S.W.A.T. (2017–…): Season 5, Episode 4 - Sentinel - full transcript

Previously on SWAT...

How's your mom doing?
Good. Uh, transplant took.

She's out of prison, too,

living at the halfway house.
Thanks for asking.

20-Squad might
not be re-forming.

What's Hondo got
to say about this?

Rumor is he's in Mexico,

but nobody
from SWAT's heard from him.

I'm sorry I haven't
given you an answer about us.

I don't want you
to feel pressured.

When I was in Germany,
I, um... I didn't need

20-Squad to get me through my
time away, but I did need you.

Soon as we get the new
assignments, I'm asking you out.

It's time to get back to work.

20-Squad's been reinstated.
Who's team leader?

Sanchez comes to us

with the commission's
full seal of approval.

Why are you here, exactly?

This is SWAT.

This is the brass ring
every cop's reaching for.

Look, I know you. There's no way
that you'd do that

unless there was something
in it for you.

This whole thing with Sanchez--
it doesn't strike you as wrong?

Luca, I knew
what I was coming back to.

There's no way
a guy like Sanchez

comes back here
without an agenda.

When the bosses heard
that you were returning to SWAT,

they came up with a plan.
Rodrigo Sanchez.

They sent him
to get you to quit.

Sanchez is in on this?

Yo, Tomas, we got
what we came for.

Let's get out of here.

Yeah, I think
they're still in there.

Whoa, man.
What the hell you doing?

Stay there.

Oh, God.
Oh, God.

Tomas Hernandez?

We know you're in there.

DISPATCHER: [over radio]
Reports of shots fired,

600 block of North Bell Street.

22-David to Command.

Show 26-David and me responding.

911 caller said there might be
up to four shooters.

Figures. The one day
we carpool in to work.


the next responding officer
is five minutes out.

Okay. Looks like we're
flying solo. Let's go.


Hands in the air.
Hands in the air.

We're just recording
for the Sentinel app.

Look, get across the street
and take cover.

Do not approach,
or we'll arrest you. You go it?

Drop that bat.

LAPD! Drop your weapon!

Don't shoot!
Drop the weapon.
Drop it!

Don't shoot.
Drop the gun and put your
hands behind your back.

I'm not who you're looking for.

You the homeowner?
No, I live a few blocks away.

I'm just trying
to help out.

Hey, miss, we're LAPD.
We're gonna get you

some help, okay?
Can you tell me your name?

Mm. Mm.
Luca, she should get

to a hospital ASAP.

We're Code 4,
one suspect in custody.

emergency transport

for one victim.
Multiple GSWs.

If you don't live here, how'd
you know she needed help?

I saw a robbery alert pop up
on Sentinel, so I rushed over.

She's going into shock.

[garbled radio transmission,
indistinct chatter]

[helicopter whirring]

[garbled radio transmission]

Whatever went down here,

I take it it woke up
the whole neighborhood.

Yeah. Looks like
an attempted robbery gone bad.

Gunshot victim's on route
to the hospital as we speak.

Where's Street?
He got called back to HQ.

Hicks wanted to see him.
Something urgent.

Everything okay?
We're in the dark on that, too.

Probably the way
Sanchez wants it.

I looped Deac in on him.

So how are we gonna handle
him now, going forward?

Still working that out.
If he's playing games

in the field, that
could be a safety issue.
Deac's right.

20-Squad will have your back.
I'll tell the team.

Let's keep it between us
for now.

Till we find out
what Sanchez is really after.

Whatever it is,
he ain't gonna win.

In the meantime, let's get
some witness statements.


what's going on?

Why don't you sit down, Jim?

It's my mom, isn't it?

I'm sorry to have
to tell you this, but

your mother passed away.


This morning.
How'd she die?

It's too early to say,

but there were no signs
of force or trauma.

But drugs?

Paraphernalia and residue

were found on the scene,
so, probably, yeah.

So, uh, I donated
a piece of my liver

in a risky surgery
to give her a second--

well, no, 12th chance--

and she's out of prison
less than two months...

...and she OD's.


You're gonna have
intense feelings.

It's understandable,
and it's normal.

I'm here to talk
if you need.
Thank you.

I'll clear your bereavement

with Sergeant Sanchez.

You take all the time you need.

No, I'd rather stay

and focus on work.

You might want
to take two or three days

to process things.

Grief takes
many different forms.

None of them are predictable.

Grief might not be predictable,
but she was.

Look, everyone
here knows

my relationship with
my mom was messed up.

I loved her,

but at least now,
I know she's at peace.


I'm okay.


Look, um,

if your focus slips at all,

I'm pulling you from the field,


Sorry about your mom, Jim.

Back to work.

[door opens]

[door closes]

Right call?

Situation like this,
there's no right call.

[Hicks chuckles softly]


Look, I already

told you guys, I was
just trying save Serena

from the robbers-- Tomas
Hernandez and his buddies.

You affiliated
with Tomas's crew?

Then how do you know his name?
It's all over Sentinel.

Sentinel Guard?
You mean the public safety app?

SANCHEZ: I just downloaded
Facebook, like, last month

so someone's got to fill me
in on the technicalities.

Sentinel Guard's an app
that pulls crime info off

of police scanners and publishes
it to users in the area.

It also lets users report
crimes and submit tips.

I thought that's
what 911 is for.

Cops don't care about this crew.
Says you.

You think we showed up
here on a whim?

Hernandez and his
buddies have been

preying on this
neighborhood for weeks.

They just shot the owner of
Leavitt's Pharmacy yesterday.

So when I heard they were here
at Serena's house,

I stepped in.
Well, you playing

vigilante might have
got your neighbor killed.

That thought
ever cross your mind?

Look, I got here
before you guys did.

I'm just trying to
defend my neighborhood.

Lot of the Sentinel users
would do the same.

Good Samaritan or not,
you better hope

none of the bullets in Serena
trace back to your gun.

If he's telling the truth,

we've still got
three violent robbers out there.

Plus angry civilians

itching to turn vigilante.

Looks like we better
help RHD find these guys

before robberies
turn into homicides.


Looks like the homeowner
who got shot, Serena Fuentes,

is gonna pull through, no thanks
to that vigilante neighbor.

That would be Marc Grantley.

No priors,
legally registered firearm,

lives a few blocks
down from Serena.

All signs indicate
that he's telling the truth

about Tomas Hernandez
doing the shooting.

RHD's been tracking Hernandez
for a few weeks,

but we haven't made
much headway.

No known address. We haven't got
a clear look at his associates.

Buttoned-up crew?
Not especially,

but they're growing more violent
by the day,

and I'm up to my eyeballs
in open cases.

Could really use your help
on this one.

Well, what are friends for,

TAN: Tomas Hernandez.
Record for assault,

suspected in over a half
dozen armed robberies,

most recent one being
Serena Fuentes's home

and Leavitt's Pharmacy.

They hit the pharmacy yesterday,
shot two workers.
Any luck

with surveillance footage?
No dice.

But we're not the only ones
looking for him.

Are you talking
about the wannabe jokers

on the Sentinel Guard app?

Talking about Hernandez's
gambling problem.

He's got ties
to Mikhal Kovic, aka...Russian Mike.

Tan, haven't we dealt
with this guy before?

If Hernandez racked up
some gambling debts,

he could be getting desperate.

Would explain the uptick
in violence.

You and Chris talk
to Russian Mike,

see what Hernandez owes him.
You can fill us in on any leads

on the other two suspects.
Will do.

Hey, Commander,
we got another issue.

I downloaded
the Sentinel Guard app.

A lot of users are praising Marc
for intervening today.

Well, everybody
loves an underdog.

Yeah, well, we're likely to have
a hell of a lot more of them.

What are you talking about?

The CEO of Sentinel Guard,
Vince Jones,

just put a $100,000 bounty
out on our suspect.

Oh, great. All right, look,
reach out to the CEO.

If he's got this many users
interested in the case,

maybe's he's got
some information we could use.

You can say,
"I told you so"

about me doing the
surgery for my mom,

but I couldn't
live with myself

if I hadn't given
her every chance.

Even if she did
throw it all away.

I really admired you
for doing that for her.

It scared me that you were
putting yourself at risk,

but I admired it.

You need me, I'm here.

I got to help Burrows dig

through some new surveillance
footage, but, uh,

tell that grumpy
Russian I said "Hi."

You got anything
with actual sugar,

or is everyone here on some
juice butt cleanse from hell?

Frank's burger joint

is still open
if you're craving some grease.

Best news I've had all day.

Sanchez, you got a second?
It's about Street.

Yeah, Hicks told me
about his mom.

She sounds like a
real piece of work.

Well, there's a lot of history
there, not much of it good.

But that's why
I think it might be smart

to let Street
take a couple days off.

To process it all.

Yeah? Well, Street says
he wants to keep rolling.

He hasn't always had
the best judgement

when it comes to his mom.

Somebody might need to step in

and help guide him.

Yeah, I don't...
I don't think that's my place.

Or yours.

He's an adult, yeah?

I'm just looking out
for a teammate.

Yeah, I appreciate your concern,
but it's my call.

I'm keeping him on.

You want a burger
or fries? My treat.

No, I'm good. Thanks.

No, no, no. You tell Campos

that if he wants to bet on
Cleveland, he pays his damn tab.

Till then, I don't
want to hear it.

How's business, Mikhal?

Cops here to steal another one
of my son's prized possessions?

Nope. Our bat hunting days
are over.

Besides, your son got
a better end of that deal.

So what is it this time?
We're looking for one

of your associates,
Tomas Hernandez.
Not familiar.

You sure? We hear
he's been placing bets

with a bookie they
call "Russian Mike."

Is there another Russian Mike

taking bets in town?
I'm no bookie.

I loaned Tomas 25 grand,
and now he's MIA.

I want my money back.

I'm sure Tomas knows you're
looking to recover your losses?

With interest,
and he better hope you find him

before my people do.
Unless you want to risk
an abetting charge,

better call off your dogs.

Can't stop what's already
set in motion.

Hey, you're not the one
we're after,

but if you want
that to change...

He mentioned something about...

needing the money
for his brother.

That's all I got for you.

[engine starts]

Thank you.

Vince Jones, I'm Sergeant
Kay, this is Off...

Officer Luca.

Come on. You're the star
of our top user post today.

Thanks in part to you,
Sentinel moved

across the one-million
user threshold this morning.

This must be very
exciting new for you.

Yeah, it's a big day for us.

Well, then we won't take
too much of your time.

We're hoping to
get all the data

that your company's compiled
on Tomas Hernandez.

Oh, our users are sending in
tons of tips on that case.

They're very eager
to catch Tomas and his crew.

Well, the police should be
the ones catching them.

You should be,
but you're overworked,

you're outnumbered,
you're underfunded.

Sentinel Guard is designed
to help the police

by using community resources
to solve crimes.

It also encourages
untrained civilians to engage

with armed and
dangerous suspects.

LUCA: Or turn vigilante,
like this morning.

Your user's actions
almost got a woman killed.

We don't encourage
that kind of behavior.

We ask that our users
only observe and report back

to help you do your jobs better.

Your $100,000 bounty
just now says otherwise.

Tell me this. What do you think
would have happened

to that woman this morning had
a Sentinel user not intervened?

Maybe she might actually
be dead.

Okay, well, if Sentinel Guard
is designed to help cops,

why don't you give us
all the information

that your users have collected
on Tomas Hernandez-- images,

videos, all of it?

Of course.

I'll have my assistant
send over the data ASAP.

Thank you.All right.

Heard you guys got Vince Jones
to cough up data

from the Sentinel Guard app.

Yeah, for what
that's worth.

Apparently, the files just
came in-- all 900 of them.

Hernandez's bookie mentioned

that his debt might be
related to his brother.

Maybe that helps?
Yeah, I'm looking into it.

One other problem.
I just checked

the applicants list
for this year's SWAT Academy.

There are zero women on it.
I know.

I know. I... I'm trying
to figure that out.
What do you mean?

The female applicants that
we did have pulled themselves

from consideration at the
last second, including Fowler.

I thought
Fowler was training with Luca

for that exact purpose.
Me, too.

This came out of the blue.
I've asked Hicks

to extend the application
window by 48 hours.

I-I just don't know if that's
enough time for us to fix this.


What happened?

I sprained my ankle
in SWAT Academy.

That's why you pulled your name
from consideration?

Sprains heal quickly,
and we can really use you here.

No offense, but I wasn't even
sure you liked me, let alone

wanted me on SWAT. Pretty sure
this is the longest conversation

we've ever had.
When you joined,

I was going through a lot.

My friend died
right in front of me.

It really spun me out.

I'm so sorry.
No, I'm sorry.

I should have been
more supportive.

Truth is, SWAT needs
more women like you.

I was interested,
but I decided

not to take the risks
that come with trying out.

What do you mean?
I took a closer look
at the SWAT training

and fitness standards.

Not only are they out of date,

they're biased
in favor of male cadets.

You've got the
skills and drive

to get past all the
boys' club nonsense.

This isn't a willpower issue.
It goes deeper than that.

And I'm not the only
walking wounded.

You know Officer Park,
North Hollywood Division?

She tore her rotator cuff

trying out for one
of the SWAT PFQs.A cadet

had the same thing happen
when I was training for SWAT.

Let me guess-- female officer?

Nicki Bradley.
How'd you know that?

SWAT PFQs put a ton of emphasis
on explosive strength.

Push-ups, pull-ups,

box jumps... are all
exercises proven

to put women at a
physiological disadvantage.

Nicki was worried
about the push-up portion.

She was training so hard
for it, she got hurt.
That makes sense.

If you can't do 50 push-ups,
like most of the guys...

You don't make SWAT.

Male candidates are more
likely to succeed,

and female candidates are more
likely to injure themselves

trying to clear these
arbitrary fitness thresholds

that have nothing to do
with actual SWAT work.

Take a look at
the data yourself.

The other female applicants
and I all talked.

It doesn't seem worth it
to risk a whole career.

What if we can change that?

Good luck. In the meantime,
I got to watch my own six.

I found a video from one

of Tomas Hernandez's
earlier robberies

in the Sentinel
files you got us.

Footage was grainy, but it had
clear shots of his accomplices.

Ran it through
facial rec, got a hit.

Now, the other two
suspects are Jamie Mejia

and Tomas's brother,
Danny Hernandez.

Get that to Burrows.

Hopefully, RHD can
dig up more intel on them.

Danny's got a record
for aggravated assault,

and a last known address
in Highland Park.

Think all three of them
are hiding out there?

[phone chimes]
It's the Sentinel Guard app.

Multiple users have spotted
Tomas Hernandez at an auto spa.

Where is it?
Highland Park.

That's only a few blocks
away from Danny's place.

Let's go get 'em.

[overlapping chatter]

[siren whoops]

[siren wailing]

[tires squeal]

This is the LAPD.

Drop your weapons
and back away.

I repeat-- weapons
down, back away.

Deacon, Street,
Alonso, crowd duty.

Get the civilians back
and keep 'em back.

Move, move, move, move!

Everyone back.
Let's go. Come on.

I caught him-- Tomas Hernandez.

He's locked in the store.

You spotted him? Hell, no!
I posted it first.

It's my 100 grand!
STREET: Get out!

That way, go!


Get out of the way!

Where's the staff?

27-David, be advised.

Suspect may have
hostages inside.

We need to get eyes in there.

Luca, Tan, let's move.

Deac, you three hit it

from the garage.


I see one suspect inside

in the two-three corner.

Any hostages?

Can't get a clear visual.

I'll try to engage.
Cover the exit.

SANCHEZ: [over megaphone]
Tomas Hernandez,
this is LAPD SWAT.

Come out with your hands
above your head.

27-David. Off perimeter position
to speak to a possible witness.

Ma'am, I'm Sergeant
Harrelson, LAPD SWAT.

Prep the tear gas.

On my count.

I don't know what happened.
One minute, I was selling Peter

a Gatorade and the next, this
mob came and trapped him inside.

You said the man's name
inside is Peter?

He buys a yellow Gatorade
with his car wash every Friday.

Three, two, one.
Get to safety now. Sanchez, no!

Deploy gas.

[people gasping]



Down on your knees.

Now! On the ground!

LUCA: Give me your hands
behind your back.

TAN: Clear!

This man is not our suspect.

Suspect's still in the wind.

What do you mean, "in the wind?"

Tomas Hernandez was never here.

Sentinel got it wrong.

We've got unis sitting outside
Danny Hernandez's house

in Highland Park.

No sign of the real suspects.
That's not all.

The guy we gassed-- he's a third
grade teacher with no priors.

Lawsuits, here we come.

Yeah, unlucky for him,
he looks like Hernandez.

It's confirmation
bias at work.

And if Sentinel keeps up
this bounty,

we'll keep getting
misleading intel, more mistakes.

Working on that.
Just talked

to the Sentinel Guard CEO,
Vince Jones.

Tried to get him
to kill the bounty.

Any luck?
We'll see.

As Jones kindly reminded me,

Sentinel's a private business,

and LAPD lacks the authority
to dictate terms.

Great. Meanwhile, the LAPD
tip hotline gets overwhelmed

with people chasing
the reward money.

I mean, they're averaging
a call per minute.

With that much info coming in,
we can't differentiate

between fact and fiction.

And it's only getting worse.

Jones just doubled the bounty
to 200K.

Son of a bitch. He and his app
are gonna get someone killed.

Well, luckily, Burrows
and RHD made some headway.

They did a deep dive on the
Hernandez brothers' financials.

Turns out Danny Hernandez

has some significant
debts of his own.

He's a gambler, too?
Not unless
you can bet on doctors.

Most of these are
hospital bills, pharmacy bills,

and regular payments
to a Victoria Bayon.

What's her connection
to Danny and Tomas Hernandez?

Find out.


How you doing, kid?

Oh, I got a little of that
tear gas in my eye earlier,

but... I'll be fine.

I was talking
about your mom.

I'm fine, really.

I know I wouldn't be fine.

Well, that's 'cause
your mom's pretty great.

Hey, don't you think
it would be better

if you took
a little time off?

Maybe just drop out,
take a quick trip to Mexico?

I'm just offering
my condolences.


I'm here because
I care about you.

No, you're here because
it's convenient for you.

Now, you preach all day

about SWAT being a family.

SWAT is a family.
But you don't ignore family.

I knew I couldn't count
on my mom,

but I always thought
that I could count on you.

But where were you?

When I was laid up in a
hospital bed, where were you?

Or when we were all texting you
and calling you

for weeks on end
with no response?

Street, I had some pretty
heavy stuff going on myself.

But look, I am sorry...Hondo, if we're
friends, real friends,

you don't get to just pick and
choose when you show up for us.

I've had enough people
in my life do that already.

I guess I wasn't clear
enough earlier.

Leave Street alone.

That is an order.

Talked to Fowler

and found out why
she pulled her name.

She said SWAT's physical
training standards

are flawed
and biased against women.
She say anything else?

Too much emphasis on
explosive strength exercises,

none of which actually predict
performance in the field.

Hey, I-I'd like to hear more
on this from Fowler,

but she's not wrong.

How do we change it?

Expand the qualifying
categories in the PFQ.

Rather than make cadets
do 60 push-ups,

give them the option
of bench press,

barbells or
something like that.

Look, I'm all for improving

and expanding our training
and recruitment,

but let's be honest.

We can't just simply lower
the bar for female officers.

I've never had to get
into a push-up contest

with a suspect
before. Have you?


I've been one of the few
female SWAT officers here

for years, Deac, and-and... and
there's something clearly broken

in our recruiting process.

It's about time we fix it.

Victoria Bayon?
They said to come in

[door closes]
Is something wrong?

We just need to
talk for a bit.

Who's this little one?
My daughter, Sammi.

I didn't have time to call
a sitter on short notice.

Mamita,take Mommy's phone

and go and play for
a few minutes, okay?

We need to ask you
about your relationship

with Danny Hernandez.

We know he regularly
sends you money.

Is that against the law?

Danny's a suspect
in a string of armed robberies,

along with
Jamie Mejia...

And Danny's brother Tomas.

You knew about
the robberies?No.

But if Danny's hanging
around Tomas...

Danny's my ex
and Sammi's father.

We broke up last year,

but he's been good to Sammi.

Lately, he started

buying her things,
sending money for bills.

It sounds like Danny's heart's
in the right place.

Danny's selfish,
always has been.

I thought he'd turned a corner,
but if he's hanging around

his loser brother,
there's no hope for him.

[rapid beeping]

Can you give me a minute?

My daughter needs her insulin.

Sammi's diabetic?Type 1.

Danny's been helping
to pay for her prescriptions

and medical bills
since it's so expensive.

Now that I know where
the money is coming from,

I won't take it.

Means I'll just have
to figure out

some other way of paying for it.

Hey, it turns out,

Serena, the homeowner
who was shot this morning,

is also a diabetic and a regular
customer at Leavitt's Pharmacy.

Now, according to the
pharmacy's sales records,

Serena bought the last of
their insulin stock yesterday

right before this
crew hit 'em.

That's why they robbed
both Serena and the pharmacy.

They were after the insulin.

That stuff's
like liquid gold these days.

My buddy's a diabetic.
He said his insulin goes

for 300 bucks a vial--
that's with insurance.

Yeah, means there's
a huge demand

for it on the
black market.

And plenty of profit for guys
like Danny, Tomas and Jamie.

Multiple Sentinel users
spotted Jamie Mejia's SUV

on the move in East L.A.

We're gonna fall
for that again?

No, they're on
to something this time.

Okay, license plates
are a match.

All right, roll out.

[tires squealing,
engines revving]

Go, go, go.

Hey, you. Out! Now. Get out!

Come on, let's go.

Get down, right
there. Don't move.



There's no insulin here.

Where's the insulin?
I already delivered it.

You can check the log and see.

On the dash.
Grab whatever looks expensive.

This crap's got
to be worth something.

Please. I can get in
lots of... [groans]

[engines revving,
sirens wailing]

Let's go!

[sirens wailing]

Ah, yo! Pop the trunk.

Pop the trunk! Aah!
[engine revving]

[tires squealing]

Luca, Tan,

stay with Hernandez.

Got it, Deac.

[engine revving]

CHRIS: 24-David.
Pursuing suspect

southbound on foot!


Don't move, Jamie.

[engine revving,
tires squealing]

[horn blares, engine revs]

[horn blares]

This guy's driving crazy.

[siren wailing,
engine revving]

[women screaming]


Go around it! Go around.

I can't. I can't.
We're pinned in.

[indistinct shouting,
engine revving]

[tires squealing]

22-David to Command. Lost sight
of the suspect's vehicle,

headed north
on Fifth Street.

Jamie Mejia isn't talking,

so I hope you got something
from the driver they attacked.

CEK Medical Supply is
the largest distributor

of insulin in the L.A. area.

Now, the van was empty
when they hit it,

but the driver said that Danny
made off with the delivery log.

They're still after the insulin.

I had the company send us
all the delivery options

for the last 24 hours. Tan?

That van made almost a dozen
insulin deliveries today,

all over L.A.
Highlight the three
biggest deliveries.

One insulin drop at a hospital,
one in a nursing home,

and one at a major
shipping depot.

Yeah, it looks like the shipping
depot got the largest supply.

Almost a dozen boxes.

It's also got the fewest
workers and softest security.

All right, let's gear up
and roll out.

Where's Hondo?

I had him hang back
at Victoria Bayon's house

in case
the bad guys pop up there.

Don't you think
we could use him?

Sure. Give him a call,
have him meet us there.


Hey, Sentinel Guards,

I think I see those suspects
everyone's been looking for

here in East L.A.
I'm gonna follow 'em.

Stay tuned.

20-David to Command.
We're making entrance

at the shipping depot.

Hondo, Street,
Luca, with me.

The rest of you on Deacon.

Watch for civilians
and hostages as we clear.

Let's roll.

[indistinct shouts]

SANCHEZ: Get out of here,
leave the building. Move.

MAN: Look out.
SANCHEZ: Other side.

DEACON: Sir...
CHRIS: Let's go.

I need you to quietly exit.

DEACON: Insulin has
to be refrigerated.

TAN: Plans say there's
cold storage in the back.

[heavy door creaks]

Tomas Hernandez! LAPD!

in pursuit of one suspect

in the west end of
the building.

[gun clicks]


Chris, Tan.

Tomas! LAPD.


[heavy breathing]

Going hands on.

one suspect in custody.

I got movement!

Luca, Hondo, stay with him.
Street, with me.

Sorry, folks, time for me to go.


Whoa, whoa.

Danny, drop the
weapon. Drop it.


Move one step closer
and dude is dead.

SANCHEZ: Street, get up
that ladder and line up a shot.

I am not risking another
innocent life today.

Luca, see if

you can get behind Danny.

Hondo, keep him busy

while Street and Luca get
into position.

I have you covered.

Danny, listen.

If you shoot him,
we got to shoot you,

and nobody wants
that, right?

Nobody has to get hurt.

Just let me
take the insulin and go.

I know about your daughter.

And there are other ways
to take care of her.

Legal ways.

26-David, at the next
available opportunity,

take the shot.

I told you, one more step...

Trying to get a visual now.

I'm trying to help you.

Hondo, stand down.

We're ending this now.

Hondo, I need you
two steps to your left.

Damn it, Hondo.

Move to your left,

that's an order.

I lost the shot.

HONDO: Danny, you got
to keep talking to me.

That's the only way we're both
walking out of here alive.

Hondo, I repeat, stand down.

What's your name, son?

Uh, Mitch.
Do you have any kids, Mitch?

A daughter.
Just turned one.

Shut up!

HONDO: Come on,
Danny, you heard that.

Mitch has a little girl at home

he's trying to get to.

You know what that's like,
I know you do.

You and Mitch deserve

to get home to your daughters.

I know you want
to see Sammi again.

I got him

in my sights.
Danny, we don't have much time.

I need you to put
that gun down,

let Mitch go.
Take the shot, Luca.

HONDO: Damn it,
put the gun down!


Put it down.


On your knees,
get on your knees.

Hands behind your head!


SANCHEZ: 20-David
to Command.

We're Code 4.

Final suspect
in custody.


Hey, Street.

Hold up.

What's up?


I'm sorry about your mom.

And I'm sorry about
the other stuff, too.

I thought
isolating myself

down in Mexico would
let me clear my head

and work through everything
I had going on

and not let me be a bother
to the rest of you,

but that does not excuse me

from leaving you all
in the dark.

Thank you.

I may not have
been here then,

but I'm standing
here right now.

So if you need to
talk about anything,

you want to
grab a beer...

I think I'm just gonna
head home, unwind,

I appreciate it.



Heard a rumor someone
was spearheading

some long overdue changes
to SWAT training.

Well, I felt like it was time.

Deacon's working to modernize
parts of the program

as we speak.

Thinking about
resubmitting your name

for consideration?

Told the commander,
soon as I'm healed up.

I know a few of the other women
already resubmitted as well.

That's what I
like to hear.


You didn't have to do that.



Sergeant Kay, it's so good
to see you again.

And you are?

Officer Tan.

Your app kept us
real busy today.

How can we help you,
Mr. Jones?

Well, our users
want to see

the real heroes responsible

for taking down
Tomas and Danny Hernandez,

as well as saving

our loyal Sentinel Guard
user Mitch Cartwright.

Wait a second,
you're filming this?

Yeah, we're livestreaming
to our users.

Okay, well,
we're-we're not interested,

but, uh, have a nice day.

Wait, you said
you're livestreaming?

Yeah, we got about 20,000
or so watching right now.

Well, then, we should give
a shout-out to the real hero

in all of this.

It was, uh, Victoria Bayon.

That's right.

I mean, it was Victoria's
tips that lead us

directly to the
Hernandez brothers.

So I guess
she's entitled to the bounty

that you so generously offered.
Well, I think she needs

to be a Sentinel Guard user
to claim the bounty...

Mm, I don't think so.

Last I checked,
anyone with information

that lead to the suspects'
apprehension was eligible.


Well, she'll be grateful
to receive the cash reward.

Of course. Thank you, Officers.

Thanks so much.

Quick thinking.

Well, someone's got to pay
for Sammi's insulin.

Might as well be Jones,

[knocking at door]

Hey. Come on in.

Luca went to grab beers
with Deac.

I wasn't really
in the mood.

What are you feeling
right now?




You name it.

I'd say that's all
pretty normal.


There was nothing normal
about my relationship with her.

Is it wrong that...

I feel a little relieved?


I felt a little relieved,
too, when my mom died.

All her drinking,
her outbursts...

It was like a weight
lifted off my shoulders

when that whole part
of my life went away.

You spend
all this time

loving a deeply flawed person,

praying and hoping
they'll change...

And they never do.



I always dreaded this day.

Not just because... she's gone,

but because...

I knew when she died

I'd really and truly be alone.

You're not alone.

What are you doing here?

What do you mean?
I can't keep doing

this weird half-relationship
thing we're doing.

You burrow into my head
and into my heart,

but I can't touch you.

I can't kiss you.

Do you realize
how screwed up that is?

You know we can't
be together right now.

I would never ask you
to compromise yourself at work.

But I can't
keep doing...

...whatever this is.

I can't.

[tapping at door]

You wanted to see me,

Sergeant Sanchez claims
you disobeyed a direct order

in the field today.

Is that true?
It was a judgement call

from a different
vantage point

than the team leader.

I was trying to save lives,
not end them.

A yes or no answer would make
this all go faster, Hondo.

We completed the mission,

arrested the suspects
without incident.

No thanks to
your insubordination.

I'll be the judge of that.

Maybe not this time.

What the hell is that
supposed to mean?

It means he's gunning
for me, Commander.

I know about your orders
with the commission.

He's trying to
get me to quit

as payback for being
a whistleblower.

What the hell
are you talking about?

What'd you expect, Hondo?

You embarrassed them

and these are men that
don't like being embarrassed.

What the hell is going on here?

Look, I actually like
all of you.

I'm glad this is all
out in the open now.

Didn't feel right,
working this behind your back.

You're a real son of
a bitch, aren't you?

Why do you even
want to deal

with all the stress, Hondo?

All the pushback
from the department.

Just go.

Leave SWAT
in your rearview.

SWAT is where I belong.

Well, the brass wants you out.

You can go easy,
you can go hard.

That's not your call to make.

I am not the architect
of this plan.

I'm just the tool.

You know what? You're
damn right, you are a tool.

You are a brown man

coming after a Black man
for calling out racist cops.

That don't make
no kind of sense.

This has nothing to do
with race.

What's it about, then?
You are a cop

who went outside
the chain of command.

Now they're gonna use you
to make an example

for everyone to witness.

Talking of chain of command,

it says "Commander Hicks"
on that door.

Not "Sanchez."

Stay in your lane.

If it wasn't me,

they would just
send somebody else.

They can send you

and a dozen more yes-man
kiss-ass sellouts just like you,

and I will keep doing my job.

And I'll just keep writing you
up for insubordination.

I won't sign off on that.

I don't think that's gonna
matter much to the higher-ups.

See, 'cause all it's gonna take
is one minor screwup

to give the commission what
it wants to send you packing.

So have some dignity

and just walk away first.

For your own good.

Until then, I expect you to
follow every order I give you.

To the letter.



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