S.W.A.T. (2017–…): Season 1, Episode 4 - Radical - full transcript

A domestic terrorists dies in an explosion and the S.W.A.T. must race to find his partner before more devices are detonated.

Previously on SWAT...

All right, I want you to fill the gaps,

stay liquid.

- You with us, Hondo?
- Fill the gaps,

stay liquid. You say
it so damn much, Buck,

I finally got it tattooed on my ass.

- All right, here we go!


17-year-old young man,

Raymont Harris, was accidentally shot

and seriously injured by
team leader, Buck Spivey.

Now, this morning,

I terminated Sergeant Spivey.

Today, I am assigning command of
this unit to Sergeant Harrelson.

I asked Hicks to put Street
on the team in my place.

Jim Street.

This is wrong.

It's your job now.

- You have plans tomorrow night?

You know, actually, um,

I was thinking about asking this woman

that I work with out to dinner.

I'm just not sure what she might say.

Maybe she's not into it.

(LAUGHS) Please.

- Oh, she's into it.
- Oh.

- Trust me, she's into it.

It's just, um, she's my boss.

- Ah.
- I know.

- Sounds inappropriate.
- No, it is.

We have to keep the
whole thing a secret,

we can't be seen together.

You know, all that stupid stuff.

- Might be tricky.
- Mm.

Or it might be kind of exciting.

Where you going?


What, are we playing hide-and-seek?

Happy anniversary.


Our 13-week anniversary.

- What?

Okay. 13 weeks?

It's no big deal. I just...
I just saw it,

wanted to get it for you, so I did.


Baby, it is a damn nice shirt.

I know.

(LAUGHS) Yeah, of course you do.

There. You look very handsome.


Give me a decent head
start to Deacon's, okay?

So it doesn't look like
we're arriving together.

All right. Spot you what, five minutes?

Make it ten.

♪ ♪



♪ Lean on me when times are bad ♪

♪ When the day comes and you are down ♪

♪ In a river of trouble... ♪

Matthew's tooth is
hanging by a thread.


Been looking all over for you, Annie.

Congratulations to you both.


Oh, hey, thank you.

- Where's the baby?
- Oh, Grandma's putting him down.

Baptism was a bit much.

Although he did a lot
better than our last two.

Yeah. Kid's tough. He's
definitely SWAT material.

- Oh, hey, over my dead body.

Hey, you seen Hondo here yet?

No. I'm sure he's on
his way, though. Why?

You'll see. Oh, speak of the devil.

HONDO: Hey, Annie.

- Hi.
- How are you?

Okay, everyone, gather up.

- Gather up. This way.
- MAN: Hey, everyone, come around.

- Good luck.
- Huh?

- MAN: Come up front.
- CHRIS: Gather 'round, everyone.

Where are we going? What are we doing?

- Oh, no, no, no, no.
- Oh, wow. Yup.

- HONDO: Wow. Okay.
- LUCA: All right.

- Yeah. Oh!
- MAN: Yeah. See?

Okay, the bad news is

there is no Jackass of the
Month to hand out today.

But the good news is there's
a Jackass of the Year!

- Okay.

This month's infraction
was a doozy, because one

of our own was pictured
very prominently

in the Sunday papers.

- On the front page,

- above the fold!

Ladies and gents,

it is my distinct displeasure

to present Jackass of the Year to, uh,

shameless media darling
Daniel “Hondo” Harrelson.


Come forward to receive
your punishment.

MAN: This way.

Anything you'd like to say?

Yeah, I got something to say.
Y'all are fired.

- I would not like to thank

the photographer who took this picture.

And to the newspaper that
published it, I curse you.

And certainly no thanks to Annie

and Deacon, our ungracious hosts.


- Hey, but seriously, um...


I never asked for this job, you know?


I couldn't be prouder of this team.

♪ Hold on, I'm comin'... ♪

- Punishment!

(CHANTING): Punishment! Punishment!

Okay, we need a picture
for the wall of shame.

I think Hondo's got a new girl.

Why is that?

Well, don't tell me he bought
that shirt for himself.

I mean, that's a woman's
touch. (LAUGHS)

I haven't heard about anyone new.

Hey, um, I know Deacon felt passed over

when he wasn't made team leader.

How's he holding up?

You don't have to worry about
my husband causing a problem.

How are you doing?

Look, I know it's tough,
being a cop, but...

sometimes I think it's
tougher loving one.

I thought Buck was coming today.

- Yeah, so did I.
- Hmm.

- Have you talkedto him lately?
- No.

- Not in a while.
- Hmm.


- Sorry.
- Yeah.

Everyone, you're all about to get it.


Come here. You know the drill.

I got to go. You take care of Mom.

- Okay.
- Okay, come here.


What about you?

You gonna take care?

Piece of cake.

Okay, you be good.

- Ooh.

I'm sorry to leave you with the mess.

Ah. What I get for planning a
party when the team's on call.

How about we go check out
that tooth, huh, Mister?

- Okay.



Deacon, Chris,

- get these people back.
- Roger.

I need two uniforms right here.

LUCA: Guessing

this wasn't a gas leak.

The gas lines are intact.

This one's for the bomb boys.

Hey, what are we looking at, Reggie?

Detect any explosive materials?

Yes, sir.

From what we're finding,

this place is practically
a bomb-making factory.

So there might be more of these

already out there?

Street, techs haven't cleared that yet.

Yeah, I hear something.
Is somebody in there?

Hey, hey, over here, over here.

I need help over here.
We got a survivor.

Bring me that gurney.

Luca, we got to get this thing up.

- All right, careful.
- On three. One, two... three!


We're right here. Hey.

Hey, I'm Hondo. What's your name?


I was vacuuming inside my apartment.

I'm having people over tonight.

Why am I outside?

Okay, no, no, no. Look at me.

Look at me. I need your eyes.
Keep your eyes on me.

I can't feel anything.

Is that weird?

No, no, no, that's not weird. That's...

That's normal, Maya.

MAYA: My whole building is gone?

Are the guys next door okay?


What happened?

We're gonna find out.

These people are gonna
take care of you, okay?


STREET: Pretty big explosion.

Yeah. And this might
just be the beginning.

♪ ♪

STREET: That's a lot of
lead-acid batteries.

How big an arsenal did this guy have?

Go introduce yourself to Reggie.

- See what elsehe's finding.
- Reggie?

He's the lead bomb squad
operator, the big guy.

Go ahead. Everybody loves Reggie.

Hondo, this is Agent
Conley, point for the FBI.

Eileen, Hondo.

He's our newest SWAT team leader.

- One fatality? That's confirmed?
- Just the bomb builder himself.

- Adam Jarrett, 24.
- HICKS: Still don't know

if he made any others
before this one, though.

Or what he was planning
on doing with them.

CONLEY: Well, we have our suspicions.

Adam made our watch list last month,

surfing pro-jihad Web sites.

We found this in the wreckage, too.

Published in Yemen.

Any extremist connections
to anyone here in L.A.?

Unknown. Could be a lone wolf.

Either way, there are a few doors

in the Muslim community we've
been wanting to knock on.

This gives us our opportunity to do so.

SWAT's here to assist.

Well, the survivor from 2A, Maya...

She asked about “the guys next door.”

This Adam kid might not have
been working by himself.

Well, he was the only one on the lease.

We'll check out our
watch list most likelys

if you can look into
Adam's local contacts.

Let's keep talking. We're here to help.

Okay, great.

Hey, listen up. These
high-end batteries...

No more than a dozen stores in L.A.
sell 'em.

Let's find a record of that purchase.

- We're on it.
- Street, you're with me.

All right.

We're gonna continue
your education today.

Hey, Maya.

Do you remember us?

Doctors said I would've suffocated

if you hadn't found me when you did.

Are you cops?

Metro SWAT.

I talked to your doctor.

She's optimistic that
you're gonna be fine.

I've never had surgery before.

STREET: Don't sweat it.
Surgeons at this place...

- They can do anything.
- WOMAN: It's time.

Okay, Maya, I just have one question.

At the explosion, you asked
about the guys next door.

Was there someone else
living with Adam?

I don't know if he lived there,

but he was always around.

Kyle or-or Kevin. Maybe Kenny?

I was worried that maybe
he was hurt, too.

I just don't get it.

Adam seemed like a normal guy.

Why would he do something like this?

I don't know.

Maya, you're gonna be good.



Hey, Street.

I need you find a ride back to HQ.

What happened to
continuing my education?

This is someone I got
to talk to, alone.


Hey, Hondo. Haven't seen you

since the fantasy draft.

What place you in?

I think you know the answer, Tarek.

- Second to last?
- Dead last.

Just wanted to hear you say it.


See you, ladies.

I got your text.

Saw the bombing on the
news... wanted to help.

This guy's a homegrown terrorist?

Possible. Too early to tell.

Hmm. People say it's,
uh, faith versus faith.

But that's a lie.

It's decent people versus barbarians.

Show me who your suspect is...

I'll ask around the mosques,
see if he's been around,

- if anyone knows him.
- I was hoping you might say that.

- His name is Adam Jarrett.
- White kid?

I know. Now, he may have been working

with a friend... if this is true,

- we're very interested
in finding out

- who he is and
what his connection

to your community might be.

I learn anything, I'll let
you know immediately.

You always do.

Thanks, Tarek.

I've been busy in your absence.

Found the store that sold our
bombers high-end batteries.

Farm & Garden in Shadow Hills.

- We need to get that to the FBI.
- Already did.

Did you have the store
run his name through

- credit card purchase logs?
- Did that, too... Chris pulled

the last three weeks of
checkout line surveillance.

Any sign of Adam?

That's Adam buying
eight chrome batteries

and a hell of a lot more ammonium

than was in that apartment.

That would have taken
out the entire block.

So there are more bombs
still out there.

Yeah, but the good news
is, we got some pictures

of the accomplice...
Haven't ID'd him yet,

but whoever he is...

Just became our top priority.

All right, Street, whatever
they were planning,

Adam going boom is gonna make
his buddies speed things up.

- We need a name.
- Working it.

There he is.

- Thanks for swinging by, Buck.
- Mm-hmm.

- Missed you earlier at Deac's.
- I didn't want to make it awkward.

Nobody wants to talk about
me getting the heave-ho.

Don't worry about it.

You're my guest.

Hey, listen, I've been,
uh, meaning to ask.

That kid I shot... Raymont...

You ever... you ever
hear how he's doing?


I've been looking in on him.

He's back on his feet, Buck,
way ahead of schedule.

That's great. That's great. Mm-hmm.

You know, I've been wanting
to reach out to him,

but the department's lawyers said
until a settlement's negotiated...

Listen, do you think

he would ever let me
tell him how sorry I am?

I'll ask Raymont and his mom
when the time is right...

I'd be happy to.

- Great. Thanks.
- LUCA: Hey, Buck.


What are you doing here, man?

I'm not, uh, I'm not really sure.

I was hoping you could take
a look at something for me.

- Come on.
- Come here.

It was no half-assed
pressure cooker, was it?

This kid knew what he was doing.

We think he may have
finished a few these

before he blew himself up.

Street's trying to ID
his buddy right now.

All right, I'm on it.

Later, Buck. Don't be a stranger, okay?

- See you, brother.
- So listen.

Once we get a name on the second guy,

I could use your expertise...
What do you say?

What do I say to what?

Help me out?

Just for the day, off the record.

Come on, you and I both know I'm poison

in this building since the shooting.

You're probably gonna get a reprimand

- just for walking me through here.
- Hicks won't care

as long as he gets the credit, and
you know that. Come on, Buck.

You've secured more explosives

than most people in this
room have ever seen.

It's never about the bombs, right?

It's always about the
guys who make them,

and they're all the same.

How's that?

Nobody's pushes a button until
they stop feeling human.

And I just kept 'em human.

(CHUCKLES) I see what
you're trying to do here.

You're trying to... trying
to make me feel useful.

- Buck...
- Yeah?

You got screwed, man.

No hearing, no review. Come on.

That's 100% Hicks trying
to cover his own ass.

I could still use you here.

I'm not gonna be responsible
for you getting fired, too.

Now, you got this.

I'm gonna beat it before, you know,

people start thinking this is a thing.

Listen, I, uh...

I never rooted for days like this,

but, you know, chasing them down
before they did any more harm,

they were always my favorite.

Thanks Hondo. Good luck.

LUCA: Hey, time stamp
on the photo matched

a debit card swipe... we got a name.

Cross-referenced his
image with the DMV.

Second guy in the photo
with our bomber,

his name is Kevin Lynch.

If he spent lots of
time in that apartment,

- he's a real threat.
- He might be the ringleader.

And he has his own place.
We're headed there now.

- What else do we know about him?
- Attended

Cameron College with Adam.
Dropped out a month ago.

DEACON: Listen up. Good chance he's

- sitting on more bombs.
- What's up, Hondo?

DEACON: Watch every step.


Take this guy down,
but be careful, okay?

Piece of cake.

STREET: Hey. Buck was here?

Yeah. I didn't get to see him.

Is he coming back later?

I don't think so, Street.



Eyes ahead on the cross-traffic.

♪ ♪


- STREET: Whoa!


Reggie says it's ammonium nitrate

packed in there with
C-4, same as earlier.

Also says he can't believe no one died.

If Kevin's waging jihad, he's
not doing a very good job.

You got something?

The building security cameras.

Kevin called in a bomb
threat just a few minutes

after he dropped the backpack
in the second floor lobby.


Who are the other tenants
in the building?

Investment firms, med firms...

Metzler Financial, Dwyer
Capital, Sherman & Ross.

Why bomb this place?

Agent. The kid called in a bomb scare

- to clear the lobby.
- I'm aware.

But wouldn't a terrorist be going

for the highest body count?

Not all terrorists think alike.

All those doors you've
been knocking down

in the Muslim community...
You get anything?

Related to this? No.

All due respect, Agent, I've been going

down that road with
you, but look around.

This place was not a target
of opportunity for Kevin.

This was Kevin executing
his plan... a plan that's

- not exactly screaming jihad to me.
- Okay, you might be right,

but my bosses want me to keep
going through our watch list.


So where are you guys on
tracking Kevin Lynch?

We were on our way to his
home when this happened.

I doubt he'd be stupid
enough to go back there,

but we still need to
see what we can find.

Okay. Just keep me apprised.

- Hey, Hondo.
- Yeah, what'd Reggie say?

He got anyone free to
sweep Kevin's place?

No, he needs his technicians
for another couple of hours

to sift through the rubble.

Yo, Reggie!

I need you to open up
your toy box for me.

Better not break it.

Let's go.

HONDO: Kevin may have
left this place rigged,

so keep your eyes peeled.

Fan out around the perimeter

in case this place goes up.

Got the tree side!

Who's getting eyes on that garage?

How about the new guy?

Fine with me.


No one's home.

- All clear.
- DEACON: Fall back.

Andros is going in.

STREET: Where'd you
learn to operate these?

Celtics-Lakers. 2008 Finals.

My unit had to sweep the Staples Center

for explosives, so... I got certified.



- LUCA: You guys got a visual?
- Roger that.

There's something planted in here.

It's booby-trapped. The
place is gonna go up.

- Along with any evidence.
- Stand by. Hold on.

Might be able to put the fire out.

Andros must have tripped
this fail-safe.

It's crude, but it's impressive.

The kid didn't want us to
find anything in here.


Found a term paper cowritten
by our first bomber, Adam,

along with Kevin... do you
think this is something?

- Paper for what?
- Camden College, Poli-Sci 433.

It could be, but I still think

we're missing something. Keep looking.

Luca. Could we try it my way now?


All right, that works, too.

CHRIS: Guys, listen to this.

“When institutions favor the
haves over the have-nots,

“violence may not just
be an expected outcome,

but a certain one.”

Chris, Street,

get down to Camden College

and see what you can find.
Be quick. Go.

You guys keep digging.

Neither of these young men
was an academic standout.

Although they both got As in
that class you mentioned,

Poli-Sci 433.

I read their paper on the
way over... intense stuff.

I'm familiar with the
anger in that class.

Students in there made the last
year of my life a nightmare.

They organized a protest
against the renaming

- of our business school.
- What was their beef?

Didn't like that a $50 million donation

was going to create
“more capitalist pigs”"

Those protests got ugly, violent.

- Any punishments?
- Some suspensions.

Adam and Kevin got
reprimands on their records.

Of course, the actual ringleader

- suffered no consequences at all.
- Who was the ringleader?

Their professor, Marc Lasky.

Whipped them all up.

- What, he didn't get fired?
- Our donor's been all over us

to find a way to get rid of him,

Lasky's got tenure.

He'd have to murder someone

for us to fire him.

Do you know where we can find Lasky?

He holds office hours
for another 20 minutes.

I can show you where.

After the news broke
about the second bomber,

didn't take an hour for a
brick to get tossed through.

I'm sorry, Tarek.

We're exhausting every
angle we can to find him.

Nobody's seen either of your
guys around the mosques.

The FBI's kicking people's doors in.

I know they've got a job to
do, but do you really think

these white American boys
are Muslim extremists?

I don't.

Yeah, well,

it'd be nice to see
that on the news, too.



I'm really sorry about your window.


Yeah, Chris, go. What'd you find?

That class was a staging ground
for some violent protests,

and the professor that taught it

was right in the middle of it all.

Lasky's supposed to be at his office

- right now, but it's all locked up.
- I'm listening.

The donor who funded the
college's business school

is one of the board members here,

and apparently he's been trying
hard to get Lasky fired.

Name's, uh, Fred Dwyer.

As in Dwyer Capital?

Looks like it. Why?

The building that got bombed...

Dwyer Capital rents half the offices

on the second floor.

That business school's the next target.

Chris, get down there
and start evacuating.

That's Hondo. We have to
get everyone out. Come on.

Get out of the building.
Get out of the building.

- Everybody out!
- LAPD SWAT, out!

Get in, drop it,

and get out.

I know, Professor. You told me.

Twice, actually.

But that didn't stop you from
phoning in a bomb threat.

Blowing out windows won't
get people to wake up.

I said I'm sorry.

Don't be sorry.

Be strong.

LAPD SWAT, everyone out! Everyone out!
Out! Out!

STREET: Move, move, move, move!

Move! Come on, let's go!

- Come on, move, move, move.
- Second floor covered?

Every room. Rest of the team
should be here any minute.

LAPD SWAT, everyone out!

Everyone out! Out!

- LAPD SWAT, move, move! Everybody out.
- Out, out, out!

- Come on, everybody out.
- Hey!

You need to evacuate. Hey!

Hey! Do you hear me?


CHRIS: Eyes on the suspect.

Eyes on Kevin Lynch in
the Dwyer building.

Possible bomb in his backpack.


Get out of the room. Get
out of the building!

Kevin, stop!

- All right, nobody move.

- Get down. Everybody out.

- Hey, get back.
- Kevin, drop the backpack, buddy.

I need to see that backpack, okay?

He's got a bomb! He's got a bomb!

Move out. Everybody out,

everybody out.

- Out!
- Get out of here

- right now!
- Put your backpack down.

- Let's just keep it calm, okay?
- Calm?

As soon as I let go and
these two sides connect,

this entire building

and everybody in it goes down with me.

You're not gonna do
that, though, are you?

Everyone paying attention, class?

- Kevin, you're not gonna do that.
- Hey, you! You!

- Sit down!
- Down, down.

Anyone else leaves, everyone dies.

Just keep it calm, okay, buddy?

- It's all right.
- Kevin...

- put the backpack down.
- Get out of here.

You want to speed this
process up, hero?

Get out of here.

Okay, we're going.

We're going, okay? It's all good.

Just keep them apart, okay?

Don't do anything stupid.

Just keep them apart. We're going.

CHRIS: Take it easy, Kevin.

Kevin, don't do anything stupid.

Hang tight.

Stay with me, Kevin. Don't look at me.

Get down. Get your face

to the ground right now.


CHRIS: We've evacuated
everyone not in the classroom.

Street, did you check those bathrooms?

Twice. All clear.

Evacuate yourselves
as soon as possible.

- You hear me, Chris?
- Copy.

Files on all 12 students

trapped in that room.

How far away

is the FBI negotiator?

Agent Conley said 15
minutes out, maybe 20.

Well, looks like we got
a new negotiator, then.

Classroom has an
auditorium-style layout.

It's 15 rows, three sections,
each 20 seats across.

- Windows out?
- Nope.

- Internal windows?
- They're on the door,

but it's the size of a cereal box.

We need to deactivate
Professor Lasky's badge as...

No. Leave it.

Have them call you if it
pings anywhere on campus.

He says he won't

wear the bomb suit.

You can't go in without the suit.

There's 12 kids in there

who don't have that option.

I'm gonna do better talking
with him man-to-man,

not looking like the
Pillsbury Doughboy.

Let's wait for the FBI guy.

I'm certified in negotiations.
You know that.

I've watched Buck talk guys away
from their explosives plenty.

You don't have to do this, you know.

The only thing I know

is the perfect guy to disarm
this kid is sitting on his ass

in Northridge because you fired him

without giving him a
chance to defend himself.

- What has Buck got to do with this?
- He's who we need here today,

but we don't have him because of you.

You could've just suspended
him, but no, you fired him

because you wanted to
do what's good for you,

- not what's good for the city.
- No, hold on.

Otherwise, we wouldn't be
in this position right now.

You done?

You think I enjoyed

watching his career end like that?

I begged him to fight it.

Buck insisted that I fire him.

He had shot an unarmed black kid

who looked like he was about to die.

Buck knew the city was
about to explode.

He didn't want to make it
harder on the rest of us.

It was Buck's call.

Not mine.


I know you don't respect me.

I never said that.

Never had to.

But if you ever say

that I don't care about this city

or the officers who work for me again,

you and I are gonna mix it up.

Lasky's access badge just pinged

at the faculty parking structure.

You and Luca. Go.

Hondo, you be careful.

You might just get that
promotion after all, Deacon.

Yeah. Hope not.

STREET: Come on, let's go, let's go.

Move, move, move. Move, move,
move, move, move, move.

- These are the last of the kids.
- Hostages' positions?

Behind their seats in
the first three rows.

- And where's Kevin?
- 11 o'clock when you first

enter the room. But he's
pacing around, muttering.

Something's really off with him, Hondo.

Yeah, no kidding.

All right, both of you, get the
hell away from this building.

All right.

LAPD SWAT. Get out of the building. Go.


Hey! Hey, what are you doing?
Get out of here!

I-I will. I will. Once I know

everyone in here is safe.

I'm Hondo.

Cool to call you Kevin?

KEVIN: Yeah, that-that's
what everyone calls me.

What the hell do you want?

I want to know what you want.

Kevin, I need you to listen to me.

You have a student in here.

Her name is Maria Quinn.
She's a diabetic.

She really needs to get
to her medicine, Kevin.


Okay, hey. Hey, how about this?

You let Maria go,

and I'll take her place, and
you and me, we can talk.

(LAUGHS) Oh, yeah.

Yeah, that's what you want to do.

You ju... y-you just want to talk.

Yeah, well, I don't
feel like listening.

I just want to make sure
we all stay safe, Kevin.

- Oh, “we”?
- That's right.

Look around.

We're all in this together.

Which one of you is Maria?


- I-I'm Maria.
- Kevin.

Look at her.

She's sick.

She needs her medicine.

- Just let her go.
- Oh, God.

Okay? Just her.


Come on, Maria. Come on.

Get outside. Go.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

Where... What the hell are you doing?

I'm keeping my promise.

I said her for me.

As soon as I drop this
thing, we're all dead.


So go ahead and shoot me if you want.


No, I'm not gonna do that.

I'm not gonna shoot you, Kevin.

I'll put it away.

I want to help you end this peacefully.

Yeah, well, this doesn't

- end peacefully, okay?
- Why not?

I mean, it has to be really important

that you're willing to
hurt all these people.

Kevin, these are just kids.

You don't even know them.

Yeah, well, would I rather take down

a room full of billionaires? Sure.

But trust fund babies studying

to become those billionaires?

Well, that's the next best thing.

These kids? They're your problem?

(SCOFFS) They're not my problem.

Monopolized wealth is my problem.

The one percent

is my problem.

Greed is my problem!

I mean, look at this.

- I mean, just step outside.

The world is burning down

and nobody cares!

Oh, and these criminals
at the top, they think

they're gonna get away with it.

Why? Because they always
get away with it. Right?

Well, not this time.

'Cause we're gonna wake people up.


KEVIN: We're gonna show them

that the whole system is rigged.

Okay, I get your goals. I do.

But violence is the solution?

Explain that to me.

Uh, it commands people's attention

when nothing else works.

I mean, come on.

You're a cop.

Man, you must see injustice every day.

The powerful abusing the weak.

The rich riding the backs of the poor.

Man, there's people born on
the wrong side of the tracks

and then they're blamed
for living there?!

You don't have to tell
me about being born

on the wrong side of the tracks, Kevin,

because I still live there.

But most people work hard

and they do their best

to climb a notch, just so,
one day, God willing,

they can sit on a porch
somewhere and just enjoy it.

That's all these kids want.

And I got to believe
that's all you want.

Isn't it?

- gasping)

Yeah, Professor, man, uh,
where the hell are you,

you know? You-you kind of
left me here all alone.

LASKY: Kevin,

we're in this together.

We're almost there.

- Our negotiator's outside.
- Too late.

Now, listen to me. Listen.

I am so, so proud of
what you're about to do.

HONDO: No, don't listen to him, Kevin.

He's the one who's pissed
off at this college.

Ask him why he isn't standing
here instead of you.

Who is that?

He doesn't know you.

He doesn't know what
it's like to sacrifice

for something greater than himself.

The price that we've paid.

Come on, Kevin, he's playing you.

You're the one who's paying that price.

Don't listen to him.

You can't trust him

the way you can trust me.

Kevin, look at these kids.

Where's Lauren?

Lauren Moss, where are you?

(SNIFFLES) I'm-I'm Lauren.

Lauren, you're not some
trust fund kid, are you?

Tell Kevin why you enrolled here.

My mom's restaurant, it gives
her all the bad shifts.

And so I thought maybe I could
help her buy the place one day.

Kevin, we agreed.

We agreed to change the world together.

Remember, Kevin?

Hey, Paul. Paul. Where's Paul?

Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.
Could you just, please...


Just-just back up, okay?

Kevin, I want you to listen to Paul.

Your parents pay for college?

No, they, uh... they
didn't go to college.

They wanted

to help, but they can't.

Kevin, finish what we started.

Get people to rise up.

You can change the world.

Yeah, man, but, uh,

you know, there-there's
a bunch of students

- in here.
- LASKY: Yes.

Studying to control the rest
of us with their money!


let go of the clamp, Kevin.

Be a hero.

Professor! I'm gonna need you to put

that phone down.

Don't do it, Kevin. Don't...

- Hey, shut up!

You shut up and back up!

Right now! All right?!

I am trying to think!
Can you let me think?

Do it. Do it

- for a better world.
- Come on down.

Come on down. You'll be brought
in nice and peacefully.

(CHUCKLES) Your word
means nothing to me.

I'm all talked out.


No, you don't get the easy way out.

(EXHALES) Hondo,

the threat's been neutralized.




He was never there, Kevin.

Not really.

I know that's hard for you to hear.


No, you don't know me at all, man.

What are you doing?

I know no one in that
office building died today.

Because you called in a bomb threat.

Kevin, you saved lives...
You didn't take 'em.

Yeah, 'cause, you know, I just...


You know, I just... I
just want to matter.

I just want things to get better.

I mean, that-that's why
we built this thing.

Adam, he found the instructions online,

and I helped him because I
wanted to make things better.

I-Isn't it better

to die for something
than to ignore reality?

No. No, Kevin.

It's better to live for something.

You got humanity in you. I can see it.


And I know you see the
humanity in these kids.

Look at 'em.

Look at 'em.

Nobody has to die today.


That's not who you are.

That's not who you are, Kevin.

Come on, now.


Just hand that over to me.

Move that clamp over
to me nice and slow.




KEVIN: I'm-I'm so sorry.

I'm-I'm sorry.

- I'm so sorry. I'm...
- Everybody out!

Get out. Move. Go outside!

Let's go! Outside!

Send in the bomb techs.

- Send 'em in!
- All right!

Go! Go!


♪ ♪


♪ ♪

- Good. Double punch left.

- Good.

LUCA: Yo, Hondo. Want to get in

on a workout?

- Nah, rain check, Luca.
- Aw, come on.

- Adrenaline's pumping!
- Nah, nah, nah. I'm beat.

- Go easy on him, Chris.

No chance.

Let's go!


- Hey, Street.
- Hi, boss.

Actually, come here for a second.

- I want to talk to you.
- What's up?

I been thinking a lot about Buck,

what happened to him.

Yeah, you think we should take
him for a beer or something?

I can call him.

No. No, no, no. I think
it's better for us

and better for him if we just
give him some space for a while.


Your call.

(EXHALES) Street, uh...

don't you ever forget who
your locker once belonged to,

the reason that you are SWAT

and whose legacy you carry.

I promise.

Night, boss.

Good night.

Night, guys.

♪ ♪



Everything okay?

I'm sorry. I didn't mean to scare you.

♪ ♪

I was just coming by to check on
next week's schedule, but, um...

unless you got something
on your mind...

No. Just, um...

I never realized it before.

It's tough to be a cop.

But sometimes it's tougher to...

Tougher to what?


♪ ♪

Have a good night.

You, too.

♪ ♪