S.W.A.T. (2017–…): Season 1, Episode 19 - Source - full transcript

Jim Street debates whether or not his mother should live with him upon her release from prison; "Hondo" and the team are assigned to protect a high-profile Russian journalist who is visiting Los Angeles, California U.S.A.

What is wrong with you?

Your own damn fault!

You want sympathy?
Now you have to make it

look worse than it is. Nothing to say?

Screw you!

Stop. I will call the cops again!

What's that for?

It's to protect us.

But... I-I need your help, okay?

Stand right over there

and call him a coward, okay?

No. He'll hurt us.

Not anymore. Just do it.

Why? I'm scared.

Don't be, baby.

Just trust me, okay?

Now, do it.

You're a coward!

What the hell did you say?

What the hell

did you just say to me?!

It's just you and me now.

Now, listen real close.

All you have to do is
tell them he came at you.


Okay, just tell them he came at you.

And we're both gonna be okay, Jimmy.

We're both gonna be okay.


Hey. ‭Thanks for coming.

Yeah, of course, Mom.

Everything's still on track

- for next week, right?
- Well, okay, here's the thing.

The city housing and the job

that my parole officer hooked up for me,

I declined it.

- Why?
- Because I don't want

to live all the way in Long Beach.

You know? And-and work at a food bank.

I want stay with you and work near you.

You can make that happen, right?

Yeah. I just...

Sit down for a sec.

I, uh...

I just have one of the guys
staying at my place.

I'd have to kick him out.

Yeah, I'm-I'm sorry.
I know that. I just...

I'm really in a jam.

Jimmy, I really need you to come
through for me, or th-they're

not gonna finalize my parole,
and I'll be stuck here.

Honey, after 18 years,
I'm gonna need some help.

Okay. Listen,

don't worry.

I'm gonna take care of it.

We'll get you a gig somewhere near me,

start you off on the right foot. Okay?

It's gonna be fine.


It's fine.

I'm really sorry, Ma. I-I got to go.

- I worry about you, sweetie.
- ‭Well,

I think, for this call,

it's the other guys got
to worry what's coming.

- Come here.
- ‭Mm.

I'll tell you more when
we finally get you out of here.

Love you. I love you more.

A lot of people were surprised

to hear that you were writing a memoir

at this stage of your life.

It's not a sign
that you're stopping, is it?

No, not anytime soon.

A lot of people keep asking me
what keeps me motivated...

25-David, your move.

Roger that.

And wherever you happen to be living.

Doing what I do, I have
to constantly be moving, yes.

Now, The Toll of Truth
is dedicated to all

the brave whistleblowers
you've worked with.



I don't speak Japanese.

Yeah. Neither do I.

I would argue the world needs
brave people more than ever.

And what's your next big exposé
about, Irina?

I wish I knew. Um, I'm just here
getting some sun in Los Angeles.

Thank you for being with us today.

26-David, target

is in motion.

Hey, guys, we got some room
service for Irina Zemanova.

She said it should be waiting
for her when she gets back.

Room service?

We know about this?

Back up, into the elevator.

You heard what the man said. Let's go.

In the elevator.
No one needs to get hurt.

We're just going for a little ride.

Thank you so much.

Thank you all for coming.

Thank you.

30-David, target is moving up the stairs.

Losing visual.

- Accompanied by two bodyguards.
- That's her personal detail.

24-David, here we go.

Target's all yours once
we secure the elevator bank.

Event security, ladies and gentlemen.

Authorized personnel only
beyond this point.

What happened to Edgar?

He was supposed to meet me here.

Yeah, he's not answering his radio.

Kofi and Denis are gone.

What's going on? We should take
the service elevators to be safe.

It's you.

Was all that really necessary?

I tried convincing you last
week before you got here,

but you still thought

your guys were better than us,

so I had no choice but
to show you that they weren't.

Plus, one of the guys on your team

just deposited $100,000
in a Swiss bank account,

which makes me wonder
if someone's paying him

to turn on you.

I don't want your help.

We managed just fine
in Rio and in Bruges.

You got lucky in Rio,
and people still got hurt.

Whoever's coming after you
doesn't give a damn

about collateral damage.

And since you're here in Los Angeles

for the next 37 hours,

the mayor's made it my job to keep you

and this city safe until then.

What exactly has the CIA told you?

They can't operate within
U.S. borders, so they have

local police do the job.

- What do they say?
- ‭I've been told

there could be an attempt on
your life here in Los Angeles.

You know, maybe pissing off
oligarchs, money launderers,

and drug kingpins by publishing

their dirty little secrets
has its drawbacks.

Maybe I enjoy getting under
the skin of powerful men.

You know, I give you props
for your bravery. I do.

But right now, you're my problem.

So why don't you just let us
stash you at SWAT HQ

- until your plane takes off tomorrow?
- ‭No, thanks.

Where I come from, the cops
are worse than the criminals.

I understand that mentality, but
we're not where you come from.

If I agree to your protection,

freedom of movement laws say
you have to accompany me,

not the other way around, right?

I have to meet a source
for a story, privately.

You said onstage you're
just here to get some sun.

Well, I guess I lied, didn't I?

Where's this meeting?

In the cafe downstairs.

And I can't have you and
your army scaring him off.

Okay, I'll tell you what,

you cooperate with us

and I'll put on my friendly face.


I got to talk to you about something.

Look, if it has to do
with eating your leftovers,

don't worry, I was gonna go out
and buy some ground beef today.

No, it's...

I actually need you to find
another place to stay, man.

For real? Nah,
you're just messing with me.

I'm not.

I need you out by the end of the week.

This week?

Dude, you're the one who took me
in when I needed a place.

Talk about short notice.

So, what, your girlfriends can
kick you out with no warning,

but not me?

That's a low blow, man.

You're bringing up a lot
of relationship pain for me.

I'm sorry. It's just...

Man, it's been six months.

I thought you crashing was,

like, temporary until you found a place.

But we haven't even finished
our Call of Duty campaign.

Are we just gonna leave it
at 56% complete?

All right. Straight up...

I need the place for my mom.

She's getting paroled next week,

and I got to make space for her.

I hear you. Got you.

Family comes first.

Thanks, man. I...

All clear up ahead, Hondo.

...appreciate you understanding.

How do you communicate with this source?

With a Linux terminal on a secure Nmap.

And a burner phone.

So there's no way
for anyone to track you?

I know how dangerous mistakes are.

My fiancé was killed three
years ago because of a story

we were working on together in Minsk.

- I get it, Hondo.
- ‭Okay, okay, okay.

I heard about that.
But that's why you need

to trust me to do whatever
it takes to keep you safe.

The man who shot him was a mole
working for the government,

telling me the same things
you're telling me now.

That is not gonna happen here, Irina.

You have my word.

Okay, Hondo.

I'm willing to trust you.

- I'll cooperate.
- ‭Good.

All right, listen, we're gonna
be rotating two three-man teams,

day and night, for the next...

36 hours and 14 minutes,

when I can put you on your plane myself.

What's your source look like?

I don't know. Never met him before.

Online, he goes by Shaolin.

- And you trust him?
- Whistleblowers risk more

than the journalists protecting them.

The important thing is that he trusts me.

Luca, take the left side.
Street and I got the right.

So, I hear you're
finally kicking Luca out.

Well, it's been six months.
Think I've done my time.

I heard your mom's getting paroled, too.


are you sure you don't want
to maintain a little distance?

I mean, just to start?

I hope your mom can turn things around

and I'm not saying she can't...

I don't really have a choice here.

I'm the only family she's got.


I got it under control.

Street, I got to say it. I think

her living with you is a bad idea.

What, 'cause you still think
that she filed

that misconduct charge against you?

I explained that.

That was just some other woman in prison

trying to impress her. She had no idea.

So, look, either I help her out,

or she stays locked up.

And I can't have that.

Street, I love my mom,
too, so I understand.

I just don't want this
impacting you or SWAT.

It won't.

I got friends I can call.

We can pull some strings

and get her in a good
halfway house in Reseda.

That'll give her the space she needs

to find herself, solidify parole

and give you peace of mind.

Let me give it some thought, okay?

All right.

Hold up, hold up. Where's she going?

Where's she going? She's on the move.

Luca, she's on the move.

- Excuse me, excuse me. Excuse me.
- Out of the way.

Excuse us. Move, move, move.

- Excuse me, excuse me.
- Move aside. LAPD.

Move, move, move.

Door's locked.

She's gone.

She planned it.

I figured she might
pull a stunt like this,

so I had this pre-loaded.

You see her?

Right there. Right there.

Outdoor café.


Police! Everybody down!

Stay down.

Stay down!

Get up! Up.

On the ground.


Miss, come here! Come here!

- Get out of the car!
- Move!

- Move!
- ‭Get out!

Get out!

You okay? You sure?

This is 20-David to Control.

I need an R/A at location.

I got two victims

with injuries, one suspect in custody.

Be advised, another suspect

last seen in a dark green Jeep

headed west on Hewitt.

All right, sit down. Sit down. Sit tight.

Help's on the way, okay? ‭Okay.

This is all on you.

- I can explain.
- ‭Oh, and you will.

Back at SWAT headquarters.
You just made yourself

a witness to a crime, so now I decide

where you go. You made your play.

Now I'm gonna make mine.

The mayor's curious
how a public café was shot up

with two civilians injured.

In case you're wondering, yes,

she did say the word "curious"

She wants things locked down.

Tell the mayor I'm the one to blame

for Irina slipping away.

That's not the way it works, Hondo.

We all take responsibility.

But we can't let anything else
happen to Irina

or have any other collateral damage.

We don't wait for these shooters
to attack again.

We need to track them down first.

We're canvassing security cameras,

trying to find the stolen
Jeep the other suspect stole.

The guy we have in custody might
be able to help us ID him.

Well, so far he isn't talking,

and Irina's keeping quiet, too.

I'm gonna get answers. Trust me.

The people who are hurt,

are they going to be okay?

What, you mean the two women
in the ER right now?

Yeah, they'll live.

But you pretty much ruined their week.

I thought we were

on the road to trusting each other.

Guess you lied about that, too.

My source would have panicked
if he saw you all there.

I had to go alone.

- I have to leave here.
- ‭

- Try another one, lady.
- ‭You want me

to tell the whole world
you put a foreign journalist

under house arrest?

I thought this was L.A., not Moscow.

Local laws say I can keep you here

for 12 hours as a material witness.

That's the new plan. Get used to it.

You're no different
than the other police.

Using guns to get your way.

The difference is,
I'm trying to keep you alive.

This Russian cat we have in custody,

he's got no records, no history.

He's a ghost.

So what's he doing, Irina?

Is he here trying to kill you

for something you've already written

or something you're about to write?

What is this story
that you're working on?

I can't tell you.

I have to protect my source

- until I publish it.
- Okay, fine.

Fine, then you're gonna sit right here.

Let me know if you need
a book to read or something.

I've been working

for the last nine months on a story

about some very powerful people
from Russia

who are trying to smuggle machine guns

and fully automatic rifles into the U.S.


Why? What's the endgame?

- Money?
- ‭No.

They want to dump them here for free.

They want Americans killing each other

like people did in Ukraine, Georgia,


They plan to start in Los Angeles,

then other big cities.

Over 50,000 assault weapons.

The first shipments

are already on their way.

Do you know how they're moving them here?

No. I need to get

to my source to get the information.

Look, the first meeting
was to build trust.

If I don't meet with Shaolin today,

he'll get scared and go back into hiding.

And then we'll never find out

how these guns are being moved here.

I tried a little Russian
in Google Translate,

but he still hasn't bitten.

He definitely understands English.

Every time I say the words,
"You suck at your job..."

See? He twitches.

Engraving in Cyrillic on his ring

means "Pavel." I guess it's his name.

If you're a foreign spy

or wanted by Interpol,

you'll be looking
at federal prison for life,

unless you start talking

and tell us who hired you.

Or we can hand you over

to the CIA.

Let them deal with you.

What isn't the CIA
telling us, Agent Bishop?

We told you there might be a hit
on your journalist here in L.A.

That's all we're at liberty to say.

For deniability, fine. But why isn't

Homeland Security or the FBI involved?

Because now I know this is bigger

than you led us to believe.

The same Russians who tried to kill Irina

in Rio and Bruges are
coming after her here.

A lot of chatter

is telling us the Russians

are pulling out all the stops this time.

Maybe that has something
to do with whatever story

she's working on.

Do you know anything about guns

- being smuggled into the country?
- No.

We think our suspect in custody

is a professional Russian mercenary.

No files on him anywhere,
but we think his name is Pavel.

What makes you say that?

The engraving on his ring.

- Does he wear it on his right thumb?
- ‭Yeah.

- Does that mean something?
- Means Pavel's

the name of his handler.

That ring is a membership band

for a bathhouse in Mid-City.

But he's not Russian intelligence,

or you could have picked him up.

All right, now that we're
out in the open about this,

you should know.

There's a nest here

in L.A. of ex-KGB agents

who have strong connections

with Russian oligarchs
and weapons dealers.

That bathhouse is probably

a place where the guy you got in custody

and others like him meet
with their handler.

Now, we've been casing them

for years but never
gotten enough evidence

to make any arrests.

Now, with his mercs going after Irina,

maybe you can help us out
in that department.

Because SWAT going after him
makes it appear

like a local crime, giving the CIA cover.

Listen, fact is, you getting
evidence on their handler

gives you the Russians
trying to kill Irina.



You know why, uh, Cortez

ordered us into civvies?

Not yet.

I, um...

I heard you kicked Luca
out of your place.

I know your mom's

getting paroled.

There's got to be a lot
weighing on you, Street.

- It's nothing I can't handle.
- Right.

'Cause you remember
when we both got reprimanded

when you went off-case

and you beat up that dude
for her? 'Cause I do.

Look, someone getting out
of jail seems straightforward,

but it changes your life, too.

I can keep trouble away from my mom.

I got you, but will she keep
trouble away from you?

Hey, guys. Short notice, I know, but uh,

I need a place to stay.

Street kicked me out. Any takers?

Well, you know I got
three kids, but uh, yeah.

If you want to share a bedroom

with a colicky baby, be my guest.

I'm open to it.

I'll have to ask Annie.

What about you?

Uh, no. Bonnie would hate me.

Who's Bonnie?

The girl I've been dating.
I've mentioned her.

She kind of stays at my place now.

Sort of getting serious. Sorry, man.

All right, I'll figure
something else out, thanks.

If we don't find that guy
a place to live,

he's gonna home-invade one of us.

Tell me about it.

According to the CIA,

our shooter's handler is Pavel Nobokov,

AKA "Melvin Norwood""

The data files in his air-gapped laptop

should hopefully get us
to the other shooters

going after Irina, and the money men

trying to smuggle guns into L.A.

Now, sealed warrant depends on
us downloading his hard drive

and getting out clean...
no margin for error.

So if we get caught, it's an
international incident, I'm guessing.

Pissed off congressmen,
a lot of people screaming?

I'd really hate to
disappoint a politician,

but our main concern is ex-KGB agents,

who are going to be on site.

And these guys are pros,

so we need to go in stealth.

- Hence the civvies.
- ‭Yeah.

That's, like, a real outfit
you're proud to wear, Street?

I don't have time to explain
style to you, Tan.

I'm assuming that going in there

and distracting the
target's my job, right?

Actually, no. Membership's men only.

Typically, the strong
and silent type, so...

Time to get your sneak on, Deac.

Good afternoon.

Uh, welcome.

Uh, write your name, please.

We're in.

He's with me.

All right, locker room's empty

and the receptionist is double checking.

- I'm cutting the power now.
- Uh-oh.

Hope no one's in the middle
of drying their hair.


- _
- _

Okay, four minutes until
DWP reroutes power

to the backup circuit breaker.

Should be enough time
to download the files,

assuming you can keep the target engaged.

All right, target last seen
in the sauna room.

Hondo, the receptionist
is heading your way.

What's going on with the power?

We've got rolling blackouts,
miss, I'm sorry.

We're doing the best we can.

It might be a little quicker if
we could get to your fuse box.

I-It's in the back hallway.

Okay, I'll be there
in a second. Thank you.


You can tell your clients it'll
be about five minutes or ten.

No more than ten.

I'll let you know if I need 15.

Street. We've got eyes again.

All right, we're back in business.

I got it.



Deacon's in the sauna with the target.

Luca, you're clear. Move in.

You're looking for Norwood.

You got approximately two minutes.

That's some great ink.
Tell me you know an artist

on the west side.

- Of Moscow, yes.
- ‭

- Do I know you?
- No. I usually come mornings.

Me, too.

This is late for me.

All right, I'm starting the download now.

Looks like we've got info
on Melvin's shooters

and a whole lot more.

You got two minutes
till power changeover.

I'm gonna need more time.

I can hold the circuit breakers
for the building, Luca,

but the rest of the block will be online.

I'm going as fast as I can.

The block's coming back on now.

The receptionist is clocking it.


Just stay the course.
You hear me? Stay the course.

Okay, we've got 30% and counting.


You're uh, Melvin, right?


Now, who's asking? Who are you?

Just a friend of a friend.


Where did you get this ring?

You got to earn it, don't you?

The rest of the block has power,
why not here? What's going on?

I still need to reset your fuses, ma'am.

We're close.

There we go.

They got eyes on you, Luca.

I'm only at 60%.

If you could just sign
right here, please.


Thank you for your patience.

You know my name,

but I never gave you that ring.

Tell me your name.


Deacon, Luca's clear. Get out of there.

I'll be right back.



You okay? Mm-hmm.

Your boss okay with you,

you know, stepping away?

Yeah, yeah.

We're rotating teams and our VIP's back

at HQ, so it's fine.

Jimmy, I am literally
counting the minutes.

I mean, you'd think after 18 years

that a few more days would be easy,

but I've never felt this on edge.

Yeah. Same here, Mom.

And y-you know,

I-I did want to ask you
if you wanted something

more spacious than just
my living room couch.

One of my colleagues can pull strings

at some good sponsored housing in Reseda.

A halfway house, Jimmy.

Well, it's a residence

where there is a caretaker person

and there's support groups
to help with the transition.

It's a halfway house.

I mean, am I half your mother?

No, it's just, it's actually closer

to the job that I'm trying
to get lined up for you.

And this way you'd have
the space you need.

What I need is to be with my son.

That's what's gonna help me.

I know.

You're right.

Do you not trust me out there, Jimmy?

Of course I do, Ma.

- What'd we find?
- ‭Melvin sent encrypted text messages

to these four numbers

within minutes of the attack on Irina.

One of the burner phones
belongs to the guy

you currently have in custody.

Let me guess: the other one belongs

- to the shooter who escaped.
- ‭Yep.

And the other two burners probably belong

to a pair of backup shooters.

Now, I've triangulated
the last known cell phone pings

to see if we can get a location.

So there's three men trying to kill me?

Looks like I'm barking up the right tree.

Don't worry, they can't get
to you as long you're here.

The problem is, Irina has
a speaking engagement tonight

and she can't miss it.
After the speech, her source

is gonna hand out
the final pieces of information

- about the guns headed to L.A.
- No.

Too risky. Irina is a walking target.

As long as those three
shooters are out there,

everyone around her is in danger.

Your source can give you

that information when you're out of L.A.

Captain, if Irina's right

about the assault weapons coming in,

we don't have that kind of time.

These guns weren't on the State
Department radar until now.

The intel looks like
it checks out so far.

Intercepting these weapons would be huge.

By the time I leave town,
it'll be too late.

Got a ping...
one of our three burner phones.

All right. Near an industrial
section of Huntington Park,

east of Hope Street... there's only one

apartment complex nearby.

Tenants. All with Hispanic names...

except one: Yuri Chernon.

- How do you want to do this?
- I'll split up my team.

I'll have Deacon and Luca
no-knock the apartment,

and we'll take Rocker
and couple of Mumford's guys

to the event with Irina.

Get them tac'd up and ready.

I'm going with you. If we're
gonna risk getting fired,

I'm gonna be there.

One bedroom,

Mar Vista, third floor,

newly carpeted.

Nah, it's not west-facing.

I need to see the
sunset... it soothes me.

All right, well, what about
a deluxe studio in Culver City

one block from downtown?

Fake marble... that's an HGTV no-no.

Okay. Okay, Luca, we got you.

Here we go. One-bedroom loft,

fourth floor, Hollywood and La Brea,

real marble, west-facing,

- and the kicker is...
- Fully furnished,

ready to move in this week. Boom, son.

I don't know, guys.

Look, if it sounds too good to be true,

it probably is.
Thanks for trying, though.

What's the deal?
It's got everything he wants.

Luca's a guy who's got

long-term monogamous
relationships that end.

But then he's eventually
bunking with one of us

until he meets a new girl.

And then we're always telling him

he's moving in too early, right?

Well, this is a guy who knows

no place is ever gonna be good enough,

because he'd have to be there by himself.

Doesn't want to live alone. Sounds right.

So what do you suggest we do about it?

Time to go, Street.

You need help getting ready or something?

No, I don't need help getting ready.

But if you could help Luca find
a place, that'd be amazing.

Yeah, I'm-I'm working on that.

I know you got mixed feelings
about your mom,

but just because she's your mom

doesn't mean you
have to put yourself out.

What if I'm the reason
my mom's in prison?

- Your mother killed your father.
- No.

That's why she's in prison.

No, my father was on track
to kill both of us.


But my mom


she just stopped him from getting there.

- 12 jurors saw it differently.
- Yeah, but that's

because she had me lure him
into my bedroom

to set him up, and then she shot him,

and she told me to tell the cops...

that he just came after me.

- But you couldn't lie for her.
- No, because in my mind...

what she did wasn't wrong.

She was protecting us.

She was protecting me.

And I just trusted one cop...

enough to tell the truth.


And I don't know why...

for some reason...

it was important to me that
he knew what really happened.

My mom,

she saved my life, Chris.

I don't care what anyone says...
she saved me.

But the D.A. wanted to improve
his conviction rate,


I'm the reason my mom spent
18 years in prison.

- No.
- ‭Yeah.

- No.
- ‭I could've kept her out, but...

I betrayed her.

I'm sorry, this is...


No, it's not.


I don't like opening up, either,

but it's good to do it sometimes.

Thanks for trusting me.

I can't even imagine what
that must have been like.

All I know is that it's made
you who you are today...

which is somebody I would
trust my life with.

And... look...

cards up, I, uh,

I went and I read the court transcripts

of your mom's case.

And maybe... what she did
was the right thing to do.

But making you a part of it wasn't.

Meet you outside.

Thanks. I'll be right there.


All right, listen.

Chris, Street and I
are gonna be just offstage,

literally waiting in the wings.

‭You nervous?

About someone trying to kill me?

You're not going to let that happen.

Now, giving a speech in front
of hundreds of people, it's...

Trust me. Public speaking is
not my thing, either.

That's what you're scared of?
You risk your life every day

for people you don't even know.

How can you do that and not be afraid?

I just know it needs to be done.
We need to protect those

who can't protect themselves,
make sure they have a voice.

I think you and I both know
what it's like not to have one.

- Give me two!
- ‭Two!

Closet only!

The rich and the powerful
count on us being cowards,

being afraid.

But the more we stand up,
the more they have to listen.

And the more power we take from them.

- Closet only.
- Two, two.

Bathroom only.

It's not too late to fight back.

We all have an obligation to do our part.

Thank you.

Subject's moving off stage right.

20-David, you have eyes.

- It was a brave speech.
- Just doing my part.

My source texted that he'd find me

before I get to the green room.

We love you!

That means he could be
anyone in here. Hey.

Take it easy. Take it easy.

Irina, please sign my book?

Irina, this has to be quick.

It's okay.

30-David. Suspect's apartment's clear.

No sign of our guy.

But he did leave some goodies behind.

One at a time. One at a time.
Take it easy now.

Guys, step back.

Ma'am, excuse me. Step back, please.

One at a time. Easy.

Hey, bud, you got to wait
back in the press section.

Oh, I'm sorry. Just want to
get a question in really quick.

Now is not a good time.

Would you sign my book, please?

Looks like our guy's a cooker.

One at a time. One at a time.
Take it easy now.

- One at a time!
- ‭Guys, step back here!

- No pushing. No pushing.
- Step back, guys.

One at a time.


25-David, I got press

going behind stage left.
Let's check 'em out.

51-David, get the two side.
I'll take the four.

Step back, please.

Could you sign this, Irina?

The suspect left acetaminophen,
caffeine pills,

aspirin and a prosumer

- chem lab behind.
- Back up. Back up.

Luca also found QL and sulfur
in the fridge.

He's making VX poison gas.

D-Team, be advised...

possible biological agents
in close vicinity.

I'll notify Central Division.
We need to lock this place down.

Irina, that's enough.
That's enough. Change of plans.

We have to get you to the green
room right now. Street?

- Move 'em back! Move!
- All right, folks, make a hole.

- Back up. Make some space!
- Let's go. Back up, people!

We haven't found an activator,
but clearly...

- He's weaponizing it.
- The only way they could have gotten it

through security was if it could
pass through a metal detector.

I'm pretty sure pens could do that.

Irina, your autograph, please.
Proceeds go

to Operation Underground.

One last thing, Hondo. This is important.

Please back off, okay?
Back off. Make some room.

Hondo, we think they're
using pens to hide the VX.

Irina, don't touch that pen!

Street, Street, get the runner!
Street, the runner!

Chris? Chris?

I got you, Chris. Chris?

Chris? This is 20-David
to Command. Officer down.

Exposure to biological agent VX.

Be advised. Code 3.

I repeat, officer down.

Deac? Deac, Chris got hit
with the VX. I need the atropine

in the med cache out of Black Betty now.

All units be advised, I need
all intersections cleared

from Huntington Park to downtown,

starting on Western to Exposition.

Code 3, I need an R/A at location.

- We'll be there in ten, Hondo.
- Make it eight,

- or she's gone, man.
- Tan and Rocker, status.

We found our two backup
shooters. Kitchen has direct

access to the green room.

Give me your hands!

Right side clear.

Let side clear, Hondo.

Got your guy from the food court, Hondo.

I got the guy who dosed Chris.
Tan, take him

before I lose it on him.

25-David, all three shooters
are accounted for.

Go. I got this.

Stay in there, Chris. Chris?

You grab my hand, and you squeeze.

- Let's go.
- And just keep squeezing.

Do not stop. Do not let go.

Deacon, where are you?

We're two minutes out, Hondo.

Here we go.

Hold on, Chris. You hear me? You hold on.

Stay with me, Chris.
I got you. I got you.

I'm right out front. I got her ready.

All right. The shot's prepped, Hondo.

Squeeze my hand. Stay with me.

How long has it been?
Seven minutes and counting.

Chris, hey. Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.

- Keep fighting. Come on, keep fighting.
- Come on now, Chris.

- Come on. Squeeze, Chris.
- Chris! Hey! Chris!

Hey, stay with me. You're good.

You're good.

- Let's go! Let's go!
- Come on. Come on.

Stay with us, Chris.
Come on now. Let's go! Move!

- Give me room! Give me room!
- Get out of the way! Get out of the way!

You got one shot
at the heart, Deac. Come on.

- Come on, Chris. Come on.
- Come on, Chris.

Come on, Chris.

Come on, Chris. Breathe. Hey.

- There she is.
- Oh... Hey.

You scared us.

Don't do that again, please.

You good?

Stupid question, I guess.

- Oh, my God.
- ‭Hey, man...

And you thought what I did was brave.

Hmm. You know, sometimes
I do get scared, Irina.

Seeing Chris like that was one of them.

Hmm. They're lucky to have you
as their leader.

No. No. I'm lucky to have them.

You really think your
source is gonna show up?

I told him I trust you,
and so should him.

I appreciate you coming around.

I'm sorry for the trouble
I caused you, Hondo.

Let's just hope it was worth it.

I'm Shaolin...

your source.

Nice to finally meet you, Irina.

Federal authorities today seized

an estimated 50,000 guns

originating in Russia.

They were being smuggled into the country

through an elaborate tunnel
network from Mexico

through the southern border
of California.

Intelligence officials...

So glad the CIA is getting credit

for such a righteous bust.

Four Russians in custody,
a list of ex-KGB agents

snooping around in L.A...

The CIA wants me to
tell you, unofficially,

we've made them very happy.

So, I heard Chris got out
of the hospital already?

Yeah, she did. And she's good.


she's back to her old ways.

Look, Luca, you got to
sleep somewhere tonight,

and if you say no to this place,
you'd be breaking a law.

To prevent that, we put down
the first month's deposit.

You what? Guys, I...

We know you don't like
living alone, Luca,

- so we fixed it.
- Luca!

Meet your new roommate.

Say what?

- Whose dog is this?
- Yours.


Meet Duke. Recently retired from duty.

My friend Joe, with
Riverside PD, offered him up.

- He's gonna need a new home, too.
- Seriously, guys?

Yep. And, your

- new place takes pets. ‭
- Hey.

You shouldn't have.


Hey, uh, Hondo.

What's up, kid?

I, uh... I just wanted to say thank you

for offering to pull some
strings for my mom.

Of course. I'm happy to do it.

But, uh, she's gonna stay with me.

So... it's all good.

All right.

- Yeah. Thanks, man.
- ‭Yeah.


So, I hear your guards have

a good advance plan for Manila.

That's more like it.

They know they've got
a tough act to follow here.

Too bad you're not coming with me.

No. That sounds tempting,
but duty calls...

Wow. Uh...

What was that for?

I've learned that life is too short

not to do the things you want.

Maybe I'll be back
in Los Angeles one day.

Until then, you stay safe.


Let's get out of here.

- Yeah?
- ‭Yeah.