S.W.A.T. (2017–…): Season 4, Episode 15 - Local Heroes - full transcript

The team tries to track down a media-savvy crew of bank robbers who consider themselves a band of modern-day Robin Hoods, funneling stolen cash back into their struggling neighborhood, before the mission turns deadly. Also, Hondo ...

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Previously On SWAT...
You know Lee Durham?

The new kid that
just joined 60-Squad?

He gave me this book.

It promotes surveilling
citizens with no criminal ties.

When he gave me the book, he used
the words "walk with dignity."

I remembered that list of
white nationalist code phrases.

Yeah, how'd it go? "I aim to
walk the path with dignity."

"Pure of body and spirit."

He worked patrol
in Granada Hills.

Black residents make up
5% of that population.

30% of Durham's
arrests. Targeting?

When Durham said those words
to you, it might've been

an attempt to feel you out.
You can use it the same way.

Deacon, nice to see you, man.
Gibson and Ellis.

Man, I haven't seen
you clowns in ages.

Here's to walking the
path with dignity.

Pure of body and spirit.

Told you guys.

Keep punching.

You were right about
Durham and the code phrase.

What happened? Well, last night,

he had a little
backyard get-together.

I went.

He made a toast using the
first half of the phrase.

"Walk with dignity."

When I responded with the
second half, he lit up.

It's like he was pleased
I was one of them.

He wasn't the only cop there.

I saw two other guys I know from
my patrol days, Gibson and Ellis.

You tell Hicks yet?


Still trying to
make sense of this.

Make sense of what, man?

If these guys are walking
around with a badge and a gun,

using racist beliefs
to do their job,

they don't belong on
the force, period.

Maybe they were just
blowing off steam.

Maybe it was the beers talking.

Or maybe you're just making
excuses for them now.

Do you know how many
squared away cops

I have heard say questionable
things and not mean it?

No, Deacon.

I can't imagine.

Because when I walk up to those
same cops, they go silent.

That stuff doesn't fly anymore.

So, what do you suggest I do?

Go to Internal Affairs,
get these guys fired

over backyard beer talk?

You can't just do nothing.

I'm not doing nothing.

I'm telling you.

Good morning, Venice!

This is
exactly what you think it is.

Follow our instructions and
we'll be gone before you know it.

All loose cash goes in the bag.

Don't panic. Don't worry

if you miss a few bills.

We're not greedy.

Relax, we're on the same side.

The bank's the only
one getting hurt today.

Speaking of, where
is the manager?

Come out before I shoot
this poor guard's head off.

Hey, hey. Okay, okay,
okay. I'm right here.

You bank big shots
are all the same.

Cowards who care more
about money than people.

On your knees. No, come on, man.

All units,
211 in progress.

Silent alarm activated
at Windward and Pacific.

This is 25-David off-duty.

I'm two blocks away. Responding.

Why are you crying?

It's not even your
money, it's theirs.

You just make the rules about
how much of it they can have.

They are the real hostages.

Now you get to see how it feels.

Your life is in my hands now.

Doesn't feel good, does it?

Let's go!

We will deliver this
back to working people!

LAPD! Drop your weapons!

Robbery's one thing,
murder's another. Let's talk.

I will save the real
victims of this city.

Ma'am, you all right?

I think so.


Drop the weapon!
Hey, hey, I'm a cop.

I'm a cop! Now, or we shoot!

I'm off-duty SWAT. My badge
is clipped to my pants.

Don't move! There was a
robbery. The van's getting away!

Mix-up really that entertaining?

Well, yes. But I think these
guys are the real draw.

We will deliver this
back to working people!

End crony capitalism, or
we will end it for you!

A crew with a cause?

That guy I faced off with thinks
he's a robber for the people.

You believe him,
or this all show?

Don't know yet.

I let your bank
robbers get away.

Don't beat yourself
up. You did more than you think.

One of the crew dropped
his gun during your chase.

Ballistics is processing it now.

How long has Robbery-Homicide
been after these guys?

About a month.

This is their fourth robbery.

Same team of three every time.

They roll in, knock around the
bank manager, take what they can.

Total take's over 200 grand.

Yeah, but why beat
on the manager?

It's not like it gets
them a bigger score.

The spectacle's part
of their pattern, too.

These guys aren't camera shy.

This is from their last robbery.

This money's for
you, Los Angeles!

Who keeps filming them?
It doesn't look like

it was just caught on
some bystander's phone.

Nah, you see that
watermark in the corner?

That's a way for stringers

or independent cameramen
to mark their material

when they sell it to the news.

My brother Terry chases
this kind of stuff.

Flame's on both videos, they're
shot by the same person.

I already called the TV station.

They won't say who
gave them the footage.

You know what, Terry might know.

Stringers all swim

in the same circles.

Looks like we caught a
break. Ballistics got a hit

on the dropped gun.
Registered to a Scott Zarba.

The gun from today also
matches a slug pulled

from the wall of the
Jericho Pharmacy last year.

That was an RHD case
we never solved.

Retired cop was unlucky
enough to be there

when the place was robbed. Pulled his
personal weapon, ended up paralyzed.

The guy I chased was masked,
but the description of Zarba,

that sounds like the
robber I squared off with.

Burrows, let me tag
along to pick him up.

I might be able to I.D. him.


Got a second?

What's up?

You're closing the door.

That's never a good sign.

Sir, you told me a ways back

that the brass was committed to improving
how it handles racial violations.

Have you seen something
you need to report?

I'm not saying that I did.

But let's say I know an officer
with firsthand knowledge

about a group of
active, racist cops.

Now this officer may
not want to come forward

because he knows the case
wouldn't get anywhere.

But I want to know what the department
will do to guarantee that it does?

Well, um...

I'm supposed to tell you

this officer needs to
report these racist cops

to I.A. immediately.

We'll stick 'em on
administrative duty,

investigate the claims,
and if they're guilty,

we'll fire their asses.

But we both know it never
actually works like that.

Tell me something I don't know.

I wish I could.

But burden of proof is still
the same to make a charge stick.

Cops will always stick
up for their teammates.

And union lawyers,

they will fight tooth and nail
to keep their clients' badges.

So, after
all that talk,

system's still not set up for
good people to come forward.

What do you want me to say?

It comes down to hard evidence.

Yeah, I know.


So are you gonna tell me who
I need to be worried about?

It's not my place, sir.

But maybe Durham could be
next up on Armory rotation.

Scott Zarba? LAPD.

What do you want?

How about you come out and show
us your hands for starters?

Where were you this morning?

Here, working on my ride.

Then why'd we find your gun
at a bank that was robbed?

40 caliber Sig.

Purchased four years
ago. Ring a bell?

You got the wrong guy.

I lost that piece a while ago.

Was that before or after you
robbed the Jericho Pharmacy

and shot an off-duty cop?

Okay, okay!

I threw that gun away.

Tossed it in a dumpster.

But I didn't rob any bank.

Been here all morning.

Ask the neighbors.

He's not the guy I
chased this morning.

Still got him on
the pharmacy job.

On your stomach. Hands behind
your back.

Dom and Street, come on in.

Been waiting for you.

Welcome to my little
slice of paradise.

It's been a minute
since we caught up.

Is it all good here?

Yeah. Band upstairs
finally moved out.

The Thai place across the
street knows my order by heart.

Finally pulled the trigger on
a home entertainment system.

So, yeah, life is good,
my friend. Listen.

We need your help with a case. We're
looking for a stringer who shot some footage

of a bank robbery.

I would probably help you
out. I got out of the game

a couple months ago,
though. You quit?

Yeah. But you shoot great
stories. What happened?


The competition is
younger, faster, cheaper.

Just couldn't keep up.


Don't worry about me, Dom.

I still catch the
2:00 a.m. special

at Mel's every night
with the old crew.

Probably be nocturnal
for the rest of my life.

You might still be
able to help us then.

You know who shoots
with this logo?

Mm. Her name's Lindsey David.

She puts a fire
logo on her things

'cause she thinks
she's hot stuff.

I'll see
what we have on her.

Thanks, man. Yeah, brother.

So, how much all
this set you back?

Oh, I got more than I expected
when I sold off some of my gear.

I have some free time on my hands,
so why not live a little, right?

This doesn't sound like
much of a long-term plan.

Don't stress, bro. Something
else will come along.

And how long's that gonna
take? As long as it takes.

Because the right wave comes.

when it comes.

Hey, Deacon.

What's up?

I want to show you something.

I looked into those other
cops that you mentioned

from Durham's little
backyard luau.

Gibson has a list of excessive
force complaints longer than my arm.

Ellis switched departments twice

for undisclosed reasons.

Both their arrest records

are as racially
skewed as Durham's.

Why are you showing me this?

Because this isn't just a few guys
making jokes at a barbecue, man.

This is a group of cops whose
screwed-up views on race

have directly affected
their actions on the job.

So what are we
gonna do about it?

I already did something,

I went to my team leader.

What more do you expect from me?


Are you really okay with what
you heard? No, of course not.

But I'm not going to I.A. with
just my word against theirs.

That's not enough.

Those charges would never stick.

That's why we need
hard evidence.

Evidence that Durham
and his pals can't deny.

You want me to record them?

Well, I highly doubt that I'm gonna
be invited to the next barbecue.

Cops don't turn on other cops.

But it's okay for them
to turn on Black people?

Other minorities?

Deac, I am trying to make a
difference in this department.

In this city.

I can't do this by myself.

Well, I can't do that.

I don't want these guys
protected either, but...

I can't do that.


You shoot this, Lindsey?

It's very good work. Right?

Made a pretty penny selling it.

Yeah, I really love how
close you get to the action.

That angle on the
door as they roll out?

Talk about perfect timing.

Almost seems like you knew
the robbery was gonna happen

before it happened.

You get there early,

you set up across the street.

These bank robbers
buddies of yours?

I got a text from an unknown
number with a time and a place.

I'm a stringer, I chase tips.

Look, we just want to stop these
guys before someone gets killed.

Just let us see your phone and
help us figure out who they are.

I don't have to do that.

You can't compel me
to give up a source.

You knew a bank robbery
was gonna happen,

and instead of warning
someone, you filmed it.

So if you want us
to come after you...

How? I'm a news-gathering

I have rights.

You're not getting
a hold of my phone.

Hicks says you found something big on
this robbery crew. What do you got?

Zarba may not be
one of our robbers,

but his gun was used by them.

Took some digging, but Deac and
I looked at security footage

within a mile radius of Zarba's pharmacy
robbery from a year ago, found this.

That's Zarba
dumping his gun,

and that's about
30 minutes later.

That's Jon Hardy, a
dishwasher at the restaurant.

He was laid off a few weeks
later due to cutbacks.

Well, he's got no record.

Says he lives in The
Jungle, has his whole life.

The Jungle?

Hardy's neighborhood used to
be a gang hot spot in the '90s.

Cops called it The Jungle
because it's small,

dense and dangerous.

But the locals call it The
Jungle because of the trees.

Name dates back to
when it was built.

Jungle may have had its rough
days in the past, but it's mostly

working-class families
now, just trying to get by.

In their videos, the crew promised to deliver
the bank's money back to working people.

Maybe The Jungle's where
they were talking about.

Let's call the team.

All right, listen, Hardy
lives on the second floor.

Deac and Street, take point.
Chris, cover the stairs.

Tan and I will
take the courtyard.

What's going on? Sir, I
need you to go back inside.

Has this got something to
do with the bank robberies?

Why? You know something? Nah.

It's time to move, now.

Do not engage with the
residents. We're here for Hardy.


Get out of
here. WOMAN: Hell no!

You have no business here!

Those are good
boys you're after!

How do you know who
we're looking for?

I'm not saying anything to you.


We got eyes on Hardy.

Someone just let
Hardy into their unit!

Complex knows we're
here for Hardy.

Tan! Don't fire, don't fire.

Is that gunfire?
That's a negative, Street.

It's just the neighborhood,
they're covering for Hardy.

Don't lose him.

Hardy's not in here.
There's a window to the back alley.

Pursue on foot. Tan and I
will cut Hardy off in the A.V.

Move, Tan, move.

Get out of the way! Move!

Don't escalate.
Hold up, hold up.

Look around, man.

There's nothing
but trees back here.

I've got no sign of Hardy.

He's gone, Hondo.

Whole block helped
Hardy escape yesterday.

As far as I'm concerned,
that makes them accomplices.

What do you want to do, arrest
the entire neighborhood?

Just because they
knew what was going on

doesn't mean they were
involved in the robberies.

If they're taking money they know
was stolen? Might as well be.

This ain't a block
full of criminals, Tan.

Things are a lot more
complicated than that.

Ma'am, listen, we're
not here to hassle you.

We just want to find Hardy before he hurts
anyone else worse than he already has.

Those boys haven't hurt anyone
who hasn't had it coming.

Besides, plenty of people
here getting hurt every day

and no one's doing
nothing about it.

Just tell us what's
going on, then.

Rest of the world might
be getting back to normal,

but here, we're still suffering.

Most of us haven't
got our jobs back.

Doesn't matter that we're
trying, system doesn't care.

They're done waiting, so they're
throwing people out of their own homes,

replacing them with
people who can pay.

Hold up. No one can
evict you right now.

The city put a hold in place
last year that's still in effect.

Can't evict you, no,

but they can figure out
other ways to get you out.

They can turn off your
power, your plumbing.

I was only two months behind
when they did it to me.

When I called the police,

they asked if I was sure I
had paid my utility bill.

What's happening
with you isn't right.

Call me if it happens again.

But you're still here. So,
guess you sorted it out somehow?

The neighborhood pitched in.

The greedy bastard who owns
this place... Bosowski,

he's the one trying
to drive us out.

He owns half the
buildings on this block.

That's the real criminal
you should be going after.

You're wasting your time chasing
after good men trying to help here.

These guys are
playing Robin Hood.

They're stealing money to pay
the rent for their neighbors.

Which means I doubt we'll find
anyone else willing to talk here.

Then we follow the money.

If the stolen cash is in
the hands of the landlord,

then he's who we need
to be talking to.

Hey, what's up?

Hey, buddy. I heard things didn't go
so well for you guys with Lindsey.

She's been running her
mouth in our circles

saying that she
stood up to SWAT.

You really called
to tell me that?

No, I called you because
I'm staring right at her.

I didn't like hearing
your name in her mouth,

so I went by a few of her
old haunts, trying to see if

I could see anything
suspicious. Found her instead.

Terry, don't get
involved in this.

I'm serious, man. You sure?

I mean, she kind of digs me.

Now is the wrong time
to try playing cop.

I get you got nothing
going on in your life,

but please, don't
make mine harder.

Go home now.

All right, enough, tough guy.

I was just trying
to help you out.

Talk to you later, Dom.

Terry's trying to tail
Lindsey on the down-low.

Down-low? Your brother's the size of a
mountain. There is no down-low with him.

If he wanted to keep chasing
folks, he shouldn't have quit

being a stringer
for no good reason.

Well, he said that he
quit 'cause he couldn't

keep up anymore. You
don't believe him?

Terry's never stuck
with a job in his life.

Okay? He does what he loves
till he doesn't anymore.

Then it's on to the next
thing, like a new toy.

Lot of people are
like that. Yeah, well,

I don't have to look out
for a lot of other people.

Who do you think's gonna cover the
rent when he's in between paychecks?

I'm the one who keeps him
from hitting rock bottom.

I wouldn't even mind
doing it so much

if he took things
more seriously.

But right now he's jobless,
he's living off leftovers,

and instead of figuring
out his next steps,

he's running around playing P.I.

Feels like he knows I'm always gonna
be there to catch him when he falls,

so he just keeps jumping.

Talk to them up
there. All right?

Ah, it's gonna be a beauty.

Either of you
looking for a place?

Mr. Bosowski, we believe
tenants in your buildings

have been robbing banks
and using the stolen money

to pay off rents in
their neighborhood.

Recognize this guy?
Lives in The Jungle.

He's working with two
others we need to find.

Look, a lot of people,
especially in that area,

do all kinds of
things to make rent.

It's not my responsibility.

Well, if we can get a
look at your books...

Not without
a warrant. Sorry.

I got a business to protect.

Even if you have to shut off
some lady's power, right?

Long as you get your
money in the end?

You know, when the
city froze evictions,

they gave a green light
for every cheat in the city

to just stop paying rent.

A lot of those people can't control
what's happening with their jobs.

I have bills to pay, too. I
can't just stop paying them.

You know what? I do
recognize that guy.

Yeah, he came to an eviction
protest last spring.

Two of his buddies chained
themselves to my building.

One of them spit on me, so I
took a picture for my lawyers.

See what I'm dealing with?

I saw that guy in
The Jungle yesterday.

Maybe just found our crew.

We got to get out
of town, lay low.


Yo, you saw how the block
rallied around us yesterday.

We're heroes. I want to
hit another bank today.

We still got a little cash left
from the last time we can give out.

I had three more families
reach out to me this morning.

We swore we would
try to save everyone.

We've done a lot of good.

We've helped a lot of people.

But I'm quitting now,

while we're still ahead.

You can't quit.

The job takes three. Right.

One on the cash, one
on the customers,

while, uh, you beat the hell
out of the manager for fun?

The message is as
important as the cause.


Or maybe you just
like hurting people.

Or being on TV.

Fine. Go.

We can do it ourselves.

I'll have to watch
the customers, so

maybe I'll shoot the
bank manager in the head.

Could shoot the tellers, too.

Much more efficient. Hmm?


We do it the way we always do.

The three of us.

Hey, Sarge, wait up.

Hey, Lee, how's it going?

I'm bored out of my mind.
Hicks got me on Armory duty

all week, and it's
not even my turn.

Rocker says it's
"haze the new guy,"

but Malhotra's new, too,
and he's in the field, so

maybe it's just
"haze the white guy."

We all have to pay our dues.

Yeah, right. Well,
almost all of us.

Hey, the guys and I
are gonna grab a drink

after the shift tomorrow.
Ah, you know what, I can't.

Oh, come on, man, they want to
hear some real SWAT war stories.

I've been on a leash
ever since I joined.

We're still working that
robbery crew, so, uh...

But you know what,
I'll-I'll think about it.

Sounds good. Hey.

Don't get too caught up doing
Harrelson's job for him.

Using this photo from an
eviction protest a year ago,

we were able to I.D.
the rest of our crew.

We already knew Hardy.

No record, using a gun
he found by chance.

Not the hardened criminal
type. What about these two?

Aaron Landolt
falls in the same boat.

Still lives in the same
apartment where he grew up.

Bounces between minimum-wage
work to pitch with the rent.

No record either. Ben
Bartis, on the other hand,

he's been brought in for trespassing,
vandalism and disturbing the peace.

All charges you might
get for expressing

your First Amendment
right a little too loudly.

Hardy and Landolt lost
their jobs last year.

We think Bartis recruited them

when their landlords began looking
for creative ways to evict people.

Screwed-up solution to
a screwed-up problem.

If it were just about the money,

Bartis wouldn't need to
assault a bank employee

or tip off a camera crew;
It's about something more.

When I saw him at the bank,

I didn't see empathy in
his eyes, only anger.

Hey, I just got a
call from Terry.

He's been following that
stringer Lindsey all day.

Lindsey just set up her camera
outside a bank in Brentwood.

This institution is a sickness!

You should be
ashamed of yourself.

We're good!

Time's up. We gotta go.

You're the sick one!

Let's go!

LAPD. Drop your weapon!
Weapons on the ground!

Come on, let's go. Let's go!

the hell was that?

We had to get away.

We shot at cops.

I'm done.

He's right, man. This is crazy.

They went that way.

Street and I will stay
with them, check the bank.

30-David. We got
an officer down.

Need an R/A to our location.

Street, grab the med kit.

Chris, Tan, with me.

Hey, she knew about the
robbery. Grab her up.

Hey, turn that off now.

Chris, go.


Hardy and Landolt.

Had to have been
Bartis who did this.

Kill his
own partners? Why?

Maybe his mission
wasn't their mission.

If Bartis didn't hesitate to
shoot his own crew in the back...

What else is he willing to do?

Just heard from Rocker.
50-Squad searched.

Bartis's apartment,
no sign of him.

I doubt he's coming back. Said the
place was bare, no personal effects.

He really never spent a cent
of that stolen cash on himself.

RHD's scouring all
known associates.

He can't hide forever. No,
Bartis won't be hiding.

The situation in The Jungle hasn't changed,
and that's what it's always been about.

So many people have
wronged that neighborhood

over the years, he could
be going after anyone.

All the more reason to find him
before someone else gets hurt.

I don't know what gets me more,

that The Jungle turned
to Bartis instead of us,

or that we let 'em down
in the first place.

Building trust in the police is
never easy, especially in L.A.

We're gonna find him, Tan.

Durham said he's on Armory duty.

You told Hicks, didn't you?
I didn't use your name.

Hey. Hey.

You all right?


No. It's uh...

It's been a hell of a few days.

Talk to me.

You always find
time for my drama,

now it's my turn to listen.

Have a seat.


Yes, ma'am.

One of my guys

he uncovered a group of
racist cops in the department.


So we had some words on how
we were gonna deal with them.

Long story short,

he'd rather sit this fight out.

Damn. I mean, you'd
think after years of

working side by side with
you, he'd see the struggle.

The cop in me gets it.

He'd be putting his
entire career on the line,

and if other cops found out

there's no coming
back from that.

And that's just how
the PD is, everywhere.

But there's another part of me that's just so
angry at myself for not pushing him harder.

He's a good man.

I mean, hell, he's,
he's a great man.

I just don't understand
the compromise here.

He's had his own experience,

probably very
different from yours.

I've been working
so hard to do good.

I tell the people
in this community

the police can do better,
that we will do better.

But if I can't get a good
cop like him on board,

how is it ever gonna work?

It's gonna work because it's
the right thing to do, period.

It's not your job to convince your
friend of what your struggle is.

You're not his tutor
on racism.

You know, your guy really is a lucky
man to have you to keep him in check.


I need to tell you something.

We ended things.

Last month, actually.

Why didn't you say anything?

These talks, I didn't
want them to stop.

I didn't want to mess that up.


this has been one of the
roughest years of my life.

You've been there for me.

The last thing that I would
want to do is mess that up.

You need to take the
burden off yourself, Hondo.

Your friend, if he
is truly a good man,

he'll find his way.

So you got a call from that woman
you gave your car to yesterday?

She was crying. I could
barely understand her.

I think her landlord is
pulling another fast one.

They're throwing
us out. All of us.

Bosowski is saying
because she paid rent

with stolen bank
money, it's a felony.

The city's eviction ban
doesn't protect her anymore.

He can legally evict anyone

who took cash from
the robberies.

I mean, that's practically
the, the entire block.

You think Bartis
knows about this?

Loretta, have you seen Ben
Bartis since yesterday?

Is it true what they're saying
he did to Jon and Aaron?

Yeah, it is.

He was here this morning.

When he saw the notices,
he started yelling.

Said this had all
been for nothing.

Bartis was trying to
help these people,

now they're all gonna be
evicted because of him.

There's nothing
holding him back.

He's going after Bosowski.

Gunfire from the trailer.

Bartis is on the move! Deac
and Street, check the trailer.

Tan, Chris, you're
with me. We got Bartis.


Chris, count the floors. Move.


Fourth floor.

Tan, go right, I got left.

Bartis, stop!

No way out of this, Bartis!

Your neighborhood's still gonna
grieve if you end up in a body bag!

I already fixed everything!

What do you mean you
fixed everything?

30-David. We
found Bosowski inside.

Shot in the chest.

We couldn't save him.

Congratulations. You
solved absolutely nothing.

And I'm just
thinking, "Why are you crying?

Your son was a thug."

It was a double homicide.
Those animals killed each other.

There's no civility down there.

Look, I can't
wait for my first raid.

Every bullet is
justified, if you ask me.

Hey. How was your night?

Was that Lee's voice?

Yeah, um, him and
some of his friends.

That's who I was with tonight.

Why were you recording them?

It's complicated.

Actually, no. It's not.

They're racists, Annie.

They crack jokes, brag about breaking
the rules, targeting minorities.

And, uh, tonight, they,

they invited me to join.

What does this kid see in me?

I mean, he could've... He
could've asked anybody.

Lee sees you as a SWAT leader,

a mentor, fellow father.

No, it's not just that.

We've talked a lot about the job

a-and I've agreed with
some of the things he said.

I still do. Uh, cops are
being unfairly vilified.

The only way that you should
get ahead is your merit.

No, David, thinking that
doesn't make you a racist.


But the stuff on here?

I mean, if you
really believe those things,

there's no way that you can
police in an unbiased way.

Hondo tried to tell me, and I...

I didn't want to believe him.

Yeah, but in the end, you did.

This time.

But, what, 20 years,

I've laughed off
remarks like that?

Is that who Lee saw?

What kind of person
does that make me?

You are not like those men.

Okay, let's say
that that's true.

Maybe that's not enough anymore.

Every bullet is justified,
if you ask me. Bam, bam.

Just freed up a prison cot for someone
who can actually be rehabilitated.

I don't need to hear anymore.

You're gonna need
to watch your back.

And not just for Durham.

All three of the
officers you named

will be removed from
the field immediately.

Are you sure you
want to do this?


But I can't do nothing.

In that case,

I'll need to show
Durham the desk

he'll be watching collect
dust until this is settled.

Thank you, Sergeant.

You two again?

Look, I already
told you everything I saw.

Bartis has been
arrested. It's all over.

Wish I could say that
changes anything around here.

Yeah, we know. That's why we
wanted to ask for a favor.

Do you mind introducing us
to some of your neighbors?

We know the police have
let this neighborhood down

in the past. We
want to change that.

I've done a lot of work
with a nonprofit law firm

that helps communities
in situations like yours.

They might be able to
help. We would love

to talk to as many people
as we can about it.

We wish we could do more, but
we wanted to do something.

Not sure
you'll find many folks

interested in talking
to police today.

But I'll ask. Wait right here.

Thank you, Officers.

Hey. Mm.

You hear to chew me out
for tailing Lindsey?

Nah. We wouldn't have... got
that robbery crew without you.

Was still incredibly stupid,

but when has that ever
stopped you before?

I'm actually pretty impressed.

I mean, look, you
knew where to look,

followed your subject,
kept a low profile.

I see why you were such
a great stringer, man.

Look, dude, I told you,
I'll find a new thing.

I'll figure out a way to pay
the bills. Not a big deal.

You're too old to
keep doing this.

If I have a rough
couple of weeks

or months, I'll handle it.

You just got to let me be, bro.

Just looking out for you. I'm...

It's what a big
brother's supposed to do.

You don't even know what you've
done for me already, do you?

We're Lucas.

Grandpa was O.G. SWAT.

Dad was gonna make sure that one
of us kept that legacy alive.

You were the go-to
kid. The oldest. I...

You took that burden, shouldered
it, went down that track.


I got to grow up just being me.

Thank you for that.

Hey, you remember where Dad
took me on my 21st birthday?

Not a bar for my first beer,

he took me to enroll
in the police academy.

Yeah. But, I mean, it
paid off, though, right?

Look at you. You're rolling
with the best of the best.

Look, I love it. I really do.

But sometimes it feels

like I was cast in this role
without having a choice.

Never thought about
what else I could be.

Maybe that's why
I get on your case

every time you switch careers,

'cause I'm a little jealous.

I never had that choice.

You're a grown-ass man. You
can do whatever you want.

You got nothing to
prove to anybody.

You got a nest egg, right?

You and I, take the food
truck, tour the country.

bellies, solving crime.

I can't

talk to the team
about stuff like this.


That's what brothers are for.

Hey, Kay!

Where do you think
you're going, huh?

An I.A. investigation? Really?

For some words? Is this
some kind of a joke?

Hey. Watch yourself. You're
talking to a commanding officer.

Oh, are you scared
everyone's gonna hear

how you spied on
another officer?

Recorded me without my consent?

Lee, why don't we go outside?

I've got no respect
left for your rank.

You know they pulled me off the
streets and put me on a desk?

What am I supposed
to tell my wife, huh?

Why don't you tell her some
of the things you told me?

I'm not ashamed of anything on that
tape. Those are just truths of the job.

It's the way it is. We
all think those things.

And if you tell me that you
don't, then you're a liar.

If you truly believe that
that's what this job is about,

you never deserved it
in the first place.

My PBA reps are gonna
tear this case to shreds,

and you're gonna be the
only person hurt by it.

Yeah, they'll put me
back on the street.

But you have to watch your
back the rest of your career.

Whatever's left of it.

At least I won't have to worry
about seeing my face on TV

because something I did caused
this city or this country

to tear itself apart again.

Good luck with everything.

Sorry it took me a while to
figure out the right thing to do.

It's all right.

We good?

We're good.