S.W.A.T. (2017–…): Season 1, Episode 11 - K-Town - full transcript


Do you know who the hell
you're stealing from?!

We'll find you.

We'll find you!

Everybody good?

- Yeah.
- Yeah.

Damn, that was fun!

Looks on their faces!

Should've put 'em on Instagram.

Hey, someone get my short ribs?

Sorry, Luca! I didn't have time
to sit down and grill!

Did get you a lifetime's supply

of fentanyl, though.

At least you got one order right.

20David to Command,

my team is safe, and we got the goods.

Good job, guys!

- Yeah, baby.
- Booyah!

That's how you get it done!


- In and out without a single shot fired.
- Yes, sir.

Stellar work.

Well, what can I say?
We got a soft touch.

Hondo, if that's your idea
of a soft touch,

I'd hate to see your hard one.

One hell of a haul.

Street value for fentanyl just peaked

at a half a million a kilo.

- Wow.
- Yeah.

Cho, grab a field kit

- and get these bricks tested.
- Right away.

- Yes.
- Here we go, let's do it.

We smoked 'em, man.

- Yeah, you did.
- Commissioner.

Sergeant Harrelson. You and your team

- just wrap up a drug seizure?
- Actually,

we just pulled off a rip.

That's when cops get
to pretend to be robbers.

SWAT is currently part of a
DEA joint task force,

and Hondo's team just
executed a sealed warrant.

Agent Katrina Walsh, DEA.

We're targeting a huge

fentanyl operation
being run out of Koreatown.

Fentanyl? It's all over
the latest commission updates.

Record overdoses. And it's, what,

- 50 times more potent than heroin?
- Yeah.

You touch the pure stuff without
wearing gloves, say good night.

Golden Boys,
Koreatown's most violent gang,

are the streetlevel players
running point.

But we're trying to
shake out the top dog,

the person actually
financing the operation.

So we have wiretaps
on all the GBoys' cell phones.

Because of the rip, they'll panic,

place calls up the ladder,

hopefully ending
on whoever the real boss is.

We call it “tickling the wire.”

This is why I love hanging out at SWAT.

Learn something new every day.

Well, then let me show you what
a real wire room looks like.

- I'd love that.
- All right.

I heard Annie left the hospital,

- is back home.
- Yeah.

- How's she doing?
- Like a champ.

- So far, so good.
- Well, that's good to hear.

You make sure Deacon takes
whatever time he needs.

I told Deacon I just want him home,

feeding Annie ice cream in bed.

All right.

Put word on the street.

There's a bounty
for the crew that did this.

You get anything yet?

GBoy phones are lighting up like crazy.

And they're mostly all speaking Korean.

You think I brought you along
'cause you're cute?

Start translating the calls and
get us some transcripts ASAP.


Come on, now. You're the one
with the photographic memory.

You tell me.
How many stings is that for us?

Over the past ten years, 11.

- Whoa.
- Combined total

of 364 kilos of dope

- off the street.
- Well, damn.

- Time sure flies, doesn't it?
- It does.

Hey, how's my little dude, Calvin?

You know, I haven't seen him

since we won that peewee
football tournament.

That youngster right there is a natural

at toting that rock.

Well, I got him into
private school in the Palisades.

- The Palisades?
- Don't ask about the price tag.

Believe me,

- it's worth it.
- Aw!

Look at him. Little man is sharp.

But he's not a Crenshaw Cougar anymore?

He is a Palisades Pelican now.

So you gonna make me drive

all the way through traffic

from the south side to the Palisades

just so I can yell plays
at my football godson?

Think of it as a seaside getaway.

All right, all right.

You know you can count me in.

I don't know if you're ready
for this, though.

That right there

is tofu stirfry.

High protein, low calorie...

all net.

And why

- aren't you married yet?
- Come on, K.C.

Too busy chasing bad guys.

You know, next month, I hit my 20th.

Been thinking about cashing
in my pension early,

so I can be there, watch Calvin grow up.

Wait a minute, Killer K.C.
is gonna turn in her shield?

But you know what?

I feel you.

Well, if this is your last one,

we got to make it count.

You all good?

This is dessert muffin week.

It might be really difficult
getting the piping...

We don't have to watch this.

No, I love Muffin Fights.

Muffin Wars.

Matthew and Lila are
all tucked in. Finally.

And I read Sweetie Pie to sleep
with a little James Ellroy.

You having an affair I should know about?

That you should know about? No.

Hondo and the team just pulled
a drug rip in KTown.

David, just go in already.

No, you just had brain surgery.

Two weeks ago.

I'm not leaving your side.

I just think we need to get back
to life as usual

- at some point, and...
- And you're starting

to drive her a little nuts.

She's just too afraid to tell you.

- Mom.
- What?

I think he should take the hint

and vacate the premises.

Right, Sergeant?

You got her?

I've had her for 37 years.

I'm not giving her up now.

You sure?

- Yeah.
- Okay.


All right.

Hey, Deac! Man, I missed you, buddy.

- How's Annie doing?
- She's good.

She's so good, she kicked
me out of the house.

She wanted to, thank you all
for the flowers and the cards

and cupcakes.

And the police officer strippergram.

Was he awesome?

Let's just say he was welloiled
and completely inappropriate.

But I haven't seen her laugh
like that in a long time.


Deac. Good to have you back, man.

Ready to rock.

- What do we got?
- Results from the field kit

came back. Fentanyl tested at 90%.

Purest I've ever seen.
As expected, the GBoys

are reaching out to various contacts,

but the one person a few
of them called was Eddie Rhee.

Rhee's vice president
of the Wilshire Hope chain of banks.

He's got financial ties in South Korea

and the ability to transfer
large amounts of cash overseas.

He's also got two mansions
in Hancock Park...

one for his wife and their kids,

the other for his mistress
and their kids.

And guess who's on the payroll
as Rhee's private bodyguard.

Peter Kwon.

Head of the Golden Boys.

Recently paroled from Soledad
after doing eight years

for assault on an LAPD motorcycle cop.

He's dangerous, so on your toes.

That right there...

best black noodles joint
in the city, hands down.

Never knew you were such
a connoisseur of Korean cuisine.

Fresh out of the academy,
I spent my first two years

in KTown. I'm like an
honorary Asian around here.

Heard that
from white cops before.

Then we go out drinking,
they don't know soju from sake.

Yeah, well, both rice wines, grasshopper,

but soju's Korean at 21% alcohol.

Sake's Japanese at only 15%.

So you picked up
a few things in KTown.

I did a year undercover in Chinatown.

Dude, L.A.'s Chinatown
is, like, two blocks.

If you lasted a year undercover,
you must've been wearing

one hell of a fake mustache.

He got you on that one, Tan.

Let's make this an easy inandout.

Eddie Rhee,

we have a warrant for your arrest

for the distribution of.

Schedule 1 narcotics.


- ThThat can't be right.
- I'm sure

you don't want to cause a scene
in front of your customers,

so I suggest you turn around.

Take that piece and lay it on the floor

right now! Before you have a problem.

You got a warrant for me?
I know you're Peter Kwon,

and you like to go after cops.

So drop the gun now!

Come and take it.

It's okay, folks. It's okay.

Got him. They got him.


Letting a trashtalking

roughneck get in your head

makes you the fool, not him.

That bullet could've hit a civilian.

Or one of your teammates.

Some days you just seem to forget

the golden rules of SWAT.

What's rule number three?

Always keep your cool.

This proposal outlines
what I called an ethics panel,

which would be made up
of seven members...

four civilians and three officers.

With seven, there's never a deadlock.

And all useofforce cases moving forward

will be reviewed by them,

so people can't say

the LAPD ever covered up
a police shooting.

And with real teeth in the
penalties, any bad cops...

Will think twice now
about breaking the law.

The rank and file will see this

as a politically correct move to
reduce the police union's power.

Good cops will grumble,
but they'll go along with it.

And bad cops will get drummed out.

I think it's worth any grief I might get.

The panel would also
be made up of volunteers.

There's no compensation for any position.

So the department pays zero

- for better relations with the public.
- Not to mention

the tens of millions
it could potentially save

in lawsuits against the city.

This is great.

I got to run.

I got a school board
meeting in 30 minutes.

LAPD. The L.A. school board.

You're a busy man, Michael.

And you're a rising star.

You know, this city's never had
a female police chief.

Just saying. I'll look this over,

circle back.

It wasn't a rival crew that
ripped your keys, Eddie.

It was us.

So it looks like
you only got one play here.

Admit the fentanyl is yours,

and the U.S. Attorney will
take that into consideration

during sentencing.

Sounds like a deal to me,
considering all the poison

you smuggled into L.A.

How does a wellrespected banker
get wrapped up

in dealing narcotics?

You start living beyond your means?

Paying for two McMansions
and two different families?

Your wife and your little sidepiece,

do they know about each other?

I mean, because where I'm from,

they would have burned
each other's houses down by now.

Sorry, but we need to wrap it up.

We just brought him in,

and his bail is $2 million.

It's been paid.

Any further questions,

the DEA can reach me at that number.

I tried stalling as long as I could.

Rhee's Maserati.

Are they gonna release it

- to him from the impound lot?
- Yeah.

His lawyer said
it wasn't officially listed

on the warrant.

All right, before Rhee
signs off on his ride,

we stick on a GPS tracker,
see where he goes.

Three cars on a revolving tail.

Follow a hundred yards back,

take turns in his rearview.

If Rhee gets anywhere near
a GBoy connected to the drugs,

we revoke his bail. Let's ride.

Right there's Mr. Pak's.

Kickass tailor. He alters my dress blues

but only charges halfprice.

And that spa right there
is open 24 hours.

Man, I pulled my hamstring
chasing a banger

dusted on PCP.

The hot steam room in there cures all.

I get it, Luca. You know KTown.

Damn, KGirls. You ever date one?

Most Asian girls I know
remind me of my mom,

so not really.

I'm seeing this blonde
down in Venice right now.

She listens to Suicidal Tendencies,

loves cheap beer.

She doesn't give a damn
my family isn't rich.

Man, you don't see many blondes
on the arm of an Asian dude.

My man flipped the fetish.

Rhee's just pulled into a
parking garage off St. Andrews.

They got two entrances.
We'll cover the front,

and I'll get another
car to cover the rear.

He told me to meet here.

Put it in park.

This is 20David

to all Dteams. Rhee is on the move.

We do not have eyes yet.

That Chrysler.

That's our signal,

but that's not Rhee's Maserati.

Listen up, we got a GPS switch.

It's a Chrysler 300.

Plate number three, zero, one,
Paul, Charles, Edward.

Luca, you and Tan sit on the garage,

see if Rhee comes out.

Roger that.

Deac, the car's headed south on Kenmore.

- I need you to cut it off.
- On it.

Lower your window, let me see your hands.

All clear. No sign of him.

- Where's Eddie Rhee?
- Who?

- Who do you work for?
- Uber, man.

II picked up extra shifts
'cause my wife,

she lost her job.

Luca, tell me you and Tan got
eyes on Rhee in that garage.

Negative, boss.

Just searched it. Rhee's gone.

Well, he didn't just vanish.

Let's fan out, find that Maserati.

How did Rhee find the GPS
tracker on his whip that fast?

My friend in organized crime, he
says that there's nobody better

at countersurveillance
than Korean criminals.

Wait, wait. Hold up.

Hold up, hold up.

You see what I see?

Hondo, we got eyes on Rhee's ride.

Step out of the car right now!

He said out of the car! Now!



Korean choker.

That's serious old country.

Chain saw blade and a padlock.

Poor bastard asphyxiates
and bleeds to death

at the same time.

Means someone thought he'd talk.

Which means Rhee was never
the top dog in KTown.

Well, whoever he is,
he's gonna be looking

to get rid of anyone
he thinks is a loose end.



- it's Mary Beth.
- What's wrong?

Annie got up and wanted to take a walk.

She made it ten feet and collapsed.

They're putting her in the ambulance now.


it's bad.

Deac, what is it?

It's Annie again!

They said that if she
got through the first week

without any relapses, that she'd be fine.

She's supposed to be past this.

With the type of surgery your wife had,

there was always a concern
of a blood clot forming.

Our oncall surgeon will
be here in a half an hour.

A half hour? II know you're upset.

We have her stabilized now,

so I'm having the OR prepped as we speak.


How is she?

What happened?

It's aa blood clot now.

Excuse me. You're SWAT, right?


Before I was an RN, I worked as an EMT.

Had my share of calls

where you guys walked me through gunfire

to help a patient.

From one first responder to another,

II hate to say this, but...

What? Hate to say what?

The oncall surgeon is okay.

But if someone I love
needed this procedure,

I'd want the vascular specialist,

- Evan Chandler.
- Okay, where's he?

Celebrating his 20th wedding anniversary.

Is there a way to reach him?

Maybe not, but...

if I was you,
I would try whatever I could.

I'll talk to the hospital
director, see what we can do.

Rhee's dead. Probably at the
hands of someone higher up

who's afraid of where we've been looking.

We've pored over all the wiretaps.

As far as we can tell, Rhee
never called anyone above him.

All right, let's split up and
round up the rest of the GBoys.

We hit them hard enough,
someone's gonna talk.

Hondo, any word on Annie?

She's critical.

Hospital's trying to get in touch

with the specialist she needs.

How's Deac holding up?

- I can only imagine.
- Anything we can do for him?

The best thing we can all do

is just keep sending positive thoughts.

Hello, Calvin.

- Who are you?
- Call me Halmoni.

It means grandmother.

I got a grandma that picks me up.

She couldn't make it,

so she asked me to bring you home.

Okay. But first, you got
to tell me the code word.

I don't get in a car with anyone
who doesn't know the code word.


if you don't get in,

I promise we'll kill her.

You want to be the boy

who got his grandmother killed?

Hey. Hi.

All right, you all got addresses
of your targets.

Let's hit the GBoys hard and fast.

Hey, Sarah.

What's going on?


They took him.

Tell me you got something.

Agent Walsh, your mother is fine.

One of our unis found her on
foot near Sunset and the 405.

She was carjacked,
but her purse and phone

were inside, so she couldn't call you.

What about Calvin?

We've got a dozen units
canvassing the area.

You got cameras all around the perimeter.

You download the footage?

We did, but the vehicle
didn't have plates.

We issued an AMBER Alert,

- but without a license number...
- All right.

K.C., look at me.

We'll find him.


We have your son.

Walk away from any police right now,

and make sure you're
the only one who can hear this.

Okay. I'm listening.

If you want your son back alive,
you'll meet us alone...

no other DEA agents or police...

and return the drugs you stole from us.

What are you talking about?

Do not play games with us.


But I can't.

I don't have the authorization
to do that.

If you want money, I can get you money.

We only want what is ours.

We will call you back
in two hours with a location.

If you bring anyone else,
your son's throat is cut.


Who was that?

That's where we're at. The caller says

they want their 50 kilos back
in exchange for Calvin.

Well, you know we can't do that.

We'll get him back,

but we got to do it a different way.

What if we put GPS chips

inside the kilos,
so we know where they go?

We've already seen how
GPS trackers worked before.

- They'll be looking for them.
- All right, fine.

If we can't use the real keys,
then we mock up 50 fake ones.

K.C. shows up to the meet
while we lay back.

When those kidnappers show up,
we take them down.

I've done enough of these deals
to see how they go down.

They're gonna bring a chemist
to vet the purity.

If the fentanyl comes back
baking soda, Calvin is dead.

I'm sorry, Agent Walsh.

But what Hondo just pitched,

that's the only legal
option we have here.

What if it was your child?

I'd be as sick about it as you are.

You know how I feel about Calvin.

You got to trust me on this one.

We'll make it work.

Let's... let's get some fake keys bundled

before these bastards call back.

Hey. I called your office.
They said you were here.

I signed off on every detail.
It just needs our signatures.

- That sounds... great.
- I'm sorry.

Am I... am I missing something?

- Is that Sergeant Kay?
- His wife needs emergency brain surgery.

I've been trying to get ahold of
the specialist she needs,

but he's not reachable.

Anything I can do?

Is there any chance
you know Dr. Evan Chandler?

His name doesn't ring a bell.

Annie... she's...

more than just one of the wives.

She's my friend.

Doesn't mean I don't know
someone who knows him.

Let me make a few calls.

Appreciate it.

The old fentanyl switcheroo.

All right, get these bagged up.

They should be calling with
the drop zone any minute.

Agent, you seen K.C.?

Said she was stepping outside
to call and check on her mom.

Tminus five minutes
till that incoming call.

Five minutes to go, and
she's not here, ready?


K.C. took the real fentanyl
out of the evidence locker.

She must be headed to the meet alone.

My God.

I can't believe she did this.

If anyone else finds out,
she will go to prison.

- So, what are we gonna do?
- We aren't gonna do anything.

I'm gonna track down Walsh

- before her and Calvin end up dead.
- And what

are we supposed to tell Hicks
if he strolls past the evidence

and notices $25 million worth
of fentanyl's gone AWOL?

He won't.

The fake keys we just packed...

I put 'em in the cage
in place of the real ones.

Listen, what she did was real stupid,

but me and K.C. go way back,

and Calvin is like a son to me.

I'm gonna do whatever I got to do me.

I'm gonna do whatever
I got to do to protect them.

But that does not involve

any of you risking your jobs.

The less you know, the better.


Tech agent says the kidnappers
haven't called in yet.

They want their drugs, they'll
call when they're ready.

In the meantime, Agent Walsh just texted.

Said she got word from a C.I.

from a C.I.

with a possible lead
on Calvin's location.

I'm on my way to meet her now.

- When was I gonna be informed?
- I'm informing you now, sir.

- Where's your team?
- They're on standby.

Once I know more, I'll call 'em
from the road with details.

What are y'all doing?

- Look, I told you...
- Yeah, yeah. Plausible deniability.

Yeah. We heard you the first time.

Just got a ping on Agent Walsh's
phone and location.

You want to tag along,

we got room in the backseat.

Let's go.

Arms up.

I'm a federal agent.

I don't shower without a piece.

- I told you we'd find you.
- Where's Calvin?

First we get the bricks,
then you get your son?

That's it... all 50 keys.

I guess you can see him now.

He's in our trunk.


Metro SWAT!

Drop the weapons!

- On the ground!
- On the ground!

- On your stomach!
- On the ground!

- On the ground, on the ground!
- Stop it!

Command, roll an ambo to 3600 Wilshire.

Drop it, on the ground! On the ground!

Where's my son?! Where is he?!

- Where's my son?!
- K.C., let go!

Let him go!

Where's the boy?

Where's the boy?!
It's not my job to know.

It's not my job to know.

Street, take him.

What the hell is wrong with you?

Hondo, if they were gonna kill me,

- what have they done with Calvin?
- K.C., listen to me.

Whoever's behind this won't get
rid of their insurance policy

until they have the kilos in their hands.

Calvin's got to be alive.

I want to believe you.

You know, when we first got married,

Annie was in her second year
of law school at Loyola.

She never told me that.

She was concentrating
on environmental law.

She wanted to save the world
and every creature in it.

Sounds just like her.

At the time, I was trying out for SWAT.

I was doing extra training
after my patrol shifts...

'cause I knew I had to... be the best

if I wanted to make the cut.

Annie dropped out.

She wanted to be home
every night... for me.

She said

it was only gonna be
for a couple semesters, but...

Next think you know, I make SWAT.

Ten years have passed.

She's raising three kids.

You know what this is, right?

It's a sign from God
that I'm a selfish prick.

He's testing me
to see if I even deserve her.

Deac, Annie loves the life
you guys have built together.

She put down all of her own dreams

to support me.

And not once in ten years have I had

to sacrifice anything important for her.



This is Dr. Chandler.

Annie's husband? The SWAT sergeant?

Yes, sir.

I looked at your wife's MRI
on the way in.

I won't lie, it's not pretty.

But she's prepped for surgery

and I'm ready to operate immediately.

You don't know how much
you showing up means to me.

Excuse us.

Sergeant, I'm gonna tell you what I tell

all the loved ones of my patients.

My only guarantee is I will
do everything in my power

to get her through this.

Thank you.

How'd you get him?

Important thing is he's here.

I love L.A. bars.

No signs in front
so you can only find them

if you're a hipster.

- I feel cool.
- What's your contact's name?

Kayla Song. She owns the place,

KTown born and raised.


- We're closing.
- Kayla, please...

You got some nerve texting
me after all this time.

You know blue eyes here
took me to Burning Ma.

A couple years ago, then ghosted me?

Listen, I don't got time
to walk down memory lane.

Look, I need your help.

- Yeah, sure.
- Hey.

This is Calvin Walsh, son of a DEA agent.

He was abducted
by a Korean woman in her 60s

connected to the Golden Boys.

It's a personal favor if you can help us.

You know what'll happen to me
if the GBoys find out I talked.

This is a little boy's life.

I promise anything that you tell us

won't blow back on you.

Peter Kwon, head of the GBoys.

Yeah, we ran into him
at the bank earlier today.

His mother, Sang Kwon,
she runs their slave trade.

She brings in girls from Seoul
and pimps them out.

They call her Halmoni.

Any idea where she keeps these girls?

Sang runs a massage place
on Serrano and 6th.

First floor's legit,
but that second floor

is all sex rooms and God knows what else.

Thank you. You better call me.

I'm single again, so you know it.

Guess being an honorary Asian pays off.

What do we got?

Name on the deed is Sang Kwon
and the property's listed

as a clinic
for therapeutic touch therapy.

They got security cameras
on every corner,

so we're gonna have to cut the power.

Yeah. Ready when you are, boss.

All right. Luca, Tan, and Chris,

cut the lights, take the threeside.

Me and Street will take the front.

Go ahead. Street, strap up.

I'm right behind you.

No. No, you're not.

You tried it your way

and you almost got yourself killed.

Now we're gonna do it my way.

You stay here and watch the perimeter.

That's my boy in there, Hondo.

I know it is... and I won't forget it.

Let's go, Street.

Left side clear!

Right side clear!

Everyone against the wall!

Stay down! Let me see your hands! Now!

Hands behind your back! Now! Stay down!

Luca, you got a rabbit headed your way!

- Come on!
- Left side clear!

Stay down!

- Street, stay with him.
- Got him.

Metro SWAT. Inside.
Get inside. Stay down.

Get on your stomach.
Turn around! Turn around!

- Hands behind your back!
- Keep it down!

- Go, go, go.
- Stay there.



- Left side clear!
- Right side clear!

M? Calvin?!


It's a connecting door.

- On three.
- Okay.

One, two, three.

Right side clear. Left side clear!



Chris, give me your rubber bullets.

All right.

Chris, kick it.

Luca, what's she saying? She says.

- Luca, what's she saying?
- She says

she's not gonna let him go
unless we don't arrest her.

You tell her that's not how this works.

Calvin. Come on, Calvin.

Get out of here. Come on.

My gun has real bullets.


My God.

Are you okay, baby?

I knew you'd come.

I missed you so much.

Let's go. Move it!

We know you and the GBoys
were just muscle.

So who hired you to snatch up Calvin?

Who had Eddie Rhee killed?

She says take her to jail.

You tell me who hired you
to kidnap Calvin and maybe

you don't live out the rest
of your days in Chowchilla.


So you do speak English.

Lawyer. Now.

Get her out of my face.

Chris, Street.

Get Walsh's car back to HQ,

swap out the real kilos for the fake ones

- before Hicks realizes what's up.
- Okay.

Hey. So gangster granny
doesn't want to talk.

We still got Walsh and
the kid back in one piece.

And all 50 keys of the fentanyl.

What we didn't get
is the top dog of KTown.

Whoever they are,
they're still out there.


Still in surgery.

It's been two hours.

Annie's strong. If anybody

can pull through this, it's her.


Took a little longer than usual,

but I was able to remove the blood clot.

As of right now, your wife
is in stable condition.

I don't mean to sound pessimistic,

but I was in this exact
same place two weeks ago.

So, please, will you tell me
your honest prognosis for her?

With proper aftercare,

I don't see any reason why Annie won't be

back to her normal self in a few months.

I think we have it handled this time.

- Can I see her?
- Of course. She's right down the hall.

The nurse will show you where.

- Thank you.
- Sure.


Thank you for making the time.


Listen, if you ever need a favor,

this is my number.

Seriously, use it. Well, I appreciate it,

but Michael Plank's got me covered.

Well, all of us at SWAT
greatly appreciate it.

Yes, we can't thank you enough.

Anything for LAPD.

Now, if you'll excuse me,

I'm late for a glass of
champagne with my wife.

- Good night.
- Good night.


The commissioner went
above and beyond on this one.

Yes, he did.

I just got off the phone

with the DEA director.

He declared the task force a success.

Ho success.

How is it a success, sir,

when the real top dog
who kidnapped Walsh's son

isn't even in custody? We just took

tens of millions of dollars worth

of fentanyl off the street.

SWAT dismantled a major L.A. street gang.

It's a huge win.

Whoever's behind this
had inside intel on this case.

They knew Calvin was the son
of a DEA agent in charge.

- They knew where he went to school.
- Hondo.

We're SWAT.

We strike targets.

We don't lead longterm investigations.

You have any idea who it might be?

From K.C.'s tech guy.
After Calvin was kidnapped,

two calls were made from a burner phone.

Sang Kwon had on her
to that guy, Jae Kim,

who didn't come up on the
DEA's list of suspects.

- Jae Kim, New Seoul Properties?
- That's right.

Each call lasted only a minute,

made directly to his office line.

Kim's one of the largest
real estate developers

- in the city.
- What better way

to wash dirty drug money in L.A.
than real estate?

The head of Narcotics, we
worked Hollenbeck together.

I'll make sure this
file lands on his desk.

At the bottom of the pile
with the backlog of cases.

Narcotics already has?

We'll hand the intel
off to the detectives.

If they find dirt on Kim,

I'll see that you get to cuff him.

You know, K.C., what happened...

it might take a while
for Calvin to shake off.

I know. He's a tough kid.

Well, he gets that from his mother.

I'm so sorry. I know what I did.

It put you and your team at risk.

I wasn't thinking straight.

You were thinking about your son.

You best believe I'm gonna find out

who was really behind all this.

Hondo, all I care about right
now is that I got Calvin back.

I'm handing in my papers tomorrow.

I can't be on the job anymore,

not after what I did.

All I want to be now is a mom.

Well, you tell Calvin he better be ready

to play some ball next month.

- Okay.
- Hey,

if you need anything,
I got you. You know that.

Thank you.

- Street.
- Yeah?

Where are you going?

Sam's Houfbrau.

It's Tuesday. They got halfoff beers

and this dancer who breathes fire.

All right, well, tickle your
vices later, all right?

Right now you're rolling
with me. Let's go.

With the new MTA expansion along
Pico Boulevard from West L.A.

to downtown already approved,
we will be breaking ground,

on retail and residential properties.

All of you courageous enough
to invest early with me

will reap the rewards.




Mr. Kim.

This is Eddie Rhee,

VP of Wilshire Hope Bank
who handles your accounts.

We found him strangled to death

in his car yesterday.

Mr. Rhee's death came as a shock
to many of us in our community.

But I'm not sure I can help you.

I only met him a handful of times.

But enough times for you to be aware

that he's part of a major drug ring

smuggling fentanyl into Los Angeles?

If I had any knowledge of such a thing,

I would've reached out to Commander Dorin

of Wilshire Division.

He's a personal friend.

How about Sang Kwon?

She a personal friend, too?

She called your office

twice last night from an illegal brothel,

while harboring a kidnapped child.

I manage millions of
dollars worth of real estate.

All sorts of tenants call
my office at all hours

with demands, complaints,
even a few compliments.

If she only called you once,

I would buy a wrong number,
but she called you twice.

You went after a mother and son
who are like family to me.

Officer, there's obviously
some sort of misunderstanding.

If you give me your name
and your badge number,

I can call the chief right now
and we can clear this all up,

If any more harm

comes to Agent Katrina Walsh
or her son, Calvin,

I will come after you
personally, on my own time.

Hey. Hondo.

Remember that golden rule?

As I was saying,

with the new MTA expansion,
we have an amazing opportunity