S.W.A.T. (2017–…): Season 3, Episode 12 - Good Cop - full transcript

Hondo and the rest of the team rally behind Street when he puts his life in jeopardy trying to help his foster brother Nate breakaway from a drug ring

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I'm in some trouble, man.

My boss Nolan,
he's into some shady business.

You let Nate walk away
from all this,

and I don't tell
my friends

in Narcotics
about your little side business.

- Nobody move!
- Get your hands up!

Whoa, whoa, whoa,
whoa, whoa!

Before you go,
there's something I want you to see.

Nate, what the hell
are you doing here, man?

I told you to go.

- What do you want?
- You're working for me now.

You have to listen to everything
that I say, too.

Broke my damn arm.

I need
the next few weeks off.

Request denied.
You know what? I quit.

- What are you doing?
- Come on, Street,

- you don't mean this, man.
- Street, talk to me!

Why are you
throwing it all away,

- again?
- I don't want your help.

All I want is for
you guys to go. Just leave.

I have a new business partner

that I'm trying
to impress.

Nolan bought it.

I'm in.



Just go.
I'm gonna take care of this.

Go, go!
All of you!

Go on! Go, go!

Nate, what the hell

are you doing here, man?

I told you to go. This is my fault.

- Let me help, man.
- No, man, I don't want you

in this any deeper.
Get out of here.

Go on, man, go!

Hondo, tell me it worked.

It did, kid.
You're not being followed.

All right, we're clear.

Nolan's guy hung
around, watched you leave.

We even clocked him filming you,

so expect him
to squeeze you soon.

- Good to know. Thanks.
- Nice work, Street.

You guys sold it.
I think I'm in.

One thing working undercover
ten years has taught me:

getting in is easy.

The tricky part
is getting out.

Looks like
business is good.

People can't get enough
of the new batch.

Street, where should
our friend be selling?


Olympic Division's
underfunded right now.

Patrol's less saturated.
Appreciate the advice,

but police aren't our
biggest problem right now.

We got a new headache.

The Forty-Twos are
getting trigger happy

about us stepping
on their territory.

We're expanding
in a new direction.

I don't need the complications
right now.

Street, what's good territory?

A few possibilities.

You want a drink?

Got anyone else
who can pour it?

- That'll make a difference?
- Yeah.

I prefer a clean glass,


If you expand,

go north.

Midday in Wilshire
is lowest deployed watch.

Less cops, less problems.

What'd you call me?

I will put two bullets
in you and your boy

before you even think
about pulling that gun.

House-train your new pet, Nolan.

The intel isn't worth
the hassle.

We agreed on two weeks.

Once I close the deal
with my new supplier,

your debt is finished.

How long will that be?

It'll go a lot faster

if you stop threatening
my customers.

Sorry I'm late.

Nate got into it
with a neo-Nazi.

Gave him hell, I hope.

Of course.

Nolan sold ten keys tonight
to the Aryans.

They're expanding into Wilshire;
we should lay off up there,

prove my intel's valuable.

This is really
good work, Street.

Two weeks in, and
you have uncovered

Nolan's whole
distribution network.

Maybe it's time
we finally move.

We hit now, get a hundred
dealers off the street.

It won't mean anything unless
we find the guy on top...

Nolan's new supplier.

Nolan thinks he can become
this supplier's main seller.

The way he's been talking
about this new shipment,

it has to be any day now.

We still don't know how
or where they're moving it in.

If we got a pure sample
of the heroin,

it would tell us
where it originated.

We could start there.

The Aryans just restocked.

I mean, you hit them
before they dilute it...

The Aryans are one step
from you in the food chain.

We can't risk them connecting
a bust back to you.

They're in the middle of a
turf beef with the Forty-Twos.

You stage it right,
they don't have to know

it's SWAT robbing them.

Sir, it looks like
it's time to finally

bring in the rest
of the team.

If SWAT can find out how
the drugs are coming in,

can you get us a when?

Yeah, I'll do my best.

- I gotta get back to Nate's.
- Street.


How are you holding up?

Tan keeps texting me,
checking in.

Chris, she stopped
after a few days.

I know I can't respond,
it's just...

It's been the hardest part
of this whole thing, you know.

I hate keeping this
from them, too.

It's all gonna be worth it

when we get Nate
out of there.

I just hope they understand.

Street, he's your brother.

I get it, and so will they.

Let's just finish this thing.


This is the longest we've ever
had a SWAT officer undercover.

This type of work
takes patience.

And like I told
the top brass,

I bet my career on this op.

And Street's life.

What's with the 4:00 a.m. SOS?

We're not on early call.
What's going on?

We needed the privacy.

All right, listen up.

There's something
Commander Hicks and I

have had to keep from you.
Now, we wanted to tell you earlier,

but the operation was
only approved

if we could keep the circle
really small.

What's this got to do
with Street?

Two weeks ago, Street came to me
and Hicks asking for help.

His foster brother Nate
found himself in trouble

with a crew down in Long Beach.

Turns out Nate was a witness
to a large-scale

heroin smuggling operation.

Though it operates
out of Long Beach,

the reach of the network comes
all the way up here to L.A.

And given his relationship
with Nate, and his history

both with Long Beach and SWAT,

we agreed to plant Street
within the organization

as a disgraced member
of the LAPD.

He's been undercover
this entire time?

We watched him quit.
That was all theater?

Not so much
for any of you,

but for the civilians

and non-SWAT crowd
that was there that day.

We needed word to spread that
Street was truly done for good.

That he had burned bridges.

You could have trusted us
with this.

It's an
unfortunate necessity.

Like it or not, your
reactions to Street quitting

helped sell his cover.

Let me be very clear.

Every call was
authorized by me,

so if you have a gripe,
you take it up with me,

but you do it later.

Right now,
we've got work to do.

Now, the bar Street worked
is a way station between

whoever's importing the heroin
and the sellers on the street.

The owner of the bar,
Teague Nolan,

sells to bikers,
bangers, whoever.

This guy doesn't discriminate.

Once it's sold,
it's out of his hands

and in the people's veins.

We've been on the sidelines, but
we're about to get in the game.

We're gonna raid the last crew
that Nolan sold to.

We're gonna grab the heroin,
and we're gonna learn

how this stuff is
being brought in.

Won't that risk
Street's cover?

Not if we roll
as a rival crew. We pulling a rip?

Warrant's already been signed.

Nolan's new shipment
could arrive any day.

And if we miss it,
it could be months before

we get another shot to topple
this entire pyramid.

So let's take

these sons of bitches down

and bring Street home.

*S.W.A.T. (2017)*

*S.W.A.T. (2017)*
Season 03 Episode 12

Episode Title:
"Good Cop"

Sync corrections by srjanapala

All right, we're looking for
the uncut stuff

so we can test it
and determine the source.

Any questions or concerns?

- Nope.
- No.

Let's go.

Where's the heroin?

Stay out of Forty-Two territory.

I heard the Aryans just got hit.

I got a few ideas
who might be behind it.


It's one thing to be
giving out street tips

to Nolan when he
asks for 'em,

but now you're going out
looking for stuff on your own?

I mean, what if
something happens to you?

The faster Nolan's
product sells,

the faster you and I
can get out of this.

And you really think,
once he does the deal,

he's gonna let us go,

Come on.

Maybe it's time we bail.
Okay, go to another state.

I can't run.

Nolan has me on video.

You and I are
in too deep.

I just... I just need you
to trust me.

I need you both
to clear out tonight.

I'm having a meeting in here.

Why do we have to clear out?

Because you're not invited.

And I don't need you
making a fool out of me again

- in front of company.
- You know,

you're trying so hard
to impress this new supplier.

Having someone
with my experience

can only add to your value.

I said no.

Your only job is
to do what I say.

So get lost.

just drop it.

I have to go.

They're meeting tonight.

Whoever this new supplier is,
he's gonna be there.

Absolutely not.

If there's even a small chance
of side-stepping this guy

to get to his boss,
we need to take it.

It's too dangerous.

We could set up
a surveillance,

try to I.D. the
supplier that way.

Nolan is paranoid.

He's gonna be
double-checking everything

before inviting this
guy in the building.

If he sniffs anything,
anything funny,

this whole op goes down
the drain.

So we get anything
from the rip yet?

They traced the heroin
back to Southeast Asia,

specifically to a region

near one or two
Malaysian shipping ports.

So it's got to be coming

through the Port of L.A.,
not through Mexico.

That's the largest port
in the U.S.

Even knowing where the drugs
are coming from, there are still

thousands of containers
being brought in 24-7.

So that's it then.
I have to go to this meeting.

I got to see if I can narrow
down when it's coming in.

Street, are you sure about this?

If we can end this

and get Nate out alive,
we have to try.

We won't be able to bring backup
or even give you a wire.

I know.

All right. All right,

we're gonna do it, but
we're gonna be smart about it.

We're gonna give you
a real reason

to walk in there uninvited.

can you get Long Beach PD
on the phone?

I'm on it.

You're not going in there

Oh, you've got
to be kidding me.

Nolan said to get lost. Got new intel for
him. Can't wait.

So give it to me,
and I'll take it to him.

I'm getting inside this bar
one way or another.

Remember what happened
the last time

you and I danced, Barber?

You want a rematch?

What the hell
are you doing here?


When are you gonna understand
your place in all of this?

Long Beach PD is on its way
to the Jackals' stash house.

I wait outside

like you want,
the Jackals

and whatever heroin
they haven't sold

is locked up before
this meeting's over.

How's it gonna look
to your new supplier

if your biggest dealer is facing
20 years unless he gives you up?

Now you're sure about this?

I blew up my life
to help Nate,

and as you've made it
perfectly clear, you own us.

So why would I throw it
all away now?

Yeah, quite a life

you imploded there.

Decorated career. Twice.

Your team is your family.

And, uh,

you're-you're dating
the boss's daughter,

right? Yeah.

I know all about her.

Very pretty.
I've seen the pictures.

You would give her up

just to help a foster brother?

Take it easy on him, Nolan.

Isn't this what you have him
around here for?

Call your customers.

Let's see how valuable
this kid really is.

Can't find anything over
a hundred calories in there.

Stress eating won't
make you feel any better.

Well, actually, it usually does.

I wanted to apologize
for earlier.

I challenged your authority
in front of Hondo and Street.

It's your mission.

They're your team.
It wasn't my place.

I'm just worried about Street.

Well, I brought you something
that might help.

Are you nuts?

This is the hardest part
for me, too.

The waiting.

I know you think
I only care about my career,

but I've been doing this job
a long time, just like you.

To get through
an op like this,

you have to focus
on the mission outcome.

We can't get caught up worrying
every second about our asset.

Or we'll both go crazy.

Do you trust him? Street?


So there's nothing
we can do but wait.

And drink.

This is water.

Well, it wasn't always.

But rituals don't care
if you quit drinking.

It always helped to have
something to distract me.

How long you been on the wagon?

It's not something
I count anymore.

Fair enough.

The Jackals did not appreciate

having to flush their stash
for no reason.

Then, ten minutes later, the
LBPD kicked in their door.

Fortunately, there was
nothing left for them to find.

Cops left empty-handed.

You saved us a big hassle.

Let me introduce myself.

I'm Frank Ludlow.

Jim Street.
You must be Nolan's supplier.

You do good work, Jim.

You cleaned up those bodies
without a fuss.

I keep waiting for
them to turn up.

How did you pull that off?

Well, that's a secret.

Protects both of us
for me not to tell you.

You have impeccable timing.

We were just about ready
to go over tonight's shipment.

Sit down.

You heard from Street?

I got him for about 30
seconds after he left the bar.

He met the supplier.
Shipment's arriving tonight.

Is this our guy?

Frank Ludlow, son of shipping
magnate Charles Ludlow.

Guess he couldn't make it

in the family business;
found a nice side hustle

moving drugs
on Daddy's boats.

- Street find out which boat?
- No,

but there's only one Ludlow ship
from Malaysia arriving tonight.

We need to grab Ludlow
with the drugs,

otherwise this has
all been for nothing.

Take two full units.
No chances.

This is gonna be one hell
of a welcome party for Street.

I'll prep the team.

rolling out in five.

Vandelli's team's
got backup.

Hey. We're not leaving here with
drama hanging over our heads.

Let it out.

Hondo, there's nothing
to let out.

You needed to keep the circle
small to keep Street safe.

It wasn't a
matter of trust,

it was a matter of mistakes.

If we didn't know anything,
we couldn't make any.

Be real with me.

I get why we couldn't know.
At first.

But I don't see how keeping us
in the dark for two weeks

after he quit
kept Street any safer.

We had to follow
strict orders.

And the second we got the
chance to let you in, we did.

Yeah, after two weeks of

feeling guilty and
blaming ourselves.

Chris, trust me,
it was not easy

to stand by
and not say anything to you.

But the integrity of the mission
had to come first. I know.

And we're not
blaming you, Hondo.

It's just been really tough.

Well, let's make sure
today's better.


- Where were you?
- I thought we were hanging here tonight.

I need you to pack your things
and get out of here right now.

Didn't you just get done telling
me that we couldn't bail?

Not us.

You went back to the bar,
didn't you?

- I told you not to go.
- Listen, listen.

Something big
is about to go down

and I need you
clear of it.

Look, whatever you got yourself
into, you can't handle alone.

We're not letting
each other go again.

- This is different.
- How?

I can't explain,
I just need you to trust me.

Remember the Robin Motel?
That crappy place off Spring?

Yeah. 40 bucks a night, didn't
even have an ice machine.

Go there, lay low for a few days
till I call you.

Do not let anyone know
you're there.

What aren't you telling me?

Please just go there.

- The Robin Motel, then.
- Yeah.

Look, whatever's going on,
you know I got your back.

Always have.


I got eyes on the Malaysia ship.

A skeleton crew is moving
specific cargo.

You got them, Chris?

They're taking them across
the port to a warehouse.

They're opening the cargo.

They got protection, too.

Count 20 workers, five guards.

Anyone got eyes on Street?

Street just pulled in.

He's with Nolan.

No sign of Ludlow.

30-David. In position.

Nobody moves until we got
Ludlow in our sights.

What are you looking at?

Just checking for anything
that doesn't feel right.

Occupational hazard.

We don't touch the boxes.

I see your game,

Barging in,
putting on a show for Ludlow?

You're making a play
for my whole operation.

Something's happening
between Street and Nolan.

We can't move until
we see Ludlow.

I don't want your job, Nolan.

All I want is for this
to be finished.

Why don't I believe you?
I don't know.

- That's your problem.
- Don't forget,

as long as I have
that videotape, your life

and Nate's
life are mine.

You cross me, I will finish you.

And every person you love.

Any issues?
It's all here.

That's the signal.
Ludlow's there.

30-David is set.

Move, move, move!

LAPD! Police!

On your knees! Drop the weapons!

On the ground! On your knees!
Put the guns down!

The whole time?

Now you know where
you can stick that video.

Don't be stupid.

This is not a problem.

You want to tell us
what's in the boxes?

Just a bunch of pigs.

- They're empty.
- You're not gonna find anything.

I'm a legitimate businessman.

There's no drugs.
There's nothing here.

Guess you made
a big mistake, Street.

Get them out of here.
Nice knowing you.

Sir, the drugs were supposed
to be there.

There's no way
they were just playing us.

Why not?
We were playing them.

Maybe they
figured out somehow

that Street was undercover, and
they set us up to flush him out.

If that were true, he wouldn't
be sitting here right now.

Can we keep Ludlow in custody
until we figure this out?

With no drugs, lawyer
just got Ludlow released,

along with his entire crew.

How is this happening?

Everyone has a paper trail with
the company.

They're all legit.

Even the gunmen
are cargo security detail.

Five armed guys guarding
a shipment of piggy banks?

Come on, Commander.

Without any heroin,
Ludlow has all the deniability

he needs, legally.

Nolan told Ludlow,
"It's all here."

That had to have been
the shipment.

Then where are the drugs?

I don't know, but we must
have missed something.

Our warrant's good
for 24 hours, right?

Okay, so we roll back
to that warehouse,

and we look for
anything that we missed.

Okay. I'll call Narcotics.

Time to grab up as many dealers
as we can.

Try to get something
out of this mess.

Hey, Street.

Welcome back.

Is that my
mission report?

Sounds like hell.

Yeah, it was.

The entire time you were gone,
I kept blaming myself.

Felt like I should have
stopped you from going down

to Long Beach alone.

If it means anything,

I really appreciate
how much you cared.

It doesn't.

You could have told me.

Chris, I had orders.

I don't care.

And I know
it's not your fault,

and I know it's not
Hondo's fault,

but... it still hurts.

Being lied to this whole time,
when I...

when I was so worried
about you.

I'm sorry. I just...

I mean, I was in an
impossible situation.

But you know now, so
can't we just go back

to how it was before?

I don't know.

Not right now, at least.

Nate, why are you calling?

I heard what went down.

Nolan keeps texting me.

- You safe?
- Yeah.

You didn't really
quit SWAT, did you?

No, but our bust went bad.

There were no drugs.

We had to let Ludlow
and Nolan walk. What are we gonna do?

We can't leave Nolan out there,
wanting us dead.

Wait... I know something
you can use.

Maybe. I know where to look.

No, no, no.
Stay put.

Don't let anyone know
where you are.

I will come to you, you tell me
what to look for and where.

Just get here.

I'm at our spot.

I'll see you soon.

Street was sure the
drugs were coming here.

Well, just in case,
I got Chris and Tan

paying a visit
to Ludlow's corporate office.

See if anything turns up.

Deacon... are they
doing all right?

Yeah. Best they can,
considering the whiplash.

But they're tough.

The team still feels
out of sync.

Maybe I could have
done it different... - Hey, no-no.

That "what if" game,
that's just a fool's errand.

Doesn't mean the
call wasn't bad.

We stand by
your decisions.

That's what a good team does.
That's how they endure,

get through times like this.

You start doubting yourself,

it's gonna make us
doubt each other.

I thought maybe the banks
themselves were made of heroin,

but so far, nothing.

I'll keep testing,

but don't
get your hopes up.

That glove over there...

- Is that one of yours?
- No.

Must have come off
one of the dock workers.

You mind?

The guys unpacking
the piggy banks,

they weren't wearing gloves.

The guys carrying
the boxes were.

Do me a favor.
Test that.


Wait a second. Street said
that Nolan wouldn't let him

touch the boxes.

The boxes weren't carrying
the heroin, the boxes

arethe heroin.
It's baked in the cardboard.

Dumpsters are empty.

Boxes are gone.

Trash crew came
this morning.

The unis let them
empty the bins.

That wasn't
the trash crew.

Ludlow just got
all his heroin back.

The process is more
simple than you might think.

Powdered heroin is mixed
with a solvent

to turn it into a liquid.

The box soaks it up
like a sponge.

Once it dries, it's
basically indistinguishable

from a box you might get
from Amazon.

He can switch up
the cargo every time.

Long as Ludlow knows
which boat the boxes are on,

he's all set. How do they
extract the heroin

from the boxes
once they get here?

By washing the
cardboard with the same solvent.

The chemical separates
the heroin from the cardboard.

Gravity does the rest.

And the heroin's in that soup?

Yes, but it's still mixed
with other chemicals.

We have to use heat to
separate out the impurities.

This fume hood is
keeping the gas inside,

but it is deadly to breathe.

And if we heat
it up too much

or too fast, the
heroin will burn

and the smoke will
get much worse.

And here's what
we're left with.

100% pure heroin.

Ludlow gets thousands of boxes;
there's no way

he's going through this process
one at a time.

No. It would take a sizable lab
to process this at high volume.

Patrol rolled by Ludlow's estate
to pick him up, he wasn't there.

Warrant's out,
but he's in the wind.

Well, he's not skipping town
with a truck

full of cardboard boxes.

We got to find out where
he's processing this,

and fast.

Nate? You in there?


Street, we found
Ludlow's drugs.

We know his game.
He's not gonna get away.

This wasn't Ludlow.

I found these...
in the ironing board,

between the cloth and the metal.

You know,
in a-a foster home,

there's so little
that's actually yours.

New kids always
nabbing your stuff.

Ironing board was one
of Nate's hiding places.

He knew I'd look there.

Those are papers

from Nolan's office.

Nate must have ignored me

and-and gone
after him on his own

to find him,
and-and then Nolan,

or his-his guys
followed him back here.

What do the papers say?

I don't know what
to make of them,

but they-they got
to mean something.

Nate died getting them to us,
so we're gonna dig through them.

You know Nolan's
behind this, right?

He's-he's punishing
me for burning him.

We don't have proof yet
Nolan was here.

I believe you.

But SWAT's priority is Ludlow.

We'll put Homicide on this;
they will get him.

Right now
we need to find

Ludlow's lab and shut it down.

- I want to see him out.
- Of course.

All right, I'm gonna
bring these back to HQ.

I'm gonna
take Street with me.

Keep an eye on him
until he settles down.

Maybe I should stay
here with Homicide.

I understand
Ludlow's our priority,

but we got to get to Nolan

before he adds
to his body count.

Check the street cams.

There's got to be a shot of
Nolan or his guys coming here.

Street's gone.

He didn't ride with Nate's body.
I found this on his motorcycle.

Nate's car's gone, too.
He's going after Nolan.

Go. I'll find that footage.

What about Ludlow?
We'll grab him up.

Hondo, find Nolan
before Street does.

These are just bar receipts.

Nothing out of the ordinary.

There has to be something here.

Nate told Street
he had something we can use.

Hey, check this out.

Supply bill
from a Cavalier Corp.

Ten grand on bar napkins,
six on coasters, 20 on ice?

Bill's over a hundred
thousand dollars.

Either Nolan's ice guy is
taking him to the cleaners,

or this is not a
real distributor.

I've seen this date
in Street's report.

It's the same day Nolan first
bought heroin from Ludlow.

This is how
he paid for it.

nothing to find with Cavalier.

No real names. Just
a list of properties.

Hey, hold on.

Cavalier owns a
recycling plant.

Looks big
enough to hide a lab.

And Ludlow could order
equipment and chemicals

without raising eyebrows.

This has to
be the place.


Whoever's back there,

come up, slowly.

Hands where I can see them.

Where's Nolan?

Put the cuffs on me.
I'm not telling you anything.

Get up. Get up!

What happened to your arm?

Jim Street happened.
You know him?

Did he come up in here
asking about Nolan?

And did you tell him anything?

No. But then he broke
my arm again.

How about we just
cut to the part

where you tell me
everything you told...

I got no problems
breaking your other arm.

Nolan inside?

Saw him enter about ten
minutes ago with a pizza.

So what are we waiting on?

Well, I guess I need him
to come back out.

Maybe I approach,
provoke a fight.

Should justify
whatever happens after.

Could have done that when you
saw him ten minutes ago, Street.

Why didn't Nate just...

stay put like I told him to?

He was trying to help you, kid.

He probably thought he owed you
for getting you caught up

in all of this. I was always the
one that owed him.


But sometimes we all get
a little twisted, man.

I blamed myself every day
you were under.

I made the call
and I felt like everything

you went through was on me.

Nolan has to pay.

The only thing you owe Nate

is to be the great cop
that he saw you as.

That's who
he was protecting.

Is that who I really am?

are you kidding me?

When you ditched us
back at that motel,

I felt like every bad decision
I'd ever made

was coming back
to bite me in my ass.

But then I find you
sitting right here,

instead of standing
in that house,

standing over Nolan's dead body.

you are a great cop.

You came to me and Hicks
about your brother Nate

when you could have tried
to handle it on your own.

You sacrificed
your reputation

trying to stop something
that threatened the city.

I know now that I made
the right call putting you in.

And I know that you were
never gonna follow through

with what you think
you came here to do.

You call the cops on me?

I gave Lynch this address.

And she found footage
of Nolan and one of his guys

going to Nate's motel.

We got him, Street.

We got him
for Nate's murder.

You coming with me, Officer?

Teague Nolan, this is the LAPD!

We've got a warrant
for your arrest!

Don't move, Nolan!

I should've known
you were a rat.

Drop the bag.
Hands where I can see them.

Kept my promise, though,
didn't I?

How's Nate?

Much as I'd like
to see you go for that gun,

I need you on the ground

with your hands
behind your head now!

I'll shoot you before he does.

Then everybody here wins
but you.

Teague Nolan,

you're under arrest
for the murder of Nate Warren.

Cops are here!

Go, go, go!

Police! Drop the weapon!

Hey! We need to move.

Grab every grain
of powder you can.

Forget the trays. The rest
of the cardboard's a wash.

Slow them down. You got it.

Chris, Tan. Find Ludlow.

We'll take care of this.

We can't let Ludlow get
away with those drugs.

Let's go, let's go.

Don't move! Hands up!

Don't move, Ludlow!

This is for Jim Street.

We got him.

Ludlow's in custody.

Couldn't have done it
without you.

I'm sorry about Nate.

Yeah. We all know
how much he meant to you.

Street, you need anything,
we're here for you.

I'm just grateful to be
back on the team again.

Street. You never
left this team.



- I...
- My dad told me everything.

Why you ghosted me
the past couple weeks,

about your brother.

I'm so sorry.

That mission report's gonna
make good bedtime reading

for the mayor and the chief.

Lots of arrests.

We got your guy.

It's a major win
for the department.

And for you.

Then why doesn't it
feel like it?

Because someone innocent
got killed.

Days like this make me
want to steer the wagon

- straight into a gulch.
- Hey, hey.

Don't talk like that.

I got a ritual of my own,
you know.

A decade back, I negotiated
a hostage situation

for the French consulate.

So every Christmas,

they send me a box of these.

So after every mission,

I allow myself just one.

You shared something with me.

Least I can do
is return the favor.

To Nate Warren.

To Nate.

I should've lied.

To Nate.

I told him we didn't have Nolan,
that we needed evidence.

And he went out
looking for it.

Anything you said
wasn't gonna stop him.

And people keep on

telling me that he's a hero

and talking about how brave
he is, calling mebrave.

I don't feel very brave.

It doesn't mean you're not.

You know, I used to be
the go-to guy for undercover.

I loved the danger.

I could really push the limit

'cause it didn't matter
what happened to me.

It's probably why
I was so good at it.

Something happened
this time, though.

My hand would shake.

And it wasn't a...
it wasn't my brain.

I knew how to play my part.

My body was trying
to tell me something.

- This wasn't an everyday op.
- I know.

But... the shaking, it only started
when Nolan mentioned Molly.

Two years ago, I had nothing.

And now I-I got this job that
I love and an amazing girlfriend

and... I mean, this team.

It's the family I never had.


yeah, I mean, we've
had our bumps lately,

but Chris...

she's my best friend.

You've come a long way, kid.

My hand was shaking
'cause I realized

I finally had something
to lose.

Sync corrections by srjanapala