Runaways (2017–…): Season 2, Episode 6 - Episode #2.6 - full transcript

Previously on
Marvel's Runaways...

- Topher's gone!
- I don't think he's coming back here.

This is what I wanted
to protected you from.

From losing someone you care about.

- Again.
- Do you know who you sound

exactly like right now? Your mom.

Everything I've worked towards,
everything I've done, was for this.

Karolina, I'd like to introduce you
to your brother.

Mom, I need to know the truth
about my father.

- Aah!
- Hey, you OK?

It happens when I go off
my Sertraline too quickly.

She needs you more than ever to help her
get used to being off her meds.

Feelin' a little better?

Yeah. Thank you.

He said he was going
to just talk to her.

Jonah murdered my daughter.

That was for Amy.
Now it's time to finish this.

I believe this belongs to you.

What have you done to him?

I simply defended myself against

another one of your pathetic attempts
to kill me.

Uh, j-just so we're on the same page,

this particular attempted murder
was all Robert going rogue.

I mean, you know him.
He's a loose cannon.

It doesn't matter,
because the day after tomorrow,

I'll never have to see
your faces ever again.

Because you're gonna pull off our faces?

Do you think I chose you
because I enjoy your company?

I chose you because of your
capability to perform specific tasks,

so I could get my ship
out of that damn hole

and get the hell outta here!

Day after tomorrow, all of you
are going to show up at the dig site.

Tina and Robert,
once he's recovered his senses,

will repair my ship's computer system.

Dale and Stacey will run diagnostics

on my ship's biomorphic shell.

And Victor will be roused

from his slumber to oversee
any engineering issues.

The Deans, of course, will provide
security so that we're not disturbed.

And if we don't go along with it?

I'll kill your children.

You know I wouldn't hesitate.

If you launch that ship,
our children will die anyway.

Gene and Alice said that it
would cause a massive earthquake.

The Hernandezes understood geology.
They didn't understand my ship.

There will be no earthquake.

As an added incentive,

I'm going to leave behind
a parting gift...

My Abstract.

Your book of poems
written in alien code?

Not much of an offer.

It contains all the knowledge
my people possess.

If I decode it for you,
then PRIDE can use it

to finally do what it advertises...

and save the world.

And I'll tell you
where your children are.

You can retrieve them
and go about your lives

as if we never met.

You forget somethin'?

You didn't give us a job on launch day.

Want us to make you
a goodbye banner or some shit?

You've already fulfilled your purpose.

I have no further use for you.

Jonah told me what he is.

What I am.

I-I'm so sorry
you had to hear that... from him.

Believe me,
I wanted to tell you so many times.

And you only had every day
for 17 years to do it.

I don't expect you to be able
to understand, but...

I loved Jonah.

Trusted him, wholeheartedly.

But then I discovered
what he is truly capable of.

You put those kids in that box.

Nobody tells Leslie Dean what to do.


I was willing... to do it.

At one point, you thought he was good.

When did that change?

When he hurt you.

Mom, he was testing me.

Drawing me out.
He wanted to see what I could do.

You almost died.

- But he saved me!
- No, no, listen.

He's... he's done things.
Terrible things, Karolina.

You're one to judge.

Look, the sacrifices that you discovered,

those lives were taken
to keep Jonah alive,

but there were other deaths
that were not.

Why is one murder
more OK than another?

Because everything that we did
was for you kids, to protect you.

We would never have hurt any of you.

But Jonah...


killed Amy.

That's not true.
You're lying.

Oh, sweetheart, I wish I was.

Old Lace.

I know you can hear me.

I didn't want to leave you behind.

Please believe me.

You're such a good girl.

I can... I can feel
how much this hurts you.

You didn't do anything wrong.

I'm wrong.

I'm broken...

and I was gonna get someone killed
if I didn't do something.

If this goes sideways
and I have to stay away,

I need you to protect the others,
especially Molly.

She needs it.

No matter what she says.

How are we feelin'?

Uh, well, my head doesn't feel
like it's being bored through

by a red-hot poker, so...
that's improvement.

- Chase, hmm?

Never known a girl named Chase before.

That's some pretty backwards
gender-normative thinking.

- Your mother's here,
if you're ready to see her.

Be interested to meet
the woman who raised you.

Hi, honey.

All of the money and power in the world,

and somehow we always end up
with these two playing doctor.

"Playing doctor" implies we are
not trained medical professionals.

You know, technically, we're not.


Are you all right?
What do you remember?

The inhibitor.

It was working and... then...

I don't know, everything went black.

You should never have gone alone.

I didn't want anyone else to get hurt.

Well, it must have had some effect.

Jonah did look pretty sick.

Maybe we'll get lucky and he'll just die.

Even in his weakened state,
he had no problem taking out Robert.

Can I say something crazy?

Pretty on-brand for you.

What if Jonah is telling the truth?

What if we can get him out of our lives
and get the Abstract and show the kids

that we started this for a reason,
to help mankind!

I mean, maybe if we do enough good,
they'll just come home on their own.

Sounds great, but we have
a little problem of an earthquake.

Well, it would make sense
that the Abstract

contains schematics for the ship, right?

What if we use that alongside
the Hernandezes' research

and rule out an earthquake
once and for all.

- Except we can't read it.
- Maybe Janet can.

- I gave it to her.
- You didn't tell me that.

I didn't tell anyone...
Because she asked me not to.

There's no way Janet is gonna crack
Jonah's secret language.

If she could, though,
we could do a lot more

than figure out the earthquake.

We will gather up all the data
we have from Gene and Alice,

and we'll see if she made any progress.

Well, it looks like
you all have got everything covered,

so, uh, we're gonna be on our way.

You heard what Jonah said.
Our part in this is done.

It's never really over with him.
You know that.

I know I'm not gonna live my life
looking over my shoulder.

You don't have to.
I've got your back.

Just do me a favor.
Stay in touch...

and stay on your guard.

You don't have to worry about that.

So we broke into Atlas for this thing,

and now you're stripping it for parts?

No. I am adding parts,

turning it from a super computer

into a super-duper computer...

or something like that.

It's all a part of my plan.

Care to let me in on it?


If I tell you my plan,
then it becomes Nico's plan,

and Alex is left out in the cold again.

I happen to like being needed.

Yeah, well, being a leader hasn't exactly
been my strong suit lately,

so feel free to tag in.

Leaders have to make
unpopular decisions.

You were right about Topher.
He could have really hurt Molly.

Yeah, I know.

But instead, I really hurt her.

I mean, Molly's lost a lot.

You know, for anybody,
let alone a kid.

How am I ever gonna
make it up to her?

Think you're asking the wrong guy.

I mean, I've been trying to make it up
to you for a long time, and...

I still haven't gotten anywhere.

Well, maybe I should
give it another try.

With Molly, I mean.






Molly, there you are.

Am I not allowed
to walk around freely anymore?

Please give me a list of rooms
I'm restricted to.

I thought you ran away again.

Like you would even care.

I would, hence my frantic yelling.

What were you doing in there?

Old Lace, can you please tell Nico
that I'm not missing,

but Gert and Chase are.

What? Where are they?

I don't know. Maybe they got tired
of living with a cabrona prejuiciosa.

- A judgmental asshole.
- I got it.

Where are they, girl?

Hey! Thank God you called.

I was freaking out when I woke up
and you were gone.

What'd you do?

Something bad.

I'm not gonna force you
to come with me, sweetheart.

No offense, Mom,
but I don't really see a universe

where that'd be possible.

I take ownership for everything
that we put you through,

and I want you to know
that I'm willing to pay any price...

If that means turning myself in
to the police...

To get you to trust me again
and to consider coming home.

It's too late.

Too much has happened.

You care about her a lot, don't you?

- Yeah.
- I'm glad that you found someone

and that you kids are taking care
of each other, but...

they're not your family, we are.

Your father and me.

- How is Dad?
- He's OK.

When he's back on his feet,
everything will be different.

He'll be different.

Yeah, it's not the first time
I've heard that,

and it's not even the 500th time.

Come on, let's go.

Chase, you can't go.
It's not safe.

Get off the car.

Jonah needs another sacrifice.

- What?
- He's desperate,

and we have no way
to keep tabs on him,

and he built another box,
and he's gonna put somebody in it,

and I can't let it be you.

Take care of yourself, Mom.

A bracelet. A circle.

What do these things represent?

Eternity, unity, belonging.

Each week, we gather
to celebrate the most important ritual

to our community:
The Coruscation Ceremony.

And I invite each of you
to join me this afternoon

as we welcome yet another initiate
out of the shadows

and into the warmth
and the safety of the Light.

Today is about our family.

And what better way to celebrate
such an occasion

than welcoming back one
of our most cherished members,

who has spent her time
in solitude meditating and refocusing

so that she can be at her best
for all of you.


My church... my beloved family.

In this difficult time, I have done
my best to isolate myself

from the noise of the outside world,

to once again make myself
an open conduit to the Light.

And I have watched
with such pride as my husband

has kept our community together.

I am so pleased to rejoin him

and to go forth as a partnership,

just as it always should have been.

See you all this afternoon
for the Coruscation.

# If you realize I can't be... #


Didn't mean to scare you.
What are you doing?

Oh, I'm just...

I'm practicing my powers.

It's just kinda tough to do it
with everybody around.

Well, we practice together so we can
learn to work better as a team.

Yeah, I understand the point
of group practices, I just prefer this.

What's up?
You're not being yourself.

Really? Do you even know
who that is anymore?

Because I don't.

Well, we can figure it out together,
but you have to let me in.

If there was anything going on,
I would tell you.

- Don't you trust me?
- It's not about trust.

Look, I understand you've
been through a lot...

No, you don't understand,
because if you did understand,

you wouldn't be so upset with me

for not spending every
single second with you.

You're the one who's upset. Look,
I'm-I'm fine with you needing space.

Then why did you even come in here?

I'm sorry I intruded. Um...

Have fun staring at yourself
in the mirror.

# Little lies... #

Look, Chase, um...

No. I'm gonna talk now.


It hasn't been easy living with you,

but I knew you were
going through hell,

and so I was trying to give you
everything you needed.

Yeah, I wasn't perfect, and yeah,
I didn't always say the right thing,

but I never would've done to you
what you just did to me.

But we got away, right?

If I'd called Dale and Stacey...

Yeah, then you would've had
to have a heartbreaking conversation

with your parents instead of
forcing me into one with mine.

I needed my meds, Chase.

Yeah, and I would've
helped you get them,

but you cut me out of the plan.

I never even thought of that.

- Yeah...

because you're selfish.

There you guys are.

Um, look, I know this
isn't the time to ask for anything,

but can we keep this between us?

Old Lace is gonna be
so relieved to see you.

Where'd you guys go?

She went to the hospital
to get her meds,

and she called my mom
to sign 'em out for her.



I... was gonna ask your advice
on something?

Yeah, sure... because I'm just the NPC
in the MMORPG of your lives.

I didn't follow any of that,
but if you're busy, I'll leave you alone.

No, hold on, Karolina.

My bad. Just take a seat.

It's about Nico.

I don't want
to make you feel awkward.

I-I know that you liked her,

and now she and I
share a bedroom above yours.

OK, the awkwardness rising
to dangerous levels.

Sorry. It's just,
you're the only other person

that has experience dealing with Nico.


You mean disappointing her.

Yeah. Actually, that is what I mean.

You kept things from her about Amy.

I guess I'm just wondering
if you think it would've been better

if you told her the truth
from the beginning,

or if you hadn't told her at all.

Are you keeping something
from Nico?

- Sorry, I shouldn't be bothering you.
- No, look...

All I know is that when it comes to Nico,
you don't mess around with Amy.

When I finally told her the truth,
I lost her, and...

now, I am alone with a computer

and you are living with her
in the bedroom right above mine.

You're back.

- Where's Gert?
- We need to talk.

Family meeting.
It's about Jonah.

Look at you two.
More in love than ever.

We have a busy day ahead, Jonah.
We don't appreciate being interrupted.

You wanted to see us?

It's good to see you up there again.

It's where you belong.

It's always been your church, not Frank's.

I was wrong to bring him into this.

It's not gonna work this time, Jonah.

She sees you for what you really are,

a monster who's trying to turn
our daughter against us.

No, no, no, no, no, no.

You did that all on your own...

with your lies
and your condescension,

your utter blindness
as to who Karolina is

and what she's capable of.

You're weak, Frank.
You've always been weak.

Why do you think Leslie and I threw
you out of PRIDE in the first place?

Maybe I was weak, Jonah,
but not anymore.

Through all of this...
my love for you...

has never dimmed.

Are you really gonna let me die?

I've made enough sacrifices
in your name.

You want another one?

Do it yourself.

My mom said
he's gonna do another sacrifice,


- We have to stop him.
- Did she say where?

My parents' basement

seems like L. A.'s hottest spot
for all things murder-y.

The way my mom was talking,

I don't think PRIDE's on board
with this one.

At least we know
this is happening at all.

See? Some good came out
of me calling Janet.

Nice try.

I can't believe you would leave
Old Lace and I behind.

I thought I was doing
what was best for you.

If one more person says they're doing
what's best for me, I'm gonna lose it.

Seems like you're
already there, buddy.

I screwed up, OK?
I didn't think that I had another choice.

And I didn't mean to hurt anyone...
Especially you.

What? Did you guys, like,
break up or something?

- No.
- I'm moving into my own room.

Yeah, um,
that's probably a good idea

'cause... we're stupid teenagers,

and living together after dating

for, like, five minutes
is... super unhealthy.

Excuse me.

The church.


Jonah will do the sacrifice
at the church.

That's where he's been staying.

How do you know that?

I, um, I saw his room after I was
recovering from the dig site.

So, what's the plan?
We just walk into the church

and ask where the next sacrifice
is being held?

Can't be the first time
they've been asked that.

The weekly
Coruscation Ceremony is today.

Everyone will be in the worship space.
The halls will be empty.

Hang on. Maybe we should
think about this.

What's there to think about?

- You know it's the right thing to do.
- I'll fire up the Rolls.

Karolina, this could mean
the end of Jonah

and a link to understanding
your powers.

I'd think that you'd be a little
conflicted about losing him.

Well, you thought wrong,
because I'm not.

You know, maybe Gert
and Chase had the right idea.

Things are a little more
complicated now, and, uh...

if you're feeling suffocated,

then maybe you should just
find another room, too.

If that's what you want.

Nico, Karolina, let's go!

Nice. Good. Good.

Back. Under. Good!

Hey, I'm sorry, man.
Sorry. Sorry.

You been doin' extra sessions

with Mayweather on the side or what?

Nah, I'm just a little...
little amped up today.

You ever get the feeling
that something's chasing you...

and you just can't shake it?

Yeah, my money's on you.
Wanna go again?

Nah, I'm gonna hit the sauna.

I still gotta go back to work
for a few hours

before I meet Catherine.

- We're having some issues.
- Ah, that makes sense.

If I had to go toe-to-toe with your wife,
I'd be losing my shit, too.


I don't pay you $70,000 a year
to dry off with toilet paper, man.

Where the hell
are the Turkish bath towels?

They don't put up with this shit
in the Palisades.

I-I didn't even know that you were
interested in alien crypto-analysis.

It's just a hobby.

Can I be there when you explain
to Tina that you figured all this out?

Why are you here again?

Oh, well...

We need to find out if Jonah's ship
will actually cause a massive earthquake,

because if not, then all
of our problems are solved,

and he can just go back
to wherever he came from.

A whole planet of smooth-faced men
in well-tailored pants.

And we can use the Abstract to move
mankind ahead thousands of years.

That sounds too good to be true,
like most of Jonah's promises.

And we don't need to worry about
what will happen when the ship launches

because I'm gonna use
the Abstract to shut it down...

for good.

You think you can do that?

Not alone. But with Victor's help,

Oh! You'll have Victor's help...
The Victor who is in a coma.

Just leave it to me.

Right now,
I'm the only chance we've got.

Oh, God.

I-I'm sorry. I just...

I just don't know
what the right play here is.

I mean, Jonah said that he knows
where our kids are,

and if that's true,
and we don't do what he says,

I'm terrified at what he might do.

It's just killing me,
all this uncertainty,

and Gert and Molly,

you know, they're strong girls,
and thank God they have each other,

but who knows what they're
going through or how they're coping?

I do.

And they're fine. Gert is fine.

- How...
- How would you know that?

Because I've seen her.


She called me to help her
sign out meds at the hospital,

and I was happy to help.

And, get this, I think that
she and Chase are an item.

Isn't that sweet?

What the hell are you saying?

I thought this would make you happy.

Happy? That you saw
my daughter and didn't tell me?

I'm telling you now.

Happy that you had her,
and you let her go and...

Why would she call you anyway?
What have you ever done for anyone?

You couldn't even protect
your own son from his father!

- Babe...
- Let's go.

Your journey has led you here.

You have one last step to take.

Now, to complete the ceremony,
step into the font.

Let its gentle white light
envelop you.

Your community is with you.


Go ahead, guys.
I'll catch up with you.

You're witnessing a miracle, everyone.

Don't be afraid. Rejoice!

- I think this is the right room.
- Only one way to find out.

- What do you see?
- Not exactly sure.

Do you see what we
are capable of when we're together?

- I don't think this is us.
- It definitely is.

This should open it up
without drawing too much attention.


What the hell?

What is this place?


If Jonah's in that one...

We've gotta get
this one open. Fast.

The ceremony's in its final stage.

Bend to my will.

Now, Molly.

Holy shit. Dad!

I got this.

Wilder, need you
to come come check this out.

Think I can figure out how
to get this open.

Chase, we have to go.

The ceremony is over.
People will be coming.

Wait, are you serious? We're saving
Wilder's dad, but not mine?

It looks like this tank is
the only thing that's keeping him alive.

If we mess with it,

we might end up
doing more harm than good.

Maybe we'll come back for him.

- Chase?
- I had to say goodbye

to both of my parents again today.

I don't know how much
more of this I can take.

- Are you OK?
- Aces. Why?

What are you working on?

Upgrading the Fistigons.


Chase, I'm sorry.

How many times
am I gonna have to say that?

Actually, that's the first time
you've said it.

I've been so trapped
in my own mind that it...

it's kept me from seeing that you
were trapped in there with me.

And even with my anxiety under control,
I'm terrified out here.

So am I.

So wouldn't it be better if we're...
If we're terrified together?

I'm busy.

We can talk later.



- Am I...
- Healed?

I think you have been for a while.

I was gonna say dreaming.

Oh, my love.

- What can I do to repay you?
- It's fine.

- You feel OK?
- Yeah.


'Cause we have a lot of work to do.

What do you mean?

I've never done anything
to help our son.

Or anyone.

But that stops now.

We're gonna shut down that ship.

You've reached Geoffrey Wilder.

Leave a message.

If you stood me up
for no good reason,

I'm gonna kill you.

I mean, I'm gonna be really mad.

I am really mad.

If... you have a good reason,

and something has happened to you...

call me back.

Where the hell are you?


You saved me?

No. No, I didn't save you.

I kidnapped you.

Now we can call it even.

What are you gonna do with me?

I ask the questions.
I make the rules.

You're under my roof now.

Sorry. I'm a little on edge.

I didn't mean to wake you.

So you were just gonna
sneak in here and watch me sleep?


I don't know why I came in here.

I've been thinking.

We're living in dangerous times,

and we need our rest, so...

if the only way
we can sleep is... together,

maybe we should just give in.

I'm really happy to hear you say that.


you're gonna have to sleep
on Old Lace's pillow.

Or, you know, I mean...

I can just take this gross dinosaur pillow

if you're gonna be so dramatic.

I've been lying to you.

I know you have.

I just keep burying things, and,
um, I can't do it anymore.

Karolina, you can tell me anything.

I've been meeting with Jonah.


At first it was just to...

figure out more about my powers
and what I am,

but then... knowing
the terrible things he did,

I started to care about him.

He showed me what was
at the bottom of that hole...

My family...

beings of light
that are actually like me.

So then I went to my mom, because
I needed to know if I could trust him

and if I should be helping him free
my family, not...

burying them alive.

Well... like, why didn't you
tell me any of this?

Because there's something else...

and after I tell you,
nothing will ever be the same,

and I don't want that
because I've never been this...

As happy as I am now with you.


Nothing is gonna change, OK?

Whatever it is, we can handle it.

Just tell me.

Jonah. He killed Amy.

Please say something.

Did I do the right thing
by telling you?

Please tell me that I did.


you did the right thing.

I'm sorry, Nico.

I'm so glad that this is finally over.