S.W.A.T. (2017–…): Season 5, Episode 16 - The Fugitive - full transcript

I love every episode of swat so far, it get better and better every time I see it. I really hope people like this episode as most as I do. Please watch it tonight it's going to be a great episode. I would say it's has Drama, and action at the same time.

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Careful, Luca, these guys
ripped off enough nitroglycerin

to make that thing
a mobile bomb.

Good thing
we're in a mobile tank.

You said this was a simple job
for some friends of yours.

There wasn't supposed
to be a guard on duty!

I'll get us
out of this.

Just keep driving.

Chris, Luca, you guys okay?

We're Code 4. Betty took most

of the hit for us, but I think
we're out of this fight.

Get her back
to HQ to get fixed up.

We'll take it from here.

24-David, I got eyes on you
and the van from the airship.

That van has more barrels,
and our ride does not

have the same armor
Black Betty does.


He's headed south
into oncoming traffic!

We got to get 'em
out of the city.

Deacon, rally the backup

to the 4th Street Bridge.
I've got an idea.

Get this thing down
on the ground in front of him.

We need to turn him around.

I think we lost them.

Deacon, he's crossing
the bridge, heading your way.

30-David. We're in position.

We got eyes on the van now.

This is the LAPD.

We have you surrounded.

Exit the van, get on the ground,

and spread your arms and legs.

This is my fault.

I took the job.

I lost my cool.

I'll fix this,

I'm the big brother.

to take care of you.

Look, we're both idiots, okay?

I repeat,
get out of the van now.

Get down on the ground now.

I have something to say,
and you better listen,

or I'll take down this whole
bridge and everyone on it!

You will not be told again.

Drop your weapon,
get on your knees.

Put your hands
behind your head.

Duff, what the hell
are you doing, man?

Get down on the ground,

Just listen to me. I got this!

I acted alone!

My brother didn't know

what he was driving me to do.

None of this is his fault!

We've got a jumper!

Hold your fire!

I love you, Charlie.


I got you.

Where do y'all think
you're going?

The photographer
from the police commission's

been in my office
all night,

waiting to take a team photo
for the new LAPD website.

Oh, was that today?
'Cause I got plans.

Yeah, I got to get home
to an ice bath, doctor's orders.

Commander, my team's earned
a night to put their feet up.

We'll take the photo tomorrow,
I promise.

All right, first thing
in the morning, no excuses.


It's the third time
you've put the photo off, Hondo.

Police commission's getting
a little impatient.

They should be happy that
I agreed to do it at all.

They just want 20-Squad
because we check all the boxes

on their diversity
bingo card.

Okay, well...

regardless, you did
a hell of a job tonight.

Whole team did.
Thank you, sir.

Morning, baby.

Where do you think
you're going?

You know it's your turn
to make breakfast.

Two unis out of Hollywood missed
a dispatch call last night.

Their cruiser was just found,
and they weren't in it.

Oh, my God.

Yeah, Hicks is calling
everybody in.

I'm sorry I got to run.

Can I make it up
to you tonight?

Sergeant Harrelson,

this'll be six nights
in a row I've slept over.

We're trying to make
a baby, remember?

The last time I checked,
you can't do it

from separate beds.

I love you.
I love you.

Hondo, wait.

The local news just posted
about your missing officers.

They found
their body cams.

There's a video.

Officer Lumbard? Birch?

Or is it the other way around?

Sorry, it's easy to mix
the two of you up.
Hondo, his voice.

Both white,
both new to the force.

And both abusing your power.
What is this?

My name is Daniel Harrelson.

A lot of you may know me
as the officer

who blew the whistle
on the LAPD last summer.

I'd like to tell you
that it made a difference,

but guess what.

There's still a lot
of bad cops out there.

Take these two.

Been on the beat for
a little over a year,

and they've already got a list
of complaints against them.

Does the LAPD care?

I'm out of patience.

Cops need to be held accountable
for their actions.

You don't see me hiding my face.

I'm done waiting on the
department to clean itself up.

What the hell is this?

Okay, that's you.

But that can't be you.

That video is fake.
But it was taken off

of a real LAPD body cam.

Someone's setting me up,

I was here with you all night.

I know, but the whole world
is gonna see this.

What are you gonna do?

You have to call
your boss.

He'll sort this out,
keep you safe.

No, I can't.

Hicks'll bench me.
He might even have to arrest me.

But you have an alibi.
I'll tell them...The word

of my girlfriend ain't gonna
hold up against video evidence.

Or at least not till
this thing gets debunked.


Two police cars just pulled
into your driveway.

What if..? Do they think
you really did this?

Baby, I got to go.
I got to leave right now.

What? No.
Look, if someone's

really trying to set me up, it
might only be the beginning.

I can't be tied to a desk

or sitting in a cell waiting
for the other shoe to drop.

You'll be safe
with the officers.

Just tell them the truth.
Everything's gonna be okay.

Where are you going?

To find out who the hell's
behind this.

Thanks for coming.

How bad is it?

Every cop in L.A.'s got
a picture of your face.

Unis just picked
up Nichelle.

And they're going through
your house right now.

Are you sure this is the play?
Someone's trying to ruin

my life, Deac-- I got
to figure out who and why.All right.

Well, in that case, you're
gonna need a way to get around.

Take Annie's car.
Don't scratch it.

You don't want her
coming after you, too.

I'm sorry I pulled you into this.
Hey, stop.

We'll always have
your back.

Deacon, you called in the team?

None of you should
be here right now.

The second you get to HQ,

they're gonna question you
about my whereabouts.

I'm not letting any of you
lose your job because of me.

Sorry, boss. When somebody
messes with you,

they mess with all of us.

Besides, whoever actually
killed those officers,

they're still out there.
Rest of LAPD's looking

for you, we need
to be looking for them.

All right, then.
What do we know?

Unis found Lumbard
and Birch's cruiser

in a Denny's parking lot,
about 5:00 a.m.

Car was untouched,
no sign of a struggle.

Dash cam showed the two of them
arriving about midnight.

Grabbed some food.
Someone knew their patterns

and then grabbed them
on their break.

About an hour after the
cruiser was found, their body

cams were dropped
at a local news station.
One was wiped clean,

and the other had
the video of you on it.

So whoever made
this fake video

actually put it
on an LAPD body cam?

I got a friend
who might be able to tell us

how someone could do that.
She's not exactly...

law-abiding, but she's probably
not gonna call the cops

the second she sees your face.
All right, great.

She's who I visit first.

Well, hold on,
you're not going alone.

What'd I just say, Street?

I ain't dragging anybody
else down with me.

That's too bad 'cause
she's my contact-- I'm going.


The rest of you check
on Lumbard and Birch.

There's got to be a reason
they were targeted.



All of you.

You're late. Follow me.

Now, I'm not gonna ask you
where you're coming from

because I don't want to have to
put you in the position to lie.

Sir, I can honestly say
I have no idea

where Hondo is right now.
Well, keep it that way.

Now, obviously, I know it
can't be Hondo in that video,

but since dropping this
morning, this execution

has been shared by every
major news station.

Now a lot of people think
Hondo's a cop killer.

All right, I've got 20-Squad
working on finding out

how the video was made
and who made it.

Well, whoever it was
did their homework.

Now, Lumbard and Birch
were not shy about voicing

their unhappiness with some
of the city's social programs.

Now, just, you know,
cop venting,

but they called Hondo out

a few times,
and they were not fans.

Yeah, makes it look
like Hondo has motive.

What about the rest of 20-Squad?

Internal Affairs is
gonna grill us.

All right,
I'll stall IAD

as long as I can,

but there is a highly trained
LAPD sergeant on the run,

so I don't know how long I'm
gonna be able to hold them off.

So whatever Hondo's doing,

he needs to do it faster.

Thanks for helping us, Elyse.

Anything for you, Jimbo.

I mean, you gave me a way to
pay rent that didn't involve

email scams or
credit card fraud.

I, uh, convinced Elyse
to become

our go-to cybercrimes expert
in Long Beach back in the day,

before that was
a real job.

When it did become a real job,
LBPD wouldn't hire someone

with a criminal record,
and they just let me go.

Don't worry,
I made my investments

in crypto early, so...

I am set for life.

All about pro bono
hacktivism now.

Okay, don't tell
us about that.

We're already in the middle
of one felony today.

Fair enough. I've already
downloaded the video.

It's, uh, definitely a deepfake.

Phony media that uses
artificial intelligence

to study photos and videos
of a person,

and then creates a new video
of that person doing something

they've never done before.
How can you tell
this is a deepfake?

When in doubt, look at the eyes.

AI hasn't quite mastered

blinking yet--
just doesn't get it.

This video, however,
is incredibly tight.

Deepfakes are generated
frame by frame.

You slow 'em down enough...

...you can catch a funky one.

My pops always told me
to only believe what

you can see with your own eyes,
now we can't even do that.

Tech's only
getting better.

Pretty soon, even I won't be
able to tell the difference.

Good luck prosecuting someone

with video evidence
in a few years.

Y-You're telling me
any keyboard cowboy

in his mom's basement

with the right software
can do this?

It takes a little bit
more than that.

You need
a baseline video.

Real footage of someone

who looks like your subject
for the program to manipulate.

So there's an original video
out there without me in it.

How did they make it
look like me?

Let me see your phone.

Deepfakes require
a ton of modeling data.

Images and other media

of the subject they're copying.

In this case, you.

The more, the better.


Someone installed
spyware onto your phone.

Your photos and videos were
being linked

to another computer in the city.

How could someone do
that without me knowing?

A real pro just needs to be
on the same Wi-Fi as you.

Can you find out where
his data's going?

It'll take me a few hours,
but no one can hide from me.

Text Street if you find
something, please.

Yeah, of course.


Any luck finding anything
on Lumbard or Birch?

The temperature around
here is ice-cold.

I hit up every cop I know
who may have crossed paths

with them over
the last year.

Most ignored my calls, but the
ones who picked up were more

interested in trashing
Hondo than sharing intel.

My old shift commander
runs their division now.

I figured he'd at least have
a few other suspects

for us to chase down. Nope.
He thinks Hondo's a killer

and I'm a traitor
for saying otherwise.

How is it so many cops actually
believe Hondo's guilty?

Because they want to believe
it-- they've been waiting

for an excuse to turn on him,
and now they have it.

Take it you're getting
the silent treatment, too?

I was, so I
got creative.

You know Wells from Evidence?

Turns out he's got a new puppy.

I promised to house-train
and dog-sit it

on his next vacation, so...

he slipped me this.

It's a copy of all
the data from Lumbard

and Birch's squad car--
GPS, dash cams,

radio calls, everything.

LAPD's already been
through it, though.

They were looking for things
that pointed to Hondo.

We're looking
for who really killed them.

You're putting a lot on the
line, riding with me today.

I appreciate it.
Well, it's been a while

since I've played hooky
from SWAT.

Wouldn't want people to think
I lost my bad-boy edge.

Seriously, though?

I'm a different man

than the one who joined, and
I have you to thank for that.

Everything you've done,

even kicking me off
for a hot minute,

you did it to make me
a better officer.

I'll always have
your six, man.

No questions asked.

Any idea who might
be behind all this?

Been thinking about
that all morning.

You put away
countless criminals.

Who's got
the biggest grudge?

That's a long list, kid.

But this isn't just
some corner kid

that you put away
for five to ten.

This deepfake?

with serious resources

is targeting you.

I mean, that kind of hate,
that's next level.

Are you sure this hacker friend
of yours knows what she's doing?

Yeah, these things take time.

Elyse is the best, though.

As soon as she finds out where
your hacked phone data's going,

she'll let me know.
We just...

need to hold out
a little longer.

No surprises on Lumbard and
Birch's abandoned cruiser GPS.

They didn't go anywhere
out of the ordinary.

Same with the dash cam footage.
They're unis.

Lots of sitting around, waiting
for the action to happen.

Hey, check this out,
I've been going through

the logs on the cruiser's
automatic license plate reader.

One plate keeps popping up
over and over,

almost 50 times.

And every time
on the rear camera.

Almost as if...Someone's following them,

learning their routine,
just like Hondo said.

Plate belongs
to Pasha Kulpa.

No criminal record,
but it looks like he owns

five apartment buildings
in the Valley.

Which is usually code for
"I'm up to super shady stuff

and need to hide it.
"Hold on, he's got a federal file.

Looks like he's got ties

to organized crime
in Eastern Europe,

and the Feds suspect
he's running

his own small outfit
here in L.A.

What's this Kulpa guy
got to do with Hondo?

What do you say we find out?

This lot's registered as Kulpa's
current business address.

Luca, right.
Chris, left. Tan, door.

Pasha Kulpa! LAPD!


That's a lot
of computer power for a site

that hasn't even
broken ground yet.

Kulpa was just here-- the
computer's still logged in.

My name is Daniel Harrelson...

This must be
the original video,

the one they manipulated
to look and sound like Hondo.

Kulpa probably
edited the video here.

This is proof
that the Hondo video's fake.

I'm done

waiting for the department
to clean itself up.

That good?

Yeah, we're good.

The gunshots were fake.

But that's still the real
Lumbard and Birch,

which means...
They might still be alive.

Elyse couldn't narrow it
down to the exact room,

but whoever hijacked your phone,

their I.P. address puts them
somewhere inside this hotel.

Go talk to the front desk.

See if you can get
a list of recent guests.

I'm gonna hang back.
I don't want to be spotted.

You must be the man of the hour.

Maybe you need
a permanent reminder

of who's in charge here.

You took my son.

And you'll pay greatly for it.


Took you long enough to find me.

I've been waiting
for you.

Arthur Novak.

You're supposed
to be in prison.

Money and connections go
a long way in Mexico.

You left me with both.

No, I checked on you.

You were serving real time.

Hey, Hondo? Hondo?

I spent six months

in a filthy cell,

to stay alive every day,

mourning my boy every night.

But eventually I got
my hands on a phone.

And from there,
access to my accounts.

After that,
it was just a matter of time

until I paid
the right people off.

Or otherwise brought 'em
into check.

You should've stayed down there.
I'm not worried.

I'm a free man, Hondo.

Can't say
the same for you.

Don't worry about her
alerting the police.

I called them the second
I saw you outside.

They should be here
any moment now.

Why don't you sit?

Have a drink
with me.

You won't find wine
like this in prison,

I promise you.

That weak-ass deepfake
ain't gonna hold up.

You should've never shown
your face,

'cause now I'm coming for you.

The deepfake was just
the beginning.

Look forward
to seeing you again.

Sergeant Harrelson,
show us your hands!

Do not make
this difficult.

On your knees.

On your knees!

I just gave my official
statement to the chief.

I'm no longer a suspect thanks
to the footage y'all found.

Tech team verified it--
it's the original video.

I'm a free man.

Okay, guys, this
ain't over yet.

Lumbard and Birch
are still missing.

They could be alive,
barely hanging on

and counting on us
to find 'em.

But first...

there's something
I need to tell y'all.

I wasn't straight with you
about what happened last summer

in Mexico.
The man at the hotel.

Arthur Novak--
he and his son ran

the town I was staying in
like crime bosses.

And when they threatened
an innocent family,

I had to step in.

Novak retaliated.

And kidnapped
a young woman.

I led a rescue mission,
but things went sideways.

I had to kill Novak's son
to save her life.

That's why he's
coming after you.

All of this is
some kind of revenge play.

First it was the deepfake,

and now he's holding
these two officers' lives

over my head.

We're sorry you had to go
through this, Hondo.
Deacon, I don't need sympathy.

I need your help

to find Lumbard and Birch.


Novak has help.

A guy named Pasha Kulpa.

Looks like
the two go way back.

There's matching arrests
here for robbery,

theft and assault all over
Europe going back to the '80s.

Makes sense-- we know Kulpa
helped make the deepfake.

Dude even has a cameo
in the video we found.

All right, so we double down
on our sweep for Kulpa.

We find him,
we find the officers.

We find the officers,
we find Novak.

I'll hit up
his business properties.

Luca and I'll take
known associates.


Where are you going, Hondo?

Novak's confident
that he's safe in the U.S.

I'm gonna prove him wrong.

Yeah, well, Novak wasn't lying.

His record in Mexico's
been cleared.

Now, I don't know
who he paid off,

but he's a free man
south of the border.

What about
his Interpol charges?

The whole reason he was
hiding out in Mexico

was to avoid extradition.True.

But until a federal warrant
comes down,

LAPD can't touch him.

The man kidnapped
two of our officers, Commander.

Well, there's nothing
tying Novak to that

besides your suspicion, Hondo.

Now, look,

I'm working
on getting the warrant.

I just need you to sit tight.

I-I can't "sit tight"

when two people are in danger
because of me.

You don't have a choice.

I'm pulling you
out of the field.

As of right now, you're
officially benched.

I don't want you
leaving the building.

The chief cleared me.
You can't do this!

You ran, Hondo!

The chief and the commission
are furious!

You're lucky that's
all I'm doing is benching you.

It wasn't that simple.

I know.

I'm on your side.

I just need you
to sit tight

until this thing's over,
all right?


Has your day
turned a corner, Hondo?

Where's Lumbard and Birch,
you son of a bitch?

Mind your temper when speaking
to me.

You shouldn't be
so hostile with the man

holding their lives in his hand.

So they are alive?

A little thirsty, but breathing.

Look, you want to come
at me, then come at me.

But leave those officers
out of this.

Your savior complex runs deep,
doesn't it?

You want to be a hero
to everyone.

All communities.

Black and blue.

Shame no one will trust you
after this morning.

I've been cleared of everything
that was on your damn deepfake.

Doesn't matter much, does it?

The first headline
always lives on,

well past a retraction.

Your name's been sullied.

You'll always be viewed

suspiciously from now on.

Well, I guess you got
what you wanted then.

You don't need
Lumbard and Birch.

I have so much more to take.

I rotted in that hellhole

for six long months
planning this.

Your reputation is
just the start.

You took my son
and my freedom from me,

and I won't stop

until I've taken away
everything you love.

I was rewatching the raw
footage and found something.

A reflection
in the camera's side mirror.

I think they accidentally
captured a sign

wherever they filmed this.

So it was edited
out of the deepfake,


Skilling Electric--
it's a defunct power plant.

It's been abandoned for years.
Perfect place to lay low.

Could Novak and Kulpa still be
there with Lumbard and Birch?

With every cop in the city
looking for 'em?

Makes sense
to stay in one place.

Okay, I'll call Deac. Let's
go find those officers, man.

Baby, hey.

Does this mean...?
I'm good.

We're good, at least as far
as the police are concerned.

They treat you
all right downtown?

They stuck me
in a room like this,

left me alone
for the most part.

But don't worry about me.
Are you okay?

No, not really.

Arthur Novak is in L.A.

He's the one who set me up.

Novak? From Mexico?

Some kind of vendetta.
He told me

he wants to hurt
the people I love.

That's why you had me
brought here.

Yeah, thankfully,
my mom and pops

are out of town right now,
and Darryl's staying

with Leroy just to be safe.

Hopefully this all ends soon.

My team's out chasing
a lead right now.

Why aren't you with them?

Because I'm benched.

And maybe I deserve it--
I chose to run.

I chose to keep Novak a secret.
You told me.

That meant something.But just you.

Not my squad. This was
supposed to stay down there.

I thought it was finished,
and I was wrong.

You are putting
a lot of blame on yourself

for something
a bad man is doing to you.

I know you're Superman,

but you can't always take on
all of the burden yourself.

That's the responsibility that
comes with being a team leader.

You know better than anyone

that SWAT isn't
about any one person.

Lean on the people
around you.

I love that you're open with me,

but you also need to be open
with your team.

They're your family, too.

Novak wasn't talking
about you or my family

when he said he was gonna go
after the people I love.

Nichelle, I got to call Deacon.

This is the car
from the deepfake.

Blood all over the back seat.

This must be what they brought
Lumbard and Birch in.

Doesn't mean they
didn't leave.

All right,
perimeter's clear.

Let's check inside.

It's a trap!


Let me see, let me see!

Bullet didn't go through.
I'm okay.

We can't stay here.
We need better cover.

They left this car
for us to find

in the best spot to pin us down.
There's nowhere to go!

That garage door.
That's our target.

We'll use the car as cover.

Tan, Street, you stay on
the bumper. Luca, you good?

Yeah, I'm good.
You and Chris with me

on the passenger-side
door. Let's move!

Yeah. Go! Go!

Luca, you stay low.

Keep your head down.
We're getting you out of here.

On my call. Push!

The shots were coming
from the roof.

I see movement.
They're on the run!

Go after those shooters.
I'll stay with Luca,

call for backup.

LAPD! Don't move!

Last man.

They're headed for the exit!



The shooters got away.

How's Luca?
He's fine.

Just a bad bruise.
This was Novak's plan.

He left that clue in the mirror
for us to find,

knowing I would get benched
and be forced to watch him

ambush my team
from the sidelines.
Yeah, but we got one up on him.

We're all okay.
For now.

Novak's still out there,
and I'm done waiting

for his next move.
You're gonna have to.

You're not allowed to leave HQ.
I don't care.

Nobody else needs to get hurt
because of my mistakes.

Try and stop me, Deacon.

Hey, Hondo? Hondo, Hondo.
Think about it. Think about it.

This is exactly
what Novak wants you to do.

Get out of my way, Street.

I know you won't
walk out that door.

Novak may want
you to go rogue,

but that's 'cause
he doesn't know

how good a cop you are.

I said that to you
once upon a time, didn't I?

Right after I found
my brother dead.

I was ready to burn down
half of Long Beach,

but you stopped me.


I have watched Novak
get to you all day.

Now, I know that you're mad,

but you are smarter than him.

Show Novak
that he doesn't know you,

that you cannot be manipulated.

Hondo, talk to us.

I should've told everyone
about Novak.

Truth is,

I still regret taking off
in the first place,

but I thought
I needed to be alone.

But when I was
at my lowest point...

...I just wished that all of you
were down there with me

to have my back.

I told you
we'd always have your back.

We were there for you
this morning,

and we're still here for you
right now.

Can't stop 20-Squad.

And Novak is about
to find that out the hard way.

Street, you said that Novak

would probably want me
to take off on my own.

Let's give him what he wants.

I got an idea.

Federal warrant for Arthur Novak
has been approved.

Wow, that was quick.
Thanks, Commander.

Oh, I got to scream
at an FBI director.

No thanks necessary.

You ready?


This is an unexpected surprise.

First you take a shot
at my name,

and then you take
shots at my team.

I'm done with your games, Novak.

Why don't you quit
being a coward

and just take your shot
at me already?

What's your hurry?

Your team dodged a bullet.

But now it's my turn
to make the next move,

and I plan to take my time
executing it.

Time's the one thing
you don't have.

A warrant's just been green-lit
for your arrest on U.S. soil,

so right now every airport
and checkpoint in the state

is getting a copy
of your face.

You've overstayed
your welcome.

So, any chance you had
of slipping out of this country

has vanished.

This is valuable information.

No doubt
you want something in return.

Lumbard and Birch.

This isn't about them.
It never was.

Still trying to be a hero.

So predictable.


what do you propose?

A trade.

The officers for a way out.

You name the location.

You bring me
Lumbard and Birch alive,

and I'll drive you
across the border myself.

You're safe in Mexico.
Live to fight another day.

It's tempting.

But I think we're past the point
of trusting each other.

Novak, all that matters to me

is getting
those officers home safe.

You've done your damage, man.
You ruined my rep.

Is burying me really worth
going back to prison

for the rest of your life?

I'll text you an address

and bring the boys in blue.

Meet me there in an hour.

Come unarmed. And, Hondo,

if you're not alone,

I'll put a bullet
in both of their brains

without hesitation.

Novak, we started this thing,
just the two of us.

I'm-a finish it
the same way.

How'd you know Novak
would take the bait?

'Cause once he gets me alone,
he's gonna kill me.

That's been his plan
the entire time.

Whose idea was it
to send Hondo unarmed

without comms
or tracking of any kind?

His. We can't risk having Novak
sweep Hondo for bugs.

If he finds out
what we're planning,

first he'll kill Hondo,
and then he'll kill

Lumbard and Birch.

you sure you're up for this?
Oh, I've had

bigger bruises
wrestling with Terry as a kid.

No way I'm skipping
the chance to help Hondo.

What the hell's going on?
Where's Novak?

Where's Lumbard and Birch?
Arthur is a very careful man.

You have fooled him once before.
He said

he was gonna meet me here.
We had a deal.
The deal still holds.

We're just rendezvousing
at a different location.

If you want to see
those officers alive,

you'll get in.

Where's Lumbard and Birch?

As you can see,

I found my own way
out of the country.

Suppose that means
our deal is off.

I don't need you after all.

You killed my son, Daniel.

This is how
it was always going to end.

I didn't come all this way
not to avenge my boy.

But first?

I want to see you suffer
one last time.

And you call me predictable,

I knew there was no way
you were gonna leave

without your pound
of flesh.

And I also knew
about this airstrip.

It took some digging,

but did you know
that your boy Pasha

used to run drugs out of here?

So I figured if you were gonna
kill me and bounce,

this is where it would be.

But that's why my team
headed straight over here

after our phone call.

All they needed to move in
were those missing officers.

Well, that...

Go. Go, go.

It's Lumbard and Birch.

Street, Tan,
lay us some cover fire.

We're getting
you guys out of here!
Let's go.

Come on. Get over here. Come on.

Arthur! What are you doing?

Getting myself

out of here!

Novak's on the move.

Drop your weapons!

It's over, Novak.

I can still finish
what I came here to do.

Nah, I don't think you can.

It'll never happen.

They'll drop you before you even
get close to raising that gun.

All right.
You know how this goes.

Arthur Novak,
you're under arrest.

If you couldn't beat me
one-on-one in Mexico,

how the hell did you
think you could do it

with my team behind me?



Baby, we're safe.

Novak's gonna answer
for decades of crime.

We never have to
see him again.

Today was different, Hondo.

I know the realities
of your job,

but today...

Today was the first time

you walked out that door
and I worried

it'd be the last time I saw you.

I know.

And I'm sorry, Nichelle.
I'm so sorry.

But I can't tell you
you won't feel this way again.

It's the one promise
I can never make you.

Does that make you
rethink anything

about starting
a family together?

Do you think I'd let
that stupid son of a bitch

get what he wants?

I ain't going nowhere.

I love you so much.

I just wanted to clear the
air before you went home.

It goes without saying,

but you've been restored
to active duty.

I'm sorry for what went down.
I just want to put

this whole mess behind me.
You know I had
to bench you.

If you crossed paths
with one overzealous rookie

who missed the memo
about the deepfake...

Sure. I get it.

Novak knew I would run.

He counted on it.

Sir, I am sorry

that I didn't trust you enough
to come in.
I'm not gonna pretend

that I understand
what it felt like

to be in your shoes
at that moment.

But the next time
you're framed for murder

and your commander calls,

pick up the damn phone.


What's all this?

I know you ain't waiting on me
to go home.

Well, after
everything today,

we thought
you might need a beer.
I know I do.

Luca and I got a full fridge.

It's been forever
since the whole squad's

hung out.
What do you say, Hondo?

You guys saved my life today.
You know that?

You had my back from the moment
this thing went down.

You risked your jobs
and your lives all for me.

Come on, boss. It
was nothing, man.


It's not nothing, Luca.

Every one of you stepped up
without ever doubting me.

The only reason

I survived is because I had

this group of officers
behind me.

And you always will.

That's right.

There's no one else
we'd rather follow into a fight.


We'll follow you anywhere.

That's what 20-Squad's
all about.

Just know how much
I appreciate all of you.

All right.

Enough of the Kumbaya.

Hell yeah. Let's get changed
and go get some drinks.

Let's do it!
Hey, unless you're
driving me home,

I'm gonna need
Annie's keys back.
Oh, that's right.

I'm so sorry, but I've been
waiting here all day.

I only need one photo
for the LAPD website.

Can we please
just get this over with?
I got shot today,

so I'm not good.
Yeah, I got to pick up
my wife and kids.

More plans tonight...
Yeah, I'm not photo-ready.

Ice bath again.
I got to do it every day.
Guys, guys, guys. Nah, nah, nah.

Not this time.
Let's give her a break. Come on.

Let's show this city

what the best SWAT team

in the LAPD looks like.

Three, two, one.

Everyone say "Roll SWAT"!

Roll SWAT!

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