Runaways (2017–…): Season 3, Episode 1 - Smoke and Mirrors - full transcript

With the team split up and Jonah and his family on the warpath, the Runaways must regroup.

Previously on Marvel's Runaways...

What is happening?

No, please! Please! Stop!

I think our parents killed that girl.

I'm your father. I'm an alien?

So are they.
I'd like to introduce you to your brother.

Come with me. Full acceleration.

- No.
- Look what you've done.

- I'll bring your kids home.
- We can trust you to handle this.

Get out!

I'm Xavin. I've been looking for you.

Our destinies are woven together.


Dad, is that you?
I'm sick. Can you come home?

What are you doing? I'm leaving.

Promise me none of them get hurt.

None of them will get hurt
if you succeed.

They have serious firepower
that they're gonna use on you guys.

It's them!

We got to split up!

Let's be clear.
Nobody forced you to kill those kids.

Or to pull that trigger on Darius.

The baby you're
carrying is of royal lineage.

The Magistrate will not allow you

to remain in sole possession
of one of their own.

Why are you even after me?

I warned you
I was gonna take everything.

That includes you.

That's not any alien in there.
That's Jonah.

This isn't the Stacey I know.

Mom's been acting
a little strange lately,

so I thought the best thing for us to do
would be go on the road.

You are the only other person
that staff will work for.

Nico, you made it!

I'm not sure how, though.
It's a little fuzzy.

- Is everybody okay?
- Where's Gert?

I thought she was with you.
We got split up.

- Where's Karolina?
- The Magistrate has her.

The one you call Jonah.

No, Jonah's dead. I killed him.

The others escaped when I did.

I believe they simply took on new hosts.

We're still missing one.
He's our son.

- Who's the host?
- It could be one of the kids.

Chase, help!




It's okay, buddy. I got you.

It's too late. Help the others.

Oh, no!

Oh, no!


- Save Gert.
- Put me down! Let go!

Someone help me! Help! Please!
Let her go!

Chase, help!

Chase, Chase! Please! Help!

Fistigons, do not fail me now.

Chase, there are some things
you will never understand.

No doubt.
But this isn't one of them.

It's okay. We're your parents.

Just calm down.
You can trust us.

- We're your family.
- Just be one of us.

Come home, son.

I am home.

Gert. No, no, no, no.

No. Please be okay.
I can't lose you.


You saved my life.

You're my hero!

Good morning, sweetheart.
I'm making you crepes.

Look what came in the mail.

I have to say,
I thought it would feel like no big deal.

Like doing the work is
all that really matters, but...

The recognition, Victor.

It feels amazing.

And you made it all possible.

Oh, I don't know about that.

Don't diminish yourself.
I wouldn't be here without you.

Chase'll be so proud.
Chase, come see!

When I first talked to
that shy girl in astronomy class...

Did I know she was a genius
who would save the world?

Or did I just get lucky?

It's time.



Karolina! Where are you?

Hey there, little witch.

I'm so sorry.

Look, I‐I never meant to‐‐.

No worries.

I'm not dead. I'm here.

All the guys are.

And here is‐Beautiful.

I'm glad I'm out of the old world.

You saved me.

What would you like, Nico?
I'm here for you.

I have to find Karolina.

You want to save her.

I love her.

I know.

Karolina's alive.
She's waiting for you.

But she's trapped.

Will you help me?

I already have.

There is nothing. Just dead air.

No connection?
You don't feel Karolina at all?

Must be some sort of
physical barrier around her.

Or maybe Karolina's already dead.

And for all we know, Gert is too!

Karolina's alive.
But she's trapped somewhere.

And you know this how?

I had a dream about it.


You will forgive me for not
accepting this as evidence of her safety.

It was very...


And what about Gert?
Did you dream about her?

You guys, get in here!

Pride's about to do a news conference,

so I hacked into a bunch
of microwave and satellite news feeds‐‐.

If it's on the news,
can't we just watch it online?


Is that Stacey?

My mom is wearing pink?

There's the Magistrate.
Alex, turn it up.

Thirty‐six hours ago,
a gas leak led to an explosion

that destroyed our headquarters
and critically injured Robert Minoru.

Did you know about your dad?

Or that there was a gas leak?

Uh‐I don't remember much about
what happened after we split up.

Just remember that's Pride up there.

If they're speaking into a microphone,
it's probably a lie.

I'm sorry, Nico.

Your dad always seemed
a little less evil than the rest of them.

Robert's in intensive care at
University of Los Angeles Medical Center.

We're praying for his full
and speedy recovery.

Aren't we, Tina? Mm‐hmm. Totes.

What is my mom doing?

Channeling 2012 Miley Cyrus?

That's the Daughter.

She craves attention and stimulation.

It's just as I suspected.

When the ship blew up,
the Magistrate's family took new bodies.

But my dream thing was too far‐fetched?
Wait, how does it work?

Yeah, what happens
to the person already in there?

Much unpleasantness.

Slowly, the alien takes over
until the host is gone completely.


And you think the aliens
are inside our parents?

It would make sense
that they'd choose the nearest hosts.

People who were at the dig site.

They definitely chose my mom.

This is a message
for a missing family member.

You are aware of who you are.

Maybe mine, too.

The moment has come to return home.


Reach us on our communication devices,
and we will retrieve you immediately.

No questions asked.

The Magistrate's wife.
See her bearing?

She's very powerful. And cruel.

Who is she talking to?

Her son.

Gert and I don't have a brother.

There is a fourth member
of the Magistrate's family.

The darkest and most dangerous
of them all.

If she's sending him a message‐‐
ALEX: That means he's still out there.

How do we know who he's inside of?

We don't.

Finally, I would like to denounce

the racially‐motivated charges
against Geoffrey and Catherine Wilder.

We're confident the Wilders
will be fully exonerated.

Obviously, Pride is not an organization

that tolerates any kind
of criminal behavior.

Or you're all a bunch of psychotic
assholes who deserve to rot in jail.

Pride will be, uh,
suspending operations for the time being,

but we expect to be back
stronger and better than ever.

We have to find Gert.

We have to find Karolina.

Where do we even start?

Well, we know one of us is
in touch with Pride.

Don't even say the traitor's name.

Okay, so you're still mad at Chase.
Of course I'm still mad!

In my homeland, we say,
"Emotion leads a warrior to defeat."

Maybe, but it still feels good.

Look, give Chase some credit, okay?
He tried to warn us about Pride.

Oh, you call that a warning?
More like he led them straight to us.

Okay, let's just stay focused.

Xavin, you saw Jonah capture Karolina.

And since he's currently
inside Victor Stein‐‐.

- He's probably living in his house.
- And it makes sense Stacey has Gert.

Our house was
the last place we saw Old Lace.

Molly and Xavin. Nico and me.

No way. She barely has facial expressions.


What team am I on?

Uhhh, Team Bed Rest.

The Magistrate doesn't know
about the baby.

So, it must remain.

Yeah, we'll let you know
the minute we have something.

Be careful out there.

Okay, the last time we went up
against Pride, we got our asses kicked.

We can't risk that again.

We're only going to get one shot
at a rescue, and it has to be right so,

this is a recon mission only, okay?

Gather information, get out unseen.
No heroics.

Let's gear up and meet back here in 10.

Oh, what gear do you need?

My pink hat.

I'm going to save Gert.

Just‐calm down!

You know, I think maybe if you calm down,
then she'll calm down because of the‐‐

I'm not going to calm down.

Why would I calm down?
I'm being held hostage!

I'm not calm!

Let's try this another way.

What's your endgame here, Dale?

Feels like you didn't think
this one through.

Well, this!

Sweetie, this is my endgame.

You know, you, me, Old Lace
living off the grid in a cabin.

And it's not just any cabin.

This is the cabin where two of
my greatest achievements were conceived‐‐

a genetically‐engineered dinosaur
with telepathic capabilities, right?

And... and‐‐

according to your mother's
basal body temperature chart...


See, we were practicing
the rhythm method at the time‐‐.

Gross! Right.

Dad, Stacey has gone full psycho.

Molly is still out there.

Yeah. All alone.

And you are still responsible
for murdering a bunch of teenagers.

Look, I didn't‐Forget the fact
that you don't even know me anymore.


I've changed since I left.
I grew up.

And I'm never going to be that kid

who eats bananas and oatmeal
for breakfast every morning

and sings along to Earth, Wind, and Fire.

But they're such a good band!

I mean, why doesn't anyone
use horns anymore?

Every father goes through this moment

where they have
to let their little girl go.

In your case it happens to be literally,
but still‐‐.

It's time to rethink.

Your plan sucks, Dale.

Ewwww. What is that?

Yellow hunks of viscous
avian embryo. It's what they eat.

No, I mean the stuff on Dad's arm.
It's getting worse.

It's nothing to worry about.

Thank you, dear.
This looks delicious.

If that looks delicious,
you've been here too long.

I'd much rather eat the cute boy
downstairs in that tube.

What are you doing?

You said we had to master these devices.

Self‐photography is
one of its main functions.

These bodies we're in
belong to some very high‐profile people.

You heard me at that news conference.

Their lives are a mess.

But until we can leave,
we have to be them.

For example, you are the CEO
of a massive tech company.


How do these work?

Daughter is right about your arm.

You have three specimens downstairs.
You should pick one and eat.

I have plenty of time.


I woke up in a bed of flakes.

Your flakes.
On the sheets, on the pillow.

And I am still picking them
out of my hair.

Can I at least cut
one of the specimens open?

I'm dying to see what's inside.

Took you long enough.

You guys have everything?

Yeah. Let's go.

Before we leave,
there's something we need to discuss.

The Magistrate's family is ruthless.

You have to be ready to strike first
and land a mortal blow.

I can do that. No problem.

Easy for you to say, Alex.
Your parents are in jail.

Isn't there a way
that we could just kill the aliens

and leave our parents alone?

It is believed strong emotions
can cause a host to resurface.

Can we really take that chance?

Look, I'm just gonna say it‐‐.

If you're unprepared to kill Pride,
you shouldn't walk through that door.

Molly, are you ready?

Um... in self‐defense, I guess.

Or to save you guys or Gert.

That's not enough.

- No way you are leaving me here.
- Then say it.

Kill or be killed.

Kill or be killed.

When are we getting out of here, man?

That was a rough night.

I'm afraid this isn't going to be
as easy as we first thought.

How 'bout in there?

This should be open and shut.
We didn't do it. End of story.

Well, not quite.

The gun that they found in your car?
Ballistics matched it to a shooting.

A liquor store owner was killed.
Possible drug deal gone bad.

The name Darius Davis
mean anything to you?

Well, the liquor store
was in his territory.

How did you know?

Look, we're being railroaded.
They got nothing.

It's all circumstantial.
And we have alibis.

Why are you so quiet?
I'm thinking.

Unfortunately, they have gun.

Found in your car after a high‐speed chase
through downtown I. A.

Not to mention Geoffrey's
former association with Darius' crew.

That was my crew.
I'm just saying.

You better think hard.

Don't worry. I got this.

We're here
for Catherine and Geoffrey Wilder.

- Yeah, that's them.
- They're gonna cuff us.

Londell, start working on bail.

Come on, let's go.

I'd be honored to get the award,

but I'm in Switzerland that weekend.

After reading my paper
on "rainbow gravity,".

CERN asked if I'd stay and observe
the Hadron Collider.

Victor, honey, I love you cooking for me,
but we had crepes for breakfast.

Maybe change it up
with a grain bowl or a salad?

No, crepes are your favorite.

I'm sorry, I have to go.

Victor, am I in the Algorithm?

Is this my version of your father's diner?

That looks wonderful, don't you think?

I'm in the Algorithm.

When I was here before,
I could come and go.

Go where? Business trip?
Do you need me to pack for you?

But now it's my brain
that's connected to the machine.

And if it disconnects, I die.

So, either someone needs
to free me from the outside...

or I need to figure out
a way to free myself.

Don't fly on a empty stomach.

Every time I entered
the Algorithm before,

the sun was at my back.

I remember this door.

What you did today was so brave.

I'll do anything to repay you.

Yeah, how about you just
hold off on the compliments

and help me check on our friends?

Do you know mouth‐to‐mouth?

- Do you know mouth‐to‐mouth?
- Can you teach me?



You're in here, too? Mom?




Here you go. It's your favorite.


Oh, God! Oh! Okay.

Nico? Molly?

Alex? Anyone he‐‐.



I can't find Gert and Old Lace anywhere.

I don't know whether to be relieved
I don't have to kill anyone, or ‐‐.

What's happening, Molly?

I think there's
something you're not saying.

I've been doing research and I believe
that look means we need to "talk."

You serious?

How can everyone just be gone?

Without... any clue to where they went.

Like we're not even connected.

Like... we're not even a family.

I'm also an orphan.

My mother gave me up
early in my existence.

Xartans don't have the same aging process,

but you would call it a baby.

And when my father was imprisoned,
joining the military was my only option.

When you're a soldier,
you learn there's no room for... emotions.

Is that why you don't smile?

Because soldiers don't have feelings?

We can't show feelings.

I didn't say we don't have them.

I want to be a soldier.


I don't wanna stop being me.

I think you're on your way
to being both.



I believe this is where humans
stretch arms around each other?

Hold on one second.

I used to wear this every day.

My mom gave this to me.

Seems like so long ago.

Excuse me.

We need to talk.

What is your relationship to my husband?

The Magistrate.

Whoa! There's the camera.

I got it.


Never gets old.

All right.

Looks like there's
a whole new layer of Wizard security.


Try seeing inside the lab. Yeah.

Oh, there's three tubes!

Nico, there's a body inside each one.

Three? Karolina, Gert, and who else?

Uh, Chase, maybe?

Someone's standing outside of it.
Their hands are on the tube.

One of the aliens? Think so.

Never mind. I'm going in.
Hey, hey! No, you're not!

We need a plan!

This is my plan, Alex.

Karolina's really important
to you, isn't she?

More than anything.

Look, I know that's hard for you to hear.

Right? That night, when you got us
all back together, this‐‐

this couldn't have been what you wanted.

What I wanted was to make you happy.

So, I guess I succeeded in that.

Oh, no. There's someone else.

Nico, it looks like your mom!

So, in order to rescue our friends,
we got to get past three Jonahs.

We got to re‐group, arm ourselves.

I have an idea. Let's go.

Why won't the Magistrate kill you?

He's flaking like a coconut.

And, yet, here you are, parked in a tube.

The Magistrate? Flaking?

Oh, yeah, you mean Jonah!

Why are you asking me about my dad?

Did you just say your dad?

And did you just say that I'm in a tube?

You're in the Algorithm, dear.

This is your fantasy wedding with your
fantasy bride and your fantasy friends.

None of this is real.

What were you doing
inside that girl's tube?

"That girl" is your father's
hybrid bastard.

I have a sister? Not for long.

Let's just say I'm about to
shorten her honeymoon.

By a lot.

Karolina. Come here.

It's great.

Nico, no!

Okay. How we doing in here, sweeties?

Startin' to chillax just a little bit?
Right? Hmm?

You know, honey, I, uh‐‐
I've been thinking.

You think that you're this
"adorkable" Pride dad

with your healthy snacks
and your painfully outdated slang,

but you are a cold‐blooded serial killer.

You are the definition of a psychopath.

You dissociate and you compartmentalize.
Okay, sweetie, I understand‐‐.

And then you simulate all these emotions
that there's no way you actually feel.

Because this guy that you pretend to be‐‐

if you were really this guy,
you would let me go this instant.

I get‐I get that
you love me and miss me,

but I ran away
for a lot of very right reasons.

And now it is too late‐‐ Muffin!

I said you're right.

I'm right about a lot of things.
Can you be more specific?

You're right that this is crazy.

All right?

You're right that I'm trying
to go back to some time

before all the bad things happened.

There's got to be something very wrong
with me that I ended up in this place.

You know, instead of facing my fears

and trusting that you got this.

Because I know‐‐.

I know you got this.

You know, I'm just trying to‐‐

I don't know, keep you here with me
where you'd be safe, if deeply unhappy.

I was wrong. I get that now.

I'm sorry.

So, you're just gonna let me
go back to Molly and all my friends?

Not yet.

If I'm gonna send you out
into the big bad world...

I'm gonna give you the biggest can of
pepper spray a girl could ever dream of.

Old Lace, hi!

So good to hug you again!

Just hang in there, okay?
We're almost free.

Now, I know that, uh, well,
you and Old Lace are super tight.

But, sweetie, there's a lot
about her you don't know.

She's my Lacey!
I know everything about her.

When your mother and I
got involved with Jonah,

we knew he was a power
we would never be able to control.

So, we designed a deinonychus
that wasn't just, well, adorable,

but was also a deadly weapon.

We gave her powers
that we've hardly begun to explore.

What can she do?

The question is what can you do with her?

Shall we try?

Tell Old Lace to run.

Old Lace, run.

Okay, um‐‐
Sweetie, that was good, but, uh‐‐.

You know what? Close your eyes.

Close your eyes. Okay.

And picture Old Lace running.

Like really running.

I'll wait.

Got it?

Okay, good. Stay with it.

Okay, now tell her to go faster.


Old Lace, come on, girl.

Hang on. What's happening? Yes!

Holy shit! I'm driving Old Lace!

Wow! I am really fast!

Now, jog right, sweetie. Jog right.

Check me out! I'm doing it!

Wait! Wait, wait!


I guess this is what happens
when you first learn to drive.

Honey, you okay? Pumpkin?

Oh, boy!

- Where's Catherine?
- She's not getting out.

What? Why not?
Geoffrey, she confessed.

To a liquor store shooting?

Come on, man, that's ridiculous!

She confessed to the killing
of Darius Davis.

I need to see my wife.

You're a black man, Geoffrey.

You have a record.

You would get life with those charges.
I couldn't let that happen.

You got me off once before
without sacrificing yourself.

I only sacrificed 17 innocent kids.

I lost my son.

My marriage.

That deal with Jonah cost me everything.

Besides, I‐‐

did kill Darius.

You cannot do this!

Look, you can't‐‐
I have to do this.

When I killed Darius,
I destroyed the trust between us,

and I damn near destroyed the love.

So, if paying for that crime
absolves you of this one,

prison is a gift.

I'll be‐‐.

Please don't do this, Cat.
Not for me.

Wait for me.

What are you even looking for?

Pride did everything
out of their headquarters.

If I can hack into their server,

I can probably find designs
for all their weapons.

After seeing what we're up against,

it's obvious we're going
to need more firepower.

The Magistrate had pods
that made Karolina sick.

It's what he used to capture her.

You think it was made
out of the same stuff as her bracelet?

Well, we are about to find out.

Okay, we're in.

Now I am scanning everything

that contains the word inhibitor,
Gibborim, and now... pod.

That's it. Stop there.

That's a drawing
of the Magistrate's weapon.

Dammit! Look at that thing!

Can't exactly run down to Radio Shack
and pick up the parts.

We have to do something.

We need to acquire
the Magistrate's own weapon.

The pods are likely‐‐
In the house.

Which we can't risk breaking into
without the pods.

Maybe we don't need a weapon after all.

We don't have anything
that can beat the aliens,

so we use the best weapons we do have.


But what about the doomsday cult
levels of security at that house?

The biometric system that allows entry
is set to Victor's fingerprints.

Or rather, it was.

There. Just reassigned it to myself.

Hold on. What's this?
Security footage?

- Whoa, what the‐‐?
- Nico, it wasn't a gas explosion.

That was you.

Do you remember any of that happening?

So, how is our return journey
coming along?

Almost ready to leave?

It's a process, as you know.
Can't rush it.

You know, if you don't need
the young blonde one,

I was thinking I would let Daughter
do a vivisection.

I mean, why not cut her open?
It's such a great learning opportun‐‐.

That's not going to happen.

You're not getting attached
to these creatures, are you?

Oh, dear.
You really have been here too long.

Never a minute's peace from these devices.

What is it? How do I open it?

Mom! It's me! I need you to come get me
as soon as possible!

Gert Yorkes?

Is that you? GERT: Gert?

No. Father, it's me, your son.


My whole chest cavity
is experiencing pressure.

It's about time.
Where have you been?

Now you're gonna bore me
with another long‐ass speech

about how I'm a screw up?

I get it, you guys were freaking out.

But, you know,
I was kinda stuck in a situation.

And you told me to call,
so now I'm calling.

So, can you come get me already?

Jesus. You know what?
Maybe I just changed my mind.

No, no, no. We'll be right there, son.

Just give us your longitude and latitude.

You're just reinforcing this behavior.

I don't care. We're going. Now.
Going where?

Your brother called.
Get in the car.

You've known me longer than anyone.

You mean annoyed you longer than anyone.
I'm serious.

Do you think...

I'm‐I'm the fourth alien?

No offense, Nico, but...

you seem like a pretty hostile host.

If an alien jumped in you,
they'd jump right back out.


I think.

Yes! It worked!

- It's Janet and Chase!
- So where's Gert?

We'll have to find out later.

God, how do we get into these things?

I thought I'd never see her again.

When we looked through
the X‐ray goggles,

they had their hands
on the tube like this.

Victor, I don't want any more crepes.

Strawberry crepes, dessert for breakfast.

This is my best one.

But Victor, there's eight crepes
all over the counter.

That's the best one.
But I don't want‐‐.


What is going on? Where are we?

Alex! Oh, my God, you found me!

Would you like a crepe?
Just say yes. He can't‐never mind.

Whoa! What is that?

How do we get you out of here?
This is the Algorithm.

My consciousness is connected to a machine
that's keeping me alive.

When Victor was in here he was by himself.

But Chase is with me too‐‐
And Karolina.

There's three of us?
That's what's straining the system!

If we don't get out of here soon‐‐

Jesus. What do I do?

You can come and go,
but we can only leave through a door

that needs to be opened
from the outside with a code.

Which is? It's in The Abstract.

The Gibb encyclopedia.
It's a big leather book full of holograms.

It's in the lab.
You won't be able to read it,

but I created a translation program.
It should still be set up.

Okay, so I get The Abstract,
and I find the code to open the door.

And come back and get us!


Alex? How are you there and here?

It's complicated.

But I bet it's my fault, isn't it?

Everything bad that's happened,
it's because of me.

Of course you would jump into
the body of someone with purple hair.

Are you vigorous?

You appear to be vigorous.

Inhibitor pods?

You guys were gonna use those on me?

Not if you come willingly, son.

He does nothing but make
our lives miserable,

then snaps his fingers
and you just drop everything?

You'd never do that for me.

Cut the inter‐sibling rivalry.

We have been anxiously awaiting
some kind of communication.

Where have you been?


Look, I‐‐.

I don't know, I'm sorry.

I‐I couldn't help it.
I got caught up in a thing.

You're not my brother.
You're not my son.

He would never apologize for anything.

Who are you?

Xavin! I knew I should've killed you!

Wait! It's a trap!


It's‐it's me, Molly.

The one you took in when I had no one.

The one that you held
every time I cried for my parents.

The one that you promised
you would never, ever leave.

I need you now, Stacey.

You go that way! We'll intercept her!

Where'd she go?

I saw her run that way.

Stacey! Please, I know you're in there!

Please, Stacey!

No! Wait, wait!

It's me.

Me, Molly.

It's Molly. I'm your daughter.

It's Molly. Oh, my God.


Molly, baby?!

Is that really you?

Where's Gert?

She's not with you?

I checked the house.
Dale isn't there either.

Okay, I have to go.
I don't know how long I have.

Wait, I'm coming with you!
No. Sweetheart, it's too dangerous.

I love you.



Is it‐‐? Are you real?

This is, uh‐Is this‐‐
this is our wedding, right?


I guess the Algorithm is where
you experience what you've always wanted.

And this is what I've always wanted most.

More than anything.


Hey, uh, sorry, guys.

Janet told me everything we've got to do,
but, um, can't stay here.

No. No, please don't go.

Hey. Hey. Listen‐‐
Please don't go.

I'll come back for you.

Okay? All right.

I‐I lamp you!

Nico! Over here!

Hopefully your mother
made her way back here.

Mom? Mother?

That's weird. Where is she?

Something's not right here.

Ah! Oof!

Early labor, huh? Mmmm.

Let's check it out.

You know, I‐‐

I really haven't been as good
with my prenatal care this time around.

Second pregnancy and all.
I guess it's not really such a big deal.

And it's also‐‐

it's been a little bit
of a crazy time in my family.

Anyway this pregnancy's really been
pretty easy until now.

Well, they say every one is...


Excuse me, I'll be right back.