S.W.A.T. (2017–…): Season 3, Episode 19 - Vice - full transcript

An escaped narcotics convict that Tan arrested escapes prison to exact his revenge on all those who busted him in a conviction that becomes increasingly questionable as the manhunt for him proceeds.

- Previously on SWAT...
- You don't want to marry the wrong woman.

But you don't want to be
so scared that you,

you don't marry the right one,
either. Look at Hondo and Luca.

I bet they weren't
planning on dying single.

You got a work thing here?

I can't just come visit
my big sister?

Well, sure you can.

Othella Baker.

I have never in my life

had so much trouble giving
away a million dollars.

I just need the name
of a worthy charity

that you believe in.

24-David, off-duty
traveling east

on Los Feliz following
a possible DUI

in a yellow BMW.

Requesting a patrol unit
to meet.

Sir, stay where you are.

I'm a police officer.

I'm really sorry
about this, but, uh,

no one got hurt.

So, maybe we just
forget about this one, huh?

That's not how it works.
Let me see your license

and registration.

All right.
Don't know where

my registration is.
All I've got is...

Are you serious? Have you
been drinking tonight?

I can't get into trouble, okay?

- My dad'll kill me.
- Tell you what,

I got a breathalyzer
in the car... why don't
we have you blow?

- Start there?
- I don't have to blow.

I know my damn rights.

Suit yourself.

He'll arrest you now and
you can blow at the station.

I'm still gonna
need that license.

That wasn't smart, Jacob Carter.

Chris Alonso, Metro
Division. Driver was

swerving off the road, refused
to blow and tried to bribe me.

I'll bring him in. Book
him down at 11th Division.

I'll swing by in the morning.
I want to personally hand in

a reporting statement
on this guy.

Sir, you're gonna need
to turn around

and put your hands
behind your back.

Sure you don't want any help?

Where I come from, if someone
cooks you an amazing meal,

you handle the mess.

Well, the way I was raised,

is when you host a
beautiful woman in your home,

you take care of everything.

Everything, huh?


Winnie, what you doing here?

Oh, so you can dish out

surprise visits,
but you can't take them?

VIP client wanted to take
a quick trip to L.A.

for the weekend.
Casino asked me to make sure

he and his buddies
had a good time.

So I just got some time to kill.

I thought I'd drop in,
see if you wanted

- to grab a late bite.
- Listen, sis,

I kind of got my own thing
going on over here,

- so maybe we can catch up tomorrow?
- Oh...

- Hey.
- No. Winnie. Winnie. Winnie.

I'm Winnie.
I'm Hondo's sister.

Hi. Nice to meet you.
I'm Nichelle.

We just poured some wine.
Care to join us?

I would love to.

Well, what are we celebrating?

Four months of dating.


Look... Hondo, I... Thank you.
I didn't know Hondo

had a woman in his life
all this time.

He's always so private

about his personal life.

Tough guy likes to keep things
to himself.

- I've got him to talk about his feelings once or twice.
- Nichelle, Nichelle.

Did you say twice?

You two, um,

got a lot of catching up to do.

Might be best
if I got some rest anyway.

Tomorrow's a big night.

No-no, please stay. I never get
to meet anyone Hondo's dating.

And what's going on tomorrow?

We're going to a glitzy
red carpet party

being thrown by Othella Baker.

Billionaire tech CEO.

Hondo saved her life
a few weeks ago.

It wasn't quite that dramatic.

It was. And so she offered

to donate to any
charity he wanted,

and he picked my
community center.

- You run your own community center?
- Right here in the neighborhood.

We work with kids.

Host outreach events,
that sort of thing.

- Y'all are too cute. I'm sorry, you're so cute.
- No, Winnie. Stop.

Oh, come on...

That is beautiful.

Hondo, I'm-I'm surprised.

I mean, you're taking
this girl down the red carpet,

showing off for the cameras.

I'm proud of you.

Nichelle's the hero, not me.


So, Nichelle, you from here?

Uh, Baldwin Hills, actually.

- And you live down here now?
- Mm-hmm.

Well, there's a story there.

And I got a couple hours
to kill.

Good thing we've got
a whole bottle.


- Thank you.
- No problem.

That hit the spot.

Yeah. Surfing really
works up an appetite.

After this, though, I
could really use a nap.

Uh, actually, I was thinking
of working the meal off first.

I'm exhausted.

I just meant take a quick walk
down the strand.

For old time's sake.

Surfing at El Porto,
brunch at my favorite café,

and then a walk on the beach?

What's the special occasion?

Who needs an excuse
to be with you?

I like the sound of that.

Let me just use
the restroom first.

Everybody down! Down! Call 911!

You didn't get the cop!

He shot me!

Get up!


You two okay?

We were lucky.
Others weren't.

- Three wounded, one critical.
- What the hell happened here?

- Three shooters, and they were coming for me.
- Coming for you?

- Why, man?
- That's what I've been standing here asking myself.

Did you recognize that guy?

No, but I know
the ring on his finger.

It belongs to a motorcycle club.
North Foothill Posse.

Those guys are meth dealers
and hell raisers, Tan.

They ain't straight-up killers.

I've never heard of them
coming after cops.

What the hell is this all about?

I haven't crossed paths
with the Posse

since my days back in Vice.

It's at least seven years ago.

- And we still got two shooters out there?
- Yeah.

Okay, we have to check
everything out.

But in the meantime,
I got to bench you

until we sort this out.

Hondo, they could
have killed Bonnie.

If this dates back
to my Vice days,

I have CIs from that world
who only trust me.

I'm an asset on this.

All right, but where you go,
it is me running point.

I ain't letting anything
else happen to you.

- Do you understand?
- Yeah.

All right, let's deal
with your girl.

I'll take care of her from here.

- Thank you.
- All right.

Hey, Bonnie. Listen, I'm
gonna get you to a hotel.

We're gonna have detectives
stand outside your door.

Standard protocol.

You'll be safe.

Sure. Protocol.
Sounds good.

This way.

Right here.

Hey. How's Bonnie
holding up?

Guess we'll see.

Is it supposed to feel
like this, like you're relieved?

But mostly just pissed?

Yeah. Wait till
you have kids.

They get put in harm's way,

you're ready to rain holy hell
down on whoever put them there.

I already am.

The shooter Tan bagged
is Evander Keats.

Oceanside native. He joined
the North Foothill Posse

back in '09.

He's got a small run
of low-level priors.

Disorderly conduct
and simple assault.

No list of accomplices,
and now he's lawyered up

and he ain't telling us jack.

You think it's a paid hit?

I worked the Foothill Posse
seven years ago.

Don't know why they'd
come for me now.

Maybe this will help.

Ballistics came back
on the shells from the café.

They match shells from another
shooting four hours ago

in Mar Vista and another,
three hours ago in Brentwood.

Looks like our shooters
killed two other victims
before coming for Tan.

A mechanic
and a city prosecutor.

This has to be connected
to an old case.

Wait a minute.
I know them.

Back in 2013, that mechanic
was a witness

for that prosecutor.

They both helped put away
Conor Pope.

L.A.'s self-proclaimed
meth king.

- How are you tied in?
- I was Pope's arresting officer.

This says Pope's been
incarcerated since 2013,
serving 50 years.

If he wanted to put out a
contract hit from behind bars,

why wait till now?

So he could be there in person.

Just got this.
Conor Pope escaped

from a federal penitentiary
approximately ten hours ago.

Bragged to his cellmate
that he was finally
gonna get his payback.

Apparently he's got
a list of targets.

Grabbed this
from your attack, too.

Never thought I'd have
to see that face again.

Yeah, well, now he's got to
worry about seeing our faces.

I really have to get to Metro.
What's taking so long?

I'm just submitting
a reporting statement.

I can't find the citation
in last night's log.

Jacob Carter.
Bagged on a DUI.

I can't find him,
Officer Alonso.

No one by that name was booked.

Can you please check again?

It was just off Los Feliz.

He would have been
brought in around 11:00.

I don't know what to tell you. He's not here.

That's impossible.

I watched him get in the back
of a cruiser myself.

Sorry. If he's not
in the system,

he was never processed.

What else do we know
about Conor Pope?

He ran the city's largest
meth game a decade back.

Cooked up one of the most potent
strains in SoCal.

Street cops called it
Crystal Death.

He used bikers from the
Foothill Posse for distribution.

If people weren't
killing themselves with it,

they were killing
someone else over it.

While I was on Vice in 2013,
a whole task force

had been created
just to bring this guy down.

Okay, if this stuff
was everywhere,

why did it take so
long to nail him?

We couldn't find anything
connecting Pope directly

to his empire.
He ran a tight ship.

Knew all the rules,
how to bend them,

when and where to break them.

You worked the case,
too, Lieutenant?

Oh, yeah. I was in Hollywood
Division at the time.

- We were all across it.
- Okay, how'd you finally get him?

Well, to be honest,
we got lucky.

I was on dump detail,
found a business ledger

in his trash... connected his
income, supply, customers.

It was just the
smoking gun we needed.

The D.A. used it to convict,
sent his ass away for good.

- Yeah, or so we thought.
- Pope's got a kill list

Targeting the people
who put him in prison.

Witness, prosecutor and Tan
were the first three targets.

Attorneys, judges, jurors,

other witnesses
could all be next.

Scoop up potential targets,

have them brought
to HQ for protection.

Okay, wait, wait, wait.
Okay, that's defense.

What's our plan on offense
to track down Conor Pope?

His girlfriend, Jacinda Herrera.

She was the last one
to visit him in prison.

That's one place to start.

- Luca, have Chris pick her up with a patrol unit.
- Got it.

I got an old source
I want to visit,

guy who runs a gear shop
the Posse brings their bikes to.

Well, let's hope he still likes you.

Hey, Tan. Gear up.

I'll meet you outside
in a minute.


- Hey, bae.
- Hey.

Everything all right?

I think I left my wallet
at your place last night.

Guess I had one too many glasses
with your sister.

- Thank god for Uber.
- Well, you guys hit it off.

If we didn't run out of wine,
we might have gone till dawn.

So, do you mind if I grab
your house keys?

I'll bring them back when I pick
you up tonight before the gala.

Yeah. They're
in my car.

- Come on.
- Okay.

I'm looking forward to it.

If Winnie is still around, you
should invite her to the party.

Okay. I can ask her, I just...

sort of pictured
just us tonight.

That's sweet, but with all
the big money Othella invited,

I'll be working the room
all night.

Between that, keeping my parents
occupied, my friends...

Your parents are coming?

It's all they've been talking
about since I told them.

I don't know who they're more
excited to meet,

Othella Baker
or my SWAT boyfriend.

Well, yeah, sure, I'll check in with Winnie.

- I know she loves that type of stuff.
- Mm.

But look, I got to run right
now. We're about to roll out.

But I'll see you tonight
unless work gets in the way.

Okay. Stay safe.

All right. Yeah.

Bonnie's not picking up.
I just want to make sure

- she got to the hotel okay.
- Hey, you'd be the first

To hear if she didn't.
She's in good hands.

That's not what
I'm worried about.

She watched me shoot someone,
knock another guy out.

The way she looked at me after,

- it was like she was afraid of me.
- You're worried

She saw a side of you
only the bad guys should.

Yeah. And I had
the whole day planned.

Every detail down to the minute
before I got on one knee.

Wait, wait.
Hold on a minute.

You were gonna propose today?

Yeah. Just after brunch.

- Oh, man. Wow.
- Yeah, and on top of that,

I lost the ring.

- You what?
- At the restaurant.

Pope's guys
started shooting at me,

everything went flying.
I couldn't find it afterwards.

Okay. I'll talk
to the guys on the scene.

M.E.s, CSIs,
have them take a look.

It's a lost cause, man.

Hey, listen.

You and Bonnie
are gold together.

I quit the apps
'cause I wanted something

like what you two have.

And that led me to meet Molly.

So let me work on the ring.

Officer Tan. It's been a while.

I stopped chasing the
Foothill Posse when I left Vice.

Now they're chasing me.

Did you know?

A guy like Pope
breaks out of prison?

Everyone knows.

That I was on his kill list?

I just heard about it

from some Foothill Posse guys
in here getting tune-ups.

There's nothing I could do
to stop it from happening.

It never occurred to you
to pick up the phone?

And risk Pope putting me
on his list?

There's no stopping
a man like that.

Yeah, certainly not
with your help.

Prison break?
Hit crew?

That's a lot to put together
from a cell,

and he had to pay for it.
How'd he do it?

Before he went away,
Pope left a huge cache

of benzyl cyanide
in one of his old labs.

He promised it to the Posse
if they broke him out.

There's enough in there

to make ten million dollars'
worth of meth.

Do you know where
his old lab is?


he tried to kill me.

And he hurt innocent civilians.
Do the right thing here.

For a change.

Let me call my guy.

Ms. Herrera.

I heard our officers
had a little trouble

convincing you to come in.

You certainly know your rights.

Verbal abuse doesn't count
as assaulting an officer.

I don't like cops, okay?

You jammed my boyfriend up,
it ain't gonna work on me.

Your boyfriend's
as bad as they come.

We both know where the money
for that McMansion

we dragged you out of came from.

Yeah, so don't pretend
he got a raw deal.

Okay? It was a good bust.

You cops just found
evidence on him in the trash?

Please. You're all
a bunch of cheaters.

- I need to go.
- Look, you were

The last one to visit Pope
in prison.

You two communicated regularly.

You know he was
planning a breakout?

- No.
- Do you know

Who he's targeting next?

- If you do and you don't tell us...
- Please.

You think I'm gonna turn
on Conor after all these years?

That bitch detective
couldn't turn me then,

you ain't gonna turn me now.

- This, uh, female detective, does she have a name?
- Sure.

Never forget it. Lynch.

You want me to call Central?
Get some of these

potential targets
to other divisions?

We got enough room
under our own roof.

They can stay here
until Pope's brought in.

What do you got here?

D.A.'s case on Pope.

Could give us
a lead on any targets

we haven't scooped up yet.

You know, I did
some digging of my own.

Talked to your former colleagues
at Hollywood Division.

Specifically, the Narcotics Task
Force that brought Pope down.

Yeah. Some hard chargers
over there.

Did you speak
with Sergeant Williams?

He's still one
of my favorite people.

You should try his chili.

He said you wanted Pope bad.

Worked the case for two
years as a detective

and then left when the
task force was formed.

Why was that?

I was needed elsewhere.

Pope wasn't the only
heavy hitter in L.A.

- Hmm.
- If that's all, Commander,

I'm gonna check on something.

You sure that's a good idea?

I mean, you could be
on Pope's kill list, too.

Oh, I don't think so.

I never interacted
with him personally.

- You tried to flip his girlfriend.
- And it didn't work.

Tried a lot of things
that didn't pan out.

That's why they called in
the task force.

Long coffee break, Kowalski?

Been trying your
cell all morning.

Can I borrow him?

You ducking me 'cause that drunk
driver paid you off last night?

- No, I...
- I don't have a lot of time.

What happened to him?

The division said
that he wasn't brought in.

I brought him in.

Everything was by the book.

We tested his blood at
the station, came back .14.

Gave him his phone call,
prepped him for booking.

Then this guy shows up.

Really nice suit,
heavy business card.

It was the kid's dad,
Logan Carter.

The deputy mayor, Logan Carter?

Yeah. Look,

I'm just a two-year officer.

But this guy's the right hand
for the mayor.

I'm not losing my job for this.

So he was never processed?

No paperwork?

- The blood test?
- Destroyed.

The dad made sure.

I didn't have a choice.

That's my commander.
I got to go.

This is not
your fault, Kowalski.

But you always have a choice.

Tan's old source paid off.

He said Conor Pope
was with the Foothill Posse

at this warehouse up the street
about 30 minutes ago.

Do we know if he's still there?

Trying to confirm.
Garment warehouse

has a basement meth lab.

Infrared should at least give us

the number of guys
we're dealing with.

Okay, I clock nine total.
One of them could be Pope.

Other heat signature in
the center is a propane boiler.

We can't take the
fight down there.

One stray bullet could
send the whole place up.

Looks like there's only one way
into the lab,

a trapdoor built into the floor.

Smoke canisters
can flush them out.

- All right.
- Time's short.

Let's get them before the
lookout pops up for air again.



Everybody come out
now, one by one!

Let's go. Move.


Eight so far, no Pope.

- There's still one more.
- Conor Pope,

Come out now.

Pope cleared out an hour ago.

Nice to see you again, Officer.

Congratulations, Emerson.

You used to be just
a common meth dealer,

but with breaking out a
prisoner, aiding and abetting,

shooting at a cop earlier,

- you're looking at 55 to life, pal.
- And that's before

We tack on possession and intent
to manufacture crystal meth.

I almost don't know
what else we can throw

at you at this point, bro.

How about you throw us somethin?

Maybe we drop the drug charges,

keep you in county,
close to home.

Come on.

I don't know where Pope's going.

He took two guys with him,
though. Reinforcements.

How many targets does he have
left on his kill list?

Just some woman, man.

Whoever she is,
Pope blames her the most.

Commander, you know who
he's talking about, right?

Lieutenant Lynch. She left
by herself this morning

to "check some things" and
hasn't been seen since.

Yeah. Voice mail.

Pope's girlfriend said
they had a history.

Look, I'll check her office,
have the team put out an APB.

Better hurry.

Thanks for talking to us.
We've got a lieutenant

off the grid
who could be in danger.

And since you were Pope's
defense attorney, we're hoping

you can give us some insight
on where she or Pope might be.

Sure. Help yourself, Counselor.

There's no snacks out there.
I'm starving.

Hey, listen, I'm still bound
by attorney-client privilege.

Unless you are aware of
someone in immediate danger.

I don't know about targets,

but I know Pope was obsessed
with the task force

that planted evidence on him.

Watch your mouth.

Fruit of the poisonous tree,
that ledger

you found in his trash should
never have been admissible.

You pressed me
for 40 minutes on the stand.

I promise you I didn't plant it.

Doesn't mean
someone else didn't.

It ever bother you

how easy that came into
your possession?

We take the breaks
wherever we can get 'em.

- Yeah.
- We're not retrying a case here.

We're trying to save
someone's life.

After I lost Pope's last appeal,
I thought he was gonna kill me

right there in the courtroom.

He's been adamant
about that damn ledger

his entire time in the pen.

That's what this is about.

He feels he was wronged.

And if you ask me, he was.

Not that I'm excusing violence.


Pope wouldn't have throw
that book in the trash.

So somebody else had to.

- Any word on Lynch?
- Still looking.

I got a couple other divisions
trying to track her down.

- What's up?
- I know it's not a good time right now,

But I need to talk about
Deputy Mayor Carter.

I'm not the political animal
like Lieutenant Lynch,

but doesn't mean I don't
step foot in the jungle
every once in a while.

What can you tell me about him?

Well, Carter's got
deep roots in the city,

a family of public servants;
military, Congress, lawyers.

He was deputy district attorney
himself a couple of decades ago.

Why do you ask?

I pulled over his son
for drunk driving.

Carter made it disappear.

Well, what do you want
to do about it?

Is there an arrest report?
Blood alcohol test?

Not anymore.

Well, Carter runs Public Safety.

He controls the funds for

the entire LAPD, top to bottom.
In a lot of ways,

you could say SWAT's more at his
mercy than the mayor herself.

- Doesn't mean his son can drink and drive without consequences.
- I agree.

But right now,
there's no record of a case.

You'd have to get the D.A.'s
office to open up a new inquiry

based on the word of an
off-duty SWAT officer

who was acting outside

of her job purview,
with no physical evidence.

So that's it?

Just live with it?

Chris, I'd never
tell you to quit.

I know why this matters to you.

But you'd be fighting a battle
that's already over.

Thanks for telling that to me straight.

Lynch. Where the hell are you?

Lieutenant, what happened here?

I found one of Pope's guys
waiting to ambush the resident,

so I ambushed him first.

Who lives in this house?

Woman named Raquel Lopez.

And how is she connected
to all this?

She was an off-the-books source

that provided me intel
on the Pope case.

I saw her forwarding address
in the D.A.'s file,

and I realized if the
D.A. knew about her,

then maybe Pope did, too.
So I swung by to check on her

and looks like I got
here just in time.

So Raquel is his last target,
not you?

She's a brave woman;
I owe her a lot.

Lucky for us, Raquel
hasn't come home yet,

which means she's
still out there.

But Pope is trying
to track her down.

Wait a second.

Why didn't you tell anyone
where you were going?

This was just a hunch.

I didn't want to waste
valuable resources on it.

All due respect, Lieutenant,
when you assessed a threat here,

why didn't you call it in?

I didn't want to engage
a firefight.

I think I handled myself fine.

Now if you don't mind,
I have a suspect to question.

Neighbors say Raquel comes
and goes for days at a time.

It's normal for her
to be unreachable.

So he doesn't know where she is.

And he's spreading his
resources trying to find her.

I recognize her.

Think she went by
a different name back in 2013.

Raquel was part of Pope's crew?

Nah, she was his housekeeper.

What did his housekeeper do
to make him go after her?

I got one theory.

He's putting up
a brick wall now,

he won't give us anything
on Pope.

Years of going after him
with stings and busts,

Pope always got away.

And then one day, everything we
needed fell right in our lap.

Fell right in my lap.

You know I've always
been a fan of yours.

But aside from attention to
detail and thoroughness,

understand luck plays a part
in a long and healthy career.

Is it luck if we made it happen?

You've had a long day. Maybe you
should call and check on Bonnie.

Oh, Bonnie's fine.

It's the case that's
bothering me.

You worked the Pope case early,
then left.

But you always
wanted to get him.

What information
did Raquel give you?

I can't find her
in any of our files.

You do know what "off the
books" means, don't you?

You're not answering
my question.

And you're not addressing
me like a lieutenant.

What do you think I'm hiding?

I think it wasn't just luck
that I found the ledger

in the trash that day.

I think Raquel put it
there for me to find.

And I think maybe somebody in
the LAPD told her to do it.

A housekeeper throwing something
in the trash isn't a crime.

It is if she did
it for the cops.

In exchange for a new
name, a new life?

Pope came after me,

and he could've hurt
or killed my girlfriend.

All 'cause he thinks we cheated.

Did we, Lieutenant?

Now is not the time
to interrogate me.

I need you to help me
find Raquel before Pope does.

Because if we don't, she's dead.

After Pope's arrest,
Maritza Garcia changed her name

to Raquel Lopez
and left the Valley.

She got a nursing degree,

and now rotates at five
different hospitals.

She finished her graveyard shift

at Saint Thomas
at 6:30 this morning.

- Hasn't been seen since.
- I couldn't get Pope's guy to say much,

But one thing is clear:
Pope is still hunting for her.

You don't have any other
information on her you
want to share with us?

Made some calls.

Raquel wasn't scheduled to work
at any other hospital today.

But look at this. Pope's
been making the rounds,

each of the hospitals she
works, asking about her.

Now, this time stamp

shows that he just
left the last one.

How's he getting
his information?

She changed her name,
was off the books,

yet he's got the addresses
to every single hospital

- she works at?
- Yeah, I've been wondering the same thing, too.

And not just for Raquel.

Pope managed to locate
a state's witness,

a city prosecutor
and a SWAT officer.

None of their information
is public record.

He needed subpoenaed documents
and access to our files.

Which means you think we have
a leak in the D.A.'s office?

Well, it's hard to imagine Pope
got to someone there.

What about the other side?

Defense attorneys have access
to everything, too.

Pope's lawyer worked nonstop
on his appeals

the last seven years.

Bring his ass into


Hicks filled me in
on your DUI bust.

Wanted me to check in.

He thinks it'd be
smart to drop it.

He knew you wouldn't.

You dig anything else up?

The deputy mayor's son
just graduated college.

I asked departments
by the school.

Friends of mine
found two other times

in the last year where Jacob
got pulled over

and the deputy mayor
made them all go away.

So this wasn't the first time
Jacob's used his daddy's

"get out of jail free" card.

He's gonna continue
driving drunk

until he hurts himself
or someone else.

Do you know how
my mom died, Hondo?

Only the broad details.

Never felt right to pry.

It was a pileup on the freeway.

My mom caused it trying to make
a last-minute exit

across three lanes.

Four dead, including her.

She was drunk at the time.

She usually was.

It didn't matter
how much she drank,

she always thought
she was in control.

And she always got away with it,
until she didn't.

You know what you need to do.

Of course I do.

But Hicks is right.

Carter's reach is huge.

He can punish all of SWAT
to get to me.

City Hall's never scared us,

I don't want anything
to happen to the team

because of some
personal crusade.

You are talking about
saving lives.

That's personal to all of us.

Now, only you can decide
how far you push this.

But when I'm in a tough spot,
I just ask myself:

what is the right thing to do?

And you know that answer.

D.A. showed us your requests

for personal information leading
to all of Pope's victims.

Before you say it was for his
appeal, your requests came

after his last one was denied.

And we checked with your firm.

If you were still doing
legal work for Conor Pope,

it wasn't on their time.

You're gonna be arrested
for abetting Pope in murder

the moment you leave this room.

He's got to have some kind
of leverage on you.

Come on, man, this is where
you defend yourself.

He was gonna murder my family.

The only way I could

stay off that kill list was
to help him make it.

All I did was my job.

You're the ones who started this
by planting evidence.

We don't have time
for a whole deposition.

Pope's already been to
every hospital Raquel works at.

Where's he looking next?

Raquel is innocent.

None of us want her to die.

Raquel's cousin is a patient
at a rehab clinic in Malibu.

Sometimes Raquel
volunteers there.

He left the last hospital
20 minutes ago.

He's already ahead of us.
I'll tell Hondo.

Yeah, maybe

if you had played by the
rules in the first place,

this wouldn't have happened.

Rehab facility's off-grid
and they got a "no phones" rule.

So we can't get through to them
or warn Raquel.

Trying to save the addicts
from themselves...

Now it's putting them
in more danger.

Trying to make the best time
I can.

Tan, what's your problem?

Spit it out.

You know me,
I don't talk out of school,

but I think Lynch got Raquel
to toss Pope's ledger

seven years ago,
knowing that I would find it.

She got a source
to collect evidence.

That's part of the job.

Not if she told Raquel
to throw the book away

so the police could find it.
That's planting evidence.

There are rules.

And we have to play by them.

For all we know,
Raquel did it willingly.

Everything comes down
to chain of custody...

Tough to prove anything
illegal was done,

but Lynch is smart,
she knows that.

Doesn't matter. Lynch was
a mentor, we have history.

I can live with the past,
but can I trust her now?

She's ain't going
into battle with us.

Now this team, we've always
had each other's backs.

And right now,
we got a life to save.

So we're gonna get this one done
like the others...

The way we trained.

Split up. Find Raquel!

Deacon, Tan, locate Raquel,
get her safe.

Street and Chris,
you're with me.

- Where are the patients' quarters?
- Oh, oh, my God.

- Please don't shoot me.
- Where?

Uh, second floor.
That way.

Where's the gunman?

- Where's the gunman?!
- He went that way.

It's okay. LAPD!

Exit the building!

Fire alarm is gonna
draw people out.

Pope's trying to
bring Raquel to him.

We're running out of time.


This is not a drill!

Move, move, move, move!

Come on, come on, go.

- He went that way!
- We're looking for Raquel Lopez.

- She's got a cousin here.
- Yeah, Sadie Brown... second floor,

- Down the hall.
- Move, move, move, move, move, move!

Let's go.

It's just another drill, Raquel.

I don't think so.

I don't want to go.

Something's wrong.

- On the ground! LAPD!
- Down, down, down!

Don't move!

- Down!
- Now! On the ground now!

Behind your back!
Hands behind your back!

Hands behind your back!

Come here.

26-David, one suspect
in custody.

Move or die! Move!

Pope, put the gun down!

Hands behind your head!

Get back in the room!

Conor Pope,

you're under arrest.

You take a good
look at this man.

He put you away the first time,
I'm gonna put you away the last.

I called the mayor,

told her Conor Pope
is in custody.

She sends her appreciation.


We've had a long year so
far together, Lieutenant,

and I'd like to think
we've gotten closer,

so I'm only gonna ask this once.

Did you leverage Raquel Lopez
to illegally obtain evidence

for the LAPD seven years ago?

No, I didn't.

Just tell us the truth, please.

I am.

So that's how it's gonna be?

Because this unit

can't function without
trust, Lieutenant.

Then trust me.

We got Pope.

He's never coming near us again.

We should talk about earlier.

What you saw today,
we train for that,

but that's not
how the job is, usually.

You're in harm's way every day.

You need to fend for yourself.
I get that.

Yeah. Instincts kick in
when it's life or death,

and I know
it looked brutal, but...

I just hope you don't
look at me differently.

Victor, I knew you were SWAT,

but I didn't know
you could do that.

You were amazing.


I thought you were freaked out,
in shock.

It-it was shocking,
but the good kind,


It takes so much every morning

when I kiss you goodbye
to not think

that's the last time
I might see you.

I know you've got a
dangerous job, but...

seeing you in action,
watching you save lives today?

If you can handle that,
you can handle anything

that life throws at us.

Wow, um...


I had this whole plan today.

Yeah, it was gonna be
really special.

To hell with it. I-I know this
isn't the most romantic place,

but... you make me so happy.

I want to spend the rest of my life with you.

Bonnie Lonsdale...

will you marry me?

Hell yeah, of course I will.

Victor Tan for the win!


Good news.
I think I know where that, uh...

evidence you were
looking for is... Hi, Bonnie.

- Hi.
- The bad news is,

I'm pretty sure
it's at the city dump.

Turns out, one of the
M.E.s pocketed it

after the shooting,
and then forgot.

He left it in his hazmat suit.

All that stuff gets disposed of

as biowaste
at the end of the day.

I know a guy who can pull
the trash for us, but we got

to leave right now
before they close.

Hey, hey. It's okay.

I don't need it.

I already said yes.

You said yes? She said yes!

- Hey, that's amazing.
- Thanks.

- You're getting married.
- Hey. Ah...

Sorry you went through
so much trouble, but, uh,

I'm gonna get her a new ring.

One that doesn't remind us
of the day we almost died.

Wait, wait, wait. Y-You're gonna
leave a perfectly good ring

at the city dump?

Nothing stopping you
from digging it up, Jim.

Maybe you'll need it one day.


Welcome to City Hall.

- Have we met?
- I know

Who you are, Officer Alonso.

I also know
you're an exemplary cop

with a long, decorated history.

You work for the deputy mayor.

We just want to know how
we can agree on things.

You're coming up

on your five-year.

Good optics
for a deserved promotion.

You know what I want?

I want your boss's son
to start following the law

and get the help he needs.

The D.A. won't touch this.

You've got no case.

Now, you're kicking up
a hornet's nest for nothing.

Nothing, except a
lot of misery for you

and your friends at SWAT.

There may be no record
of a blood test,

but there was still an EMT
who had to administer it.

He had no problem signing
an affidavit swearing

he drew Jacob Carter's
blood last night.

I bet the D.A. will be curious
why the results are missing.

Along with my testimony,
Jacob will face the consequences

for his actions.

You do what you have to do.
I'll do the same.

Hey, Officer Alonso.

You have a good day now.

Oh, Lieutenant.

Come in.

Wanted to see how you were
holding up after today.

You didn't have to.

I got something on the stove.

The police asked me
a lot of questions

about seven years ago.

Pope's first arrest.

I didn't say anything
about our arrangement.

I'm sorry you had
to go through that,

- but you didn't have to protect me.
- Sure I did.

I owe you for saving my life.

If you came forward
with evidence publicly,

you would've been
the prosecution's star witness.

All Pope would need
to stay out of jail

was to find a way
to silence you.

Did you explain that
to your team?

They don't have the burden
of living

in the gray areas
like I have to.


It's a price I'm willing to pay.


Come on in. Hey.


Girl, you look amazing.

Hondo just got home.

- Oh, I'm so glad to see you.
- Oh...

I didn't hear from Hondo, so
I thought you left town already.

- Well...
- Wow.

You look like a movie star.

You're not dressed yet.

I know, I'm-I'm sorry.

I... I just got home.

Yeah, well, I'm gonna leave
you two, give you a minute.

Baby, it was a rough day.

I'm not gonna be able
to make it tonight.

Look, I'm sorry, but
I just don't know

if I got it in me for small talk
and appetizers right now.

This is important, Hondo.

I know. No, I know.

And that's why you should go.

Enjoy yourself, you earned this.

You were the one
who brought this together.

What happened at work?

Nichelle, sometimes in this job,
you just got certain days,

and... today was a day.

But your friends are gonna
be there, and-and your folks.

You don't need me.

My folks.

So, that's what this is about?

- 'Cause you didn't know my parents were coming?
- Nichelle,

Sometimes I'm not gonna be able
to make it to things.

I mean, if you want to
date a SWAT officer,

I mean, that's just
the way it's got to be.

Sure. I understand.

You're my brother,
and I love you.

What the damn hell
is wrong with you?

Are you trying to blow
things up with her?

Winnie, just stop.

You don't know
what you're talking about.

Let me guess. Nichelle
met your family,

tried to get you to meet hers.

The relationship got real
and you got spooked.

Okay, you know what?
I ain't got to listen to this

from the sister I hear from
once every few months,

who's got two divorces
on her record.

You know...

You have been doing this
your whole life, Hondo.

I don't even think you want
anything serious.

Oh, what? Y-You want
me to be like you?

You jump from one wrong guy
to the next.

Why'd you leave
your second husband again?

You watch yourself, Hondo.

I live my life the way
I need to live it to be happy.

Long as you're the one doing
the leaving, you're happy.

Anything to not be
blindsided like Mom.

And just 'cause you don't
marry them before you

break their hearts doesn't
make you any less like Dad.

I am nothing like that man!

Well, you tell that
to the amazing woman

you just pushed out the door.


Winnie, the-the truth is,

I've been thinking a lot
about them, Mom and Pop.

They have been spending
more and more time together.

They're taking walks,

they're getting meals.

I overheard them talking
about a Palm Springs visit.

Lord have mercy.


I don't think it hurts

because they're spending
more time together.

It hurts because
he's so damn happy.

I mean, I ain't gonna lie
to you, there is a part of me

that wants him to still hurt,
you know?

We can't keep holding
on to that, Hondo.

I mean, I'm-I'm just as guilty.

We spent so much time

running away
from our parents' example

that we s-screwed ourselves up
in our own ways.

Maybe it's-it's time
for that to end.

'Cause I got
to tell you, this...

Nichelle seems
like a real winner.

She is.

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