.

Plainclothes confirmed
our suspect's inside.

He's alone, sitting
at a table by the window.

Do not let this go sideways.

All right, on my count.

Three, two, one, initiate.


- Hands on the table!
- Put your hands on the table!

Put it down!

Where's Hondo?

You really think I'm gonna
help you find your friend?

You know where Hondo is?

You better start talking now.

The mohinga here's
the best in the city.

Why don't you join me?

Hey! Focus right here!


We know that your boss has him
in Thailand.

What's he done with him?

Your friend meddled
where he didn't belong,

and the rest is just
the inevitable conclusion.

Where is he?

Even if I told you,
what are you going to do, hmm?

Your friend is 8,000 miles

from here.

His time is up.

Nothing you do
will help him now.

I'm going hands-on.

You enjoying this
as much as I am?

Ooh, to the right an inch.


Hands off!
Give me that back!

Big mistake.

And for the record,
an inch would be generous.

If he knows about Hondo...

He's been in contact.

Check for recent calls
to or from Thailand.

Come on, Joe.

Deac, our L.A. suspect

just traded calls
with a satellite phone

not far from your position.

I'm sending you coordinates now.

Roger that,

If you kill us, Thai and U.S.
authorities will hunt you down

to the end of the earth.
You're a dead man walking.

Do you think that's a threat?

You haven't heard?

I am already dead.

I'm a ghost,
and a ghost cannot be killed.

But you two,
on the other hand...

Thet, come here.

Take it.

Put the bullet right here.

What are you waiting for?!

Do it!

Kill him!


He's my nephew.

But sometimes
I don't think

my blood runs through his veins.

Speaking Burmese...

One gunman down.

Tan, cover me.


Zaw Min shouting in Burmese...


All right, we're good.
Let's move.


Deac, Tan.

I got you, come on.

Joe. You got to help Joe.

He's in bad shape,
you got to get him to a medic ASAP.

Hey! Where the hell do you think
you're going?

I'm going after Zaw Min.

He took his nephew.
I'm not letting him get away.

Give me a gun.
Hondo, hold up, you are

in bad shape, and you are not
going anywhere by yourself.

Okay, fine, you, me and Tan,
but let's go.

We're wasting time!
Listen to your friend,

Hondo. You won't catch him.
Those tunnels are a maze.

If you get in,
you won't find your way out.

But what about the boy?
What about Thet?

That kid saved my life.
I know.

But there's nothing we can
do about that right now.

We got to get Joe to a hospital.
We got to go right now!

Come on, help me up.

Help me up.

Come on.

Come on.

Let's go.

Command to D-team.

Good news.
Hondo's safe.

- They got him.
- Aw, thanks, Commander.

Hell yeah, dude.
Thank God.



Hey. Oh, my God, are you okay?

I'm okay,
I'm okay, I'm fine.

Thanks to these guys,
and my team back home,

I'm okay.

How's Joe?
Is he still in surgery?

Yeah, but it's not looking good.
May's with him.

She raced to the hospital
as soon as you called us.

I told her I'd stay
and look after the kids.

I was so worried
about you today.

I'm sorry you had
to go through all that.

Well, you're here now,
that's all that matters.


Hey, I've got something.

Hey, Hondo?

- I should go and check on the kids.
- All right, go, go.

Forces just raided the site
of Zaw Min's heroin factory.

They moved everything,
the whole operation, gone.

He must've cleared out,
knowing you were coming.

What about Thet,
and the children?

They're gone, too.

But we're chasing down leads.
We'll find them.

Then I got to stay here and help.
I made Thet a promise.

I'm not leaving
until I know he's safe.

The two of you should
head back to L.A., though.

Are you kidding? Split up again?
Look what just happened.

Hondo, we're a team.
We're not leaving here without you.

Hondo, oh!

Man, it's good
to hear your voice.

Thank you
for everything you did.

Well, what else
were we gonna do?

Sit around on our asses?

How's your friend doing?

We're still waiting on news.

You tell his wife
that he's in all our prayers.

- I will do.
- And yes.

Yes, what, sir?
Well, you were about to ask me

if I'd sign off on you
staying a while longer.

I figured as much, so I already
signed the paperwork.

Thank you, Commander.
Thank you.

I want you all back here
in one piece, understood?

That's an order.

Copy that, sir.

Subtitles: Synchronized by srjanapala