S.W.A.T. (2017–…): Season 4, Episode 1 - 3 Seventeen Year Olds - full transcript

Previously on S.W.A.T....

El Diablo, he's the head
of El Septimos drug cartel.

El Diablo coming here,
risking capture

by U.S. authorities, it's out of character.

LAPD! Drop your gun.

Tell us what you want.
I want you to remember.

When it happens... When what happens?

When the city

goes up in flames,

remember I tried to stop it.

No justice, no peace!

Damn these racist-ass police!

No justice, no peace!

Damn these racist-ass police!

No justice, no peace!

Damn these racist-ass police!

No justice, no peace!

Damn these racist-ass police!

Yo. Sellout pig.

No justice, no peace!

Damn these racist-ass police.

No justice, no peace!

Damn these racist-ass police!
No justice...

Ooh, I got a little

for you, kid.

That smells good.

Waffles and applesauce.
Mama's recipe,

Pop's favorite.

What's wrong with him?

Ms. Hattie wants us

to help host
tomorrow's community party.

She's thrown one every year
since the '92 riots.

I just got Bishop Dwight
from A.M.E. church on board.

He can give remarks
from the community side.

Okay, that's cool.

And I also talked
to Commander Hicks.

He's considering speaking
on behalf of the LAPD.

Folks are always assuming
L.A. can't come together;

it's gonna be nice
to prove them wrong.

And all it took was forRodney
King to get his ass beat.

Rodney King? Who's that?

He's a Black motorist
who got pulled over

by LAPD officers back in '91.

By SWAT? No.

No, we train better
than that, Darryl.

And the police proceeded to
showtheir motto at the time:

"Serve and protect
and break a brother's neck."

And one year later,

when those cops were
found not guilty,

We had six days of rioting,

and 63 people dead
right here in L.A.

And you stay quiet

about the way that
thingswent down that day?

Pops, don't you
want your waffles?

I just lost my appetite.

So, what happened
between y'all two back then?

It's too much to explain,
Darryl, just eat your breakfast.

I knew I smelled waffles.


You ready to roll? I don't want
to keep the coach waiting.

I told him that even though
you may be in high school,

you carry that football and
roll through those linebackers

like a grown-ass man.

Ah, you're gonna make
a fine addition

to Grambling University.

All he has to do
is meet you face-to-face.

Sounds cool.

I know things
have been difficult

since your mother and I
split up, but all I kept

thinking about driving
down here from Oakland

is how proud I am of you.

Oh, yeah, since you drove
the Impala down,

can I drive it?

You get that football
scholarship to Grambling,

we'll talk.

Meet you out front
in five minutes.

Now remember, Hondo,
when you meet Coach Robinson,

you give him five and two.

Five-fingered handshake.....

And look him dead in the eye.

You know, growing up,

I always dreamed
I'd play football for Gramling.

Pop. Didn't really work
out for me, though.

Never even went to college.

But I made a promise
my son would.

What if I don't wantto go to Grambling?

What if I want to do
something else?

Now don't tell me you want
to go to Southern.

No, Pop. Look, son,

I know there's hard feelings
and all,

what with me leaving your mother

and starting a new family,

but we've got to start
healing sometime.

Now, let me do this
for you, okay?

Let me do this one thing right

and help you get
this scholarship.

There's something
I got to tell you first.

...is in on the Rodney King

After seven days of

it looks like we have a verdict.

All four LAPD officers
were acquitted

of the charge of assault
against Rodney King.

Wait, wait? See?

That's how they do us,
now and forever.

I don't get it. Didn'tthe
jury see the videotape?

Since when did anybody care
about a videotape?

Of course they seen it.

Those cops just beat
Rodney King's ass,

jurors said it was just fine.

Maybe there's evidence
we don't know about.

Don't do that. Don't be naive.

Or maybe they thought
those cops were just doing

what they were trained to do.

Maybe that's the problem.

This trial was with
an all-white jury

in white-ass Simi Valley.

I don't get it.

Courts are supposed
to be about justice.

Tell that to Tasha Harlins

and a bunch of
other black folks.

You seeking justice
in this system,

you're looking
in the wrong damn place.

Verdict's just lit a fuse.

Masks now? For the virus?

Recommendations and protocolskeep changing.

We're still getting info for it.

Luca left for Berlinjust in time.Yeah.

Oh, speaking of which...

Hey, how's Germany, big man?

House they got me out here
is sweet.

Gonna be advising the best
Germany, France and Italy have.

See if there's
any secrets they can teach us.

Come on, Luca, please.

Ah, you never know.
Was telling the commander,

I was really looking forward
to this trip,

but with the virus stuff
going on back there,

I feel kind of bad. No, don't be.

Just get it done
like you always do.

Will do.

You need me to save
the day there,

you know how to reach me.

Yes, I do. Stay safe.

All right, you, too.Peace.

thanks for joining me.

This is about the Septimos?

Lieutenant Lynch has been
working leads on the cartel,

along with Agent Simons
of the DEA.

Simons may have intel
that'll help us

take them down once and for all.

I've got all of our notes
over on the monitor.

Simons is getting a warrant
signed. He'll join us shortly.

Hey, Commander.

Is it cool if I put you downto
speak at the community party?

I'd be honored to do it.

I'm just not sure what I'd say
exactly about that time, but...

Sir, whatever you come up with,
it would be appreciated.

Lieutenant Lynch, how we doing?

Yep, we're all here, Agent Simons.

Let's bring them up to speed.

All right.

Ever since SWAT took down
El Diablo,

we've been interrogating
membersof the cartel.

His burner phone was a dead end,
but I got a tip from a CI

working a narco bar
near San Dimas.

We got in an undercover.

I think we've finally
been able to piece together

why a reclusive Mexican
king snake like El Diablo

showed his face on U.S. soil
forthe first time in five years.

Jam "Bricklayer" Gomez,
El Diablo's nephew.


Well, according to narcocorrido
songs about this guy,

he's got a knack
for building and welding.

The reason his uncle
was in town,

Bricklayer's planning
on taking over the cartel.

And now the uncle's dead,
which clears the path

for nephew to take over
the throne.

We bring in Gomez, we take out
the Septimos once and for all.

Now, we already have
an arrest warrant for Gomez

on six murders,
and we have an address.

An auto body shop in the Valley.

We need SWAT for dynamic entry.

According to the songs
about this guy,

he claims to have a whole lot
of firepower.

We'll be ready for whatever
they throw at us.

Well, if he's like his uncle,
he'd rather push flowers

than share showers.

We need to stay
on our toes, then.


I'll prep the team.

All right, listen up.

With Luca
parading around Europe...

Weak. Hiss.Boo.

...we're gonna use two platoons.

Chris and Tan,
you secure the perimeter.

Deac, Street and I are gonna
initiate the breach

along with 40-David squad.

Now, Chris, you gonna have
that piece of armor ready

just in case we need it, right? All set.

All right, this guy's a builder,
and he's in an auto body shop,

so we might be looking at
some kind of narco tank.

I've seen videos
of those things in Mexico.

I've never seen one here.

Eh, sounds like
Bricklayer's importing

both drugs and bad habits.

Hondo, by the way, we're ready

to man booths
at the community party.

Thanks, guys. Happy to help.

I actually don't remember
anything about those riots.

I was still a kid, living
in Long Beach with my parents.

Guess we had our own share
of drama to worry about.

Way to make a couple of
us feel old, Street.

I can't tell
if I remember anything,

or if it was just my mom

telling me how scared
people were, even in Alhambra.

Can't believe that it's ancient
history to your generation.

What about you, Chris?

You remember anything
from back then?

Not much. No.

All right, let's roll.

He knows we're here.
Move, move, move!

This is 20-David to all units.
Suspects are on the move,

northbound in a narco tank
with a Gatling gun.

Guys, look out! Come on!

Move, move, move!

Hondo, we got eyes,
and we got that piece of armor.

There's no way this guy's
getting past the MRAP.

Cover! Deac!

We could use some help here.

I think I have a shot.

Move in, move in.

Hands! Let me see your hands!

Step out.

Get down.

On your knees.

You, too. Let's go!

I'm-a save you some time.

Attempted murder, murder,

drug trafficking, RICO,

more murder.

I know I'm looking at life,
but I get to pick

where I do the time.

No Pelican Bay, no San Quentin.

I don't want solitary,

and no damn supermax.

That's not how this works.

You can't just order up prison
time like we're Postmates.

Unless I rat out some peoplethat
are more dangerous than me.

More dangerous than a
tank-building badass like yourself?

Your uncle said something
before he died:

"When this city goes up
in flames,

remember that I tried
to stop it."

He wasn't lying.

My tío, he came here to kill me

because I was
breaking the rules.

I was running a coyote business
on the side,

get people across the border.

And then there was this group.

They paid triple.

Three men, one woman.

And they came
to attack your city.

It's going down today.

Maybe any minute.

Seven dead, six survivors
being taken to triage.

This is Special Agent Bashir.
She's our FBI point person.

There's no
terroristorganization taking credit

for this attack so far.

But witnesses say

the bomber was a woman
in her 20s,

Middle-Eastern ethnicity.
She was dropped off

by three men in a white
four-door Toyota.

No one saw faces or plates.

It's no accident they
chose that car.

It's one of the most
common rides in SoCal.

They blend right in.

Well, even so,
I'm gonnaput out a BOLO for it.

Any sense of why
she'd target this place?

It's the largest blood bank
on the west side.

You take out the medical
reserves first,

it makes treating the victims
after the next attack

even harder. Next attack?

If this was theiropening move...

Then we need to IDsoft
targets on the west side.

Ones with the largest
chanceof mass casualties.

That's a lot of ground to cover.

Let's coordinate with
HomelandSecurity and west bureau.

Start evacuations immediately. Copy that.

We'll go after Gomez again. If
they heard he was in custody,

they might move up their plans.

All right.Okay.

What are you thinking?

I hate seeing my city on fire.

Pop, they're looting
their own businesses.

No, that store is owned
by a Korean.

And that one,

by a man who lives
in Hancock Park.

Pop, they're hurting that
guy. You're my only son.

My priority is getting you
home safe.



Hey, dawg. Hey, leave him alone.

Hey, hey, hey, hold on.

Hold on, young bloods, we got
this; don't worry about it.

This guy is ours.

He's bad off. Let's get
him to the backseat.

Keep him covered. Stay with him.

There must have been an attack.

I told you they were
more dangerous than me.

You wanna hear more? I'm down.

But before I say a word, you
need to bring the D.A. in here,

guarantee my deal.

So you're willing
to let more people die?

You're gonna tell me everythingyou
know about these terrorists.

Now, you sold them safe passage
on one of your drug routes.

Then what? Then nothing.

So, uh, what's the deal
with that?

Mexican drug prince like you

sporting Arabic ink?

It's a jihadist flag, right?

You looking for street cred?

Ambitious guy rolling
with jihadists.

Makes you seem more ruthless
than your uncle.

But I'll tell you something.

A jury sees a tattoo like that,

there is no way
they believe that

you didn't know what was coming.

So are you gonna be smart,

or are you gonna be
an accomplice to mass murder?

I don't know where they are.

I don't know what
they're planning.

I just know they're not
interested in money.

That's why my tíodidn't
trust them.

A kingpin's got to have
standards, huh?

And after I brought them
into L.A.,

they wanted me
to customize some rides.

They wanted some other things,
too: guns, dope, girls.

Doesn't sound very devout.

And then they started
ordering blast caps, fuses...

Bomb-making materials.

That got my attention.

So I had one of my sicarios
keep an eye on them.

To use as leverage
in case you got caught.

They moved around a lot.

He said they were
planning something big.

I want to know every location
those guys were at.

Right now.

Most of the placesthey were spotted at

are in South L.A.

You still live around there,
yeah? Yeah.

You know, there was a time
when my first instinct

would have been
to squeeze those neighborhoods

until someone talked.

Yeah, make 'em hurt.Yeah. Exactly.

I don't think anything this
group is doing is by accident.

They're anticipating
a heavy-handed response

from the police.

In addition to the attacks,

if they can get L.A.to tear itself apart,

then mission accomplished.

Twenty-eight years ago
was Rodney King.

Twenty-seven years
before that was Watts.

History says we're a year
overdue for another storm.

That's a scary thought.

Trying not to make
the same mistakes again.

I want this search done
carefully and responsibly.

Preaching to the choir, Commander.

Berlin is awesome,
but I miss you guys.

Hondo will meet us
at the location with new intel.

Tan, you're driving.

Hey, not a scratch
on Black Betty.

Yeah. I got you, Luca. Yeah.

Chris, you didn't tell us
your memories of '92.

What about you, Luca?

Where were you when the riots
popped off?

It's funny, I was visiting my
first girlfriend in Koreatown,

Min-jee. You would have
beenin your 20s back then.

That was your first girlfriend?

First girlfriend in Koreatown.

My girlfriend's family
restaurant got looted,

And her dad had served
in the Korean Army,

so I ended up standing guard
with him

to protect what was left.

Sounds like an awesome date.

Patrol checked out every other
location Gomez gave us.

The apartment we're rolling to,

it's the last place the terrorists
were seen. What about you, Deac?

Where were you
when '92 popped off?

I hadn't joined the force yet,
so my memories are all from TV.

Let's go. See ya, Luca.

Wachsam bleiben. That's
German for "stay liquid."

You didn't find anyoneat the apartment?

We found a dead sicario,
but no terrorists, no.

They must have figured out
someone was watching them.

So they know their cover'sblown,
now it's full speed ahead

with whatever they're
planning. That's not all.

We found bomb-making materials,
remote detonators.

So no more suicide bombs.

Strategic attacks.
These guys aren't done.

Hi, Agent Bashir.

The apartment was paid in cash,
so we don't have names,

but we do have descriptions.

They match what Gomez told us.

Three men, one woman,
who hadto be the suicide bomber.

We're releasing these imagesto
every law enforcement agency.

So far, there's no indication

this cell was sponsored
by any state.

A lot of jihadists encourage
people to act on their own.

Might have narrowed down
potential targets.

Found this in the apartment.
This is Big Brandon merchandise.

Big Brandon?

The YouTube jokester guy?

If you sign up for his VIP club,
you get a baseball cap.

And you know this how?

She didn't want me to say it,
but Bonnie's kind of a fan.

Just Bonnie?

Look, it's not the hatthat matters.

It's what you get with it.

Access to any of
his pop-up events,

including the one happening
today at the PemDay Hotel.

This fan meetup isone of the things

Homeland flaggedas a soft target.

LAPD hasn't started
evacuations there yet.

VIP status gets you access
to the entire hotel.

Hard to secure that. They could have gotten

bombs inside, easy.

We gotta get word to security.

20-David's got lead on this.

There's a VIP entrance
and exit here.

One of the terrorists will
probably try to use it.

Bomb squad's already running
article dogs

to sniff out explosives.

Okay, Tan, you work with
venue security,

help evacuate civilians.

And cover the VIP areas.

There's two other
bad guys on site,

and we don't know
their locations.

Could be their getaway plan.

All right, Street, Chris,
post up.

I want a bird's-eye
viewscanning everything.

Leaves us to take the perimeter.

Right this way, ladies.
There's a Big Brandon

autograph signing out front.

25-David to 20-David.

I've got eyes on a suspect;I'm
trying to evacuate civilians

before engaging. HONDO
Copy that.

So far, no sign of the other
two suspects on the perimeter.

25-David, we've got explosions
inside the hotel. Move!

Move, move, move, move, move!

I lost visual on the suspect.

I got eyes.

suspect down and wounded.


I said hands!

Don't move.

Overall, ten casualties today.

Other victims are
being evaluated at triage,

which is more difficult
than it should be because

supplies are being shipped from
blood banks across the city.

SWAT saveda lot of lives today.

Not a lot of comfort to the
families of those victims.

Prayers, support...
It's not enough.

Never is. But theyappreciate it, Deac.

And they'll appreciate
fourterrorists off the street.

For what it's worth,
we've identified them.

CIA ran facial recognition

and got hits
on Interpol watch lists.

From all indications,
they were self-funded.

Each from wealthy families.
All born in the Middle East,

but were living separately
in different countries

across Europe.

How did they connect then?

Video game
instant messenger rooms.

Interpol monitoredtheir
online conversations,

until they went dark
four months ago.

Probably when they started
planning their attacks on L.A.

Hold on.

Something's not right.
Today's attacks

used threeexplosive devices.

But the amount of material
thatwe found in that apartment

would cause far more
damage than that.

You think there are
others involved?

Let's drill down, take a look
at those instant messages,

make sure we didn't
miss anything.

D, what's going on?

I called your pops for a ride
but he's not picking up,

so I just rode the bus here.

All right, that's cool.

Hey, listen,
I don't want youto feel bad about it.

Thinking aboutthose riots back then

brings up complicatedmemories for him.

But at least he lets
youdrive that car sometimes.

That's morethan I got to do.Yeah.

I remember you
saying something like that.

Look, I'm sorry for
bothering you at work,

I just seen the news and...

I guess I wanted
to make sure you're okay.

Well, it's been a long day,
but I'm all right.

You don't ever have to apologizefor
checking in, you hear me?

Yeah. Couple of my
friends were at the event.

One of them got hurt
falling down.

And it's minor,
but she's scared.

I'm sorry to hear that.

I was wondering if I can
go check up on her?

we got a lotof good peeps down there.

You don't have to do that. No,
I know, I know.

I just want to be there
for them.

I think that's something
you would do.


Go ahead.

All right.

Most of these IMs are standard
jihadist rhetoric.

Anger towards nonbelievers,
more anger towards the U.S.

Sound like a bunch of
rich kids who got bored,

had nothing better to do
than spread their misery.

I think I got something. What is it?

I've been looking through some
of these older IMs.

Doing a deep dive
into these conversations.

Our terrorists made a lot
of references

to what happened
in Norway in 2011.

Same day, same city,
different targets.

Sequential attacks.
Each one sets up the next,

like falling dominoes. Spreads fear.

Makes people feel
likethey're not safe anywhere.

I did some digging, too.

Found a fifth person on some
of these conversations.

Calls himself "The American."

But there's no ID
on who he or she is.

If there's still one more
of them out there...

We're not outof the woods yet.

Commander, we got
a fifth suspect.

Calls himself "The American." I heard.

Let's hope this helps.

Here's a map of the BOLO alerts
for the white Toyota

from the suicide bombing.

there were too many to count,
until we considered

what we now know
about these people.

This one's registered
to a security guard

from the hotel event. These...

And these two areregistered
to LAPD officers.

But hold up.

Here's one registered to
an EMS ambulance driver.

Frank Tammel.

The suicide bombing at
the blood bank made it harder

to save people
at the hotel event.

And the victims at that
hotelevent are all in one place.

This cell is gonna
use that ambulance

to hit the triage center.

Darryl's there.


Guy's name is Ted.
He has a fractured skull,

bleeding in the brain.

Doctor said if
we didn't bring him in

when we did, he would have died.

We saved him.

You know,

we haven't worked together
like this in years.

...jurors, who would prefer
to remain anonymous,

admit that the Rodney King

beating video made
an instant impression on them.

Immediately after
the verdicts were read...


sees us as one of two Ds...

Defendants, or deceased.

When people need them most,
where are they?

Talking about calling inthe National Guard.

Nobody knew this would happen.

Anybody paying attention
saw this coming.

Whose side are you on?

Just trying to be
a part of the solution.

Ain't no solution to this mess.

You want to try to fix things,
why don't you join them?

The Marines count?

'Cause I enlisted with them
two days ago.

I'm not going to college, Pop.

When were you gonna tell me?

Hey, I tried to get here
as fast as I could.

Bomb squad searched
Frank Tammel's house.

Every entrance rigged
with explosives.

So he's definitely our guy.

Tammel is a white
American citizen.

He's worked as an
EMS for ten years.

So what turned him?

State Department said his
parents worked Foreign Service

in the Middle East.
He grew up there,

probably saw his share
of poverty, inequality.

Command to 20-David.

We have increased security
at the triage center.

We got eyes on
ambulance number 021.

He is headed west on 4th Street,

straight for the triage center.

We got eyes on the
suspect. Due east,

Facing us.

We've got eyes, Hondo.

Ready to engage.

Suspect's just sitting there,
not moving.

Ready for anything.
Just say the word.

Okay, be ready.

We know that ambulance
is loaded with explosives.

Frank Tammel!

This is LAPD SWAT!

Exit the vehicle!

This is over!

We don't need any more violence!

Cover, Street!

Shots aren't getting through.
That thing's reinforced.

Street, fall back!

What are you doing?! His
windshield's cracked. I can get to him.

20-David, get out of there!

Fall back!

That's an order!

Let me see your hands!

Get out, now!

Move, move!




26-David. Roll an R/A

to my location ASAP.

20-David down.


God, it's greatto see you walking.

Thanks, Doc.

You okay?

Two cracked ribs.
So, hell no, I'm not okay,

but I'm breathing.
That's good enough for now.

Well, you scared the hell
out of us.

That's normally Street's
job, right?

Commander, I apologize for
not listening to your orders.

I saw a tactical advantage
on the ground...

No need to talk about itright now.

Bishop, thank you for your time.

Appreciate you talking to him.

Yeah. Now see,

that's what I'm talking about.

You gave Bishop Dwight five
and two.

Five-fingered handshake and...

Look him straight in the eye. That's right.

A man appreciates
that kind of respect.

Know that.

Pop. You showed up.

I did.

How's them ribs?

It is what it is. I'll beall right. Ah,
see, come on now.

That's what you
signed up for, right?

Listen, I've been thinking
a lot about you today.

Back in the day,
when I told you why I enlisted.

I remember.

See, I told myself it wasbecause
I wanted to help people,

I wanted to see the world.

And not because
I wanted to hurt you.

The truth is,

part of it is because
I did want to hurt you.

I understand.
You were 17 years old.

Back then, I thought if
I followed your wishes,

chased your dream...

it would bring us close
again, and I...

I just didn't want that.
I wanted to hurt you.

And I know that I hurt you, too.

I wish I had old-man wisdom
back then.

You were afraid
of losing me again,

and I deserved that hurt.

But love is worth
the inevitability of loss, son.

I'm still here.

We both are.

Young blood, what do youthink of all this?

It's crazy.

I thought this all started
from the Black Lives Matter,

Blue Lives Matter stuff.

New name. Same issues.
Different decades.

Isn't that frustrating?

Depends on what timeof the day you ask me.

Don't you think
we made progress?

We're still trying, D.

Every year, the purpose
of this event

is to bring people together.

Make sure you know the faces of
your law enforcement officers.

Make sure law enforcement
officers humanize the faces

they help and interact with.

The last thing we want
is to repeat '92.

We encountered our share of...

You seem really nervous.

I'm just observing.

I can't wait to hear
this story of yours.

You know, you and I havecome a long way.

I'm not sure I always liked you.

And now?

Now you look nervous.

Is that the mayor again? Yeah.

It's the coronavirus.

The mayor's been on the phone
with the CDC and the governor.

They may have
to shut the city down.

Shelter at home, businesses
closed down; the whole shebang.

What's that mean for SWAT?

It means the world's
about to change.

So, uh, you ever gonna tell me?

Tell you what? Your memories of the riots.

There's obviously something

rattling aroundin that head of yours.

So you think you can
read me or something?

Of course I can.

Just spit it out.

Okay, um, I don't remember much,

but I got my first CD player
during the riots.

My mother gave it to me
as a gift.

I later realized that
she looted it from some store,

along with a microwave
and a hair curler.

Something really awful
was going on out there,

and her drunk ass saw it
as an opportunity

to steal some stuff.

Thought that counts?

I gotta admit,
I loved that CD player.

You know, I imagine
that the expectation is

for me to get up here
and talk about my experience

during the '92 riots.

Back then I was younger,


I was a patrol officer.

Probably not
a very good cop back then.

The thing is,

I didn't work the riots.

The day when everything
went down,

my partner and I were ordered
by our superior officer

to vacate your neighborhoods.

We were reassigned
to protect Century City.

We could have gone
against those orders

and suffered the consequences,

but we didn't.

So our view of the riots
was watching our city burn

from ten miles away.

But today I hold
my SWAT officers

to a much higher standard.

And 28 years ago,
I wishl had lived up to that standard.

Yesterday, one of my sergeants
made a judgement call.

Went against my orders

because he thought
it would save lives.

And it did.

I wish I had called an audible
back in '92.

Maybe I could have helped
in some way.

But I have to live with that.

But then there's days
like today...

when I'm reminded of
how far I've come...

and how far I hope
our city has come.

Is something up?

What are you celebrating?

Like '92 was the end of it.

It's still going on.
The same problems.

A system that never got fixed.

Let me explain something to you.

When I was 17, same age as you,

I'm walking home from school...
Band practice.

I had my trumpet in my case.

And an unmarked car
rolls up on me,

and two grown white men
with badges jump out,

pushed me up against the wall,
threw my horn on the ground.

It gets all bent up.

And then they take out
a switchblade,

and they laughing and chuckling.

And they took that blade,

and they put it
right across my throat.

And they said,
"Get your ass out of here,

or we'll kill you,
and nobody will care."

I was just...

walking home.


you choose to put on a badge,
you better know what that means.

'Cause ain't no easy solution

when Black people are
being treated

like they're disposable.

And all a police
officer needs is

reasonable fear
to kill you, me...

or Hondo, if he ain't
wearing that uniform.

What's going on?

That day...

that you told me you enlisted.

Did you know what
you were signing up for?

I thought we done
been past this, Pop.

Didn't you tell me
if I want things to change,

be the change?

And? What have
we seen change, son? Huh?

Let me tell you abouta
little boy I once knew.

Somebody asked him,

"How will it be okay?"

His answer?

"It ain't me, it ain't us,

"it ain't them.

"It's the cops.

Y'all are the onesthat's killing us."

He said that in 1965,
but it sounds like today.

See, it's a generational wound
that just keeps...

getting picked at
every few decades

because we refuse
to learn the lesson.

Maybe we learn
the lesson this time.

Don't do that.

Don't be naive.

You're the son of a...

a renegade Slauson.

At least you used to be.

I saw Watts burn

while police went killing.

You saw it in '92.

What's this boy gonna see?

Yo, sellout pig!

No justice, no peace!

Damn these racist-ass police.

No justice, no peace!

Damn these racist-ass police!

No justice, no peace!

Damn these racist-ass police!

No justice, no peace!

Damn these racist-ass police!

These were George Floyd's
final words

before he died
at the hands of police.

"It's my face, man.

"I didn't do nothing
serious, man, please...

please... please..."

"I can't breathe.

"Please, man, please.

"Somebody, please, man. I can't breathe.

I can't breathe."

I can't breathe.


I can't breathe. My face.
Just get up."

I can't breathe!

"I can't breathe. Please!"

I can't breathe! "Shit."

"I can't move, Mama.

"Mama, I'm through. I'm through.

"I'm claustrophobic.

"My stomach hurts,
my neck hurt. Everything hurt.

"Some water or something,

"Please, I can't breathe,

"Don't kill me.

"They gonna kill me.

"Man, come on, man!

"I cannot breathe.

"I cannot breathe.

"They gonna kill me.

"They gonna kill me.

"I can't breathe.

"I can't breathe. Please, sir.




I can't breathe."