S.W.A.T. (2017–…): Season 3, Episode 13 - Ekitai Rashku - full transcript

Hondo, Deacon, Tan and Commander Hicks chase an extradited fugitive across Tokyo when he escapes custody. The rest of SWAT search for any contacts the fugitive cultivated while in LA;Street isolated himself

Previously on "S.W.A.T..."

Doctor says he's got to stay off the hip

for a few more weeks
while they try this new therapy.

The specialist up in San Francisco

said it's not just his hip.

He's having complications with his back,

so they're gonna have to keep
him up there a while longer.

I checked up on you.

Sometimes a reputation is just a snapshot

into a man's past.

Not his present.

When was the last relationship you had

that went more than a year?

Doesn't mean I don't want one.

I'm so sorry about your brother.

I didn't know you were...

I have a woman.

I just want a massage.

Nothing more.






LAPD, we have a warrant for your arrest!

Let her go!

Be careful of civilians.

30-David, fugitive on
the run. He's unarmed.

Heading to the two side of the building.

Running out of runway.

Konnichiwa, you son of a bitch.

Wait a minute.

- Do my eyes deceive me?
- Hey.

Look who's gracing us with his presence.

- Come here.
- Come on, man, I wasn't gone that long.

It was long enough.

What's up?

I missed you guys.

- When did you get back?
- Oh, this afternoon.

Dropped my bags at the house
and I came right here 'cause

I wanted to catch you guys
before you rolled out, but...

Yeah, had to execute a fugitive
warrant. Stubborn bastard.

I heard. I was listening to the
play-by-play over the comms.

So what's up? When the docs
say you can get back in the game?

I'm gonna spare you the gory details.

Good news is I'm gonna be
running in a month

and, uh, in the field after that, I hope.

- Sounds good.
- Yeah, man.

It's really good to have you back.

It's good to be back, man.

How's the apartment hunt going?

Still looking.

Been, uh, crashing with my
old K-9 partner Jenna.

But she's OCD and allergic
to everything, so I don't

see myself lasting long on her couch.

Hey. You need couches to surf on,
man, come crash on ours.

Am I right, Street?

Yeah, yeah. Mi casa es su casa.

Thanks, but I don't think

- it'll be necessary.
- Hey.

Thought we could head over
to Jumbo's. Drinks on me?

- Yeah.
- I'm good.

What? Since when do you turn down
free drinks at Jumbo's?

Look, I appreciate you guys
trying to cheer me up,

but I'll pass.

Have fun.

That's the longest conversation
I've had with him

since his brother died.

I barely see him anymore.
But I know he stays out

all night on his bike,
just cruising the city.

Now that I'm back in town,
I'll try to keep an eye on him.


Come on in, guys.

Good grab on Kimura.

A lot of ink.
Guy's got to be organized crime.

That's correct. High-level.

So you briefed us that Kimura's
wanted for murder.

What's the real story?

Koji Kimura.

According to Tokyo PD,

he has racked up serious charges
over the last ten years.

Firearms and assaults,

becoming the top triggerman
for the Nozawa clan.

That's Kimura with Reiji Nozawa,
boss of the Nozawa clan.

Nozawa Sr. passed away five years ago,

leaving Junior to inherit the throne.

Kimura's served as his most
trusted bodyguard ever since.

A few months ago, Tokyo PD
was about to arrest Kimura,

but he fled to L.A.,
thinking he could hide out here.

- Ain't no hiding from SWAT.
- Got that right.

Tokyo PD has requested

that Kimura be extradited immediately.

And since the commander here has

a preexisting relationship
with them, he'll be serving

as LAPD's foreign liaison officer.

Have any of you ever
worked an extradition team?

Yeah, a few times, but
it's usually handled

- by the U.S. Marshals.
- Usually.

But this time you three

are going to accompany
the commander on this.

Why should the Marshals be the
only ones to fly first class?

Pack a go bag, fellas. We've leaving

on the red-eye out of LAX
tonight with Kimura.

Come on, now.

Look, I'm serious.

- I really am sorry.
- Mm-hmm.


I've heard some crazy excuses
to blow me off,

but you're the first
"emergency trip to Tokyo"

I've ever gotten.

If you're getting bored, just say so.

Okay, baby, you got me.

I'd rather be on a plane for 12 hours

snuggled up to some violent fugitive

rather than being here with you.

- Your first trip to Japan?
- Yeah.

I brought you something.

What is it?

My old guidebook from when I lived there.

Okay, hold up.

You lived in Tokyo? For a semester abroad

during my undergrad in Asian Cultures.

Are there any other surprises
from your past

that I might need to know about?


All in good time.

I do have some serious travel points.

I could meet you there
and show you the Tokyo Tower.

It's like the Eiffel Tower,
but painted orange.

Oh, baby, that sounds amazing.

But we're just delivering a suspect

and turning around in less than 36 hours.

Promise you'll miss me?

Come here, you.

Promise a little more.


Okay. You're gonna make me miss my plane.


Cut it out.

Cut it out.


Bye, beautiful.

Commander. Good to see you again.

You as well, Inspector.

I appreciate you and your men
tracking him down

and making the long flight.

Not a problem.


Inspector Benjiro Yoshida,
head of Tokyo PD major crimes.

Sergeant Harrelson,

Sergeant Kay, Officer Tan,


Sorry it's under such circumstances,

but good to meet you gentlemen.

Should we go to my office?


Koji Kimura is officially all yours.

Having him back in custody
should close a nice handful

of homicide cases for you.

I'm hoping Kimura can do
more than close a few cases.

Before he fled, we met in secret.

He wanted out of the life.

As you say, his "conscience
got the better of him."

Kimura was gonna flip

- on the Nozawa clan?
- Yes.

With what he knows,
he could help us destroy them.

Something I've been
trying to do for 20 years.

But if Kimura had a deal, why'd he run?

Being a part of a crime family
is all he's ever known.

Now that he's back,

I can convince him that testifying

is still the right thing.

Now, how long until your return flight?

Tomorrow morning. Just enough time

to grab some souvenirs, see some sights.

Well, welcome to my city.

Make yourselves at home.

But, uh, as a matter of policy,

you must surrender your firearms.

Guns are strictly forbidden

in Japan, even for the police.

They'll be returned to you
on the way home.

Until then,

enjoy Tokyo.





♪ I want to go...

I don't know about you fellas,
but I could go for a bowl

of ramen and a bottle
of that sake right about now.

Nothing like a little
work-funded vacation.

Annie's been texting me a bunch of stuff

to pick up for her and the kids.

Where am I gonna find a "Tokyo Banana"?

Is that a kid's doll or a sex toy?

Hey, pipe down.

I got to get one before
I FaceTime with her later.

Enough with the snarky looks
from the unmarried cool kids.

All right? FaceTime's how Annie and I

share stuff when we're apart.

Okay, copy that. I got it.

That was Yoshida.

Kimura just got busted
out of the transport

on the way to jail.

Cop got shot
and he's in critical condition.

Now, we did our job and delivered Kimura,

so there's no obligation to help.

But Yoshida's an old friend.

We here to be tourists
or we here to be cops?

On behalf of the LAPD,

we're here to offer any help we can.

As foreign police officers, you
can only serve as observers.

Understood, Inspector.

But with your permission,
we'd like to observe

to the best of our abilities.

Our crime tech spliced together footage

from surveillance camera
to recreate Kimura's escape.

Excuse me.

Officer Aoki's family's here.

Hey, little man.

Do you speak English?


I learn it in school.

I'm Hondo.

What's your name?

- Takeshi.
- Hmm.

Are you from America?

Los Angeles.

City of Angels.

I'd like to give you something.

Is that cool?

This right here is called
a "challenge coin."

We only give them to our friends.

We're friends?

We are now.

Is my father dead?


It sounds like he was hurt.

But I know he's gonna
fight as hard as he can

to get back home to you and your mom.



We start at the source.

Pay a visit to the Nozawa clan?

Officer Tan,

please stay with our crime tech

and help with the footage.

Let's go.

I've noticed the inspector's been
giving you the cold shoulder.

We're here to catch a fugitive,

not make friends... Doesn't bother me.

It bothers me.

A Japanese cop is in critical condition

and our fugitive is in the wind.

Our team have offered their
assistance in the manhunt.

This Kimura doesn't go down easy.

Yeah, while they assist Tokyo PD,

Hicks wants you to circle
back to Little Tokyo,

search for any breadcrumbs
Kimura might have left behind

before he was arrested.

Roger that, on it.







Tell him we found Kimura once,

he can bet his ass we'll find him again.

Big Americans.

Big talk.

Big guns.

But you have none here.

We're not looking for trouble,
just our fugitive.




Let's go.

I don't mean any disrespect.

Couldn't you just arrest
those guys on weapons charges?

- Circumstance is different here.
- Oh, yeah?

We'd never roll over for
gangsters like that back home.

Well, you're not home, Sergeant.

Nozawa's lawyer would have them released

before the paperwork was even filed.

- Who runs these streets?
- You two, cool your jets.

There's a lot we're still trying
to get right in our own country

before we decide to criticize
them on how they do things here.

A cop's blood has been spilled.

How you gonna make sure Nozawa
doesn't get away with it?

I have a man inside the clan.

Low-level, but... he might be of help.

Let's go.

This is one of Nozawa's fronts,

where they sell stolen merchandise.

You are LAPD,


You get my Hideo Nomo bat back?

- Your Nomo-what?
- You mean Hideo Nomo,

the first Japanese pitcher to
ever play in the major leagues?

Hit four home runs in his career.

Not bad for a pitcher.

He says

Nomo signed his last home
run bat as a gift to him.

But it was stolen when he visited

his mother in Los Angeles
a few years ago.

- If you get his bat back...
- Wait, hold on, hold on.

This guy's only gonna help us
if we find this baseball bat?

Him and Kimura are old friends.

This bat will buy his cooperation.

Kimura had a private
gym membership downtown.

We found these in his locker.

Female wrestling is huge in Japan.

Seems Kimura and this lady wrestler, Rio,

had a serious love affair going.

The phone was full of
texts, we had 'em translated.

"A piece of me dies
every night we are apart.

"Counting the seconds
until we shed our skins,

never to return home."

Who knew? A romantic hitman.

Kimura was getting
a passport forged for Rio,

so she can fly to L.A.
and they can run off together.

So, if anyone knows where
he's hiding, it's probably her.

Okay, great work.

I'll get this to Hicks ASAP.

In the meantime, he's got
another assignment for you.

Meet Kento Sato.

He's a confidential informant
for Tokyo PD

and an old running buddy of our fugitive,

who won't cough up intel
unless we track down

his Hideo Nomo-autographed baseball bat.

Nomo... dude, I loved that guy.

Sato claims it was stolen

while he was visiting
his mother five years ago.

And the complaint names
Bobby "the Bull" Lopez

as the primary suspect.

Lopez, the big-shot cartel lawyer?

The guy doesn't get out of bed

for less than a million-dollar retainer.

Why would he steal a baseball bat?

I called Lopez.

He told me Sato got loaded one night

and plowed his rental car
into an In-N-Out.

Lopez took the case as a favor,
got the DUI tossed.

The only thing Sato
could offer as payment...

the prized Nomo bat.

Well, did Lopez agree to give us the bat?

Well, it turns out Lopez
is from Pittsburgh.

He's a die-hard Pirates fan.

He sold it.

To a sports memorabilia dealer.

Owns a shop called
Glory Days in Sherman Oaks.

Star-Lite has become the biggest
wrestling promoter in Japan.

The cuter the girls are,
the more popular.

That's Rio, Kimura's girlfriend.

We just got to talk about your boyfriend.

An officer's clinging to life
because of your bullets.

Did Nozawa order you

and your girlfriends
to break out Koji Kimura?


No. Koji hates him and what he's become.

I didn't break Koji out for his boss.

I did it so Nozawa couldn't kill him.

Nozawa found out that Koji talked to you.

If Koji had reached the detention house,

Nozawa's soldiers inside
would have murdered him.

How did Nozawa find out he was
ready to cooperate with us?

Someone in your department gave
information to the Nozawa clan.

Koji doesn't think

you can protect him.

That's why he ran to L.A.

If you really love him,
tell us where he is.

Before Nozawa finds him.

She says she'll never betray him.

All right, thanks. That was Hicks.

He and Tan ran the keycard
we found in her bag.

It's linked to a hotel nearby.

An hour after she broke him out,

they checked in using a fake name.

Kimura could be hiding out there now.

What do you say, Inspector?

Shall we roll out and observe?

Let's go.

Good thing you guys called,

cause I got a lot of customers
circling this baby.

Just about to fly off the shelf, was it?

Well, as of now, this bat is important

to a major felony investigation.

So, how does this work?
I mean, you guys need it.

How do I get reimbursed?

Look, don't worry... we're
authorized to cut you a check

to cover the loss, so
you're good, all right?

18 grand?

Dodgers home-run bats run
for a tenth of that on eBay.

But were they signed by
the first major league pitcher

from Japan after hitting

- his final home run?
- Enough with the sales pitch.

I'm just saying, it's not
coming out of your pocket.

You know what, just fill this form out.

We'll make sure a check is
in the mail to you, all right?

You know, back at my shop,

I got the actual handcuffs

used to arrest Charles Manson.

We're good with the bat.

- Thanks.
- Okay.

Nozawa's men from the club.

Kimura heard them coming.

There was a fight,
he snapped this one's neck,

took his weapon, unloaded half
a mag into bad guy number two

before he even got a shot off.

What's wrong, Inspector?

Six calls.

Made to this phone
from the main line at Metro.

So, what Kimura told Rio was right.

Someone in the police must be
leaking intel to Nozawa.

That's how they knew Kimura
was gonna testify.

And how his soldiers beat us here.


you want to find Kimura
and take down Nozawa?

SWAT's got your back.

From here on out,

I suggest we only use cops
that you can really trust.

Check this out.

Self-heating cans.

Get out of here.

Okay, we need one of
these machines back at HQ.

Hey, that was really good,

how you handled that officer's
little boy earlier.

- I just hope his dad makes it.
- Yeah.

You know, you... never talk about it, but

you ever think about
having kids of your own?

- I'm looking after Darryl.
- Yeah. But he's, what, 16?

Just turned 17.
Thinks he's a grown-ass man.

I'm talking about your own kids, though.

You know, changing diapers

and coaching Little League, all that.

Look, man, there's no hard rule,

but seeing all those torn-up families

in hospital waiting rooms...

maybe that's why
I've always traveled light.

I know. Trust me, I'm aware of the fact

that every time I kick in
a door, it could be my last.

But... if you really want it,
you can find balance.

I love being in SWAT, that's my job.

But Annie and the kids, they're my life.

Deacon, what you and Annie got is unique.

I don't know if it's really
in the cards for the rest of us.

Yeah, but you never met a woman
that makes you think,

even for a second,
about starting a family?

- Well, I didn't say all that.
- Just don't...

Don't let the clock run out on you.

You and Annie ever gonna
stop having kids?


- Hicks said you wanted to see me?
- Yeah.

No more playing tech guy.

You roll with us, period.

Oh, I'm down with that.


this is my old partner
and trusted friend,

Sergeant Watanabe.
Head of Special Police Unit.

Sergeant, these are the officers

who will be joining your team today.

These are two of my best.

Officer Sora and Officer Emori.

- LAPD. Real deal.
- We're honored.

- Sergeant, your team carry guns?
- Yes.

We're the only officers in Tokyo
trained to handle firearms.


Never thought I'd be using my SWAT skills

to go on a scavenger hunt

to find an informant's baseball bat.

If Sato's willing to flip
on his best friend,

he must have a serious
attachment to this stick of wood.

All right.

Chris, what's the one thing
that you want so bad

that you would give up
your best friend for it?

An original pressing of
The Cure's Disintegration.

Not only is it the most flawless

and depressing song list ever recorded,

but they only released a hundred copies

that are impossible to find.

Well, someone's fantasized about
that one just a little bit.

Yeah, what about you?

Got to be a classic truck
you'd rat out your brother for.

- My brother?
- Mm-hmm.

Okay, I wouldn't really give him
up for a pick-up,

but if we're talking hypotheticals, um...

'51 Harvester.

I've been searching for one
to restore for years.

There's, like, less than a dozen
saved from the scrap heap.

Your turn.

If you had to give up your best friend

for the one thing
you've always dreamed of,

- what would it be?
- Pass.

Are you telling me there's
not a rare motorcycle

out there that you'd
give anything to have?

It's not a material thing.

When you think of the vintage motorcycle

you always dreamed of...

we'd love to hear about it.

Your special weapons men
hit it off with mine.

That's good to hear.

You know...

me and you go way back.

And you've always treated me
with great respect.

So I'm surprised by your behavior.

What do you mean, Commander?

Officer Tan.

You've treated him poorly.

You and I share history, yes.

But do not overstep
your bounds, Commander.

You are gaijin, a foreigner.

There are certain things
you will never understand.

Tan is not good police,
he's great police.

Facial recognition locked on Kimura

de-boarding at Shinagawa Station.

Where the hell's he headed?

He's going to the Prince Park Hotel.

The Sky Lounge is
Nozawa's favorite restaurant.

He has lunch there every day.

Kimura's gonna try to kill his boss

before his boss kills him.

Stay liquid, fellas.


Fluid, flexible, smooth, my man.


Go, go, go, behind me, go, move, move!

- I got him. Cover me.
- Go.

Drop the gun!

Yoshida will honor your deal!

Give it up, Koji!

Drop the gun, do not move!

Come in with us and he'll protect you.


No way.

Mrs. Sato, we're kind of in a hurry,

can you please just call your son

and tell him that we returned his bat?

- That's not the Nomo bat.
- What do you mean?

We got it from the sports dealer,

who got it from the lawyer
that Sato gave it to.

We got the certificate
of authenticity right here.

No teeth marks.

- What do you mean?
- The Nomo bat.

It has teeth marks
on the bottom, from my pit bull.

New Year's '99.

- Bad moon that night.
- Look, Mrs. Sato,

there's a dangerous fugitive
running around Tokyo.

We really need your son's
help to locate him.

Find his real bat, I'll call him.

You sold us a counterfeit.

You're looking at fraud charges
now, champ.


The lawyer I got it from, he...

he must have given me a fake.

Bobby Lopez has a Malibu mansion
he paid cash for.

You're two months behind rent on
your shop, so if I had to guess

who's got a financial incentive
to lie here, it's you.

All right.

I used the real one to pay a debt.

I got in deep to a loan shark.

I didn't have the cash.

So, he took the bat as partial payment.

Who's the loan shark?

Russian Mike.

...looking in front.

Mikhal Kovic?

Hi. We need to chat.

We got three-dollar beers

and whatever game you want to watch.

Otherwise, I need to see a warrant.

We're not here to bust your sports book.

We're looking for a bat
signed by Hideo Nomo,

and we're told that you have it.

What if I do?

Long story,
but the city will reimburse you.

- Money's not the issue.
- Dad, can I have

some more apple juice?

Gave him the bat for his birthday.

You want it, you got to deal with him.

Hey, buddy,

we're police officers,

and we really, really need
that bat that you've got.

My Nomo? No way.

Dad, they can't take it, can they?

We'll pay you for it,
help out with your college fund.

I'm not going to college.

- Gonna pitch for the Dodgers.
- You know what, Nomo was

a great pitcher. I still got
his bobblehead at home.

So let's say you and me,
we work out a deal.

- Like what?
- How 'bout

front row seats at their next home game?

We already got season tickets up front.

What kind of father you think I am?

Okay, let's see. Um...

You ever been flown to the stadium

in an AStar police chopper?

Uh, thanks, but we're on duty, pal.

Kimura had no family,

but he always spoke of a woman
he considered his mother,

Madame Mitsu,

who he still visits and gives money to.

That's it?

All right.

You tell this guy, if he
doesn't give us more specifics,

I'm gonna have my team in L.A.

throw his bat into a wood chipper.

He swears Madame Mitsu is
the only person Kimura trusts.

She runs an orphanage
where Kimura grew up.

Looks like Nozawa brought a posse.

All right, Deac, you stick
with the sergeant and his men,

secure the one.

Commander, Inspector, Tan,

help me take the three.

Hondo, we've got Madam Mitsu.

But Kimura's gone rabbit again.

- Roger that.
- _

Guess what, now we've got guns.

Koji, stop!

I don't know

what the hell he just said
to you, but if I'm tired

of chasing you,
you got to be tired of running.

Hands behind your back.

You gonna be able

to keep Kimura alive to testify

- against the Nozawa clan?
- Sergeant Watanabe

is gonna take him to a secure
location that only I know of.

Smart move.

Well, it's been fun, Inspector.

But if Kimura gets loose again,
he's your problem.

We are honored you assisted
on this training exercise.

Honor was all ours.

Stay Liquid. Ekitai Rashku.

In Japanese, it means "like liquid."

I like that.

That sounds all right.

What did Lynch say when
you told her we got to fly the kid

to Dodger Stadium in an LAPD chopper?

Said I'm lucky the mayor
doesn't revoke my pension

for the gas money.


The one thing that I'd give
absolutely anything to have:

a 996 Ducati Superbike.

Bright red.

I found this is Nate's stuff.

Ripped it out of a magazine
when we were, like, 15.

We dreamt of, uh,

saving up enough money
to go in on one together

- one day, share it.
- If Nate

kept it all this time, it
must've meant something to him.

You know, chasing after this bat

made me realize

just how much people want what
they don't have, when really,

they should just be grateful for
what's right in front of them.

All right. Thanks, man.

Okay. I got to make a call.

Okay. See you.

Uncle Sarzo. Hey.

I know.

I know, I... It's been a while
since I last called.

But I was wondering
if it'd be cool if maybe I can

crash with you guys for a little while?

The garage sounds great.

Yeah. Yeah.

Tell my niece I'm coming over
with a jumbo bag

of Sour Patch Kids and we're watching

the Shark Marathon tonight.



Commander. Inspector.

Thank you for your help,
and have a safe flight home.

I hope Kimura helps you finally
take down the Nozawa clan.

Officer Tan.

My grandfather fought the
Chinese during the World War II.

I am embarrassed to say

I let his attitude become mine with you.

I am deeply sorry.

You are an exceptional officer.

My city is your city.

You are always welcome.

Thank you, Inspector.

You ever come to L.A.,

drinks are on me.

I guess old dogs like us
can learn new tricks.


Any idea how much a police chopper

costs to operate per hour?


Try $9,000.

- You ever meet Hideo Nomo?
- No.

But I once did an undercover sting

in a Dodger's Stadium bathroom.

I just hope you are excited, young man,

because you are gonna be
throwing out the first pitch.

Do you know how much that bat
is gonna cost the department?

Kimura's in custody, so the ends
justify the means, right?

Before you go making crazy
promises again, just ask first.

- Please?
- Right, right. Thanks.

Uh, Lieutenant, this is my brother Terry.

- Hey, nice to meet you. Hey.
- Hi.

So, uh, what do beers there cost now?

14 bucks.

And that's domestic.

Ooh. Luca, you're buying
for your brother.

And that's an order.

Got it.

Dad told me about your hip surgery.

Sounded major.

How you healing?

It's coming along.

You know?

Yeah, I'm glad you came.

Glad you called.

It's been a long time.

Sorry about what I said to you,

you know, last Thanksgiving.

Look, you save people's
lives, I film crime scenes

and then sell them to the tabloids.

It's no secret who's got
the more honorable gig.

Haven't seen one of these

since Dad took us up
when we were kids, right?

Yeah, I know, man.


What do you say we let bygones be bygones

and you give me a hand
getting into this bird?

Yeah, all right.

You good?

Thanks, bro.

Now get in or we're gonna
be late to the game.

I was about to text you.

Listen, I, um...

I know you've been through
an awful thing,

but if you're gonna break up with me,

do me a favor and just get it over with.

That is the last thing I want.

Then why do you keep pulling away?

You've always had a family
that you could rely on,

that was there for you.

Growing up without one, I guess I-I just,

I got used to getting
through stuff on my own.

- Jim...
- And I'm not

the "misery loves company" type.

I just, I didn't want
to drag you down into all this.

You're such an idiot.

That's the point of being with somebody.

It means you don't have
to face the pain alone.


I know.

You just didn't let me
get to that part yet.

You want to take a ride?

Love to.

We should've never started this.

It's too late now.

Hey, baby.


You do realize
it's 4:00 in the morning here.

Oh, I totally forgot. You were sleeping.

Go back to bed.

No. I'm glad you called.

Look at you, all sleepy beautiful.

I like that.

You want to see something else
pretty beautiful?

Check this out.

You read my book.

Yes, I did.

Also got you a souvenir.

You ever had a Tokyo Banana?

Mm, that as nasty as it sounds?

Guess you just gonna have
to wait and find out.

I've been thinking about you.

Oh, yeah?

Care to extrapolate on these thoughts?

I think you're gonna have
to wait on those, too.

I got about an hour

before I have to go to
the airport to catch my flight.

You want to give me
a FaceTime tour of Tokyo?

Sure. Flip the camera around,
show me where you are.

Oh, you're there.

Of course I am. I listen to my girl.

And, baby, you were right.

That thing is all the way orange.


Okay, so,

a couple of friends and I
got lost one night

and we ended up there
with no cash, no credit card

and no idea how to find our way home.