S.W.A.T. (2017–…): Season 5, Episode 7 - Keep the Faith - full transcript

Hondo returns as S.W.A.T. leader. The team has a dangerous case involving a large stack of cash and the Russian mob. Hondo's dad opens up about a painful part of his past.

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Seriously, Fabi?
This station again?

What's the problem?
You used to love reggaeton.

Used to. Makes me homesick now.

Maybe we'll go
back there someday.

Where's James, anyway?
He said he'd only be a minute.

Hey! Stop!


What's he doing?

Stay back, stay back!

Don't do this.


Hey! Stay right there!


What did you do?

Just relax. Relax. Okay.

Hey, guys.


Well, you're cutting
it close, Chris.

Squad conditioning's
in two minutes.

Last one to the mat's first up
against me in the ring.

You better get
your hustle on, man.

Deac and Tan
are already changing,

and the boss here is
hitting it hard this morning.

Nice having Hondo
back in charge,

but these added workouts
are killing me.

Team's been through a lot.

He just wants to get our rep
back as the baddest squad in HQ.

Besides, nothing wrong
with a little extra cardio.

Easy for you to say.
You're not about to spar with...

Happy birthday!


It wasn't us, Chris. We swear.

I was hoping
this would be the year

the juvenile pranks would stop.

Whoa, whoa, whoa.

Why are you shooting
straight for me?

You know the whole team tries
to outdo each other every year

trying to get you
to celebrate your birthday.

My birthday's not till
tomorrow. You cheated.

Well, that's why
I had to get to you early.

Anything else
you would've seen coming.

Happy B-day, Chris.

You guys are the worst.
But thanks.

Hey, Chris.


You got a little something
going on back there.

It's gonna be a good day, boss.

What the hell, James?
What were you thinking?

Look, we're always talking
about going somewhere,

and building better lives
for ourselves, right?

What kind of life you
gonna have in prison?

Look, just calm down.

I got this.

Oh, man. What's this?

Where'd you even
get the gun anyway?

This? It ain't even real,
it's a toy.

Geez-- Look, I don't
know how much I grabbed.

It must be hundreds.
No, thousands?

Oh, geez, that's--
How much is it?

James, look.

The police.

All right, just...
be cool, okay?

It's okay. They're moving now.


Get down, get down!


Hold on!

Hold on!

You, in the SUV,

show me your hands!


Get out! Go, go!


Take the bag.

Screw the bag, we got to go.


I can't.

I'm not gonna leave you here.

Fabi, take the
bag and go.


Fabi, come on.

Never been happier to see SWAT.

How many shooters?


Whole thing popped off
without warning.

They started firing
on that car there.

Two kids in it bailed,
took off on foot.

Cover, cover!

Patrol says we got two inside.

Let's not draw this out.

You want to go with pepper?

I got it.

Chris, with me.

Post up.

Here we go.

Back driver's side.

Driver's side, coming out.

Hey, get on the ground!

Down on your knees!

On the ground
all the way!

Drop the weapon!

Get on the ground now! Drop!

You're not gonna make it.
Do as he says!

Drop the weapon!

Drop it!

Get down.

Get down!

Tan, Luca, Chris, move in.

Deacon, you're with me.

All the way down.

Don't move!

Hands behind your back!

Hands behind your back now!


He's alive,
but he's been gutshot.

30-David, we need an R/A
at our location, immediately.

Male teen, GSW.


that gun's a toy.

Come on, kid.
Help's on the way.

Hold on for me.
Hold on.

You okay?

That kid...

he's younger than Darryl.

Hey, we got any idea what
the hell went on down here?

Nah, the two shooters
aren't talking,

but check this out.

It's a Kalashnikov AK-103.

and both dudes have ink.

That's military issue.

Look like Russian mafia.

Three kids and a toy gun.

What the hell did they do
to buy all this?

♪ ♪

Hey, son.
You all right?

Hey, Pop. Yeah, I'm fine.

Just some days are longer
than others is all.


Hank St. John.

I go by Saint.

Daniel Jr. They call me...

I know who you are, Hondo.

Known you since
before you were born.

Now seems everybody knows you
as the cop who speaks the truth.

Saint and I were
in the Panthers together

back in the day.

Though, as I remember,
some of us

were in the party
longer than others.

Oh, that's funny, see,
'cause I remember that

some of us didn't leave
the party soon enough.

You know,
come to think of it, Pop,

you never told me
why you left the Panthers.

But I did tell you to stay
out of grown folks' business,

now didn't I?

Listen, it don't matter.

Saint didn't come here
to jaw jack about the past.

He wants to talk to you.

Talk to me?
What about?

A kid from my community got
caught up in a shoot-out

today in Boyle Heights,

SWAT was involved.

Hey, wait, wait, wait, wait.

This kid, you know him?

Know of him. Name's James.

He's homeless.

He's from the Caribbean, not
too far from where I grew up,

so if there's
something I can do...

Well, right now,
he's in the hospital

fighting for his life.


Any information on who

or what he's involved with
would be a help.

I have a friend, her name's Ivy.

She's more intimately involved
in our community.

I'd be happy to introduce you

Thank you.

Oh, yes.



Uh, uh.

I'll be damned.
How did you...

The Ruy Lopez opening.

Had you the moment you took
my bishop.

Tomorrow then, Hondo.

I'll be there.

Ruy Lopez, my ass.

Come on.

Let's do it again, DH.

Set it up.


I can't believe you
passed on dessert.

The tiramisu
there is amazing.

Well, maybe I've got
something else in mind

for dessert.

Oh, come on.
Just invite me in.

I won't stay long.

Look, I'm trying
to be nice here.

No, if you were being nice,
you'd invite me in.

Sorry to interrupt,
everything okay here?

I didn't ask you.

Yeah, we're fine,
don't worry about it.

I'm asking her.

Man, what is your problem?

I told you we're fine.


Get lost.

Ow! Okay, okay.

You just assaulted a cop,

I'll give you a choice,
you want to go home

or you want to go to jail?

Sorry, you okay?


Thank you.

My Internet date went full-on...

Internet date.

I'm Joy.

Been meaning to introduce myself

since I moved in.

I'm Bonnie.

This is my husband, Victor.

You must be the one
who speaks Cantonese?

I sometimes hear you
through the wall.

Yeah, probably on the phone
with my mom.

Wait, you speak
Cantonese, too?

Sorry, it's just so rare

to randomly meet somebody
else who speaks it.

Most everybody
speaks Mandarin.

My mom is gonna love this,
a new Cantonese neighbor.

You, too.

Nice to meet you.

Good night.


Hey, morning, Chris.

Yo, what's up with the new whip?

It's my uncle's.

I wasn't going near mine
this morning

in case you clowns

booby-trapped it.


You're starting the day
on defense.

It's crowded today.

Uh, I think I saw an empty spot
up on the right-hand side.



All right.



You really came in early
just for this?

Only 'cause I love you.

Also, I wanted to get you
before you put your guard up.

Happy official birthday, Chris!

Yeah, happy birthday.

It's pretty good, right?

Thank you.

Just talked to Hondo.

He's running down a contact
who might be able to give us

more information on those kids
from yesterday's shooting.

Good, 'cause right now
we're short on answers

and long on questions.

The two gunmen you took down
aren't saying anything.

And it turns out they go deeper
than just the Russian mob.

They're former
Spetsnaz soldiers?

Yep, Russian Special Forces,

part of a crew run by this guy.

Victor Sasha, aka The Baron.

Off the radar
since escaping prison in Moscow.

Recently resurfaced in L.A.,

muscling his way
into organized crime.

How the hell do
three teenage kids

get in his crosshairs?

Not sure,

but my guess is it has
something to do with this.

Kid robbed
a quinceañera dress shop

a little while before
the shoot-out.

Those places tend
to be cash heavy.

Good cover for
money laundering.

That bag looks heavy.
How much cash is in there?

Don't know. Detectives went to
check it out this morning,

the whole place was burned

to the ground.

Interesting timing.

Store owner was
packing his bags

when Patrol scooped him up.
He's in interrogation.

Street, take Chris
and get him talking.

I hate to think what'll happen
if the Russians find them first.

Deac ironed one of those

onto every shirt
in your locker.

Must have done it last night.
I'm sure Annie helped.

I don't know.
Guy has four kids.

Man can probably iron.

Look, can you just...

Whatever you have planned
this year, can you just not?

I'm not doing anything,

which, today, is
my birthday present to you.

Please, you live
for this kind of crap.

Last year, you got Dispatch
to sing to me

across every frequency
in LAPD.


I mean,
I guess I just know you

a little better now.

You hate the attention,
and I respect that.

I just feel like
I don't deserve it.

I wouldn't say that.


The officer who brought you in
said that you were

getting ready to leave town?

Yeah, I just felt
like getting away.

Maybe drive up the coast.

It's been a rough week.

I'd say. First you get robbed,

then your store burns
to the ground.

I got to figure that's

the least of your worries
now, though,

given how unhappy
the Russians seem to be.

Look, I just wanted
to sell dresses, all right?

I didn't want any part of any...

Washing their dirty money?

They threatened my family.

If they threaten you,
then you come clean to us;

if not, laundering money, that's
a five-year mandatory minimum.

I didn't have any choice.

Then talk to us.

You help us, we help you.

Look, the store sells maybe
three dresses a day.

Maybe five during prom season.

But on the books,
they got me selling hundreds.

Online orders, phone orders,
but nothing ever ships.

It's all bogus.

They deliver stacks of cash,
I deposit into an account.

With all the fake receipts,
they make it look legit.

So what, you got a joint account
with the Russians?


No, the Russians are like,
uh, security, I guess.

They work for a bigger fish.


I don't know.

I swear.

The kid who robbed the store,

you think he had any idea
about the dirty money,

what he was taking?

No, no, no, he was scared.

He just grabbed a bag and ran.

I tried to warn him
what would happen if he took it,


over $2 million.

Two million?


He and his friends are
as good as dead.

Some things in here
are perishable,

so just make sure they get
to the right shelves.

please, Miss Ivy.

I want you to meet
a friend of mine.

Sergeant Harrelson.

This is Miss Ivy LaFleur.

She's the real saint
around here.

Keeps this place up
and running,

feeding anyone
who's hungry.

I help out a little,
of course.

Fill her shelves with donations
from my restaurant.

Looks like quite
the operation.

Ivy, I was hoping

you might be able to assist
the sergeant.

How can I help you?

Saint tells me

you may know a young man
by the name of James.

He was injured
in a robbery yesterday.

We don't know much about him.

James Bernard.
I'm sorry to hear what happened.

Won't say I'm surprised.

How do you mean?

James moved here from
the Caribbean a few years ago,

orphaned by Hurricane Maria.

I felt bad for him,

so I put him to work
in our kitchen.

After a few shifts,
he stopped showing up.

James didn't want to work

and wanted easy money.

That boy is trouble.

James isn't the only one
I'm worried about.

There were two kids
with him yesterday.

This is Manny's.
Oh, God.

Not him and Fabi.

You know them?

Manny Kameka,
and his older sister, Fabi.

They, too, arrived
after the hurricane.

Oh, God.

So broken.

So alone.

Those two are good kids.

Miss LaFleur, they're both
in very serious danger.

Do you have any idea
where they may be?

I don't,
but Manny called earlier.

I didn't answer,
figured he was just checking in.

It's not even ringing.

May I see your phone,

You can trust him.

Thank you.

Yo, Luca.

I just sent you
the number of one of

the kids we're looking for.

I need you to run a cell trace.

Okay. Putting it in
right now, boss.

Hang tight, it's looking.

So you can trace a call

even if his phone is dead?

Not much the police can't do

It may not tell us
where he is now,

but maybe where he was
when he tried to make the call.

Last ping came from an area
northeast of downtown,

between Scott Avenue
and Brendon Boulevard.

That's Victor Heights.

There's a homeless
encampment there.

Lot of folks from

the Caribbean community.

Maybe Manny and Fabi...

You hear that, Luca?

Yeah. Sure thing.

I'll meet you there.

Thank you.

Yeah. Sure.

Both of you.

what are we doing?

We should have given the money
to the police.

Don't be stupid.

Money like this,
we can't trust anyone.

We just need to find James,
and we can all leave town.



Red tent, blue tarp.
Near the back.

Got it.

Hondo, hold up,
hold up, hold up.

We got company.

All right, move.
I got an idea.


Take it easy, take it easy.

Listen to me,
we've only got a second.

There are men with guns
here looking for you.

Get back inside that tent,
get down low on the ground,

and stay there. Do not come out
until I come back for you.

Do you understand?

Yes, we understand.

Get in there, go.

Okay, they must have split up.

I'm tracking one
along the west edge.

He came from
right over there.

Yeah. Okay.

Luca, go left.
I'll go right.

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

LAPD! Drop the weapon!

Get over. Get over.
Give me your arms.

Move, move!

Police! Drop the weapons!

Aw, come on.

That must hurt.

It's not my first bullet.

It will heal.

Yeah, most of them do,
except the last.

You know I'm not gonna give you
what you want,

so why am I still here?

The question I have is,
how are you still here?

If-if I hired you
to protect my millions,

and you got taken to school
by some teenagers...

...you'd be the first person
to receive the last bullet.

Who's behind
the money laundering operation?

Who's two million
are you chasing?

Telling you that
would be a sure way to die.

We know you and your comrades
are only guns for hire.

Who are you working for?

We can offer you protection.

There is no protection
from someone like this.

He's a ghost.

Even The Baron fears him.

Where are we
on the money laundering?

We nail down
who's behind it yet?

No, but we're not alone.

Organized Crime has suspected
an operation

in the Fashion District
for years.

They've been monitoring
a dozen banks,

never been able to nail it down.

Whoever's behind it has moved
tens of millions

through the pipeline.

Well, sometimes the bigger
the crime syndicate,

the easier it is to hide
in plain sight.

What do we know so far?

Once the dress store owner
deposits the cash,

it's wired out,

bouncing between foreign banks
and digital accounts.

It is impossible to see
where it lands.

This name appears more
than once, "Kinari Holdings."

It's an old LLC tied
to a few banks

with California
routing numbers,

but the, uh, accounts
were shut down years ago.

Tan reached out to a buddy
at the Franchise Tax Board.

They're checking their archives
for any filings

related to Kinari Holdings.

All right, let me know
if anything turns up.

How's birthday fest?

Anyone out-Hondo Hondo yet?

You didn't see the monitors
in Eagle's Nest this morning?

No, what did I miss?

Rocker made my face
the screen saver on every TV.

Got a photo from my Uncle Sarzo
of my 12th birthday.

I got to see this.

You think I'm gonna let that
stay up?

Hey, what's wrong
with you?

I just got off the phone
with Bonnie.

I think something's up.

Trouble in paradise?

What did you do?

Well, nothing,
I don't think.

All right. We went
out to dinner last night.

It was super romantic.

Everything's great.

Then coming home,

this thing happened
in the hallway of our building.

Well, we have a new neighbor.

What thing?

She was being hassled
by some guy.

So you stepped in.

Yeah, it was no big deal.

I basically badged the guy,
kicked him out.

But after that
the mood was gone.

Bonnie wasn't the same.

This neighbor you rescued,
describe her.

20s, Chinese, athletic.

Is "athletic"
a code word for hot?

Bonnie's not jealous.

No, for real.
That's not her style.

Did you ask her
what the matter was?

Yeah. She said nothing,

but something's
definitely the matter.

Well, then you need to
ask her again.

And don't just ask
yes or no questions.

If you want her to open up,

you're gonna have to ask
open-ended questions.

And actively listen,

and work to deactivate
her negative feelings.

What? I took the hostage
negotiation course.

Is this really any different?

My buddy over at
the Franchise Tax Board.

He found an old address
for Kinari Holdings,

and it's local.

Ah, worth checking out.

All right, you fill Hicks in,
I'm gonna let Hondo know.

♪ ♪



This was the address listed

on a tax filing
for Kinari Holdings

from almost ten years ago.

Judging by the lengths they went
to cover their tracks,

my guess is they're
long gone by now.

Up there.


Ma'am. We're looking
for Kinari Holdings.

Lucky you, you found it.

What exactly is it
you do here?

Uh, knit mostly.

Sometimes the phone rings,
and I get instructions.

Instructions to do what?

Start a new corporation,
close down an old one,

open a new bank account,
move funds.

It-it changes, actually.

It never crossed your mind

that this place might be a front

for some sort of
illegal activity?

Not my place to ask.

Everything I do is legal.

Too bad

that's not the case
with your employer.

Far as we can tell,
he's neck deep

in organized crime.

You must have met him
at some point.

Somebody hired you,
somebody pays you.

It-it was an online job listing.

I've never met the owner.
Never met anyone.

That's the hospital.

James just woke up.

Thank you.

Doctor said it'll be a minute
before we can go in

and see James.

What was that about?

Homeless kid like James
has nothing even close

to medical insurance.

I just want to make sure
he still gets decent care.

You're paying his bills?

James' story,
it's my story, too.

A teenager orphaned
by a hurricane.

Only in my case,

it wasn't a storm
that killed my family.

Colonialism did.

They starved to death.

Resources were scarce

before the storm and after.

There simply wasn't
enough to go around,

not for those
who weren't white, anyway.

So you left the islands
and came to L.A.

looking for something better.

Imagine my surprise

when I find same hardships here.

They're inescapable maybe.

Even in chess, you know?

Just by playing
the white pieces...

You already have a better
chance of winning.

I heard that from my pops.

Doesn't mean we can't
make things better, though.

You and me,

we're alike in that way,
I imagine.

Doctor says you can
see him now.


Thank you.

Fabi and Manny, where are they?

That's why I'm here, James.

I need your help to find them.

They in trouble?

In trouble, no,

but they're definitely
in danger.

I think the people who did this
to you are after them.

Do you know where they are?
Where they might hide?

James, this man,

he probably saved your life.

Let him do the same

for Fabi and Manny.

There's this place that
Manny goes

in the Warehouse District.

Old mill or something.

Said it reminds him
of a cathedral.

Where do I find it?

On Brookside,
close to Florence.

Thanks, James.

We have to go somewhere.
Get out of town.

No, I told you,
not without James.

They found us, Fabi.

They found us.

Go, go, go, go, go.

♪ ♪

We're not here for you.

We only want the money.

You give it to us,
I promise we won't hurt you.

♪ ♪

Somebody beat us
to the punch.


We'll figure that out later.

Right now we got to get inside
and find those kids

before The Baron does.

Remember, these guys are
former special forces,

so fill the gaps...

Stay liquid.

Let's move.

Luca, Chris,
clear the room to the left.

Deacon, Street, Tan,
you're with me.


♪ ♪

Stay here.

No matter what.

I'm coming out.

Don't shoot.

Where's the other one?
Your sister?

I-I don't know.
I lost her.

What about the money?

It's hidden.
I-I can take you,

but promise me
you don't hurt me.

Show me.

♪ ♪

You know what will happen
if you're lying to us?

I'm not lying to you.

♪ ♪


Hey, it's okay.

You're safe.
You can come out now. Come on.

They took my brother.
They took Manny.


I don't know.

He-he was leading them away
to save me.

Told him he'd take them
to the money.

That's hard to do
with the money right there.

These guys aren't stupid.

It's not gonna take long

till they realize
the kid's bluffing.

And when they do they're
gonna have no use for him.


get Fabi someplace safe.

Let's end this.


Front half of
the warehouse is clear.

No sign of them.

Roger that, Chris.

I warned you what will happen
if you're playing us.

I-I'm not, I s-- I swear.

Let's move.

I-I'm just a little lost
right now.

I'm trying to, uh, remember
where-where I hid it.

Nobody forgets where
they hid $2 million.

Take us to the money now.


Unless you're ready to die.

No, no, no.

LAPD! Drop your gun!


They're splitting up.

You two go right.

I got The Baron.

Move, move!

♪ ♪

That's far enough.

You ain't getting out of here,
you got to know that.

Then I guess we have problem.

♪ ♪

Kid, you okay?

Yeah. Yeah.

You stay right here.

Don't you move.
You understand?


Hold up.

Deac, circle back.

Don't even think about it.

Drop your weapon.

On your knees.
Hands behind your head.

one suspect in custody.

20-David, in foot pursuit
of The Baron.

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

You're done.

20-David to Command.

Final suspect in custody.

These officers here are gonna
take you to the hospital.

Figured you might want to see
your friend.


Oh, Manny?


Got something of yours.

Always had faith
it would turn up.

Thank you.

Just happy to have the chance
to get it back to you.

Take care.

Still want to know
who was behind all this.

We put enough pressure
on The Baron,

maybe he'll tell us.


we saved the kids.
We live to fight another day.

Let's just take the win
on this one.

Since no one's gonna claim
this money,

I guess that means
that we get to keep it, right?

Nice try, Luca.

Give me the bag.

Before I make you empty
your pockets, give me the bag.

Let's go home.

It has to be Tan.

He snuck off the moment
we got back.

I should have followed him.

Here, I'll help you
take them down.

Don't want your uncle's truck
to float away.

You really didn't do

anything to surprise me today,
did you?

Oh, I knew it!

Okay, get it over with.

Come on.

What's this?

Skydiving lessons?


No way. Are these real?

Yeah. Overheard you, uh,
telling Luca last month

you wanted to try it

And, look,

I know we've been at a confusing
crossroads with us,

but I just wanted to get you
an actual gift this year,

something special.

Two tickets, huh?

Maybe I'll take Tan just
so I can push him off the plane.

They're good for a whole year.

I-I don't know where we'll be
personally by then,

but maybe a little closer
to where we both want to be.


Happy birthday.

Hey, babe, I'm home.

Ah, what's that smell?

You got takeout from Wang's?


All right, this is
even better than I remember.

I can't believe you drove
all the way out to Alhambra.

I didn't. Joy made those,
as a thank-you for last night.

Babe, all right, we-we got
to talk about what's wrong.

I told you nothing's wrong.

I know, but maybe

"everything's fine"
means "everything's not fine."

So, please just tell me
what's upsetting you.

I want to understand.

Honestly, I don't know.

I guess seeing you with Joy,

and you two bonding

over Cantonese made me feel...

I don't know, insecure.

Why? Uh, there's nothing
to be jealous of.

No, it's not that.
It's just...

Part of me has always wondered

if you would have been
better off with someone Asian.

Someone who-who understands
your culture

and your background better.


Why-why would you think that?

I don't know,
I've just always had this voice

in the back of my head.

Bonnie, I love you.

And it's got nothing to do
with race,

and everything to do with
how beautiful you are

as a person, inside and out.

You don't have to speak
Cantonese or make pork buns

to make me happy.

Although it wouldn't hurt.


we've got a lifetime to learn
about each other's

culture and traditions.


I'm dying to know more
about yours.

County fairs,
beauty pageants, cow tipping.

What can you find out about me
in the bedroom

that you can't out here?

I think I'll see.

Oh, yeah?



Hey, Pop?


That's a great pic.
Never seen this one before.

I try not to get you
too jealous.


Of what?

How good looking I was
back in the day.

Oh, Lord.

Hey, look here, that little bit
of swagger you got

had to come from somewhere.

Yeah, these were, these were
some righteous times, baby.

You know,
I've heard plenty about

the good old days
in the Panthers,

and you fighting the good fight.

But last night, when Saint was
talking about

you leaving the party,

first time I got
a different vibe.

Yeah, leaving wasn't
an easy decision.

See, when I joined,
I felt like we were united,

like we had a common cause
that I believed in.

You know, I-I know it's
the opposite side of the coin,

but a lot like I remember
how you felt

when you first joined the LAPD.

I wanted to make
a positive impact.

I just assumed that the other
cops around me felt the same.

Yeah. See, at one point
the party spilt.

Different factions,
different agenda.

Wasn't long before we were
killing each other.

We were supposed to be
fighting oppression,

instead we ended up
oppressing ourselves.

See, I didn't sign up for that.

So I got out.

Do you regret it?


But my bigger regret...

is what happened
to the organization.

We had the potential
for so much more.

Give your all to something
only to see it fall short

of what it should be.

I feel you.

That's why I respect
what you're doing, son.

I respect that,

even though the department
is failing around you,

you still got the strength
to try to make it even better.

Yeah, well, only time will tell
if I got it right or not.

It's about the journey, son.

It's always about the journey.

Keep fighting
the good fight.

I guess we got more in common
than just good looks, huh?

I guess so.

Good night, son.

Good night, Pop.

Hey, Luca, what's up?

You still at HQ?

Yeah, I kind of
went down a rabbit hole

looking into
old corporate filings

for, uh, Kinari Holdings.

I managed to trace it
all the way back

to the original incorporation.

So you know who formed
the company? You got a name?

Some guy,
Rodrigo Lopez de Segura.

The only this is, there is
no Rodrigo Lopez de Segura,

at least not living anyways.

What do you mean?

The only dude I could find
by that name

lived in the 16th century.

Some kind of chess master.

He invented a famous
move called the...

The Ruy Lopez opening.

Yeah, how'd you know that?

I've been sitting here
kicking myself

for not seeing it sooner.

The Baron's men showing up
to the homeless camp,

them beating us to the mill.

You used me and my team
to hunt down those kids.

That's a serious accusation
without any kind of proof.

And that's not a denial.

We get one life, Hondo.

Some do as they must,

others do as they please.

I choose the latter.

You were willing
to kill those kids

to get your dirty money back.

Money comes and goes.

But I've been building
something in this community

since before my time
with the Panthers.

Everything I have I've earned,

including my people's trust.

You may have them fooled
but not me.

It's only gonna take one mistake

for the LAPD to come
knocking on your door.

And I'll be watching you.

I'll have to be very careful,

Take care, Sergeant.

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