S.W.A.T. (2017–…): Season 2, Episode 12 - Los Huesos - full transcript

Jessica and Chris go undercover in Mexico to save a Mexican federal agent that's been abducted by a gang. Hondo's mother worries about him when he starts renovating her house.

[ ♪ ♪ ]

Those maternal instincts
are screaming so loud

I can hear them from here.

They should be. She's due any day.

I'm not talking about hers.

And? You fixing to do something about it?


♪ For the world to see ♪

♪ Now I'm gonna keep on lookin'... ♪

I got to go. If anything happens,

get everyone inside that
clubhouse and call Benson.

Babe, you're scaring me.

I'll be fine. Just do it.

What up, Rico?

Who are your friends, ese?

You follow me here?


TANYA: Everyone, this way, now!


Thought you couldn't come till Sunday.

Well, I didn't want to wait that long.

- Hey, Ma.

Hey, baby. What you hiding back there?

Oh, you ain't ready. Okay.

This right here is an LED shower head.

LED? Like the lights?

That thing changes colors
with the heat, Ma.

I don't need a disco
in my shower. I just need one

- that doesn't leak.
- Well, now you get both.

Ain't nothing wrong with
a little color in your life.

I think you've been working too hard.

Well, there's a lot
of bad guys out there, Ma.

Come on, let's get you hooked up.

- Oh, Lord. Disco Inferno.

You know, Ma, I think this is a problem

with your shut-off valve,
not your shower head.

- So no laser shower?
- Oh, no. You still getting

your red light special. (CHUCKLES)

I just got to come back with some parts

and you get to see
a little more of me later.

Why are you smiley this morning?

- W-What?
- Something eating at you?

There's always something eating at you

- when you smile this much.
- N-Nothing.

Nothing, as far as I know.



Get in there, Tan man!

Get in there, Tan!

Round goes to Stevens.

Luca, get in!


Here we go, Stevens.


Push off the rope, Stevens.


That's right!

Special Agent Benson?

Commander Hicks, I assume.

Okay, Captain Cortez and
one of our team leaders

are waiting upstairs as you requested.

Perfect. This is Agent Jorge Romero.

I'm with the PFM.
It's like the FBI, only...

Mexican. Happy to have you.

BENSON: See the LAPD was smart enough

to put you in a leadership role, Cortez.

Well, we get it right every now and then.

Now, this woman was the backbone
of a sting that we ran in 2012.

I did time undercover
when I worked gang unit.

Got in pretty tight
with a crew called Los Huesos.

Took down their leadership,
never blew her cover.

That sounds about right.

ROMERO: Unfortunately,

Los Huesos are back.

They're shipping up low-grade
amphetamines from Mexico.

Cheaper and stronger than
Adderall, and they're shopping

them to high school and college
students as study drugs.

We've got about a half-dozen kids dead

from heart attacks already.

- He one of their heavies?
- No.

No, this is one of ours.

This is Special Agent Adrian Cruz.

He's been embedded with Los Huesos
in L.A. for about six months.

No idea when Los Huesos
started to doubt his cover,

but they must have been following him.

This morning, Cruz was
in the Palisades with his wife,

nowhere near gang turf,
when they showed up

out of the blue and snatched him.

Rico Peña, found dead on the scene,

and Eduardo "Flaco" Ruiz, Top dog in L.A.

Agent Cruz's wife says Flaco's
the one who took her husband.

JESSICA: I remember Rico.

Never seen Flaco. He must be new.

He was sent up from
Mexico about a year ago.

The man he answers to
down there, however...

that may ring a bell.

JESSICA: Raul Lopez.

- Raul's in Mexico?
- He's based in Mexico City,

but he runs L.A.

ROMERO: Raul did three years
for the sting Cortez ran.

He moved his way up in prison,
then headed to Mexico

as soon as he got out
and shot up the ranks.

JESSICA: That's a quick rise.

Raul was low-level when I worked him.

Smart, but nothing close to a leader.

Easy to rise when you take out

the three guys ahead of you.

He's not just smart, he's ruthless.

Nothing goes down in L.A.
without Raul signing off.

He will know where Flaco is keeping Cruz.

Look, I don't want to say it,
but what makes you think

- he's still alive?
- He managed to dump

his wallet and his phone,
so our best guess is Los Huesos

don't know who he is yet.

They're gonna press the hell out of him

to find out who he's working for.

BENSON: Exactly. Now,
Cruz is an ex-Ranger,

SERE-trained to resist and survive,

but the clock is ticking.

We need to know
where Raul is keeping him.

HONDO: So, what...

you want Cortez to ask him?
In Mexico City?

The Bureau's already run it
by your chief of police.

If you sign off it,

so will he.

Wait, you're serious?

You want her to go undercover
in gangland Mexico?

No way.

No way. This feels
way too rushed and sloppy.

I'm the best shot Agent Cruz has.

- You'd do the same in my shoes.
- Jessica,

the FBI has a solid file on these guys.

We run their leads,
and then we track them locally.

Raul's men will cover their tracks.

Fed's intel could be useless by now.

You think you're gonna
just show up in Mexico

and get a confession
on a wink and a smile?

I realize you don't know
my work in the field.

I'm not questioning your skills,

but we are talking about
a high-risk op on foreign soil.

You walk in there, I guarantee
you Raul is not gonna be

the only lion in that den
that you have to worry about.

I understand the risks.
It's been a few years,

but I know exactly what I'm walking into.

It's either that

or do nothing and let Agent Cruz die.

At the very least, bring backup.

Someone who's got your six.

Someone you can read
without words, and vice versa.

CHRIS: I'm in.

Whatever you need.

Things are a lot messier down in Mexico.

- I get it. I'm still in.
- HONDO: I knew you would be,

so I already ran it up the chain.

All right, listen up.
Raul knew Jessica as Alicia.

Now, our story is the two of you
met in prison.

Alicia did five years for the
same bust that put Raul away.

- What was I in for?
- Manslaughter.

Caught your boyfriend with another
woman, and you made him pay.

Sounds like he had it coming.

Nice, so you were, like,
Jessica's prison muscle.

Shouldn't we send a fed instead?

Someone who's spent time
embedded with guys like this?

- You worried I can't do it?
- No, of course not.

I'm just wondering what
the safest option might be.

- I'll be fine.
- HONDO: The rest of us

are gonna track this crew
right here in L.A.

Now, we rescue Agent Cruz and then

we get Chris and Jessica
on a plane and back home.

I'll run known addresses
of Huesos members, see if we got

anything in the system
the FBI doesn't have.

I'll reach out to narcotics,
see what they have

on the new drug these guys are pushing.

HONDO: Great. Luca, Street,
dig into arrest records.

See if we got anyone in custody
we can lean on.

- All over it, boss.
- All right, let's get to it.


Up here, Cortez is your captain,

but down there, you're just two
cops doing whatever it takes

to stay alive, you understand?

And it's been a while since she's been

- in the field.
- Exactly.

I need you to stay sharp for both of you.

Don't worry, boss, I... I got her back.

I know you do.

JESSICA: Think of it this way:

the less you know, the
less you can worry about.

I don't know, Jess. How dangerous is it?

I'll let you know over a bottle
of wine when I get back.

It's undercover work.
There's always risks,

but I'm a cop
and I'm trained to handle it.

I need to know you're okay with it.

Listen, you say
you got to do it, I'm good.

That doesn't mean it's fun
to be stuck outside the ropes

when you-you can't even tell me
who you're in the ring fighting.

I know. I'm sorry.

I knew I was in trouble
the second I met you.

Just be safe.

HONDO: Captain.


this is David Arias.

David, this is Hondo,
one of our SWAT team leaders.

- Pleasure to meet you, David.
- Nice to meet you.

Just want to let you know that Chris

is all squared away and ready to roll.

Oh, so this Chris guy is going with you?

- She is. Yes.
- Oh, she is. Wow.

I-I totally gender-assumed
there, didn't I?

- Don't even sweat it, man.
- Got to say,

I got a lot of respect
for what you guys do.

I appreciate that. And Captain
Cortez here is one of our best.

I believe it.

- She's something else.
- Okay, guys.

We're done here. I have a plane to catch.

Thank you, Hondo.

ROMERO: You need to stay
on your toes down here.

The narcos wield
a lot more power in Mexico

than your gangs up north.

And while most cops are clean,

we have our share of dirty ones.

Best if no one knows you're in town.

Raul's hacienda is nearby.

I have a good view.
If you leave his place,

check in here before going anywhere else.

As long as the mission is on,

these curtains stay closed.

If you see them open
it means either Agent Cruz

has been rescued
or we've aborted the mission.

So if they're open, get out.

Closed, stay put and maintain your cover.

Any way to signal
from inside Raul's hacienda

in case things go south?


Once you're in, you're on your own.

No weapons,

no cell phones, and a wire is too risky.

Be careful in there.

Raul has dropped 30 bodies at least,

but we can't prove it
because we can't find them.

If something goes wrong, get out and run,

and hope I get to you before he does.

Let me do the talking.

Buenos días.


We checked every hangout,
hideout and stash house

Los Huesos have used
in the last six months

and come up empty.
These guys have vanished.

We've also compiled a list
of the gang's friends,

relatives, but if we talk
to them, we might

tip off Los Huesos that
Agent Cruz is one of us.

We can't risk that.
I might have something.

Hollywood Division Narcotics
says they've been tracking

a house with some frat types,
new on the scene,

pushing volume of a low-grade study drug

- they're calling Lucidia.
- That's the stuff.

Los Huesos have a few names for it,

but Lucidia is one of them.

If Hollywood's already onto these guys,

then it won't look fishy
if we kicked their doors in.

Hell, the louder the better.

We'll-we'll never
be able to sell all this.

Okay, I can get Louie and
Chadsworth to move some.

Maybe Benji.

It's still too much, bro. We can't.

- HONDO: On the ground!
- Whoa, don't shoot, don't shoot!

On the ground! Hands
where I can see them.

- On the ground, right now!
- It's not ours.

They came and dumped it on us.

- Who did?
- Shut up, Ryan. We want lawyers.

You tell me who brought you these drugs,

you won't need a lawyer, you feel me?

Any of you got the brains to avoid
prison, it's time to start talking.

CHRIS: Your man Raul is big on security.

Just means we're safe.

Safe? You see the way his girl

and his muscle were eyeballing you?

The sooner we get back home, the better.

I'll talk to him, get things moving.

Some things.



- Mm.


Los Huesos probably
dumped their inventory,

thinking with a rat in the kitchen that

their product was safer here
than one of their stash houses.

HONDO: We got a looky-loo who seems

- mighty interested in what we're up to.

Stop the car!

Stop the car.

Turn the car off, step out slowly.

Hands where I can see them.

You watching all this for a reason?

Please just tell me
those punks are going away

- for a long, long time.
- Why?

What's it to you?

One of them killed my daughter

with the drugs he sold her.
You wouldn't believe

the pressure kids are under these days.

So she was taking something
to help her study?

One of those idiots sold her poison.

Heart attack at 17.

Sir, they will pay for it,

but right now,
we also need to get the guys

who are pumping the poison
into our country.

The guys that are supplying these losers.

Yeah. They were here this morning.

Latino guys. Unloaded a van
full of boxes and took off.

Okay, wait a minute. You saw them?

- Did you get a plate number?
- Dealer tags.

But I followed them.

They headed south and got off
the 710 at Del Amo.

Headed into an area
that I couldn't follow

in my Beemer, if you know what I mean.

We're gonna need a description of
that van and anyone you saw in it.

JESSICA: We need to get word back to L.A.

that agent Cruz is alive

and Raul still doesn't know who he is.

Sorry for pressing him like that.

Raul can be sensitive.

Best to let Alicia handle him.

She's quite the firecracker, Alicia.

You like her?

I do. Certainly a side
I didn't see coming.

JESSICA: Curtain's closed.

Let's go up.

ROMERO: Good to hear that
Agent Cruz is still alive,

but this Chato thing is a problem.

Raul won't just kill him,
he'll make a show of it

to set an example.

What if we say we can't find him?

We can't go back empty-handed.

That won't fly with Raul.
Like he said, it's a test.

If you think it's too risky, don't do it.

I know how serious
you take a missing cop,

but losing two more in Mexico
won't make it any better.

What if we kill him?


No. Chato.


*** seem to know much.
What do we have on that van?

Grieving father saw the van
exit a freeway

near Rancho Dominquez.

That's out of the way
and a good spot to lay low.

Central Vice has some
UCs keeping eyes out,

but that's a lot of ground to
canvass without drawing attention.

And with Chris and Cortez embedded,

the last thing we want
is to tip Los Huesos

that we're looking for them.

Just got word from Romero.

Your officers have confirmed
that Cruz is still alive

and Los Huesos have
no idea who he is yet.

- Great, so we bringing them home?
- Well, not yet.

Raul has sent them
on some kind of a task.

Says if they prove themselves

he'll let them in on the whole
L.A. operation.

- What kind of task?
- I...

STREET: But they've confirmed
that Cruz is still alive,

and we know the part of town
that he's probably being held.

I mean, is it really worth the
risk of leaving them down there?

HONDO: All right, look, we
all want to bring them back

as soon as possible, but Benson's right.

We pull them out now,
it could look suspicious.

They maintain their covers
until we get Agent Cruz back.

End of story.

- Yes, sir.

- Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.

- It's okay, it's okay.
- That's it. Hey. That's it.


30 seconds.

What happened? You shoot him for real?

CHRIS: He tried to run
at the last minute.

I had to get a little physical.

ROMERO: I'll have someone come get him.

I hope you two know what you're doing.

David Arias. Yeah.

Yeah, yeah, he's good. Send him back.

You good, Street?

You got any idea how many cops

have been killed in
Mexico this year alone?

I don't think that's something you
need to be focused on right now.

I just, I hate the feeling
like we got family

in the battlefield,
and there's not a damn thing

- that we can do to help.
- Hey.

We are helping. We have UCs
combing the streets,

we have every CI in town getting grilled,

and once we even get a whiff
of intel, it's game on.

And I'm gonna need everyone
to be razor sharp and rested.

I don't know, it's just
like, give me a job to do?

I don't care how dangerous
it is, I'll get it done.

But this sitting on our hands crap...

It's real easy to get lost

with the things that you can't control.

But we know that Chris
and Jessica are safe

at the moment,
and they have the trust of Raul.

They're gonna send us some intel
soon, so I'm gonna need you

to find something else to focus on,

something to keep you positive.

- All right.
- DAVID: Hondo.


Hey. Everything all right?

Yeah, yeah. Thanks. I got it.

Thanks for letting me drop in. I just,

I just can't figure out
what to do with myself.

Look, I'm not the prying type,

but it's hard to feel
so far out of the loop.

Know the feeling.

I'm going for a run.

I guess I was just hoping
you could tell me

- if you've heard from her.
- She sent a message to us.

It sounds like everything
is going as planned.

Man, I don't know why I'm so wound up.

Well, dating a cop's never an easy thing.

You ever date anyone on the force?

Couple times.

At least as a cop,
you know you measure up well.

Hey, come on, man. I don't think you have

- to worry about all that.
- Well, usually, I don't,

but Jessica's different, man.

Look, I know it sucks
being left in the dark,

but she will be home before you know it.

- Thank you, man.
- Yeah.

CHARICE: You realize it's past midnight?

Mama, by morning, this is all
gonna be good as new. (CHUCKLES)

So, you want to tell me
what's going on at work,

or is this something else?

You only start these little
projects when you're spinning

and need to feel
like you can fix something.

(CHUCKLES) I don't know, I...

I'm just restless, that's all.

Are you still seeing that girl, the ADA?

No. No, that, uh, that
kind of went south.

But it was never really
a permanent thing, anyway.

(SCOFFS) Are they ever?

Well, what's that supposed to mean?

Well, it's just that, sometimes,

I feel like I've raised you to be

- a little bit too independent.
- Okay, Mama,

I don't think girl trouble's
what's messing with me.

Well, you spinning about something.

(CHUCKLES) All right, I...

I just feel like I can never do enough,

like nothing ever changes.

Some of it won't.

There's always gonna be
another racist cop

like that one in Arizona.

A pervert like the one
that went after your sister.

Never gonna get 'em all,

but big picture, things change.

Do they?

I've been around long enough to see it.

When I was a little girl,
I never saw anyone

that looked like you
wearing a gun and a badge.


I hear you, Ma...

I just want to know that
I'm making a real difference.

Oh, you are, baby. You are.

You got to start trying to look at things

the way you look at that faucet.

You ain't gonna fix
the world's plumbing problems,

but I'm sure gonna be smiling
when you fix mine.

You know you're over here
sounding like Oprah,

- trying to fix my life.

I wish I had some of that Oprah money

- for schooling your little butt.


Just focus on what's
in front of you, baby.

That's all you can control.

And by that,

I mean my shower.

Yes, ma'am. Yes, ma'am.

- I'm on it. I'm on it.












Raul believed the video they made,

the intel should be legit.
If he didn't, who knows?

Is there any way
to contact them and verify?

Unfortunately, no. All I can do
is give the signal to pull out.

- Came as soon as I could.
- Whoa.

You always look this sharp at 3:00 a.m.?

No. Hondo's boy Dee's got me loaded
up with shifts at the club.

Baby coming, need money. Where are we at?

The rest of the team plus
Benitez are en route.

Now, Street got a text message
with an address for Flaco,

except it's nowhere near
where the father saw the van.

- Where's the address?
- Silver Lake.

- Anything else? Who sent it?
- It's a burner phone in Mexico.

It said not to text back.
I'm guessing it's Chris.

Couldn't it have also been
Raul trying to set a trap?

If he's suspicious,
he sends us bunk intel,

- see if we bite.
- How would he get my number?

Well, for right now, we have to
assume that that intel is legit.

We just can't take any of it for granted.

DEACON: Well, Silver Lake's not the
smartest place to torture a prisoner.

A lot of nosy neighbors.

No, but it's a great spot for
an inked-up banger to disappear.

He can blend right in with the hipsters.

If you raid the place
and Agent Cruz isn't there,

Raul will hear about it.
Won't be good for your friends.

He's right. We need more info.

We got to get eyes and ears in
there without getting spotted.

I'll get Agent Benson cracking on
a federal surveillance warrant.

See if her guys can get that house
rigged before the sun comes up.


Let's hope the address you sent
Street was worth something.

Either way, we're on that plane tomorrow,

unless you want to end up
in bed with that psycho.

JESSICA: I can get more out of him first.

I'll keep an eye on Meathead
and the girlfriend for you.

They'd both throw you off
this roof if they could.

- Nice work with the cameras.
- BENSON: We're lucky their air vents

could fit our drones. We got
'em in just before sunrise.

Let's hope we get something from it.

All right, here we go. Flaco's back.


They got Agent Cruz in a matadero.

It's like a slaughterhouse
or meat factory,

about 30 kilometers
from where they're at.

- That's like 20 miles, right?
- Yeah.

Street, how far is that Silver
Lake house from the van sighting?

He said if Cruz doesn't
talk soon, they'll kill him.

19 miles. It's got to be
somewhere close to there.

Search the area for slaughterhouses.


Delamo Meat Company.

Looks like the health department
shut 'em down a year ago.

- They've been off-line ever since.
- Can you get a schematic?

Something that shows a layout of
the place? Should be able to.

BENSON: Makes sense. Two of the
stash houses they cleared out

are just a couple
of blocks away from there.

- BENI: Lot of ins and outs.
- LUCA: Plenty of places to hide.

STREET: And they'll be on
the doors. If we go in too hot,

they could take Cruz out
before we can get to him.

We breach from the roof.
Get a drop on 'em.

I'll have Mumford and
Stevens' teams set a net.

Your team runs breach and recovery.

Let's go get Agent Cruz out of
there and get our people back.

Let's move.


Just before a man dies,

his pride vanishes.

Then he stops fighting

for the silly things he believes in.


I think...

I think we're getting close.


Drop it! Down!

Down on your knees!

Down! Down!
Put your hands behind your back!

- Your hands behind your back!
- Both hands! Now! Now!


Street, I got him. Check on Cruz.

Stay down!

Stay down! You're done!

STREET: Can you open your eyes?

I got you now.

I didn't talk.

Yeah, you did good. You did real good.

This is 20-David. We recovered Agent Cruz

and I got Flaco in custody. Are you good?

One suspect down, two in custody.

- We're good.
- All right, let's get word

down to Mexico and get them
the hell out of there.

Paco's been on and off his phone
for the last ten minutes.

Now he's got blood in his eyes.

I think we're blown.

All right. Follow me and look casual.



We go out or we are dead.

We are together.


Let's go. Come on.

Señora, señora.


Romero's on his way.





Take the guard out, then Raul,

and I'll take Paco.


How you like my pretty face now?





Ready to go back home?



- Here they are!

- Yeah!
- Welcome back.

So good to be here.

- Hell no. Get in here.
- Aw, you missed me or something?

- (LAUGHING): Yeah.
- How'd it go down there?

Tell you what, my partner Alicia
was a badass.

Too bad you guys didn't get
a chance to meet her.


Damn, I think we just did.

You know, before we left,
I promised Hondo that

I would have your back,

but I think you're the one that had mine.

I say we had each other's.

The way it's supposed to work, right?

I always respected the hell
out of you as a captain.

I just had no idea what
an incredible cop you are, too.

- One of my better kept secrets.
- DEACON: Not anymore.

Captain Cortez.

Agent Benson.

Agent Romero wanted me to let you know,

they found the chemical plant
that Raul's been using

to dispose of the bodies.

They're sweeping for DNA.
He's going down for good.

That's great news. Thank you.

Sounds like things got a little
thick down there at the end.

Nothing we couldn't handle.

Well, in any case, we owe you big.

HICKS: Now for the fun part,

interagency paperwork.

- Well, I can hardly wait.

Ah, I guess all that worrying we
were doing was for nothing, huh?

You probably burned a few calories.

Hmm. Okay, there was that.

Either way, I'm just
really glad you're okay.

Thank you.

See you tomorrow.


Hmm. You feel better, baby?

I'm too tired to tell you right now.

Aw. You should've just gone

straight home and gone to sleep.
My shower could wait.

- You know me better than that.
- I guess I do.

My Hon-do-it boy.

Oh, come on, Mama, don't do it.

Practically the first
words out of your mouth.

I loved how you just couldn't
manage saying "Hondo do it."

It just was "Hon-do-it,"

and wouldn't let nobody
help you with nothing.

"Let me help you with your shoes, baby."

"No, Hon-do-it."

"Let me help you with..."
"No, Hon-do-it."


Hon-do-it. I was one proud
little man, wasn't I?

Was? I don't remember when that changed.


And I encouraged it.

That strength,

that self-reliance set you apart.

It kept you safe from temptation.

Got you where you are.

The irony is, it might be the
thing that's holding you back.

Yeah, maybe.

You know, Ma.

I don't know if it's because... I'm alone

or because I'm getting older or...

if it's a cop thing
or if it's a black thing or...

I mean, but whatever it is, I mean,

I-I don't feel right
complaining about it.


I know that I am blessed.

I got so much more going for me

than most of the people I came up with.

True enough.

But everything comes with a price, right?

And what's the point

of being the king if you're
gonna be alone in the castle?

But I still got you, don't I?

Oh, Mama's love doesn't count.

It's too blind, and I'm
not gonna be here forever.

Yeah, well, for a blind lady,

you sure are picking up
on a lot of flaws.

Not flaws, just bumps in the road.

I just wish I knew what was causing 'em.

You'll figure it out.

Maybe not on your own.

There's a lot of people who'd be
happy to help you over 'em,

when you're ready.

I love you.