S.W.A.T. (2017–…): Season 3, Episode 4 - Immunity - full transcript

Deacon's family is squarely in the crosshairs of a drug cartel operating in LA when SWAT targets their leader who has CIA immunity.

The mayor thinks
extremely highly of SWAT.

That's why she's placing
me here as a consultant

outside the
chain of command.

I'm your friend, Commander.

Who's Bonnie?

Girl I've been dating.
I mentioned her. She kind of

stays at my place now.
It's sort of getting serious.

You know I totally want
to end up with you, right?
I know.

Your doctors say
you can't live alone,

and your family's not
here; we're in L.A.

I have been looking after him
for over a year now, by the way.

I know, and I appreciate it.

How long you been staying here?
About three weeks.

Me and Moms have been trying
real hard to create a stable

environment for Darryl.
You cannot inject yourself

into the boy's life unless
you intend to stay in it.

Don't you let that old man
pull one over on you.

Yes, ma'am.

Do you know what kind of damage
you can do to Darryl?

I know the damage
that I did to you,

and I can't go back
and change that.

Time and regrets,
they can change a man, son.

I didn't even hear you
come in last night.

Hey. Morning, beautiful.


Yeah, I snuck in late
after an extended shift.

That was the best I've slept
in months. Like a baby.

Me, too.

I blame the wine, though.

I think I might have had
a little bit too much.

I'm sorry for leaving
such a disaster.

I just didn't want to
have to deal last night.

Don't worry about it.

No wonder you slept so well.

Calissa's pot gummies.

She brought them over,

but we didn't get to them.

Wait, those are, uh, edibles?

Pot gummies?
Yeah, but they're totally legal.

Bonnie, this stuff stays
in your system a long time.

I get drug-tested at work.


Like, on a regular basis?
It's random,

but if-if I test positive,
or if I'm in

an officer-involved shooting,
the city could be

on the hook for millions.
I can get fired.

Why would you just leave these
sitting here?
I-I'm sorry.

I am. I am... I'm so sorry.

Listen, I'll tell your boss
that it wasn't your fault.

You can blame me. I don't mind.

This is not on you. It's on me.

I got to come forward
and report this.

Because if they find out some
other way, I could be fired.

Would you prefer that?

Can't be afraid to get
your hands dirty, Darryl.

It's all good. I got gloves on.

You okay?
Yeah, I'm fine.

Damn, Pop.
I didn't think

we'd get started up this early.
Yeah, well, by the time

you finish your coffee,
we'll be done.

Darryl's picking up things
really quick.
All right,

so I tightened up the oil pan.

that'll stop the leak.
Get out here, kid.

Come on, big man. Don't tell me
my pop's still got you

providing free labor.

I'm teaching this boy
valuable lessons.

Marketable skills.

Also said if we're done by noon,
he's buying lunch at Apple Pan.

See, I told him,
if you learn

how to fix things,
you'll never go hungry.

Tire pressure's on you,

Okay, for the record,
I think I'm the only one

who logged 18 hours
yesterday, Pop.

Did you fix anything
in those 18 hours?

Sir, yes, sir.

That's what's up.

After losing
to Marcus

in that tacky Ford coupe of his,
we got to win first place

the next competition.

Hey, Pop.

You feeling okay?

I will be,
soon as I get my baby done.

It looks like you and my pops
getting along really good.

You actually learning
a little something?

Yeah, every day.

What are you two staring at?
Get back to work.

Oh, gosh.

Uh, well, how about
an arrangement of some...

Dad, can I get this?
No, put that back.


Some lilies, maybe
a few zinnias?

So, we already paid the
contractor to fix up our house.

Now we got to get him
a gift on top of that?

Well, it's his wife's 50th
birthday. It's important.

Yeah, so is a collective
16 years of college.

Says the guy with a
five-dollar cup of coffee.

Hey, if you loved me, you would
not point out my hypocrisy.

Well, you
deserve your weekly treat.


Aw. Come on.

Okay. Who wants ice cream?


Can I get flowers, Daddy?

All right, which
one do you want?

All of them.
All of them?

There you go. I know.

I know.

Tell me which
ones you want.

Go. Annie, go.

Kids, get down.
Stay with your mother.

Annie, call 911!

Stay down! Don't move!


It's okay, baby.
I'll be right back.

LAPD! Stop!

Dispatch, this is 30-David,
off duty,

10-71 at the downtown
Flower Outlet.

I've got several wounded.

Need an R/A at the
location immediately.

I have one suspect
in custody.

Two shooters still at large
in the vicinity.

Requesting 1-1-4 on site.

Roll SWAT. Over.


My team fanned out,
swept the perimeter.

No sign of the shooters.

Cleared out quick.
Press is already speculating

this was a mass shooting.

No, not the way they assume.

These guys looked

They were targeting
the vendors.

There's got to be
some motive behind it.

Either way, we're canvassing
security camera footage

and sending it back to HQ
with the suspect you bagged.

Roger that.

You took care of business, Deac.

Did everything
you could.

Glad you're safe, pal.


Heard it over the radio,
got here as soon as I could.

You good?

Yeah, I'm good,
but four dead, six wounded.

Annie and the kids?
They're at mobile command.

Annie's a rock,
but the kids are freaked.

I can't imagine
what they're thinking.

Probably that their dad
kicked ass,

kept them safe
and handled the situation.

So much for a quiet day out
with the family.


Aw. Hey, Lila.
I'm sorry I kept you waiting.

Mommy got you flowers?

No, I bought them.

For you.

Thank you, sweetheart.


Come here. Aw, come here.

Yo, Hondo, you hear what
happened to Deacon and Annie?

Yeah, and there's two shooters
still out there.

And Annie and the kids
got to be pretty shaken up.

Yeah, Annie's a warrior, man.
Knowing her, she probably

had it all on lockdown, kept
the little ones safe, too.

Well, happy ending or not,
these guys came after one of us.

That means all hands on deck
until we get the rest

and anybody else responsible,
and I'm not waiting for RHD.

Yeah, you bet.
We'll grab Chris and Tan,

see what we can dig up
on this guy Deacon brought in.

Who hired you and your
other motorcycle buddies?


if you think this silent,

tough-guy routine's
gonna help you,

you're mistaken.

You've only got one chance
to help yourself,

and that's
to start talking.

For starters, you can tell us

about your two
motorcycle friends.

Obviously, this wasn't

just a thrill ride
or some good old hell-raising.

Why target
the Flower Outlet?

Someone sent you, didn't they?

Look, if you're afraid
your boss might be able

to get to you...
I'm not afraid of anyone.

You afraid of going
to the state penitentiary, hmm?

Not gonna have many friends
there, being a Colombian.

Look, you're in this all alone.

Whether you like it or not,

we're the only friends...

They getting anywhere?

No, he's not talking.
Not surprised, though.

The way those guys moved,

without hesitation...

They're pros.

All the shootings,

the craziness
we see day after day--

it's a whole nother matter when
it touches the people we love.

It's just,

this was too close.

I'm the one that's supposed
to be in danger, not them.

the important thing is,

you kept 'em safe.

And a lot of other
people there, too.

Here we go. Our guy's got a
Colombian flag tattoo, right?

So I ran his prints

through the South American
Interpol database.

Get a little
of that Luca luck?

You know it.
He's a Colombian national.

Name is Yerry Manuel Chara.

Deac, Luca got our
guy-- Yerry Chara.

He was a member of a Colombian
rebel group known as "FARC."

They fought the government
for decades.

a terrorist organization.

Used to fund their operations
moving cocaine.

until they mostly disbanded

back in 2016 after a treaty.

So, why is one of 'em in L.A.
with a couple of his buddies,

targeting a flower outlet?
I may have found
something on that.

A good 60% of the cut flowers

that come into the U.S.
come from Colombia.

Plane-loads of 'em, every day.

What, you think
they're smuggling

the drugs in with
the flowers?

Makes sense,
given their style.

I mean, the bikes,
automatic weapons.

It's reminiscent of old
South American narco hit squads.

Ever since the Mexican cartels
took over the cocaine trade,

the Colombians have been looking
for a way back in.

Wait. Hold on. Hold on.
Luca, that one right there.

Him. He was there
this morning.

You sure?

He was there. He was watching
just before it all went down.

Well, he's wearing
general's bars,

but there's no name
on his uniform.

Then let's figure out
who the hell this guy is.

Dude, what's going on?

It's not like you to be late,
especially on an all-hands day.

I had to stop by the
Professional Standards Bureau

on the way in.

Wh-Why? What's going on?

Last night, I accidentally ate
some pot gummies.

Yeah, they were Bonnie's.
Actually, a friend of hers.

Didn't realize what it was
until it was too late.

I'm not high or anything.
I slept 'em off.

You tell Hondo yet?

Yeah, him and Hicks.

About as cool
as they could be, I guess,

given the circumstances.

What, so now you're
under investigation?

Yeah, I had to provide a
urine sample, blood, all of it.

Now Standards Bureau's
sending a rep.

I got to sit down
for an interview.

Hey, you know what kind
of questions they're gonna ask?

What, 'cause I'm the guy
that everyone assumes

is always in front of
the Standards Bureau?

Just tell me what you know.

All right. From
what I've heard--

and this is pure gossip,
mind you-- they get personal.

You should be fine as long as
you don't take it that way.

Right. I don't know
how to feel.

Thing is, I love Bonnie, but...

Part of you wonders about
her thinking on this?

Take it from someone

whose judgment gets
questioned occasionally.

Cut her some slack.

I don't know.

You know, I haven't
introduced her to my mother,

any of my family.

Maybe there's
an unconscious reason for that.

I'm sorry. No.

Sorry. Don't
know anything.

Hey, can I talk to you a second?

I already spoke
to the police.

Yeah, but I'm sure
the officer you talked to

didn't ask about this guy.

He was there right before
the shooting started.

You know him,
don't you?
Look, I really
can't help you.

Hey, I don't want
to play this card,

but I kind of
saved your life today.

Who is this guy?

His name is Emiliano Murido.
He has you all

importing his drugs with
your flowers, doesn't he?
We have no choice.

He can hurt our families
back home in Colombia.

So the shooting today--
you think he ordered it?

Nobody wants to be involved
in Murido's drugs.

We just want
to sell our flowers.

He must have found out
some of us

were talking
about going to the police.

So this is
Murido's way of

keeping you all quiet?
Kill some and scare the others?

We just want to make
an honest living.

That's why we came
to America, not for this.

What else can you
tell us about him?

Got home from my shift
around 0200.

The gummy worms in question
were on the counter.

I ate four or five.

I went to sleep within the hour.

It wasn't till this morning,

after I woke up, that I learned

the gummy worms contained THC.

At that point,
I headed directly

to the Standards Bureau
as dictated by protocol.

You said the gummies belonged
to your girlfriend?

Uh, yeah.

I need her name.

Uh... Bonnie.

Bonnie Lonsdale.

Hey, it's not
really her fault.

All right, she would've
put them away,

but she had a little
too much wine last night.

It-it's not like
she drinks a lot.

You know, she had a friend over,

and they hadn't seen each other
for a while.

How would you describe your
relationship with Ms. Lonsdale?

Is it serious?

Is that really relevant
to the investigation?

Part of being a cop,
particularly a SWAT officer,

is making the right choices,
on and off the job.

We're gonna need
your girlfriend to come down,

give us a statement.

She might not be cool with that.

Is she cool with us

concluding our investigation

without us
hearing her testimony?


This guy who was
always trying

to get in my pants in
college is with the DEA now,

and occasionally, I try
to fish for a little info,

and apparently, he still
can't resist my charms.

Got us a lead on our guy.

General Emiliano Murido.

He's a FARC rebel leader until
they signed a peace agreement

with the Colombian
government in 2016.

FARC was supposed
to represent the people,

but according to this,
he's responsible

for hundreds
of extrajudicial killings.

Turns out he was
a very bad boy,

in charge of their
extortion rings,

and bombings.

Not to mention
the drug trafficking operation

that funded all of it.

Looks like he went off the grid
right after the peace treaty.

I'm cuddling up with RHD and
Narcotics to find his network

and see what his ground
game here looks like.

BOLO out on Murido just got
a bead on the Bentley he drives.

Just got spotted outside
a café on Larchmont.

Pay this dirtbag a visit.

We know he's nasty.

Be safe.

Interesting lady.

Guess she likes to say
what's on her mind.

She could spare me some of it.

Emiliano Murido.


We're gonna need you
to come answer some questions

about the Flower Outlet
earlier today.

I'm very busy.

I saw you there
before your shooters arrived.

Think you got a lot
to answer for.

Perhaps you are
making a mistake.

Somehow, I doubt that.

You're coming with us,
one way or another.

If you wouldn't mind,
call this number first.

Who's gonna pick up?

Only one way to find out.

I got a better idea.

Why don't you make
the call yourself

from our place. Get up.

Hondo, Deacon,
this is Agent Devereaux,


What's the CIA got to do
with any of this?

They need you
to release General Murido.

Come again,
You heard me.

You don't have to like it,

but you do have
to cut him loose.

We've got reason to believe
that Murido's running

a cocaine operation in L.A.
And ordered the hit

at the Flower Outlet today. Four
dead vendors, six more wounded.

And what proof do you have that
Murido played a part in that?
Well, I spoke

to one of the vendors
forced to import Murido's drugs.

He stated that Murido
orchestrated the shooting

as a warning
not to go to police.

Well, that's conjecture at best.

Anyone back that story up?
He was there.

We caught him on camera
before the shooting started.

So all you've really got
is footage of Murido shopping

for flowers.
Come on.

You really think
this is a coincidence?

What's he giving you that's
worth that kind of protection?

That's privileged

Look, Murido is no angel.
We know that.

But because of his background,
he's able to give us

valuable intel along Colombia's
border with Venezuela,

a government hostile
to our own.
You're saying

Murido could help save lives
in that part of the world.

And in exchange, we allow him
a certain degree of immunity

and provide medical treatment
for a viral condition he has.

But there are limits, of course.

I will talk to him, make sure
we have him under control.

So you're just gonna turn a
blind eye to his drug operation?

And the shootout
this morning?
I'd need more proof

of his guilt
before I just turn him over

and abandon the greater good.

Greater good? You didn't
see those people killed.

Your priorities are 4,000 miles
away on some other continent.

We are worried about the people
here in Los Angeles.

Murido's not to be touched,

Mess with him again,

repercussions will fall
on you, Lieutenant Lynch.

That wasn't a fight
we were gonna win.

Yo, Hondo.


Everything all right?

Let's walk.

You know, your pops wanted me to
give the car a spin, you know,

test out the
new carburetor.

So I thought I'd
just drive by here

since it's not that far.
Wait. Hold up. Hold up.

My pops is already letting you
drive the six-four?

I mean, damn,
it took me years

before he even
let me wash that ride.

Yeah, I guess I just
got it like that, yeah.


What's really going on with you?

I-I was gonna tell you sooner,

but your pops told me
not to say anything.

But straight up,
I feel like he's sick.

Like, real, real sick.

I've been seeing him
coughing up blood lately.

Wait a minute.
Wait a minute. What?
I seen it happen twice now.

The first time it happened,
he said it was "chest pepper,"

and I don't know
what that means.

I guess it's old-school
for heartburn or something.

But I know
it's not that.

And the second time it happened,
I offered to call 911,

but he just said
he'll deal with it.

All right, Darryl.
It's all right.

Thank you for telling me.

I'll talk to him.
All right.

Please don't be tough
on Victor. He didn't know.

This was all my fault.
I am so sorry.

So these pot gummies
belonged to you?

No. My friend
brought them over.

Please state your friend's name.

That's necessary?

Do you know if she purchased
the gummies legally?

I think so.

Please tell me she's not

going to get
in trouble for this, too.

No. I'm just trying
to keep the facts straight.

How often do you
consume edibles?

Uh... maybe once a week.

It was a terrible mistake.

I love Victor,
and I don't want him getting

into any trouble
for something that I did.

I can understand that.

Is there anything else the
Standards Bureau needs from us?

Just patience as we deliberate.

I meant everything
that I said in there.

I know how important
SWAT is to you.

I should have explained all
the rules to you before,

emphasized what
was important,

stopped this
from getting here.

Thanks, but that's you trying
to take responsibility,

make me feel better.

Look, I know how much
this bothers you.

I just wish you showed
better judgment.

Look, if we're
gonna be together,

what you do reflects
on me, and vice-versa.

There are some things

that I can't do with you
'cause of this job.

But I also know it's
not fair to ask you

to be somebody different than
who you are, so I don't know.

You're scaring me right now.

Are you saying that you...?

I don't know
what I'm saying.

I'll be right back.

I'm just gonna
use the bathroom.

Hondo, Deacon found an alias
Murido used back in Colombia.

We cross-checked with the
L.A. County Recorder's Office.

One of the names was used to
get a business license here.

It's a flower storage
warehouse in South Gate

where Murido's vendors go to
get their weekly flower supply.

Which means it's probably
where he stores his drugs.

Okay, hold up.
You heard the CIA.

Murido's untouchable.

He might be.

But what I heard is

they wouldn't do anything
without more proof.

But as far as I'm concerned,
his drug business is fair game.

And if he's swept up
in it, so be it.

We gonna tell Lynch about this?


Roger that.

Let's roll.

Hondo, our undercover
is in the warehouse.

You got to feel for Tan, huh?

You think relationships
only get in the way of this job?

For me, job's only gotten in
the way of my relationships.

Okay, visual confirmation
on the drugs.

I got six armed guards--
two each on the north and south.

The other two
walking the center aisle.

Drop your weapons!

On the ground!
On the ground now!

On the ground!

Hands behind your back!

LAPD. Get down now.

Hands behind your back!

Check this out.

Anyone want to guess
the street value?
Call Narcotics.

Have them check every box,
all the pallets.

Shut this place down.

Should I fake some niceties

or just skip straight
to being hopping mad?

Why don't you give it
to me straight?

I just got off the phone
with Agent Devereaux

expressing the CIA's
extreme displeasure.

It was all I could do to
keep him from calling the mayor.

Crisis averted, then.

You went behind my back.
I'm sorry.

I'm not operating
under the impression

that I need to clear any
of SWAT's actions with you.

Murido was explicitly
off limits.

We didn't target Murido.

We did, however, disrupt

a major cocaine
smuggling operation,

which I'm pretty sure is
well within our purview.

That's very clever.

I'm sure you're quite smitten

with what you've just managed
to pull off here,

but you are going out
on a limb, Commander.

And I hope it works out,
I really do,

but if it doesn't,
I won't have your back.

Didn't think you would.


You've been keeping
your phone on you?

I put it aside
to work on my car.

I don't like distractions.

It's the kind of dedication
my baby deserves.

I called you
from work today.

Everything okay?

You tell me.

Appears to be.

I hear you've been
coughing up blood.

You've been doing a good
job of hiding that from me.

Never figured that boy
to be a damn snitch.

Got to mind his own business.

This ain't about Darryl, Pop.

It's about your health, man.

I've seen your coughing fits,
and they're getting worse.

Coughing fits ain't
never killed no one.

Pop? Pop?

What if it's a symptom
of something more dangerous?

Don't you know about
mind your own store?

You're always trying
to save everyone.

You're gonna run yourself in
the ground sooner or later.

Try worrying about
yourself, son.

Don't do that. Don't you try
and make this about me.

Look, I'm an old man.

And one day, you're
gonna understand

that the future
ain't always bright.

Is that why you decided
to come back home?

Because you wanted
to try and fix the past,

make up for your mistakes
while you still can?

I've made my peace
with all of that.

Well, some of us haven't.

You want to put
your mind at ease?

You've came to
the wrong place.

I hope the kids will be
able to sleep tonight.

Oh, well, not that I have
anything to compare it to...

...but I think they're handling
the situation pretty well,

considering the circumstances.

Maybe helps that Daddy's a cop.

They saw him come
to the rescue, get the bad guy.

They shouldn't have seen
any of that.

You know, Samuel told his friend
that he wasn't afraid,

that he knew
his dad would save the day.

What did you think?

That you were gonna
keep your promise to me.

Can I sleep
with you guys?

Of course you can,
sweetheart. Come on.

Come on.

Looks like it's you
and me and Mommy.

And the Tickle Monster.

Ah, got you.


Stay low. Listen to my voice.

Boys, stay down.

You draw this?

Hey, kids,

you get hungry, I got
some shucos and tepache.

Man, this stuff is
yum, yum, yum, yum.

You're gonna
love it, man.

And I brought some sandwiches
and snacks for you and the kids.

I really appreciate you guys
coming in while off duty.

I mean, you didn't
have to do it.
Are you kidding me, Deac?

An attack on one of us
is an attack on all of us.

Anything you need.

It's just a family thing.
Yeah, man.


That is yums. Whoa!

Hey. How you holding up?

This time? Not fine.

Murido ordered this
because of our bust.

You know that.
I do, and we're
gonna go after him.

Not if Lynch
gets in the way.

And what if the CIA
keeps protecting him?

You better choose your next
words carefully, Devereaux.

Sergeant, I heard about
what happened at your home.

I can't imagine
what you must be going through.

Just relieved that you
and your family were unharmed.
They were Murido's men.

They were targeting my wife
and my children as payback.

I get that you're pissed.
I would be, too.

But if this is payback
like you're saying,

wasn't it set in motion
by messing with their boss,

who we told you was off-limits?

Okay, that right there
does not sound like an apology.

I don't know what
I would be apologizing for.

We gave you an order,
you ignored it,

there were consequences.

Get off!

Get off!
Deacon! Deac!

Get him off!
Deacon, that's enough.

That's enough, man.

Murido made a run
at Deacon's family.

Now, you got to explain how
you're gonna make it right.

And he will.

Agent Devereaux,

why don't the three of us
talk privately in my office?

Where I come from,
street cops don't touch agents.

Where I come from, people with
badges don't protect killers.

So this comes down to
Lynch and the CIA?

That's just great.

My sergeant and his kids
are spending

the night here
under our protection.

The line's been crossed.
We need to deal

with the fact that
your asset had a cop

and his family attacked
in their own home.

We don't have
definitive proof of that.

And if you did, what
would you do to Murido?

Give him a good talking-to?

I'm trying to balance
two competing interests here.

How would you like a
story in the L.A. Times

about the CIA doing business
with a South American drug lord?

Wouldn't be the
first time you fellas

tried dirty tricks
in this city.

Freeway Rick, Iran Contra.

You think a reporter might
be interested in that story?

You know
I can't give you Murido.

Then give us something else.

Brave kids.
You taught 'em well.

No, no. Annie did that.

I promised her I'd always
keep our family safe.

What am I doing if I
can't keep that promise?

Well, it looks like
you lived up to it to me.



I heard what happened.

Oh, I can't believe it.

I mean, how do you even
deal with all of this?

Oh, I'm just grateful
everyone's okay.

I heard about
why you're here.

Mm. I really screwed up.

Hey, it's not easy.

I mean, I-I have
to make sure that

my kids' poppy seed bagels don't
ever get anywhere near David's.

Can't test positive for opiates.

You know,
being with a cop,

especially a SWAT officer--
it's just... different.

I envy what you
and Deacon have.

Oh, you got to know
what you're getting into.

But if you're with a man
that you love,

there is no bigger reward
than a SWAT family.

Just had your
house shot up.

Annie still seems

Guessing she was built
to be a cop's wife.

No. Not in
the beginning.

No, took time
and some convincing

that I was someone
worth betting on,

that all the late nights
and the worrying

was gonna be worth it.

I just hope it still is for her.

I hadn't thought of it
that way before.

We ask too much of them.

Pop, I've been trying
to reach you, man,

but, listen, something's going
on with Deacon and his family

that I got to look into,
but this is my third voice mail.

I know you're trying to duck me.
Now, stop it.

Just call me back.

Pop, we need to talk.

Tell us we got the green light
to go after Murido.

Is the CIA handing him over?

Not exactly.
This is so screwed up.

Commander, we can't keep
carrying the Agency's water,

not with Deacon's house getting
shot up with his kids inside.

Hondo, dial it down
for a second.

They won't give up Murido,
because they can't.

But we got them to give us the
final cog of his drug business.

Murido's got
an inside guy at customs

who lets his cocaine
slip through. We flip him,

should allow us to bring
the operation down for good.

we pick up our guy.

Name is Howard McReady.

Let's bring him in.

I don't want to go to prison.

Murido threatened
to kill me and my family.

What choice did he give me?

The easy choice was
to take his payoffs.

That was a bad deal.

Should've come to us first.

We would've made you
a better one.

You guys have guns and badges.

You can protect yourselves.

What can I do
against a guy like that?

Well, we can keep you safe
from this point on,

but you're gonna tell us
about every shipment

that you let come
through customs for him.

What about the one
coming in tonight?

It's Murido's biggest
delivery from Bogotá.

What time is it getting in?
Next couple hours.

I heard the warehouse
in South Gate got raided.

Can't take his supply there
no more.

He's gonna need someplace new.

Any bright ideas where?
I won't know

until I see him
at customs tonight,

but if I'm not there,
he's gonna know something's up,

get spooked.

We need to find him
some clothes.

You're working tonight, for us.

Guess I'll see you
back at home?

Pick you up something
on the way?

I'm not really hungry.

Look, if being with you
means stopping the edibles,

I am done with them.

You are more important
to me than them

or anything else.
I feel the same way.

It's also on me to
make sure we're solid

the way Deacon and Annie are.
I know we can be.

No. We will be.

Caveat emptor, young lady.

Sorry, what?

Buyer beware, especially when
the goods are bad.

Screen came back
on the pot gummies.

They're pretty lame.

Barely any potency.
Wait, that's good news.

Traces were negligible.

Also, the Standards Bureau
found no intent or impropriety.

You did it by the book,

and they took that into
consideration, too.

They also appreciated
you coming in today,

advocating for Victor, so you've
been officially exonerated.


Team's gearing up
in the motor pool.

I'm back on active duty?

If you hurry, catch your squad
before they leave the building.


And be careful.
You heard the young lady.

Beat it.

22-David to
Command, show 114

en route to location.

Nice having you back
with us, Tan.

I was worried I might not see
the front seat again.

Yeah, well, you can thank Street
for keeping it warm for you.

Hey, you sure you want
in on this mission?

We're raiding a coke operation,
not a grow farm.
Ha ha.

You know, Street, I thought
I'd see what it was like

for you getting kicked off SWAT,
but I backed out last minute.

Ooh, ouch, I got to give
that round to Tan, Street.

Coke shipment gets into LAX
in ten minutes.

The contact's gonna let us know
when the convoy's fully loaded

and about to leave.
Then we grab the drugs

at the customs depot
before they hit the road.

We end Murido's
operation for good.

And if the big guy
happens to be there,

all the better.

Thank you.

LAPD! Get on the ground!
Do it now!

Drop your weapons!
On the ground!

LAPD! Do it now!

Hands behind your back!
Come on!


LAPD! Get on your knees!

Stay down.

Police. Stop right there.

I don't have to obey you.

I work for the CIA.
Yeah, well,
I got to call them

to come down
and get you.

So, until then, you stay.

Let me know if those
are too tight for you.

Guess who we happened to find
at the drug seizure.

Tell your guys
to uncuff him, please.

The cuffs stay on.

His two hit squad
shooters talked.

They'll testify
that Murido ordered

the Flower Outlet shooting and
the attack on Deacon's house.

That's multiple homicides.
I'm pretty sure that meets

your threshold of proof,
Agent Devereaux.

I gave you his entire
operation. We had a deal.

We still do, as long as you
stick to the terms.

Murido gets official
persona non grata designation

from the State Department.

You take him back to Colombia.
He can give you all the valuable

intel you need down there,

but he never sets foot
in the U.S. again.

And what about
his medical treatments?
That's not our problem.

But I have to figure flying
the medication down to him

has to be cheaper
than flying him up every month.

I guess I have
no choice, do I?

No, you don't.
Not unless you want to read
about it in the papers tomorrow.

We got what we wanted.

Murido's gone, and his
coke's off our streets.

I'm glad it worked out.

Would've been awkward
being on a panel

having to choose
your replacement.

You know,
one of these days

very soon, you're
gonna have to make

a decision.

What decision is that?

Whether you're
one of us or not.

You know, when I
told you and your men

that Murido was off limits,
I knew you'd still go after him.

You got your man, and I
preserved my-- and the city's--

with the Feds.

We both won.

And the answer to
your question, Commander, is:

I'm one of you when I need to be
and I'm not when I don't.

How convenient.
We'll figure
it out as we go,

on a case-by-case basis.

See you tomorrow.

Come here.

Oh, my sister says that
we can stay at her place.

Daddy, are you sure
it's safe now?

Yeah, honey, it's very safe.

You promise?

Come here.

Lila, I promise.

You can always trust me.

Let's go.

What's the deal, Pop?

Talk to me. It ain't cool
you ignoring me like this.

I got your voice mails.

I knew you'd come home safe.
You always do.

How's Deacon?

Deacon's gonna be all right.
His family, too.

Glad to hear that.

Another long day, huh?

That ain't important
right now, Pop.

Look, I need you
to come with me.

I got to get you
to the doctor.

Don't want no damn doctor.
Pop, you are sick.

I know I'm sick!

Don't need no doctor
telling me

what I already know, okay?

Are you for real right now?
This could be serious.

Look, I don't know
how much time I got left, okay?

But I don't want it spent being
poked and prodded and monitored,

and having everybody
feeling sorry for me.

Look, I wasn't there for
you when you needed me,

so you don't owe me nothing.

This ain't about
owing you anything.

I'm your son,

and if there's something
wrong with you,

I'm gonna help you
get through it.

Who you kidding?
I don't deserve your help.

You know what?
Maybe you don't,

but you damn sure
gonna get it.

So, that's what's up?

That's what's up.

Okay, then.

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