Runaways (2017–…): Season 3, Episode 6 - Merry Meet Again - full transcript

After returning home, the Runaways realize how much they've missed.

Previously on Marvel's Runaways...

What's your end game here, Dale?

You know, you, me, Old Lace,
living off the grid in the cabin.

Your plan sucks, Dale.

Wait, you're taking the baby
back to your home planet?

I thought we were trying to stop that.

Your destiny is not yet written.
But mine is.

I love you, Gert.

What did you just say?
I love you.

You should get ready,
we're gonna leave soon.

I know what this is,
you're choosing a sacrifice for Jonah.

You always were a perceptive child.
It makes me so proud.

No, no, no, this isn't right.

Molly, it's an honor.
He chose us.

But you swore!
You said no matter what!

Hello, Robert.

It's time to get up.

We've got a lot of work to do.

Who is Stephen Hawking?

Alex was religious
about backing up his data.

That means...

We've been gone for six months.

Does that mean that Alex
has been trapped over there

for the same amount of time?

You won't ever find a crow flying alone.

They travel in pairs or tightknit groups.

Now you can, too.

Introducing the first cellular telephone
that comes with its own community.

The more you use it,
the more friends you make.

The more secrets you unlock.

Corvus by Wizard.

Find your flock.

Oh, my God! What's going on?

Sorry. The new decor is my fault.

Is there a reason that you decided
to turn our home into the Bates Motel?

Pretty used to some crazy
random shit happening around here,

but this is definitely a new one.

I'm trying to get back to Alex
and the Dark, whatever that place was.

I've been using the spell
that Morgan gave me over and over again,

but since I can't use
the same spell twice,

every time I try,
I get another stupid stuffed bird.



Point made. You can stop now.

Nico, you need to get some rest.
I can't. Alex is back there alone.

We all want to save Alex,
it's just we don't know how.

Morgan does. If I can figure out
how to communicate with her.

Maybe summon her with the Staff.

You cannot try to bring her here.
She trapped us in that place.

Made us relive our worst nightmares.

Wait, no, I thought that was Nico's
spell that got us trapped in there.

And that creepy, racist magician.
Morgan gave it to her.

And she sent Amy to save us.
Pretty sure that wasn't really Amy.

Well, whoever it was, she helped us.

Good or bad, human or not,
maybe, you know,

Morgan might be
our only way to save Alex.

Maybe you should talk to your mom.
She knows a lot about magic,

and it was her spell
that got us back here.

Guys, can I ask a question
without being judged?

Probably not.

Okay, I'm not suggesting
we actually do this,

I'm just saying the thought out loud
so we can all hear how it sounds.

But what if we didn't go back
to that place?

I mean, we barely made it out
the first time.

No, we're not us without him.

It's Alex.

Okay, well, sometimes bad ideas
lead to good ideas.

Sometimes they lead to other bad ideas
that might get us all killed,

so... what do we do?

I'm not sure...


Sorry. Old Lace broke Molly's window
while we were gone,

and I think hunting in the park
made her a little feral.

Uh, speaking of that, I'm starving.

Oh, I still have Dale's road trip money.

We can actually go out
and, like, get a nice brunch.

Maybe we could get mimosas.

Yeah, except we were gone
for six months and not six years,

so... you can have an orange juice
in a fancy glass.

I'll take it.

Look, as much as
I would love to toast

to not being on the run
from our parents anymore,

we do have really
pressing issues at hand.

No, no, you should go.

We can't do anything for Alex until
I learn how to get back there anyway.

You don't have to do this alone.

I kinda do.
I'm the only witch in our friend group.

Probably a good idea to scope out
what we've missed in six months.

I would like to check on my mom.
I'm sure that she's worried sick.

I'll go with you.
I made a sacred vow to Xavin

that I would protect
the Holy Mother, and I intend to keep it.

I just really need to eat something first.

Enjoy your oat milk lattes.

And I got two oat milk lattes.

There you go.

Okay, thank you.

From Corvus.
This is Wizard's new phone.

Here you go. Okay.

So it'll be, uh, pancakes, hash browns,
breakfast burrito, and an avocado toast.

What are you guys getting?
Hungrier by the second.

We've been eating
out of a dumpster for months.

I think we can survive waiting
40 minutes for fresh waffles.

Oh, my God, waffles?

Are we sure there
aren't equally delicious

breakfast options
at a place with no line?

No line, no good.
Golden rule of brunch spots.

Did you know that your brain
will actually trick you into thinking

the food is better
just because you waited in line for it?

What we're waiting for is given
a false sense of importance because...

Why else would we all
have agreed to wait for it?

Sorry. I don't mean to eavesdrop
on a conversation.

I just, I don't think I've ever met
anyone who also listens

to the People are Trash podcast.

It's my favorite.

I'm Max.


Nice to meet you.

And I'm Chase.


Don't know what grass roots cause
you're collecting for,

but we gave at the office
so you can try Whole Foods.

Oh, I'm actually not collecting money.
I'm giving these out.

It's the Wizard's new phone.
Meet the WizPhone Corvus.

It's purple.

Yeah. You work for Wizard?

Part of my internship program.
I'm a junior at USC.

Oh, awesome. What are you studying?

I'm a health and humanities major
with a social justice minor.

How is handing out cell phones
gonna help humanity?

Oh, well, it's not like we're
just giving them away

to cute girls
at hipster breakfast spots.

Um, I. A. is full of kids
who don't have anyone.

On the WizPhone Corvus, people have
an immediate community of fellow users.

And that means power to the disadvantaged,
which should be the point

of anything we put our time into,
I mean, don't you think?

I do think, yeah.

- Yeah.
- Molly, party of four?

Oh, that's us.

Oh, yep, too bad, got to go.
Nice to meet you, Mike.

Uh, Max. But no worries.

Um... Yeah, I'll catch you
on the way out?

Yeah, I'll be here.

Oh, that was so good!

Well, now that we're
full and poor again,

we should decide what
we're gonna do for money.

I mean, we don't have to pay for rent,

but I wouldn't mind being able
to eat like this every so often.

Wait, are we just gonna go back
to living together at the hostel?

Where else are we gonna go?
Back home?

No, not an option, but, I mean...

our parents were downgraded
from super villain

to nefarious flawed human beings
we feel awkward around.

But I'm not going backwards.

We did miss a lot the last six months.

Graduation, prom, summer jobs,
making any plans for the future.

Well, I know what I'm gonna do next,
you know, normal stuff.

I'm gonna get a part‐time job
and my GED

and college applications and dating‐‐

Starting with Maverick?

His name is Max.
I know that you know that.

You're such a jealous ex‐boyfriend trope.

I am not jealous.

Here you go.

Oh. Oh, sorry, dude.

Whoa! You broke it!

- Look, I'm sorry, okay?
- Oh, whoa!

You got a bright future ahead of you.

Whatever you have to do to get it,
we support you.

- You deserve it.
- Hey, you better watch it!

- Whoa! I'm sorry, please!
- Oh, come on!

Please, I'll give you a new phone!

Get lost.

Hey, Max, are you okay?

Uh, yeah. I think...

maybe I just need to lay down.

He's gone. We'll get you some help.

Just... breathe.

All that, over a phone?

Day 189 of living off the grid.

I was forced to abandon the cabin.

I developed a rash from eating what
I thought were chanterelle mushrooms.

Peeing on it, that didn't help.

I attempted to light a fire in the hearth

and quickly discovered
a family of raccoons.

Raccoons become quite aggressive

at the smell of human urine.

So I decamped to a tent

where I can focus on the reason
that I went into isolation,

which is to prove to myself

that I can be completely self‐sufficient.

I don't need technology.
I don't need modern conveniences.

I don't even need a shower.

Oh, perhaps I could stand to bathe,
but I will remain driven

towards my ultimate purpose,

which is... to find out...

what the hell went wrong in my life.

How do you know
Leslie's even here?

She wasn't home.
Where else would she be?

Well, maybe she went to see
your grandma up at the Crater.

Maybe, but last time
I talked to my mom,

she wanted to tear down the Church,
not build it up.

This is new.

Somebody's drawing these people in,
caring for them.

Oh, it's like you're a queen.
Let's get outta here.

No, they're not gonna hurt us.
Look at them, they love you.

No, Molly, this isn't love,
this is just blind worship.

Uh... Speaking of blind worship.

Oh, Leslie will be so happy to see you.

My mom is here?
Yeah. Where else would she be?

This is all her.

And what is this, exactly?

It's the next phase. Of?

The Church. The light. Everything.

We're post‐Radiance now.


Oh, honey, you're okay.
Oh, you were gone so long.

The baby? MOLLY: She made it.

Xavin was amazing.

Mom, who are all these people?

They came after hearing
what you did at the Crater.

I put on a show
so that we could escape.

Well, recent events
have convinced me

that there are still so much about
the universe we don't understand.

And there's nothing wrong
with searching for answers.

Look, before you judge...

just try to see the good
that we're doing here.

Thanks for letting me hold your hand.

Needles make me pretty nervous.

Hey, matching scars.

Yeah. Well, so now we don't have to get
tattoos to commemorate the occasion.

Oh. Yeah.

Oh, God, does it hurt?


not as much as a corkscrew
to the eye would have.

Thank God you showed up.
You‐you saved me.

Oh, I just caught you, Molly saved you.

Yeah, that was pretty amazing.

I have never seen someone
throw a person like that before.


Molly's... parents

were... in the circus.


Do you care if I make
a weird transition?

That's my favorite kind.

Today sucked.

But if it ends with a few stitches
and a chance to get to know you better,

it'll pretty much feel like a win.

I'd like that.

Uh, there.
I just added you to my flock.


It sounds better than a "murder,"

which is technically
what a group of crows is called.

Oh, so you're like really into this.

I am. Uh, feels like my purpose.

I'd like one of those.

Well, what's standing in your way?

I mean, life...

a... a lot of stuff.

And with, um...

me and my friends and...

you know, just going back
to things that I want

feels like abandoning them.

Things in our lives only hold us back
if we let them.

When one of us rises, we all do,

and there's nothing selfish
about that, Gert.


you look like yourself again.

Oh, it feels good not to be wearing
Janet Stein's clothes anymore.

That woman never met
a pastel blazer she didn't like.

So, how was Dad
when you got home last night?

I came home and he was gone.

So were his clothes.

I called him and texted him.

He must have woken up
alone in the hospital

and just thought I abandoned him.

But you didn't.
You can explain‐‐

How can I possibly explain
what happened to me?

We tried to make this work
for a long time, but it's too broken.

Time to focus on other things.

Like running Wizard.

Speaking of which, I have to get going.

Wait, you're actually going
into work today?

Like nothing happened?

The world didn't stop when we
disappeared for six months, Nico.

I need to find out what I've missed.

I have calls into everyone on the board,
but so far, no one's returned‐‐

Who cares about Wizard?

Hey, you do remember
we left Alex behind?

You have to tell me how to save him.


the Alex you know is...

is probably gone.

I can't let the same thing happen to you.

I'm sorry, but you are never going back.

There has to be a way.

If you won't help me, Morgan will.

You don't know Morgan.

You do.
You can't ask her for help.

Then I'm asking you.

Be my mom and help me.


I am helping you.

By keeping you away from Morgan.

My first job as your mother
is keeping you alive.

Who is it?

None of your business.

Leslie insisted I be given
more responsibilities.

Aren't you just the youth group leader?

What other responsibilities
do you have besides snacks?

snack's only 80% of the job.

I also have to keep the kids in line.

But it's cool.

I'm pretty tuned in with Generation Z.

Oh, hey, you got a WizPhone on ya?

Yeah. Corvus. Why?

That phone is straight up drippin',

but you're gonna have to lock it in here.

All cell phones and screens are banned.

You know, anything that can distract us
from connecting IRL, sis.

I'm not doing that.

Okay, well, you can have it back
when you leave.

Who's that?

Oh, that's Bodhi.

Yeah, he's great.
All the kids here are.

Okay. I think...

All right.

Well, I'll see you later, okurr?




You're healed.

How is this possible?

A lot's happened since I saw you last.

So many wonderful things.

Because I met someone. Who?



Enchanting to see you again, Nico.

Go ahead, no one's watching.
Just don't set me on fire.

Burning alive's a terrible way to go.

Just a little witch humor.

Why are you here? How?

You brought me here.

I stood by that door for years, waiting.

As you grew up, so did your power.

Until finally you were strong enough
to let me out.

No, you sent us to that place.

You sent yourself there,
because you're a novice.

Which is not a criticism.

I consider it a failing
of my own mentorship.

Novice or not,
I could kill you right now.

And then what?
You'd still be right where you are.

A little girl with a stick
she doesn't know how to use.

Meanwhile, Alex Wilder is alone.

In the dark.

That's why, as soon as I sensed
you'd returned to this world,

I urged your father
to arrange this meeting.

Did you really have to drag
my dad into it?

He was my closest connection to you.

When I found him, he was alone.

And broken.

So I healed him.

I'm sure you didn't mean to impale him
with a glass shard

causing coma and paralysis.

But... just look at him now.

It's as if what you did to him
never happened,

and he's truly happy, Nico,

happier than he's ever, ever been.

Your mother didn't recognize him
for the kind, brilliant man he is.

I do.

My mother won't be too happy
you've turned him

into a man‐jewelry‐wearing boy toy

who has way too many buttons
open on his shirt.

Your mother hurt a lot of people
in her lifetime.

She has to pay for her sins.

Now, how about you don't kill me
and we have a nice lunch?

The lamb meatballs are amazing.

Of course, all food turns to ash
in your mouth where I've been,

so anything would be exquisite right now.

You know how this works, Nico.

I can't force you to do anything.
You are your own witch.

Whether you want my help or not,
it's up to you.

Nico, this is Morgan.

The woman who saved my life.

Come, sit down.

Thank you.

She also saved Wizard.

What? She's... working at Wizard?

After your mom almost blew up
that plant and disappeared,

Wizard was in crisis.

But Morgan, marketing genius that she is,
turned it all around.

Oh, we did it together.

Your father is a marvel.

We're actually celebrating Wizard's
brand‐new direction here, tonight.

I hope you come.

I would love that.

I know it's a lot to take in.

But... I've never felt happier.

More myself.

And I want you to be a part of it.

I promise, you get to know Morgan...

you'll love her as much as I do.

I'm telling you,
there's something weird

going on with those phones.

Gert? Hmm?

The phones.

Oh, yeah, they're great, right?
No. I think they're evil.


I just told Max what you said
about the phones being evil

and he sent me this gif
of Nicolas Cage looking crazy.

Told him you wouldn't get it.

Wait, Gert, stop!

You cracked it!

What did you do?!

I'm sorry. I can fix it, okay?

Can't believe you convinced me
to come to this.

What if it gets out that the CEO of Nemo

spends his days
with a bunch of screwballs?

They are not screwballs,
Victor, they are people...

processing their trauma,
which is what we need to do

if we want to heal
from what we've been through.

Besides, it's anonymous.
It's in the name.

Just to be clear, I was including you
in the screwball category.

You know, it is okay to be vulnerable.

This is a safe place.

Welcome to Alien Abductee Anonymous.

Everyone find a seat.

They looked like hot blond chicks.

And they were very interested in me.


They beamed both me and my cow up.

For the longest time,
just talked to the cow,

like... like I think they thought
he was in charge.

Well, they told me they would reveal
the secrets of the universe to me.

Then they probed me, anally.

Then they probed me.

I don't think they ever probed my cow.

They seemed to respect him too much.

And they probed me
with incredible knowledge

about the meaning of existence.

And with an anal probe.

Oh, actually, I'm just here
to support my friend.

It's okay, Victor, it might help.


my experience began when an alien

ingratiated himself into my friend group.

He cured my cancer,

by injecting me with his DNA,

which caused me to go berserk
and try to kill my son.

Luckily, my wife shot me in time.

I sabotaged the alien ship
and he responded by leaping into my body,

where I lived in a state
of constant drowning.

While he was in control of my body,
he slept with my wife,

imprisoned my son,

and indirectly forced me
to have sex with her.

The only way I was finally rid of them

was when his energy
was torn from my body

as I was thrown into
an alternate dimension,

where I was forced to relive
childhood abuse over and over again.

When you say that he
injected you with his DNA,

you mean by anal probe, right?

I was never anally probed.

I will not stand for you coming in here

and getting your jollies
by mocking this group.

What?! That's what happened.

Who here is triggered
by this guy's insensitivity?



So, where you headed? Home?

Uh, I guess. I mean,
don't really know where to go.

I don't know where Dale is.

And Gert and Molly kind of made it clear

that they need a little time
away from me, so...

I'm working on a project in the lab,

if you wanted a consultant.


Hey, come on, let's put some muscle
on those carrots, Hernandez.

I'd get it done faster
if you weren't breathing down my neck.

No. Like... like this.

To the beat.

You've got good rhythm.

I was on my school dance team.

Oh, yeah? I think a couple
of the kids here dance.

Maybe you could start a new team.

You think they'd like that?
They'd love it.

Mm. This smells dead‐ass bomb
in here, fam.

That guy does not understand slang.

He has a spreadsheet of Generation Z
terms in his pocket, I saw it.

Hey, Jules, doesn't it smell
high‐key delish in here?

Yeah, you know, I can't tell,

because Dale‐the‐Fail
is making his brie again.

Third tent from the left.

You have to do something before
he poisons all of us with his stench.

Okay. Dale?


Dale, what are you doing here?


Uh, I've...

gone into isolation.

Just trying to prove to myself
I can be a real man on my own.

Made my own sundial.

You're literally five feet away
from a camp full of people.

Well, recovery from co‐dependency
is not a straight line, Molly.

And, hey, it's safer than the streets.
Or the woods, turns out.

Does Leslie know you're here?
I mean, she didn't say anything.

I've been avoiding her.

You know, Leslie's part
of my old PRIDE life, okay?

I've washed myself clean of that.
Then why do you smell so bad?

Oh, that...

Just an old raccoon... thing.

They go, arggh!
You know, right in my...

But you look great!

How's Gert? We're fine.

And Stacey's fine, too, by the way.
She's not possessed anymore.

Are you gonna go see her? No.

If I've learned anything, it's that...
everyone's better off without old Dale.

You're not gonna try to make me
go back home, right?

Because I kind of like it here,
and I met some cool kids.

I'll stay out of your way.

I promise.

Listen, all the bad things
that have happened...

'cause we were overprotective.

You know, we just were trying
to shelter you guys from the truth.

That's it.

Like, um...
the truth about my parents?

Sweetie, I'm so sorry.

How did you find out?
Did Leslie, she told you?

Doesn't matter how I found out.

Were they really the ones
who chose the sacrifices?

Oh, man.

Well, I... they‐they‐they...

they were nice. They were kind.

Easy to talk to. They spoke Spanish.

The kids, they thought they were
in good hands.

Hey, listen, I know...

old Dale has seen better days,
and I kind of stink,

but why don't you give me a hug?

Would ya?

Oh... I'm so proud
of the woman that you've become.

And the fact that you've forgiven Leslie,
that is amazing.

I don't think that, uh,
Stacey is there yet.

Wait... what?

You know, found it in her heart to...

Umm... We're talking about
two different things here.

It doesn't matter, moving on.

What do you know about Leslie?

Nothing. I know nothing.
Except that I missed you, kid.


What the hell?

Uh... I can explain.

I found this weird feather
and then the phone turned to ash


Okay, you know what, I can't explain.
I cannot believe you, Chase.

What's going on?

Chase just disintegrated my phone

in some kind of semi‐psychotic
jealous rage.

No, I found this weird feather
in the phone and then look,

it just kind of like self‐combusted.

What's happening?

Uh... Chase blew up Gert's phone.

Why do you immediately believe her?

How am I supposed to text Max now?

Here. Who's Max?

Gert's new boyfriend.

He's not my boyfriend.
He's not her boyfriend.

Where is Molly?
She met some nice kids at the Church,

which, surprise, my mother is restarting
with fewer evil aliens.

No, don't!
Are these the new Wizard phones?

Yeah. They're handing them out for free,
everybody's got one.


Ow! What the hell!
This is what I'm talking about.

What does Morgan
have to do with the phones?

Everything. She's here in our world.

What? How?

When I sent us to where she was,
she came here.

She works for Wizard now.
Hah! I knew this feather was evil.

And I bet it goes all the way to the top,
all the way to Max.

She's also kind of dating my dad.

So how do we stop her?

Well, I don't know if we should.

My mom won't help me save Alex,
but Morgan will.

She wants to train me,
help me master my powers.

That's a horrible idea.

She's a stranger from another dimension.

How is this any different than
when you went to Jonah for help?

Except for the fact that
I'm being honest about it,

not sneaking around behind your back.

So, uh... about this feather.

In Wicca, feathers are sacred objects.

They're ruled by air.

Used to focus thoughts
and communicate with others.

They can also be the conduit
of enchantment.

Maybe it's just a marketing device,
but either way, I can learn something.

How? Magic.

Reveal yourself.


How is this possible?

Must be linked to that place.
We should stop.


Help me!

Nico, help me!


Why did you do that?

He was calling for me.
I could have talked to him.

Whatever this darkness is,
Nico, you can't control it.

You don't know anything about it.

Who do you think you are

looking this good
in the middle of the day?

Get in here.

Hey, buddy.

Oh, don't cry, big guy, don't cry.

That's what a real man looks like.

Somebody's ready for their nap.

Don't I know it?



Moved in full‐time?

Well, I figured I'd help out.

Nana B needs some stuff done
around the house,

and, uh, Tamar...

No need to explain.

You seem happy.

I'm working on it.


- Ready for some good news?
- Hmm.

We can open right on schedule.

Oh, wow! Yes!

I don't know how you got
the board to listen to you.

I just worked my magic.

We're grateful, Morgan.

This means a lot, having
the WizPhone Corvus HQ down here.

These jobs are gonna
change people's lives.

I like that you look out
for where you come from.

And it's a great deal for us.

This neighborhood
gave me a second chance.

It's high time I returned the favor.


I was right, we got to
destroy that phone.

If you touch this phone,
I swear to God,

I will have Old Lace rip your face off!

What are you listening to?


What's wrong with me?

That was weird.

These phones are making people violent.

You also happen to be a person
psychically connected to a dinosaur.

We got to get rid of them.

Chase is right. Whatever Morgan
is doing with these phones is bad.

I never said they were bad,
I said they were magic.

If Morgan wants me to trust her,

then maybe she'll talk to me
about the phones.

My dad invited me
to the Wizard party tonight.

I'll go and‐‐

We'll all go.
It'll be safer that way.

I mean, that works.
Max already invited me.

Yeah, I don't really thi‐‐
Karolina's right.

Until we find out what Morgan and,
more importantly, what Max is up to,

we should stick together.

And I think that we should leave
the Corvus phones here, just in case.

No, wait, how will I find Max
in a crowded room?

You will look, Gert, with your eyes.

Sorry I'm late.

That's okay. We waited for you.


Long time no see, Stacey.

Wow, someone thinks
they look good from every angle.

Well, I mean, she does.

Here's Max. Bye.

I've got questions for that guy.

Let's find Morgan.

Oh, well, I think I should
talk to her alone.

You trust me, don't you?

Yeah. Of course.

Oh, do you want a veggie taco?

No thanks, I'm good.

Chase, veggie taco?

No thanks. I had a Wagyu slider.

What's this, uh, party for, anyway?

Um, I'm not entirely sure.

Oh, really? I thought you were
Morgan's right‐hand man.

I don't think I ever said that.

Hey, listen, why are you celebrating
and what's the end game here?

Well, I learned some
pretty amazing gossip today.

The phones are going
worldwide any day now.

Who told you that?
You know what?

I would really love a veggie taco,
if you don't mind.

Sure. I'll be right back.

Worldwide? Do you know what that means?

Chase. We need to talk.

You're here tonight because
you are part of Wizard's finest chapter,

when we will use our ingenuity

to change the world for the better.

Gert? Chase?

Where are you guys?

These phones are so much more
than just a communication device.

They connect people
to the services they need,

and more importantly, to each other.

Now, you know and love the woman
responsible for all this.

You went out without me?


Which is why I am pleased
to name Morgan

the new CEO of Wizard.

Welcome back, Molly.
You have 37 flock requests.


Tina. What are you doing here?

What am I doing here?
At an exclusive party for my company?

It's not your company anymore, Tina,
or perhaps you missed the announcement.

I went to Wizard, where I was told
my security clearance had been revoked.

As it should be.

Our people died in that plant,
and you... disappeared.

Where have you been?
Go on, Tina, we're all dying to know.

I promise I can explain everything, okay?

Just can we go somewhere private?


Whatever you have to say to me
you can say in front of Morgan.

Oh, you think you beat me
by stealing my husband?

Well, I've got news for you.

Janet Stein already tried, bitch,
and I'm still alive,

so what you cannot do is take my company.

If it wasn't for her,
this company would have gone under.

Everyone in this place
would be without a job.

You should be thanking Morgan.

I should be taking Morgan
back to where she came from.

Mom, Mom, don't do this.
Okay? Not here.

Nico, what are you doing here?

You knew about this?
And you didn't tell me?

How is any of this my fault?

It isn't, Nico.

I know it's hard, Tina, but you
shouldn't blame your daughter

for what you brought on yourself.

That is enough!

Look around you, Tina.
I'm protected here.

Are you protected from this?


Okay, okay.

Don't let her get the Staff.

Don't worry, I'll make sure
she gets home okay.


My apologies.

Carry on!

Let's go.

I'm not making this up.

You've been acting crazy
since you started using those phones.

You have been acting crazy
ever since we bumped into Max.

Okay. Let's talk about
why I've been acting crazy.

I told you I loved you
and you never gave me an answer.

You only said that because
you thought that we were gonna die.

Okay, and we're not gonna die
right now.

I still love you.


we were thrown together
under insane circumstances.

I think we owe it to each other to just...


Take a... beat and be normal.

And part of that is seeing
who else is out there.

Not just for me, for you.

It's possible that there is someone

who doesn't disagree
with everything you say.


that person isn't you.

Maybe you're right.

Maybe we need space.

Hey. Sorry, I had to go
to the kitchen to find more tacos,

but I return victorious.

Uh, is everything okay?

Yeah. I would love a drink at the bar.

Mr. Wilder?


Hi, Nico.

Hey, Nico.

I'm gonna stay on mission
and get us some champagne.

You two talk.

It's... it's great to see you.

Yeah, I‐I never thought
I'd say this, but... you, too.

What are you doing here?

Would you believe working
on a project with Wizard?


I've needed something
to focus on since...


I'm very sorry.

I kind of hoped Alex
would turn up at the funeral.

Look, I know you have
no reason to trust us,

but I don't wanna fight anymore.

Just worried about my kid.

Is he doing okay?

Look, Tamar told me he showed up
at her house right after his mom died.

She said he was acting weird
but wouldn't go into it.

I don't think she wanted to worry me,

but, Nico, I'm already
out of my mind with worry.

I wish I knew how he was,
uh, but he... he left us.

It was my fault.

But I know where he is.

And I'm gonna get him, whatever it takes.

What is this?

Enjoying the party?

I was.

I just wanted to...

I know what you want.

You love Nico, and you don't want
to lose her to the Darkness.

To me.

But the thing is...

she's been mine for a long time now.

What sort of thing are you?

Eh, it figures that Chase is your ex.

I mean, what other explanation
would there be for all the bad vibes?

Except for the fact
that pretty boy lax bros

aren't exactly my fan base.

Yeah, mine neither.

The whole Chase romance thing
was a major

"opposites attract" situation.

So, why did you break up?

I feel like I'd really like
to talk about something else.


So the reason that I'm here tonight

is not only to hang out with you.

The man that attacked you,
that was not a one‐off.

The phone made me act
really weird and aggressive,

and then we found
this black feather in one

and when Chase pulled it out,
the whole phone just turned to ash.


I can't explain it, not because I don't
trust you, but because I don't know.

I should... I should figure out

if my friends have found anything out.

Okay. I mean, a feather...?

I know how it sounds, okay?

Please just be careful.

You're part of the street team,
aren't you?

You know you signed an NDA?

You can't discuss
the phone's technology with anyone.

Considering you were clearly
just listening to my conversation,

you know I didn't say a word.

But what the hell is she talking about?
I use my phone all the time and I'm fine.

That's because we put
an enchantment on you,

a protection spell.

We can't have our sales reps
beating the shit out of the customers.

Wait, what?

We also can't have them figure out
the truth about what we're doing.

Hello there.

Who are you?

The bigger question is, who are you?

So sorry you'll be spending the rest
of your life trying to figure that out.

Nico, we have to go.
They're doing some kind of evil ceremony.

My God, this again?

You know, just because witchcraft
doesn't look like Gibborim

doesn't mean that it's evil.

What, would you be more comfortable
if they were wearing white robes

and worshiping a freakin' light bulb?

Nico, you're not listening to me.
Morgan wants something from you.

And I want something from her,
that's why I'm here.

You keep telling me that I can't
control this power,

but with Morgan's help, I will.

Nico, I am telling you
that I am scared for you.

I never told you what I saw in that place.

It was you, but you were...

a monster.

Consumed by darkness.

If you go down this path,
I can't go with you.

You're not scared for me...

you're scared of me.


I'm done being afraid.

Gonna face whatever this is,
and I'm gonna save Alex.

How do you enter this circle?

With perfect love, perfect trust.

I release you, Nico, from your fear,

your bindings that keep you
from tapping into your true power.

Second obstacle
you must remove yourself.

To walk with your sisters,
you must set your own feet upon the path.


What is that?
Is that blood or something?

It's champagne, to celebrate
your initiation into our coven.

So mote it be.

What are we gonna do?
Nico is completely under her spell.

Max said the phones are being released
worldwide any day now.

I mean, they're selling them like
they're gonna save humanity.

Sounds a lot like PRIDE's old cover story.

I have a feeling
this is a lot worse than PRIDE.

Wait, guys.

Do you hear that?