Runaways (2017–…): Season 3, Episode 7 - Left-Hand Path - full transcript

The runaways learn the true threat they, and the rest of the world, face from their new nemesis Morgan.

Previously on Marvel's Runaways...

I am pleased to name Morgan
the new CEO of Wizard.

Don't let her get the Staff!

Whatever Morgan is doing
with these phones is bad.

Whoa! These phones
are making people violent.

I found this weird feather
in the phone and then, look,

it just kind of like self‐combusted.

Alex? Help me!

Stop. Whatever this darkness is,
Nico, you can't control it.

You don't know anything about it.

Morgan might be
our only way to save Alex.

As you grew up, so did your power,

until finally you were strong enough
to let me out.

Did you really have to drag
my dad into it?

When I found him,
he was broken, so I healed him.

You love Nico.

The thing is, she's been mine
for a long time now.

How do you enter this circle?

With perfect love, perfect trust.

What are we gonna do?
Nico is completely under her spell.

Max said the phones are being
released worldwide any day now.

Why is the phone floating?
I guess I didn't download that app.

And what is that sound?
What sound?

You don't hear that?

It's like Morgan le Fay's
talking into a fan, only louder.

Way louder.
Well, this is clearly her work.

What should we do?


Don't even!

Molly, it's me.

It's Chase.


Are you okay?

Yeah, but... oh, that hurt.

I have an idea.

She's under that thing's spell.

I think I can
knock it out of her hand.

Here goes.


Okay, so that's not gonna work.
Anyone else have any ideas?

Uh, I'll go get the Fistigons.

Get inside, now!

Molly. Molly?
Give us the phone, okay?

It is clearly hurting you,
and it is making you...

- Really violent.
- Get out!

We'd love to, but you
kind of trapped us inside.

Get out! Get out.

Get out! Get out!

Ugggh! CHASE: Karolina!



What happened?

You don't remember?

Why are you guys
looking at me like that?

What'd I do?

What'd I do?


You were great last night.


I don't remember.


Did you roofie me?


That's a little pedestrian.

So, uh, what was that book
Morgan was reading last night?

It's her book of spells.
Don't you have one?

Where is she now?
Waiting for you.

Dad, I know what you think
you saw back there, but‐‐

No need to explain, Nico.

What Morgan and her friends do is private.

I trust her and her friends completely.

- I trust you've been well cared for.
- Really?

Like you're caring for Mom?

Where did she go after she
was dragged from the stage?

She's being attended to
by a top psychiatrist.

Morgan says that Dr. Lee is the best.

Morgan says?

A psychiatrist, Dad?
What did you do?

She's safe and resting
at Veritas Gardens, very peaceful.

You had her committed?

She needs a minute to adjust
to her new situation.

Morgan and I thought it would be the best.

That's what you and Morgan thought?

Why does that make you smile?
I was mocking you.

Because I'm happy.

Give her a chance, Nico.

My love for her...

it's changed everything.


I'm surprised to see you up.

Thought you'd still be recovering
from last night.

You made quite the impression.

I would feel better about
my "impression" if I could remember it.

Oh, there was dancing involved,
speaking in tongues,

a bit of spell casting.

You know, average witch party.
Couldn't have been your first.

It was, actually.

Well, it certainly won't be your last.

Everyone's very excited
about you joining our group.

You have tremendous potential.

For what, exactly?

The world is changing so rapidly.

If you haven't noticed yet, you will soon.

A young woman with your gifts should be
on the right side when things...


I'm the key to that.

And I want you next to me,
with all you bring.

You didn't have the Staff
with you last night.

Any reason for that?

I don't bring it around strangers.

But we're not that anymore, are we?

I'm a part of your father's life now,
and I've done nothing but try to help you.

Yeah, but there's still the issue
of weird purple eyes

and the burning rage thing, so...

If you've got a cure for that,
that would be...

Well, that's only temporary.

Except... when it's not.

But not to worry.

I can make sure that never happens to you.
If you're interested.

All I'm interested in right now
is going back and getting Alex.

I'll need to work with you and the Staff
in order to build up your strength.

It takes time‐‐
Alex doesn't have time, he's suffering.

I can see your friends
are everything to you.

Bring me the Staff of One

and I'll do everything
in my power to help.




ah... serpentibus.


You think we'd
allow you to cast a spell in here?

Morgan's smarter than that.

If this phone mind‐controlled Molly,

it's doing
the same to other people.

And millions more are being
sent into the world as we speak.

We have to warn people.

I don't want what happened to me
to happen to anybody else.

A world full of phone addicts.
What a frightening prospect.

Maybe that's how we win.

We get the message about the phones
on people's phones.

Whose phones?

I'm glad to see
that you made it home safe.

You enjoy the party?

I texted you 10 times.

Yeah. I am sorry, I was... busy.

Busy with what?
Molly was in trouble, you know.

This isn't about Molly.
Just say what you came in here to say.

You turned your back on me,
chose something that I asked you not to.

Because I need Morgan's spell book

to get back to Alex
and I'll do anything to get it.

Anything? Nico, it scares me
when you talk like that.

Where is the line,
the line that you won't cross?

Alex is back there because of me,
what I did.

So you're saying that there is no line?

I'm saying, I just need to play Morgan
until she gives me what I need.

And if she senses what I'm doing,
she might kill me‐or you‐‐

and let Alex stay trapped forever.

I'm sorry, I know it hurts, but I...
I have to be totally committed.

I've said this before, but maybe now
you will actually hear me.

There has to be another way that doesn't
mean compromising who we are.

And what would that be?

Your mother.

Trust me, she can't help me right now.
That's why I have to do‐‐

Fine. It is so clear that you've
already made up your mind.

You won't hear anybody else's views,
you won't let anyone help you.

It's all about Nico
and her mission,

which, honestly,
really isn't anything new.

Good luck with Morgan.

No matter what I do, it just resets

to that evil little capital C
and that colon.

He's really got this locked down.

Maybe there's a password?



Either Morpheus is about to show up
and offer us a red pill or a blue pill...

Or you killed it.

We're never gonna upload
a video on this machine.

Maybe Alex really did have a superpower.

He does.

Alex has a superpower.
That he'll use again when he's back.

Honestly, we don't need a superpower.

We just need a computer that works
and a safe place to make that video.

I know just the place.

Is there a problem?

Dr. Lee said that clearance
from him was all I needed.

I'm sure he means well,

but your mother has had
a particularly tough first day here.

So, I'm afraid she's not allowed visitors.

Well, Morgan's going to be
very disappointed.

Thanks, anyway.

Excuse me?

Yeah, she asked me to come down.

Deliver a message to my mom in person.

Said I should go through
the proper channels so as not to...

raise any eyebrows, but...

I understand.

Wait. Maybe I can call her.

Yeah. Absolutely.

You know how she loves
to take calls from... one of us.

Did I see you last night at the hotel?

Sorry, I'm a little fuzzy.
Things got pretty wild.

I'm so sorry.
I‐I didn't see a mark, so...

Oh, yeah. I'm new.
But I'll get mine soon.

So... about my mom?

Sorry she's like this.

Morgan left strict instructions.

That's okay.

I just need a minute alone with her.
You understand.



Okay. Mom. Mom, wake up.

I need you. Okay?

Morgan's done something to Dad,
and I can't get to Alex without you.

I just, I really, really need some help.
Please, wake up, Mom.

Okay, that's enough.


I was awake the whole time.
Just wanted to hear you say it.

Good to know you're still you.

And I'm ready to go.



Karate lessons were worth every penny.

Hi, you might remember us
as those runaway Brentwood teens

who were accused of murder
and kidnapping a while ago.

You know, maybe we don't have
the best credibility for this.

It's the Internet.
Credibility isn't a thing.

Okay, listen, 24 hours ago,
I was given a purple phone.

And my first thought was,
"Wow, cool," you know.

"Who doesn't want a free cell phone?"

But right away,
weird things started happening.

Yeah, we started
seeing this random guy

shove someone
into the street at brunch.

Then later, I tried to hurt my friends
when they tried to take away my phone.

And it was really scary.

We think the phone somehow
affects the user's behavior.

It makes them aggressive, violent even.

If anyone has the WizPhone Corvus model,

you have to get rid of it
immediately, okay?

Something is very wrong.

Leave a comment below and post your own
videos of things that have gone wrong.

Spread the word.

That's quite enough.

Turn your attention to them immediately.

Use every means at your disposal.

Right away. You can count on us.


Ah, Geoffrey.

Thank you for coming at such short notice.

How's your lovely lady?

Tamar's great. Thanks.

And Xerxes?
Sleeping through the night.


Children are such a gift, aren't they?

Speaking of, any word from Alex?

No. Nothing.

What a terrible burden.
Not to know where your child is.

Yeah, you'd be right about that.

Minute doesn't go by
that I don't think about him.

What if I told you
I knew where he was...

and that I could bring him back?

Nico said the same thing.

All I need is a cell phone number
or a map.

All I've got is empty promises.

Not from me. I mean what I say.

Then tell me where he is
and what I got to do to get him back.

It's quite simple, really.

Just wear this.

So, all I need you to do

is provide cover for me
while I go in and search her room.

The book has to be in there.

I wish I had the spell
to send you back, Nico.

Returning to the Dark Dimension
is dangerous, but this...

this plan is really risky,
especially without the Staff.

No, it would be riskier with the Staff.
I know Morgan wants it.

But I've got another ancient artifact‐‐


That's the word you picked?

You know, I may not want to be
her disciple in magic, but...

if she could teach me
how to walk like that in heels...

We get through this, I'll teach you.

Okay, I'm ready.

No. No? What do you mean, no?

- This is the plan.
- We switch places.

If anything happens in that room,
I should be the one to handle it, not you.

I'm not sure.

I mean, are you even okay?

I'm gonna be fine.

Cover me?

And no matter what happens, I love you.

Wait, wait!

I feel like we got a little off topic

when Gert started talking about
the underpaid WizPhone workers in China.

There's more than one sin going on
with these phones, okay?

How else was I supposed to signal boost?

Thanks for letting us use your office.
Yeah, anything to help.

Okay, let's see if we're trending.

Um... Someone's thirsty.

We just uploaded it.

Wait, it was just here,
and now it's... gone.

Okay, let me search again.

‐You saw it upload, right?

Yeah. Yeah, we were live
and then Chase hit the "upload" button.

The little wheel came up.
It should be there.

But it's not.

Try reloading it.

Wait, it just disappeared.

Like magic.

Morgan is the head of Wizard now.

I mean, even if she wasn't
a witch, she's the CEO.

Morgan can control the Internet?

It's starting to feel like Morgan
can control everything.

Just like how PRIDE used to be.

Um... Well, okay,
we just need to start again.

Let's make a new video.

Wait, the camera's on,
but it doesn't see me.

That's like your worst nightmare,
isn't it?

I'm serious.
It's as if we're not even here.

This can't be right.

Mom, this might take a while.

Yeah. Take as long as you need.

Tina, how did you get up?

Nico helped me.

And now I'm helping her.

Help her what?

I saw Nico this morning, she was great.


you have always been
the most rock‐solid person.

Even when we did things
we were both ashamed of,

you always put family first.

But now...

you're lost.

You're the lost one, Tina.

Morgan is all there is.

A new world is coming and it's gonna be
better than this one ever was.

Better than getting our daughter back?

Bringing our family together?

Better than me?

This may hurt a little.

My God.

Welcome back.
We have a lot to do.

But first...


Molly. Molly, wait.
Is something wrong?

I don't know, you tell me.

Is this about Xavin and the baby?
I know you guys were close.

It was Xavin's destiny to leave.

Was it my parents' destiny to die
in an explosion?

I knew someday this would
catch up with me.

I guess today's that day.

Go ahead.

Do whatever you need to do.
Even if it means taking my life.

But I will tell you something
you can't possibly know.

Once you take a person's life,
there's no going back.

Whatever reason you tell yourself,
however you rationalize it,

nothing can take away the ghosts.

The people that I've killed,
the things that I've done...

I carry that with me every day,
and the weight is heavy.

I don't wish that on anyone.

Especially you.

Just 'cause you're still alive...

doesn't mean I don't hate you.

If anyone has the WizPhone Corvus model,

you have to get rid of it
immediately, okay?

Something is very wrong.

I captured and archived this as it ran.

Now it's been erased via means
I cannot identify.

What does that mean?

It means there's no electronic trail

to follow, it just vanished.

Wait... the kids thinking
Corvus phones are using mind‐control

to make people aggressive
is borderline preposterous.

But the fact that someone, or something,

could delete a video from the Internet
with absolutely no trace‐‐

Yeah. The kids are right.
There's some weird‐ass shit going on.

I.A. already has nearly 50,000
WizPhone Corvuses in use.

Violent crime has spiked in every area
that the phones have been beta‐tested.

And right now, those phones are being
loaded into trucks at Wizard headquarters.

Well, how do we stop 'em?

Maybe we can't stop them
from being shipped.

But what about activated?

If we could plant a virus
in the Corvus computer mainframe,

could we theoretically
disable the phones after distribution?

If there were an actual virus,
I'd be all over that.

But how do we create a computer virus?

Actually, you're talking to one.

Bohd the Toad.

My man!

How's it hangin'?


Honestly, Vaughn, I got to tell ya,
the Gen‐Z spreadsheet's failing you.

What? No, nah, no, I don't think so.

Forget it. Have you seen Molly?

I hear Karolina
and her friends are hanging out.

No. And believe me, I'd know.

There she is. I mean yes.

Obviously she's on her way
over here to say, "Yo..."


Hey! Hey. Molly.

Are you okay?


No. It's been a shitty day.

And a shitty week.
And a shitty month‐‐

Whoa, language.
This is a church.

I'm kidding.

But it's a good thing you ran into me,
Dance Captain.

Do you wanna go somewhere
where we can talk?

Morgan's coming.

Then you have to leave.
I'll find the book you told me about.

She doesn't know that you broke
the enchantment.

She'll think nothing of me being in here.

I'll text you when I get a chance.

Robert, I can't let you do this.

We're a team.

A family again.
Please, I got this.

Where is she?
She just left. Where's the book?

I couldn't find it.
Your father's searching for it now.

Dad? No, he's on her side.

No. She enchanted him using a necklace,
but I broke the spell.

He's on his own in there.

She's gonna catch him and kill him.
I can't let that happen.

Nico, don't!

Morgan? Nico.

Looks like you came empty‐handed.

Show me Alex.
And then I'll bring you the Staff.

I just... I just need to know
he's still okay.

Wise choice.

Let's go inside and begin.

Can't we still just go somewhere else?


No, I think this is just the spot.


Since when do you two hang out?

Well, that's a long,
funny story.

And not relevant.

Since when did you start
working for Wizard?

We were expecting Robert.

I'm in charge of manufacturing
and distribution.

Gonna move the whole operation
to the old neighborhood.

Stimulate the local economy.

Well, that's an admirable goal.

Except we can't let your phones
get shipped out.

There's something wrong with them.

Wrong how?

Well, the kids think the phones
are triggering people to be violent,

and statistics do back it up.

What can I do?

Unmonitored access to the mainframe
for 10 minutes would be nice.

I can do that.


If Morgan's up to something, we can't be
sure who here's working for her.

Well, is anybody working here?

I mean, this part of the building
seems kind of deserted.

You know IT guys.

Live under their desks mostly.


There's no server here.

I think he knows that, Victor.


Can't let you slow down the distribution
of these phones.

Alex's life is at stake. What?

No, wait. Geoffrey!

Guess that hideous crow necklace
should have been a giveaway.


This is nice.

Are we allowed to be back here?

Not at all.

And the best part about it is,
you can say whatever you want,

because nobody's around to hear it.

You are. Yeah.

But I am a great listener.
Try me.

I almost hurt my friends.

And I wanted to hurt someone else.

Someone that's important to you.

Molly, you're‐you're a good person.

Nothing you could do could be bad.

No, no, it could.
It could be really, really bad.

If‐if I lose control, I don't know‐‐

I'm‐I'm sorry, I don't follow.

You promise you won't judge?

Molly, if judging was my thing,

I wouldn't live in a tent
and chop vegetables all day.

What are you so afraid of?



Holy shit!

Yeah. Scary, right?

Are you kidding?

It's amazing.

Do it again.

Let's find Alex.

Step to the mirror and prepare yourself.

What I'm about to show you
is sure to be unpleasant.

Certainly by now you understand
that mirrors are natural "thin places."

They are pathways to multiple dimensions.

Both inner and outer.

Alex? Alex. Can you hear me?

He's unaware of our presence.

Please stop, no. Please!
Listen to me, please!

Stop! No! What do I have to do
to make you stop?

I'll do anything! Stop it! Please!

Alex, just hold on, okay?
I'm coming!

It breaks my heart
that you had to see that.

But at least you know he's still alive.

But for how long?

All the more reason you should
bring me the Staff right away.

Okay. Yeah, let's just,
let's just do it.

I don't want to waste any more time.

Of course.

There's Karolina!

Molly! Molly!


Molly, where are you?

Maybe she found
some nice kids to hang with.

I don't know how much longer
we can look.

We should head to Wizard, check it out.

Except that we don't know
what we're up against

and it's just the three of us.

We need Molly.

Molly's back?

Oh, hey, guys.
I'm so happy to see you.

Oh, my God. Dale, you're a Gibb.
You smell like death.

Okay. That is my Kombucha SCOBY.
It's a little on the funky side this week.

I'm just kind of adjusting
the yeast ratios.

- It's kind of a tenuous situation. Yes?
- Dale.

We're looking for Molly.
You know where she is?

No, but you've come
to the right place, young man.

I'm sort of
the de facto mayor around here.

Or at least that's what I tell myself.
Follow me.

Of course. A book about her.

Narcissism 101.

Morgan, something wrong?

"Doorway to darkness..."

This is it.

Oh, Nico.

You are a Minoru after all.

Betrayal is woven into your very soul.

Oh, shit!

This book is mine, Robert.

Sacred. A part of me.

Did you think I wouldn't notice when you
violated it with your dirty, mortal hands?

Tina. Obviously.

Was it her idea to keep it on?

It might have taken me some time
to notice the crack there,

but you can blame her for this.

I can't let you take Nico.

I haven't taken anything.
She came willingly.

No. You manipulated her. And me.

No one loves you willingly.

Oh. You're trying to hurt me.
How bold.

But surely you understand you can't hurt
someone who doesn't have a soul.

Why are you doing this to us?

Because this is what Tina deserves.

Taking your daughter from her
will feel so, so satisfying.

And when she finds your body
in just a few minutes,

her tears will send shivers
up my spine.

I gave you this life.
Now I'm taking it back.

Go to hell.

Oh, darling.

Hell's already here.

You're looking at it.

So now you know my secret.

Yeah. And I'll keep it.
You don't have to worry about that.

You don't think I'm weird
or like a freak?

No. No, I think you're strong
and fearless and beautiful.

I should probably go.
My friends are looking for me, I think.

Five more minutes?
I have a surprise for you.

This whole day has been a surprise.
No, but this is really good. Please.

Five minutes? Yes.


I'll be right back.
Stay right here.

Okay. Okay.

You got her? She's the strong one?

I've seen it with my own eyes.

- Thanks for calling.
- Hey!

You're Bodhi, right?
Have you seen Molly?

Yeah. I have.

Great. Okay, we're gonna go soon, so...

Should we take them all?

Morgan will be thrilled.


I recognize you.
You're in the coven.

Wait, I'm sor‐‐
Did you say "coven"?

Whoa! Bodhi!
We're brothers of the light.

What are you doing?

I knew we should have
come in two cars.

Dad? Dad!


Oh, my God! Oh, my God.

I didn't mean for this...
I'm so sorry.

Don't, don't blame yourself.

Morgan gave me my life.
She was always going to take it back.


See the world as I saw it.

I love you, Dad.

I love you, too.


- I am so sorry.
- It's not your fault, Nico.

It's okay.

It's okay.




Great Mother, welcome him back.

He comes to you having blessed me.

His life was given for mine
and for others,

and for this we ask you
to embrace and comfort him.

His time has passed
and the wheel has turned.

"See the world as I did."

I hope I do, Dad.


You're a genius.

You recorded everything.

"The doorway to darkness,
behold the transom,

enter it now with a spirit to ransom."

Ow! Please.

Should've tied you up first.

You okay?

Yeah, I'm being tied to a chair
by some supermodel witches.

All my dreams are coming true.

Oh my God, what is that fetid stench?

That would be me, honeybun.

I'm sorry, I've been living off the grid.

If I knew today was kidnapping day,
I most likely would've bathed.

Hey, sweetheart, why are you
hanging out with Victor Stein?

Oh. We're just friends. Uh‐huh.

I mean, the aliens used our bodies
for a physical release,

but the sex meant nothing.


Also, I am super sorry
for trying to kill you.

Okay, the killing part
I can understand, I guess,

because you were...
but... you getting giggy with Victor?

I'm thinking we're back
in couples therapy twice a week.

Maybe three times.

Karolina. You know what to do.

Yeah. Light up.

I can't.

Just like the Dark Dimension?

Morgan must have some kind of spell.
Powers don't work.

I hate to say it,
but I wish Nico were here.

Permit my entry into night,
and allow the darkness find its light.

Who are you?
And what the hell have you done?