S.W.A.T. (2017–…): Season 2, Episode 13 - Encore - full transcript

Who are you? Help! Help!

What do you want?

Tell me your lawyers
didn't just wire $50 million

- to the Committee for the Poor.
- People demanded $50 million

for charity. Does that sound

like this is a group
that wants to harm my daughter?

They're gonna kill me, Daddy.

This is a holdup!

First person picks
his head up... I'll blow it off.

This is the SLA playbook.
They didn't just evade us,

they targeted us, too.

Two of our men found explosives
under their squad cars today.

They tried to get us to
return fire into the house.

They want us to kill her.

I know it feels like
the bad guys got away,

but you should be proud,
all of you. We got her home.

Be good to each other or we'll be back.

With an all-new, much bigger show.

I got this new house in
East Hollywood, right?

I'm still fixing it up.
It's a two-bedroom.

I'm only using one.

So we gonna bunk together
again or what, man? Yeah?

- Yeah.

So you want to tell me
what's going on at work?

You always start these little
projects when you're spinning

and need to feel like
you can fix something.

I just feel like...
like nothing ever changes.

I just want to know that
I'm making a real difference.

Where are the kids, Becca?

Were they... Were they out
with their new dad again?

Tell me where they are!

Don't lie to me again.

Don't make me do what I did to
your parents. Where are they?!

Please don't hurt me.
I'm not hiding anything.

- Say you're sorry.
- I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

Say you're sorry for everything.

- I am.
- I don't believe you.

Get down, now!

- Alan, drop it! Drop it!
- On your stomach!

- On your stomach!
- Give me your hand!

This is 20-David to Command. Code 4.

Suspect in custody.

- Hostage is safe.
- You're okay now.

Come on. You're okay now.

I thought you shot him.

It's bean bag rounds. He'll live.

You should've used real bullets.

Hey, it's okay.

It's okay. Come on. Let's go.

Sarzo says he'll be done
laying the floors by noon,

and renovations will officially be done.

I'm thinking about getting
some pies from Desano's,

break open the home brew.

What do you say we all
christen the new pad tonight?

Uh, wish I could, but I got CrossFit.

Oh, we still working off the
extra holiday pounds, fat boy?

- Please.
- Chris?

Date night with Ty and Kira. Sorry.

- Hey, how's it going with them?
- Good, so far.

That's all you're gonna
give us? "Good so far"?

I don't want to jinx anything.

Hey, Deac? You in?

You kidding me?
Between work and moonlighting,

I haven't seen Annie
and the kids in two days,

and I got another security gig tonight.

So nobody's in?

Listen up.

Team debrief, you know the drill.

Any problems we got
with each other or the mission,

or any mistakes we want to
own up to, we hash it out

right here, right now,
and then we move on.


How about you, Chris?

The mirror? I know.

He almost got the jump on us.
You should have

spotted that mirror coming in

and adjusted your movements accordingly.

This guy had already killed
his ex-wife's parents.

We are lucky we didn't have
another victim on our hands.

Sorry, I-I should have clocked
that earlier.

It's about getting the details
right, being perfect.

I expect better.

From all of us.

'Cause this don't cut it.

Hey, Chris, tell you what.

I'll put some movement exercises
on the training schedule.

All right? For all of us.
We could all use the practice.

All right?

What the... What are you doing?

Hey! Let me go!

Help! Please, help!

Security! Hey!

Hey! Let her go! Now!

Shots outside the Caldow.
I've engaged suspects.

Call 911! We have
a shooter heading inside.

Lock down the building.

Get down! Get down now!

Move! Get down!

Move! Move!

Still waiting for
confirmation, but initial reports

sound like it was a workplace shooting.

Security managed to put the building

on lockdown, evacuate most
of its employees.

But not before the suspect holed
up in reception with six hostages.

Just got a report
from the officer on scene.

It wasn't a workplace shooting,
it was an abduction.

Two masked suspects, one
got away with a woman.

A kidnapping?

Hey, at least three other abductions

in the last half hour
by masked assailants.

North Hollywood, Pico-Robertson
and Inglewood.

Four simultaneous kidnappings

in completely different parts of town?

No way that's a coincidence.

Excuse me, out of the way.

Out of the way.


My name is Sergeant
Harrelson with LAPD SWAT.

I just want to talk to you.
Is that all right?

Okay. Let's start with your name.

- It's Bayo.
- All right, Bayo.

You have full control over how this ends.

If you let those people go and surrender,

no one gets hurt, including you.

I can't... I can't do that.

I can't let him down.

Let who down, Bayo?

Is there someone I can call?
Let me help you, man.

It's not what he would want.

Who wouldn't want that, Bayo?


Bayo, are you still with me?

Gunfire, emergency entrance.
Chris, cover us.

Luca, you're with me.

It's 20-David to Command. Suspect down.

Kidnappings and ski masks.

That remind you of anything?

That group that got away
from us three months ago.

Hondo. Better come see this.

Got this from the captain.

It was just released online.

We warned you to be good,

or we'd be back.

Well, this morning,
we took five employees

from five of the largest
corporations in Los Angeles:

DeWitt Investments, McCahey Construction,

Kinari Imports, Caldow Pharmaceutical,

Wayland Financial.

For too long, these companies

have avoided paying their fair share,

hiding billions overseas
and evading taxes,

while ordinary citizens struggle
to make ends meet

and our communities starve.

Well, no longer.

To these five companies,

we've calculated your fair tax burden

to be $523 million.

You'll each receive an individual bill.

Your options are as follows.

Send us the money.

Your employees will be set free,

and the funds will be distributed

to charities around the country.

Or don't, and your employees

will pay for your sins with their lives.

Your tax bill is due... today,

courtesy of the Emancipators.

You each have 12 hours to show the world

how you actually care about your workers.

Starting... now.

Any updates?

The companies have confirmed
the employees

- that were taken hostage.
- All hourly workers.

Janitor, IT, retail.

So, what, they kidnap Jane
Lunch Lady and force companies

to choose between profits
and blue-collar victims?

- Yeah, it looks like it.
- What better way

to highlight class inequality?

In their written instructions,
the Emancipators want

$540 million wired

to an anonymous Bitcoin account

to be distributed to various charities.

They're keeping $17 million
as a service fee.

Oh, how charitable.

Three months ago,
they were modeling themselves

after the SLA,
but this is something different.

So the intel my grandfather gathered

fighting the SLA 45 years ago...

Yeah, I'm afraid that's not
gonna help us this round, Luca.

RHD is spread thin; other
departments are stepping in.

Patrol is rounding up hostages' families,

bringing some to SWAT for protection.

Ask them if they've seen anything

or anyone suspicious
in the past few weeks.

Meanwhile, Digital Forensics
is studying the video

- for any clues to their hideout.
- No, it didn't work last time.

What about the companies?
Have you heard from them?

Mayor Barrett's
meeting with the five CEOs

at Caldow Pharmaceutical
corporate headquarters.

I'm heading over now to advise.

Cortez has command.

RHD got a hit on our dead guy, Bayo.

Our prints show his real name
is Ronald Campbell.

Dr. Ronald Campbell. 29.

Postdoc out of UC Santa Cruz.

Wrote a thesis titled "Efficacy
of Radical Protest Groups."

Quit his teaching gig
at Northridge a year back.

RHD's searching for a last known address.

Be ready to roll as soon as we get it.

These guys got away from us last time.

Not this time.

This is the same group on the
news from a few months ago?

The one that bombed
the cop car in Hollywood?

That's who kidnapped my mom?

Bridget, did your mom mention
anything odd happening

in the last week or two?

Anyone following her?

- Or a strange encounter?
- No.

Nothing. She's just a receptionist.

She makes... little charms
in her spare time.

She barely makes any money.

What do they want with her?

We're trying to figure that out.

Is that one of your mother's charms?

Last week, I blew her off to
hang out with a girlfriend.

Now, I'd give anything
just to see her again,

just to tell her I love her.

Hey, I'm sure she knows that.

I know you're worried about her,

but we have cops all over
the city looking for her.

So, if I hear anything,
I'll let you know.

Hey, RHD found an address on our suspect.

We got a search warrant. We're rolling.

See? That's good news.
That's one of the people

involved in taking your mom,
so you hang tight.

Promise me that
you'll bring her back, please.

We'll do everything we can.

Give me two!

- Give me two!
- Two!

- Right side clear!
- Left side clear!

- Left side clear!
- Clear!

Code 4 all the way around.

Really leaning into that whole
radical minimalism aesthetic.

No dishes, no pots, not even
a cup. He wasn't living here.

Then what the hell was he doing?

Hondo? Hondo? C4.

A lot of C4.

Looks like the good doctor
was their bomb maker.

Yeah, looks like he was getting
savvier. Cell phone triggers.

All right, Tan, you're with Chris.

Call bomb squad, stay here
and coordinate with them.

Meanwhile, let's clear
the rest of the block. Go.


Robert, why is it every time I see you,

it's the worst day of my career?

Well, correlation, not causation,

I can assure you that, Mayor Barrett.

- What's the temperature in there?
- Sucks.

- My kind of party.
- Maybe we should pay.

You have any idea
the PR nightmare we'll face

if we refuse, and the worst happens?

Our brand is all about community.

Look what they did to Tucker's daughter

after he paid the ransom. They kept her!

You're gonna to drop
$100 million with no guarantee

they'll actually return your guy alive?

We care about our employees, okay?

Our guy has a family. You tell his kids

it doesn't make financial sense.

You pay out now, they're gonna grab

another one of your workers tomorrow.

You put the entire workforce at risk.

Then give me a better idea, Jeremy.

Excuse me.

This is Commander Hicks
from LAPD Metro SWAT.

Now, if we could just move
into the boardroom...

Jeremy DeWitt. You find
these Emancipators yet?

We're currently following
up on a number of leads.

Great. That's a no.

Look, I-I can appreciate
that this is a tough time

for you and your companies,
but right now,

the best course of action is to hold off,

let the elite officers of SWAT
do their jobs.

You want us to bend over
for these terrorists?

Well, just lay low.

You know, no statements,
no tweets, nothing.

If we find your employees
before the deadline, then...

you won't have to make a
decision on the ransoms at all.

And if you don't find
them before the deadline?

Well, I have faith in my officers.

Let's see what they
can do before you panic.

Well, with all due respect, Commander,

my very well-paid
kidnap-and-ransom specialist

is telling me that I need
to issue a statement ASAP.

Well, with all due respect, Mr. DeWitt,

neither you nor your specialist
have ever dealt

with this group before.

- We have.
- And they got away the first time.

Well, with no loss of innocent lives.

No. I never trusted the public sector.

I'm not about to start now.

Well, what do you think you're gonna do?

Well, I'm gonna make some hard calls,

because that's what
my shareholders pay me to do.


Excuse me?

Captain says you needed some help.

Yeah, Ronald Campbell had
an active Twitter feed.

RHD asked us to see
who follows this crazy,

flag anyone who sticks out.

Just heard from Sarzo.

House is good to go for tonight,
assuming we wrap this up.

Although, looks like it's
just gonna be you and me

christening the party pad.

Yeah. Uh, actually, uh...

What? You, too?

Where are you gonna be,
man? You live there.

I got this buddy in Long Beach,
and he promised me

this sick new exhaust for my bike.

He's only holding it for tonight.

I mean, chances are
we're still gonna be stuck here

anyway working on the case.
What's the big deal?

Don't worry about it. It's nothing.

Man, I haven't seen you this bummed out

since the El Tauro taco truck
stopped coming by our house.

What's going on?

Luca, talk to me.

It's just, when I was, like, 12,

my dad used to take me to this
run-down cop bar... Charlie's.

Your dad took you drinking as a kid?

No. No, smart-ass. He'd sit me down

at this Police Action pinball machine,

and I'd play for hours while
he'd down a few cold ones

with his squad after a shift.

Look, the-the point is, is-is, like,

it's the only place

that I ever saw my dad really let go

and relax, you know,
after a long day at SWAT.

I was hoping my new place
would be our Charlie's.

You know, somewhere that we could go

and just forget about
all this once in a while.

That's all.

We may have a problem.

Yonas is a valued member
of our community.

His wife wants her husband back.

His children want their father back.

And to these Emancipators, these cowards

going after people
who can't defend themselves,

well, you listen to me.

You harm this man,

and I will use all the resources
at my disposal to hunt you down.

And if you've got an issue with
that, you can come to my office

and take it up with me face-to-face.

Thank you. Thank you.

Can't imagine that going over
well with our radical friends.

Looks like we might be going all night.

Yeah, I've been watching
the news nonstop. It's crazy.

- How is it on your end?
- Yeah, it's pretty hectic.

Might have to call Dee

and back out
of that security gig tonight.

City comes first.

Hey, um, I've been thinking.

After the baby's born, maybe
I should look for some work.

You know, two incomes

- is better than one.
- Annie, no.

We'll have a newborn, and-and
what about the other kids?

Half of what you'd earn would
end up going to child care.

Even so, I...

Annie... trust me.

I can provide for this family.

I know.

All right, I got to go. I love you.

I love you, too. Hey,

be safe.

I'm sending out for tacos.

Here. Put your order in.

Hey, isn't that the DeWitt
employee who got kidnapped?

Hold up. Where's the badge?

I need to speak to Mr. DeWitt.

He's not taking meetings today.

What's under your jacket?

Please, I need to speak with him!

You know what's been going on here today?


You're the guy.

They said if I don't deliver

a message to Mr. DeWitt,

they're gonna blow me up, and
anyone within 100 feet of me.

No, no, no. Where-Where's DeWitt?

He can't come down.

He said to give me the message.

That's not gonna work!

They said I had to speak to him directly.

Hey, man, he's not coming.

I'm sorry.

- What am I supposed to do?!
- I'm sorry.

Just get him on the line.
Let me talk to him!

Help me!

All right, Luca, Street,
help Patrol form a perimeter.

- Deacon, with me.
- I need everyone back!

Hondo, security took DeWitt
out a back entrance.

We know they're using a cell
phone trigger. Did we shut down

- those cell towers yet?
- Just got confirmation.

Every tower
in a half-mile radius is down.

ETA on the bomb squad?

It's gonna be at least 15 minutes.

Captain, that's cutting it too close.

We're going in. Deacon.

Yonas, Yonas, stay still. Stay still.

We're LAPD SWAT. We're here to help.

Just get away from me
and save yourselves.

We're gonna get this thing off of you,

but we're gonna do everything
nice and easy.

Do you understand?

Move it back! Come on, let's go.

- Come on!
- Move, move, move!

Keep going. Move out.

Hey, is it me, or does that dude seem

way too interested
in making a phone call?

You're thinking cell phone trigger?

- Hey!
- Let's go, let's go.

Move, move, move!

Out of the way!

- Watch out!
- Move, move, move!

Take the stairs. I'll get the other end.

All right, I'm cutting left side.

What was that?

Trip wire must've been
hidden in the strap.

Wait, wait, wait, d-did you hear that?

Yeah. We triggered a fail-safe.

We gotta get this off him now.

- Come on, please!
- Yonas, Yonas, look at me, look at me.

Look at me. You're gonna be fine.

- I got nothing.
- Me neither.

- Deac, you ready?
- Yeah.

Okay. One... two... three.

Yonas, move, move, move, move, move!


- Hondo!
- Deac!

- Over here.
- Geez, am I glad to see you guys.

Where's the suspect?

- He got away.
- Got away?

Yeah, we lost him in the crowd,

then we heard the explosion,
so we rushed back.

Your job isn't to worry about me, Luca,

- it's to get the suspect.
- Yeah, we lost sight of him.

I didn't know if there
were civilian casualties,

- so I made the call to come...
- Well, you made the wrong call, man.

And what about you two? Where
were you during all of this?

We were heading back to HQ
from the apartment

when the captain told
us to get over here.

Came as fast as we could.

Letting these guys get
away again is inexcusable.

Hondo, come on. The
situation was out of control.

We just rescued a hostage. That's a win.

We have four hostages still missing,

and we are nowhere closer
to finding out who took 'em.

That is not a win!
Stop kidding yourselves.

You've gotta do better than this.

We all do.

Otherwise we are just
wasting our damn time

and putting lives at risk.

I hope you appreciated the first act.

But don't worry, though.
The show's not over.

To those of you, like Mr. DeWitt,

who think this is a game,

I assure you
the stakes are very, very real.

Your time just got cut in half.

You all now have four hours
to pay your debt to society,

or your employees die.

Well, after they saw what
happened to DeWitt's building,

the other CEOs agreed to hold
off on issuing any statements.

Meanwhile, the hospital cleared
Yonas Mekonnen for an interview.

You two see if he can tell us
anything that will help.

On it.

Deacon, hold up a sec.

- Pull the car around?
- I'll meet you in the motor pool.

- Everything all right?
- What, you mean other than

barely surviving an explosion?

I mean at home.

I saw another approval form for
a moonlighting gig on my desk.

Oh, yeah, that was before
all this had happened.

I doubt I'll make it tonight,
so you can... you can ignore it.

Oh. That would've been the
fourth one this week, right?

Yeah. I'm just trying
to bank some extra cash

before the baby comes.

Deac, come on.

There's "I'm about to
have a kid" moonlighting,

and then there's "I'm about to
lose the house" moonlighting.

Which is it?

Somewhere in the middle.

It started with the baby.
Then some pipes burst.

Then a couple investments came up short,

and, uh, one just happened
after the other.

- Been there.
- Usually I make it up

with overtime, but these budget cuts...

Damn. I didn't realize it was that bad.

Look, um, if you and Annie need

some help... I appreciate it.

- I'm handling it.
- All right.

But the offer still stands.

Some advice?


I know you're spread thin,

but the one thing you won't regret later

is spending time with your wife and kids.

Do it while you still can.

- You wanted to see me?
- Close the door.

I was on the radio when
you laid into your team.

A little rough, don't you think?

I don't want to see these
guys get away a second time,

- someone lose their life.
- No one does.

But Luca and Street
were in an impossible situation.

They couldn't chase
a guy they couldn't see.

There were teammates
and civilians in danger.

What would you have done?


if this were a onetime thing,
I wouldn't have brought it up.

It's your team. You've earned the right

to run it the way you see fit.

But there's something going on
with you recently.

Even I can see it,

and I'm not as close to you
as I used to be.

I just want to make sure you're okay.

I don't know what's
been up with me lately.


as soon as this case is over,

I'll try to figure it out.

Mr. Mekonnen, is there
anything that you can tell us

about the people that were holding you?

Uh, I don't know.

I was blindfolded, and...

when I did see them, they wore masks.

You were in the van with them

after they fitted you with the bomb.

How long was the drive
to the office building?

15, 20 minutes.

- But I never saw them.
- What about the place

where you were being held? I
mean, it could be anything.

Something you smelled, maybe heard?

There was something.

This nonstop pounding from outside.

Steady, like a...

a hammer hitting a nail, but...

much, much louder.

I could feel it in my whole body.

Like a construction site, maybe?

I don't know.

Something like this?

Exactly like that.

It's a hydraulic pile driver.

You can thank my Uncle Sarzo for that.

You'd need a permit for
something like that.

- Luca, we may have something.
- Thanks.

Deacon and Chris might have

found a way to nail down
the hostages' location.

Yeah, the red dots are construction sites

that pulled permits for
a hydraulic pile driver today.

Yonas Mekonnen could hear one operating

from where he was being held.

Hostages must be near one of these sites.

- So let's narrow it down.
- Yonas said the drive

to the DeWitt Headquarters
building was about 20 minutes.

Only two of the construction sites

are close enough to fit the timeline.

We're searching property records
for anything that stands out.

I think I found something.

There's an old factory

500 feet from one
of the construction sites.

Place was purchased recently
for $800 grand. All cash.

Well, considering they cleared
$5 million a few months back,

- that'd be cheap.
- That's got to be where they are.

I'll have Cortez pull whatever intel

she can find and start a warrant.

Just get there.

Go, now.

- Ready.
- Do it.

Three, two, one.

This is the room from the video.
They were here.

Sweep the rest of the place. Move, move!

- Right side clear.
- Left side clear.

Ten o'clock!

She dropped the gun!

We found a few trip wires.

She must've been rigging
the place to blow.

Where are the hostages?

You should get that. It's for you.

Sergeant Daniel Harrelson?

The sergeant from South L.A.?

I wanted to talk to the officer

- who's been obstructing me.
- Oh, I'm sorry about that.

- No, I admire your dedication.
- All right, you know my name.

How about you tell me yours?

You can call me Cinque.

Cinque? Like the leader
of the SLA in the '70s?

That's real cute, man.

You know where you are, Sergeant?

Factories like this

used to employ thousands of people.

The area was flourishing.
So much potential... wasted.

Then the unions got busted.

Workers replaced by cheap labor
or robots.

They locked us in ghettos
and called them "projects".

The police stopped policing,
and let the gangs

pump our veins with poison.

And only then did the police return,

in full militarized force,

to imprison the very addicts and dealers

they created in the first place.

You making a point,
or are you just wasting spit?

They tell us to put
our faith in institutions.

This is what institutions give you.

Neglect. Abandonment. Destitution.

You want that to change?
Why don't you run for office?

You're an optimist.

Well, I guess you'd have to be,
black officer at your level.

I bet you joined the LAPD

thinking you'd change the system
from within.

How's that working?

We want the same thing.
We've tried it your way.

Now we try it mine.

Burn it all down and rebuild
from the ashes.

Oh, no! You found me.

Let's see how cocky you are
when you ain't got a mask

or a camera to hide behind.

Good luck with that, Sergeant.

Sun's getting low.
Less than two hours left.

Tick... tock.

You know, I almost hope they don't pay.

It'll be more fun that way.

A press conference?

All of us. Together. A united front.

Tell the Emancipators we won't pay.

Did you not see what happened to DeWitt?

DeWitt didn't pay,

and his employee is safe.

As far as I can tell,
he got off scot-free.

His building not withstanding.

He's lucky SWAT got there
in time to ensure

nobody died because of his actions.

Commander, I want more than anything

for you to find our employees

and make this problem go away.

But it's our heads on the chopping block.

We need to get out in front of this.

We wanted to tell you in advance

so you could prepare for the fallout.

I'm sorry, Robert. I tried
to talk them out of it.

I'll station one of my squads
at each of your offices.

Kate Stein. Booked for disorderly conduct

for protesting an oil pipeline
at Stanford. Wow.

Where you were a, uh,
theater major. How fitting.

Is that you, Kate?

Don't use that name.

Let's see, before that,
Westfield Prep in Marin,

where your family had their name
on the side of a building.

Tell me something, how does
daddy's little rich girl

fall in with these lowlifes?

I renounced my family name
three years ago.

They're no better than those
corporate stooges hiding out

in Caldow Pharmaceutical's
high-rise right now.

How are you any different,

threatening to kill hardworking
men and women for cash?

For social change.

Tell us where the hostages are, Kate.

I said don't use that name.

Call me Gelina.

You know, you guys are something
else with these names and masks.

You think we're supposed
to take you seriously?

You're nothing but trick
or treaters with guns.

It's a mistake to underestimate him.

Who? Cinque?

- He's chosen.
- Chosen, huh?

What, like Manson? Koresh, Jim Jones?

How'd things turn out
for their followers, Kate?

See, I got another theory.

Cinque is using all of you

and convinced you to
take the fall for him

- while he nets millions.
- Honestly, I expected a Stanford grad

to be smarter, Kate.

Don't... use...

- that... name.
- Listen to me, you tell me

where the hostages are and then you're...

Oh, the hostages, the hostages!

It's not about the hostages.

It's about cutting
the head off the snake!

The CEOs.

The Emancipators have targeted you.

We need to get you all to safety.

Where's your protection detail?

Preparing the lobby
for the press conference.

Robert, there's no way
anyone can get in here.

Look, if this is some way
to delay the statement...

Get down!

Hondo, I just spoke
with building security.

Shots are coming from the 12th floor.

It's under renovation. They must've used

a construction elevator to get up there.

Roger that.

The last time you thought
you had them cornered...

They had some surprises waiting.

Stay sharp.

All right, your turn.
All right, you're gonna head

right for that door back there, okay?

You can do this. Stay low. Go!

Go. Now, now. Go, go, go.

Stay low! Go, go, go.

Lights off. NVGs on.

Drop your weapon! Drop it!

Hold your fire!

- Deacon!
- No, trust me! Trust me!

Hold fire!

Hondo, give me a two.

It's not the Emancipators.
It's the hostages. Look.

You all right? Yeah.

You're safe now. They wanted
us coming in, guns blazing,

killing 'em all, just like the last time.

- It's remote-controlled.
- Also like last time.

Deacon, how'd you know?

It's her bracelet.

Her daughter has one just like it.

Great eye.

Like you always say, it's in the details.

Get down!

Street, Tan,

stay with the hostages!

The rest of us, move!

- Going hands-on!
- Go!

Where'd they go? Where'd they go?

On the ground! On the ground!

Down! SWAT!


Take 'em off.


- How you doing, Mrs. Mayor?

Been better.

Once again, I find myself in SWAT's debt.

If there is anything I can do,

please just ask.

Well, you can convince the commission

to stop cutting SWAT's budget.

I need my teams focused on saving lives,

not on barely just making ends meet.

I'll see what I can do.

The FBI is investigating connections

between Kate Stein

and the original suspect
that took his own life.

If there are any more
Emancipators left out there,

the Feds will find them.

Let's hope so.

Hey, about earlier,

you checking up on me...

I appreciate it.

I'm gonna do better.

Hey. What's going on?

Uh, we were just saying we
should all go and get a drink,

- celebrate.
- Luca, your place?

You serious?

What about CrossFit? Date night?

I just talked to Ty and Kira. Date night,

- it ended an hour ago, so I'm free.
- And there's no way

I'm working out
after running all those stairs.

Oh, man. Hey, Deac.

Hey, you still got that moonlight gig?


Uh, sorry, Luca, not tonight.

- I should go see my family.
- All right. Understood.

But the rest of you good to go?

- Yes, sir.
- Yeah.

- Yeah, yeah, yeah.
- In fact,

we got something special planned.

Here it is.

No way. This is just like
the one from Charlie's, man.

No, no, no. Luca,
that is the one from Charlie's.

- No! No!
- Yeah.

- Yeah, man. We all chipped in.
- Oh, man.

Sarzo picked it up earlier today.

- Holy...
- You know what?

I got to say, for a while,

I didn't know why you bought the house.

But now I get it.

You bought it for all of us.

So, let's get this party started.

All right, man.

- See what you got.
- Let's get this going. Yeah!

Lila, I already checked the closet,

under the bed and in the toilet.

There's nothing to be afraid of.

You're home?

I thought you'd be working
one gig or the other.

No, I cancelled. I, uh, missed my family.

What's wrong?

Can we afford for you
to take the night off?

I feel terrible even saying that, I...

Yeah, look. A-Annie, look at me.

We're fine.

We're going to be fine.

I've got this under control.

I promise.

Come here.

Here we go, here we go.

Hey, so when's that turn you promised me,

- like, three turns ago?
- Okay, okay.

All right.


Hey, Luca.

- Can I come in?
- Yeah, yeah.

- Get in, man. Hey, you guys.
- Yo.

Yo, what's up, Hondo?

- Hey.
- What's going on?

We never did our team
debrief after tonight,

so, gather around.

I know Deacon's not here,
so I'll talk to him later, um...

Look, I don't know,
I mean, maybe I should be

talking to my mother or, um,
Dr. Wendy about this, but...

These last few months,

I've been tired.

Really tired.

I spend the nights replaying the days,

trying to figure out ways to improve.

Get better, be perfect.

Well, we all know perfect ain't possible.

But the fact is, even if
we could be a hundred percent,

we still wouldn't be able
to save everyone.

That's the gig.

But honestly, for me,

the wins haven't been making up
for the losses lately.

I've, uh, I've just got this,
uh, restless feeling

inside of me that I can't get ahold of,

and today, I let it get the best of me,

and I took it out on all of you.

And for that, I am really sorry.

And look, it's still gonna take
me some time to figure it out,

but I just want you guys to know,

the only reason that I can get
back up on this-this...

...this hamster wheel each day
and do what we do

is because of y'all.

I'll never be able
to thank you enough for that.

Hey. Anything you need, Hondo.

- We're always here for you, man.
- Yeah.

- Yeah.
- Yeah, yeah.

Yeah. Always.

Look, I didn't mean to mess up your vibe.

No, no, come on. Stay for a beer, bro.

- Let's go.
- No, no. Luca,

- Come on.
- I appreciate, I appreciate it,

but, uh, maybe next time. All right?

But hey, hey,

the pad's looking right.


Yeah. Like the machine?

All right, get back to it.
Do what you do.

I'm out. All right.

- See you.
- You get it, man.

All right.


Did you enjoy the show?

Come now, Sergeant.

Surely you didn't think this was over.

It takes a special type
of coward to have your lackeys

take the fall for you while you cash in.

Oh, they were eager to do it.

They're serving the greater purpose.

And what sick purpose is that?

Marketing, Sergeant.

The key to any great movement.

It's time to put faces to our beliefs.


We will not be silenced

by corporations any longer.

We will not be silenced
by the so-called police!

Society is dying from a poison
called capitalism.

It's time to rebel
and rise up against it!

Their arrests, their trial,
the media will eat it up.

You just gave me five megaphones

to spread my message to the world.

Thank you.

Only a matter of time before
the troupe is replenished

and ready for the next performance.

In the meantime...
enjoy the intermission.