S.W.A.T. (2017–…): Season 1, Episode 8 - Miracle - full transcript

The team's plans to enjoy Christmas vacation with their families and friends are put on hold when a drug cartel's cache of gold bars is stolen; Jessica approaches the police commission president with ideas on how to improve the S.W.A.T. Division.

It's a nice, little turnout.

Gonna get a lot of donations.

The guy on your 12 o'clock
is Sanjay Singh.

His company just went public.

- Sounds rich.
- He owns that video game company, right?

And about 20 other things
worth billions with a "B."

- Sanjay.
- Hey.

Meet our SWAT team leaders,
Sergeant Harrelson

and Sergeant Mumford.

- Hey, that truck y'all ride in...
- Black Betty.

Yeah, any chance I could drive
it around the parking lot?

I'm researching a new game.

For the right donation
to the Children's Hospital,

we'll let you blast the siren.

Awesome. I brought my checkbook.

I knew you'd come through for us, Sanjay.

- Yeah.
- Drinks?

- Thank you. Cheers.
- Cheers.

Tequila shots, two blunts...

And four lines of coke.

How much for you?

Learn the rules, sir.

You can buy the drinks and
the drugs, but not the girls.

Hey, listen up. Two shots.

Buy one, get one free.

Diego. Some tequila, amigo?


What about you, Joaquin?

You want a shot? They're two for one.

Cállate. Go away.

Don't stare, Reya.

That's El Malo.

He's known for killing people

just for looking at him the wrong way.

What did he do?

I don't know, but it's best not to ask.

Aah! What are you doing?

Police! Put your weapons down!

Let's get you good people locked up.

You want to get cuffed, too, for charity?

Of course Hicks is sucking up
to Michael Plank.

I know that name.

President of the police commission?

Yup. Highest ranking
civilian in the room.

Can I tell you how sexy you look
in that dress right now?

- Not until the party ends.
- Well, later tonight,

that dress and everything
under it is coming off.

Who said there's anything under it?

You know Captain Cortez.

Always a pleasure, Captain.

Commissioner Plank, this is Sergeant...

Sergeant Harrelson.

Officer who made that sniper
shot from a SWAT helicopter.

- Great work.
- Thank you.

But I had a lot of help
from my team on the ground.

It was an impressive operation

from top to bottom.

Maybe I can talk you into
trying for captain one day.

I appreciate that,

but you could say
I already have my dream job.

I'd love to hear the details

on that op that didn't make the papers.

Well, I got to warn you, you ask
a cop for his glory stories,

you can only believe
half of what he says.


Shots fired. Officer in trouble.

- Excuse us.
- Excuse us.

My guys are ready.

I'll have more intel in a minute.

Mumford, I'm geared up. I want in.

Always room for one more.

Interested in seeing
firsthand what SWAT does?

Got an officer under fire.

Unis can't get to him.
You know what that means.

Time for a little bah humbug
for the bad guys.

Sounds like bullets flying in the casita.

The gangbanger guards in those places

are mean sons of bitches, so go in heavy.

Anything to add, Hondo?

It's your party.
I'm just along for the ride.

Let's get you out of here.

50David to Command.

Officer secure. 20David, report status.

20David. Approaching target.

Watch your cross fire.

Drop your weapon.

Suspect down.

Situation secure.

What the hell did these clowns
decide to die for?

What were the three gifts the
Wise Men brought to Bethlehem?



And gold.

Mumford's team is working the witnesses,

but this has all the signs
of a casita robbery gone bad.

- Casita?
- Underground bars.

Cash only.

Drinks, drugs, gambling,

pretty girls called ficheras
to keep the party going.

It's pretty much a poor man's Vegas.

Can't Vice close them down?

Casitas are like weeds.

Shut one down, another takes its place.

- Who runs them?
- This one?

I'm guessing drug cartel.

How do you know that?

The shooter had a bag full of gold.

Now, unless he's Santa Claus,

this casita was a way station

before the cartel could move
the profits to Mexico.

Isn't it easier to smuggle cash?

No. The cartel buys gold
to launder its drug money.

They like a paper trail
to get it past customs.

Register a fake jewelry company,

add a phony invoice...

And if they get stopped at the border,

they'll have papers
to show it's all legal.

Exactly. Now, sir,

cartel does not like being ripped off.

They're gonna want payback.

All right, Hondo, I need
you to call your team in

to work this with Mumford.

My team's supposed to be down
for the next few days.

- Well...
- My team can handle this, Commander.

Well, you said it.

The cartel's looking for blood.

I need all hands on deck

until we close this.

I'll put out the call.


I thought you ordered it online?

I did. Three weeks ago.

And then I get an email today

saying they're not gonna
deliver it tomorrow.

Tomorrow's Christmas Eve.

I know, and it's the only thing
Matthew wants.

Last night, he prayed for one.

You'd think that a toy
that shoots tiny foam cars

would be easy to find.

I called the mall. Nothing.

Well, there's got to be one
in this city somewhere.

- I'll handle it.
- Daddy, Daddy.

Look, it's a picture of
me with the Nerf Nitro.

I thought the team
was off for the holiday.

Yeah. I'm not sure what's going on.


- Forget something?
- Yeah, sorry.

Deacon at work, David at home, my bad.

Hey, let me see that.

Now, that is a fantastic picture.

I'm gonna put this up
in my locker at work.

- Okay.
- Come on.

Bring it in. Hugs. You be good.

- Take care.
- Piece of cake.

- You guys want to help?
- Yeah.

All right.

We know which cartel ran the casita?

Not yet. Mumford's team is working on it.

But we do know the cartel
will turn this city upsidedown

trying to find their loot,
so we need to move fast.

You know, I got an exC.I.

Ran with a Mexican cartel.
He might know something.

Okay, work it.

Take Tan and Luca.

Share anything you find with Mumford.

Okay. We got intel on the missing thief?

Witness says two men...

Joaquin and Diego... did the job.

We took out Joaquin, but Diego
escaped before we arrived.

He got away with the rest
of the cartel gold.

No last name on Diego,
so we can't I.D. him yet.

RobberyHomicide and Gang Unit

are running their database.

One D.O.A. in the casita
was a known gang member.

20th Street Diablos.

Also, Diego may have had

an accomplice, a girl named Reya.

She works at the casita.

Witnesses say she was
talking to the suspects

right before the shooting started.

Now, she was injured
in the robbery, bleeding badly,

but then she disappeared.

Sounds like a serious injury,

but no local hospitals report
treating anyone

in the last few hours
fitting her description.

I got a connect who works
off the books as a street doc.

She makes house calls to
people who don't want to show

- their faces at the hospital.
- That's a place to start.

If we know Reya was involved,


We got to find Diego and Reya
before the cartel does.

Gear up.

Well, there goes my plans for tonight.

PG or rated R plans?

I was hoping for NC17.

You know what,
Mumford's team was up, not us.


This sucks, I know.

But Hicks wants to impress
the police commissioner.

Yeah, as long as there's a good
reason for ruining our holiday.

But I got a little something
that might help ease the pain.


All right.


What's SWAT Tag?

- War, Street. Allout war.
- Fun.

Shh. What's the prize?

Because it's my first time
being the referee,

I had to wait until I had
something real special.

All right. Come on, spit it out.

All right, two team members

get to go to New York City

to advise the NYPD on security

- for the Grammys...
- Yes!

- What?
- Allaccess pass

to the greenroom, facetoface
with the stars. Nice.

- Beyoncé, sweet!
- All right, all right,

so here we go. You know the rules.

Hey, we don't know the rules.

You'll catch up, Street,
just pick from the bucket.

Okay, eyes closed, eyes closed.

Let's see who starts out
with the golden ticket. Go.

Picture with Beyoncé.

Playing card

with gold tape on it. Wow.

So, break a SWAT rule,

you get tagged,

- lose your ticket.
- Right.

Your TAC gear's not squared away,

your socks aren't regulation,

even the smallest violation,
you hand it over.

But I don't break a rule, I win.

Yep. As long as you have the ticket

at the end of the mission.

I was musical chairs
champ in second grade, so...

- Piece of cake.
- Tag. Your arm patch is crooked.

You might want to tighten
that up a bit there, champ.

Told you this was war.

- Beyoncé.
- It was, like, millimeters.

Was hoping you could help us.

Sure. Who you looking for?

Her name is Reya.

She has a pretty bad cut on her arm.

Needs stitches.

You made any house calls
like that tonight?

Chris, I haven't had
a human patient in months.

Just paws and claws.

I thought you made your money

on the side as a street doctor.

I did,

till this new guy Tommy started
undercutting my prices.

I'm not sure how much longer
I'm gonna be able

to afford vet school 'cause of him.

Sounds like a dog eat dog business.

I should've taken that job
on Wall Street.

But I love animals.

Better than humans, usually.

No doubt. Do you know where

we can find this Tommy at?

Look for his EMS van parked

behind those gin joints near the 110.

When he's got downtime on his shifts,

Tommy stitches up drunks
who get in bar brawls.

We appreciate it. Happy holidays.

Commissioner Plank.

How'd you like your first SWAT action?

Michael. Please.

SWAT definitely lives up
to its reputation.

I just wore a bulletproof vest over a tux

to a shootout at an illegal club

where drugs were being
passed around like beer nuts.

Not my usual Saturday night.

We made a lot of money
for Children's Hospital.

Donations poured in after the guests saw

a reallife SWAT call.

I bet they're all posting
selfies on Facebook,

getting likes from all their friends.

Speaking of likes, I wanted
to ask you if had any thoughts

or suggestions on my policing proposals?

Policing proposals?

Commander Hicks was gonna send them

over to you for your thoughts?

No, I'm sorry, I don't think

I got anything from him.

He's so busy, and it's probably
not at the top of his agenda.

What were they regarding?

Some ideas on how to
build more public trust

with the LAPD, improve
police accountability,

more outreach to immigrant communities,

mentors for female officers,

antibias training for cops

to reduce the use of force...
I'm sorry, I'm rambling.

Usually, it's like

pulling teeth trying
to get police officials

to talk about these topics.

You sure they let you pass the academy?

I was the rebel in my graduating class.

I'll tell you what.

I'd love to hear more.

How about we cut out the middleman,

and you email your proposals
directly to me?

Sounds great. You're very kind.

Practical. I'll take good ideas
anywhere I can find them.

I don't get it.

How can you not like hiphop?

Well, it's just people talking,

with music in the background.

- And even I can do that.
- Okay, Street,

that is the whitest thing
I've ever heard you say.

Hondo, what's your goto music?

When I'm working out,
it's West Coast funk.

I mean, if me and my girl
are taking care of business,

you get to let jazz do

what it does.

When I'm chilling, it's always the blues,

and any time's the right time
for Otis Redding.

Yo, Hondo.

EMS van.

Reya Montoya?

Chris, Street,

- shut her down.
- Hey!

Hey, get out of there!

- Cut the engine!
- Show us your hands!

Get out of the vehicle!

I got nothing to do with
whatever it is she did.

No, you're just playing
doctor off the books

and without a license.

Don't worry, we're not here for you.

We're the good guys,
you should be thanking us.

- For what?
- For finding you

before the cartel did.

Get her out of here.


How'd your C.I. work out?

He said the word's out
somebody hit a casita.

Big bounty for anyone involved.

I was afraid of that.

Any new info on which
cartel was moving the gold?

No, and he's gonna text me
if he hears anything.

We got our fichera girl, Reya.

Maybe she can I.D. Diego

before this gets violent.

You got to be kidding me.

Bad news?

I can't find this Nerf Nitro toy
my kid wants for Christmas.

And I had a lead

on what's apparently the last one

in the city, and it just fell through.

That sounds bad,
and I hate to make it worse,

but tag!

You got a few,
open keepers right there.

SWAT has standards, yo.

Game on.


Witnesses saw you with Joaquin and Diego

before the robbery.

Serving drinks.

That's my job.

Job's not exactly legal.

And why'd you disappear
after the shootings?

My arm, I was hurt.

- Why not go to the hospital?
- You don't understand.

I understand the text
messages on your phone.

It's you promising someone

you'll return their gold,

so who were you talking to?

I think you were in
on the casita robbery.

Eyes and ears for Diego and Joaquin,

but once they got their
hands on the gold,

they tried to cut you out.

Reya, one of them is dead,

the other one's on the run,

so that only leaves you to put in prison.

Unless you've got
a bigger cartel fish to give us.

I can't talk to you.

You see her bracelet?

Yeah. Could just be a piece of jewelry.

All right, time's up, Reya.

I'm gonna have to go talk to
the D.A. about filing charges.

I apologize.

He can be a bit of a hothead.

Noticed your bracelet.

Our Lady of Guadalupe.

You Catholic?

No, it's... it's nothing.

When I was a kid, I used to...
I used to hate going to Mass.

All the kneeling and the praying.

I couldn't wait to get older so
I wouldn't have to go anymore.

But now I'm grown up, and...

I still go.

I take my kids.

I want them to learn about

kindness and tolerance and forgiveness.

My mom took me to Mass.

I haven't been since she died.

Well, that doesn't sound
like the upbringing

of a girl working at a casita,
selling drugs and booze.

Fichera girl was never the goal.

I went to college.

I got a degree.

I moved to L.A. with a good plan.

But I trusted the wrong people,
and it messed up my life.

I think there's more to you
than you're letting on.

I think your mother raised you
to do the right thing.

I've tried to do the right thing.

And it never works out for me.

Yeah, well, just because
you have good intentions

does not mean you get rewarded.

Not yet, anyway.

It's when you do good without the reward.

That's when you find grace.

Does lying to the cartel count?

What do you mean?

They texted me
that they knew I was involved.

So I told them I have the gold,

to buy time, to keep them from
killing me until I could find

a safe way to get out of town.

They keep texting me, threatening me.

SWAT can protect you.

We can take down
the cartel if we find Diego

and the rest of the gold.
I just need his last name

oror where he lives.

Diego Pasqual.

He was a casita regular.

Thank you, Reya.

You did the right thing.

LAPD SWAT, policía!


Breach, Luca, now!

Come on, sweetie, who's a bosstruck?

- Give me two, give me two!
- Two, two, two!

- Right side's clear!
- Left side clear!

- All clear! Two!
- Chris out!

- Luca out!
- Street out!

Deac! Deacon's down. Deacon's down!

- Hondo, move!
- Street!

That's Diego.


- How is he?
- Alive and kicking.

- Deac, stay down.
- Deac, take it easy.

Get your breath back.

You just took two slugs to the vest.

Tan, call Command.
Tell them we need a medic.

No, no paramedics.

I just got the wind knocked out of me.


got a present for you.

Rest of the cartel gold.

Hey, you think Beyoncé will
take a selfie with me?

I don't get it. You're not a single lady

who wants to put a ring on it.
What's your obsession with...

Queen Bey... her songs speak to me.

Chris, is that an unclipped
buckle on your vest?

Come on, we just took down a door.

No excuse for sloppy. Hand it over.

Maybe you can armwrestle Luca for his.

You good?

Yeah, yeah, I'm fine.

I just gotta make a call
about that toy for Matthew.


Hey. Hey, honey, just...

just checking in.

How's it going there?


Are you on your way home?

No, not yet, just,

just wanted to hear your voice.

Um, I'm still searching
for that toy for Matthew.

But, I gotta go.

I love you, Annie.

I love you, too. See you soon, I hope.

How you feeling, man?

I'm, good.

Probably get away with a couple bruises.

Annie's gonna whup my ass
when she sees it.

Annie stopped worrying

about my bruises years ago.


I smelled the fresh paint.

I thought it might be a false wall,

I should have pulled the team out

and sent the robot in.

- When I saw you go down...
- I would have made the same call.

It's all good.

Who you got there, Mumford?

Enrique Flores. "Little E"
to his homies in the Diablos.

Your gang worked the casita that got hit?

Yeah. But we didn't have nothing to do

with the place getting jacked.

Who's the missing gold belong to?

Think you're talking to a snitch?

No. No, I think I'm talking

to the guy in charge
of security for that casita.

Which means, sooner or later,
you're going to catch the blame.

So why don't you just let us
clean up this mess

before you get caught up in it?

It's El Malo's gold.
And he wants it back.

Rocker, give Mr. Flores a tour

of our fine facilities.

He's got some outstanding warrants.

Let's go, Little E.

El Malo's dangerous.

He doesn't usually stick
his head above ground.

No, he's too busy ordering
executions here and in Mexico.


a video text message just came in

on Reya's phone.


they want their gold back.

If you don't give it to them,

they're gonna kill me at midnight.

Reya, please, you're my friend.

El Malo is ruthless.

Reya's friend is dead
unless he gets his gold back.

What if we use this Reya as bait

for a sting operation?

Reya's a civilian. The op could go bad.

Let's remember, we almost lost
Street when he went undercover.

I understand, but we learned from that.

It won't happen again.

Plus, it's a chance at a cartel boss

- wanted in two countries.
- Deacon has a point.

Without a chance to really
plan this thing out

and lock down the details,
we could end up

with two dead civilians and
the department getting asked

a lot of tough questions.


Well, I'm not clear on all
the details of the case.

Jessica, you've been
on it from the start,

so I'm gonna leave the call to you.

Well, that's a profile
in courage right there.

Okay, we cannot leave
a young woman to die.

The best way to save her and get
to El Malo is to use Reya.

- Can we keep her safe?
- We'll have to.

Any doubts, share them now.

We'll get it done.

I'm calling it, then. We do it.

I just got a question.

Is Reya up to it?

We are going to try
and rescue your friend

and capture El Malo, but there are risks.

And we need your help to make it work.

You want me to do
the right thing, to trust you.

People have lied to me before.

Well, I'm not.

I've been shot, I've faced death.

Life requires trust.

His people will find me.

You'll get witness protection.

No one will ever find you.

You can start a new life away
from cartels and casitas.

Maybe go back to that
original plan of yours?

If you say no, you can walk out of here.

And I promise, we will spread the word

that you don't have El Malo's gold.

If I say yes... you'll protect me?

With my life.


II didn't expect you back so soon.

Please don't tell me you're here
for another ridealong.

Don't tempt me.

Wearing that vest was almost enough

to make a couch potato like
me feel like a real man.

I hear your board meetings
can get pretty heated.

I'm usually able to defend myself there

with just a witty remark.

Actually, I came to see you.

I scanned through your proposals.

Thanks. I know you have a reputation

for being open to new ideas.

These are big. Frankly, some are just

way too expensive to implement.

At least in the near future.

Not if we apply for federal grants.

It's not just the money.

Some are unrealistic in scope.

But the police accountability

and antibias training programs,

those two could really
work... I was impressed.

- Thank you.
- Won't make a lot of cops happy.

The good ones won't mind,
and that's most of them.

Have you worked the budget numbers?

- We can start small and scale up.
- Jessica, to be honest,

the proposals have to be
completely rewritten

if you want the board's approval.

The ideas are there,

but they have to be presented in a
way to attract majority support.

Right now they're not.

I can have new proposals
ready in a few weeks.

That's a lot of extra work.

As a SWAT captain, I know you're busy.

I can do both.

One question.

What's behind all this ambition?

I wasn't born in this country.

My parents sacrificed to give me more.

I want to pay them and this city back.

When I was young, I worked
construction with my dad.

Laying tile and concrete.

I know what it's like to want
more, to prove yourself.

This isn't about me, though.

I believe these projects could
make a real difference.

Help people.

That's why I joined
the police commission.

I think you're going
to need my help, though,

to get these approved.

It's not going to be easy.

I'm ready to do the work.


Thank you.

Don't thank me yet.

The kidnappers answered
our text, agreed to the meet.

Hopefully, El Malo turns up with Lupe.

The deal is Reya gives him the gold,

and both women walk away.

Kidnappers think they're
just talking to Reya.

Operation's a go in 30 minutes.

Chapel at Rosedale Cemetery.

Cemetery's over 60 acres.

The chapel is here,
near South Catalina Street.

We'll cover all entrances and exits.

Aerial surveillance will clock
any movement on the ground.

We've got no time to advance-
scout the meet sites,

so we're going in blind... stay sharp.

- Camera ready?
- Just have to put it on.

- Bait car?
- Gassed up, ready to go.

- Eyes in the sky?
- Ready for takeoff.

Decoy gold bars?

Only way to tell the difference

- is with ultrasound.
- We're ready.

Let's go set a trap.

Hey, Techno Boy.

Socks are regulation black,
yours are blue.

Watch your back. Game's not over.

The button cam's so small.

Hey, we're going to see
and hear everything you do.

So if there's anything dangerous,

we move in and get you out.

Now, how's the Kevlar vest feel?

It's weird.

You're not gonna need it, but
it's good to know it's there.

Remember, there'll be an
unmarked car right behind you.

So we will have eyes on you at all times.

I'm scared.

Yeah, I know the feeling.

Do you know what I do when I get scared?

I put my faith in the plan

and in my teammates.

Can we say a prayer?

Yeah, of course we can, Reya.

No, it's...

it's Mireya.

My mother chose it
because it means "miracle."

Our Father...

Who art in Heaven,

hallowed be Thy name.

Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done,

on Earth as it is in Heaven.

Give us this day our daily bread,

and forgive us our trespasses,

as we forgive those who
trespass against us,

and lead us not into temptation,

but deliver us from evil.




30David. I have visual.

No sign of El Malo or the hostage.

22David. Perimeter roads are clear.

20David. Eyes on our friendly.

No eyes inside. No way of knowing

if El Malo got here early and is hiding.

Anything from the drone?

We're coming into range now.

I got heat signatures in the chapel.

Could be El Malo and his men.

We got movement. Roger that.

Two hostiles with our friendly.

Meet in progress.

They're heading inside the chapel.

No shot if they go inside.
Am I green to go?

- Not yet.
- Only if our friendly

is in danger, Deac.

Roger that.

20David to Command.

- Any eyes inside?
- Copy that. We have eyes.

Two male suspects and the hostage.

I got audio.
They're talking about the gold.

- Where's El Malo?
- Nothing yet, but stay alert.

Reya just told them
the gold's in the trunk

of the car... I think they bought it.

We got six heat signatures in the chapel.

They're on the move, heading
for the chapel doors.

Six? We only have three people
on Reya's button cam.

Who are the other two?

Does anyone see El Malo?

Still no sign of El Malo,
but I have our two hostiles

with our two friendlies.

They're heading for the bait car.

Suspects down.

Get out! Get out!

Get out! Get out!

I got our two friendlies. They're safe.

He's not here, boss.

El Malo get past us?

Not with cameras and drones.

20David to Command. What's the location

of those unknown heat signatures?

Two still moving, heading east
away from the chapel

toward the crematory.

He's underneath us,

in the service tunnel for the cemetery.

Fan out.

Check the blueprints.

I need to know where the service
tunnel for the chapel ends.

Hondo, you're parallel
to the two targets.

Got the tunnel... it ends
at Palm Tree Circle.

Roger that.

Approaching now. Alert the team.


Stop moving! It's over!

Get up!

Get up!

- We're good?
- We're good.

Let's go.

- Good job.
- We got a few

of his guys, too.
All in all, not the worst way

to spend a night in a cemetery.

Definitely not.


Thanks so much.

My pleasure.

Hey, good luck with your new life.

God loves you.

Even with all my mistakes?

Forgiveness starts with
forgiving yourself.

I'll be praying for you.

This case is closed.

All right, so talk to me, talk to me.

What happened?

Who got the golden tickets?

Mwah! Beyoncé, here I come!

I got the golden ticket.
I'm going to New York.

Okay, okay.
Well, I'm not gonna lie. Street,

I really thought you were gonna
pull from behind on this one.

- Yeah.
- Well, it looks like

our winners are Luca and Chris.

Enjoy the Grammys.

Deac, what happened, man? I just knew

you were gonna put up more of a fight.

Aw, head's not in the game.

We got less than ten hours

until Christmas morning to find that toy,

and my last lead just went bust.

Well, it is the season
of miracles, right?

Well, listen up, I know
it's the holidays,

but before you get out of here,
I just want to say something.

I'm really proud of each
and every one of you.

It's been a hell of a year.

And this team...

It did take a little time, though.

But we worked it out.

If we stick together,

you know what the reward is?

One kickass SWAT family.

- You know it, boss!
- Get out of here.

Go have some fun. You earned it. Go.

All right. Thanks, boss.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
One last thing.

One last thing. Almost forgot.

You might find a little something
by your lockers, I'm just saying.

Happy holidays.

All right, night, boss.

My God, Christmas stockings.

- What?
- Whoa!

Yeah! Driving glasses!

Whoo! Yeah!

Got to look sharp
when I'm wheeling Black Betty.

Think he put a lump of coal in mine?

Aw, man, Team Challenge Coin.

You got to really step up
to earn one of those.

Can't wait to try these in the ring.


Sweet! Is that the toy

your kid wanted?

- Yeah.
- I thought you said

- they were sold out.
- They were. They are.

How'd he find one on Christmas Eve?

"It pays to have high
friends in low places.

"Luckily, I had a favor to cash
in with the toy king of Compton.

Merry Christmas. Hondo."

That's righteous.

Your little man's gonna love that.


Commissioner. You got a minute?

Don't forget the bulletproof vest.

Looks like you
took away Hick's favorite toy.

How'd you manage that?

Michael read my proposals
for police accountability

and antibias training.

He wants to help me implement them.

Jess, that's amazing.

No stopping you now?

How does Hicks feel about it?

I'm not sure. Haven't told him yet.

- Be careful.
- Always am.

We on for later?

Be there with bells on.

Forget the bells; Bring the mistletoe.

Heard you closed that cartel case.

Congratulations on catching
their ringleader.

El Malo's gonna love American prison.

And the world's gonna be a
better place having him there.

Speaking of leaders,
how's Captain Cortez as a boss?

She's great.

She cares about her
officers and civilians.

She's impressive.

Her ideas could really help this city.

She's definitely motivated.

She's got a lot of heart.

I agree.

I think she's destined

for bigger things than just SWAT.

Congratulations again,
Sergeant Harrelson.