S.W.A.T. (2017–…): Season 4, Episode 17 - Whistleblower - full transcript

The team races to rescue victims of a sex trafficking ring that is preying on disenfranchised women. Also, Hondo finds himself at odds with Leroy and Darryl over the future of their business, and Street confronts Chris about meeti...

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HONDO: Previously, on

Hondo's a good guy,
but everyone knows

that his promotion was
affirmative action nonsense.

running the asylum.

More like animals
running the zoo.

So, what are we
gonna do about it?

I'm not going to I.A. with
just my word against theirs.

Those charges
would never stick.

That's why we need
hard evidence.

Cops don't turn
on other cops.

Why were you
recording them?

They're racists, Annie.

An I.A. investigation?

Watch yourself.

Oh, you're scared
everyone's gonna hear

how you spied
on another officer?

My PBA reps are gonna
tear this case to shreds,

and you're gonna be
the only person hurt by it.

Your mother's
cirrhosis is advanced.

I've discussed a living
donor transplant with her.

- Jimmy!
- Hi, Mom.

The doctor says there's a
real problem with your liver?

You don't have
to worry about that.

You know, I've been here
less than a minute.

I already feel like
I'm being played.

I went and visited
my mom today.

Just tried to butter me up
to get what she wants.

Which is what?
My liver, apparently.

You're asking him
to throw away everything

he's built for himself.

I didn't ask him
for anything.

I came here
to keep it that way.

You must really
love my Jimmy.


Take that coat off.

It's ugly.

I'm freezing.

Take it off,
or I'll have to cut it off.


Time to work.

A lot of lonely
truckers out there.

Damn it!

What happened?
D, you all right?

Uh, I don't know. I thought I
drained the oil all out the pan.

And the oil filter?

Oh. Yo.

I'd say you're looking fresh,
kid, but that oil looks anything but.

Just thought I'd stop by and
see how business was going.


All right.

Look, there should be an oil filter
that'll work for this car in the back,

top shelf.


That a friend of yours?
Friend of a friend,

and a potential customer,

till your badge
scared him off.

A guy who hightails
out at the sight of a cop.

That's the type of
customer you want?

I didn't realize I needed to consult
with the chief marketing officer

before bringing
in business.

I'm just here
to keep tabs on Darryl.


No, you're trying to see
if it's all on the level,

'cause you don't like
that my way is working.

I took care of those punks
squeezing this block,

and now I'm finding us

But you got to stop
dropping in on us

in uniform 'cause
you're hurting business.

Hey, the last I checked,
I own a stake in this shop.

You do.

You said
you'd be a silent partner,

and you wanted Darryl
to pick his own path.

And he chose this.
That's why I'm so invested.

Okay, well, now that it's
finally starting to come along,

you're the one
hurting it and him,

by always showing
your cop face around here.

(SCOFFS) You've been out
of prison a few months,

and suddenly, you know
what's best for Darryl, huh?

- Let me tell you what I know.
- DARRYL: Found it!

Got to go help my son.


Yeah, Deacon, what's up?

The Board of Rights reached a decision
regarding Lee Durham's punishment.

He will not be fired
from the L.A.P.D.

Same for the other two,
Gibson and Ellis.

They'll all be placed
on probation,

and reassigned
to other divisions.

That's final?

HONDO: What about
the recording,

or the three hours of testimony
that Deacon gave the board?

Sir, he's been
catching flak

from other officers for
turning that tape in.

What, it's all
just for nothing?

No, the recording
carried weight.

It prompted I.A.'s
integrity check

on Durham
and the other officers.

But ultimately,
the board found

no tangible evidence that
racism influenced their work.

Yeah. Why would it?

Commander, what about
their arrest records?

They skew heavily
towards people of color.

I hear you, but these officers have all worked
with officers of color with no incident.

A few even have partners
who are people of color. What?

The "I got a black friend"
defense? Come on, man, stop it.

What are we
supposed to do now?

HONDO: Well, we just sit here
while a pack of racists

pick and choose who
they're gonna arrest each day.

It's a union issue now.

The same union that
shielded these three

from any real punishment
in the first place?

Yeah. The same union that's
protected both of you in the past.

Now, fair or not,
this is the system

doing its job,
advocating for cops.

Racist cops.




What a surprise.

Hi, Ma.
Two visits in one week?

With this luck, I'm gonna
have to bribe my nurse

to run out and buy me
a lotto ticket. (CHUCKLES)

You knew I could be
a potential liver donor.

Why have the doctors tell me, instead
of just telling me the truth yourself?

Do you think it's easy talking
to your son about dying?

Especially being sick based on the stupid
choices that you've made in your life?

But you're right.

(SIGHS) I'm sorry.

I-I should've just
been honest with you.

I just...

I didn't want to be
a distraction one last time.


I thought maybe
you wouldn't come back.

Well, I got tested...

To see if I can donate
part of my liver to you.

I'm waiting on the results.

Jimmy, you didn't have to.

I know.
What about S.W.A.T.?

I mean, your work. Isn't that
gonna cause problems for you?

I said I got tested.

I didn't say I'd made the
decision to donate yet.

I don't understand.


Reeks of you trying
to work me over.


I didn't ask you
to help me.

No, you're too smart
to ask me straight out.

You knew exactly which
parts of me to appeal to.

So, your little S.W.A.T.
girlfriend got in your head, right?

She's trouble.

Jimmy, you should
know better.

What are you
talking about?

That Christina person.

She came here a couple
days ago to threaten me.

Making all these demands.
I should keep you out of this.

And that you're better off
not talking to me.

Okay, well, I didn't
ask Chris to do that.

And I'm the one that's
controlling and manipulative.

Jimmy, I so appreciate
you being here.

I do.

I mean...

With everything
we've been through,

we'll still always be family.


Looking for company?


Money up front.

I'm not here to
have sex with you.

No money, no company.

Wait, wait, wait.


Calm down. I just want to

The guys I-I work for...
Th-they'll kill you.

You don't want to
mess with me.

I'm gonna get
you out of here.

Wait, wait.
Let go of me!


Wait, wait. I'm here
to save... Let me go!




HONDO: Patrol says the three
shooters are still unaccounted for.

Watch for civilians
as you clear. Let's move.

30-David. Moving to the
west side of the lot.

24-David. One shooter
down, unresponsive.

45-David. Got eyes
on another suspect.

Still breathing. 30-David.
Shooter two in custody.

Needs medical
attention ASAP.

EMTs are on the way.


Hondo, more blood.
Leads to the back.

I see it.


This is the L.A.P.D.!

I need you to open the door and
come out with your hands raised!

This is your last warning!

Don't shoot. Please. It's okay.

Hey, it's okay.
You're safe.

We're L.A.P.D.
You're safe.

DEACON: All clear
on the exterior.

Then we're Code 4.

Third shooter's
in the wind.


I hope you're here with
good news, Lieutenant.

Is that ever
the case, Hondo?

I spoke with
colleagues in Vice

about the dead shooter your
team found... Paul Temple.

Vice thinks he was part
of a sex trafficking ring

based out of the
San Fernando Valley.

Truck stops are notorious
for forced prostitution.

Did Vice have any more intel
on the other suspects?

One slipped us
before we got here.

Minimal. These
guys are cautious,

connected and very mobile.

They move their victims around
Southern California every month or so

to prevent the women from getting
close to anyone who might help them.

Witnesses say
our missing shooter

had two more victims with him.

And the only working
security camera didn't get

a good look at their faces
or the plates on the SUV.

They'll look to move those
girls within the next 48 hours.

This trafficking ring
works fast.

Then we got to work faster.


Detective Lynch oversees a Human
Trafficking Task Force for the mayor,

so she's gonna be
working with us

to help locate
the missing girls.

Okay, we got
one missing shooter,

two possible victims
in the wind.

Odds are
the trafficking victims

will be transported
within 48 hours,

assuming the traffickers
don't kill them instead.

We need to find out how this
ring operates and who runs it, fast.

The victim's name
is Shannon Gamble.

Currently in our custody.

The dead male suspect
is Paul Temple.

The other male suspect
is Gabriel Cardenas.

He's in surgery. He's an
interstate trucker from Nevada.

Misdemeanors for disorderly
conduct and drug possession,

but no known ties to
Paul Temple or the ring.

He's probably the john.

Truckers are on the road
300 days a year.

Many get lonely enough
to pay for affection.

Anything else on Shannon?

Nineteen years old.

She's originally from Reno.
Rough upbringing.

Spent some time in juvie,
couple arrests for misdemeanors.

It looks like she cycled
through the foster system,

then in and out of rehabs
around the state

till she fell off the grid
two years ago.

With that background,
she'd be a perfect target for...

Romeo Pimps. Yeah.

HICKS: If Shannon can
tell us who recruited her,

it could help bring this ring into
focus, lead us to find more victims.

That may not be easy.

Sex trafficking victims
often fear the cops

and stay loyal
to their captors.

Very loyal.

I still remember the questioning
techniques we used in Vice.

Maybe I can help you
get Shannon to open up.

All right, make it happen.

Meantime, Deacon and Chris
are gonna talk to Gabriel

once he gets out of surgery.

Hey. When were
you gonna tell me?

Tell you what?

That you went to see my mom
about the liver donation.

I just warned her not to
mess up your life again.

I guess it didn't work.

You shouldn't have done that.
It's not your business.

It's a major surgery.

It can have its

Infections, blood clots,

I'm aware.
What's your point?

It can put your career at
risk, maybe even your life.

She's just manipulating you
into getting her way, like always.

I know what she's doing,
but it's my choice to make,

not yours.
I need you to respect that.


Shannon. My name's
Lieutenant Piper Lynch.

And this is
Officer Victor Tan.

Am I under arrest?

TAN: No.

We just want to talk,
if that's okay.

These are for you.

I know it's a bit
stuffy in here.

We can walk outside,
if you prefer.

I want to go home.

To Reno?

Was Paul Temple
the person

who brought you down here
from there?

LYNCH: We believe that Paul
was part of a trafficking operation,

and that you were
one of his victims.


Did he recruit you?

No. Paul's a friend.

Not many friends
force you to have sex

with strangers
against your will.

TAN: Paul's dead, Shannon.

I normally wouldn't be
this blunt,

but we don't want
the other two girls

to end up like him.
We could use your help.

The-the other girls...

They're-they're going
to get hurt now

because I ran away.

It's all my fault.

Can you tell us anything
about where they might be?

How we can find them?

We moved around a lot.

I-I didn't even know
where I was

until I saw "L.A.P.D."
on your uniforms.

What about the men
who worked with Paul?

I-I don't know much.


There's this guy
named "JC."

Was he the one
who recruited you?

What else can you
tell us about him?

DEACON: Gabriel Cardenas?

I'm Sergeant Kay, this is
Officer Alonso. L.A.P.D. S.W.A.T.

How is the girl?

Physically, at least.


It wasn't supposed
to go down that way.

How was it supposed
to go down, exactly?

You pay her to
service you,

then you move on
to the next truck stop,

the next girl?

Whoa, I'm-I'm not
the bad guy here.

I was trying to save her.

I'm sorry.
Do you know this girl?

Then how do you know
she needed saving?

You know the signs
to look for.

I'm with
Long Haul Protectors.

I've got the certification
card in my wallet, right there,

if you need proof.
Long Haul Protectors?

Yeah. We're a national group
working to-to stop human trafficking.

There-there are more
of us truckers

on the road
than you cops,

so we do what we can
to help out. By what?

Staging reenactments of the
shootout at the O.K. Corral?

I made a mistake, I know,
but those cabrones,

they came out
guns blazing.

I shot back in self-defense.

CHRIS: Anything else
you can tell us

about the shooter
or the victims? Yeah.

The girls' names.

Before they drove off,
the-the shooters,

they-they called out
for "Rosetta" and "Monica."

All right, thank you.

I was just trying to help.

Just because you want to help
doesn't mean it'll make things better.

Next time, call the cops.

Hey. I heard Shannon gave us
the name of her recruiter.

JC Walker.

Record for possession,
larceny, aggravated assault.

Luca's getting a last known
for the bastard now.

Wait a minute.

You seem awfully fired up.

Shannon's like this girl I
knew in high school... Becca.

She got lured in, trafficked
by a Romeo Pimp, too.

She's a big part of why I jumped
onto Vice when I had the chance.

I'm guessing Becca
wasn't just "some girl."

All right, when Luca
gets that address,

we'll roll out.

I didn't know y'all
were coming through.

Well, the young fella
said it was urgent.

So, uh, apparently,
I'm just the chauffeur.

I, uh... I needed
to drop this off.

What the hell is this?

It's the money you invested
into the auto shop.

Well, some of it.

I got five grand now, and
the rest as soon as I can get it.

Darryl, how the hell did you come
up with five large all of a sudden?

Did Leroy give you this
and send you to me?

He said you'd say that.

You knew about this?

If I knew
he had that kind of cash,

I'd have got him
to spring for gas.

Look, the money's clean,
I promise.

It's everything we earned
from the auto shop so far.

Neither one of us
is taking a paycheck

until we pay you back
the full 25 grand.

You keep that
for the shop.

I don't need it
back right away.

No. I need you
to take it back.

It's a buyout.

Listen, I appreciate
everything you've done.

But my dad's right.

I got to be my own man,
stand on my own two feet.

Just think it over.


Well, you did encourage
the boy to be independent.

Now's not the time, Pop.

Is there any reason that he wouldn't
want you to come by his new business?

Hey. Got an address for our recruiter
in Reseda. Team's gearing up now.

I'll be right there, Luca.

Take it home.
I got to go.

Definitely more
on this later.

STREET: JC Walker.

L.A.P.D. S.W.A.T.




Deacon, Street,
stay on him!

Tan, you're with me!
Let's move!






Nice to see almighty S.W.A.T. can
do some grunt work now and then.

Have we met?

But I know you.

Officer Kay, right?

It's Sergeant Kay.

Oh, yeah.
I heard about you.

You go around taping fellow
officers in your free time,

and then report
on them, right?

Guess you're gonna have to
turn us both in now, too, huh?

How about
conduct unbecoming?

Or neglect of duty...
Officer Mitchell.

Billings, right?

Glad I'm so memorable.

Not in the good way.

Hondo, I got this.

Officer Mitchell,

take that suspect
down to S.W.A.T. HQ.


I guess I'll get started
on the investigation.

Probably a lot of
damage to sort out.

Listen, Deacon...
It's fine.

I never met this
Paul Temple guy in person.

I swear.

What about the girls
he trafficked?


I got a witness who says
you recruited her.



Try the other way around.
She recruited me.

She hit me up on social
media, and we flirted a bit.

She was cute, and I'd just
gotten out of a breakup.

You were a john.

I guess,
but she approached me.

Yeah. That's because
she was forced to.

She seemed eager enough.

Yeah, well, consent's not really
an option for trafficking victims.

hooker wearing different lipstick

is still a hooker.

They're not hookers,
they're hostages.

Girls like Shannon
get abducted

and forced to turn tricks.

And if they don't service
ten guys a day,

their pimps would beat 'em
within an inch of their life.

Does that sound
like "eager" to you?

CHRIS: And just so
you're crystal clear,

solicitation is a misdemeanor,
but trafficking is a felony,

and it comes with a hefty
prison sentence.

TAN: Hey.

This is where you start
talking till we tell you to stop.


Uh, Paul coordinated everything
online, so I never met him.

I paid through Venmo,

and he sent an Uber to bring
me back and forth. Where?

I never got the address,

but I think it's somewhere
in Sun Valley.



Chris and Tan got JC Walker to
cough up a location for the missing girls.


I'll take any progress
right now.

You know, I can handle blowback
from jerks like Mitchell and Billings.

It just sucks.

Everything we did,
nothing came of it.

I know.

Deacon, I've been saying it.
The system needs to change.

But if it's not gonna
change on its own,

then maybe
we need to force it.

How do you mean?

Maybe we got
one last card we can play.

Hey, I did
everything I could.

What more do you
want me to do?

Not you, man.

You've done enough.

Talking about me.

I don't like
the sound of that.

You know
how bureaucracy works,

how slow things move
in the L.A.P.D.

Nothing's gonna change
without outside pressure.

But if Durham's actions
are made public,

maybe we can force
the department's hand.

You talking
about going to the press?


No, no. No way in hell.

You will get it ten times
worse than me out there.

Do you see
any other option?

Yeah. We take a hard look at-at
S.W.A.T.'s recruiting methods.

We revise them
if we have to.

And we spot the next
Durham a mile away.

There shouldn't be
a next Durham, Deacon.

We're just supposed
to let the union

leave these guys
out on the street?

It's not your family that officers
like Durham and his buddies target.

I know.

But what you are talking
about is career suicide.

Hey. I got your message. Why would
Shannon lie about JC being her recruiter?

Some of these girls get
so psychologically scarred,

they'll feed cops fake intel
to cover for their handlers.

Now, the more abusive
the handlers...

Trauma caused by physical
and emotional abuse,

it's-it's... It's hard to explain.
It's like a vicious cycle.

It makes people
do strange things.

And these creeps like JC are why
trafficking exists in the first place.

Supply and demand.

I don't know how you break
that cycle. Yeah, me, neither.

But I'll sleep better if we
can help these girls escape it.

We all will.

LUCA: There are dozens
of social media profiles

affiliated with
Paul Temple's account,

but only six were active
within the last month.

So there's six girls
in this trafficking ring.

And five of them must still
be in the wind, being used.

Rosetta, Monica, Dani,
Julie and Laura.

We arrested JC.

We know he's not the
one who recruited you.


But he won't be able
to use you again.

Lying only makes it harder
for us to help you.

Especially when there are five
other girls who need our help.

Your help.

I knew a girl
in high school.

Her name was
Becca Matonik.

She was
my first big crush.

And she had everything
going for her.

And a few weeks
after I-I got up the courage

to ask her out,
she disappeared.

We found out later she'd
been abducted and trafficked.

Her friends and family never
saw her again until it was...

It was pretty bad.

I don't want Becca's story
to be your story, Shannon.


I hated when
JC came around.

He was cruel

and very rough.

Sorry for lying.

Can you tell us about where
you and the other girls were kept?

It was at Barry's place.

Barry was the other shooter at
the truck stop? They ran the ring?

Paul, Barry and,
uh, one other guy.

I-I never heard his name,
but he had a real bad temper.

There was this
old rusty birdhouse

outside my window
at that place.

When things got bad,

I always looked out
the window at the birds.

But they weren't there.

What do you mean?

That thing outside wasn't a real
birdhouse, so there weren't any birds.

But pretending there were
helped me.

Anything was better than being
in that room. TAN: This birdhouse.

What did it
look like, exactly?

The birdhouse Shannon
saw outside her window

is actually a decommissioned
Cold War siren.

This map shows
all of them in L.A.

Maybe we can use it
to find the location

where the girls
are being kept.

That's gonna be tough.

From the looks of it, there's more of
these sirens than Starbucks in town.

JC said the Uber took him
somewhere in Sun Valley.

Two of those sirens are in the
Sun Valley manufacturing corridor.

That's all warehouses
and factories.

Third one's
in a residential area.

Pull up the images
on that block.

There's your birdhouse.

HICKS: Only two
of these houses

have a clear view
of that siren.

Pull up the
property records.

DEACON: The first house
is owned by D'Andra Dee.

Second one, Barry Gonya.

TAN: Barry was the name of
one of Shannon's traffickers.

That's got to
be the brothel.

You think she's telling
the truth this time?

Well, let's get a warrant
and find out.

30-David in position.

Chris, what do you see?

CHRIS: It looks quiet.
I can't see inside.

I clock security cameras
at the one,

two and four sides.

STREET: More cameras on the
three side. No easy point of entry.

Eyes on every side.

Makes it easy to keep
unwanted people out.

Yeah, and keep the victims in.


I got an SUV approaching,

DEACON: Hold your positions.

I've got eyes on Barry
Gonya and two females.

It's Rosetta and Monica,

the two girls
from the truck stop.

Prepare to execute
the search warrant.

Let's move.

Chris, you're with me
on the three side.

The rest of you, on Tan.

TAN: L.A.P.D.!

Do not move!
Hands where we can see 'em!

Get on the ground! Hands
behind your back! Do it now!



Don't move.

It'll be okay.

Two, two, two.

Stop! L.A.P.D.!


Dani, anyone else inside?

All right,
back in the room. Go.

Suspect is barricaded

in the upstairs bedroom
on the three-four corner.

Suspect out the window.

On your knees!

Hands behind your head!

TAN: All clear.

We got Rosetta,
Monica and Dani.

But no sign of Laura,
Julie or the third trafficker.

Nobody from the brothel
we raided is talking.

I hope you got
good news, Luca.

We're still combing
through security footage,

but I think we got a look
at our third trafficker.

This is from yesterday.

Some guy arguing
with Barry Gonya.

Any luck with the ID?

I might have one.

Vice looked into the ring's
financial records.

The Venmo account
JC paid into

had a second email
associated with it,

an email linked
to an old PayPal account

belonging to
an Edgar McQuillan.

LUCA: Okay, that's our guy.

McQuillan's a former
long-haul trucker with priors

for sexual assault
and armed robbery.

Also suspected in the murder of
two 20-year-old women in Barstow.

Those victims were
believed to be part

of a different trafficking
ring up in San Jose.

Yeah, I bet he skipped town, killed
those victims to cover his tracks,

then started up
brand-new in L.A.

If Edgar knows
we're onto him,

Laura and Julie
may not have long.

He's gonna look to
move them or worse.

Any idea of their
current location?

All right.
This footage is from today.

Edgar left with
Laura and Julie

thirty minutes
before S.W.A.T. showed up.

Great. We've got an armed
suspect with a history of violence,

two hostages and only 5,000
square miles of ground to cover.

Yeah, assuming that
he stayed in L.A. County.

I'll get a BOLO out on him.
DEACON: All right.

I'll put a special
BOLO out of my own

via our friends at
Long Haul Protectors.

We got as many eyes out
there as possible, Deac.

Including a couple thousand
Long Haul Protectors.

If someone spots them,
we'll know right away. Good.


Sometimes you got to think outside
of the box to move things along.


You're not gonna
let this go, are you?

Do you regret it?

Recording Durham and the
others with what came after?

It was the
right thing to do.

But besides shattering my
reputation among the rank and file,

it amounted to
absolutely nothing.

Hondo, my gut is telling me the
consequences for what you're considering

are gonna be much worse.

As a friend, don't do it.


Trucker spotted Edgar and his
two girls at the Fontana truck stop.


Mr. Big Gulp looks lonely.

Why don't you
go say hi, Julie.

Go say hi or you'll be sleeping
in a ditch outside Barstow.

Uh, I'm-I'm looking
for a ride?



Get in. Now.




I got eyes on the suspect
and one victim.


He's heading eastbound.

Damn it! We're cut off!

OFFICER: One-Adam-11.
Got the suspect pinned in.

He's turning back your way.


HONDO: This is 20-David!

Suspect entered the building.

In foot pursuit. Chris,
Street, clear the vehicle.

CHRIS: 24-David.
One hostage secure.

You're gonna be okay,

Get in. You'll be
safe in the cab.


He shot me. Took my truck
and the girl inside.


Get to Betty.

This is 20-David.

Suspect has a hostage and is
heading eastbound on Sawyer Parkway

in a white semitruck.



HONDO: We are in pursuit
of the suspect.

Vehicle is a white semitruck
with a tanker trailer.

License plate, Queen,
Adam-zero, two-three-seven.


That tanker's
leaking gasoline.

Must've split it open
when he hit that patrol car.

If that thing ignites, the whole truck's
going up, along with the hostage.

Be advised,

the tanker is leaking gas.

We have to disable the
engine, stop him ASAP.


Tan, get us in front of it.
Let's force him to stop.



I can't get a window.

STREET: I'm on it.

CHRIS: Less than
two blocks to the on-ramp.

Don't let him get
to the freeway!

All right, here comes
your window, Tan.


I'll see if I can draw
him to the right.



I got him off-balance.


HONDO: This is 20-David. That
thing's gonna blow. Get everybody back!

We got to get Julie out,
fast. Let's move.

Edgar McQuillan!
Show me your hands!

You come
one step clo... (GROANS)

Hands! Let me
see your hands!

Come on, Julie!
Let's go.

HONDO: Get out!

Get to the Gurkha, now!

Fall back!
Take cover!

[♪♪ ♪♪]

Get in!

20-David. Everyone good?

DEACON: 30-David. We're good.

You guys all right?


20-David to Command.

Code 4.

[♪♪ ♪♪]

We just busted a major
trafficking ring.

Would a smile kill you?

After I joined Vice, I looked
into my old crush, Becca.

I found out she escaped
her traffickers,

but years of abuse
took a toll.

Drugs, theft.

Not everyone
escapes intact.

LYNCH: I'd give Shannon
better odds than most.

You gave those girls a
chance at recovery, at freedom.

Be proud of that.

[♪♪ ♪♪]



Whoever you are,
we're closed.

You should keep that
side door locked, Leroy.


You the only one coming
in without knocking.

Ain't nobody else around
here trying to test me.

So we just gonna stand here or
you got something you want to say?

You've been planning this
since you got out of prison.

I know you've
been pulling the strings,

using Darryl
to get back at me.

Now, where the hell did
this money really come from?

Won it on some scratchers.
Couldn't believe my luck.

Don't pull
that crap on me.

This is Darryl's life, man!

His future
that you're screwing with.

Well, I'm sorry that
my fatherhood skills

ain't up to the
Daniel Harrelson standard!

It's a high bar to clear.

You keep my pop's name
out your mouth.

Oh, you don't want
this static.

I'm the one who taught you
how to fight, remember?

That was a long,
long time ago.

Not that long.

Yo, how 'bout
you man up

and just say what you
really want to say?

At least show me
that respect.

Respect is earned,
Leroy, not given.


So I'm just some
monster to you now?


Man, when we were kids, there was
nothing we wouldn't do for each other.

girls, beefs...

We held each other down
through thick and thin.

And now you can barely look
me in the eye, let alone trust me.

You want me to trust you,
answer my question.

Where did this five grand
come from?

Gave up my apartment so we could
put some more money into the shop,

more money into
Darryl's future.

I didn't know.

I'm trying to be there
for Darryl,

to stay straight.

And what kills me, man,

is that you were
the one person I knew,

I was sure would have
my back while I did it.

Maybe I judged
too quickly.

It ain't the first time.

All right, look,
Leroy, I get it.

For the record...

I respect
what you're doing,

the sacrifice
you're making.

Well, when you really believe
in something, in someone,

it ain't a sacrifice.

You really think,
if I step back,

it'll help this business?

I don't know, man.

But I know you won't be
driving away customers.

And it'll help Darryl.

Give him space to stand
on his own feet,

feel confident that you...

That you trust him
to make good decisions.


[♪♪ ♪♪]

Street, wait up. Please.

You and your mom,
it's not my business,

and I-I should've stayed
out of it. I'm sorry.

I may never understand how
someone that crazy created you,

but I trust you
more than anyone

and that has to be enough.

The test results came back.

I'm a donor match.

I'm gonna do it.

Are you insane?

That sounds like
the opposite of an apology.

Screw the apology.

I mean, how can you do this after
all the crap she's put you through?

Chris, you got to
let this go.

This is not
your problem.

It is my problem.

You're my problem.

Wh-What does that mean?

Remember when you told me

that, if you lost me, you'd
never recover because of...

Because of how you felt?

I can't lose you either.


Ah, Kings-Sharks tonight!

You guys down to watch?
Pizza's on me.

Uh, rain check,
buddy. Long day.

Yeah, me, too.

Thanks, though.
All right.

Your loss.


[♪♪ ♪♪]




Hey, Pop.

You seen Darryl?
Already asleep.

Look, I hope you ain't fixin'
to go at that boy again.

Youngblood had a point.

You spend
almost as much time

at that shop as he does,

I'm a cop, and,
in that neighborhood,

it ain't good for business
right now. Yeah, I know.

Then why you
so stuck on it, then?

A lot of it was because
I was worried about Leroy.

I was wrong there.

But that ain't all of it.

Sometimes I feel like I'm
losing control of my life.

When I walk through
that shop and see the way

people look at me
for wearing a badge...

Just feels like I'm
fighting a losing battle.

(SCOFFS) And now
more than ever.

My own union decided to
defend some racist cops.

And what?

You surprised about that?

While back, you asked me
what change I've seen.

You're right, Pop.

Not enough.

Not enough.

[♪♪ ♪♪]


There's gonna be an article in the
L.A. Times coming out tomorrow.

It'll expose Durham
and his cop buddies

for their racist views and the department's
failure to take appropriate action.

They'll be printing
my name as the source.

You should've
come to me first.

You would have told me no.

Damn right I would've.

Sir, I'm just
giving you a heads-up,

because I know L.A.P.D.'s
gonna take a big hit.

What about you?

What about you?

Mayor's gonna have
your head for this.

I know.

Well, let's see if the union defends
me as well as my racist brothers in blue.

[♪♪ ♪♪]