S.W.A.T. (2017–…): Season 3, Episode 6 - Kingdom - full transcript

The Harrelsons have a tense family reunion when Hondo's older sister begrudgingly arrives to see their sick father for the first time in decades.The team searches for an abducted human ...

- Previously on SWAT...
- Is Jim Street single?

Aren't you worried it could get
a little messy with your dad?

Maybe if I was 16 and it was
still any of his business.

So you want me to find out?

Are you still off the dating apps?

I'm done with the hustle.

I'm just gonna let life
come to me from now on.

Now, imagine these culinary
treats could come to you

wherever you are...

Like a delivery service.

No, better. Food truck.

This could be, like,
a team investment, man.

Do you remember the day
your father left us?

And you went running down
the street after him, crying.

The X-rays we did on your lungs

show an abnormal mass
right here.

So lung cancer.

I want to do
a biopsy immediately.

I ain't doing no operation.

If you don't want to get
that biopsy, it's your life.

Don't let it be because you
think you deserve this cancer,

'cause, Pop, you don't.

I got a daughter
who I miss every day,

and she won't even speak to me.

I just don't feel like
fighting anymore.

I get Winnie to sit down

with you after 30 years,

then you get that biopsy.

Is that a deal?

Give me all your money!...!


You scared the living
daylights out of me.

What are you doing in Vegas?
You got a work thing here?

I can't just come visit
my big sister?

Well, sure you can.

You gonna stand there,
or you gonna give me a hug?

- How about we wait till you take a shower?
- How about no?

- No. Come here.
- I'm just... Come on.


Okay, that's enough,
that's enough.

Now, girl, you know better.

You can't be out here
jogging in earbuds.

Somebody could
come up behind you.

What if I was really a mugger?

Then I would've
whupped your ass.

You mean drown me
in your sweat maybe.

It's Vegas. It's the desert.

And this body is not gonna stay
in shape by itself anymore.

Yeah, I see.

Why didn't you let me
know you were coming?

I would've got the
spare room ready.

I left you a couple of messages.
You never hit me back.

You know, between my... my
work schedule at the casino

and your saving the world,

I didn't know when we'd
both be awake to talk.

You're not here to
lose money on blackjack

or for brother/sister
hang time, are you?

Wish I was.

Look, if this is about Dad,
I don't want to hear it.

Winnie, it is about Dad.


He really needs to see you.


He's about to have
surgery, Winnie.

For what?


Now, they still got to do
a biopsy to see how bad it is,

but Pops has cancer.

Well, I'm sorry to hear that.

I am, but...

but he's got another daughter.

With a different mother,

who he poured all his love into.

She can do the hand holding now.

He's got regrets.

Enough regrets
that he doesn't think

he deserves to beat this thing.

Well, maybe he doesn't.

Come on, Winnie,
just hear me out.


Look, the man is stubborn.

We know where
you got it from, at least.

Look, I'm not here
to cause you any grief.

And you ain't got
no obligations.

But he's scared.

He's really scared.

He only agreed to the biopsy

if I was able to bring
the family back together.

See, that's not fair, Hondo.

You and I made a pact, remember?

When he abandoned us.

Yes, abandoned us

and Mom
to start some new family.

You and I swore we were never
gonna talk to him again.

That was a long time ago.
We were kids.

Well, I kept my promise
for 30 years.

Why should I break it now?

Because this might be
your only chance

to get all this
off your chest to him.

And because I'm not asking you
to forgive him, just see him.

And because I am here
asking you to.

I got to go to work tomorrow.

The casino would shut down
if you called in sick

for just a couple of days?

Come and get it!

Who said there's no such thing
as a free lunch?

Make the most of it.

Pretty soon, you're gonna have
to pay full freight for it.

Hey. Where are you two
headed looking so fly?

Protective detail on the
governor. Routine stuff.

She's moderating a
human rights conference.

I actually want to see
a couple of the speakers,

- especially Amina Abadi.
- Hey, we still got...

investment opportunities
in the food truck,

if you're interested.

Yeah? How much?

Five grand a share.
It's a total steal, man.

- Five thousand?
- Yeah.

You could book a surfing
trip to Hawaii for that.

Taste this and you'll be happy...

going camping in your backyard, man.

Yo, I thought we had enough investors.

No offense, Rocker.

Yeah, didn't we all
put in together, like, 30 grand?

Yeah, I figure
with five grand more,

we can get those
top-of-the-line broilers

to go with that oven
that Tan kicked in.

Increase our profits
by, like, 15%.

Okay, and did you run this by
everyone who owns a stake?

I thought you trusted me.

Come on, this is
gonna be awesome.

I just bought the vehicle.

A little outfitting,
and we are gonna take

the L.A. food truck scene
by storm, man.

You ever, done an escape room?

In real life, sure,
couple times.

Never recreationally.

A new one just
opened up in Venice.

A few friends and I
are going later.

Could use an extra player.

And, no SWAT skills
necessary, just your brain.

So we don't
use our brains on SWAT?

No, that's not what I meant.

You want to come?

Tonight? Yeah.

Yeah. Sure.

- Okay, I'll text you the address.
- Okay.

- See you there.
- Yeah.

What's happening with Molly?

We're meeting up later.

- We're gonna do this escape room thing.
- Like a date?

No, no, her friends
are gonna be there.

You sure the boss's daughter
doesn't think it's a date?

You better find
out quick, playa.

All right, we got
to go. Come on.

Those are for potential investors.

Hey, minimum five grand investment, okay?

Gonna see profits in, like, six months.

What, do they think this is
a salvage yard or something?

Hey, that's our baby!

I'm thinking of naming her

Luca, is this the food truck
we invested in?

Look, I said she'd need
a little outfitting,

but I got her for a steal
at the police auction.

You paid real money for this?

Why'd the cops impound it?

Let's just say that

they were selling more than
soft serve out of here.

What, selling weed?



Were they cooking meth in here?

Look, that's all in the past.

All right? A little cleanup,

and Wilhelmena is gonna be
the best thing to happen

to our profit margins, trust me.

No cook here.

No, not right now, but wait
till I get it cleaned up.

Hey, where you going, man?

- I thought you were gonna invest.
- Nice try.


All right.

Man, you're missing out.

I'm so honored to be here

to share my story.

A year ago,

men came to my home
in the middle of the night

and took me away.

I was imprisoned
for five months,

with no access
to my family or a lawyer.

I was beaten,
flogged, sexually abused,

held in solitary confinement.

- My God!
- What was my crime?

Along with five friends,
I had dared to protest

the human rights abuses
in my country,

as well as the lack
of equal rights for women.

I've been following her story.

She escaped from prison
by dressing as a guard.

Eventually crossed the border
and applied for asylum.

Brave woman.

I'm here today to speak
on behalf of my friends,

who are still in prison
back home,

and to ask you to join me
in calling for their release,

as well as an end to the torture

of innocent people
whose only crime

is seeking equality,
justice and freedom.


Keep up the good work!

- That was a great speech.
- Thank you.

Still getting used to
speaking in public.

And, honestly, I don't know
what good it will do.

They'll listen. They have to.

I love my country.

The West has the
wrong idea of it.

Many of the people
are kind and generous.

It's only a small minority

who are closed-minded
and prejudiced.

But many of them are in power
and do not listen to women.

Route's clear. Let's go.

Delighted to be here today,

lending our voice
and our support

to the vital work
of human rights campaigners,

both internationally
and locally, who continue

the fight for equality.

Got movement. Your two.
Black cap.

Looks like he might be armed.

Stay with the governor.
All perimeter units, male, 30s,

wearing a black cap
with a possible weapon.

The ideal of a democratic
and free society in which

all persons live together
with equal opportunities.

For many people
in the world today...

Move on him slowly.
Let's not cause a panic.

But we hope that by continuing...

He's reaching for something.


Governor, come with us!

Move, move!

Let's go! Let's go!
Stairs, stairs, stairs!

Move, move, move, move!

Go, go, go!

This way. Follow me.

Principal in the safe room.

24-David, what's your status?

We lost him.
Keep the governor in a safe room

until we secure the perimeter.
Additional units are en route.

Roger that.

Go, go, go, go.


- You hit?
- Yeah, I got my vest on.

I'm okay.


24-David, two suspects.
Armed and dangerous.

They kidnapped Amina Abadi.
They're headed south

in a black SUV.

Appreciate you, doc.

Dr. Chang, 2298.

Dr. Chang, 2298.

Hey, Pop.

Look who's here.

Look at you.

How you doing?

As well as to be expected.
I'm about to be sawed in two.

It's a basic procedure, Pop.

Hondo said it's a biopsy.

They're taking
a piece of my lung.

I'm so glad you're here.

Thank you.

We're here to help you
get through this, Pop.

You know,
just thinking about that

you might come here today
got me reminiscing.

Do y'all remember
when I used to take you both out

to dinner every Friday night?

We always used to go
to Pup 'N' Taco.

Those green chili burritos.

Yeah, we were never allowed
to get the cherry slush, though.

"Y'all ain't gonna go spilling
in my back seat, you hear me?"

That's 'cause it was good vinyl.

And those were good times.

Good times.

Shame you had ruin it by leaving
us to start another family.


No, no, it's all right.

Let her go and say
what she want to say.

That's why you're here,
ain't it?

Thinks I'm on my death bed,

so time for last shots.

That's not why she's here, Pop.

Then why, then, son?

Because he made me come.

Well, ain't nobody
making you stay.

You did your good deed.


- No, no. Winnie, Winnie, Winnie.
- Stop, Hondo.

Please. Just, please. Pop,

isn't there something you've
been wanting to say to Winnie?

I'm sorry for hurting you
back then like that.

And hurting our mother.

And hurting your mother.


You've apologized.

I guess we can get back
to our lives now.

Winnie. Winnie.

What the hell you want from me,
I'm just...

Dad? Pop.

- Pop, Pop.
- Dad, are you okay?

- Hey!
- Pop, are you all right? Pop?

- I didn't know you'd be here.
- Well, I was just leaving.

Winnie. Winnie, come on. Winnie.

She's stubborn, just
like your mother!

You okay?

- I'm all right, baby.
- Yeah?

Winnie, where are you going?
Come on, now.

Look, Hondo, I tried.

All right? It's not gonna work.

Now, I love you.

I know this is important to you,

but he threw us away.

And you might have
made peace with that,

but I can't.


Governor's pressing us
hard to find Amina.

FBI's running an investigation.

- They know we'll be working the case, too.
- This is on me.

Your job was to keep the
governor safe, and you did that.

I know, but after everything
she's already been through,

- I let them get her.
- She had her own security detail, Chris.

We got to find her.

Okay, Commander Hicks
is in Chicago

leading a tactics seminar,
so we're on our own on this one.

What do we know so far?

Victim is Amina Abadi, age 24.

Been agitating for the release

of her friends
in prison back home.

The media have dubbed them
the Freedom Five.

It's got to be her government,
trying to shut her up.

I've got access to
the NSA surveillance feed

of their consulate and all
their suspected safe houses.

- How'd you get that?
- Well, we all have our sources, don't we?

So far, no sign of Amina.

- Are there any other suspects?
- Anyone pissed off...

she's talking about
women's rights.

We don't know who kidnapped her
yet. Until we get more intel,

we drill down on
every possibility.

Amina's bodyguard's
been brought in.

Hopefully, he saw something
besides the bullet that hit him.

Amina's aunt and uncle
are also on their way in.

They live in L.A.

Thought maybe they have ties
to their community here.

Let's go talk to the bodyguard.

I'm Sergeant Harrelson.

You know Officer Alonso.Yeah.
How you doing?

Well, Kevlar saved me. I only
got the wind knocked out of me.

Have you found Amina?

- Not yet.
- I begged her to go into hiding...

until things cooled down.

She insisted on giving
that speech first.

- She's been receiving threats?
- Dozens.

Phone calls late at night,

memes posted online
that are just disgusting.

Some troll said that
if she didn't shut up,

she was gonna get her throat
cut, acid thrown on her,

that her family would be harmed.

You know who's behind
the threats?

All anonymous.

I tried tracing them
but couldn't get anywhere.

We'll need to see those files.Sure.

Do you think it's her government
targeting her?

The guys that took her
looked military to me.

I mean, they knew
what they were doing.

And the guns they were using,

LWRC, ultra compact...

- Same guns their military use.
- You must have been...

pretty close to be able
to I.D. their weapons.

- Point-blank. Hurt like hell.
- We're gonna need ballistics...

to take a look at this.

- Be my guest.
- The aunt and uncle are here.

We warned our niece
that this could happen.

We were afraid for her,
but she would not listen.

We know Amina had enemies,
got a lot of threats.

She upset many people.

Including the royal family?

Aren't they at the top
of the list?

Things are changing back home,

but it wasn't fast
enough for Amina.

It is still
a very traditional country,

and Amina is not traditional.

She rejected the culture
and the religion.

Many people did not
take kindly to her words.

We can use your help
finding her.

- Do you have any connections back home who might...
- Home?

This is home.

We are American citizens.

My wife and I have been
living here for 26 years.

We raised our family here.

We have few contact
with the kingdom anymore.

How about connections here
in L.A. within your community?

People talk.

People are afraid.

They don't want trouble. Including you?

Trouble has already
found our family.

The longer Amina's gone...

You know how it works, Chris.

We keep scouring the ground,

we'll eventually find
a footprint.

They discover who was
behind the online threats?

No. But I got something better.

Preliminary ballistics says
that the bullet

that hit the bodyguard's vest
was tampered with.

It barely mushroomed.

They think that half
the grain was emptied

before it was fired,
but they're still running tests.

I knew there was something funky
about the impact on that vest.

That caliber round
shot point-blank

should have cratered it,
but it barely made a scratch.

So the kidnappers were firing
nonlethal rounds?

No, they were lethal. The
bullets fired at the conference

were all normal 6.8s.

Every single one of them
should have been deadly,

but they were all fired
above head height.

They weren't aiming
to kill anyone.

And the one that did hit
was tampered with.

And it hit the bodyguard
center mass like he stood still

with a bull's-eye on his chest.
They were putting on a show.

So he was in on the kidnapping?

Lynch is looking into him now.

Hey, think I should cancel
on Molly tonight?

What do you mean, your date?

- It's not a date.
- Come on, dude.

This is Dominique Luca
you're talking to here.

You telling me
you're not interested?

Give me the real, bro.

Look, she's smart,
she's gorgeous,

she's a really great person,

but dating
Commander Hicks' daughter?

I've had some pretty big

screwups here,
but that would be...

Look, look, look,
it's not the dating part

you need to worry about,
lover boy.

It's the breaking up part.

My cousin Amy dated a cop once.

Right? Regular patrol officer.

When the guy broke her heart,

my dad made sure
that he never made detective.

I'm just saying.

Check out Wilhelmena!

Holy crap.
That's what I call a makeover.

If this doesn't make Xiomara
happy, I don't know what will.

Hey. The cleaners found
this under the front seat.

Also said it took them a
while to get the stains

- out of the countertops.
- What do you mean? Rust stains?

Blood. You know someone
got murdered in there?

- For real?
- What?

Yeah. Same crew cleaned up
the crime scene.

- Someone murder?
- No.

Murder truck?

Look, you'd never know.

I mean, they did a great job

cleaning it up. It's spotless.

Madre de Dios. Come on. Xiomara.

- No, no, no, no. Give it a chance.
- New truck.

I sunk almost all our money
into this thing.

New truck or new cook.

Xiomara. Come on.

What do you got?

Bodyguard's name
is Zack Willert.

Ex-Army Ranger.

Been working close protection
since 2009

and spent the last decade
protecting this guy,

Christopher Wardlow.

- Should I know him?
- He's a property tycoon.

Fingers in a load
of construction downtown.

He's behind that new office
building near Skid Row

that looks like an
arthritic pickle.

- And according to my sources...
- What, the secret ones?

No, the Internet... Wardlow
is a major shareholder

in a luxury hotel project
in Amina's homeland

that's currently stalled.

Wardlow's trying to grease palms
with the royal family

by offering Amina
in the place of cash?

- That'd be pretty evil.
- Yeah, but it could be a way...

to get his hotel project
back on track.

What are we waiting for?
Where's this guy Wardlow live?

The SUV in the drive
matches the one Chris saw

driving away from the scene
of the kidnapping.

You are good to enter.

Secure the perimeter.

Watch the cross fire.

Access to the NSA's surveillance
feed on the consulate,

- how'd you get that?
- Someone I met while hiking Machu Picchu.

It's amazing who I come
into contact with

when I get out in the world.


Okay, drone footage shows
something in the pool.


Body, male.
Looks to be shot in the back.

- Is it Wardlow?
- No, I think it's a security guard.

- Someone got there before us.
- Watch your backs.

Approaching the one-side
entry point.

I got visual on two more bodies.

Look like more guards.


Ready for entry.

Breach on my mark.

Three, two, one.


There's a blood trail.


Bathroom clear!

- All clear!
- 30-David to Command.

Two suspects down.

We found Wardlow.
He's been tortured.

He's not looking good.

We took down one suspect.
The rest of the house is clear.

30-David, we're Code 4.

Okay to bring paramedics in.

- No I.D.'s.
- Where is she?

- Where's Amina?
- Not here.

You took her, though.
It was your men

who kidnapped her earlier today.

Wasn't a kidnapping.

It was staged. It was a hoax.

What? Why?

Amina was in danger.

We thought a fake
kidnapping would...

throw a spotlight on
her friends in jail.

- So she could get away.
- Amina was in on it?

I came up with the plan.

What exactly was your plan?

Fly her to safety.

Get her into hiding.

I was supposed to meet
her and her boyfriend.

- Where?
- Garden Avenue Airfield.

- Like, an hour ago.
- Did you tell the shooters...

where you were gonna meet them?

I'm sorry.30-David. All units,

armed suspects en route

to Garden Avenue Airfield.

Wardlow should be here by now.

Something must have happened.

We need to go.

Five more minutes.

They got a 20-minute head start.

- Almost there.
- Every available unit...

in the area's en route
to the airfield, plus a bird.

- We figured out who these guys are yet?
- No.

How'd the bad guys know
Wardlow was helping Amina?

I'm guessing they bugged
her phone and her e-mails.

- Whoever these guys are, they're not playing.
- We're here!

Unis checked the whole place.

We're too late.

Wardlow's in surgery.

They broke his jaw
pulling teeth.

He managed to give us
some intel, though,

before they put him under.

It turns out he's business
partners with the father

of one of the Freedom Five.

That's why he's been
helping Amina.

Okay. Well, I pulled
everything I could

on Amina's boyfriend.

Name's Kareem Kashani,

human rights director
at a nonprofit in D.C.

They've been dating six months.
He flew into LAX this morning.

Is there any reason
to think he'd betray her?

Well, his credit card
statement shows he just spent

four months' salary on
a two-carat diamond ring

from Tiffany's, so
I'm thinking not.

I think he was planning
to escape with her.

Think I got something.

Kareem, or someone
using his credit card,

rented a car close to the
airfield about 20 minutes ago.

Okay, they'll have
a tracker in that car.

Already running a trace on it.

Got a fix.

This is 20-David to all
available units.

Respond to the area of Echo Park
for a kidnapping vehicle.

50-David, approaching vehicle,
can't see inside.

Be alert. We don't know
who's in that car.

Just Kareem. No one else.

Where the hell's Amina?

So, that's Amina's boyfriend?

Yeah. Heard he's refusing
to speak.

- Why?
- Well, he probably thinks...

he's protecting her
by keeping quiet.

So he rented the car
to create a diversion,

thinking the bad guys
would follow him,

allowing Amina the
chance to escape.

- That's either really romantic...
- Or really stupid.

Someone needs to remind this guy
we're trying to help

keep his girlfriend alive.Yeah.

Now, wait a second.

- I know you admire her.
- Yeah, I've been...

reading about her ever since
she first came to the U.S.

Yeah. Me, too. What?

You got to go
through the news section

to get to the sports section,

I read.

I told her the world
would hear her.

But what if it doesn't?
What if it's all for nothing?

She stood up for her friends,
for girls and women everywhere,

and this might
cost her everything.

You should talk
to the boyfriend,

tell him what you just told me.

If anyone can convince him

that we're on their
side, it's you.



Just heard from Hicks.

He wants you to do
an inventory of the armory.

He called from Chicago

to assign me inventory duty?

Yeah. Wants it done by tonight.

Hey, you think Hicks found out

about you and Molly
hitting the town?

I'm telling you,
nothing gets past that man.

He's got me counting bullets.
If that's not a warning,

I'd hate to see what is.

I'm Chris.
Can I get you anything?

I was there this morning
when Amina gave her speech.

We chatted after.

She's an incredible woman.

I guess you don't need
me telling you that.

I know you love her,

and you think you're
protecting her,

but she's in very real danger
right now.

You need to tell me
where she is.

I promised her I wouldn't
betray her to anyone, ever.

Even one person knowing
is one too many.

It's all it takes
to get her killed.

Wardlow's in the hospital,
you know that?

They tortured him

until he gave up your location.

But we left before they arrived.

Amina got away.
I made sure of it.

We had a plan.

I know that Amina escaped
from prison back home.

I know that she's brave.

I know that you want to
believe that she's managing

on her own out there,
but I'm telling you,

these people either
already have her,

or they're minutes away from it.

So, if you ever want
to see her again

and give her that engagement
ring that you bought her,

you need to talk to me.

The Greyhound station.


That's where she's heading.

Thank you.

Chris. It's too late.

This video was just released
online and to the news stations.

It is with sincerest regrets
that I make my apology

to the American people,
as well as to my own countrymen.

The kidnapping this morning
was a hoax.

As you can see,
I am safe and well.

I made up false claims
and staged my own kidnapping

in order to make it look
like I was in danger,

that my homeland
was responsible for the crimes,

- when in fact, it was myself who was guilty.
- This is coerced.

I have been charged with treason
against my country,

a charge that I accept.

I am now returning home where
I will accept my punishment.

That's a death sentence.

I have been charged with treason
against my country,

a charge that I accept.

I am now returning home where
I will accept my punishment.


There's no way she recorded this
of her own free will.

We're trying
to track down nationals

from Amina's home country
who are in the L.A. area

and loyal to the government,
but it's a slow process.

What else can we do?

Hold up.

- Those are prayer beads, right?
- Yeah.

The aunt had some identical
to them when she came in.

Amina's aunt? She was here?

Yes, and her uncle. Why?

Amina doesn't talk
to her uncle or aunt anymore.

They had a falling out.

- About what?
- She thought...

because they lived
in America for so long,

that they would
understand her views

and support her protest
against the government.

But they didn't.

They tried to convince her
to return home,

pressured her,
even threatened her.

She didn't tell the police?

Just me.

What you need to understand
about her culture

is that faith and family honor
are everything.

Amina speaking out about the
government and criticizing them

brought her extended family
great shame.

- They lost face.
- And the only way...

to regain face is by
delivering Amina back home

for the leaders to punish her.

So the men who took Amina
were getting paid by her uncle.

Probably mercenaries.

This isn't connected to
their government at all.

We need to get to her
uncle's house now.

Houses. Her uncle
has homes all over.

Bel Air, Palm Springs, New York.

Even a yacht.

The airports have her flagged.

The yacht. That's how they're
planning on getting her out.

You just sail into
international waters.

Just talked to the marina.

Amina's uncle's trying
to have his boat refueled.

Chris was right.

They're trying
to get her out by sea.

Looks like they're on the move.

Hondo, you get all that?

Roger that. We're almost there.

- Can the harbormaster stop the launch?
- Hey, Luca,

ask the harbormaster
if he can slow things down.

Tell the unis to stand down
until we get there, too.Yep.

Risk to the public's
way too high.

- These guys are trigger-happy.
- What about the Coast Guard?

They're on alert. Will stop
the boat if it hits open water.

Question is, what do they do

to Amina when they see
they're surrounded?

- Two minutes out!
- Okay.

Stay liquid,

and let's bring
Amina back alive.

Just need a quick signature.

Where you headed?

LAPD. Show me your hands.

On your knees.

- Get out of here. Move.
- On your stomach.

Move. Get out of here.


On the ground now. Get down.

Don't move.

We'll search the boat for Amina.

Stevens, cover.
Deacon, Chris, you're with me.

On your feet.

On your feet.

Let me see your hands.

Turn around.
Hands behind your back.

26-David. Found the aunt.

No sign of Amina.

- Show me your hands.

Hands behind your back.

Where is she?

- What?
- Where's the girl?

- What girl?
- Don't play dumb. Where is she?

We ain't got time for games.

Tell us where Amina is
right now.

I don't know anything
about a girl.

They pay my wage,
I don't ask questions.

What were your instructions?

Head out 12 nautical miles,
drop anchor and wait.

They said another boat
was gonna meet up with us.

12 miles, international waters.

They must be taking
Amina by speedboat

from another launch point.

Somewhere quieter, more private.

It's easier than bringing her

on board a yacht
in the middle of the marina.

There's too many people here,
and she could make a scene.

Is there a private launch
or dock somewhere nearby?

The boatyard next door.

- A few private slips.
- Luca, you get that?

Yeah, looking.

Coast Guard had to respond to

a fishing boat taking on water.

They can't get there.

We don't get to them now,
we've lost her for good.

Pulling into the boatyard now.

Spotted possible target vehicle.

Keep them back! And you, move!

Malik's gonna get
away with Amina!

- Jim, cover!
- Street! Tan!

Take it, Chris!
I'm gonna try to flank 'em.

Once I get 'em to return fire,
make your move.

Go get Amina back! Stevens!

Let's do this. Cover.


It's clear.

This guy was hit pretty bad.

Couldn't have gone too far.

Rabbit in a trap.

Two ways out of this:
surrender or bleed out!

What's it gonna be?

We got our answer.

But we can't let him bleed out.

Go. I told you, move it.

Drop your weapon!

Move! Move! Move! Drop it!

- Stay back! Stay back!
- Drop it!

- Let her go!
- Drop your weapon now!

I'll kill her, I swear!
Stay back!

Let her go.

Go, go.

Hands! Hands now!

Let her go.

- On your stomach.
- It's okay.

- It's okay. It's all right.
- Hands behind your back.

Hey, you okay? It's over.

It's over. Hey.

It's okay.

It's over.


Need an R/A at dock 27.

Chris, just spoke
to the D.A.'s office.

They're weighing up
the charges against Wardlow

for the hoax kidnapping,
and they don't think

- he'll do any time.
- And what about Amina?

Are they charging her?

there's not enough evidence

she was involved
in the planning, so no.

And no civilians were hurt.

I think they want
to focus on the win.

Amina wanted a spotlight.

She got it.

Her friends have been
released from prison?

- They're free?
- Spotlight got too hot.

The kidnapping got media
outlets around the world

to highlight all the
human rights abuses

going on over there.

Government had no
choice but to bow

to the international pressure.

And the governor herself
wanted me to pass along

her gratitude,
and so did the FBI.

Good work.

- Did you hear about your friends?
- Yes.

Kareem just told me.

I guess you made the world
hear you.

Where will you go now?

To D.C. with Kareem.

I'm going to keep speaking up.

And one day, maybe,

when things change,
I'll return home.

Thank you.

Hey. Thought you
had plans tonight.

Hicks has me counting bullets.

- Go on.
- What?

If you get a move on,
you'll still make it.

You don't have to do this.

I know. So stop reminding me.

Hey. Thank you.

I owe you.



Hey, this a bad time?
I know you're busy.

No, it's all good.
We just got done.

I was just leaving. Come on.

So, where you been?
I tried calling you.

Man, I just needed
some air by myself.

I went for a walk around
the old neighborhood.

Well, it's been a minute
since you've been back.Yeah.

Hey, you remember
that old vinyl store

- on the corner of Ashby?
- Yeah.

That music booth saw
a whole lot of action,

and I'm not talking the
listening kind, either.

They turned it into
a hot yoga studio.

You know, yoga's bad enough;
now you got to do it in a sauna?

Yeah, the world keeps
changing, Winnie.

That's just a way of saying

that we are getting
older, brother.

So, what's up? You need
a ride to the airport?

You sure? It's not
out of your way?

Hospital's on that part of town.

Pop's surgery is in an hour.

How could you forgive
him so easy, Hondo?

I'm not. You think one little apology

makes up for everything
he did to us? I don't.

Walking out on us,
starting a whole new family,

not even bothering
with his old one?

I'm not saying it's enough.

I'm saying it's a step.

He is so scared
about this surgery.

He's even more scared
that we're never gonna

find a way to forgive him.

Well, he's right.

I'm not sure I ever will.

This is about me
helping an old man

get through a rough time.

Just because he stopped
being a father back then,

doesn't mean that I got to
stop being a son right now.

All right, I got a little time
before my flight.

That is some miracle
you pulled off, Luca.

Hey, it wasn't me. You can
thank the priest I brought in.

You had an actual priest
do an exorcism on the truck?

No, not an exorcism. It
was more like a blessing.

Deac gave me the name
of this guy. I got him

to sprinkle some holy water
and say a few prayers,

and now Xiomara's happy.

How much did that cost?

Just a small donation,

but whatever it takes, man,

I've been dreaming of
this my whole life.

You've been dreaming of owning

a Guatemalan food truck
your whole life?

No, dawg, I'm talking
metaphorically, wiseass.

You know, when I was 16,
I worked the counter

at this deli making
subs one summer.

My dad started coming
in with his partner.

Pretty soon, the whole
department stopped by for lunch.

I got a reputation for being
generous with the cold cuts.

Old man that owned the joint
even left me in charge

for a week when he went away.

Man, I loved it. It was just,
like, everyone hanging out,

shooting the breeze.
Me serving people.

Now I get to do that
and be SWAT, so...

This is cool, man.

Can I still buy in?

Sorry, bud, you missed the boat.

The shares are all sold?

Yeah, Lynch bought the last one.

- Hey, is that the revuelta with beans and cheese?
- Yeah.

What did she put in the sauce?

It's a trade secret.

And that's gonna be $4.50.

I thought you said
they were for free.

No, that was earlier.

Okay, we're running a
business, not a charity.

Pay up.

Go back there and
pay her. Go on.

- How's he doing?
- Okay.

Was talking about
making a run for it

while you were gone,
but I convinced him to stay put.

Best have bought me
something to eat.

The food in here

is godawful.

Dad, you know, you can't
eat anything before surgery.

That's another reason
I want out of here.

And when did so many nurses
start being men?

Least they could do for

an old dying fool
is give him some eye candy.

Some things never change.

Thank you for coming back.

You know...

I'm a little scared
about all this.

We know. That's why we're
all here for you, Pop.


Bye. Hey, thanks again, man.

The whole point
of an escape room

is to figure out the clues,
not pick the lock.

Hey, I got us out
of there, didn't I?

With three seconds
left on the clock.

We would've been
stuck there forever.

No food, no water. You know.

Things would turn ugly fast.

Every man for himself.

Well, someone really
likes to win?

Is that not
the point of playing?

Question, though...

do you always carry
a lock pick wherever you go?

I like to be prepared.

Well, this is me.

It's a nice place.

Yeah, got a roof terrace.

You can see the ocean.

A glimpse at least.

You want to come up and see?

I don't know.

No, no, no...

it's... hey.
It's not what you think.

Molly, I like you.


No buts. I just... I like you.

A lot.

Okay, so?

In the past I've always...
I've treated things

like a hundred-yard dash
as opposed to a marathon.

You know? And things
have always...

they've burned out pretty quick.

And I guess what I'm
saying kind of badly

is, I'd like to
take our time with this.

How much time?

A little longer
than that, maybe.

That wasn't really fair.

Good night.


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