S.W.A.T. (2017–…): Season 3, Episode 17 - Hotel L.A. - full transcript

The team has to protect a hotel full of civilians after a gang bust goes awry. Luca's brother, a freelance journalist, crosses police lines to shoot footage.

Previously onSWAT...

Uh, Lieutenant,
this is my brother Terry.

Hey, nice
to meet you.Hi.

It's been a long time.Sorry about what I said to you.

Well, you save
people's lives.

I film crime scenes and then
sell 'em to the tabloids.

It's no secret who's got
the more honorable gig.

Thanks for always
having my six.

Yeah. [laughs softly]

[clears throat]

I-I think I... I think
I drank too much whiskey.

You and me-- we're teammates.

I'm always gonna have
your back on the job,

but that's where
it ends from now on.

You're, like,
twice as strong as last week.

And half as strong as I was
before getting injured.

I need to be 100% if
I'm gonna pass my PFQ

and get back out in the field.

You're still gonna try
to pass the PFQ?I'm gonna do it.

I just need to be
with my team.

Well, look at that--
Buck Spivey.

You look like you're
doing really good.

I'm hooked up with a guy
named Owen Bennett.

And, uh, we're looking

to launch a private
security firm.

But what would really put things

over the top would be
to have you on board.

I've struggled a bit
since leaving SWAT.

You owe me.Is that what this is
about-- me owing you?

Because, Buck, it seems
to me that goes both ways.

You realize we're overqualified
for this gig, yeah?

Yeah, well, I know
that every job is important

for a new company like ours.

Lot of competition
in private security.

Promoter likes
how we handle ourselves,

maybe we snag
a long-term contract.

So let's just
keep the clients safe.

Right, from rabid

wasting their parents' money
on concert tix.

Come on, Deac.

Is "teenyboppers"
even still a word?

Oh, now you're just
age-shaming me

with your yogurt parfait
and 30-inch waist.

You enjoy that.

You're crabby today.

Mm. Maybe you're oversensitive?

So, what do you want to do--

go shock-and-awe
with a six-man team?

Two-two-and-two on the door?Realistically,

I think we just need
a three-man team

shadowing the client
in and out of the event.

Right. Aka the vanity crew.

You know, our star--
he looks tough, plays safe.

He's a wussy. [chuckles]

Wussy from get-up
to get-down. Ah.

You doing okay?

Oh, top of the world, Deac.

It's just, it ain't SWAT.

Pays better by the hour.

That's what I tell the mirror
every morning.

[phone beeping]

Okay, you're on the clock now,
so you and I are done.

You got a big day?Yeah.


Hey, man.He's all yours.

What's going on?

We're muscle
for a joint task force

with the Gang Division.

Yeah? How many...
how many targets?

Four different gang leaders,
plus any crew they bring along.

All in one location?Gets them max charges
on conspiracy.

Break the gangs
from the top down.

Well, that seems like
a high-risk move.Nah.

That's why we're
gonna let 'em scatter

before we start
picking 'em off.

We'll be in control
of time, place

and the number of players.

All the variables.Well, stay liquid.

Drown the suckers.[laughs]

Really glad to see you, man.

All right, so, Buck,
you'll handle the...

Oh, yeah.
Don't you worry, Deac.

I got the, uh...
I got the side job covered.

Dude, you're not missing

All-day stakeout
beats maybe--

I don't know-- dental work?

Until you roll up
on the targets.

All right, that's-that's
the bonus. I won't lie.

Yeah, while I'm watching
spy monitors.


You're back in the field again.

Well, watching the field
and being

in the field
ain't the same thing,

so don't pat me
on the back

like I'm some kind
of needy girl.

Should I, uh, walk out
and come in again?

I get it. I get it.

I-I've had my share
of needy girls.

They just don't look like you.Yeah.


I miss you out there.

Well, I'm almost on deck, man.

Just need to pass the PFQ.

Just like all the other times.


Well, I got your backs out there
today, so don't-don't...

don't make it hard
on me now, all right?

All right.

What the hell was that about?

He's just scared.
If he can't pass...

I mean, SWAT is in his DNA.

Unless it isn't anymore.
And then what?

Third-generation SWAT
just washes out?

Last generation of Lucas
to wear the patch?

[clears throat]

Even if Luca had to go
desk, he's still SWAT.

Is that how you'd feel?


Me, neither.

So, how's everything
with Molly?

Good. I, uh...
I never thanked you.

Molly told me that
you were encouraging

when she asked you about me.

She wasn't supposed
to tell you that.

I-I got to say,
I was a little surprised,

given the circumstances...No. Don't. Don't.

You and me--
we-we... we had a moment.

A mini, drunken moment.

And a bad idea.

And so, fixing me up was,
what, you making amends?

Just trying to help two people

get happy, you know?

What about you?
How you doing?

Feels good to be home
with my aunt and uncle.

how to laugh.

Anyone new in your life?Don't ask me that.

What? Friends can ask.

[phone beeping]

The buzzer. Time to roll.

You can't improve
on nature, babe.

Love you, T.J.,
some of the time.

Most of the time.Yeah.

You're already
kind of late, T.

They'll wait for me.

Welcome to Hotel L.A.[chuckling]

20-David to D-Team.

The last player at the
summit just drove up--

T.J. Doyle repping
the Coffin Makers.

All right. Hurry up and wait.

What did Buck always say

was the most important thing
in a stakeout?


Spoken like a dad.

No, man. Patience.

Builds anticipation.

I already can't wait.

Man, Coffin Makers, Soldados,

Brotherhood, One-Niners--

these crews hate each other
with a capital "H."

They get busy together,
they could make L.A.

the crime capital
of America.

Except their next stop
is the holding tank.

All right, we're ready.

Hondo and Deacon
own the entrance,

we got the only other line
of travel off the block.

These bosses are done
and don't know it.

Bets on how long
we have to wait?

I'm going with two hours.

They'll agree or they won't.

Either way, we own them.

[piano plays slow,
gentle jazz music]

Don't swallow her now.

You take care of my girl.

What can I get you?

[gasps, chuckles]


Te amo, cariño. Yo también.

Now that we're all assembled,
thank you all for coming.

Shows that we can
put business first.

Our organizations move
different products,

but we all have the same goal--


We also have
the same problem-- pipeline.

We all need a
safer, better,

faster shipment
across the border.

A new route that we create,
we control.

I'm talking
a business cooperative

to securely transport
any and all commodities.

Ah, that's it.
Keep it coming, fool.

On the record-- conspiracy,

street terrorism,
full enhancements.

Run by you
and your One-Niners, Cyrus?

Manuela Diaz likes
to speak first and speak loud.

Not a shy girl.

Yeah, murdered her way
straight to the top.

I read her file.
Took two sittings.

Did it mention how she raised
the bar for Los Soldados?

I know she took the gang

Got her the respect
of every cartel boss in Mexico.

Even El Diablo.
That says a lot.

I'm offering shares.

Thug with a prospectus.
We've been trying

to bring in Cyrus since before
he was the number-one One-Niner.

To build some tunnel
that never gets finished?

Like, now you're an engineer,

Sammy B. still overdresses.

Sharpest mug shots on file.

Him and The Brotherhood
love to strut.

Tunnel's already built, Sammy.
We just have to open it up.

What did he just say?

Oh, this is gonna play great
in court.

You're talking
about the Rabiosos' tunnel.

Never reached the border.

I've walked it.

Don't call me a liar now.

How about a wishful thinker?

Brave move for a guy
without backup in the room.

Pretty doesn't make him smart.You think T.J.'s pretty?

That's more than
I need to know.

Coffin Makers always been an
arrogant bunch. White privilege.

So, what's he bringing
to the table?Besides diversity?

Southwest drug trade.
Bootleg oxy, hydro, fentanyl.

Busy folks in that room. You
want it, they sell it-- drugs,

guns, girls, boys.

Yeah, until they
drive away today.

Once they lose sight of
each other, D-Team moves in,

grabs 'em all up
at the same time.

Divide and conquer?Safer than a firefight.

Amen to that, man.

I won't be long.
Keep it close.

Will do.


Mm. Mm. [laughs]


Don't get up, dirtbag.

Hey.I am not going back
to Salt Lake, like, ever!

You're coming with me,

even if I have to carry you
out of here, Mary-Beth.

Mary-Beth?I don't use that name anymore.

My name's Krystal now.

We'll talk about that in
the car. Come on. Come on.You can't just kidnap me.

I...Back off!

I'm a reserve deputy sheriff.

Put the gun down.

Hotel L.A. Rendezvous Bar.
There's a man with a gun.

[grunting, gunshot]


Wh-What did you do?

The gun went off because of him!
I didn't shoot him.

Drop your guns!No!


Let me go!

[groans] My God.

You with me?[frantic chatter]

WOMAN [over radio]:
Shots fired, L.A. Hotel.

What just happened?

Multiple 911 calls
still coming in

from the hotel, Commander.

With nobody undercover inside.

We had to keep the entire
staff blind to the op.

You know we couldn't risk
a leak. You agreed.

It was a simple,
perfect plan.

Best-laid plans of mice and men.

R-Commander to all
responding units.

We have a Code 5 in progress.

Officer on site.

Do not respond
with lights and sirens.

Nothing to see down there
even if

the targets happen
to look out the windows, man.

They're way up on the tenth
floor-- look at them.

They don't have a clue.

It's unrelated.

You don't have
to compromise your op.

to all responding units,

stop vehicle and foot traffic

in the vicinity.Go!

Wait for further orders
from the unit on site.

Command to 20-David,
you're clear for entry.

One gunshot victim,

one hostage,
possible domestic dispute.

Try to clean this up quick and
quiet so we don't blow the op.

20-David to D-Team,
30 seconds out!

[tires screech]

We got a man
with a gunshot wound.

I'm okay, sir.

Please, keep going.

Find my daughter.

Jackson, get this officer
out to an R/A.

There's one on the way.Hey, her name is Mary-Beth.

All right, I got you.

Where was the last place
you saw the hostage?

The biker dude pulled her out

through the restaurant,
which isn't open yet.

Deacon, you and Chris.

We'll track them.

Describe this "biker dude."

Big, black leather jacket.

This the guy you saw?

Not at all.

She called him Lenny.

Seemed like
some kind of

protection thing, you know?
She was drinking; he wasn't.

Babysitting T.J.'s girl
while he's upstairs?

How far can Lenny
get with her?

From the restaurant,
anywhere on the main floor.

TAN: Hotel security
shut down the elevator

as soon as the first
911 call went out.

That's protocol, yeah.

All clear.

Couple of chairs
knocked over near the door.

Two sets of stairs
going to other floors.

Uh, those are just public
staircases for this wing.

This hotel's,
like, 100 years old.

There's stairs everywhere.

Now, you get someplace safe.

All right, we sweep by grid.

And fast, before word
gets out that we're here.

Let's move.

[phone buzzing]

Hello.LENNY: T.J.,

we're hiding by the pool.
Somebody called the cops.

Keep your ass parked

right where you are.

He's out of
range for audio.Here he comes.

We have ears again.T.J.: Sorry, Cyrus.

Family emergency.
I got to dash.

There won't be a second
invitation for you, T.J.

Unless we need each other.

T.J.'s not gonna tell 'em.

Smarter than he looks.

All right, we follow
him, we find the girl,

take him down,
him and the buddy.

Solve all three problems
at the same time.

[phone chimes]


SWAT's here. What the hell?

They had spotters
on the street, man.

We got two separate crews

of fleeing felons,
plus a hostage situation.

How many civilians
at risk in the hotel?

Too many. How come
Cyrus isn't worried?

HICKS: Who cares?
Long as he stays put,

one less target to handle.

Luca, make sure
this girl's father

doesn't try to sneak
back on the premises.

We've already had
enough trouble with him.

Roger that, man.He's a cop.

He's a victim.We had no problems

until this guy showed up,
two states away

from his own jurisdiction,
playing cowboy,

so I'm not having a whole lot
of sympathy for him right now.

Command to 20-David,
I'm heading over to security.

Set up a command post.

Making friends
wherever you go?

It's my specialty, Frank.

We'll keep surveilling.

Be like old times.

Ah, they're turned off already.

Where are the stairs?

Is this the
north side?

Never mind.

Could you try to
look like guests?

Who don't
have warrants

out for 'em?

Where you at?

I'm here.
Lenny, come on out!

Behind you!HONDO: Stop right there!
Show me your hands!

Tan![gunshot, T.J. groans]

Let the girl go!I'm not stopping her.

Put the gun down. Put it down!

[T.J. groaning]

Face the glass.
Hands in the air.[T.J. coughs]

Give me your hands.Street.

HONDO: Mary-Beth?Give me your hands!

Come on. It's okay.
You're safe.

It's all right.
You can come out.

Come on out.
Come to me. You're safe.

It's all right.
I got you, Mary-Beth.

She hates that name.

Let's go.

Reserve Deputy
George Becket, sir.

Salt Lake City
Sheriff's Office.

Gonna need your gun, George.Yeah, I didn't discharge it.

This is from his bullet.

You know we still
got to test.

You're a long way
from home, George.

[sighs] I've been
looking for my daughter

ever since she
took off last year.

Then she called her mom on
her birthday about a week ago.

And you traced her phone.

It's all legal.

The rest was easy.

She was engaged before.

Nice guy.

Why do some girls always
have to look for trouble?

Yeah, won't kill me.

Count your blessings, right?Yeah.

You got kids, Officer?

Uh, not yet.

Yeah. Little advice
from the frontline?

Save yourself the grief.

I promised her mother
I'd bring her home.

She's only 22.

Well, she's an adult, man.

Doesn't make her a grown-up.

Is my dad okay?It was an accident.

Get him out of here!
Get him out of here!

Can I see him?If he hasn't been transported.

Get her to the R/A

so they can check her out.You got it.

Let's go, ma'am.

I'm sorry.Don't tell me.

Tell your pop.

This is 20-David to 22-David.

Coffin Makers in custody,
One-Niners staying put.

Los Soldados and The Brotherhood
are on the move.

Now, there may be civilians
between them and the exit.

Inform the ranking officer.

22-David. On it.


Terry, what are you
doing here, man?Covering the news.

What does it look
like I'm doing?

Just trying to get some footage
to sell to the station.

You got an update for me?Look, even if

you were a real reporter
with a real press pass,

not just some
freelance stringer,

you don't cross
police lines, man.

It's a public safety rule.Yeah, why aren't you
with your team?


Look, I'm still rehabbing
from the hip surgery, man.

It's taking a minute.

I don't have time to talk
about this, all right?

Give me a comment on camera,
I'm out of your hair.

So you're blackmailing
your own brother now?

Dude, how did you even
sneak through here?

Dude, I heard it on the scanner
before the tape went up.

I got to get here before
everybody else does,

to work me, man.
You need to get back

behind the tape
right now. Go.

Oh, yeah? [laughs]

Is this the part
where you count to three,

like when we were kids?

Are you gonna kick
my little ass?


Two!Yeah, don't hurt your hip.


No puedo escucharte. ¿Que pasó?

No te muevas, señora.

Okay, okay.

You're gonna get us
out of here, Ana.

Hondo, this is Greg Russo,
assistant manager.

He just got word
a housekeeper got snatched.

She was on the phone
with her husband.

He's also an employee.

He-he heard a woman
threaten her in Spanish.

Manuela Diaz.

The employee
access card can open

just about every door
in the hotel.

She's the Soldados'
escape route.

Name's Ana Rodriguez.

All right, Ana's
our main priority.

Hotel security
has already notified

the guests and staff
to shelter in place.

Including the event
on the top floor

we couldn't
safely evacuate.

How many people in there?Head count's 22.

It's a seminar for start-ups.

They're a smart crowd.
They'll stay put,

doors locked, just
like I told 'em.

And there's private
security inside.

Why is that?Othella Baker's speaking.

She's completely
under the radar, zero publicity.

Her choice.She's a tech billionaire.
She's never under the radar.

It's a high-profile
target if any

of these crews figure
out she's here.

Just to complicate the day.

Screen 17![static crackles]

[screams]Don't play

like that's the first
gunshot you ever heard.

Get up!


Where's that camera?Ninth floor, east wing.

What's your surveillance
back of house?

Only at the street exits,
for inventory control.

What, in case your employees
steal the soap?

It's corporate policy,
not mine.

HICKS: All right.
So we go old-school.

Roll out and save
the housekeeper.

And, Hondo...

take the Soldados down.

Yes, sir.

[phone ringing]


All right, they're going
for separate staircases.

Splitting up's
good strategy.

I hate the smart ones.You and me both.

All right, we got
three teams, three gangs.

Hondo, Chris and Street own
Los Soldados, east wing.

Yup.All right, R-Command
to 30-David.

Deacon, you and Tan have
the south wing, One-Niners.

Two tandem suspects,
primary is solo.

50-David, Rocker,
you have the north wing.


three male suspects,
boss has got a beard.

They're all gonna be looking
for the exits.

Look, I should be
out there with them.

Soon enough.

LAPD! Stop!

Nadie se mueva. Knives down!
Knives down!

[commands in Spanish]

I need to find my wife.

They took Ana.
We were on the phone,

and I tried to warn her.What's your name?

Raúl Duarte, busboy.

All clear.These are my friends
from the kitchen,

José, Carlos,
Paco, Jorge.

Verified. They all match.

Put your
hands down.

I can help you, sir.

No need, Raúl.Look, I've worked here
for eight years.

I know this place
like I know my wife's own face.

You have to look
at a map, sir.

Ana is taking them
the slow way out.

She's showing me
where they are.

How?We all have pens

for the checklists.

See here?

That's the eñemark.

Show me.

Because she calls me "cariño,"

with the mark over the "N."

It's like saying

She's leaving him
a breadcrumb trail.

She went straight.

We turn here.

We can cut 'em off.

Okay. Raúl,
you're with us.

The rest of you,
get back in the kitchen

and evacuate.
Do it now.

Let's move.


Hey. Stay behind me.

Stop if I stop.




Two of the One-Niners
in custody,

not the primary.Where the hell's Cyrus?

There's no sign
of The Brotherhood

or Los Soldados, either.

We control every exit.

Only way out
is cuffed or bagged.

We've been here before.

No, we haven't.

Are you trying to die?

Don't play with me.

[shouts, choking]

We're gonna keep this simple.

You're gonna get us
a safe exit out of here,

you stay alive.


Do you have kids?


[grunts]Go home tonight

and start making a baby
with your man.

This is not your place.

How much
do they pay you?

[gasps, coughs]

No more mistakes.

Hold. Hold, hold.

Hotel security feed.

They're coming at us

from behind that door.

Going less than lethal.

Ready with
pepper balls.

Raúl, get back
behind the corner. Go.

No, sir.Hey.

Do not jeopardize
your wife, man.

We have to keep her safe without
having to worry about you.

Now, this is what we do.
I said move back.

CHRIS: Escúchalo a él.


A man who loves his lady.

Let's bring her
home to him.


Show your hands!Put the gun down!



Ana, come to me![coughing]

Start crawling.


On your stomachs!

Hands behind your back!

Solid moves back there.[chuckles]

My husband made me
take self-defense

to stop male guests.

Works on women, too.

Raúl helped us find you.

He's right there.


20-David. Code 4.
Hostage safe.

Soldados all in custody.

Okay, we got four to go.

Command to 20-David.
Good work.

Wait for Patrol
for transport.

[helicopter whirring overhead]


Have your boys move around,
Avet. Keep firing.

Make the cops think
there's a whole lot

of crazy Little Brothers
showing up for us.

You brought how many guys?

Yeah, that should be
enough distraction

to get us out of here.

Good work.

[gunshots continue]

[bullet whizzes]

Command to 20-David,
multiple shots

fired outside perimeter,
unknown locations.

We got new guests
at the party.

Sanchez, you're good.

Just keep breathing, buddy.

Sammy B. might have called in
for backup as a diversion.

Only the juvie Little Brothers
are this nuts.

We're gonna get out of this.

SWAT, come on.

[phone chimes]

My brother's in trouble.

Command to 20-David, officer
down, four-side service door.

Armed suspects looking
to breach perimeter.

Good Samaritan in proximity
is Luca's brother, Terry.

Lok, how do you not have
security cams

at the exits?

Because the company only puts
the money where it shows.

Sir, a cop needs help.

You're not cleared for action.

Well, then I'll go
as a civilian.

No, you will not.

I will cuff you myself
for interference.

Now sit down
and trust your teammates.

That's a direct order,

[breathing heavily]

Whose shop is this?

Toss me the keys.

[engine revving]

Yes or no, Avet-- are both ends
of the alley clear?

Make sure.

Would you stand still?

[tires screech]

[car door closes]

Good?Yeah, his name is Sanchez.

Listen, I know that
hurts like hell,

but it's just a
soft tissue wound.

Missed everything
you need. You hear me?

You stopped the bleeding.
Nice work, Terry.

Yeah, my Boy Scout badge
in first aid came through.

I don't look
like a Boy Scout. I know.

suspects are
at the service door.

What's your 20?This is 20-David in position.

Hang back.

Street's gonna soften 'em up
for you.

Roger that.Street, move, move.

Here they come.

LAPD! Stop right there!

[high-pitched ringing]

LAPD! On the ground!Face down!

Hands behind your head!
Cross your legs!

Don't move!
Hands behind your back!Do not move.

30-David to Command,
suspects in custody.

Shame on that shirt.

I have the right
to remain silent.

Nobody's even asked you
a question.

[siren wailing]

Here come your
wheels, man.

26-David to 22-David,
Code 4.

Everybody safe.All right, thank you.
Copy that, Street.

All right, Cyrus Wadel's
the only one left.

He's still free-range,
hunkered down somewhere.

Oh, she looks stressed.

Is it true Othella
Baker's at risk?

No. She's sheltering in place
with the rest of her seminar.

Why didn't you tell me?
The mayor thinks

I deliberately cut
her out of a loop

I didn't even
know about.

So, then lay the blame on me.

Baker happens to be a personal
friend of the mayor's.

Meaning "donor"?

Oh. [scoffs]
Quit buffing your halo.

You're just as political
as the rest of us,

and I don't
like it, either.

What are we doing to
protect a household name?

She means something.Same thing we're doing

for everyone else
still in the building:

apprehending the suspects,
crew by crew.

Hey, hey, hey. Cyrus.

Wadel didn't just happen
to find the service wing.

That's because he
knew how and where.

Where's the
assistant manager?

Give me
your phone, Greg.

I don't have
to do that.

You're not making another call.

You can cooperate,
or you can wish you had.

Binary choice.

Why would you help
this guy?

Because that's how
Greg gets drugs and hookers

for the guests
who want them, right?

He said he just wanted a
party suite for the day.

What floor
is that camera?

Top floor. 11.HICKS: Baker's seminar.

House phone in there, correct?

Connect me.

They need to keep that door
locked, no matter what.

Help me, please! Help me!

They're coming this way!

Help me!
Let me in![phone ringing]

I work here!

Oh, thank you. Thank you.
Lock the door.What?

[door closes]MAN: What's going on?


he's already in the room
with us now.


Hang up.

[gasping, frantic chatter]

Lay your guns
on the floor,

or you and your boss die first.

Do it.

Do what he says.

Do it.


Hook him up. Sit his butt
where I can see him.

Turn around.[grunts]

50-David to Command,
11th floor.

West corridor
is locked down.

We're moving into position.

Copy. Stand by.

[line ringing]

Let's see what Cyrus wants.


[phone ringing]

[ringing stops]

[phone clatters to floor]

See, I was just
gonna hide in here,

gonna sneak out later.

If you just hadn't answered
the phone.

I'm sorry.Me, too.

Because now I need
a whole new plan.

How about... letting
the rest of them go?

I'm the rich bitch.

I'm your best hostage.

And way easier to manage.

You don't scare easy,
that's for sure.

Because I know we both
have the same goal.

We both want to live
through the day.


Afraid that's
not gonna happen.

My name is Othella.

What's yours?



Are you ready?

Text him the route.

He'll believe you.[phone whooshes]

Let's go, let's go.

Move. Move. Move.

Hands in the air.
Hands in the air.

Go, go. Move.

Ladies first.

Nobody's called me a
lady in years, Cyrus.

[phone chimes]

This way.

There's a fire escape
off this roof.

I-I don't see it.

It's a setup!

CHRIS: 24-David to Command.
I have a clear line of sight

on the suspect--
waiting for confirmation.

Roger, 24-David.

It's on you.Roger.

There's nowhere
to go, man.

SWAT owns every exit.

I have the hostage!

I have the leverage!That's why you ain't

gotta die out here
on this gravel.

It's hard enough
for black men

to stay alive without you
adding to the numbers.

I'm already a number,

about to be tagged and bagged.
Isn't that what you call it?

Or you release the hostage
and we walk down the stairs,

and you get to see tomorrow.
It's your choice.

Come on.


Think about what
you're doing, man!

That's too big of a jump.
You ain't gonna make it.

Cyrus, don't do this.

Please.Shut up.

You're no better
than me, just richer.

We can both make it out of this.

You're wrong.Cyrus!

[Baker screaming]

[body thuds]I got you.

I got you.

[panting]I got you.

You're okay.

Come on.

20-David to Command. Code 4.

Suspect down.
Hostage safe.

Are you all right?

Not exactly.

But I'm breathing.

Yes, you are.

Thank you.

You're welcome.

Thank all of you.

Let's get you checked out.

Oh, no worries.
I'm... I'm tough.

Uh, for having almost
fallen off a tall building?

Yeah, that's an
understatement, ma'am.

Officer, what's your name?

Sergeant Harrelson.

I'll remember that.

[crowd chatter,
cameras clicking]

Hey, you're the hero who saved

a cop's life, man.
If you hadn't been there...

You mean
if I would've listened to you?

Hey, news at 6:00 and 11:00.
Raise your price, man.

None of that can pay my rent.

You could've gotten
yourself killed, bro.

I mean, I could've lost you.

You didn't.


Yeah. Something
like that, yeah.


My position was bad.

I... I should have
had that shot.

You good?

For real?


felt like we, uh,
didn't get to finish

that conversation
from this morning.

You always want to
overtalk everything.

Uh, and you don't talk enough.

We're a perfect fit.


You go first.

Are you happy?

I mean, I... I'm afraid
to say it out loud,

but... yeah, I am.

Crazy, right?

Good for you.

For the both of you.

I mean that.


Your turn.



I'm finally getting settled
in my own skin again.

Figuring out what's next.

Nothing wrong with
quiet waters, right?

Miss you.

I'm standing right here.

No, I mean I miss
our conversations.

We've kind of
drifted apart lately.

We see each other
every day on the job.

And today has been
a long day.

I, um...

I haven't told Molly about...

about that kiss.

Is... is that wrong of me?


That was before her,
and that's between us.


there's no point.


Hasta mañana.

With a little bit of luck.

Still here?

Today or in general?[chuckles]

I get that
you're still miffed.

Have you ever apologized,

And meant it?

I do the best I can,
same as you.

I'm not always right.

Neither am I.You were right about Russo.

I wasn't looking at him.You had a
mission to run.

I was there to observe.

Sometimes we work together okay.

You never answered my question.

Why didn't you tell me
about Othella Baker?

Because you didn't have
the need to know.

And I didn't want complications
from city hall.

I wasn't gonna prioritize
civilians by net worth.

I respect that.

Would you have not
told the mayor?

I don't know.

But it would have been
nice if you trusted me.

I'm sorry.

You good, Deac?The concert promoter
hasn't been able

to reach Buck all day long,
and he's pissed.

Doesn't sound like Buck.Yeah, well, that's
how he's been acting lately.

And I'm running out
of slack.

Deac. Buck raised
us in SWAT,

both you and me.I know.

But I don't know
if I can convince Owen

to keep him on the job,
and-and frankly...

I don't know if I...
if I should even try.

I hate it, too.

So what happens to Buck?

What happens to any of us, Deac?

Nobody dies from old age
in SWAT.

That's why you got
to admire Mumford.

[chuckles]He rolled out of here
in a convertible

before he faded away.With a brand-new bride.

Yeah. He got
what he wanted.


I don't know what to do
about Buck.

Deac, when you're
a soldier--

and we are soldiers--

you only got one objective
every day when you're deployed:

don't die.

Makes it simple.

But then eventually
you are mustered out.

No more mission

And those inner voices get loud,
man, they get real damn loud.

Who am I?

What am I?

Why am I...

even still able to hear
a heartbeat?

I don't know, man,
I really don't.

I don't know what
any of us are gonna do.


[wry chuckle]

It's just a waste of grass.

Yeah, it's a long
walk spoiled.

[sighs] You got
a better plan?

[scoffs softly]

Do you?


It's too late
to die young, Deac.

[both chuckle]


When did that even happen?

Maybe nobody
will notice.

[both chuckle]

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