S.W.A.T. (2017–…): Season 3, Episode 16 - Gunpowder Treason - full transcript

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Previously on SWAT...I had a hell of a day.

And when it ended, I just
realized the only thing

I wanted to see
was your face.

You're still gonna try
to pass the PFQ?

I'm gonna do it. I just
need to be with my team.

JP Hicks. Commander's son.

We both know
that I'm not the man you tried

to raise me to be.When Barb got
close to the end,

JP's addiction got worse.

I really miss her.

I know.

Nichelle, if I had known

this is what
"stopping by" meant...

Hey, if my man can bench 300
pounds, you'd best believe

I'm gonna be taking
advantage of that.

Hey, you...

I got better ideas on how
you can be taking advantage.

Mm-mm, no.

Not right now.
I got to get this place

ready for
tomorrow night.

All right.

So, who you got
coming through

to inspire young minds
this month?

For once, someone the
kids think is cool.

It's that rapper, FarKrai.

Baby, he rose to the top

with a song about
putting bullets in cops.

Are you sure that's the kind
of message you want to spread?

That song was a metaphor
for the frustrations

people have
with the system.

It was also seven years ago.
He's evolved.

Even if he does have
good intentions now,

he still comes
with a lot of baggage.

FarKrai made good
and has been

giving back to the tune of
millions of dollars.

The kind of activism
you and I want to encourage.

And he still rolls with the
same bangers he grew up with.

Nichelle, loyalty can get you
killed in these streets.

Now, maybe FarKrai isn't about
that life anymore,

but hanging with people who are,
he's glamorizing it.

He's a complicated figure.

Okay, look. I have been
working on this for weeks.

The things
you're saying,

I've thought them
through already, okay?

I've weighed the
pros and the cons.

I'm sure you have,
but you need to...Hondo,

I don't need your help here.
This isn't a cop thing.

No, this is a South L.A. thing.

That's why I understand
this issue.

I may not have grown up here,

but I'm not as naive
as you may think.

This is my call.

Okay? So, if this is
really how you feel,

you shouldn't come
tomorrow night.

I'll set up myself.

All right.

Sergeant Wilkins told me as soon
as you finished this morning.

There's no reason
to beat around the bush.

You already know
you failed the PFQ.

You exceeded expectations
in the pull-ups, the sit-ups.

It was just the...Three-mile run.

I know. And there's
no need to worry.

Oh, I'm not.Okay.

You just had
hip surgery.

Your rehab commitment
is impressive.

There's no reason why
you can't retake

that section in a few weeks.

Yeah, until then, I got to
ride the pine at HQ.

And, you know, I missed it by,
like, this much, Commander.

I know.I'd like to sign up
for the next qualifier.

Luca, that's in three days.I know.

You fail the second PFQ,
department regulations

has you riding the bench
for months.

Just, why not get in
a little more physical therapy?

I don't need more rehab, sir.
I need to get past this

and get back out there.I'm not saying no.

I'm just saying, take a day.

Think it over.
And if you still insist,

then I'll approve your sign-up.

I'm so sorry. I didn't realize
that you had a meeting going.

No, it's all good, JP.

How you doing, man?Good to see you, Luca.

You, too, man.

Our dinner's not
until next week, right?

I'm sorry I had to reschedule
so many times.

It's just been busy.

No, please, don't
worry about it.

I actually came here to
ask you for a favor.

Um, this is my
friend Frida.

Hello, sir.Hi.

Her car got
impounded today, and...

we were kind of hoping you could
help us get it un-impounded.

Rack up a bunch
of parking tickets?

Look, I know it's not
official SWAT business,

but she really
needs it back.

What your son isn't saying is
I live in that car.

It's got all my things.

My bed.
Okay, I see.

Um, I can't promise anything,
but I'll make a few phone calls.

Do you have a safe place
to spend the night?

My floor.

Um, so here's
all the car info.

All right, well,
I'll be in touch tomorrow.

Thank you, sir.

You're welcome.

♪ I'm chillin', real feelin'

Okay, so the beer's warm,
but Theo said

that he could get us some vodka.

Let's go, let's go.
Move, move, move!

Wait, oh, my God!
He has a gun!

Move, move, move!I want everybody over here.

Don't be stupid,
and you won't get hurt.

Hurry up! Move! Go!

Everyone over here now!

Shut your mouth!

Shut up!


We'll give you whatever.
Take my mom's jewelry, anything.

Shut up!Please don't hurt my friends.

Get your phones in the air.

Put 'em above your heads. Now!


What? No. No, no, I'm no one!

No. Wait, no, stop! No, stop!Leave him alone!

Get down and stay down.


All right, will do. On it.



The partygoers took photos
of the kidnappers' vehicle.

RHD thinks they've got enough
to issue an Amber Alert.

Abductee is named
Zane Coleman.

16 years old.

Father's been notified.

He's a big-time
hedge fund manager.

You think the kid's
being held for ransom?

Well, unis are heading
to the house now

in case a demand
comes in. Meanwhile,

SWAT's gonna be here
to close the gap.

Hope is the kidnappers
are still in the area.

Well, party in the hills,
few roads in and out.

I mean, kids called 911
pretty quick, so maybe.

There's a lot of terrain
to cover, though.

Yeah, air support's
flying in.

Chris and Street are
sweeping up from the canyon.

Hondo went south with Stevens.

So you and I
will coordinate from here.

All right.

Air 17.

Thermal scan picked up
three heat signatures

working their way
through backyards.

Show 24-David responding.

Suspects are concealed

behind the hedge
on the north side.



Come out right now!Hands up! Move!

Hands up!Come on, come on, come on.

We're Code 4.

What were you guys doing
back there sneaking around?

Uh, we were at a party, but we
wanted some air for a sec.

When we tried to go back,

You figured the house

was busted, so you
tried to slip out

before anyone noticed
you were missing, huh?

A boy got snatched

from that party.

See anything strange
while you were

getting some air?

No, sir.

Seems like you guys have

more important stuff to do
than walk us home?

Hondo and Stevens

found the kidnappers' vehicle.
It was abandoned.

Swapped rides.
Now they're really in the wind.Well, maybe not.

Bunch of the kids at the party
reported that the kidnappers

called Zane Coleman's
phone before taking him.

Quick way to I.D.
someone in a crowd.Do we know who called him?

Yeah. Well, Zane's a-a
minor, so RHD was able

to access his phone
records without a warrant.

Call came in from
a phone registered

to a Joel Powell.

Now, he's got no priors,

no connections
to the Coleman family.

But his apartment
is located close

to the family mega-mansion.Yeah.

He clocks the wealth, the kid.
He sees an opportunity.

Guy uses his own phone
during an abduction?

It seems too easy.Or too stupid.

If that means
we can get Zane home quicker,

it's all the better for us.

So, I heard Powell's smarter
than he first looked.

Unfortunately. From the smell
of the dishes in his sink,

he cleared out
of his place days ago.

We didn't find
any planning materials,

nothing to indicate where
he might have taken Zane.

Seems like a gnarly safe

for just a passport
and some tax documents, though.

Chris, you're freshly certified.

You sure you can pop it?

On my way to find out.

So, what did we find
in Powell's home?

This is Zane?

Mm-hmm. Candid photo, long lens.

Kid didn't even know
he was being watched.

More like stalked.

Powell's got newspaper articles
about Zane's baseball team.

Copy of his yearbook.

Nothing on the parents?
No financial records

or job info?STREET:
Just a bunch of creepy stuff

that tells us he's obsessed
with someone else's kid.

Who is this guy?

I don't know.
But, Commander,

this isn't some kidnap
and ransom scheme.

Whatever Powell
wants from Zane,

it ain't about money.

So, our suspect, Joel Powell,

is about as vanilla
as you can get.

Yeah, he's been
in L.A. three years.

Originally from Chicago.

But, um, there's
no history of stalking.

Not in any database
of sexual predators.

What about the
two accomplices?

The kids said that the men
never took off their masks.

We've got no way
to I.D. them.

Officers, this is Zane's
father, Mark Coleman.

His wife was already
on the plane

back from Europe
when Zane was taken.

I-I've been trying
to reach Leah,

but she usually sleeps
through that flight.

She doesn't even know that Zane
is missing. It's a nightmare.

We'll coordinate
with the FAA,

get a message to her.Thank you.

In the meantime, do
you know this man?

Joel Powell?MARK: No. He's involved?

Has he contacted you
about a ransom?

Because we're willing
to pay anything.

Actually, we think

it might be more personal.Like, a revenge thing? I-I...

I'll get you a list
of everyone that Leah and I

Unfortunately, Mr. Coleman,

Powell seems to have some kind
of obsession with Zane.

What kind of obsession?

We're not sure.

This is all my fault.

I told Zane it would be fine
to go to the party

as long as he didn't
get into a car

with someone that's
been drinking.It's okay.

You rest assured
that LAPD and SWAT

are doing everything
possible to find your son.

Look, there's still an
active Amber Alert.

Even if the kidnappers
swapped vehicles,

someone could spot Zane.

Powell's not trying to hide.

Now he's completely vanished?

Something strange going on here.

Chris is working
on his safe.

We'll know Powell's secrets
soon enough.

Pressure sensors ready.

We good?Power on.

Did I mention this
particular safe has

over 64 million

It might take a
minute... or ten.

Worth the wait.

Kinds of stuff
Powell leaves lying out,

don't want to imagine
what he's locking away.


I only got a minute. I'm sorry.

It's okay. We'll be quick.
Any word on Frida's car?

Well, it depends.

I called over, and I was able

to get the parking tickets
waived, but, um...


The impound lot
cross-checked with the DMV.

Your registration's
been lapsed two years.

Now, you're gonna
have to get it renewed,

and you've got
some pretty hefty fines.

All in all, this is what
you're looking at.

I can't afford this.

I can't afford
a tenth of this.

Please, it's her shelter.

It's way beyond my powers, son.
I'm sorry.

But I got you
a guaranteed space

at the Third Street
Rescue House.

I have an officer
bringing your things over

from the impound lot, and they'd
be happy to drive you downtown

if that's, you know,
something you'd want.

Thank you.Mm-hmm.

Is there a place that I
can wait for my things?

She needs her car,

not a bed
in some random mission.

Knock it off, JP.Look, I get
that you tried,

but it's not good enough.

It's okay. Come on.

It's fine.

Come on.

Got some very insistent

Amber Alert tipsters for you.

Okay, thanks, Sallen.

So, you guys saw the abducted
boy we're looking for?

Been trying to tell
the right person all day.

We saw the kid
and the truck he was taken in.

Uh, unfortunately,
we already found that vehicle

abandoned in the hills.Yeah.

Off Nichols Canyon Road?
We were working

up there last night,
filmed the whole thing.

So you got the kidnappers on
tape? Let's have a look, bud.

Ooh. Uh, terms first.

No, that's not how it works.
We're the LAPD.

We can subpoena it.

You could, if you want
to wait hours to see this.

Seriously?See, we're part of a
news-gathering organization,

not required by law to help.

But we are
willing to.

Just want a little quid
for our quo.

There's a kidnapped kid
out there.All we're after

are the LAPD's incident logbooks
for June 10, 2016.

What for?

That's our business.

We got a deal or what?

Okay, look, if
the video's useful,

we get you the logbook
but a redacted version.

Okay. Thanks.

That's the license plate
from the Amber Alert.

They're putting that kid
in another car.

Truck matches the photos
from the kids at the party, man.

We can't see the
plate on that SUV.

Hey, man, what are you doing?

What are you doing?

That's a plate. All right,
I'll put out a BOLO.

All right, I guess
I'm arranging for those dudes

to get a look at the logbook.All right.


And we're in.

No drilling required.

All right.

Standard I.D. stuff. Passport.

We have more creeping on Zane.

Here's a copy of the kid's
birth certificate.

Uh, weird. He wasn't born
Zane Coleman. He's Zane Fuller.

Looks like his mother's
maiden name. No father listed.

Weirder. That's Powell,

and this is Leah Coleman,
Zane's mother.

And they look pretty legit.

No, I am not

Zane's biological father.

I adopted him when he was three,
after Leah and I got married.

I take it she never
mentioned Powell.

No, Leah never talked
about Zane's bio-dad,

and as far as I know,

he was out of the picture
before Zane was even born.

I just can't...
I believe that...

Well, this explains
Powell's obsession.

He was tracking his son.Then he got

a couple of buddies to help him
take his family back.

Abducting him

seems pretty extreme
for a custody battle.

I have to believe
he tried reaching out

some other way first.

FAA got in touch with Leah.

I'm gonna have them patch me
through to her plane,

ask some new questions.

You got something new on Powell?DEACON: More like I'm
developing a theory,

but just go with me
for a second.

So, according to his records,
Powell attended

one of the largest
high schools in Chicago.

He followed that up by
going to one of the biggest

undergrad programs in the
country, University of Illinois.

But he doesn't appear in any
yearbooks or club rosters.

It's an old Witness Protection
trick, right?

Falsify degrees
from institutions so large,

any one student
looks anonymous.

Nobody questions if he
ever went to school there.

And that gives him motive.
17 years ago,

if Powell went into
Witness Protection

and Leah didn't
go with him...

Courts would've granted full
custody of their child to her.

And then he's out in
the cold and all alone.

He lays low for a minute,
and then follows them to L.A.

and sees his son
being raised by a new father.

Powell's got no problem
burning his WITSEC I.D.

He's got the connections,

the skills to evaporate
into thin air.

We don't know who this guy
really is and what

Just got off the phone

with Leah Coleman.

"Joel Powell" didn't mean
anything to her,

but the minute I mentioned
Zane's father, she told me

to talk to
the U.S. Marshals office.

I think this guy's in the...

Witness Protection.

Exactly. I ran a message
up the proper channels,

waiting for confirmation.

BOLO just got a hit
on the kidnappers' SUV.

Spotted outside a research lab
in the Valley.

That's us.

Site manager confirmed
the silent alarm was tripped.

Didn't let anyone inside.

Powell won't know we're coming.

Might still have
his muscle with him.

And it's likely Zane's here.Report said the van's

near the northeast entrance.

Go, go, go!

Chris, Street, two side. Move.

Deacon, Tan, you're with me.

Let's move.


They have Zane! Save him!

Get in!


Go! Move!

Hondo, SUV's moving.

20-David, in pursuit.

Suspects are in
the tagged vehicle,

headed southwest on Clark.

Now running east
on Maple.

- Patrol unit 4-Baker-2 en route.
- ETA one minute.

We don't have time.
They're gonna hit somebody.

Tan, get up close.

We'll use the nets
to drag them to a stop.

Tan, back off! Back off!

Paramedics said you two
were intact, but...

Happy to see it
with our own eyes.

Nothing's broken,
no major contusions.Lucky day.

Well, Luca, I hate to tell you,
but Black Betty's

not looking quite as good
as we are right now.

She kept you guys safe, though.

Want to run concussion protocols
on both of you

before clearing you
back for duty.HONDO: All right.

Just give us
a few minutes, okay?

Bomb squad said the device

was RDX and a detonator cap,
made up on the spot

with stuff those guys
stole from that lab.

The whole thing was odd.

Zane wasn't there,
and it didn't really feel

like Powell was in charge
or present by choice.

He said "they" took Zane,
wanted us to save him.

So Powell's not the kidnapper,
he's a victim

Crew is using

his kid as leverage,
coercing him, man.

To do what?
Who are they?

That's what we got
to figure out.HICKS: I got a deputy

U.S. Marshal in my office
who might

be able to fill in some details.

Deacon, Chris, meet me
in the situation room.

Officers, this is Elena Reid,
Powell's WITSEC handler.

Bernard, bring up Powell
and Cassata's crew.

17 years ago, Joel Powell
was Quinn Burnett.

He was a member
of an anti-war group,

called itself the
Deliverance Accord.

The Accord's protests
were initially nonviolent,

until Powell's college roommate
Damian Cassata took the reins.

He figured more casualties
meant more attention.

And Powell was the bomb builder?

Yes, but he didn't have the
stomach for blowing people up.

Turned state's evidence,
told us about the group's plot

to attack
a hotel conference hall

and was the key witness
against his conspirators.

Probably saved
hundreds of lives.

But put a target
on his back.

Cassata, Lars Greer,
Pierce Felton all got 12 to 18.

Cassata took it personal, openly
threatened Powell in court.

So Powell enrolled in WITSEC.

His pregnant girlfriend
didn't want to go with him?

Ah, Leah didn't want to leave
her friends and family.

It's a big ask
for partners and spouses.

So, Powell lost her
and his unborn son.

Only way to have a
relationship with his family

is to watch from a distance.

Fast-forward to now.
- Cassata and a few other

Accord members got out of prison
a few months ago.

So, Powell's
hidden by WITSEC,

and Damian must have
tracked down Leah.

Then found Zane. Realized the
kid was the perfect motivator

to make Powell
do what they want.

Any chance that they're looking
to restart their agenda now?

They would go after
a political target,

something with a lot of
potential for collateral damage.

I'll have threat assessment
draw up some possible targets,

alert unis around the city.


Lab's taking inventory
on what was stolen.

We should hear back
from them soon.

But get this. Those
tipsters from earlier?

Yeah, I was just about
to tell them I fast-tracked

their records request.I was looking into them.

What is that? Is that a UFO?

They aren't journalists.

They're conspiracy
theory YouTubers.

You lied.

Uh, we recontextualized.

we do report information

to five million subscribers.Five million?

Requests take months
for civilians.

Can't blame us for spotting an
opportunity to use a shortcut.

What do you guys want
with the logs anyway?

I mean,
what happened back in 2016?

On the night of
June 10, 2016,

I was crashing at Ira's,
and we saw it.

Just hanging there
in the night sky,

our first unidentified
flying object.

We started looking
into close encounters

for folks all over the country.

But viewers want the details
of our origin story.

And we didn't know
how to prove what we'd seen.

Then we thought,

the ship was huge,
and it was hovering

over the city for
six full minutes.

So you figure,

other people must have seen it,
and if someone called 911,

that'd back
your story.

You guys know there's
no such thing as UFOs, right?

Tell that to the Navy

and their cockpit videos
that just got declassified.

What we saw that night
was oblong

and defied physics
as we know it.

It's what made us start
our YouTube channel,

exposing the things the
government tries to keep hidden.

There's one problem, fellas--

SWAT's not in the paranormal
investigation business.

Hey, we made a deal.

If our video was useful,
we get the logbook.

Can you honestly say
it didn't help you?

These are your personal effects.Ah.

You don't have to
stay at the shelter,

but wherever you decide
to have them take you,

please be safe.

Um... I-I wanted
to tell you that JP knows

that the mission houses
have restrictions, curfews.

I mean, they're
to keep people safe,

but I work in deliveries,
late shift.

Oh. So it's hard to stay
there and keep your job.

Yes.I got it.

And JP said what he said
because he's protective.

A kind neighbor.

Started parking my car
on his street six months ago.

He brings me takeout every week.

We have dinner.

He never told me
any of that.

I don't know you very well,

but it seems like
the two of you are...

so worried
about scaring each other away...

...you don't really talk.

Please. He's a kid.
He didn't do anything to you.

You and I were gonna
change the world, remember?

This time, I'm not foolish
enough to care about that.

I'm the one you want.
Let Zane go.

Does he know?

He doesn't.

Let me introduce you.

This lying, worthless coward
is your father.

There's a dozen events
all over town

the Accord might be targeting,

and who knows
how many we're not thinking of.

First, Powell needs to
finish their bombs.

Lab took stock--
in addition to the RDX,

they also took binding
materials and tributyl citrate.

They're gonna build Semtex.

Look, it matches the Accord's
plan from 17 years ago.

I mean, it's ironic,

using military explosives
to protest a war.

Cassata still has
two hostages,

one of them a kid.
Any good news?

To mix the plasticizer,

Powell needs
a high-temperature furnace.

Okay, we narrowed
down the options.

This is a glassworks
in the Arts District.

The area's too busy
for people trying to lay low.

USC's med school has one,
but it's a good distance

from the places
we know the Accord's been.

Which leaves this factory,
abandoned six months ago.

Unclear if the furnace
is even still there.

That's a good location.
Minimal onlookers.

Round up 20 squads.

You're gonna have to take
a new armored vehicle.

Try not to get this one
blown up.

There's a furnace here.

It's still warm.

Got bomb-building materials,
not a lot else.

Definitely used this place
as their home base.


This is 20-David.

I'm hearing activity
in the northeast corner.



It's Powell.
They left him behind.

Are you alone?Uh-huh.

All right,
we're coming down.

We've got Powell.

They got him strapped
to an explosive device.

This is 20-David.
Everybody out of the building,

and call the bomb squad.

Running out of time here.

There's fail-safes everywhere.
Leave me. They still have Zane.

No, we got to get you
out of here first.

Now, you built this thing.
How do we beat it?

There isn't enough time
to disarm it safely.

Hold on. It's Semtex, right?

So there's got to be
a detonator charge somewhere?Yeah.

Where are you thinking, Deac?If we put the whole vest
in water,

would that disperse the charge?

Short it out
without detonating the bomb?

I don't know.
It might.

This is 20-David.
I need water.

A tub, a tank, anything.

Utilities haven't
run here in months.

There's bottled water
with the emergency supplies.

What about bottled water?No.

Just getting it wet could close
the circuit and set it off.

Negative. It's got to be
fully submerged.

If this doesn't work, you need
to know I built two vests.

Damian said the other
one's for Zane.

I need some good news.

Save Zane.

And will you
tell him I...

I wanted so badly to know him.

I'm sorry I never got
to be his father.

No, hey, hey,
listen to me.

We are gonna get you
out of this.

Just help us help you.

You're gonna see your son again.

I got a fountain
on the three side--

not clean, but it's full.

All right, let's get him
out of here.

Let's go.

Carry him slowly,
slowly, slowly.

Over there,
over there.

It's about four and a half deep.

All right, good.
Get some distance.

Go, Deac.

Throw him now.

20-David. We're clear.

Bomb's deactivated.

Powell wasn't
supposed to survive,

so the Accord didn't hide
their plans from him.

They intend to hit the First
River Bank on Hill Street,

then skip town
via charter plane.

I thought these guys
were political.

Why switch
to a straight cash grab?

According to Powell,
Cassata ranted a lot

about what
the world owes him.

Sounds like he lost
his ideals in prison.

It's all about
revenge and profit now.

Putting the bomb on Zane
and sending him into the bank

covers both bases,
and it provides a diversion

while the Accord
makes a run for it.

All right, we'll connect
with the airfield,

shut down any chance
to get out of L.A.

Cassata can't
know what's up.

If they even start
to feel cornered,

he'll detonate that vest,

killing Zane and
anyone near him.

Not on our watch.

I can help.All right, you want to help?

We have until my team rolls out

for you to teach me
how to deactivate

the bomb Cassata intends
to strap to your son.

Now, we can spend
that time arguing,

or you can show me how.

Please end your call, sir.

It's for you.


Hit the alarm,

and the kid and everyone
within 50 feet of him dies.

No cops.


Kid's got a duffel.

He walks out with $2 million
in three minutes,

or you know what happens.

All right, keep it
business as usual.

We can't let the Accord
know we're here.

Deac, it's
too late.

Zane's already here.All right, listen,
I need you

to get that kid, bring him
back here quickly and quietly.

Tan, you stay with
the teller, keep her calm.

Work the demand.

Zane's already in the bank.

He's made communication
with a teller.

Bomb's in play.
Should I try to defuse it here?

No, not while Cassata's
out there with a remote trigger.

He's got to be close, Deac.

Anybody got eyes?

North side's business as usual.

Can't see anything, either.

All right, it's muted.
Miss, I'm LAPD.

I'm here to help.
What's he asking for?

$2 million.Say you need permission

to access that much cash,
buy some time.

Hey, hey. Zane?

Hi. I'm Sergeant Kay
with the LAPD.

How you doing?:

Okay? All right.
You got a bag?


Where are you supposed to take
the bag after you get the money?

I-I don't know. Th-They said
I was supposed to get

the phone back, and
then they'd tell me.Okay.

We're getting the money,
but Cassata's threatening

to pull the trigger
unless Zane walks out now.

Airship's still
two minutes away.

We got to flush him out
into the open.

All right, new plan.

This is a tracking dot.

When you return the bag,
we're gonna follow you.

No, I can't, I can't.Yeah, you can, you can,
you can. Listen to me.

I know it's scary,
but it's okay,

'cause we're gonna be
right behind you, all right?

I promise you
I'll be there for you. Okay?


Hey, I got the money.

Turn right.

Walk down the block.

Zane's out of our sightline.

This is it. Move in.
Go, go, go, go.

Open it up.

It's good.

N-Now, get this thing off me
so you can get out of here. I...

Kid, you going boom
is the escape plan.

Let's go!

Go! Go!

Watch the kid!


Move, move, move, move!

Move, move!
Everybody down!

Move! Come on!

Stay down, stay down!

Go! Out of the way!

Down! Let's go!

Move, move! LAPD!
Get down, get down!LAPD! Get out of the way!


Move! Move!

LAPD! Move!

Come on! Move it!

Let's go!

Stand back. Doors are closing.

Everybody down! Everybody down!

Out of the way! Move!

LAPD! Move, move, move, move!

You, let the kid go.

Come on, man. Let him go.

Won't help him any.

This is 20-David.

Cassata still has Zane.

He's on a southbound train,
and Deacon and Tan are with him.

You got a death wish?Do you?

Those doors open, I'm gone.

And you won't
chase me.

You'll be too busy
trying to save people

from when the kid
here explodes.

Okay, all right,
let's stay calm.

You got your hostage.
How about we let

this other guy go?

Stay down. Down, down!

Tell them not to stop the train.

We don't have time to follow it
into the tunnel on foot.

Roger. I'll have them
clear the next platform.

Train only takes five minutes
to reach the station from here.

We'll get there.

Get the bomb off, please.

Get the...I will, I will, I will.

Just stay calm, stay calm.

Remember how you watched

your biological father
make this bomb?

Well, he showed me
how to deactivate it.

You're doing good.

There we go.

Please, God.

Hands behind your back!

Please, God.


It's okay. We're good.

Final suspect in custody.

You all right?

Fun train ride?

Can't go wrong
with public transportation.

That's one brave
kid right there.

I don't know.

You'd be surprised
how much of you is in there.

You weren't just
gonna keep standing

on the sidelines,
were you?

Cassata and his buddies are
going back to prison for good.

No reason you have to stay
in Witness Protection.

Got a strange road ahead of 'em.

Worth it, though.

You really got it?

SWAT lives up
to its deals.

Every call
logged by LAPD

June 10, 2016.

We saved you
the time, fellas.

Not a mention of a UFO,
not one single report.

But there has to be.

Someone would have freaked,
called the cops.

Someone did freak.

'Cause there was an army
of elves

attacking their front lawn.

And another guy--
he was convinced

that gravity got turned off.

Pulled the hospital records,
too, to give you a full picture.

Turns out a potent batch of LSD
was making the rounds

that week, had people seeing
all kinds of nutty stuff.

So we got to ask you.

Any chance you were tripping out
a little earlier

that night, or...?

Thanks for getting these
for us, guys.

We'll find our escort
and get out of your hair.

Thank you.


Later, boss.

Hey, have a good night, Chris.

Everything okay?

I don't know.

I don't know.

Is it Darryl, your parents?

No, no, it's...

it's not that.

Sometimes it just
helps me to...

say it out loud.

Put my problems
into words, you know?

Yeah, I guess that's true.

Okay, uh...

I've been seeing this woman.

Her name's Nichelle.

Chris, she's-she's smart.

She's driven.

But we're in this fight,
and I...

I don't really know
what happened.

One second, we were...
we were just talking.

I don't agree with her
on some things, but...

now she wants space, and I'm...

trying to honor that.

I guess I just
was hoping that...

she would have called and...

said she changed her mind.

Should go find her.

Look, I-I know my relationship
stuff is not together,

but I do know
independent women.

Nichelle asked
for space

from the guy
that wasn't listening to her.

So... don't show up as that guy.

Show up as the guy
that she fell for.

Thanks for listening, Chris.

I got your message.

What's so important
you pulled me out into all this?

Look, I just wanted to
say I'm sorry, okay?Ah.

I didn't mean to go
off on you like that.Forget it.

Frida explained your passion.

I'm proud of you
that you care so much.

Probably shouldn't be.

Why's that?

She doesn't know
the whole story.

The reason I'm so invested.

You see that doorway?

Just outside that
doorway was my home

for nine months before
I finally got clean.

I lied to Molly
about it,

all my friends.

I mean, I never wanted
anyone to know.


you and me got a tricky history
when it comes to hard truths.

But there's nothing
you could ever say or do

that would make me
stop loving you.

I want to be there
for you, son, as much as I can.

But we got to stop attacking

or tiptoeing
around one another.


Yeah, I'd like that.

All right.

Now, about Frida.

I got this decommissioned
patrol car,

stripped to the bare bones.

We usually sell 'em at auction
for practically nothing.

I mean, she's never gonna
accept a favor this big.

I know. She said
as much to me already.

But between us,
I thought maybe

we could convince her
to draw up some kind of--

I don't know--
minimal payment plan

until she gets back
on her feet.

Yeah, I mean, maybe if
we work on her together.

All right. Yeah.

I'll be in touch.

Thanks, Dad.

You're welcome.

It's like, when you
from the hood like I'm from,

you never expect to see success,
at least not like this.

You know? But if you keep your
head down and your heart up,

keep pushing through,
you can make it, too.

Okay. One final thing
before we wrap up.

FarKrai, you've gone
through a lot of phases,

worked to be more
of a role model.

Has it been difficult
still being

so close with people
from your past

who maybe haven't
made that effort,

haven't changed?

Look, there's
a lot of stuff

in my life
I'm not proud of.

I got homeys
who still do dirt.

And loyalty's important.

But I love y'all.

I love South L.A.

And if building
a brighter future

means sometimes I got
to leave my past alone,

I hope y'all can learn
from the mistakes that I made,

as much as the things
that I do right.

You feel me?

Thank you so much
for being here, FarKrai.

It's all love.
It's all love.

Let's give him a
round of applause.

All right, come up,
get some autographs. Slowly.Oh, oh, oh.



I didn't catch most
of that, but...

I'm gonna hold him
to that last answer.


I'm sorry.

Me feeling strongly about
something is no excuse

not to respect your opinion.

It was wrong of me
to ask you to stay away.


That feels so good to hear.

There isn't anyone else that
I would rather disagree with.

You know what I'm
thinking right about now?

That you're gonna
help me lay out snacks

and lemonade for these kids?

You read my mind.

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