S.W.A.T. (2017–…): Season 2, Episode 7 - Inheritance - full transcript

Previously on SWAT...
Nia Wells.

Daniel Harrelson.
They call me Hondo, though.

You're a prosecutor, huh?

Deputy D.A.
Are you saying

you'd give me a chance?HONDO: I'm saying

that I will
get you in SWAT Academy.

Didn't you learn anything
while you were on the team?

Devlin, show him
how it's done. Come here.

If it were up to me,
you would not be in the Academy.

You had your spot,
and you threw it away.

Why doesn't Luca
want me back on the team?You got to remember,

Luca's third-generation SWAT.

He's got a family
legacy to protect.

He's always had a rep for being
a tough evaluator.

I'll talk to him.
But in the meantime,

you show up, and you play hard.
Kick some ass.

I will.

It's-it's muffled.Just concentrate.

What do you hear?

I don't know. Men's voices?

How many?Two?

No. It's three.Anything else?

They're arguing. Sounds
like it's getting heated.

Okay, we got to make
an emergency entry.


Cover me while I
check his pulse.

Gas grenade.

Mask up.

Street, I forgot my mask.

Now we got to establish
a heartbeat.


Two suspects secured.

Nice job, recruits. Well done.

That would've been
three strikes for me, man.

You didn't have to do that.

Don't worry about it, man.
Good shot.

If that were real tear gas, you
wouldn't have had much longer.


You guys get faster every year.

All right, I need, uh,
Devlin and Street to hang out

till the scores go up. Everyone
else, enjoy your weekend.

Hey. Didn't know you were here.Hey.

I got to say, out of
this bunch, I think

you're the most eligible one.
Real SWAT potential.

Well, I appreciate that.
But with these budget cuts

and only one open slot,

Devlin's got me worried.
He's good.

Hope it's not all for nothing.

Sometimes you got to make
a wrong turn

to get to the right place.


Don't really know what to do
with that advice,

but I guess it's the feeling
that counts.

Hey, thanks.

You know, I never realize

how much L.A. traffic bugs me
until I actually get out of it.

No kidding.

Knew there had to be something
to love about Arizona.

Thought you said
you were all about the desert.

I lied. We'll see how long

my new hairstyle lasts
in this heat.Oh.

Black girl problems.

So, what's that mean?
No sightseeing for the weekend?

Only what I can see from
the comfort of our hotel room.

Oh, I like your style.

Get your head out of the gutter.

Not just that.

I have a dozen cases
to review before Monday.

Fun part of my job.

Dedication pays dividends,
right?That from the speech

you're giving these cops?No, no.

I keep my speeches
to a minimum.

I like to
get them outside,

do some training, tactical ops,
that sort of thing.

Metro had the first SWAT
team. A lot of departments

count on us to keep 'em current.

What's the farthest they've sent
you to run one of these things?

Guess that would be Berlin,
few years back.

But we get calls
from all over.

It's the fun part of my job.

Afternoon, Officer.

License and registration,

Sure thing.

Both of you, please.

Listen, sir, he's...

I'm sorry,
I'm a little confused.

If you don't mind
me asking you, uh,

Officer Reid,
what'd you pull us over for?

You made an aggressive
lane change back there.

An aggressive lane change?Pop the trunk.

You mind telling me
what you're looking for?

Just pop your trunk.

Officer, you can't check my car
without probable cause.

You want to wait the hour
it's gonna take to get

a drug-sniffing dog down here,
we could do that, too.

No problem, Officer.

What are you doing?
Just tell him you're a cop.

But that doesn't mean I want
to be a part of your little
social experiment.

Why the rental?

We're in from California.

When'd you arrive?We flew in an hour ago.

What brings you to Arizona?

His job. He's a police officer
and I'm a district attorney.

Show him your badge, Hondo.

Should've told me
you were a cop.


Sorry for the
trouble, Officer.

Sergeant, actually.

You have a good day, sir.

Be careful driving now.

Oh, we will.


What time is it? Are you just
getting back from work?

Yeah. Not my fault
I get the crappy shifts.

I mean, maybe you could
talk to your dad for me...

I-I talked to him already.

I'm sorry, he says that
it's an HR thing.

Yeah.You wouldn't want
everyone thinking

that you're getting
favoritism, right?

No, but that doesn't mean I
don't want secret favoritism.

Your dad owns 20%
of the Internet.

Okay, Richard Tucker made
your last name a verb.

Okay, like, kids
"tuck" each other videos.

You know, tucking's a thing.

What's your point?

He could promote me,
you know, if he wanted to.

Well, maybe if you guys had met
under better circumstances.

Oh, okay.

You were the one who
wanted to get high

before Thanksgiving dinner.

You know, my other
girlfriend, she, uh,

she talks me up to-to her
billionaire father, so...

Oh, yeah, my other boyfriend,

he knows how to make
a good first impression.


Who is it? I think I backed
into your car.

I'm not sure how bad
the damage is.

I'm really sorry.

Sit down.Who are you?

Where is the safe?
Where is the safe?!

There is no safe!

Take my bag,
it's right there.

Okay, take the ATM card.
The-the pin...

Be quiet, and no one
will get hurt.

Help! Help!
Somebody, help me, please!

Please help! Help me!
Somebody, help!

Hey! Get your hands
off that girl!

Please help me!

Get back inside.

What do you want?

There's only room
for one of you.

Cards up,
you each have evaluators

ranking you as top
SWAT potential.

So, I'm here to break the tie.

Now, you've all been
through the ringer,

so there's no use
in jerking you around.

Now, based on the sniper skills
Vandelli insists

that he needs for his squad,

those four tours of duty
clinched it.

Welcome to SWAT, Devlin.

Thank you, sir.
It's an honor.

I'll work hard
to make you proud.

There was a kidnapping
in Westwood.

It's Richard Tucker's daughter.

Come on, let's go.

Hey, don't let this
get you down, Street.

You got a bright future.

What do we know so far?

No plates, no prints,
no decent photos.

We do have dozens of videos
of the abduction,

but the kidnappers wore masks.

No one got even part of a face.

Deac, Tucker's one of
the richest men on Earth.

This is gonna ramp up
real fast.

Well, don't worry about us.
We're on it.

You let me know
if you need anything.

You really shouldn't be going
out there a man down.

Yeah, I was thinking
the same thing.

The neighbor who shot the gun
in the air, he turn up yet?

The guy didn't live in the
building; nobody here
has ever seen him before.

Think he was in on it?I mean,

it would make sense
if they wanted

to keep anyone
from intervening.

Yeah, he acts like a civilian,

uses a gun to control the crowd,

any would-be heroes.

Just never seen a snatching
so coordinated.

Mayor Barrett wants to talk.We'll call her back

as soon as we speak
to the girl's father.

No, she wants to talk
to the press.

She's not on the phone.

She's here?
Mayor Barrett. Mayor!

Mayor Barrett! Do you just have
a couple comments?

We were debriefed
on the way over here.

The LAPD and my office are going
to do everything they can

to find Lauren.

L.A.'s got your back, Richard.

Thank you.Do you have reason to believe

your daughter's alive,
Mr. Tucker?

I have no reason not to.

Oh, my God.


I'm okay."Hostage video.

"Paul and I are prisoners of war
because I'm a member

"of a ruling class family.

"But to ensure our release,
you must demonstrate

"two actions of good faith.

"First, you must donate
$50 million to the Committee

for the Poor in L.A."$50 million
to the homeless?

"Second, deposit $5 million
in Bitcoin to an account.

You'll receive an encrypted
e-mail with instructions."

I hope you do
what they say, Daddy.

The words they're making her
say, I knew I recognized them.

Look, it's almost verbatim.
"Ruling class family."

"Donation to the needy."
This is the SLA playbook.

Okay, this is Patty Hearst 2.0.

Patty Hearst? The kidnapped
heiress from the 70s?Yeah, that's the one.

Whoever took Lauren is making
her do Patty Hearst's

hostage statement
almost word for word.

Why? What's it get them?

I know what it got them
the first time.

May 1974.
LAPD surrounded

one of the Symbionese
Liberation Army hideouts,

thinking Patty was inside,
but the SLA wouldn't surrender.

Then they opened fire
on the cops.Looks like a war zone.

Yeah, for two hours,
that neighborhood was.

My grandfather was one
of the officers there.

They nearly ran out of ammo.

Biggest police shoot-out
in American history.

How'd it get so out of control?DEACON:
Well, the SLA kept firing back.

Even as their house burned
to the ground with
all of them in it.

So, these copycats,
what's their endgame?

For some, it's a badge.

For us...It's a family crest.

Where have I heard that?
Hand it here, Dad.

I'm guessing it's
all hands on deck.

The FBI's been
working up with RHD,

and Forensics is dissecting
the hostage video.

You know, I saw that
poor girl on the news--

I grabbed your grandpa's old
case file and started driving.

Oh, you know what I was
gonna do this morning?What's that?

Crossword puzzle.[chuckles]

Hey, remember how Gramps said
he'd, uh, rest when he's dead?

Not today, Grandpa.Yeah, the man said a lot
of things he didn't mean.

He only really meant it
if he wrote it down

in one of his
damn journals.

One of the few things
I'm glad he taught me.

Yeah, I still keep one.


I heard what happened
with selection.

I'm sorry.

If these budget cuts
ever end

and SWAT can take on
more recruits,

you'll be a shoo-in.Thanks.

What do you think it's
like being so rich you
can't count your money?

What's money worth if it gets
your daughter kidnapped?

I got to go.

Luca's dad is here.Okay.

Carl was fresh out
of the Academy when his dad

took over the Patty Hearst case
in L.A.

It's hard to oversell
how big this was in 1974.

With the newspapers
they owned, the Hearsts

were one of the most influential
families in the world.

When the SLA took Patty,

the whole country
paid attention.

If these were
ex-theater students,

then why did it take
SWAT so long?

They weren't just drama geeks.

They were a combat unit intent
on starting a revolution.

All they
needed was a leader.

And they found one in
escaped convict Donald DeFreeze.

Under DeFreeze, the SLA started
robbing banks in the Bay Area.

They assassinated
a superintendent

with a cyanide-laced bullet.

Then they kidnapped Patty

and started making
crazy demands.

They said her
parents had to feed

all the hungry
people in California

if they wanted to see
their daughter alive.

What'd her parents do?They tried.

They had trucks drop off
millions of dollars worth

of food to Oakland's
poorest neighborhoods.

It wasn't
enough for the SLA.

They shuttled Patty
from hideout to hideout.

After a few months, she started
identifying with her captors.

She started assisting
in their crimes.

Grand theft
auto, assault,

shot up
a sporting goods store.

It all ended with
that shoot-out on 54th Street?

You could say that's
where it all started for us.Yeah.

That's where the 54 comes from.

Groups like the SLA
are why SWAT exists.

Luca, post up
with your dad,

dig through
your grandfather's journals.

There was no cop
as thorough as Jack.

If they're trying
to recreate this crime,

his notes are invaluable.

Crime scene photos,
witness reports,

things that never made
the official record.

Everyone else is on patrol
with your eyes peeled.

Great.All right.

I heard the selection
didn't go your way.

Trust me,
I know how you feel.

I didn't make it onto SWAT
until my second time.

I'm just upset at myself
for losing the spot I had.

What if I told you I could get
you one day back on SWAT?

Just for one day,
till we find her.


Yeah, yeah,
I won't let you down. Thank you.

Well, you can
thank Hondo later.

This was his call. Let's go.


We won't tell you what to do,
but we can walk you through

how these things usually go.

You deal with a lot
of $50 million ransoms?

Just keep in mind

that whatever you decide,
the chances are

they won't release
your daughter and her boyfriend.

In the meantime,
every department has

their best officers
scouring L.A.

These people demanded
$50 million for charity.

Does this sound like
this is a group that wants

to harm my daughter?Trying to appease the SLA,

it didn't work for the Hearsts.

Ah. All the Hearst stuff.
I get it.

The Hearsts owned newspapers,
and I'm social media,

so I must be today's
Randolph Hearst.

But I'm not. I'm richer.

I can pay every cent of this
ransom and still be wealthier

than I ever imagined.

It may not only be about money.

Everything's about money.Well, if that's true,

then as long as you hold onto
yours, they'll keep Lauren safe.

Don't pay.

Not yet.
Just give us

more time to track them down.

You've surrounded a house
with a heavily armed suspect

barricaded inside.

You pumped hot gas into it,
but he still won't come out.

What next?

Cut the water main.

Why?So he can't stand

in a running shower
to avoid the gas.

Salazar, my man.

That's two for two. Good job.

Now, even if you
already know this,

it's worth it to hear it again:

chemical agents are only needed
if all other options fail.

Now, if a suspect is injured
or negotiating,

then he's probably on the road
to surrender.

What if cutting the water main
doesn't work either?

He's either got a gas mask
or a death wish.

This group that took
the Tucker girl in L.A.,

if you knew where they were
holed up, what would you do?

We'd tread carefully.

You never underestimate groups

that have been able
to pre-plan on a home base.

All right, that's enough
questions for right now.

Go get changed,

grab a bite to eat, I'll
see you on the range in 30.

Hell, I wish they'd
listen to me like that.

These guys worship you.

It's not me,
it's just my job title.

Deputy Chief, do you know
an Officer Reid, State Troopers?

Yeah, Mike Reid.

Think he came over
from City a few years ago. Why?

I'd like to have a word
with him, in person.

You think
that's possible?

Yeah, I can find out.

Appreciate it.

What's with all the herbal crap?
Where's the soda?

Brass got rid of it.
It's a new policy.

Same old control freaks.Holy smokes.
Listen to this.

"May 9, 1974.
Told my men that if they have

any unregistered guns, they can
consider them LAPD issue."

Yeah, it's a different time.

Spring of 1974, you
were in diapers.

Ah, the old man wrote here
he took you fishing.

I thought he hated fishing.

"Took Buddy Boy to the lake.

He spent most of his time
trying to eat worms."

I've seen what's in that fridge.
Your diet hasn't changed much.

"Buddy Boy."
I forgot about that.

You hear that?

It's Lauren's cell phone.

Look, stay here, Dad,
I'll be right back.

Tell me your lawyers
didn't just wire $50 million

to the Committee
for the Poor.

Gonna be one hell
of a write-off.

And the $5 million
for this group?

Bitcoin's already
been deposited.

Hey, her cell got a text.

Kidnappers dropped off
Lauren and Paul

in that vacant industrial park
over on Eastern.

Every officer
in that area now.


Lauren and Paul could be gagged.

So you just worry about
giving us one good day.


What's that?

What's that covering?

Two bodies?

So where are they?

This is a holdup!

First one doesn't lay down
gets shot in the head!

Stay on the wall.

211. All units.

Robbery in progress
at MacArthur Bank.

Subjects are armed
and dangerous.

That's five blocks away.

30-David, we're crossing
Main and 6th. Hold on.

Put it in the bag!

I-I will, I will, I will...Come on.

All of it. Let's go.I am, I am...

Hurry up!

Pick it up.

Take a video of her.

First person picks his head up,
I'll blow it off.

Come on! Running out of time.

Lauren's I.D. All cut up.

This is exactly what the SLA
sent to the newspapers in 1974.

These are instructions.

They want her dad to post
whatever's on this

to his personal Tuck page.

Free money! Come and get it!

Make it rain!

First person picks his head up,
I'll blow it off!

Lauren's weapon

fired blanks,
which is why the police believe

that she was acting
under duress at the bank.

Her kidnappers
seemingly forced her

to reenact
the Patty Hearst saga.

I paid every penny.

I posted your message on Tuck.

Let my daughter
and her boyfriend go.


At the group's insistence,
Richard Tucker uploaded a video

in which Lauren delivers
an alarming message.

The time for people
to treat each other better

is overdue.

Rise up for a just society.

We are all soldiers
in this revolution.

Yeah, Deac. I'm watching, man.

No girl, no boyfriend, no leads.

Other than that,
we're doing great.

You weren't able
to get anything usable

from that second hostage video?

No, Forensics has looked
at every frame.

There's no way to tell
where it was shot.

What about the neighbor
with the gun?Uh, it's confirmed

that he was
one of the bank robbers.

These guys are organized, Hondo.

One thing we know for sure

is that they want
to replay history. But why,

if the first time ended with
so many of them getting killed?

All right, maybe we can use
that history to figure it out.

Deac, in '74,

the SLA moved from house
to house all over South L.A.

trying to hide from the police.Most of those places are gone.

This crew has a thing
for symbolism, man.

See if Luca and his pops can
cast a wider net,

find every spot that the SLA
may have visited back then.

Yeah, that's a great idea.
All right, thanks.

Hey, Deac.

How's Street doing?

He's, uh, enthusiastic.

Yeah, I'm sure he is.

Just keep that kid
under control.

Already am. All right,
I got to go.

Maybe she resented
growing up rich

and planned this
from the get-go.You see how her eyes

keep darting from the camera
to the cue cards?

That girl fears for her life.

Why are they doing this?

That's the $50 million question.

See you later.
See you.


Weapons on safe!

Holster! Sweeney,
grab his target for me?

Eh, you might want to
adjust your grip, Salazar.

I know. I know.All right, let's check it out.

All right, the first one's
dead center, that's nice.

Second one's lower
and to the left.

That means you're anticipating
your recoil. People, listen up!

You want to stay loose when
you're engaging your weapon.

You want to ride that
thing, don't fight it.

Can I ask you a question?Mm-hmm.

I saw you on the news last year

when you sniped a guy
from that chopper.

Mm-hmm.You get to ride
on that thing a lot?

No, that's not a regular part
of my job.

Taking that shot from the sky
must've been a hell of a rush.

We knew the girl held up in that
cabin was about to be killed,

so watching her reunite with her
family when it was all over,

that was the rush.Of course.

Still, it was a crazy shot.

Mm-hmm. Well, to
be honest with you,

nothing would make me
happier than never having

to discharge my
weapon ever again.

All right, let's
change it up.

12 gauge. Let's go.

Well, you think
we got any, uh, future

SWAT material here, Sergeant?I think they're on their way.

You got a spirited bunch
here, Deputy Chief.

I talked to Officer Reid.

He's, uh, working
a double shift tonight,

so he won't be able
to meet with you later.

Sir, if he can't make time
to swing by on his break,

I can wait right here
till the end of his shift.

Would you mind
calling him again

and see if you can
talk him into it?

I don't know what this is about,
but, um, I sit on a board

with the assistant director
to the Arizona Highway Patrol.

You want Reid here,
he'll be here.

Look, I'm not trying to make
a big thing out of this.

I came here to
educate officers,

and there's one or two things
I'd like to go over with him.

So you let him know, whenever's
good for him, it's good for me.


All right, let's load
and be ready!

800 block

of 84th.

1400 block of 54th.

Where's that motel receipt?The one on Slauson?


It's right here.

That about accounts for
the SLA's time in L.A.,

everywhere they slept.

"May 11.

"An anonymous caller claims
he saw Patty and friends

"hiding out in a movie theater
over on Hoover,

"but who knows if it's true.

"No one around here
is talking.

"People don't cooperate
with the police anymore.

Looking back..."

What's wrong? What's it say?

"This job isn't
what it used to be.

"Looking back, I wish I hadn't
pushed Carl onto the force.

"He's a better dad to
Buddy Boy than I was to him,

"but I pray
he won't make the same mistake.

There are better things
Buddy Boy can do with his life."

Gramps didn't want me
to be a cop?

It was a dark time.

I mean, for him,
for the police.

Look, every cop has a
case that haunts him.

This was his.

Hoover Street.

Hoover Street.
Hoover Street, okay.

The Movie Box
on Hoover Street.

How close do you think
they're following

in the SLA's footsteps?

So how long you think
the Movie Box

with three X's
has been closed?

I'm guessing around
the same time people

started getting
home computers?

Still, if the
SLA spent any time

hiding out here, it's
worth getting eyes on it.

Is that their car?

Could be.

Abandoned building,
open door.

Check for trespassers?

Left side clear.

Right side clear.

Looks clear up there.

Check this out.

What are they

Nothing good.
Paul Dillon.

Lauren's boyfriend.

They brought them here.

It's the boyfriend.

24-David, need an R.A. to the
abandoned theater on Hoover.

Paul, are you okay?

Where's Lauren?

They took her.

They're not gonna let her go.

Bomb Squad
found a footprint

that indicates enough
C-4 to topple a building.

If this were the SLA,

any idea what they'd
be targeting next?

Only thing longer
than the SLA rap sheet

was their enemies list.

Yeah, they wanted to
destroy just about

every institution and
anyone who represented them.

Industry titans, judges,
hell, the Black Panthers.

Okay, the police,
they didn't just evade us,

they targeted us, too.

Listen, listen, listen.
"August 21, 1975.

Two of our men found explosives
under their squad cars today."

I never heard anything
about that. 'Cause they

planted them in a rush;
the things never went off.

Look, if they're trying
to finish the job

for the SLA, they won't
make the same mistake.

It say anything in there
about the number

on those patrol cars?

Get back, folks!
Come on, let's go.

I am telling you,
the area is not secure!

Please! Get back!
Get back!

Come on, let's go! Move it!

Let's go. Right out this way.
Out this way.

Around. Around.

Hey! K-9 unit
at Hollenbeck found a tin

under car 0529,
just like you said.

Defused it before it could blow.
Said it was packed with C-4.

That's a 50-foot
blast radius, at least.

We'd be within
that; let's go!

Go, move, move!

I insisted on security
for Lauren at school.

But we'd just buried her mother.

She wanted to be normal.

What are the statistics
for someone who isn't

found in the first hours?

This is not a typical

I should have listened to you.

I should have never
paid that ransom.

It emboldened these people.

You didn't cause this.

I just want Lauren home safe.

And I promise you,
we'll do our best.

Hey, Captain.

They released another video.

"While law enforcement
works in the dark,

"we choose to communicate
in the open.

"With complete transparency.

"Listen carefully, Dad.

"You've just been sent
an e-mail.

"Inside is a file.

"A rootkit.

"Upload it to Tuck's server.

If you don't..."

They're gonna kill me, Daddy!

Okay, what's a rootkit?

Malicious code.

It allows whoever sent it
complete control over

the recipient's address.
So these people

would have complete
control over your entire

social media platform?Temporarily, yes.

They'd be able to access
everyone's information.

They could send whatever
they want to whomever they want.

Tuck is a
publicly-traded company,

we have a board of directors.

Of course I can do it.

I think we know where
they have her.

Look, everywhere
they've been--

the bank, the squad car,
the movie theater--

it's all within three blocks
of one of SLA's known locations.

We've been patrolling
those areas. Not this one.

Parking ticket buried
in the file

from a van that
SLA stole in '74.

200 block, Palm Ave.

If they were parked
there long enough

to get ticketed,
it was probably close

to somewhere they hung out.I'm guessing this group

found a one-story
in the middle of the block,

same as the shoot-out.

Why stick so close
to the SLA script

unless they want us to show up?

Maybe a fight with police

is exactly what they want.
Like a cult;

mass suicide by cop.Yeah, we're gonna

get to Lauren
before that happens.

That's what
the police thought last time.

Then when it was all over,
Patty Hearst wasn't even inside.

Let's roll.

Occupants of 214 Palm Avenue,

this is the
Los Angeles Police Department.

We need you to exit
the front door

with your hands above your head.

Mailman's positive he
saw a group carrying weapons

around back before
we rolled up.

Safe bet they're inside.

House is owned by a
registered sex offender,

lives here with his two
brothers, a few priors each.

Coworkers at the car wash
say they're druggies,

into guns.Mom and Dad must be proud.

They're not gonna
We got to
get Lauren out

before they start reenacting
another shoot-out.

Yeah, if she's even here.All right,
as soon as they show

the least bit
of resistance,

we make a move.Aye.

What's the word
on the ventilation in case

we have to smoke them out?Everything's cut.

Power, water, gas.

Leave your weapons inside.

Any hostages you may
have, leave them inside.

Exit the front...

Tan. Gas.

All right,
once they start to reload,

we give them everything
we got, you understand?

Everyone check
your weapons!

Ready, and...

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!
Keep your guns down.

Okay, lookit.

Those bullet holes, they're
in a perfectly straight line.

They're all
six inches apart.

There's dozens of holes,

exactly six inches
between them.

Bullets sweeping that
precisely, there's no way

you can rake a shot with
a machine gun like that.

Unless this gun's
on an automated system.

This is all a setup
to take us out.

Yeah, but we still need
to know if Lauren's inside.

I'll go.

Street and Chris, let me know
when you have confirmation

she's inside.

Check out the eyes
they have on us.


Can't get a good reading.

Place is full of smoke.

I see someone.
I think it's her.

Possible eyes on Lauren.

The rootkit worked.

This is all

There she is. That's Lauren.

They tried to get us
to return fire into the house.

They want us to kill her.

While my company streams it
live to the world.

Watch your step in there.

Who knows what kind of traps

these guys set.

It's gonna unload again!
Get down!

Get low! Hit the deck!LUCA: Hold your fire!

Weapon's disarmed.



Come on, Lauren,
open your eyes.

Come on.

Lauren, open your eyes.

Open your eyes.

That's it.

Come on, Lauren.

Stay with me.

She's okay,
she's gonna be all right.

that's it. Hey.

She's okay.

The kidnappers

may have slipped away,
but the most important thing

is that Lauren and her boyfriend
made it home.

Now, this manhunt
will continue

and those responsible
will eventually be found.

In the meantime,
people shouldn't forget

the reason that Lauren Tucker
is home tonight.

LAPD Metro SWAT.It's all right.

May not be a bad time

to put in that request
for some budget relief.

Really think I'd use
a day like this

to ask her for
more personnel?

Well, you know me
too well, Captain.

I know it feels like
the bad guys got away,

but you should
be proud, all of you.

We did what SWAT never
could in the '70s.

We got her home.

What happened to Patty Hearst
after the shoot-out in '74?

FBI picked her up

15 months later
in San Francisco.

She served two
years in jail

before her sentence
got commuted.

Didn't she marry
her bodyguard or something?

That was the biggest blow
to the SLA.

She didn't just
marry her bodyguard,

she became a cop's wife.



That's, uh, that's
the real deal.

Thanks for coming by.

I didn't really have much
of a choice.

All right, look here,
you and me, we're gonna

clear something up
right now, cop to cop.

I think I know what
this is about,

and I never would've
pulled you over

if I knew that
you were a cop.

You really gonna
play it like that?

I know this game
really well.

You don't think this
is some kind of racial thing,

do you?
You tell me.

I saw you make a hard
lane change in a rental car.

We're in a border community.
You have any idea

how many smugglers
use rental cars?

They fly in, rent cars,

then they go pick up
a stash of drugs they left

in the desert.I hear all that,

but that ain't why
you stopped me.

I've been doing
this job for 20 years,

and not only have I never
pulled anybody over

for an "aggressive lane change,"
I've never met a cop who has.

Now, you said it

You sensed that I wasn't
from around here.

So I'm gonna ask you
one more time,

how'd you get
that sense, Officer?

I'm sorry you feel this way,

but this is your hang-up,
not mine.

Oh, so I'm just
making this up?

Not only am I potentially
a thug, but I'm crazy, too?

I don't know
what you are,

but I do know that this is,
uh, this is really sad.

How many times you been pulled
over in your life, Officer?

A couple.Yeah, well, yesterday

makes 17 for me.

So what do you really
think the difference is

between you and me?

Maybe I know to keep my vehicle
in its designated lane.

Have a good day, Sergeant.

I'm gonna take off.

Your mother doesn't want me
driving at night.

It's kind of humiliating,

Well, thanks for
everything today, Dad.

What your grandpa wrote about

hoping you didn't end up
becoming a cop...

If it weren't for me pushing,

did you even want to join
the police force?

No, I mean, to be honest,

I can't ever remember
wanting to be anything else.


But you knew you
could've been, right?

You didn't do it for me, I hope.


You didn't make me
want to be a cop, Dad.

You made me want to be like you.

Gramps got
one thing right.

You're by far the better father,

till the day I pass you up.

I hate to
break it to you, son,

but, eventually, you're gonna
need a woman for that.

That fool had the nerve
to act like

I was the one
making it about race.

He just stood there acting like
he was taking the high road.



I wanted to beat his ass.

So, why didn't you?

You know why.

Because it's a catch-22.

You beat his ass
and he feels vindicated

that your inner thug came out.

How many times
have you heard

mess like this
from people like Reid?

Too many times to count.

So why did you think
this conversation

would be different?

I'm just sick of it
always being the same.

There are still too many
Reids out there.

I have been choosing
not to lay hands

on guys like him
for a long time.

To help things change.

But when do
things change?

I get that.

You need space.

I'll go get ice
for the champagne.

Ready for that beer?Yeah.

Hey. Fine job
out there today, you two.

I was hoping to get
you alone, but, uh,

I know Chris here
has been an ally,

so there's no need
for secrets.

Now, these budget cuts,
they created a lot of strain,

and no one's been immune, even
some of our senior officers.

In fact, just today,

two of them were approved
for early retirement,

and you were our second choice

after Devlin.
That said,

I called Hondo,

and, um, well,

we both agree we want you back
on SWAT on a probationary basis.

Really?Yes. No way.


So, that means you keep it
clean and solid,

then we'll see where we are
in six months.

Yes, sir. Whatever it takes.

All right, good.Thank you.

Its purpose?

What the hell?To expose an illness

that's festering in our country.
That's them.

Is this going out live?Yeah, to everyone.

This society is sick, and you
have only yourselves to blame.

Your police?
They aren't protecting you.

They're keeping you in line.

Your politicians
don't represent you,

they represent the corporations
that put them in power.

And you eat it all up,

while your media
laughs their way to the bank.

It shouldn't take
revolutionaries like us

to hold these institutions,
these billionaires, to account.

So we hope you enjoyed
our little show.

You can consider this
your final warning.

Be good to each other,

or we'll be back

with an all-new,
much bigger show.

You really showed
that lamp.

Better than
punching him, though.

I'm sorry.

That ain't me.

I know.

Let's get out of here.


Mrs. Harrelson?No.

Somebody mentioned a commotion
coming from this room.

Is everything okay?Nothing to worry about.

We're checking out early.
A little damage to the room.

Have them put it on
the credit card on file.

Of course.